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|+ a|a |+ aat |+a| t||a| ta t|+ +a, t|+c a+c |+| aa| sa, t|+a t|+ |+| aa|
|+ t|| a+ aa| aae| 1+a c|+ a|+a a|a aat 1|ca | t|+t ||ca a||ca, t+| s+a! |a 1+a
saa saea t|aa 1a, |a a| 1a |+ a|a| t|aea, t+| s+a! |a c|+ a|+a aat aac ta!
||ca l|ac e aac tc t|| +a a|a 1|ca |a+a e aat a| aa |ea, ca aat sa t|a|
t+a, caa t|aa aaec +a a|a |+ c|+ a|+a, a|ca |a, aat caac c|+ t|aa, a sa | |+|,
t+| s+a! +a caa t|aa sa |a+a a+a t|| sc ||aa t|c a|+a t|+ t|+t ta. ta aat aa
aaec ia+, ca aat sa |+a a+a, + aat t|ac a+c| a+a| ||ct 1c t|a+t |+, aat t|ac a+c|
ta |c t|aa t|aa t|a a+a |c a+ |e. Ha| t|aa t|a a|a |+ aat sa a|a| a|ct t|ca,
ta sac a+a| a| 1aa aca i+ ia+, aca t|aa, ta 1+t |+ sa t|+ +a... a||a |+|. ||ca 1a
+a ca ta 1|ca |+, ta t|a| c|+.
Caaa a+ a+, |c t|aa a+ 1+a t|a| c|+ a|a aat +a |+c.
Tu do
ca caac saa a+ t|ac sa ta 1a, t|| c|aa t+ sc ||aa a+a |e aa| c ta
1a. |aa aa| t|a +a caa t|aa a|aa aac ta, + 1|ca |a+a. Hat sa t|+t!
t|aa t+ 1+ aca saa t|aa sa |+a aaac, + c|+ a|+a 1|ca a+. t|aa
t+ +a aaaa ca ta 1a, ||ca ca ta 1a ||aa! t|aa t+ c|| ca a|a c+a, + 1aec 1+
aa, 1a |+ ta 1a taea 1a|, ta 1a t|aa ||aaa ||a, t|aa |+a aaac. + t|aa |+a |
a| |+a aaac a+, c|aa t+ s+a t+a a|aa ae|, + s+a t+a ca t|+t sa 1aa a||+!
t|aa t+ saa t|aa ta 1a e a||ca c+ 1a, aat |+a aa+, ||ca ta 1a ca
a||ca c+ 1a ||aa! |+a aaac, |a+c c|+ a|+a |+a aaac, t|| sc ||aa ca ta 1a t|+t
sa. |+ |e, c||a| c|aa t+ sc aa a|+a |+a . c|+ a|+a ca t|ca a||ca |+a aaac,
|a| 1ca aat |ac a+a 1a sc ca 1aec ta 1a!. l|+t sa ca t|e| 1|ca 1a ||aa!
||aa a|ct ta a+a |e, ||e| 1+a |+ |, a|aa sac a+a| a+, a|aa 1aa aca
a+ ta aa ||a| t|+a| a|a aat t|ca t||a| ta t|+ +a, a+a s+t, 1c a|+a t|+ ta 1a.
||ca l|ac caa c|| |+ aat 1+a t|ac |+a| 1aa t|aa caac saa. la| + aa + a|+a
t|a| ce a|a a+a t|a ||+c, ||aa taa t+| c|aa |a+, 1+a 1a |ac ||e| 1+a. la| c|| a|e
ca aat c|at e| a|a a|a ta a|aa aae| iaa a+a|, |a ca +a 1|a| a||+ ||ca
l|ac |+ t|c a+a 1c c|a ta| 1aec ||ca, |a c|| ||ca |+a aae| |+a c ||ca l|ac |+ t+a
aca c+| |+ |+a, ||aa ca +a 1c | + ta| 1|.
l||s |s +a |t|ac|+| a| sc||ci+a|a+t|aa +a1 ac| +aaat cc|t||a, |c|acst|
+t|a +|| t|c +|ac t|+t ca|c +ccct +s c|1cat t|at|, |! l|c +|c |+ |a |t, t|c
c+|| t|+t |s aa|a+|, |! l|c +ccctc1 ta ac |a + ||saa.
C|aa+| ||c||tccta|c |s ac+|| c|+i |a + |+|c sc+|c, saacaac +|c st||| sc||caa
t|a||c1, aat |atc|a+| +|c||tccta|c |s scca ta ac caa|aa|sc1, caaccss|c + |t|1|+ |t|
sa a+a +|aacat, |! W|cacc| st||| ca|c +|c |a caa|as|aa, st||| t|c c+aaat scc t|c
a|1c|. l|c|c |s + ||||, + |ac| +a1 + c|cacat |css|a ta csc+c + |css|a ||aa t|c
c| |+st |a|a|a+t|aa sstca aa. |+c| |a|a|a+t|aa |s sta||c1 a ||aa t|c |c|css +ac|cat
|a|cc, |atc|a+|, sc||acst|aa|a, |aa| a+c|. |t |s caat|aaaas| |+ca|a +a1 ||a|a.
l||s a+c||ac a| t||s sstcaj |s ||a|a +s + |+||ac|a+t|aa.
|| t||s |||c |s |c+|| ||cc, c ||| acc| t+|| +aaat ||ac|t. |at cc|t||a |s st|||
|a ||saas +a1 |aa+c. |t |s t|at|!
Wc +|c |+a|||+| |t| a|a1|a aa|sc|cs +a1 +ccct ta 1a t|+t. Wc st||| +at
||ac|t, |s |t ci|st! Wc ast aa| |+c 1ca+a1s +a1 +|c s+t|s||c1 |t| t|ca, |t |s |+|||
||ac|t, ||ac|t |a ||+aca||, ||ac|t |t| a|a1|a. |a1 |as|1c t||s a|a1|a, c c|c+tc ac
t||as, sa |s t|+t c|c+t||t |c+|!
Wc +|c |||a |a ||ac|t +t sa a+a |cc|s, aacc aa|c t|ac, |s ||ac|t |+c
|cc|s! ||1|a a| +ccctc1 ta aaaa1, t|c|c ||| aa |c+| ||ac|t. |a1 t|ca, c aa|sc|cs |||
a|saa1c|st+a1 t|+t +ccct |t| aa|c a|a1|a t||| saact|ac t|c|c ||| |+c ||ac|t. W|||
t|+t t|ac caac!
|aat |aa |ca |t st+|tc1 a| |c|c |s t|c ac|aa|a, t||s ac| +a1 t||s
|cssa|c t|casc|cs accaac + |acc1a|c a| sc||ci+a|a+t|aa, sa|c, ta scc t|c ||ac|t. ||
c||tccta|c |s ast aa| + tc a| +ct |a aa|a+| |||c. | +a1 |t acct c+c| at|c| aacicctc1|
|t|aat c|aas|a, aa1c||a +t t|c ac|aa|a. | ast aa| |cacaac| t|c|c |s saac sacsts
||aa ca|c +|aaa1 ac t|+t t|c t||c1 ta ci|+|a ac |a ta 1c||ac |+t +|c||tccta|c |s.
l|c aa| t||a| t|+t ca|c |a a+|c +|c||tccta|c |s t|c aac |a c|c+tcs saac sta||s,
aat||a c|sc. |a1 | |+c aac.
|+a t|+a ||ca l|ac |+ aat sa |+a aaac |+ 1aa |ea |+ aat c+| ce 1c 1|ca
t+ 1|ca a+. la| ||aa 1|ca t+ a| aa t|aa ||ca l|ac, aca +| a|+a |+ aa, c|| a+ ac
1a ||ca l|ac, sc + +a 1c. a ca t|c |+a t|c e| aae| aa+| ||ca l|ac, + aat
1|ca |a |+a, a+a t|+a ||ca l|ac \a ||aa t+a aca 1aec ||ca l|ac, aa |+| a+a aa
a||ca aae| ||+c. + aa t|e t|+a| ae| 1a| t|a+| |a+ aae| ||ca l|ac, + aae| ||aa
||ca l|ac, ta 1a ||ca l|ac ae| 1aec ||a| t|+a|.
|+ a|a |+ aat a|+t |, aat ta ||ca, | aa |+a aa sc ||aa a+a |+|
||a| a||ca |+ 1|ca | 1a taea ta. a sc |+ aat 1aa c|+ a+ a+a, ca a|aa
||a+a aa sc |+ t|+c |ca| e| cea t||a| aa, |ac ca 1ca 1+ t|+a| t|a+t aca c|aca.
a 1+a |aaa t|+ +a, t|+c a+c, + t|a| c|+, aa +a |aaa s+a s+a 1a| t|a+| e| a+a.
a +a 1+a t|c 1|ca
||c||tccta|c |tsc|| |s + a|a1|a a| aa|c ci+ct| |t |s + |ctcit ta 1csc||ac + a|a1
|a. | c+aaat +c| |t a ast aa| t||aa| +|c||tccta|c. || saacaac ast aa| sccs |t t||aa|
a|at a| |c a| +|c||tccta|c, t|c ||| |+c t|aaa|c. |t c+a 1|+|aac |t| aaa+|c||tccta|+|
ca|c, |t |s c|c+| t|+t +|c||tccts t|casc|cs c+aaat c|c+tc ||c||tccta|c. ||c||tccta|c |+s ta
|ac|a1c a+a at|c| +a1 |t accaacs t|c |+cc a| 1|+|aac actcca +|c||tccta|+| ca|c +a1
aaa+|c||tccta|+| ca|c. l|ca ||c||tccta|c caacs ta ac|a.
l|csc +c|s scca ta ac + 1|+|, + 1acaacat. | |ac t|+t t|c ||| aat c+||
cic||caccs a| +at||a s|a||+|. l|c ||| ac + ||a t||aa| |c+1c|s, saact|ac accaac
+tc||+||s |t| |c+t +ac|s, saact|ac ac |c+s+at, ||ssaac, ||acat|. l|c +|c |cc|a
+s||a, acst|aa|a, aa1c||a +a1 ||a|a. l|c +|c +|+s |c+1 |a| 1|+|aac. l|c +|c
a|a aa
||+a |aa |aa , a+ It t|+a ! a+a 11 ||+a |aa |aa, H+ It
, 11
||| a+a c|aa t+ a|+a t|+ 1aec taea a+a caa aae| + +t c|+t t||
c|aa t+ ae| a|+a t|+ 1aec ||ca t|ac, t|+ sa |+a t|c |a+ caa aae| + +t c|+t,
aae|+t, |ac 1a c|aa t+ ae| ca t|c a|+a t|+ 1aec ||ca t|ac |+ |. ||ca t|ac ca
|+| |+ aat 1+ aa ||aa! ca c|aa t+ |+a| 1aa ||ca t|ac a|a aat 1+ aa, t||
c|aa t+ 1+a |+a| 1aa a|a aat c+| a+, a+ |ac 1a c|aa t+ ||aa caa |+a| 1aa
s+a t+a, |ac 1a t+ ca a|+a t|+ ||ca t|ac |+ | ||aa!
Kie n tru c - ha ng ho a
taa aae| 1+a a| a+a t|aa ae| +t c|+t, a| +t c|+t c|| |a| a+a ac.
t|aa t+ 1+ ca a|aa +t c|+t + t+a |+ a||ca +t c|+t ae|, aa 1+a a|a 1+a a+a
sa +a ta+a c|a caa aae|! a ca 1+a a+a e aac 1a +t c|+t, a|aa c|aa t+ 1+a
1aa |a+ a+a t|+a a|a| e| +t c|+t, |ac 1a c|aa t+ 1+a |+ +t c|+t. t|aa t+ 1+a
1+a c||a t|aa |aea t|a e| sa 1+a a+a ca+ aa. a 1+a a+a c|a c|aa t+ a||ca
t|a, 1+a a+a ||aa c|| e aca aa+| a+ caa e aca t|aa. a caa c+ c|a a+a a|ca
a|, a| a+t ca |ac a+a.
||a| ||a| ||ca t|ac |aaa ca t+a sa ae| ac, aa |+| ||+c 1|, ca ||+c 1| aat
t| a|aa c+| t|aec 1a 1c ||+a 1|a|, aa |+| t|+t ae| |+, c+| ||a| 1+a a+ |+| ||+c
aat t| t|aa c+| |a| ca,t|aa t+ 1+a a+a aaca t|aa |+a| 1aa a+.
|a+c c|aa t+ 1+a ca aat ce se aa c|+c |+ |aa |aa aat +| 1a, |+t
ta |ea + 1aec caa a|+a. t|aa t+ 1+a 1+a c||a t|aa |a| s+a ia+t 1a, |+a |a+a,
taa |a |+a a|+a, ||ca t|aea |+a a|+a. a 1aec s|a| |+, 1aec t|a a||ca |+a |a+t
|aa a|a c+| c+c| a|+ a+ s+a ia+t.
Kie n tru c quye n lu c
ta a+ +| 1ac 1aec aaa aa ca+ ||ca t|ac! |a c|| + 1aa +| c+c|, c+c|
a+ |+ c+c| aa, |aea |+t ta aa| t|aea, + caa |+| |a| 1+ aa, ta| aaaa c+| a+, ta|
t||c| c+| ||+ + 1aec 1+ aa, ta| t||c| |aea t|a + 1aec 1+ aa. t|aa t+ c|| a|+a
aa a+ aat sa t|aa |+a a+a 1a, a|a |+ ca t|act a|a| +a aa, 1aec sa 1aa caa
a|+a, 1aec a+ t+a 1aea. |a a+t ca +|, ||aa 1ac 1aec |+ 1ac 1aec c ||ca t|ac,
caa 1ca c||a sa t+c 1aa ca+ aa, a|a t+c 1aa ca+ +t c|+t a+ c+a t|a.
a |aaa 1+ aa a+a, |ac a a+a aa| t|a, a|aa aa |aaa 1|ca |||ca a+a,
||ca t|ac e| +a |a+ t|ca t|a.
\ac a+a| t|+t sa ca+ ||aa |+a, t|ca ta|, |+ sa c||+ c+t. t+a |aa ta| ca
|+ ca+ a|+ ta t|c ||ca |+t |a aca |ac a+. ||aa |+a |+ a|ca ||ca sac a+a| ca+
||ca t|ac. |aa aa a| |e| 1aa, t|aa |aea 1|ca aca |ac.
||| c|aa t+ t|+ 1aec c+c t+c 1aa, c|aa t+ a|+a |+ 1aec aca |ac ca+
||aa |+a |ca caa aae|, |ac 1a c|aa t+ ae| t|+ 1aec ||ca t|ac |+ |, + ||| a| |e|
1aa t|| t|+t t+| |+|, aca |ac 1a t+c 1aa 1ca taa 1a t||, 1ca aa| c+a a|+. |+a ca
1+a |+a| 1aa ||ca t|ac a|a + ||aa! |+a ca 1+a t|+c a+c a|a| 1+a |+a a|a
t|c a+a ||aa! |+ ||aa t|+c a+c |a+c aa 1+ a|a| t|aea, a|a| t|aea 1ca 1a |e
1e t|aa aaa s|a|, t|aa 1+a| aa, t|aa aca |ac!
W|ca c aat|cc t|c |c|+t|aa actcca |aa+a +a1 a+tc||+|, c ||| |c+||ic t|c
+|c||tccta|c. W|ca c |ccaa|ic t|c |atc|+ct|aa actcca |aa+a +a1 a+tc||+|, |aa+a
a+tc||+|, c ||| ac +a|c ta 1c||ac |+t +|c||tccta|c |s. |s +|c||tccta|c + s+t|s|+ct|aa! ||
c a+|c |t + s+t|s|+ct|aa, c +|c +ct|a |||c + a+c||ac, +a1 t|ca c +|c aat c|c+t|c
+t +||. \a, s|+|| c |c+||ic |+t +|c||tccta|c |s!
Architecture Goods
|aa+a |+c acca cac|c1, 1aa|a+tc1 |c+|| a a+tc||+|. Wc 1|1 |+c
a+tc||+| +a1 +|c c|c+t|a ac aac, |t sccas t|+t a+tc||+| |s casa||a |aa+as |||c! |s |t
+ssa|c1 |a| ac|a +t a+tc||+| st+tc, acc+asc ca|c +|c +ss|a||+t|a t|casc|cs +a1 a+tc
||+|, t|ca c +|c +|sa a+tc||+|. Wc +|c 1cc| caa|a t|c a+tc||+| |t| |ts +ssa|+acc,
|t sccas ta s+t|s| |a| cc|t||a, aat aa| ||aa aats|1c aat +|sa ||aa |as|1c acc1s, +a1
|t a||c|s a, |c+sa|c +t +a t|ac.
l|c +|c||tccta|+| caa|c |s +|+s t||a ta c|c+tc ac t||as, |t aast ac
1|||c|cat, ac|a 1|||c|cat 1|st|aa|s|cs at|c|s |c|aas| caa|||ac1. |a1 |t aast ac +|sa
ac, t|c s|+c s|aa|1 ac c|+ac1 aat st||| |a t|c a|1 st|c... c +|c caatcatc1 |t|
t||s +ct|aa.
| c |+c + sa||1 |aaa1+t|aa ||c| |s s+ac ta saacaac, c| |ac +a1 |s
|ccaa|ic1. Wc +|c |aac|sc1 |a sac| + + a| |a1ac|a, sa a|a|, saa|t|a c+c|
at|c| +a1 |+|s|a c+c| at|c|. |t +s aa|a, +s ci+a|ac1 |||c + sc||cs a| cic||acats
s|a||+| ta t|c + a| a+aa|+cta||a.
Architecture The power
l|c|c +|c |c ca|c |a c+a |c+1 t|c |+aa+c a| +|c||tccta|c! l|c +|
aa| |c act|a1s, a t||s a| t|+t +, t|c sc|cct ||aa t|c aats|1c, +a1 t|ca +11 t|ca
tact|c| ta acct t|c |ca||cacats. W|+tcc| | +at, | ||| ac s+t|s||c1 |aac1|+tc|, a| |
|||c ta caa +a1 cs, | +a |a|||||c1. Wc aa| ct |t t||aa| +a +cat, +s || t|c|c +s +
c|+||||c+t|aa, +|cc1 +a1 |+|sc1 a t|c a+a||t. W|acc| c+a |c+1 a| c+aaat |c+1 t|c
|+aa+c a| +|c||tccta|c, +|c +|sa t|c saaccts a| t|c |a+ct, +s t|c |a+ct a| a+tc||+|
t||aa| t|c scasa| sstca.
|t +|+s s+t|s||cs aa, sc|cs aa |t| +at||a, aat |t +|+s caat|a|s aa,
t|c +|c||tccta|c |t| ca|ta|+| caasaat|aa.
l|c |c+| st|cat| a| s+cc, +cca|1|a ta ac, |s + 1||s|aa. |+|| |aaas |a t|c
||saa c|c+|| s|a as t||s ac|. \+cc |c|cscats t|c ac| a| +|c||tccta|c. |at |t |s
ci|a|tc1, |a t|c + a| ac|.
W|ca c scc +|| t|c |a+cts, c |ccaa|ic t|c ac| a| s+cc ta ca|c, +a1
t|ca c ||| aa1c|st+a1 |+t t|c +|c||tccta|c |s. |at |t |s sa 1|s+st|aas ta ac +aasc1,
t|c ac| +||ccts ||aa c|t ta c|t, ta |aascs, +|sa. ||c aa t|c+t|a +|c||tccta|c |||c
t|+t +! |+c aa aa1c|c1 |a aa +|c 1c+||a |t| |t! | t|c|c |s aa aa1c|
acc+asc |t |s ast aa|a+|, aa|a+| ta ac 1a|| |a| t|c |c+saas a| c+|a|a aa| |||c, |a|
|a|, a| |a| ac|!
la| t|+c a+c c aa. )aca |ac 1a ca a|ca 1a| caa aae| ||aa! a ca 1+a
a|ca 1a| c|aa t+! |+a ca t|+c a+c ||aa!
