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Name: Erick Mataba Adm no: 1006028226 Due date: 10th May 2013

1. To explain the best standard and regulations needed by Mr. X who intends to provide small community cable TV as per TCRA. a. Standard: A provider (Mr. X) shall provide services based on the Digital Video Broadcasting-Cable (DVB-C) family standard because now days we use Digital Television way of transmission. A provider (Mr. X) must put in mind that all conditional to access television channels shall be accessible through a single Set-Top-Box and integrated digital television using mechanisms such as, passwords or keys or any other mechanisms compatible with the single receiver system to his customer. i. A provider shall limit the transmitter powers of gap fillers to 50 Watts and ensure that does not cause interference to the main networks or to the surroundings. The provider shall not be allowed to carry its own produced content, channels or bouquet. A provider shall be required to comply with quality of service requirements as prescribed by the Authority. A provider is requires to make sure that all Free to Air channels shall be accessible without any subscription fees on any digital platform through an integrated digital television or a set top box.

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b. Regulations




Any person who intends to assemble, manufacture, maintain, import, distribute or sell integrated digital television, set top box, or any other customer premise equipment for digital terrestrial broadcasting reception shall apply to the Authority to obtain approval of appropriate class license and be required to meet requirements as specified under Rules issued by the Authority. Provider shall type approve set top boxes and integrated digital television for use by consumers to access digital broadcasting services by Content Service providers through Multiplex Operators. All conditional access television channels shall be accessible through a single Set-Top-Box and integrated digital television using mechanisms such as, smart cards, passwords or keys or any other mechanisms compatible with the single receiver system.

2. Mr. D is planning to start a business of providing integrated services including DVB-C, Internet access and VoIP in Ngaramtoni-Arusha . Explain the way forward so as to achieve the mission. State all plans, strategies, and steps as per the regulations. First he must follow the following rules To provide services which will inform, educate and entertain the whole country; To offer a high percentage of local content; To offer programming of a high standard; To enrich the cultural heritage of Tanzania through support for the indigenous arts and cultural diversity;

To contribute, through its programming, to a sense of national identity and unity; To ensure programming that will cater for the poor and vulnerable; To ensure that the public has access to information; To serve the overall public interest, avoiding one-sided reporting and programming in regard to religion, political orientation, culture, race and gender. Secondly he must fulfill the following: Mr. D must get construction permit from Authority for broadcasting of integrated services which including DVB-C, Internet access and VoIP. The Authority shall issue construction permit to successful applicant to provide broadcasting services for the following:i. Transmission sites. ii. Studio for radio and television stations. iii. Multiplex head-ends. iv. Uplink earth stations. v. Cable operators. vi. Broadband content services providers. vii. Any broadcasting services as may be determined by the Authority. Obligations of integrated services operator. Mr. D who after being authorized to provide DVB-C, Internet access and VoIP shall wish the following:i. To provide access to Free to Air Content Services licensees as primary obligation. ii. To provide access to subscription (pay television) on secondary basis. iii. To make available, provisioning of content aggregation and programme bouquet handling system that shall support data paths

embedded in the DVB stream based on open source (nonproprietary) multimedia system to support Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and Electronic Programme Information (EPI) for FreeTo-Air (FTA) and Conditional Access for subscription services. The schedule on Set-Top-Box (STB) shall describe all services carried on the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) platform for the following 7 days. iv. Mr. D must know after being authorized he required to submit annually to the Authority for its approval an updated roll-out plan for the provision of National Network Facilities to provide DVB-C, Internet access and VoIP. v. Mr. D required knowing on how to provide services to current and new content service licensee on a fair, transparent, impartial and nondiscriminatory manner.