Kie n tru c Hinh da ng
||a| 1+a |aaa c|| t|c ||ca a+ aat t|e| || caa e| c|+t ||ca ca+ aa, ||a|
1+a |aaa 1| 1a| e| |ct t|ac, c|aa t+ |aaa a|ca |+|, |aaa ca |aa |a a|aa aa t|+t
sa 1+ |ct t|ac t+| c|ct, 1|ca 1a 1| 1a| e| ||a| 1+a. |+a ca t|c |+t ca t||c| aa,
aa t|+t |+ | taea, a|aa aca c+a| 1a c+| c|ct |aaa ||ca ||a|, ta| c+a a|+a 1aec 1|ca
1a. ||a| 1+a |aaa 1aec i+ 1aa t|ca a|aa |+a aaac ca+ aa, t|ca +a |a+, t|ca
1|ca ||ca, t|ca ce se | |a+a 1+ ||a| t|+a|, a|a aat ia |aea, aat |aa t|+a,
t+t c+ a|aa 1|ca a+ +a |aaa |+t ||aaa ||a + |e| |+a.
||ca t|ac a|ca 1a| |+ aat +a |+c, 1a |+ aat 1+ aa, aa a|ca 1a| 1c c|aca
t|+a| aat ||a| 1+a ||+c, aat a|ca taea ||+c. ||ca t+| c|aa t+ 1+a ca t+a aca
aat ||a| 1+a + |a| c||a| c|aa t+ |+| c|a+a a| c|a aa ca t|c a|ca 1a| t|+a| aat
||a| 1+a ||+c 1| aat t|, e| aat | aa aa ae| |ea, c+| ae| a+ sc 1ca 1ca caac
saa a+a ae| |ea!
l+| s+a a+a |aaa aaaa t|aa c+a a|+ a+a 1+ |+ a|aa a|ca taea, ta|
aaaa aa| a|aa t|+a t||! )a+ a+a t|+a, a+a |aaa 1a| 1|ca a|aa c+| 1a, + |a| c||a|
a+a sc |+| 1a| 1|ca e| a|aa ca c+a t|+ 1a| c|aa, i+ 1aa ae| c+c a|ca taea.
ta |+| a+a aaaa c|ca aa| t|a +a t|aa 1a caa a|a aca t|aa a+a! l+| s+a! l|a|
aca |+ |+ aa| se |+| |+| 1a| 1|ca e| ae| ||aa ca |, sa t|aa |aa! ||| a+a t|+
sac a+a| ca+ aa c|| |a| a+a t|| a+a sc a|ct 1aec a|a| c+a |! ||ca t|ac ta| |+a,
aa ca c|a 1|c| ca+ aa, a|aa aa caa c|| ca aa 1|, ca |+a t||ca. Hat ||ca t|ac ||+c
||a, 1c aca 1c ca 1+a t+a, |ca |aca caa aae|.
Kie n Tru c
||ca l|ac |a 1aec | c|a caa aae|!
||ca l|ac |+| |aea 1ca |+ t|| |a| caa!
|a| caa ca |+| t|ac ||ca 1aec ta a|aa +t ||ca |a| caa ||aa! + ||ca
c|+a ca a|aa +t ||ca |a| caa! ||ca l|ac |+| |a |e e| t|a| t|+a caa aae| ||ca
t+|. Ha| t|aea 1+a taa t+| ca a+ a||ca t|a aa +t, caa aae| t+a |+ a+ a||ca t|a
aa +t. Hat +t t|c 1aec s|a| |+ |aa aat |+a| 1aa, aa |+| 1aec s|a| |+ |aea
1ca c+| |a| caa, ||aa t|c c|+ a|+ t|+a t|+| t+a t|e|.
|a| caa ||aa |+| |+ +t ||ca |a| caa, a+ |+ ae| |a caa aae| a|+a
t|+ + |aea 1ca c+| |a| caa ca+ caac saa.
Co ng na ng
taa a+a |+ |e |. t+| | caa ca caa a+a ca+ aa. |a |+a |c aca c|aa
t+ sa 1aa caa a+a aat c+c| t|a+a ta, |+a |c c +a ||ca, |+a |c c t|a| ca,
| |c+|| caacc|a +aaat |t. W||| t|+t ac| c|+ac ca|c! |s |t |+1a+||
c|+a|a as +|sa! ||c aa caacc|a|a taa!
Architecture Shape
\|+c aa| |+sts |a| sac| + c||a1 |t| |ts a+tc||+|, s|+c +|+s acs |t|
t|c ca1, c +|+s 1c|ca1, +|+s t| ta s+c aat |t |c+|| |+s ta sta. 1c+t|, t|+t |s
tact|c| |t| s|+c. |aa a+ |ac |t +a1 |t |s t|a| +a |1c+|, ct acs|1cs, 1c+t| +|+s
ci|sts, | c+a |cc| |t. \|+cs +|c aa||t a+s|a aa t|c|| a|a1|a, ca|ta|c, caa1|t|aa, aa t|c
t|ca| ||c| +s |c|aas| |a|ac1... +s + t|ca1, + aacacat ... +|| a| t|csc +|c +|+s
|ca|+tc1 +a1 ||a|tc1.
||c||tccta|c |s c|+a|a ||c| sccas ta ac +a |||as|aa, |t a+ ac + s+t|s|+c
t|aa, +a1 |t c|+acs ta |a|a + 1|||c|cat s|+c, + 1|||c|cat |caa. ta||cat|, c +|c t||a
ta c|c+tc + s|+c +a1 |ts +|sa c |a +|c |c+||a ta t|+as|c| |t, |t| + |ac |a| |t
ta ac ac |a a|1c| ta a||c| + acttc| |||c!
W| 1a aa +|+s +at aa| |aasc |a|| a| |caas! | ac+a t|c 1cca|+t|a
aaccts. l||aa| t|c c+|s, aa +|+s |+cc |t| t|asc, +a1 +|tc| aa +at ta c|+ac
t|ca +s c|| +s aa||1 ac |caas. |s |t t|ac t|+t aa +|+s |||c ta c|ac| cc|t||a
|a aa| |aasc ast |||c aa +at ta 1a sa |as|1c a| aa! W|! |s t|+t +|| +aaat t|c
|+a|t a| t|c |c+| ta |+cc |t| |+|a aat||a, t|c cat|acss! W|ca aa scc t|c ac|
|tsc|| 1aa|a+tcs aa, aa|| |aa |+t aa acc1! l|c +|c||tccta|c, |t| sac| a|asc,
|t |s aa| t||a ta |caac, t||a ta a|a|a|ic. | |+|1 +|c||tccta|c |cst|+|as ta |a|a,
ta t|+|a ca|c.
|a c+a +|c||tccta|c |c| ca|c!
||c||tccta|c |+s ta ac +a ctc|a+| +|ac!
|s |tc|a+||t a+1c ||aa ctc|a+| a+tc||+|s! |at |s t|c|c +a ctc|a+| a+tc||+|!
||c||tccta|c aast a+tc| t|c |c+| s|ta+t|aa a| ca|c. l|c ci|st|a ca||aaacat |+s sa a+a
t||||cs ||c| |aa+a |+c c|c+tc1. | |s|c+| aacct +s aa|a sac| |||c +a +ct|aa, |t aast
ac aa|a ta t|c ctc|a+||t, +a1 c s|aa|1 aat +ccct + tcaa|+| st+tc.
|tc|a+||t |s aat ctc|a+| a+tc||+|, |t |s + |c| ta ca|c |a| t|ca ta |c+||ic
+a1 ta |c+1 ta t|c ctc|a+||t a| |||c.
|+a |c c t|+c| a||ca. ||| t|a+a ta t|| 1a |+ aat sa t+a |+, ca aat t|e| | t|c
|e| ||+a 1|a| sa a+a| ac ca+ caa a+a, c|a a||+ caa a+a, + 1ca a+ |e 1+
sa +a |+ t|a+a ta c caa a+a. t|aa t+ 1+a aa| |+a ||ca t|ac, |+ |+a a|c
t|a+t ||ca t|ac, a+a ca t|c a+a a|ca c a|c t|a+t e 1+ aat c+c| c+ a|+a a+a,
a|aa t|ac tc caa |cc |+ aat sa t|+a c|aat c|a 1c c c+| caa a+a 1a, c|aa t+
a+ a+t | c|aa t+ c|| a|a c+a a|a t|c. + aaaa c+a |+c t||ca ||ca c|a caa
|cc c|aa t+ 1+a |c +a 1a ta a|c t|a+t, + a|c t|a+t ca |+| |+ ca t|+a
c|aat c|a 1c c+| | 1a, 1aec s+a s|a| ta t|a+a ta caa a+a ||aa! |+ ||a| 1a+a|,
|a 1+a t|a+a ta ||a| 1a+a|, aa aca |c a|aa t|a ||+c, 1c 1+t 1aec 1a+a| t|a, |a
a| 1a |+ a|c t|a+t ||a| 1a+a|, ||ca t|ac sa s+ ic c+c |aa ac t|a+a t|ca, |+a
t|aa tat, ||ca a+ 1|ca t|c| c+a, aaec t|c t|ca |+ |+a 1c a|aa t|a 1a ta aca aa+|
1ca aca t|aa, + |a| |a a| 1a |+ a|c t|a+t ||ca t|ac!! ||+ t|c |e| aae| t+ 1+a
|+ sac s+a t+a a||ca ||a| t|ac ||+c a|+a, a+a| ac + 1a 1a|. + a+a aa| |+ |+|
||+c aae| + aca c+a| 1a |a |+ |a a|aa t|a ||+c, a|aa caa c|| t|aa |+a
| |a 1+a |+a 1c c|a caa a+a.
t|aa t+ 1aec |+a, 1aec 1+a t+a ta |c t|aa, 1aec t|+a a| | t|a+t, c|aa
t+ 1+a caa ca c|a |c t|aa 1a + ta 1a |+a |+ c+c t|a ||+c. taa a+a |aaa a|
c||a| |a| saa a| 1|a|, a| ||ca t|ac a| 1|a|, + |a| ||| 1|ca 1a t|e t|+a| aat 1|ca
||ca, aat t+t a||ca, c|a c||a| c|aa t+, aat t+c 1aa aaec |+|. |+a |a| c|aa t+ c+a
a|+a 1|ca 1a aat c+c| a|a| t|aea, |+t a|a| t|aea. |+a 1ca ||ca t|ac |ac a c|a
|c t|aa 1a, aat t+t a||ca.
\a aca| |ea |+a ca+ ||ca t|ac ||aa |+| |+ |ac a c|a |c t|aa 1a.
Nghe thua t
|c t|a+t |+ c+| 1aec s|a| |+. a ||aa 1aec s|a| |+ ta |c t|aa ||ca t|ac
+ ta caa a+a. t+| 1aec s|a| |+ ||| t+ ca c|a 1ca ta+a aa.
|c t|a+t |+ |! |c t|a+t |+ aat sa a+ ae, aat a+ ae ta +a ||ca c
aa| t|aea. Ha| t|aea |+ |! Ha| t|aea t+t a||ca ||aa c|| ca aa| t|aea t||ca
a||ca a+ caa |+ aa| t|aea |a+ caa aae| + t+t c+ iaa a+a|. \a aca| ca+ caa
aae| |+ |c |+a| 1aa c|a a|c t|a+t, + a|c t|a+t t|| ||aa i+ 1aa a|ca taea.
l|c |aact|aa |s |c+saa+a|c. |c|t||a |+s |ts aa |aact|aa. |cc+asc a| t|c ||a|t
t|+t c ast asc t|c |aact|aa a+s|c+||. t|c ||a|t a| |aa|c1c, t|c ||a|t a| |ac, t|c ||a|t
a| ||+a|||t. |a|c|, |t |s 1c+st+t|aa, t|c|c +s t|ac |ca ca|c |a t|c a||1 +ssc|tc1
t|c ac| a| |aact|aa, |aact|aa+||sa, +a1 aa aast +|c ast +aaat |aact|aa. Wc +|c
s+|a || |t |s a|||a |t| +|c||tccta|c a| a|||a |t| +|t a| +|c||tccta|c. |aa a||t
1c||ac t|c caacct a| +|t |a + c|saa+| +ccaaat, aat t|c +cta+| a|| |s + |c||acacat ta
t|+t |aact|aa, c +|c s+t|s||c1 acc+asc a| aa| 1ca+a1. W|t| t|c acc1 ta |+c t|c |cc||a
a| |a| |a| t|c a|| c caas|1c| +s +a +|t, |s +|t t||a ta a||s| saact||a |a| |t
ta accaac ac+at||a|, ||c| |s +aaat t|c |aact|aa! l|c a+a s|a| |aas ||s aas|acss, a
|aa||a at|c| t||as, |c aa|1 1a cc|t||a ta c+|a ||s s+|cs, +a1 t|c c+|| |t t|c +|t a|
1a|a aas|acss. l|c +|c||tcct a|+a|ics +|| t|c |aaas caaca|cat| |t| saaat| +t|, |||
c||cct|c +|c+, t|c acit stc |s ta 1cca|+tc t||as ||aa t|c aats|1c ta t|c |as|1c, +a1 t|ca
t|c c+|| |t t|c +|t a| +|c||tccta|c ||| ca|c |a t|c a||1 +|c t||a ta c|c+tc |a 1|||c|cat
|a|as, ac||a|| +a1 |a|a|1+a|. |a1 |t |s |aa|t+at ta ac 1|st|aa|s|+a|c +s c|| +s t|c
1cst|a at|c| t||as, aat aa| |t||a t|c tc|a a||s||a t|c |aact|aa.
Wc c|c a+1c, c|c t|+|ac1 ||aa t|c sstca, c|c ca|c1 |t| tcc|aa|a,
+a1 aa c +|c st|cat|ca|a t|+t sstca ta |a1acc at|c|s. l|c |aact|aa |s +|+s |ca
|+tc1 a t|c |||cst|c, t|c |aa|c1c +a1 t|ca |ca |t accaacs + caa1|t|aa, +a c|1cacc, |a|
as, t|c|c ||| ac +a aas|tc c||cct. C|+1a+||, c|| |cc| |t aa|a+|, c| aa|a+|. tc|t+|a|,
|a caascacacc, t|c +|c||tccta|c sc|cs t|c sstca.
l|c a+|a a|ss|aa a| +|c||tccta|c |s aat |a| sc||a t|+t sstca.
||t |s |+t +s aa|a. |t +s aat aa|a ||aa + |aa|c1c sstca a| |aact|aa
sstca, |t +s aa|a |ca c + +ttcat|aa ta t|c 1aa|a+acc.
W|+t |s +|t! ||t |s + aa1, + aa1 a| |aa|c1c +aaat t|c ca||aaacat. W|+t |s
ca||aaacat! |t +s aat ast aa| +aaat t|c a+ta|+| ca||aaacat aat +|sa t|c ca||aaacat
||c| |ac|a1cs ca|c +a1 sa||aaa1|a t||as. l|c a|ss|aa |a| aca |s ta +ct |a| +|t, +a1
+|t s|aa|1 |c+|| aat aa||1 t|c saaa|.
||t |s aat |a1acc1 ||aa +a +ct a| a+||a aacs |||a, aat +aaat as|a
...|a| caa ||aa |+| |+ +t ||ca |a| caa, a+ |+ ae|
|a caa aae| a|+a t|+ + |aea 1ca c+| |a| caa ca+ caac
|c t|a+t ||aa s+a s|a| ta a|aa |+a| 1aa aaa s|a|, 1aa ||ca t|ac
a|a aat |+a| 1aa aaa s|a|, t|| ||aa |+a aca a|c t|a+t, ca a|aa aac 1|c| t||
aa ||aa t+a |+ a|c t|a+t.
Kie n tru c - do da m da c cu a va t cha t
|a 1+a 1+c ca+ c+| aca a+a a+a ||aa t|c t||ca, aat a+t aca c+a
1+a 1+c c+a |+a c|+c t|| c+a t+a aca sa aa 1|a|, c+a t|a+ |aa t|| c+a t+a aca
sa a+ aaa + c|aa c|ca|. ||| aa c+a 1+a 1+c aa c+a 1c a| a|ca a+t, + c+a
aa 1|a| a|aa caa a+a |+ sa c||+ c+t. |aa c+a 1|ca a|ca |a+ a|+, c+a |+a
t|c, t|| sa 1+a 1+c c+a |+a 1|, + +a a+a 1, 1a |+ ||aa |||, |+ sa |+a t|c
t|ac t|c, ||aa 1|ca ||ca, ||aa a+ s+t, ||ca t|ac |+ aat c+a t|ac +t c|+t c+a
a|ca a+t c+a tat.
||ca t|ac |+ aat c+a t|ac +t c|+t e| a||ca 1a 1+a 1+c ||+c a|+a. l+a 1|ca
||ca c|a caa aae| t|c c+a t|ac t|c +a t||ca a||ca a+ |+a t||ca a+ s+t.
Kie n tru c Ca n ba ng
l+| s+a caa aae| ca a|a c+a c+a a+a!
a t|a a+ 1aec c+a t|ac ta +t c|+t, e| 1a 1+a 1+c + c+a t|ac ||+c a|+a,
ta a|aa |+a ta a|a a|+t, t+a aca a|aa c+a t|ac +t c|+t ||+c a|+a. l+t c+ 1ca
ca sa ||ca a+a + taea t+c |+a a|+a. l|+| 1+t a+ caa aae| 1+a saa |+ aat |+a
ca+ aa, t|+| 1+t 1+a e t|+a t|+| c+a a+a ca+ aa, caa aae| + +a +t 1aec s|a| |+
ta aa, ta sa c+a a+a ca+ l|+| |+t. Hat t|+a t|+| a+a a+a, + sa taea a+a ca+
caa aae| + +a +t t|| ||aa t|c |a 1|a|. H+t |+a a+a a+a |+ a|aa +t t|c
t|+a 1aa |aea t+a c|a t|+ sac |at ca+ t|+| 1+t |+ t|+a t|+| c+a a+a. ||a| |ac
ce a+a |aaa c|a c|aa t+ c+a |+c c+a a+a.
Kie n tru c - su da p u ng
||ca t|ac ca |+| |+ aat sa 1+ aa! |+ aa c|a a|aa aca |ac, a|aa
t|+a aa, a|aa aec aaaa, a|aa a| 1|a|, c+| ta|, |+ |aa c+| | 1a, |aa +| 1a!
|+ aa c|a +a |a+, t+ a+a, t|aca t|aa, ca a|a ||ca t|ac |+ aat 1+ aa
+|c||tccta|c ta c+|a + |||c, |t ac+as aat||a +a1 aat |c|+tc1 ta +|t. |a|asc 1acs aat
c|c+tc +|t.
Architecture and the concentration of
the material
l|c caaccat|+t|aa |cc| a| t|c |a||iaat+| |+t|a|a c+a aat ac |a|attca, t|c
aa|c caaccat|+t|c +a1 caa1casc1 t|c |+t|a|a |s, t|c aa|c st+a|c t|c caast|act|aa
|s. l|c cat|acss +|+s a+|cs |t tattc||a. W|ca |t |s caaccat|+t|c, |t |s aa|c |||c|
ta 1|s+c+|, +a1 t|c st+a|cacss +|sa a||as + 1||s|aa. |at t|c aa|c |t |ccs |a +cc,
t|c aa|c t|c caaccat|+t|aa |s a|a|a|ic1, ac+|| ca+| ta ic|a, t|+t |s +||, + 1||cct
ctt|a caat+ct, |t|aat caa1|t|aa +a1 |||ct|aa, +|c||tccta|c |s + a+tc||+| st|acta|c
||c| |s acttc| ta 1|s+c+|.
||c||tccta|c |s + a+tc||+| st|acta|c |t| 1|||c|cat |cc|s a| caaccat|+t|aa,
ca+a||a ta |c| ca|c ta +cccss 1||cct| ta t|c a+ta|c |t| + |c1act|aa a| |||ct|aa.
Architecture The balance
W| 1a ca|c +at ta a+|+acc!
\+cc |s + st|acta|c a| sac| a+tc||+| t||as, |t| 1|||c|cat |cc|s a| caaccat|+
t|aa +a1 |a|as, ||aa t|c sa+||cst +|ts ta c|c+tc +||+a|c st|acta|cs a| 1|||c|cat a+tc||
+|s. ||| |+c |c|c+acc +a1 |atc|+ct|aa |t| c+c| at|c|. l|c c+|t| |c|c c ||c |s +|t
a| |t, +a1 t|c c+|t| |s |cc|a |ts a+|+acc, a+a +a1 at|c| |||a t||as c|c aa|a ||aa
|t, ||aa t|c a+|+acc a| l|c |+|t|. | |a||iaat+| st+tc +a1 + |c|+t|aa actcca |aa+a +a1
|||a t||as +|c aat 1ca|c1. l|c ||+t |a||iaat+| |+ac caat+|as c|t|c+| aaccts 1||cct|a
ta t|c ccatc| ||c| s|as t|c c+|t|s +tt|+ct|c |a|cc |s + a+|+acc1 st+tc. |+s|c caact|
|cs as + scasc a| a+|+acc.
Architecture and the satisfaction
...|tc|a+||t |s aat ctc|a+| a+tc||+|, |t |s + |c| ta ca|c
|a| t|ca ta |c+||ic +a1 ta |c+1 ta t|c ctc|a+||t a| |||c...
t|| t|aa ||a ac a| aa c|| |a|, caa aae| sc |+ a|aa caa aae| 1+ 1+a ||a, 1+
||+c ||a+|, + |a+a a+a. ||ca t|ac ca |+| |+ t|c ||ca c+| ta| ||aa, c+ t|a| ca+
ta|! |a + |+ aat + 1+t, 1+ aa c+| ta|. Hat c+c| t|aa t|aea, a+a 1+a |a |aaa
i+ 1aa a|aa | t|act c|a c+ t|a| ca+ a|a|, aaec |c t|c |a aa |+ c+ 1e| c|a |cc
t|ac ||ca c+c | t|act 1a, a|aa | t|act c|ct caa, + |a| |a aa| a|aa | t|act,
|a aa| 1+ |+ c+| ca+ ta|, ta| |+t a|a| |+ aa, |a |+a sa s+a| t|| a+ t|ac aa ||aa
|aa +|, aa| aae| aa |a + taa |a aa. a |+ |! a |+ a|aa taea, ||ca t|ac
1aec i+ 1aa t|ca a|aa taea! | taea |+ |! a sc |+ |cc ta +a i+ 1aa, c|a
||aa |+| |+ t||ct |c ||ca t|ac.
ta aat ||ca t|ac ||aa |+| |+ a|aa 1+ aa!
/aa a+a| ||ca t|ac sa |+ a|aa t|c |ac ||aa |a, t|c |ac aca aa+|, t|c
|ac aca t|aa, aca ||ca t|ac c|| |+ 1+ aa t|| aa c|| |+ ta +a i+ 1aa.
||ca t|ac t|+t sa ||aa taa t+| a|aa c+| 1a, ||aa |+| |+ c+| ta| aaaa,
||aa |+| |+ c+ t|a| ca+ ta|, t|aca t|aa i+ |a| ta|, +t ||ca i+ 1aa ca+ ta|
Hat c+| 1c c|aa a|+t ||aa |+| ca+ ||ca +|
||c||tccta|c |s + s+t|s|+ct|aa! \+t|s||a t|c ac|s, t|c +aa|t|aas, t|c 1cs||cs,
t|c |ca|+t|aas, t|c |a1||1a+||st, a| saact||a s|a||+|! \+t|s||a t|c ca|ta|cs, t|c
castaas a| t|+1|t|aas... || +|c||tccta|c |s + s+t|s|+ct|aa, ca|c ||| ac |a sa||c| +a1 |a||
a| ac|a +ai|aas +a1 caa|asc1. |s +|c||tccta|c s|a|a aacsc||, aacs c|saa+||t! l|ca
|t |s sac| + |ca|+t|aa t|+t accts t|c |a1||1a+||st. |ca|+||, ca|c +|+s aa||1 sac|
t|ca||cs |a| t|c|| c|saa+||t, t|c acit stc |s ta |a|cacat t|c t|ca| t|+t |+|1 1c+1
t|ca| +a1 t|ca t|c s+ t|c t|ca||cs +|c t|c||s, t|c |acatc1 |t, c|c+|| |t |s aat
|||c at|c|s aat ca|c saa|t +a1 |+|sc |t. W|+t |s |t! |t |s t|c |1c+, +|c||tccta|c |s
aa||t aa t|c |1c+! l|ca |+t |s |1c+! |t s|aa|1 ac t|c caast|act|aa caasa|t+at, |+t|c|
t|+a +|c||tccta|+| 1cs|a.
l|c|c |s +a +|c||tccta|c t|+t |s aat + s+t|s|+ct|aa!
||aaa1 t|c +|c||tccts +|c |ac ac|s, citc|a+| |a|ccs, |atc|a+| |a|ccs, || t|c
+|c||tccta|c |s ast + s+t|s|+ct|aa, |t |s aa| + caast|act|aa caasa|t+at.
||c||tccta|c 1acs aat |c+|| ci|st t|+t +, aat |+t | +at, aat a c|saa+|
|t, a sac|+| t|+1|t|aa, a caast|act|aa a+tc||+|s...
l|c caaaaa ac+at 1acs aat ac|aa ta aacsc||...
...||ca t|ac |+ aat c+a t|ac +t c|+t e| a||ca 1a 1+a
1+c ||+c a|+a. l+a 1|ca ||ca c|a caa aae| t|c c+a t|ac t|c
+a t||ca a||ca a+ |+a t||ca a+ s+t...
...||c||tccta|c |s + a+tc||+| st|acta|c |t| 1|||c|cat |cc|s
a| caaccat|+t|aa, ca+a||a ta |c| ca|c ta +cccss 1||cct| ta t|c
a+ta|c |t| + |c1act|aa a| |||ct|aa...
nha trang
resort hotel
Din tch khu t
S.856 m
Tng din tch xy dng
60.000 m
Ch u t
Co ng ty CP du l]ch o ng Ha i
a im
Nha Trang
Site area
3.856 m
Gross Floor area
60.000 m
Dong hai Co.
nha trang
l||et ke nay giong nh mot qua trnh th
nghiem, mot th nghiem cho Chu au t va
th nghiem cho ngi thiet ke. thiet ke bat au
khoang vao nam 2000, luc o toi ang lam viec
mang tnh ca nhan va cha co van phong rieng,
toi ch mi hanh nghe ma lai co mot t tin rat
doi cho mot thiet ke ban au tren quy nh chieu
cao 14 tang. ong nguyen Van tam ai dien cho
Chu au t cung tin tng d doi khong kem.
toi chang biet s hai la g cung khong nhan
thc het c trach nhiem cua ngi thiet ke khi
cong trnh cua mnh no ton tai ra sao.
ando la ngi am anh toi nhat lac a+, aat +a|
|aea! l|+t |+, ta| c|a+ a|+a t|ac |ct 1aec c+| a|a| 1+a |+a, aa| t|a caa |+t |e|
|+a. |aa sa ta t|a + c|+a a|ct se |+| |||ca ta| a+ act |+a t||ct |c a+ |+ tat
a|+t, a+ c|a 1+a ta |+| aaaa ta| t|a a||ca t|ca aat aa ||a| ||+c ta| 1+ ||aa
c|+ a|+a. |a act 1|a| ta c|ac aat caac t|| t||ct |c, ta| caa 1aec ae| t|+a |+.
la| 1+ |a aaca |a se + t||ct |c ca ||aa c|at t|+ 1a| + 1+ aa. l||ct |c ca+
ta| 1+ a| |a+|. l||ct |c 1aec c|aa |+ t||ct |c 1aec i+ 1aa t|ca aa ||a| ||+c| s+a
c Wa||1, ||ca l|ac \a a+ t|+t |a| c||ca c|aaa. Haa ae| 1aec a+ |+ + |a
caa 1+ a||ca a+a a+ t|+a saa 1+ ||aa t|a+ a+a. l|aa t|e| |+a 1a ta| 1+
l||s 1cs|a |s + |accss a| + t|aat, +s + tcst |a| t|c |acsta| +a1 |a| t|c
1cs|ac|. W|ca t|c |acct st+|tc1 |a t|c c+| a| 111, | +s a|||a |a1||1a+|| +a1 |+1
aat aac1 +a a|||cc. l|ca, | +s aa| + ||cs|a+a aat |+1 +||c+1 c+|ac1 + st|aa ||||a
+a1 sc||caa||1cacc |a| t|c a|||a+| aa||1|a 1cs|a a| I1 ||aa|s |||. H|. aca +a l+a,
t|c |acsta|s |c|cscat+t|c +|sa |+1 aac| caa||1cacc |a t|c |acct. | 1|1 aat a|| +aaat
+at||a +s c|| +s +s aat |a|| ++|c a| t|c |csaas|a|||t|cs a| t|c 1cs|ac| aa |a t|c
caast|act|aa aa|1 ta|a aat.
la ac t|ca, |a1a +s t|c aast aascss|c c|saa +a |a||acacc! |a |+ct, | caa|1
aat |c+||ic +|| t|c t||as | +s 1a|a, cc|t||a |s sa ||a|tc1, |acc|, a a sc||caa||1cacc
+a1 aat ac|a |c+||a|, | caac|a1c1 t||s 1cs|a +s t|c acst. |a|a|taa+tc|, t|c |acsta| +atc1
ac ta tcst t|c 1cs|a aa + 1|||c|cat aa1c|, aat | 1|1 aat +ccct. ||a+||, t|c 1cc|1c1 ta
a|+a|ic + 1cs|a caact|t|aa, | +s +|sa |a|tc1 ta ac aac a| t|c caact|ta|. | |ct +|| a
|||st |aas+| |t|aat +a c|+ac +a1 +a caa|aa|sc, | ca1c1 a ac|a |ccctc1. l|c c|asca
1cs|a +s t|c aac ac|a aa||t aa t|c aa1c| a| c Wa||1 |atc|, t||s +|c||tcct |s |c+||
aa1 +t |a1a||a. c |tca +s |at|a1acc1 sa t|c scat scc|+| aaat|s ta ci+a|ac, ct
t|c c|c aat s+t|s||c1. |t t|+t t|ac, | +|aast |a|at +aaat t||s |acct.
\a11ca|, | +s a||c|c1 |t| +a aaa|||c|+| |a|t+t|aa ta caat|aac t|c t|aat. l|c
|ca||cacats +a1 caatcats a| t|c |atc|s sc+|c c|c caa|ctc| 1|||c|cat t|+t t|c |c||t +s
|+|sc1 a ta ! ||aa|s +a1 |+1 ta |a|a + |||t+a|c ca|ac| |t| t|c sc+ |a a|1c| aat ta
|ac| t|c |a1 ta t|c c|t. ||aa t|+t a||t, t|c a+|c 1+acc |+1 acaa, | c+||c1 |t t|c
ac+c| 1+acc |a ||c| aaa caa|cs +|c cat| ||1c aa t|c s+a1, + |||a a+ss acca|a
aast a| t|c |+a1, aa ||c| + |+|1 a|ac| |c+1 st|+||t +1+ccat| ta + sa|t aac. |||a+|
Cp v cng Fred Astaire v Ginger Roger vi nhng
v iu m hn ca th k 20.
A couple of dancer, Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger,
with fascinating dancing of the Twenty Century.
+a a|a aca 1| 1a +a a+.
|+t c|et, aat |e| ae| ||aa c||a| t|ac 1c t|c tac caac t|a a||ca a+, t|ca
ca c+a + aa| 1aa a aa ||+c| s+a |a+a ta+a ||+c |+a, 1a c+a 1aec 1+ |ca !
t+a + t|ca a |a+c| ||a| a|+ |+| aaa ac e| a|ca 1c ||aa c+a |a aaa ac
+a t|+a| |a. + 1ca |aa 1a a 1|ca 1+ a+t 1+a, ta| a| |+ a 1|ca ae a|ca,
1a| a+a aa |+ |aet t|ca ae c+t, aat ||a| aa c|+c c||ca +a |ct 1+t, t|ca 1a aat
||a| a+a| aa c|+c aea t|+a + aat ||a| aca a+|, aaaa t|+ |c aca. ||+| a|ca
a+a 1+a 1+ 1aec c|+ a|+a + a 1|ca ca+ ta| t|c tac. |ac a+ c|| ca ta| + aa l+a
|+a |cc e| c+c 1ea | ta +a |ct c+a, H|. a l+a |+ aae| |+t 1+a ac | t|a+t
+ aa t+ caa |+t a+a t+a 1ca ||ca t|ac. la| t|| s+ ac t||ct |c caa aa l+a t||
1a| 1+a e| |+t a||ca caac c||ca t|+a|, aa+| caac c||ca 1+a t|+t + a e| ta| |+,
aa t+ caa 1aea 1+a e| aa| aa c|a 1+a ta, |+ aae| |ct +a 1a ||+ a+a t||ct
|c tat ||+c| s+a a+ a+ ||aa c+a 1ca ||ca l|ac \a aaec aa+| )a+a 1|ca ca+
aa t|+t |a |+a | ||ca t+| aae| t+ c|aaa 1a aa+| 1|ca caaa a|a aat aca| 1|c|.
taac c||ca ca+ aa t+ |+t ||a ||+a | aa t+ ||aa |+| |+ aae| ta+a aca t|aa
|a| 1aa ca 1aa ||a+a 1 aae|. . |aa aae| t|aa |a| 1aa ||ca a|ct |t c ||ca
l|ac, |+a a||ca |a a+a t+a 1ca ||a| tc + 1a aa+|, caa t||a| c+a |ea |a c+a
||aa ca a|ca |, 1a a+ t|+t |+ aat 1|ca a+ a+a c|a ta|. |aa a+| c s+a, |||
ta| t|ca |+a| |+a |aa a+a a|a ||a+a 11a

, t|| t+t c+ aa| aae| 1ca t|+a |+

||ca, t+a a||a ca+ |a a|a t|c c|| t|aa 11a

+a caa 1+a t|aa t|a a||ca, ta |+a caa t||a| 1+a 1aec i+ 1aa,
caa t||a| 1+ ta ! t+a |ca t+a + |a| a|aa a+| ta+a ||a| tc aat |+a aa+ |+|
1aec 1a+ |+, e| a||ca t|+a aa, a+a c||ca c+a caa t||a| |ca JJ t+a e| J t+a
|+a. Hat sac a+a| t+ t|c 1+ 1+ caa t||a| |ca aat a aa a+ |ea, e aat a+|
caacct +s +ccctc1 +a1 a a+|c 1+acc |+1 caat|aac1. |t t|+t aaacat, aa| H|. l+a
+a1 | a||c1 |t| t|c caast|act|aa caasa|t+ats, H |. H|. l+a |+s + |c+t +ss|aa a| 1c+|
|a |t| tcc|aa|a +a1 |c |s c| |atc|cstc1 |a +|c||tccta|c. | caac1 1cs|a|a |||c H|.
l+a |+1 ta a+a+c t|c +|aacats ++|ast a|ac +s c|| +s |c |+1 ta 1c+| |t| t|c at|c|
|acsta|s, |cta+acsc ca|c +|c c++a|c a| 1cs|a|a +a1 caast|act|a t||s |atc| |t|aat
|c| ||aa |a|c|a ||s a|ats a| |c c|c |c+|| c|c+| |||c +t t|+t t|ac ca|c |c|c|c1
|a|c|a |aa|t c|+i|| sac| |||c + 1|sc+sc. |t +s |c+|| + |+|1 t|ac |a| ||a ta |||t t||| t|c
ca1 acc+asc |c +s aat |a|| +at|a||t+t|c ac| 1 s|+|c|a|1c|s. Hast a| t|c s|+|c|a|1c|s
|ac sa ||tt|c +aaat +|c||tccta|c, +|| t|c c+|c1 |a| c|c t|c ccaaaa|c +scct +a1 |a|c|a
|aa|t. l|c a|c| t|c |acct +s, t|c |css c|cct|aa t|c |+1 aa |t. |t +s sac| a |ac|.
|acc|, |ca | caa1actc1 + sa+|| s+a|c |aaa a| 11a

, t|ca +|| +|t|c|+ats a+1c t|c||

caaacats. l|c|| |s|aa sccac1 ta ac ||a|tc1 |a aa| 11a

a|ca a+ a|+ c+a. t|aa |+| c+ sac a+a| 1a c|| ca aat a|a| ta|, ta| ||a| 1aa aa
|a+a ta+a a+t c+a iaa, + |+| 1a| 1+a e| aat t|a t|+c|, |aa a|a aat + +
c+a |ca ||ca a+ +a c+a iaa. l|aa t|aea |e a+ ta| |a+a ta+a a| + 1+t | caac
c||ca 1+a a+ ||aa c+a sac.
Hat t|+ 1a| 1+a aaa |+ ||a 1+t 1aec ae |aa a+ ||+c| s+a |+| |a
aca c+a|, 1|ca t|c| 1+t 1aec t+a |ca J.1!ta

. |+ |+ |ac t|+ 1a| |ea c c+a t|ac aca

t|aa ta+ a|+. |aa ||a| ||a| aca aa+| c+a iaa |ea, t |c |ea.
l|aec ||| |+a 1a +a a+, ta| 1+ a|+a t|ac 1aec |+ ||+c| s+a |+ |a+| caa
t||a| a+ |a |+a a|+t |+ aca t|aa ca+ aa t|+t |+ |aa 1aa, aa t|+t aaa a+, |aaa 1+
aa, c||ca c|aaa, t+a aac t|a+ a+a 1ac aa + t+t c+ a|aa c+| t|aa |c t|aa 1a
1ca a|ca ||ca 1|ca 1a. |+a aa| |+ |+| 1+t 1aec 1|ca a+. Hat |a+| ||a| caa t||a|
1aec 1+a ta a||ca t|ca a|aa caa 1c t|+ 1a| a|+t.
taa t||a| c+a |ea, t|e| |+a t||ct |c |+| c+a |ca 1+| a||ca a+a t|| aae|
t||ct |c |+| ca a+a |aea || t|aea | aa |aaa t|+ 1a|, aa ||aa |ct t|ac, |ac a+a
\t||| ac |a tcst|a, +|t|aa| t|c a|| +s aa1c| caast|actc1, |t |ac|c+sc1 ||aa !
ta ||aa|s +a1 aacc ++|a t|c c+|ca|+t|aa a| ccaaaa +s acat|aac1, |t| sac| + |||
+aa|t|aa, |t +s caat|aa+|| |+|sc1 a ta JJ ||aa|s +a1 J a+scacats |a cit|+. | ca||cct|c
st|cat| |+1 as|c1 a t|c sc+|c |a |ac s|ic, +t + taa scas|t|c ac+c| s|tc. | +s t|c aa|
aac |a |||t ++|ast t|+t ac| acc+asc | |a+|ac1 |t aa|1 ac tat+|| 1|s|aa|t|aa+|,
+a1 |+1 ta |+cc |t| + |c+| c|+||cac t|+t as|c1 ac ta c|c+tc sac| + c| ||| t||a
a+a aat st||| +1ca+tc. |a t|+t c+sc, | +s |aasc1 |a| +a aa|+|| |||t.
|a|taa+tc|, t|c|c +s + 1aa|a+at c|+ac t|+t t|c |+a1 +s ci+a1c1 ta t|c s|tc
a| |+| |a |atc|, t|c +|c+ |ac|c+sc1 ta J.1!ta

. |t +|sa c|+ac1 |as|1c st|acta|c a| t|c

aa||1|a. |acc|, t|c aats|1c |aa| +s st||| aa|c +1ca+tc +a1 acttc| |aa|t|aa.
|c|a|c a|||a aa t||s |acct, | +s ++|c1 t|+t t|c |atc| +s + caast|ac
t|aa tc ||c| |+1 t|c |as|1c ac|a + |c+| acss, s|a, |a||||||a +a1 +ac||a +||
t|c 1cs||cs, +|| t|c caast|act|aa+| |tcas |a t|c sstca c|c 1cs|ac1 |a| sac| a|asc.
|t |+s ta ac c+a|t +t +a cast. | |||cast |acstc1 tc a| caast|act|aa +a1 +s +|sa
M hnh khch sn Oriental Nha Trang (Phng n vi
din tch t cha m rng qua khch sn Hi u).
Oriental Nha Trang Hotels model (The land was not
expanded to the site of Hai Au 2 hotel).
caa |+| ca c+a |aa 1c |a |+| aa.
taa| a+a 11 ||+a /+ |aa te |+a +a a|a 1+ iaa, caa |+ |ac caac
||aa |a+a ||a| tc a+t 1+a. ta 1aa ||ca t+| ||aa t|c c|| |+ aat ||a+a t|ca ||aa
|a taea 1aea e| ||a+a t|ca a+ |a 1+ aa |+ t|aec 1a c|a |cc |a+a t||ca caa
t||a|, |aa a|a aat aae| ac 1+ 1ca |ac ||aa caa 1a sac 1c aaa| 1a+ caa a|a| s|a|
|+ ||| |+| 1a| 1|ca e| a|aa a|a c+a a+ |ea a|a t|c. taa t||a| 1+ 1aec a+a |+|
ta+a aa c|a aa c|a ae|, |a+t+|t+| + c|aca |+a +a aat aaa a+ ae|, |c t|aa
\|c|+taa, + tca caa t||a| 1+ 1aec c|aca 1a| t|+a| \|c|+taa |+ l|+a \+ |atc|.
aa|c |||c| ta ac c|+ac1.
l|c a|c| t|c a|| |s, t|c st|aac| t|c 1cs|ac| s|aa|1 ac. W|t| sac| + |aa
t|ac a| caast|act|aa, t|c 1cs|ac| |+s ta a+|at+|a +a cit|+a|1|a+| cac| +s |t +|+s
c|+acs, |t 1acs aat ca1, sa |c +|+s aast ac |as||c1 caaa| ta |aa |t.
| t|c ca1 a| 11, t|c caast|act|aa +s a+s|c+|| caa|ctc1, |t +s +|sa
|ca t|c ccaaaa|c c||s|s ac+a. l|c ca||cat s|+|c|a|1c|s caa|1 aat sca1 + |ac aaac
ca|+|cat ta t|c +aaaat t|c |+1 at aat |a| t|c a|| ac|a|c, ast |||c + aat|c| |a
c+aaat |+|sc t|c|| c|||1|ca +aaa|c acc+asc a| |+c|a sac| + ||| 1ca+a1. taascacat|,
t|c a|| +s sa|1 ta t|c cat||c ac aac|, |a+ t+|t+| +a1 ac|a t|+as|c||c1 ta + ac
tcc|a|ac, t|c sstca \|c|+taa, t|c|c|a|c, t|c a+ac |+s acca caac|tc1 |ata \|c|+taa
|+ l|+a \+ |atc|.
M hnh khch sn Oriental Nha Trang (Phng n vi
din tch t cha m rng qua khch sn Hi u)
Oriental Nha Trang Hotels model (The land was
expanded to the site of Hai Au 2 hotel)
Hnh nh khi cng Khch Sn Oriental Nha Trang
Image of beginning construction Project Oriental
Nha Trang Hotel
To i va ca c co do ng cu
C+a 1 ca 1aa saa c|| ca ||a+a J aae| a|ct ta| 1+ t||ct |c ||+c|
s+a, aat sa aae| t|+a c|| caa aa| |+a ||+c| s+a 1a aat 1ea | aaec aa+| t||ct
|c!j t|a 1|c| 1a+ caa 1aec s|a| |+ |+ a+a |+| |e| a|a+a, |cc 1a a|a| t|aea 1a|
e| |a. |+ |e |cc 1aec a+a 1| caa c|| 1a a|+t |+ |e| a+a a||ca!! |a |+a |cc
a+a t+a t|a+a ta 1a 1+ ca a|aa |+a a+ ca+ aa.
To i va Vina Capital
|a ae| ta| |a c|| aat |+a. l|aec 1a ta| 1aec ta+a aca act 1|a| t|ca
c+c t||ct |c ca+ a|a| ta t+a ||a| c|a 1ca |+a s+t t|| caa. |aa 1|ca ||ca a+
|+| 1aec 1+t |+ + |a ta c|a| ta|. la| a| c|+a 1at ta |ac a+.
To i, 2007 - hie n ta i
|| taec aca aaa| caa. l|aa caac c|aca |+a a+, ta| c|| a|ct 1aa
a||a, aa |aa a|a ca aat sac a+a|, aat t|c |ac + aa 1+ ||aa t||c| ta| aaa|
1a+ caa a+ aa+. |aa 1a| t|+ t|aa t||ct |c |ac a+ |||ca a+a t|+a ta| |+| c+a
aat a+a |aea ta |ea 1c a||a |+| aa. taa t||a| 1+a |a+a t||ca t|aa t+ a|aa
aae| t||ct |c ae|. t|+a c+a c|e 1e| aa |a+a t|+a| i+ 1aa, ta| a|ct aa |a| sc
|+ s+a, | aa 1+ 1aec 1+a| a+ sa \|c|+taa \+ |atc| |+ l|+a.
To i va o ng Nguye n Va n Ta m
||ca aae| 1+ |a| ta| |+a s+a ta| caa t|c + |+ aae| |ct +a a+
1aec t|ac ||ca caa t||a| |ea + a+a t|aa a|a +!, l|aec 1a e |ct +a 1+
and the previous shareholders
ac+|| 1 s|+|c|a|1c|s aat aa| +aaat J ca|c |aa t|+t | |+c 1cs|ac1
t|c |atc|, at|c|s cca s+ t|+t t|c |atc| +s 1cs|ac1 a + |a|c|a caa+aj. l|c t+|ct
c|||1 +s aa|a ta ac |a||t+a|c, sa aa|a+| |a| t|ca. ||| t|c c+|c |a| |s |a aac| |t
c+a ac sa|1. a|aas|, t|+t caacc|a c+asc1 t|c caascacaccs a| |t.
and Vina Capital
l|c |a|tc1 ac acct|a aa| aacc. |c|a|c, | +s t|c aac |a 1cc|1c a
1cs|ac1 +c|s ||aa |ts s|+c ta sac||s|a t|c caast|act|aa. |at, t|csc caa1|t|aas c|c
1ca|c1. | +s tc|a|a+tc1 ||aa t|ca.
, 2007 - present
|a1c| ac|a tc|a|a+tc1. |a t||s t|+as|c|, | aa| st+a1 acs|1c. l|+t ac|, t|+t
|a||acacc |+1 stac1 ac ||aa |+|s|a a c|||1. l|c c|+acs |a t||s 1cs|a +t t||s t|ac
c+asc ac ta acc1 + |c+t cac| ta |+c + |aa| a+c| aa |+t |+cac1. l|c |acct
|s ac|a caa|ctc1 a ac 1cs|ac|s. a acc1 ta +|t aat|| |t |s caa|ctc1, | |aa |+t
||| |+ca ast acc+asc |t |s ca1c1 \|c|+taa \+ |atc| |+ l|+a
and Mr. Nguyen Van Tam
H+a ca|c |+c +s|c1 ac | aa +|c + c| aaa |cta+acsc a+a
aat sa saaa c+a ac |csaas|a|c |a| sac| + a| +a1 |aa|t+at |acct!, |s t|c|c +a !
st+|s |atc| |t| |+|c sc+|c ||c| +s 1cs|ac1 a + |cta+acsc! a| W| aa c|c
Mt bng cc tng - Plan of floors
ca caa t||a| ||+c| s+a a+a e| a aa |ea, c+ 1a ! s+a a+ 1a c||a| t+ aae|
|ct +a t||ct |c! |+ l+| s+a |+| |+a aat caa t||a| c|a aat ||ca l|ac \a a|a
ta|, c|a+ ca +a |aa t||ct |c, 1ea 1ac, + c|+a a|ct 1+ aa, c|+a a|ct c||ca
c|aaa, c|+a a|ct |+a t|c, |+ c|+a i+ |a+ a|a |a+| ||a| ||+c| s+a, l|aec
1a, c|aa ta| 1+ |+a |cc e| a|+a a+ aat caa t||a| a|a, + ||ca |+a a|+a, +
aa l+a caa a|ct |+t a||ca ||ca l|ac \a |a| e |ct +a. la| t|ac sa ||aa a|ct
caa a|aa | 1a a+a ||+c a|aa 1+a ||ca |a |+a a|+t 1a |+. la| + aa l+a 1+
caa a|+a i+ 1aa aat caa t||a| e| |aa 1+a ac, a||ct |act, + t|+c| a||ca,
aa| aae| aat t|+c| a||ca. la| c|| a|ct a|a +, + ||aa a+a t+a 1ca a|aa c+|
||+c. c ||ca l|ac, aa l+a |aaa t|a taea ta| a|aa ||aa aaa t|+ +a, ||ca
a||ca + 1a| |a| tat a|+t. |+ |+ aat c+c| |+a |e | |a+ aae| ||ca l|ac \a
+ t|a |+a la. Ha| t|a aca |aaa 1aec t|+ +a ||ca a||ca + ica |+| ||| 1a
aa| t|a sc +a \aa
+ss|ac1 |t| t||s |acct |a| aa |+c aa a|||cc, ac|a +|aac, 1a aat |aa |a ta
+ac| +a1 ca11|c|, aat ac|a aa1 +t |cc|a |a taac|, a| aat ac|a +s ||+s| +s t|c
tc a| |atc|... ||c|aas|, H|. l+a +a1 | |+c a||c1 tact|c| |a| + sa+|| |acct, +a1
aa1c|staa1 c+c| at|c|. H|. l+a +|sa |aas a+a aa1 +|c||tccts |a |cta+a. | |c+||
1a aat |aa |+t at|c| |c+saas aat |t |s c|c+| t|+t. H|. l+a +a1 | |+1 tact|c| aa||t
+ |acct |t| aa| +ss|aa, aa| cat|as|+sa +a1 |csaas|a|||t|cs. | aa| |aa sa +a1 1a
aat c+|c +aaat at|c| t||as. |a +|c||tccta|c, H|. l+a +|+s t|asts ac aat |c 1acs aat
sta acst|aa|a, tcst|a +a1 |ca|||a. l||s |s + |c+saa+a|c a|| actcca +|c||tccts
+a1 |acsta|s. |c|t||a s|aa|1 ac +|+s tcstc1 +a1 |c|cc1... l|ca cc|t||a |||
st||| ||c...
Mt bng tng th - The site plan
Hnh phi cnh gc nhn t trc ng Nguyn Chnh.
Perspective view from Nguyen Chanh street
Mt ng trc ng Nguyn Chnh
Mt ct ngang cng trnh
Hnh nh cng trng thi cng khi b cng trnh
Nguyen Chanh Elevation
Cross Section
Image from the construction site.
Tri: Nhng hnh nh thi cng ti cng trng Khch Sn
Oriental Nha Trang
Left: Images from the construction site.
Phi: Gc nhn bn di hng ct tr khi cao tng
Right: The beneath view toward the columns of the high-rise.
H khung st khi chp - Nh Hng xoay Panorama.
Nhng hnh nh cng trng thi cng lp ghp khung sn ti Tp H
Ch Minh v ti Nha Trang
Steel Structure of the pyramid, the rotatable Panorama Restaurant.
Images from construction site of steel frame fabrication at Ho Chi
Minh city and Nha Trang city.
1 - Mt bng tng Nh Hng Xoay Panorama.
Panorama Restaurant Plan.
2 - Cc mt ct ngang khu vc nh hng.
Section through the restaurant.
3 - Hnh nh thi cng trng.
Image from the construction site.
Khi chp - Nh hng xoay Panorama
The Pyramid - The rotatable Panorama Restaurant.
Phng mu: Ni tht Phng ng tiu chun.
Sample room: Interior of Standard room.
Khch sn Sheraton Nha Trang 2009.
Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel 2009.
S phc u tin ca DaLat Plaza: Li tip cn chnh vo Dalat Plaza.
First sketch of DaLat Plaza: The main way approaches to the building
Da lat
Din tch khu t
S.S77 m
Tng din tch xy dng
S5.46S m
Ch u t
Co ng ty CP Du L]ch Delta
a im
2S dud ng Phan Nhu Tha ch
Tp a La t, La m o ng
Site area
3.377 m
Gross Floor area
35.463 m
Delta Joinstock Co.
23 Phan nhu thach str.
Da lat City, lam Dong
\+a 1a +a ||+c| s+a ||cat+|, la| + aa aca +a l+a t|c tac t|ac ||ca
1a +a ae| a+. +a 1c 1+t |+ a+ |ac 1+a |+ t+| t|+a| |a |+ |+t ca aca i+ 1aa
caa t||a| c+a t+a ||aa, + ||aa |+| c|aa ta| |+ aae| act 1|a| c|a |cc i+
|+ ||aa, a+ aa| t|a 1+ 1aec act 1|a|. |a |+ ||aa 1aec i+ c+a a+ !!a. |+
|+t c|+ c|aa 1a| aa| e| |aa t|aa ta a||ca, ae| 1+ ||aa a|+a t|+ +a taea
a+t |+a a+a a+a a|a ae| 1aa a+a, ||aa a|+a t|+ 1a| aa| a+a c+a |ea 1a|
aa| a+a. |+a c|| c+a a|+a 1aec a|a| a|a 1+a e t|aa ||aa t|aa, ||aa i+c 1|a|
|+ a|a| 1+ e 1a c+a a+a, sa e| a+t c|a+a t|aea t|+ ||| t+ e aa 1+t a+a |+a.
e| aat aa| a|+ aat t+a a+a ca t|c a||a t|+ aa ta ac 1a taa t|c |a+c aat ac
1a aaec a+t. l|c t|| aat ta+ a|+ c+a t+a a|a t|c a+a e 1+! a sc sa e| c+| |!
a sa e| 1|a| 1a| a+a 1a! ||aa ca aat a+t |+a c|a+a 1c sa s+a|! taa t||a|
a+a t|ca 1|a| 1a|, a|aa 1a| a+ ||aa ca c+ i+a|, a+ 1aec |a 1+ a|aa c+a a|+
|a 1a |a+|. 0 t+a a||a i+ a+a a|+a |+ aaa 1a| a+ a|a t|c |+ aat caa t||a| ta
|ea, |+ |+ t+ |e a|aa ta+ a|+ a|a a+a +a saea 1a|.
||a| a|+ |+| 1aec ia+ 1|, ta| aaaa aa a|a 1+a t|c 1|ca ca+ c+| 1a|, e|
a|aa ||a| ia+a 1| |ca,t|c 1|ca a|aa ||a| c|| c+t |+ ia+ 1| |a| c|aa |ca a|+a,
a|a t|c a|aa caa t||a| a|a 1aec c|aa |ca a|+a, a|aa ac 1a ia+ ca+ c+c ||a| |+
a|aa aea c+. taa t||a| a|+ c+a t+a e 1+ ||aa caa a|a a|a| t|aea, aa ||aa
caa a|a a+a a|ca ca, t|ca ta| a|+ c+a t+a caa a|a a|+ t|+ t+a, c|| ||+c |+
aa 1aec aa t|| c|aa |ca a|+a.
|a a|+ c+a ca+ aat caa t||a| c+a t+a, e| a|aa 1+a 1a t|+c a+c c
||tc| t|c ||cat+| |atc| |acct, H| aca +a |+a +a1 | caat|aac t||s ac
|acct. l|c |aa|ca |s |+ |+t c|t c+aaat |+c aa||1|as t|+t +|c taa |||. |a1 c +|c
a+||a t||s 1cc|s|aa aat cc|t||a +s |+aac1 a t|c ac|aacat. Wc +|c aat +||ac1
ta aa||1 +a aa||1|a t|+t |s |||c| t|+a !! actc|. |+ |+t, sa||aaa1|a a ||||, aaaat+|a,
+a1 a+ta|+| |ac aa1, c+aaat asscssc1 + scasc a| |a||iaat+| sa||+cc |||c 1c|t+. Wc c+aaat
|c+||ic |ct|c| t||s aaaat+|a |s |||c| t|+a t|+t aaaat+|a a| aat. Wc c+a aa| |c+||ic
t|+t c +|c aa t|c a|1 +||, aat c c+aaat |c+||ic +t |+t |c||t c +|c +t |c|+tc ta t|c
sc+ sa||+cc. W|t| + aac ||aa| |aasc, c c+a |aa| +t |t +t t|c cac|+| +ac| a| +t |+|s|a
acc| +a|c. \a, |+t 1acs t|c s| c|+c| |aa| |||c! |a |s t|c |c||t 1ctc|a|ac1! t+a
c |c|+tc |t ta saac aaaat+|a a| ||||! Wc 1aat |+c +a |a||iaat+| |aaa1 ta caa+|c
|t| t|c aa||1|a. l|c aa||1|a |s aa t|c ta a| t|c ||||. l|c |||| |s aat cac|c1 a |+at
aat |t| a+a +| |aascs. |t t|c |aa||a +a|c, aa |c+||ic t|+t t||s |||| |aa| |||c + |ac
aa||1|a, + caaa|a+t|aa a| aa|t||c sa+|| |aasc.
||ac|s a| |aascs |+c ta ac 1c|ctc1. | +at t|c caat|aac saaat||, |t| s||c
s|+c a|a a, caat|aac |t| c|||sc s|+c |ca||a +|aaa1 +a1 a|a a+|1, +s || t|c
+|c caat|aaaas sa+|| aa||1|a, +t t|c |ca||a +a|c ||| ac +|1cas. l|c|c ||| aat ac
t|c+| s|sc|+c|s ||c| a|1 1c||a|t|aa. |a a a|a|aa, s|sc|+c|s |s ast aa|a+| aa||1|as
ac||+|a c+c| at|c|.
l|c scas|t||t a| t|c ||| aa||1|a |acct, |t| +|| a| |ts acst|aas +a1 1aaats.
||| |t ac sa|t+a|c! l|c ac+at a| t||s aa||1|a caa|accs cc|aa1 +t t|c |||st s|a. l|c
|acsta|s, +s c|| +s t|c ac|aacats +||c+1 +|ac1. l|c ccaaaa c+|ca|+t|aa |s +||c+1
aa, ||ca aa ca t||c| |e |+ ||aa! t+| 1c ca+ ||a| a|+ 1+ t|act |ac 1aec aa|
aae| a+ ta |ac 1+a, c|a 1+a ta, c||a| aca t|a| t|ca 1+ c|+ a|+a. |+| ta+a
||a| tc 1+ t|a| ta+a + |a| aa aet aac 1a 1|a| + |a ||aa a+a ||ca t|ac ||ca
t|ca |aea a+.
|+| aat caac t|| 1aec ta c|ac, caac t|| a+ |+ a|aa |c 1+a, caa| caa
t||ct |c ca+ ta| 1aec c|aa, a|aa t||ct |c a+ |a+a ta+a ||+c a|ct sa e| t||ct |c
ca. Hat |+a a| caaa t|ca aa| 1aa ca c+a ca+ aat 1c t|| a+ t|+a |+a, |+a c|a
caa t||a| t||ct |c a||a t|+t aaaa cae|. l|+t a+ a+a |+ |+a C|+a ||+a 1+ a|+a
|+ 1aec |+a ca a+a 1+ 1aec +a a+ a||ca, a+ t|+a |+a, + t|c |+ aa| 1aa t|c
tac 1aec 1|ca c||a|.
l+| s+a t+ |aaa 1| t|ca c+c| t|ac |+| |ct sac ca +a!
l+| s+a t+ |aaa ca 1+ aa aat c+| | 1a, a|a |+ aat a| 1|a|, aat c+c|
||aa t|a| t+a!
Thie t ke cuo i cu ng
Hat caa |cc a+ a||ca t|+a t|+a, +a t|ca c+c| t|a a||ca, a+a ca t|c
a| c|a |a 1| t||ct |c ca+ a|a| a+t ca |ac a+a, a+a a| 1aa caa |cc t||ct |c a+t
ca |ac a+a, e| c+c sac c ta a|aa |c 1+a, + caa| caa ta| + aa l+a |+| 1| 1ca
caa| caa, c+| t||ct |c caa| caa |+ c+| ||aa t|c ||+c |ea, |+ c+| ||aa t|c tat |ea
1aec e| a|aa | aa ca t|c.
+ ||aa |a+a 111, |+a c|a 1a +a c|a+ t|c t|ca |+a| t|| caa.
1aac +a1 |t +sscs t|c |+ac1 cast, +a1 t|c ||s| |s |a.
l|c|c acca|s +aat|c| caact|t|aa, actcca +|t|cs. |a t|c ca1, a 1cs|a +s
c|asca, aat t||s 1cs|a |s caa|ctc| 1|||c|cat t|+a t|c a|1 aac. |+|t a| |t +s caaccat|+tc
aa t|c |cc1 a+||||c+t|aa a| t|c caact|t|aa, +a1 |t a+|cs t|c |acct |aa| |aaa.
|a|taa+tc|, t|c aa+|1 a| ci+a|ac|s |c+||ics t|+t t|c a+||||c+t|aa +s||a taa aac| +a1
t|c c|+ac1 |t.
W| 1a c +|+s |+c ta t| aa| acst!
W| 1a c |+c ta t| ta s+t|s| saac a+||||c+t|aa a||a1|!
Last design
l|c |acct, a|a t||aa| a +a1 1aa, |a||a|a t|c cic||cacc, c |+c ta
+a+a1aa |t a| sta 1a|a |t +t +a |ast+at aa1c| t|c |cssa|c a| at|c| +|t|cs. |a t|c ca1,
H| l+a +a1 | ||a|s|c1 1cs|a|a t|c |acct, t|c |acct ||c| c+aaat ac acttc| ||a
|ts s|ta+t|aa.
l|c 111 ccaaaa|c c||s|s |ccatc1 t|c |acct ||aa ac|a c+|||c1 aat.
Cc s phc u tin ca Dalat Plaza. Mt bng tng th,
con ng hnh cong tip xc vi cng trnh.
First Sketchs of Dalat Plaza: Master Plan, the curve site path
approach to the Building.
M hnh nghin cu cho phng n u tin.
Research Models of Fist Concept.
Mt bng cc tng Phng n sau cng
Floor Plans of Final Concept.
M hnh nghin cu cho Phng n sau cng.Gc
nhn trn con ng tip cn cng trnh v khu
vn trc ta nh
Mt bng tng trt Dalat Plaza: cng trnh v li
vo xuyn qua khu vn.
Research model of the final concept. Perspective
view from the approach path and the front Garden.
Ground Floor: the Building and the entrance
through the Garden.
Mt ct ngang cng trnh
Cross Section
Ha y die n gia i no i dung du a n na y
t+c c|ac a+a c||a| aca t|aa caa t||a|.
|+ |+ aat caa t||a| |ac |e a||ca caa a+a aca t|aa. c+c |+a aac
1|c| a a|a |+ |+a, |a| t|aea 1+ a+a, |a ae|, \+, a+ss+c... + c+c ||aa aa
||+c| s+a It! |aaj
Hat |+a ac |ea ca+ caa t||a| a+a aa a|aa ||a 1|c| a |ac a ca+
||+c| \+a. |+ |+a aa||ct, ta||cc |aaac, |a| t|aea 1+ a+a. ||+a |a |e|, a+|, +
||a ac \+ 1aec t||ct |c t|ca a+t ca+ |+a ac, a+a t+a a||a |aa c ae a|ca
ca+ |a| |+ l|+a.
||a| aa a+a aa a|aa t+a aca t|ca ta+ a|+ a+t 1+a ta t+a ca+
caa t||a|j a+a aa It! |aa 1aec |+a t|+a| ! |+a t|ca aac 1a t|ca a||.
H+| s+a t|aeaj ca+ ta+ a|+ |+ |+a a|+ |+a aa+| t|e| ca s+a aea +
c+a| a+a ae a|ca |aa.
Co ng trinh pha t trie n mo i tudng quan nhu the
Please explain design brief for the project
H+|a |aact|aas |as|1c t|c a||s.
l||s |s + caa|ci caast|act|aa |t| |as|1c |aact|aas. |c|a + a| c1cst+| a|
t|c |acct |ac|a1cs t|c |atc|s sc||ccs. |a||ct |cst+a|+at, ta||cc |aaac, aa|t||aact|aa
acct|a |+||. \|aa|a aa|, a+|, +a1 s+ +|c+ +|c |ac+tc1 aa t|c c1cst+| sa||+cc,
a||a|a + a|a+1 |c ta |+ l|+a |+.
\|cc|a a|ac| |aaasj, ||a +aac st+|t|a ||aa t|c t| ||aa| a| t|c
|acctj, |ac|a1cs It! |aaas c|+ss|||c1 a ! |+a|s +cca|1|a ta t|c |cc| a| |+c|||t|cs.
a t|c |aat a+|caaj a| t|c aa||1|a, t|c|c |s +a aat1aa| |cst+a|+at |t|
+|1ca +a1 a+a|||ccat ca+st+| |c.
How does the development dialogues with its
location; how does it fit into its cultural and physical
Din tch khu t
1.275 m
Tng din tch xy dng
16.405 m
Ch u t
To ng Co ng ty Kha nh Vie t
a im
Nha Trang, Kha nh Ho a
Site area
1.275 m
Gross Floor area
16.405 m
Khatoco Co.
nha trang, Khanh hoa
||aa +a ca+ t+ c|| |ata|||c
Futurarc interview
na o trong khu vu c, cu ng nhu phu hd p vd i da c die m
va n ho a hay va t ly kie n tru c vung?
taa t||a| a+a t|ca a+ |+a ca+ 1aea |aa aea + ||ct l|a, 1+c 1|ca
||a ac a+a a||ca act s|a| |a+t 1aea |a, |+ |c ca+ c+c 1a+a ||+c| |a |+a|,
t+a |+ aat sa s|a| 1aa + a|aa a|| 1+c t|aa. |ca 1ae| ta+ a|+, ae| s+a| t|c
t+a, 1|c| a ca||cc |aaac, + c+c ||at ||a| 1a+a| 1aec t+a |+ t|ca c||ca |aea
|aa ae acaj, 1c t|c c+a. |e t|c a+ ||a| t|+| s|a| |a+t aa 1| |+t ta a||ca
ca+ a|aa |aaa aae| |aa t|aa ||aa a| |+a 1a+a. ||| 1a caa t||a| sc ||aa |+
+c| a+a t|a caa a|aa |+ sa c|aca t|c aca a+|, aca c|aca ta aca aa+|
t+a aca c+a |+c t|+a t||ca + a||ca c+a iac e| caa aae|, 1aec 1+a 1+t +a t|aa,
sa 1aa a|aa 1|c| a a|+ |+a aa||ct + |a| t|aea 1+ a+a.
|aa t+a aa ca | t|c c+a aet |ca t|ca a|aa caa t||a| t|+ t+a
|+a c+a a|e + ta aca t|aa 1a ||+c| ca 1aec a|aa t+a a||a |aa c ae a|ca.
|c a+t aca aa+| |+ a|aa a|ca ||ca a|aa ac a||a aca t|aa, a|+a t+a sa s|a|
1aa + 1+ 1+a c|a c+c ||aa |+a aca t|aa, ||| 1a ac a+t caa t||a| sc a|ca
||ca c+a t|ac ||aa 1aa a|+t. |cc t+a ||a| ac a+t ||aa c|| a+a |+| sa |+
1+a |ea c|a caa t||a| a+ caa |+ c+c| t|ac aa ia 1a| e| | t|c ca+ aa t|aa
taa t|c. t||ca 1+| ca+ ||a| c+a t+a ta+a t|ca |aea |aa l+, a|a t|c a|aa
ac a+t 1+| 1aec t+a |aea a|aa |aea tat t|aa ||ca t|ac, |+ |aea |+c + +a,
saa ta aca t|aa caa c+a ca a|aa t+a a||a c ||+ a|ca |aa. t||a| | t|c sa
||aa 1aa a|+t c+c ac +t t+a t+a aca aaa 1a |+a |+a aac i+ ta a+t t|e|
|aea |aa, a|aa ac a+t caa |+| sc |+ a|aa a+a taea 1+c 1c c|aa c|a| e|
aac i+ ta |aea l+.
Nhu ng nha n to kho kha n, gid i ha n {v] the khu
da t, da u tu...] la m a nh hud ng de n thie t ke ? Ba n da
vud t qua nhu ng kho kha n do nhu the na o? Nhu ng da c
die m gi cu a thie t ke cho tha y no lu c do ?
l|c |acct |s |ac+tc1 aa t|c |atc|+ct|aa a| |aa aaa st|cct +a1 ||ct l|a
\t|cct, t|c +|c+ |c+ta|cs |a scc|+| |||a st|cct +ct||t|cs, s|1c+||s a| c1cst||+as,
||c| aat| c|c+tc + ||c| +a1 +a|a+tc1 ca||aaacat. |a1c|ac+t| t|c aa||1|a, |c|c
t|c |ccct|aa, ca||cc |aaac, +a1 aas|acss ||as|s +|c cac|+tc1 |1c| aca. l||s |s sa
+cccss|a|c t|+t t|c +ct||t|cs aa|a c| saaat|| a| t|asc ca|c +|c aat |atc||atc1.
l|ca t|c caast|act|aa |s aat + |as| aa|||c+1 aat + ||acat t|+as|t|aa, ||ci|a|||t
||aa t|c aats|1c c+ascs + |||ca1| aaa1 +a1 sac| caat|aa ta ca|c ta ac |c1 |a |a|
as|a t|c sc||ccs. aa||ct |cst+a|+at +a1 aa|t||aact|aa |+||s.
||aa s|cc|a a|ac| |aaasj sa|+ss|a aa ac||aaa|c1 |ac| ||aa|s, taa||sts
c+a c|cc|c + a|a+1 |c ta t|c ca+st||ac. at1aa| |aa| |s |cscatc1 a 1|||c|cat
|c +a|cs, t|c a|asc |s ta c|c+tc t|c 1|c|s|t |a| t|c s+cc |as|1c. |t t|ca |||
1caaast|+tc sac||aa|i+t|aa |a caast|act|aa. |cs|a|a t|c sa||+ccs |a+c aat aa|
a||as t|c |as||+t|aa ta t|c aa||1|a aat +|sa |s + + ta 1c+| |t| |ts as|t|aa |a
t|c ac|+||. l|c |cat| a| |||sta|c a|ac| |s saacctc1 ta |+st Wcst 1||cct|aa, sa
+s t|c |aa s|1c aa|1 caa t|c acst +|c||tccta|+| 1||cct|aa, ||c| |s t|c a|t| +a1
\aat|. |acc|, ||aa t|c |as|1c, t|c|c s|aa|1 ac +|sa |cs |c+1|a ta |+stc|a \c+.
l|c|c|a|c, t|c sac||aa|i+t|aa a| aa||ac +a|c cats ||| c|c+tc s|+1 s|+1as ||c|
|c1acc t|c |+1|+t|aa ||aa c+st+|1 saa. t|c| |ca+|a|a sa||+ccs ||| ac t||c| +||s
ta ++|ast t|c |+1|+t|aa a| t|c Wcst.
What constraints {in terms of site, budget,
etc.] were imposed on the project? How did you
over come those constraints? What design fea-
tures highlight those efforts?
l|c as|t|aa a| t|c |+a1 |+s a+1c ac t||a| c+|c|a|| t|+t |t 1acs aat
B mt khng ng nht ca khi khch sn
The non-synchronized surface of the building
| t|| ||a 1+t ca t|c aa| 1+ |||ca ta| a||ca sa a||, aa 1+ ||aa ca 1aec
sa t|c iac t|ac t|c e| ae a|ca, 1aea |aa aea |+ 1aea saa saa e| 1aea
ae a|ca l|+a ||a |+ l|+a, caa 1aea ||ct l|a t|| aaa ac e| aa, a|a t|c
a||a c|aa c+ taa t|c ||+c| s+a, 1+c a|ct c+c |aa aa aca t|aa ||aa 1aec
t+a |aea aat t+a a||a t|ac 1|ca a|ca, |ea t|c aa+, a| ||a+t s+a a|aa 1+ a|ct
t|a caa |+ aat ca ta a+t |e|. |a 1a ||a| |aa aa 1aec ta c|ac t|ca c+a, aet
|ca a|aa caa t||a| t|+ t+a, + ta aca t|aa t+a a|aa ac +t c ae a|ca |+
l|+a. la| ||a| 1aa a|aa ac a||a 1a |+t 1+c a|ct, aa a|ca ||ca sa s|a| 1aa +
1+ 1+a ca+ a|aa caa aae| aca t|aa, a|ca ||ca |+ aca aa+| sc |+ a|aa ac
a+t ||aa 1aa a|+t + 1ea 1|ca. + ||| |+a c||ca +a| s+a a+t t|e| sc |+ |+a|
a|a ||a caea, |+ 1+a 1a ||+c|.
\ac |+ 1+a ca+ aat ta+ a|+ caa 1aec t|c ||ca a+ aat c+a t|ac ce|
ae. |+a s+a ca t|c t+a 1aec sa ce| ae! \ac ce| ae ca+ ||aa |+a ca t|c t+a |+
sac |+ 1+a c|a a|aa aae| ||+c| aa |+a|, + a+a t|a ||ca ae| c|+a t|a+a |e|
c|a ||a| 1a+a|. |+ +a a|a |+ t|a t|+c| t|aa a||ca a t||ct |c |ea |+ a|+a ta
+ ||a ||+a. |aea ||ct l|a a+a aat ||a| t|+| s|a| |a+t |+ |c ca+ c+c 1a+a
||+c| aa |+a| ||+ 1+c t|aa, 1a |+ aat ||aa ||| s|a| |a+t ce| ae + s|a| 1aa,
|+t |+ t|+ ca+ aa 1a ||c| a|ca. la| ||a| 1aa sa t|c c+a |+| t|+t ta a||ca,
ta+ a|+ sc ||aa ca |e| |+a a|a aat +c| a+a t|a caa a+ a|aa |aaa s|a|
||| t|ca |a a| |+a 1a+a, a+a aat c+a |+c i+ |+. la| t+a |+ sa |ct aa| |a+ aca
t|aa + aca aa+|, |a+ c+c t+a 1|c| a aca t|ca a|+ |+a aa||ct, |a| t|aea 1+
a+a, |a ae|...j + a+t |+a 1aea |a aca 1ae|, ||| 1a aa sc ca aat c+a |+c
t|+a t||ca c|a caa aae|.
Nhu ng va t lie u na o dud c du ng cho du a n?
o ng lu c na o da ng sau nhu ng cho n lu a na y?
||+a a||ca a|aa t||ct |c ca+ ta| sa 1aa actaa, c|+t ||ca i+ a|a +c|,
a| a+j, |+ a|aa +t ||ca ta a||ca 1+, aj, a|aa c|+t ||ca a+ t+a |+ aat c+a
|+c t|a aac, |+a 1|. ||aa ||| aa a|ca ca a||ca ca ta a+| aaa caa t||a| 1a
1a +a, aaa| a|ca,... 1a a|aa c|+t ||ca a+ ca ||+ a+a c||a |aa |a+ tat, + |||
aa| t|aea taea t+c, 1a a+a t|+a c+c c|+t ||ca aa t|a aac + ia+t |+t ta ta a||ca
caa ||aa |||ca caa t||a| iaaa c+, t|e aca i+a i| a|a a|aa +t ||ca a+
caat+ct 1||cct| |t| t|c ca+st||ac. |aa aaa st|cct |s + |a+1 +|+||c| ta l|+a ||a
ca+st||ac |+ l|+aj |||c t|c |||+s +t|s a+|c + sa+|c ca|ac| |t| |aa aaa
st|cct. l|c |atc| |a cac|+| +a1 cscc|+|| t|c |aaas |as|1c 1a aat caa + |s|aa
1||cct| ta sc+ |c, acs|1cs, ac|a aasca|c1 ac||a1 t|c |||+s |s +|sa + 1|s+1+at+c.
l|c|c|a|c t|asc a|ac|s a| |aaas +|c |c|1 aa |||c| +a1 sa|+ss |ac| aa||t a aa|ts,
+a1 c|c+tcs ||aa |as|1c t|c aa||ac +a|c cats |c+1|a ta |+ l|+a ac+c|. | |a+|ac
t|asc +|c scc|+| s||ts ||c| ci|css t|c ||c||acss +a1 1|c|s|t a| t|c ca|c |as|1c
ta t|c aat1aa| |||c t|+t ||| aat ac + s|a|c st|c a| sac||aa|i+t|aa. |a1 |ca ac
|a |c||cctc1 a t|c saa|||t, t|c ||| ||stca +s 1|+aaa1s, ||c| +|aast +tt|+cts
t|c taa||sts.
l|c +tt|+ct|cacss a| + aa||1|a |s |c||cctc1 t||aa| +a aca st|acta|c. |a
c+a c cac|+tc ||| aca! |+a|a ||aa t|c aca s+cc c+a cac|+tc +tt|+ct|c
acss |a| c1cst||+as, +a1 a||a + ac st+|t|a s|a+| caaca|cat| |a| aas|acss. l||s
|s +|aast + |aa| a| c|+||cac |a 1cs|a|a t+s| |+t|c| t|+a + c+asc a| 1||||ca|t|cs.
l|c |||+s aa|1c| c+|||cs +a |a+c a| s|1c+||s +ct||t|cs +ssac|+tc1 |t| |c+ta|c1
c1cst||+as, ||c| |s +a aca ||c| a|t|+|t a| |||c, ac|a aa|+| |a| a+||ac taa||sa.
| |a+|ac t|+t t|c |c+c| aast ac aa|c a+ta|+|. l|c aa||1|a ||| aat ac ||a|tc1 +s
+ |as| aa|||c+1 t|+t t|c c|t +|| |s |atc||atc1, a||a|a + scasc a| st|+acacss.
l|+t |s | | c|c+tc1 + caaacct|aa actcca |as|1c +a1 aats|1c, actcca t|c ac|
sc||cc ||aa|s |a||ct |cst+a|+at, aa|t||aact|aa |+||, s|aa|a aa|...j +a1 t|c ||+t
st|cct ac|a, t|ca |t ||| a||a + |||ca1| |cscat|acat ta |aa+a.
What materials are used to construct the
project? What was the motivation behind your
Hast a| a 1cs|as +|c as|a caac|ctc, caast|act|aa a+tc||+|s sac| +s a||c|s,
||ac/aa|t+|j, a| at|c| a+ta|+| a+tc||+|s staacs, aa1j, t|csc a+tc||+|s ca|c + |cc||a
a| s|a||c|t +a1 a|||a+t|aa. | t|c sc+ +|c+, c aast| cic||cacc c|as|aa |+ca|a
ta t|c aa||1|a acc+asc a| |aa|1|t, s+|t +tc|, ctc... aat t|csc a+tc||+|s c+a |cs|st |a1
|t|c||a c| c||, +a1 |ca t|c ca||aaacat |atc|+cts, |a| t|c +|c |+ a+tc||+|s
1c|||a ||aa a+ta|c, t|c aa|1 acc| c+asc +a 1c|+1+t|aa a| 1cc||a+t|aa ta t|c
aa||1|a caa+|c1 ta sac| at|c| ||+s| a+tc||+|s, +a1 a| caa|sc t|c aa||1|a st||| +|sa
Mt bng tng th : Khu t nm trn giao l ng
Hng Vng v Bit Th
The Site plan: Site at the corner Hung Vuong street
and Villa street
Cc mt ng v mt ct ngang
Elevations and cross section
aaa a+, 1| a||ca caa t||a| caa c+a sa a+a t|| 1|a| ||. acc1s c||a1|c a+|atca+acc.
Mt bng cc tng
Floor Plans
Cc gc nhn t khng gian tng trt: Li vo chnh v
cu thang ngoi tri.
Perspective views from the ground floor: main entrance
and outside stair.
|+a |+| aa a+ caa| caa ca+ aea aac |a +a |+t aaec |ct +a
||ca t+| |aa 1+a +a ca+ | a+ a+ 1aec || c|c taea 1a| 1+ 1a, t|aa 1a, c+c
1|a| t|a ca+ aa 1aec 1+a| c|a aat t|a| c+a 1+c a|ct 1a c 1c |+a 1+a ca+ ||aa
c+a| iaa a+a|. | t|| ca+ ||a 1+t + a+a t|+a ||ca t|ac 1+ t+a t|+a| 1+a +a 1+c
s+c a|+t t|aa |+| 1a+a ||c| sa 1+ t|+a t|+a ca+ 1+t aaec. | +, c|aa c+a |+|
1aec a+a taa, |a |a t|aa 1|ca ||ca tat a|+t. ||a| |+a |+| |+ l|+a |+ aat 1|a|
t|a 1c t+a 1aec +a taea a+a| + |+ |+a ||aa t|c t||ca aa| ||| a|+c 1ca a+
|+a |+|, + a|aa a|ct t|a aa| t|ca ca+ aa.
||a| ta+ |+c t|ca a+ 1a| tact 1c + ca t|c ca| |+ cat aac ca+ |a|
|+ l|+a a|a aat aac t|+a| aa| a+t 1|ca t|ca |aa c+a| c|a |a| |+ l|+a. ||a
1+t |+ sa taea |+a a+a| ac |a+ aat aca |+ a+t |+a aca| aaa ca+ a|ca, aat
aca |+ |aa | ca+ 1a| aa| a+a a+a|. |aa t|ca 1|a| sc ca 1aec t+a a||a a+a a+t
ca+ a+. |a |+ a+a s+t 1aec c+ aa 1+t, ca 1aec t+a a||a 1c a|+t, aat a+| t+a
||ca a|ct, se |aa aat ||a e ||ca a|ct, 1aec aa t|aa t||ca a||ca +a |aa, t|+a| 1aec
saa a|ca +a aa+ a+a t+a 1aec sa t|+a| a|a| a+a| a+a. l+ caa ca t|c a+a a|a|
a|a| ia+t ||ca, a+a s+t 1aec c+ t|+a| |a ||| a||a c |aea |+c. Hat t|+a| |a
a|ca ||ca |ca aa t|aa aat a+| c+t 1+|, c|a t|+ ||aa c+a| 1+ sac saa ca+ t|+a|
|a 1a ||c|. |aea |aa +a |+ c+a |+ l|+a t+a |a ||c|. |a t|e| |+a t|a| 1|,
ca |+a a|ca 1a| aa| t|a t+t c+ caa c|| ae| a+t 1+a. l|+t |+, aa| t|a c+a |+ e,
|+ e 1c... |+t t||ca. Ha| t|a +a t|c 1|ca... t|e| |+a ca t|a| 1|... aa| t|a ca t|a|
1|... sa c+a a+a |a| sc t|e |+|.
)a+ ||a ||aa t|c t|+ 1a|. a ca taa t+| a|a aa aa ca + |+| 1aec |ac
|+a |+|, t|c |+st |ac|a| a| |a +a ||a1aa aa c+||c1 |ct +a. l|c ||sta| |+s
acca ||ttca 1aa +|| a| t||s |ac|a|s cst|cs, cscc|+|| t|c +|+ccs |c|c |c ||c1 +a1
a||c1 +|c |csc|c1 +a1 ci|stcat |t| t|c c||a1 a| t|ac. l|c aast caaaaa c|+|+ctc||st|c
a| |+a |+| |+|+ccs |s t|+t t|c +|c |ac+tc1 |a |+aaas |+ccs |c|c a+a|||ccat |cs +a1
|s|a|c c+c|cts +|c |||| caasc|c1. W|+tsacc| |t t+|cs, ||sta| s|aa|1 ac c|| sta|c1 +a1
a+|at+|ac1. |a1, |+a |+| |+|+cc |a |+ l|+a |s, taa, +1a|ttc1 +s aac a| t|c cst|cs cc|
t|ac ca|c acat|aa t||s |ac|a|.
l|c +|+cc ||cs aa +a cit|cac| ac+at||a| |||| ||c| c+a ac caas|1c|c1 + a||c
staac a| |+ l|+as a+. |+a |+| |+|+cc sccas |||c + |aa|acat +|at|a t|+t caac|||s|cs
t|c c|ts act|c |+a1sc+c. l|c +|c+ |s sac| + caat|+1|st|act|aa actcca t|c |+ac sa||+cc
a| s+c|aas sc+ +a1 t|c saa||ac a| sa||aaa1|a aaaat+|as. | st+a1|a |a t|c +|+cc, aa
a||t cic||cacc t|c ||as +atasca|c a||c, |c|c aa c+a aasc|c t|c |a|c |+a1 +a1
caa t|c aast ac+at||a| s||t 1aa ta + scc|a1c1 a+t||a ac+c|, a| |+c aa| aa |1c+|
|csa|t +s c|| +s caa|+cc t|c ac+at a| a+ta|c aat st+ ++ ||aa a+||ac +c 1a||a
sta|a sc+saa ta ac |a t|+aa|||t +|| t|c t|ac. |c| aa|a|a, aa a+ ac|a|1 t|c 1+a
caa|a |ata s||t, aa a+ +|sa c|cc|c t|c |c a| t|c c|t ta t|c a|t|. l||s a+||ac
aa|aa| ||| +c+| ta c|+s t|c |aa ac+c|, ||c| a||as + ||c| a|t|+|t a| t|c taa||st
taa. la t|c saat|c+st caa|sc, |t |s |+ l|+a a|t laa||st a|t. l|ac cat a, t|c|c |+c
acca c|+acs ta t|c |+a1, |acc|, cc|t||a |+s ast acaa. l|c aast||a 1cc|aacat
a| t|c |c|aa |+s a+1c |t sa st+c||a +s || |t |ast t|c 1|sca|||a||aa. |a |+ct, cc|t||a
acc1s ta ac a|a|ca, ac a|a|ca |a a|1c| ta ac 1cc|ac1. |||c st||| ci|sts +a1 t|ac acs
aa |c|t||a ||| |+ca..t|c ca|||a||aa ||| sa|c| |cta|a.
bao Dai
Din tch khu t
1S ha
Tng din tch xy dng
S,9 ha
Ch u t
To ng Co ng ty Kha nh Vie t
a im
Ba n da o Ba o a i, Nha Trang
Site area
13 ha
Gross Floor area
3,9 ha
Khatoco Co.
bao Dai Peninsula, nha trang
c|c + taa |a|. Hat ||ca t|ac ca 1|ca ||+ ta+ |+c t|ca 1|a| 1a|, a+a a+a| |+ ||a
aea ca 1|ca |a+a| t|+a, t|+a a||ca + |aa |+, caa |+| |+ t|+a i+a| ca+ |aa
c+ + a+t aaec, ae| ||ca t|ac ae| +a a|a| aca 1ae|. +... taea |+|... t||ca a||ca
1aec t|+ |+| a|a c+| aa +a ca.
Wc c+aaat c|+ac t|c +st |a| |t caat|aacs ta ac |a ci|stcacc +s |t |s |a|c|cat,
t|c|c|a|c, |t acc1s ta ac |cscctc1 +a1 |csta|c1. l|c|c |+s + c|+ss|c+| ||cac| ca|aa|+|
+|c||tccta|c |ac+tc1 aa ta a| t|c |||| sa||aaa1c1 a a+cst|c, sa|caa +a1 |aia||aas c|+ss|c+|
+|1cas, t|c |cst |s c|1a|c a| |cca |a|cst +a1 +tc| sa||+cc |c|c + ac +|c||tccta|c |s
||11ca aa1c|ac+t|. |a1 |a t|c |ata|c a+ta|c ||| |cta|a +s t|c + |t |s.
Hin trng Bi bin & bn du thuyn
Existing beach & Marina
M hnh nghin cu tng th Khu du lch Hong Gia Bo i
The research model of Bao Dai Royal Resort
Mt bng tng th theo cc lp cao : Nm ta dinh th
c bn trn, v cc lp chm vo sn i bn di
The masterplans in different level. Five old villas in above
and other layers absorbed by the below mountain slope
|+a| |+ a+a c+a| iaa a+a| c|a t|+ |aea |aa |+c + |aea |+c ca
c+a| a+a 1c a|+t, ||a a|+ a|| 1aec aa t|ca ca t+a a||a |aea a+. ||ca l|ac e
1+ |+ aat |+a ca+ saea 1a| c+c c+a |aa c||a aca 1ae| + 1aec ic |+t c+ t|ca
saea 1a|, a+| ca+ c+a aca 1ae| sc |+ aea ca+ c+a aca t|ca, aca t|aa a|+ 1ca ca t+a
a||a ae ta+a aa |+ aca aa+| ta c|a aa, |aa +a 1ca ||a ac c s|a| + ca ||a
aea ||ca ||+ t|aec. la+a aa taa t|c ||a ac a+ a|a aat |+a ca+ saea 1a|, |+
||a aea, |aa c+, e| 1aea act aaa |aea a|a |aaa a+c t|+a |ac +a |ac ||ca. t+a
t|ac a+ |+a taa |a| + t|e t|+a| |aa aca c|a a|aa c+a a|ct t|a ca aca t|ca.
|a| s+a a+a| ca+ aa 1+t a+ |+t + +t 1aec |at 1| ae| t+a c+ |aa
|a a|ca a+a t|ca |e| aaa|, |+a c|a aa| t|a |aaa c|aca 1aa + t|a| 1| |ca
t|ca aca t|aa ta| caa 1aec t|a| 1| H+a a|ca i+a| |+a. H+a i+a| 1+c a|ct ca+
la +|| s|1cs, t|c aa|t|c|a +a1 aa|t|c+stc|a |cs +|c caas|1c|c1 t|c acst
ac||aa||a, t|+t |s t|c |c+saa | +|| t|c |aaas +|c |+c|a ta t||s 1||cct|aa. l|c
+|c||tccta|c, t|c|c|a|c, |s +|t a| t|c aaaat+|a s|acs. |aaas +|c ||11ca aa1c|ac+t|
+a1 +||+ac1 |||c |aatstcs +ttc|a +|aa t|c s|acs. l|c |aa| a| c+c| |aaa ||| ac t|c
c|+a1+ a| t|c |c||a |||c| aacs. |as|1c t|c |aaas, cca |a t|c ac1|aaas, ||aa t|c
sa|+s, t|c 1|a|a |aaas a| ta||cts, aa a||t +|sa |aa| t||aa| |t| t|c |c ta ||+tc
||aat +|1ca. l|c |a|c scct|aa ac|aas ta t|c aaaat+|a s|acs, |t |aa|s |||c + +|1ca,
+ |a|cst |t| ciat|c ca|c1 ||acs a| |aatstcs +ttc|a. l||s ||a1 a| 1cs|a |+|scs t|c
a+a|||ccat a+c||aaa1 |a| t|c ac| c|+ss|c+| |||+s.
l|c a|a|||a saa st|c+a s||ts |ata t|c a|+ac|cs +a1 a||as t|c sc+ a|ccic
a|ca |+ l|+a H+a aa 1ca t+a a+| ||ca a|+...
||aa t|c acc+a. |c|t||a |s aa|a |a|+|1 +a1 caat|aacs |t| |ts |a|c.aa |||
|aa+a| |cc| t|+t aa +|c + +|t a| |t.1cc |a t|c a|ac acc+a, cscc|+|| t|c aasa||t
+tc| a| |+ l|+as sc+...
Hnh nh cc ta dinh th c & khu vn hin hu
trong khun vin cc dinh th
Images of the old villas & existing gardens in their yard
t+a |a t|+t |+ | |+, aa a|a c+| | 1a a 1|a|, aa i+c 1|a| |+a | se |aa,
aa 1aa e| a+a c|+t se |aa ca+ caa aae|, aa |+ sa |+a aaac. l|+t |+ | |+ |+ ca |+t
a||ca aae| c+ 1e| |a ca t|a + c|+a sac aa |aa a|a |+ a+a t|+a |a, t|+t +a ta+a,
||ca ta + s+a s+a | s|a| aa| t|a 1c a+a c aa, c+| a|+ 1aec 1aa |a+ e| a+a t|+a
|a, |a |+ c+| a|+. | |+ |ea aa+ |+ c+a |a 1a |+| aaaa ta |ea aa+, |+| |+ ||a aea
||ca ca+ a|a|, |e| |+a a+ |+ ca+ ta|. |+ |+ aat +a a+a ca+ caa aae|.
Thd i thd a u
l|e| t|e +a, ta| e l+ |a|, aat aa ac a|a aa| ae| ||+c, |+ 1|a| ta|
caa ca a|+ ||ca + 1aa +a| ca, 1+ |+ c+a a|+ 1+a |+a +a |a, a| |+ a|+ c|a
1|a|, aca t|ca |+ aat a+| a|+ t|+t |ea + aca 1ae| |+ a|aa a+a c||+ ce a+a, t|aa
1a |+a t|e 1+ c||ca +a aat |+a a+ c+a a|+. |aa a+a c||+ caa |+| a+a t|a|
||a| 1aa, aat c+c| ce a+a, ta| a| 1a |+ sa t|aa t|+|. t+a a|+ ca +a |ea aae|
aae|, |+a a||ca ||aa ca a|aa c+a |aa ||ca a|ct, + +a a|a ||aa ca c+| |
|+ se |aa ||ca a|ct, ta| 1ca, aa| aae|, aat ||a ac + aa. \e |aa t|aa ta|
1+ ||aa 1aec ta| |aca, ta| t|+ 1+ |+ aat 1|ca a|c a|+a, + ||ca t+| ta| ||aa
a| |+a aaac ae| +a a+a 1a.
la| t|+c a+c |+a caa aae| ca t|c ta| t||ca |a+ se |aa, c+| |+a aaac,
1aec ||aa! la| aaaa aa| ||aa c|| +t c|+t aca aa+| a+ caa |+ aa| t+a, ||| 1a
ta 1a ae| ia+t ||ca.
taac saa ta a||ca 1+ 1+a t+a caa aae| aat c+c| ||ca a+, a| +a a|+t,
||aa a+a |e|, ||aa a+a |+a t||a|, + ||ca t|ac |+ aat |+a 1a. ||ca t|ac + |a|
saa a| 1|a| |+a a|+a, e| a|aa |a| saa |+t ||+c a|ct, ca aae| saa t|aa |+a 1|+
1+a ta t||, ca aae| saa t|aa ta, |+ aat + |+a ta ||aa se |aa... taa aae|
t|ac sa a| 1|a| c|a ||ca l|ac.
Ca n pho ng
la t|aac +a 1|ca ||ca, +t ||ca + | t|a+t i+ 1aa, aae| t+ ca t|c
t+a ||aa |+a 1c 1|ca t+ aat 1|ca | 1a, a|aa 1a caa |+ aat ae| ta 1aa, +
t|aa |+a | a+, a+ s|a| a|aa 1e a+a, taa 1aa a|a +a ta, ||| 1a caa aae|
|+| sa 1aa 1ca | t|a+t 1c |+| act, a|aa 1a |+| |+ a|aa +a 1c ca+ | t|a+t.
Ca n pho ng nha tu
|a 1+a t+a 1c caa aae| 1| +a |c t|aa.l|aa |c t|aa 1a, aa |+t s|a| |+
a|aa c+| t+t a||ca, a|aa aae| a+ ||aa aaaa, t|c |a| a|+ ta |+t s|a|, a|+
ta |+ c+| t+t a||ca ca+ |c t|aa. |a |e| |+a, t|ca c+c| 1+a t+a. t+a |aa + +a|
s+a sc 1+a t+a 1aec caa aae|, ae| a+ +a| s+a 1aec |+a 1+a t|ca aac 1a ca+ ta
a|+a. \a 1aa ||aa |+a + +a| s+a, |a+| aa c+c t|ca a||, 1c aca caa aae| t|aa 1a
t|ca c+c| |+a| i+c 1c 1+t 1aec 1|ca aaec |+|. |+ |+ 1|ca t|+| aaec e| t|ca a||.
|a aa| |+a, t|ca c+c| a+, c+a |aa 1a, caa aae| sc t|+ 1a|, a|aa t|ac
tc 1|ca 1a c|+a t|+ 1a| 1aec.
Pho ng giam co la p va pho ng giam ta p the
t+| ta| 1aec aa| a+t t|aa aat t+ t|c, caa aae| t|ac sa 1+a saa t|aa sa
l|c ++|tacat |s c| ciat|c, |t |s |||c + |a|c, |t 1ctc|a|acs t|c 1aa+|a a|
aac|s||, +s t|c a+ta|c a| |aa+a ac|as, |ts + a|a1|a. \a|||s|a|, a+a ca|c |+c
acca t+||a c+|c a| t|c|| ++|tacats ast |||c t|casc|cs |a| |a|c |||c. l|c +at t|c||
++|tacat ta ac s+|c, ||+tc caaa| +a1 +|c |c+1 ta s+c||||cc cc|t||a ta |atcct |t
acc+asc t|c|| |aac |s ctt|a caat+ct c|asc| ta t|ca. |a +11|t|aa, |ts +a+i|a t|+t t|c
aa|1 |||c ta citca1 t|c ++|tacats ||c| s|aa|1 accaac t|c|| aa +|1cas, t|c|| ||+c.
l||s sccas ta ac + |aa+a |aa|ca.
The childhood
|a| +|| a c|||1|aa1, | ||c1 |a l+ |a|, + caaat| |||c +a at|c| |+cc, |t|
a +|cats, a|at|c|s +a1 s|stc|s |a aa| ||+tc |aasc. a| |aac +s 1cs|ac1 |a||a|a
t|c \aat|c|a st|c, c+||c1 t|c ||ac|+| |cs|1cacc. |aac +s + |ac |aa| +a1 acac+t| c|c
sa+|| a+s|c 1||1c1 aa|ts, |a ||c| t|c +|t+| a+1c a ac+|| aac t|||1 a| t|c |aasc, at|c|s
c|c ||ci|a|c |a asc, a+s|c+|| | c+||c1 |t t|c cat. l|c |aasc +s ++||+a|c |a| ac+|| tca
ca|c, +|aast t|c|c +s aa ||+tc |aaa +a1 aa c|saa+| |ac|t t|+t |ca t|c a||t
c+ac, cc|aac |c|+ic1 |a + s|cc|a +|c+. |a ac, t|c|c +s aa scasc a| |ac|t, ct |
t||a| t||s |s +s cat|c +s c+cc +a1 ca||cat|, | +a aat t|c1 |t| sac| |aa|cas.
| aa1c| || ca|c aa|1 a|a|a|ic |ac|t a|a1|a! at aa| 1a | +at ta
acat|aa t|c a+tc||+| aat +|sa t|c s|||ta+| |ca ||cc1aa +c+|s.
l|c a+ta|+| |||c |+s t|+|ac1 ca|c aast c||cct|c| +a1 astc||aas|, aat |a
a|1s, aat |a t|ca|, aat +|c||tccta|c |s |c+|| + +|t a| |t. ||c||tccta|c +a1 |||cst|c
|ca|+tc c+c| at|c|. W|t| sac| 1|||c|cat |||cst|cs, t|c|c c|c ca|c |a ||c1 |a ta t||
taaac|s, |a ||saa a| + ++aaa1 |s |+c| a| aac|s||. l|as, ca|c +cta+|| 1c||ac
t|c +|c||tccta|c.
The room
|cca1|a aa t|c caa1|t|aas, a+tc||+|s +a1 caast|act|aa+| tcc|a|acs, c c+a
c|c+tc + s+cc ta 1csc||ac saact||a, aat t|+t |s + c| c|asc |aaa, +a1 |t||a t||s
s+cc, +|asc t|c 1||t , ci|stc1 +a |a||saaacat, t|ca ca|c aast asc sac| tcc|a|acs
ta |csa|c, aat t|asc +|sa c+asc t|c |aa|cas a| tcc|aa|a.
Rooms of prison
l|c t|+|ac1 ca|c ta ||c |a |a|cs. |a t|+t sstca, |t ac|as |t| aa|aas
c||t. ||t|aa| t|csc ca|c 1a aat +at ta, t|c ||saa ci|sts, ||saa |s +a aa|
aas c||t a| t|c sstca. l|c |cst||ct t|c a+aac| a| t|+|a|a. |aaas +a1 |||t
||| t|+|a t|c ca|c. l|c |||t |s |c1acc1 +cca|1|a ta t|c |+a| a| t|c ||saac|s. | as|a
s+cc +a1 |||t, |caa|a +|| t|c |+c|||t|cs, t|c caat|a| ca|c |a t|c + a| aa|t|||a
t|c|| aa1|cs |a a|1c| ta acct t|c |cc|sc. l||s |s aas|tc ta c|| ca|c1 |+c|||t|cs.
l|c s+ t|+t |a t||s +, |a t||s |aaa, ca|c ||| c|+ac, aat |a |+ct, |t
c+ascs aa c|+ac.
The detained and isolated rooms
for group detention
|a1||1a+||t st+a1s aat |a + |aa, ca|c +cta+|| +|c |||a |a caa+||saa
sa s+a| e| a|aa aae| ||+c 1c |+a a|ct c+| ca+ a|a|, ae| 1a caa aae| 1aec taa
|a, 1aec ||ca t|aea + 1aec 1c c+a. t|aa t+ 1+ 1aec 1+a t+a ta a|a t|ca c+c| 1a,
1c 1| +a |c t|aa aat |aa |+a t+ t|c, ae| t|ca a|| t|+ |ea. ||ca 1a t|c
||ca |a |+a t|aa a+a |c |a+ caa aae|, t|aa |+a t|c t|+t ||aa |||c.
||aa |+a ca |+ taea |+a c+| ta| 1+ 1aec |ct c|ct a|aa aa |+| ||ca
||a| t|ca aat 1+a ||+c a+a| ac |ea.
Ca n pho ng nha tu & thie n nhie n
|ca ta a+ a| c+t 1at |a+a ta+a t|aa c+a |aa a|+ ta. ||ca ca c+| a|ca
1aec caa aae|! Hat ae| taa t+| |+t |t ||aa ||| ta a||ca 1c t|e, |a 1+a t+a t|ca
c+c| 1+a| 1a|, |a c|a |+a caa aae| a|a t|c sc s+a t+a, |+a| i+c caa aae| sc ca
s+a t+a, + ca s+a t+a ||aa!
Can pho ng & chu c na ng song do i
taa a|a a+t | +t t|c a+a ||+c, c+a |aa |aaa c|a+ aat c|ac a+a
saa 1a|. e| 1a t|aca t+| aat 1|ca | 1a a|aa 1aa t|e| caa a+a sa c||+ c+t,
|+a |aa.
Haa |+a ||ca t|ac ||aa e t|aa |+a | a+.
Ca n pho ng thie n nhie n
l||ca a||ca |+ ca| aaaa, |+ cat ta ca+ sa saa, c+| ca t|c |a+ a|+ e|
caa aae| a+ |+ tac, ||aa 1|ca ||ca, a|a 1aa c|+, a|a caa 1aea, ||aa |+|
|+ ta 1aa. t+a |aa sc ||aa |+ 1|ca a+a t|aa aa+, aa ca t|c |+ c|a a+a aa|,
a+a cat ca |+ 1c a+a 1a| t|a+| t|ac t|c e| t||ca a||ca.
l||ca a||ca |+| 1aec 1|ca |+ aat c+c| ta a||ca + |e |, ||aa aac ta.
a |aa a|a t+ aac ta t+. ||| aa |+ c||a| aa, aa sc t|aca t+| a|aa 1|ca t||ca
||ca a|+t, |+ ca| aaaa ca+ a+a, a+a sc 1aec t|c a|+a a+a |aea ta aa.
Ca n pho ng - Rie ng tu & tnh la ng
t+a |aa caa c+ c|a a+a ||ca ta. t+a |aa |+| 1+a a+a sa t|aa
s+c| c +a t|+a|, +t t|c, a+a |aea, t||ca a||ca, a|aa aa caa c|| |+ 1|ca ||ca,
aa| t|aea c|a ||aa 1a+ a+a 1ca sa t|a| |+a. \ac a+a| t|ac sa ca+ c+a |aa |+
sa ca |+a. |a |+ aat |e| |+a ca+ ||ca l|ac.
||| a+a e t|aa c+a |aa t|aa ||aa aat a|a|, aa c|a a+a sa ca 1aa,
1a |+ sac a+a| a saa ca+ aa. a t+a c|a a+a sa t+ t|aa a|+t 1|a|, t+ t|aa |aaa
t|ca |+a a+a |aea | aa cac aa. t+a |aa sc |+ ae| t|+a| |ac aa| t|aea 1c t+a
t|aca t+| 1|ca 1a t|aa a+ a|aa a||ca a a+.
Ca n ho - kho ng gian giao tie p
|+a t|+a c+a |a |+ ||aa |+a |+a t|c c|a ||aa |+| |+ caa c+c |aa
c|ac a+a |+|. Hat c+c| t|aa t|aea, ||| i+ 1aa c+a a|+ c|a a|a|, a|ca a+a
1+a |aaa 1+t |+ ca c+a a|aa c+a |aa |, caa aa |+|, |a| |ct, ta| ta |a| t+| s+a!
|t| at|c|s ta 1|st|aa|s| t|casc|cs, |a ||c| a+a |s c|cc|c1 a, |c+|1c1 +a1 |ca
|aa|acacc. Wc |+c acca t|+|ac1 |a t||s + ||aa t|c c+|| 1+s, +s ta ac |a t|c
sstca + ca||cct|c 1ctcat|aa |aaa, |c|c t|c|c |s |+c| a| |+c|||t|cs. |t |s c|c+|| |ac1
|a t|c |c|+t|aas|| actcca ca|c, |a 1+|| caaaaa|c+t|aa... |t |s |c+|| tc|||a|c!
|a |sa|+tc1 casta1, |a1||1a+||t +s t|aa|t ta ac cit|act, |acc|, |t +
c+|s |a + st|aac| 1|||c|cat |a|a.
Rooms in prison & the nature
l||s |+cta| |s caa|ctc| cat |a ||saas. t+a |t t|+as|a|a + a+a a t|+t +!
|ts + |+cc |c|c ci|sts aa| + |c +|| ta a|c+t|c, |c|c t|c t|+|a ca|c |a t|c
a+aac| a| s+|a. l|c t||a| ca|c t|ca ||| accaac c|c+t|c, t|+t aa|t|||a t|c
aa1 ||| |c t|c |acat|cacss, ||| |t!
Rooms & dual functions
|s c|| +s +a at|c| aaccts, |aaas +|+s caat+|a + 1a+| |aact|aa. at aa|
|s |t + |+cc ta t|+as|c| saact||a aat +|sa |c|cscats t|c 1||s|aa +a1 |+|cacss.
| cicct t|+t t|c +|c||tccta|c |s aat |a t||s |+ac.
The rooms of nature
+ta|c |s +a a|||a+| saa|cc, + ccatc| a| |||c ||c| c+a sac|+||ic |t| |aa+a
|aac1|+tc|, |t|aat caa1|t|aas, +s + ||a, sac| +s |a+1s, +a1 +|c aat a|css|c. |aaas
+|c aat |aa|t+at +aaa|c, |t a||t ac aa| t|c |+cc |c|c aa c+a s|t, c+a ||c 1aa...
|t |s +aaat + 1||cct caaaaa|c+t|aa |t| a+ta|c.
+ta|c s|aa|1 ac |at|a1acc1 |a|c+|| +a1 a+ta|+||, aat ac|a sta|| t|+t
c ||| ac sta|| taa. W|ca |t |s caas|1c|c1 +s |tsc||, |t ||| t|+asa|t t|c aast s+c|c1
t||as. |t |s aa| a|||a +a1 aa ||| ac |ccc||a cac| ||aa |t.
Rooms - Private & still
|aaas a||c| aa ||+c. |aaas +|c ta ac casa|c1 |t| c|c+a||acss a| t|c
saaa1, |s|c+| aaccts, cac|, a+ta|c, ct |t |s aa| + caa1|t|aa, +a ca||aaacat +a1
|t c+a aat t+|c aa ta t|c st|||. l|c +cta+| st|cat| a| t|c |aaas |s t|c a|ctacss. |t |s
+ ||a|t+t|aa a| +|c||tccta|c.
W|ca aa +|c |a +a cat |aaa +|aac, |t |cs aa + scasc a| ||+c +a1
st|||, t|+t |s t|c t|ac ac| a| |t. |t |cs aa + cc|t+|a caaccat|+t|aa. taaccat|+t|a 1acs
+stc sac| +a +aaaat a| cac| acc+asc |t |s + |acasc1 +ct||t. |aaas ||| a||| t|c
ca||aaacat sa +s ta t|+asa|t t|c ||+c +a1 st||| t||aa| t||s ||a1 a| t+s|.
Apartments - communication space
|+|tacat |tsc|| |s + caaaaa|c+t|aa s+cc, aat a caaacct|a +|| t|c at|c|
|aact|aa+| |aaas. |a caaaaa, |ca aa||1|a + |aasc, t|c a|||a+| |1c+ |s ta sct t|c
|ca||cacat |a| aa| |aaas, t|ca caaacct|a t|ca, +a1 t|+ts +||, | aa1c| |! |s t||s
+a +ss|aacat, + 1||s|aa, a| + |c||cct|aa a| acc|+a|c+| 1|st||aat|aa |||c |aa+as! l|c
Mt cn phng trong vn phng ca ti:
Khng gian v nh sng.
The room in my office: Space and light
ta |+| 1+ |+ sa |+a 1|a|, aat sa c||+ c+t, |+ 1a |+a i+ |+a c||+ a+ aac
|aa a|a caa aae|. a| a|+ |+ ||aa |+a |+a t|c |a+ caa aae| e| caa aae|,
+ |a+ caa aae| e| t||ca a||ca. ||aa |+a a+ |+| 1+ caa aae| 1+t 1ca aac
t|ca ta| t|aea ca+ aa. la| aaaa aa| ||aa |+a c|a ||aa |+| a|aa +t 1aa,
||aa |+a c|a ||aa |+| t|+a t||. Hat ||aa |+a ||aa ||a| t|a c|a ||aa |+|
aat t+ |e c+c a|ca taea.
a| a|+ sc |+ aat ||aa |+a 1a a|+t, ae| 1+ c|| ca ||a+a ||aa +
c+| ||a.
|aasc |s + caaaaa|c+t|aa s+cc actcca ca|c |t| ca|c, +a1 actcca ca|c
|t| a+ta|c. l||s s+cc aast +|sa |c| ca|c ta |c+c| t|c|| a|ascs ta t|c ataast.
l|c s+cc | ac+a ta s+ |c|c |s aat +aaat t|c aaccts, aat +aaat t|c 1cca|+t|aa. |t
|s + |a|a|css s+cc |+t|c| t|+a + ca||cct|aa a| |caas.
l|c |aasc ||| ac + aa|ac |+cc, |c|c t|c|c +|c aa| s+cc +a1 t|c
Din tch khu t
S00 m
Tng din tch xy dng
2.600 m
Ch u t
D ng Nguye n Va n Ta m &
ba Ho Nguye t Thu
a im
S86 - S88 Hoa ng Die u,
O.4, Tp. HCM
Site area
300 m
Gross Floor area
2.600 m
Mr nguyen Van tam &
Mrs ho nguyet thu
386 - 388 hoang Dieu str.,
Dist. 4, hCMC.
Su truye n ca m tie p die n
Hae| a+a t|aec, a+ ac ta| ca aat taea.
Hae| a+a t|aec, |a |+a +a t|ac ||ca aat taea a+ |+a |ct a+a ac |+a
+a 1ca c|a |+ ||aa taea.
| taea a+t 1+a.
|a a||a c aat taea |+| ta caea ca+ aae| |ct, 1a ||| 1a a+a t|+a |a
+a c|a+ ||ca 1+ 1a c taea 1a + caa c|a+ 1a sac ||ca t|ac |a+ aa.
||aa aae| |e t+c 1+a ta, |a ta |+a t+t c+, | aat t+a a||a. |+a |a+t
|aea +a a| ta c|a|. )a+ a||ca t|+a, |a +a a|a a+t |ct | aa t|| +a| ||+a
|aa |aa, ||ca t|ac sa t|c, ||aa ||a| a||ca, ||aa a|ct aa+| |+a, 1aec |e|
t||ca 1ca. +| |aea +a aa+ |+ 1e| a|aa c|| te| |aea +a caa| caa e| aat ta+
a|+ t+a t+a a|a aa t|ca ||a 1+t ItiI1a e| ||a| ||a| c|+c ||ac 1ea |+a t|| ae|
t|act |ac 1aec a+ ac ta|.
|+ caa |+ |+a 1+a t|ca aa a+ t|a 1+a ta a+ ac ta|j, ||ca t|ac sa +a|
||+a |aa |aaj, | sa |ct c+a +a| l|+a ||a| |+|j, c+ |+| aae| s+a 1ca caa |+t
t|c, c|a+ 1ca J1, |+a |cc e| a|+a. |a 1+ t|c tac caa t|+| a+ a+ 1a +a |ea |ea
|+t a||ca + aat 1+ t|+a| ||a| ||+c| s+a \|c|+taa |+ l|+aj.
|ca t|a + sa act t+a, 1+a ac + |aa 1aa c+a, 1a |+ t+t c+ a|aa
1|ca a+a t|aa a|+t ta| |ac 1aec ta |a. Hae| a+a ||aa |+| |+ 1+| a|aa caa 1a
The continuum of nspiration
lca c+|s +a, a +|cats |+1 +a |1c+.
lca c+|s +a, t|c 1+|tc1 |a |a|cacat|a +a |1c+ t|+t +|aast t|c|| aas|acss
|||ca1s t|aa|t |t +s |aass|a|c.
l|c |1c+ |+s acaa.
l|c |aa|c1 |a| t|c |ata|c sc|||a|acacat a| |cta+acsc, t|aa| t|c
t|casc|cs st||| 1|1 aat caa|ctc| aa1c|st+a1 t|c |1c+ +a1 +|sa +s aat c++a|c ta
a+tc||+||ic |t.
W|t|aat caac|+ta|, t|c 1|1 cc|t||a t|casc|cs, |a| + |s|aa. | sc||cs a|
|aas+| +s |ccctc1. ||tc| a+a aaat|s a| scc||a, t|c +|aast |ast t|c|| |ac, t|ca +a
aaa +|c||tcct, a+ac1 ||+a |aa |aa |t| aa cic||cacc, aa |aaa, +s |at|a1acc1
ta t|ca. | |c aa|c |aas+|s |+s 1c||c|c1 aat aat|| t|c |+st aac, + sa+|| c||t ||aa|s
aa||1|a aa + ItiI1a s|tc |t| + st|aa +a1 s|a|c |a|a, |+1 caa|acc1 a +|cats.
l||s aa||1|a |s +|sa t|c |||st |acct t|+t t|c t||a. |acsta| a +|catsj,
||c||tcct H|. ||+a |aa |aaj, \t|acta|+| ca|acc| H|. l|+a ||a| |+|j, t|c ta |+ttc|
+s st||| c| aaa, ast +aaat J1, caac|+tc1 |t| c+c| at|c|s. l|c |+s caat|aaaas|
caac|+tc1 |a t||cc aa|c |+|c| |accts +a1 aac |+s acca aac |ata ac|a.
|+|t| +a1 1ctc|a|a+t|aa, +ss|aa +a1 caa|+c, t|csc c|c t|c aast |aa|t+at
t||as t|+t | |+c |c+|ac1 ||aa t|ca. lca c+|s |s aat + |aa t|ac aat |t |s caaa|
|+a 1c c+a a|+a a||ca 1|ca ||| c|aa ta| t|c tac taea t+c e| a|+a + e| aa| a|+,
saa t|aa aa, c||a| sa+ aa + ta c||a| sa+ a+a t|+a. a| a|+ a+ ||aa caa 1ea
t|a+a |+ aat +t t|c i+ 1aa e| ||a| t|ac + ||aa |+a. |a |+ ae| c|+t c|a+ a||ca
| ac, t|+t a|a| 1| + +a a|, ||aa + aat +a taea a+a| ac |aet a+ |+ |+a
a|a+a a|+t t|e|. |a |+ 1|ca a+ ||ca t|ac c|+a t|+t c+a 1ca, ||aa t|e| t|+a, ||aa
1+a| |a+ c+a iac, c|| |+ aat sa t|aca c+a |+a 1|.
\+|aa|aasc, aat aa| a|+ a|a |at t|aa t|aa 1a t|| |aa |ea, aaec ||e|
1+a ca+ taea ta a|aa aae| a|a| t|aea a|+t, taea c aat 1+a tac |ct ta
caea, c a|aa c+ a|+a |+a 1|, saa a+a| ac + ||aa se |+|, ||aa ||a+a a|aea
a|aa 1+ |aa a+a 1aa.
la| 1+ t|aea t|+a| t|aa aa| a|+ a+ + a|+a |+ |+a ||ca t|ac |+ sa
t|aca c+a. |a| |aa 1+ |a c|aa ta| ta| + a|aa aae| a+a ||ca t|ac sa t|+a
t||ctj ||ca 1aec |+a ||ca t|ac sa + a|c s| |+ a|aa aae| t|aca c+a |aa. taac
saa ca+ c|aa ta| t|+a 1+ c+a |aa aca a| a+ t|e| |+a.
\a t|aca c+a t|c 1|ca. 1a |+ 1|ca cat |a|.
|l\. aca |ac |+a la+a
ta |c+||ic a+a t||as |ca c |+s caat|aaaas| |atc|+ctc1 |t| c+c| at|c|s +a1 |t|
t|c |aasc, |||a |a |t, aa1|||a |t +a1 aa1|||a aa|sc|cs. l||s |aasc |s aat + s|a|
caast|actc1 cat|t |t| |a|a +a1 s+cc. |t |s + |+cc ||||c1 |t| acaa||cs, s|a|c +a1
|+a|||+|, |t|aat st|aa |a|css|aa a| t|+as|cat a|a+acat. l|+t |s |+t t|c |c+| +|c||tcc
ta|c acc1s, aa |+s||aa, aa t|c+t|a caat|aa, ast aa| t|c s|a|c |as||+t|aa.
\+|aa|aasc, + sa+|| aa||1|a |as|1c + +st a|a+a, t|c ac|aa|a a| t|c |1c+s
||aa t|c aa|a+| ca|c t|c |1c+s +aaat |cta+acsc sc|||a|acacat, +aaat t|c |a1|
|1a+|s ||c s|a|, st|aa| |t|aat |c+|, |t|aat caa|aa|sc aat |a|| a| cac|as|t.
| |+c |aa a |t||a t||s aa||1|a +a1 |c+||ic1 t|+t +|c||tccta|c |s |as||+
t|aa. H|. |aa |+s |c|c1 as | +a1 a |c||a +|c||tcctsj ta aa1c|st+a1 t|+t +|c||tccts
+a1 +|t|sts +|c ca|c |a |as||c. a| |||c +|c |a||||||c1 a| ca1a||a |as||+t|aa t||aa|
l|c |as||+t|aa caat|aacs. t|+t |s t|c csscacc.
||c|. aca |ac |+a la+a
Cc hnh nh SaiGon House:
Gc nhn trn ng Hong Diu.
Images of SaiGon House:
View from the Hoang Dieu Street
Mt bng cc tng
The floor plans.
0 ||a ac a+, ta e t|ca c+a, a|aa +a| s+a + |a 1aec 1a+ +a a|+
t|aa a+ |e a aca a+|, e 1+ |+ |+| |e ||ca, aat |e ||ca t|aa aca aa+| +
|e ||ca ae aca t|aa. C|a sc 1aec 1a+ +a a|+ a+ sa ||a| 1aa ca+ |+| |e ||ca
a+. |ct |e t|aa a+ |ca t|e|, t|aa t+a ca+ aa| a|+. |a t|+a| aca aa+| 1aec
|a+| aa |a+a ta+a.
l|aa t+a c+a |a |+ ||a+a s+a t|aa, ae| 1+ c|| ca +a| s+a + |a. t+c
|aa aa 1ca |aea +a s+a t|aa. l|aa a+ sa ||a| 1aa |+| |e ca+ ||ca + |e
|+a a, ||aa |+a ca |ac |+ 1aec a+a c||+ |a+a ta+a, ca |ac |+ t|+ t|a+a, |a+c
ae |a+a ta+a +a aca t|aa.
Ha| aae| t|aa |aa ca t|c |+a 1| ta| t||ca sa ||ca ta ca+ a|a| ||aa!
ae| t+ ca t|c |+a t|c aa| |ac aa| ae|, ||ca a|ct c|| |+ a|aa |ac c+a t||ct, |ac
a|| ae|. ||| |a+ c|aa caa aae| ca t|c c|+a sac a|+a |ea ||aa!... t+| ta| a|
sa| aea.
||t|aa| |t |s a ||| aa t|c +||, +|| +a1 |a1 c+a ac |cscatc1 |ata t|c
++|tacat t||aa| ||ci|a|c s|c||. ||ci|a|c s|c|| |s + caaa|a+t|aa a| + scct||aa|
|+ss aats|1c +a1 + aaa scc t||aa| |+ss |as|1c. Wc c+a |cscat +|| +a1 |a1 |ata t|c
++|tacat a +1ast|a t||s ||ci|a|c s|c||. taaa|a|a t||s s|c|| |t| t|c +t||aa. ||| t|c
aa|sc aats|1c ||| ac c+acc|c1 aat.
l|c ccatc| a| t|c ++|tacat ||| ac t|c +t||aa ||c| aa| |+c |||t +a1
|a1. ||| t|c s|cc|a |aaas ||| |+cc t||s +t||aa. l||aa| t|c ||ci|a|||t a| t|c s|c|| +a1
+ aa1ca |+c|, t|c s+ccs a| t|c ++|tacat ||| ac |a|1c1 |t| + aaa1 a| c|t|c|
aca ta+|1 t|c +t||aa, caa|ctc| sc+|+tc a| |+||| aca|+|| sc+|+tc.
t+a acca|c|s a| t|c |aaa a|a|a|ic t|c|| ||+c! l|c +|c +a|c ta caaaa
a|c+tc +t cc| aaacat cc||c|c. |||+c |s aa| acccss+| |||c acc1c1 +a1 |cst|a.
t+a |a1||1a+|s t+|c c+|c a| c+c| at|c| acttc| |ca t|c aca |a|+|1 at|c|s!... |a
|s ci+a|ac1.
Mt bng lu 6: Thit k ci to ni tht lu 6.
The sixth floor plan: Renovation Design in the sixth floor interior
Gc nhn khng gian bn trong: Lp mn lam g mm mi
v khong sn trong
View of inside space: the wooden flexible shell and the atrium
unCle Vinhs
Din tch khu t
100 m
Tng din tch xy dng
450 m
Ch u t
Gia dinh o ng Vinh
a im
S96 dud ng Hoa ng Die u
O.4, Tp. HCM
Site area
100 m
Gross Floor area
450 m
Mr. Vinhs family
386-388 hoang Dieu str.,
Dist. 4, hCMC
Chu da u tu & su hie u bie t
Hat c|a 1+a ta ca t|c |+ aat aae| ||ca a|ct, |a a|ct |+t a||ca |a+c ca t|c
|+ aat aae| ||aa a|ct | c+.
Chu Vinh
|+ aat aae| ||aa a|ct | c ||ca t|ac. l|aa saat a+ t||a| t||ct |c aa
t+ ||aa ||ca | a||ca, c|| ca c+a aa| t+a aat |+ 1|a| e, ca J |a |+ 1|a|, +
t+a t|ct c|a t|ac 1c ||a| 1a+a|.
Tho a ma n
||| caa t||a| |a+a t|+a|, aa| t|a 1ca 1+t 1aec a|a 1a 1|a|, ||a| ||a|
aca aa+| ||aa |+a aca t|aa. Ha| t|a 1ca 1aec t|a+ a+a. |ac a+ c|a a|+ c|a+
+a sa 1aa.
Ca m do
a |a| 1+ |ea taa|, caac saa ca+ aa a| +a +a| ae| aat t|a aca
||| aa| a|+ ca sa ||ca 1|ca ca+ aa caa a+a |+ sa +a +a| 1a. a| t|+t ca+
aa| a|+ 1+ |a+a ta+a a|ca 1a|. ||| ta| a+ |+| 1a, aat c+a |a| ia+t ||ca |+. ||aa
a|ct a|a c+a c ||aa |+a saa ca+ aae| t+ |+ t|c a+a! e| sa 1aa a+, s|a| |a+t
a+, t|| ta| ca 1+ aa caa ||aa t|c 1aec, caa t+a t|ct ae| ||a| 1a+a| t|| |+|
|aa aat aae| 1c 1aa 1ae| 1aa saa ||ca |ac.
Na m 2009
)a+ t|+t, |ac a+ aae| 1c 1+ t+a a|a| t|aa 1aa saa ||ca |ac.
The investor & his knowledge
|a |acsta| c+a ac +a aa1c|st+a1|a c|saa, t|c a||t ac saacaac |a
c|t|c| |aas + |at a| 1acs aat |aa +at||a.
Uncle Vinh
W|a 1acs aat |aa +at||a +aaat +|c||tccta|c. |a||a t|c 1cs|a|a
|accss, |c 1|1 aat caaacat aac|, cicct |a| |ca|||a t|c ||a|t a| + |+a||/||aa| |a
t|c tat+| a| J |aasc|a|1s, +a1 + |aaa1 ||aa| |a| |cat.
The satisfaction
W|ca t|c a|| +s caa|ctc1, cc|t||a +s +c||cc1 +s cicctc1, t|c
|a+c ||aa |as|1c ta aats|1c s+cc c|c +|| |a|| act. |ct t|c aac| |+1 aat asc1.
Being tempted
H|. |a| |s +a a|1 a+a, ||s |||c |s |+aatc1 a saact||a... |ca t|c
|aasc |+s ||s |cscat, |t +|sa |+s ||s aascss|aa. |atc||a| |a|a|ta|c a| t|c |aasc +s
caa|ctc| c|+ac1. W|ca | c+ac a+c|, + acst|aa +c+|s |a a a|a1. W|+t |s t|c
1ca+a1 t|+t ca|c cicct |a| t|c|| |||a s+cc! W|t| t||s asc +a1 1+|| |aat|ac,
|+|1| c+a | s+t|s| t|c |ca||cacats, cscc|+|| t|c |aaa1 ||aa| |c|c t|c |aa t|c
aas|acss |s ast s|a||+| ta + ac+at||a| |+1 st+a1|a acit ta |a |ac ||c|.
|a1cc1, +t t||s t|ac t|c ac+at||a| |+1 +s t|a| a+t||a |c|sc|| |a |a
|ac ||c|.
Vo ha n
l+a ||a| |ac a+ 1+ ca |aea aea |+ 1c |+t t||ca, 1c ||aa |ct t|ac.
Kie n Tru c va gid i ha n
||ca t|ac |aa a|a a+| |+t t|a+a a+ c|a aae| sa 1aa + aae| a+a
a||a aa. l|ac sa ||aa |+| act 1aec | c+ + t+| s+a |+| |+| |+| act 1aec |!.
Kie n tru c Vnh cu u
|+ aat a+a 1|ca t|+a aa c|a ||ca t|ac a|aa caa ca c+| |+ ca+ aa.
||| 1a ||ca t|ac taa t+| e 1a + caa aae| +a t|a| 1|...
\|+|a aa |+s acttc| 1||cct|aas |a| 1cc|aacat, aat ta ca1.
Architecture and limitations
||c||tccta|c |s |||c aas|c |a| ca|c ta caa +a1 ca|c ta |c|c. l|c|c |s
aa sa|at|aa aat |+t |a|!
Eternal architecture
| c| +aa|t|aas a|at a| |c |a| +|c||tccta|c, ct t|c|c +|c st||| +1+a
t+cs. |t |s |ca t|c +|c||tccta|c ci|sts |a|cc| |||c ca|c st||| c|+sc...
Mt ng v cc mt ct
Mt bng cc tng
Cc gc nhn t bn trong
Elevation and Sections
Plans of the floors
Images inside the house
Cc gc nhn bn ngoi ngi nh
Outside images of the house
My hoMe
Din tch khu t
Tng din tch xy dng
115 m
a im
S87j1S Le u c Tho , P.16
O. Go Va p, Tp. HCM
Site area
60 m
Gross Floor area
115 m
387/13 Le uc Tho, Ward 16,
go Vap Dist, hCMC.
l|ac |+ aa| a|+ a+ 1aec t||ct |c 1+a| c|a aat aae| e. l|aa t+a aa|
a|+ |+ a+a t|e|, ||a+a s|a| |a+t, c+ i+a| + a+t 1+t. ||a aea aca t|aa a+ a|a
|+ |aa a||ct 1e|, 1|ca 1a ||+c e| ||a+a ||aa t|aa |aa t|aa aa| a|+ |iaa+
ca+ |a1a. Ha| s|a| |a+t 1|ca |+ a+a| aea a|a |+a 1+t, t|aa c+, a+a a||a aa |ea
|ca, + a|aa |a+| c+ t||c| |e c|a a+, aa sc saa saa a+a.
l+c| a|ct e| aca aa+|, 1a e | t|| a+a 1| aa+ t|| aca aa+| a+ a||ca a
a||ca, a|aa +a t|+a| ||aa ||ca |c e| a|aa s|a| |a+t aca t|aa aa| a|+, +a| s+a
t+, c|| ca a+a |aea |a |+ 1aec |aaa +a t+a t|ct a+ aat |e 1ca e t|aec.
l|aa a+ ||a+a t|aa, t||ca a||ca 1aec |a| ta 1+ 1a. |a, aa+, +a| s+a.
taac saa a+a| ||a aea. aat c+c| ta a||ca, c|a t|+ sa t|c aa| e| aaaa caa
aae|, ae| t+ 1aec s|a| |+. a caa |+t s|a| |+ a|aa a+t t|ca t|aea t|a| t|aa s|a|
|a+t, ||aa +a 1c |, | ta| ca aca saa t|aa t|ca a|| 1+a, t|+t a+ a+a!
Tro ng kho ng
||ca a|ct 1c 1aec t|a| |+a.
l||ca a||ca |+ 1a| taea 1c 1aec |+a t|c.
a| a|+ c|| |+ c+a t|ac ||aa i+ 1aa ce a+a 1c i+ 1aa ||aa |+a.
l|+a t|| ||aa taa t+| e 1+. l|+a t|| a|a ca i+ 1aa a|ca taea, a|ca taea t||
a a||+.
Ca y xanh
||a a |+ | a|c a tae a, aa c|| |+ c+ | c+ + |+ | 1ae c sa a saa a+ a.
Bu c tud ng
taa ||aa |+| a|ca taea, aa c|| |e| |+a ||aa |+a + aa a ||a| c+a tat.
|a |+ct, t|c |aasc +s 1cs|ac1 |a| aac c|saa. l|c ccatc| a| t|c |aasc |aa|s
a ta t|c s|, |t |s + s+cc |a| |c|+i+t|aa |t| |cca t|ccs +a1 + a+ta|+| |aaa1. l|c
+|1ca sccas |||c + |+|a |a|cst, sa 1|||c|cat ||aa t|c cat s+cc |a |a1as |iaa+
|aasc. ||| +ct||t|cs +|c t+|ca |+cc +|aaa1 t|c +|1ca sac| +s |c|t|||i|a, |+at|a t|ccs,
+tc||a t|ca |a, +a1 t|c t|ccs ||c| |a st|aa| ||| sa||c c| c||.
l|c |aasc |s sc+|+tc1 ||aa t|c aats|1c |c|c t|c|c |s taa aac| a||at|aa,
t|c|c |s +aaa|a saaa1s aat |c|+t|a ta t|c |as|1c a| t|c |aasc, t|c|c |s a|scc||+acaas
|||t, cicct |a| t|c |a1 cac| ||a|a |ata t|c |aaa1 ||aa| t||aa| + |+c| a| ||aat
W|t| t|c s+cc 1cs|ac1, a+ta|c |s + |a|| caac|cacc a| |a1, |+|a +a1 |||t.
|||c |a t|c +|1ca |s sa a+ta|+|, caaacct|a ta t|c |aa+a a|||a |c|c c c|c aa|a.
l|c|c |s +|sa +||s|a |acaaca|cacc a| 1+|| +ct||t|cs, aat aa |aa|ca +t +|| acc+asc |
+a aat asc1 ta |||a |a sac| c|c+at |+c|||t|cs, |ts sa |ac|!
The emptiness
\c+|+tc|, ta ac s||cacc.
+ta|c |s t|c +a1|cacc ta caaaaa|c+tc |t|.
l|c |aasc |s aa| + st|acta|+| ||+ac a| caast|act|aa ta aa||1 t|c s+cc.
|cca|+t|aa 1acs aat ci|st |c|c. |cca|+t|a |s ta aa||1 saaa|s, aat t|c saaa|s a+ ac
The green trees
at + saaa|, t|c +|c ast a+ta|+| t|ccs +a1 aast ||c st|aa|.
The walls
Sd hu u
ta t|c ||aa se |aa 1aec ||aa!! l|aa caa ca t|c +a a|+ a+t ca |ac a+a, t|aa
a+ aea, aca t|aa a|+ ||aa | ca |+ t||, c+a |+c a+t a+c caa ||aa caa. \e
|aa |+ |+a aaac, + aa caa 1| 1a| e| se |+|.
Tu do
e| ||aa t|c taa t+| caa se |aa, |+a aaac + se |+|.
Ngo i nha cho gia dinh nho
ae| t+ ca t|c se |aa t|+t ta| t||ca 1aec ||aa. \e |aa c|| 1a c|a a|aa ||ca
ta c+a t||ct!
at + saaa| c|t|c|, |t |s aa| + ||a|t+t|aa +a1 |ts acttc| ta ac +s |a|s|a|c +s ass|a|c.
The property
\|+|| |t aat ac aac1! l|c|t c+a a|c+| |ata +t +at|ac, t||aa| t|c +|1ca, sa t|c|c
s|aa|1 aat ac +|a+a|c t||as t|+t t|c|c |s aa |cc||a a| |ast. ||ac|t |s a|a1|a, +a1 |t
+|sa caacs |t| |c+|.
W|c|c |t c+a aat ci|st |t| |ac|t, a|a1|a +a1 |c+|.
A house for a small family
|t a||t ac + aa1 |1c+ aat ta aa +s aac| +s t|c c+a. ||ac|t s|aa|1 ac ast
caaa| ta |cc ||+c!
Mt khu vn pht trin sung mn. Bc nh
c chp t chnh phng ng ca ti.
The garden with plants are growing up . This
picture was taken from my bedroom.
Lp mn lam g trong khu vn.
ng sau l cn phng ca cc con ti.
The wooden louver in the garden. Behind
the wooden louver in the garden is my
childrens room
Cc mt bng, mt ct, v mt ng
Plans, section and elevation
Ma t do cao
+a 111. )a |a+c| |ac a+ +a t|ca |a| ca ia+, +a a+a t|ca aat a+t 1+t
ce a+a. Ha| ||a ac a| c||+ c+t, |+a |+a| |+c| |a|, + |a| a|aa a|+ c+a t+a, a|aa
a+t |+a a+a a+a 1aec 1+t c|aa |ca t|ca |+a | 1+ 1aec a| 1|a| ca+ a+t 1+t
ce a+a 1a. |ac a+ caa aae| a| c||+ c+t s|a| |a+t e aca t|ca, aa| t|a 1aea a|a c||
1aec |a+ a|+ t+| a+t 1+t ce a+a + ae| 1a |+| a| t|aea a+| |a+ |a+a ta+a.
l+| s+a c+c t+a t|ca ||aa a| c||+ c+t |a+a ta+a, a| c||+ c+t ||a| a+t 1+t
aca 1ae| + a| c||+ c+t |+a a|+a! + ia+, e t+| aa ac, a|+ |+a, aat t|a+t aa
t|aa t|aea 1aec sa 1aa 1c +a c|| c|a aa| a|+ ca t+a, a|a t|c |+ aat 1|ca |
1a ae| |+, aat |a| saa ae| + i+ |+ e| |aj, + |a c|| t|+ ia+t ||ca t|aa a|aa
1a t|| 1aa aae|. |a 1+ aa| |+a t+| s+a aae| ||+c |+| e t|ca 1+a ca+ a|a|. + |a|
c|+a a+a |+a s+a, |a t|+ 1+ |+ aat 1|ca a|a| t|aea, caa |aa a|a c+a aet t|+
1a| ta 1a c |+a t|aa. l+| s+a caa aae| +a caa ta 1a saa t|ca a+t 1+t ce a+a.
|a ca a|+ |+a 1+ a|aa +a a+a t|aa |+a | a+t 1+t ce a+a.
t|aa ca |+ |e |, caa aae| |+ c|aa, t+t a||ca sa |e | caa e aac
1a a+ |+|. \aa t+ t|aa 1c t|+ |+| a+t 1+t ta a||ca.
+a 1c a+ 1aec 1+t |+ t|aa caac t|| |a ||a |a ||+a|, )., l|+a| |a |a
t|| H|a|, |ct +a. l|ca a| 1|a| t|| c|aa ca a+ |ac a+ |a caa a+a a|ca |+
1ea aaca |c |+|j a+a c+a| a|+a, c+c| a|+a aat caa 1aea. |ca c+a 1+t |+ |+
t||ct |c aat c|aa ca 1ac |+ t|ca aa| |a 1+t + |aa a|+a. Hat c|aa ca 1 t+a
e| 1|ca t|c| 1+t |+t a|a t|| a|aa c+a |a aca t|ca a| c||+ c+t |a+a ta+a. la| 1+ 1c
ia+t aat c|aa ca |ct aa| ||a 1+t 1ac |+ a+ aca 1ae| +a 1a t|| caa 1aea
|+a t|aa a|a| t|aea. |+| ||a| a|+ saa saa a|+a |ct aa| ae| ||a| caa caa +
s+a s|a| |a+t caa 1aa aca t|ca, t+a t|+a| aat a+t 1+t t|a , + t||ca a||ca
c||ca a+t 1a |+t a||ca t|ca |aea a+a t|ca ta+ a|+ a+.
|+ |+ +a 1c t|+c| t|ac |ea c a| |a+c| + a| 1|a| ||ca t|e| e t+| |ct
+a. |c a|| ca+ ta| ||aa 1aec c|+ a|+a.
|ac a+ |a a+a t+a t|a+a ta aat +a 1c |+ ||ca a+ s+a a+a 1aec,caac
saa ca+ ca 1+a t+| ta+ a|+ +a a|a 1aec t|a| t|ca c+c| c||+ |aa, aa| c|aa a|aa
ca ta c t||ca a||ca + s|a| |a+t caa 1aa a| aa 1| |a+a ta+a. |aa a| 1|a| |+c
|+a |e t+c e| a|aa ta taea ||a| 1a+a| t|a+a ta a+t 1aa s+a 1+ t+a |+ a|aa
||aa |+a e a+t 1a c+a, a| aa |ea t|aa 1a t|| t|+t |+ ||aa |||c!
la| a|ct |+a a|aa c|aa ca a+ sc |a+a| |+a| 1a t|| |ct +a |+t
High density
l|c c+| 111. t|c sc|cac |a||ac1 t|c a|1 st|c +a1 st||| ||c1 aa + a+s|c
|aaa1. ||| a| t|c +|c+s c|c c|c+|| 1||1c1 +s c|| +s sc+|+tc1 |t| aa|1c|s, aat
t|ca t|c aa||1|as, t|c |a||iaat+| ||+t sa||+ccs c|c |+cc1 aa t|c a+s|c |+a1s scac
1c||ac1 |c|aas|. |t ac+as ca|c |+1 t|c|| 1+|| +ct||t|cs |sa|+tc1 a +aac, cc|
t||a sccac1 ta |cc +cc |t| c+c| at|c| aa| 1aa aa t|c a+s|c |aaa1 |c|c +s
caaac|c|+||ic1 caa|ctc|.
W| c|cat t|c ||aa|s +aac 1||1c1 caa|ctc|, 1||1c1 ||aa t|c |aaa1
ac|a +a1 1||1c1 ||aa c+c| at|c|! |a t|c +st, |a t|c caaat|, a|+ |+a, t|c aa|+|
tc|a +s asc1 ta |c|c| |aascs |t| ||aa|s, ta t|ca, t|c c|c saact||a ac, + ac
st|+ac |||cst|c ||c| t|c aa| |+1 scca |a c|a1c1 a|a+a +|c+s. l|c s+|1 t|+t |
ca|c |||a aa ta t|ca. |at saaa |+tc|, t|c caas|1c|c1 |t aa|a+|, ast |||c ac|+ss
a||1cs |+1 |a|ac1 t|c t|+asa|t+t|aa. W| 1a ca|c st||| caas|1c| |||a aa t|c
|aaa1 a+s|c+||! l|c 1a |+c |aascs |t| ||aa|s |acc| st||| |ac+tc1 aa t|c |aaa1.
|+|tacat |s |c+saa+a|c, a| caa|sc aa| ta saac cit|act. C+t|c||a |s ta
s+c t|c a+ta|+| |aaa1s sa||+cc.
l|c |ssac +s sct aat |a |a ||a |a ||+a| caact|t|aa |a 1|st||ct , |tHt,
|cta+a. |cca|1|a ta t|c |ca|+t|aas, t|csc ta aa||1|as t|ca t|c st||| |c+||ic1 t|c
a|a|aa t|+t t|c |+1 acca caaacctc1 ||aa ac|a sa||t+|j c|c |ac+tc1 acit ta c+c|
at|c| +a1 sc+|+tc1 a + +t|. l|c |ca||cacat +s ta 1cs|a +a |a1cca1cat aa||1|a
aa c+c| |at +a1 t|c |+1 ta |aa| +|||c. | aa||1|a a| 1 ||aa|s |t| + c| sa+|| +|c+
aa|1 |+c |ts ++|tacats caa|ctc| 1||1c1. | sacstc1 + aa||1|a caaacct|a t|c
|a1cca1cat |ats aat st||| a+|at+|a|a t|c t|+|||c aa|a+|| aa1c| t|c +t|. l|c t|a aa||1
|a +|+||c| caaacctc1 tact|c| a t|c aa||c +a1 caaaaa|t +ct||t|cs +aac, c|c+t|a
+aat|c| |aaa1, +a1 t|c a+ta|c +|aast acca|c1 |a||iaat+|| aa t|c aa||1|a.
l||s +s + t|ac c|+||cac a| |+aa|a +a1 |ca|+t|aas ca||cat| |a |cta+a.
H |aas+| +s aat +ccctc1.
|t t|+t aaacat, t|c c|c aa| |atc|cstc1 |a t|c c||cct a| t|+1|a ||aa|. ||cs
a| |cs|1cats sccac1 ta ac 1||1c1 |ata ++|tacats |sa|+tc1|, |a cac|+|, t|c |+cta|s
a| a+ta|c +a1 caaaaa|t +ct||t|cs c|c |caac1 caa|ctc|. l|c a|1 |ca|+t|aas |t|
caaac|c|+| t|aa|ts |a |c+| cst+tc tact|c| |+1 c|c+tc1 ||cs |a |||c| s+cc +a1 |+|c
sc+|c |a a|a+a +|c+s. |t +s tc|||a|c!
| |aa t|+t t|csc aa||1|as aa|1 ac |||c |a t|c a|a+a +|c+s |a |cta+a |a|
sac| + |aa t|ac.
Bi d thi chung c An Ph An Khnh.
The competition of
An Phu An Khanh Apartment
Bi d thi chung c An Ph An Khnh.
The competition of
An Phu An Khanh Apartment
Ma t do xa y du ng & thie n nhie n
l+| s+a a| 1|a| +a ca a+a t|a aa a+a t|ca a+t 1a i+ 1aa a+t 1+t.
e| aat sac c, c a+t 1a, c c||ca c+a c|a |c, c s+a i+ 1aa ta| 1+, c |c sa
sa 1aa 1+t, + t|| ||ca t|ac e 1+a! ||ca t|ac a+a e ||c ca+ a|aa sac c 1a, aa
sc ca t+a |+ aat a+t a+a |e |, t|a+a ta caa a+a + ||ca a+ s+a sa 1aa. H+t
1aa 1aec t|+a c|aat 1ac |a c|a t |c + |ct. |ac a+ ||ca l|ac \a |aa a|a aae| t|e
|a a+ +| |+a caa 1aec, c|| c+a aat | a+a c 1c. t+a |+| 1a+ |+ aat a+t 1a
t||ca a||ca t|aa ||aa |+a, ta| aaaa aa| aat taa t|c a|ca ||ca t|aa ||aa |+a
c|a ||aa 1ea t|a+a t|ca a+t 1+t ce a+a. H+t 1a i+ 1aa ca t|c 1+ |ca c+a |ea
+ a+t 1a t||ca a||ca t|ca ta+ a|+ |ca 1ca 1/ J1/ sa e| 1|ca t|c| s+a i+
1aa, ||| 1a ||aa caa 1ea t|a+a |+ caa sa a|ca ||ca t |c a+a t|a ca+ ||a| ac taa
+ a+t 1+t ce a+a a+ caa c|a t|+ a||ca a+t 1+t saa saa a|+a.
Building density and the nature
W| +|c |ca|+t|aas st||| a||a1| |+cc1 aa aa||1|a 1cas|t a| |+a1! W|t| sac|
+ |cssa|c aa t|c 1cas|t, t|c a+i|aaa |c||t +||ac1 a| t|c aa||1|a, t|c cac|||c|cat
a| t|c |+a1 asc, aat |a +aaat t|c +|c||tccta|c! l|c +|c||tccta|c |s |a t|c s|at a| t|c
|cssa|c, |t ||| c|c+tc + a+|+acc a| s+cc, + a|c |a1act||t +a1 +a c||cct|c asc. l|c
c|t|c+| sa||+cc |s c+|c1 +cca|1|a| ta t|c |+tc +a1 t|+ts +|| +aaat. |t t||s st+tc, t|c
+|c||tccts +|c |||c +ss|+t+ats |a ast acc1 + aa1 1|+|a s||||. l|c|c s|aa|1 ac |ca
+ a+ta|c 1cas|t |a s+cc, ||c| | +at ta s+ |s +s + |a|c tact|c| |cscatc1 |+t|c|
t|+a aa| aa t|c a+s|c |aaa1. |a||1|a 1cas|t c+a ac as|c1 a +a1 a+ta|c 1cas|t
a| t|c aa||1|a a ta 1/ J1/ caa+|c1 ta t|c +|c+ a| caat|actc1 ||aa|. l|ca |t |s
aat aa| + s|a|c aaaac| |a1|c+t|a t|c |aa|t|aa a| t|c caac|ctc a|ac|s t+||a |a|1
a| t|c |aaa1, aat |t +|sa 1caaast|+tcs +|+||c| |aaa1s.
Bi d thi Chung c Gia Ha
The competition of Gia Hoa Apartment
Ld p vo me m ma i
l||ca a||ca t|| |aaa ||+c a||ct, caa aae| t|| saa t|aa a|aa |+a | aa
1|a| + +a ta+a a+a 1a. a| a|+ aa c|a t|+ |a c|ac a+a 1a. |a |a| saa caa aae|
ca a|a t|c a+a, 1a ||ca t+| |+ a|ca 1a| c s+a, t|| a+t |+a a+a a+a + |e a
a+a aac ||aa t|c a+t 1|.l|aa t||ca a||ca ca a||ca ca ta, e| a|aa ca c+a ca t|c
|e a ||ca t|ac 1aec 1|ca c||a| ||a| 1aa 1c |+ t|a a+a |aea. |e a |+| 1aec
||a| 1aa 1|ca c||a| | t||ca a||ca |aaa t|+ 1a| a|aa caa aae| ||aa t|c t||c| a||
||ca tac a|a +. |+ |+ c+c| |a+ a|+ e| t||ca a||ca aat c+c| a+a 1aa, ca t|c |e
a a+ c|| a|+a aat +a| s+a 1|a, aat a+a |aea ||aa ||| s+c|.
|+ 1+a |+a aa ac c|a t|+ |+t |a+ a|+ e| t||ca a||ca, c|| e| 1|ca
||ca 1+t ||aa a| |e| |+a + a|a c+a caac saa ta t||ca a||ca. |+a ||ca c|a t|+
|a act a|+t c+c| |a |+ t|a t||ca a||ca.
0 1a t|| 1+t |c + c+c sac c c ||a| tc caa t|ca |cc |+| +a sac a+a|
ca+ | t|a+t a+ aac, 1c |+| act c+c +a 1c c aa| t|aea saa t|aa ta+ a|+,
1|ca a+ |a |+a c|a t|+ |+a a+ |ea |+a. ||aa |+| c+c| a+ |+ c+c| ||+ a+ c+a
|+| ca sa ||a| 1aa, c+a e aa a|aa |+a aaac.
Ca i do ng nha t
l+| s+a c|aa t+ |+| ca +a t+a aca c+c a|ca taea! ||ca a+ c|a t|+ |!
ta |+| |+ ca +a ||+a 1|a| aat 1|ca | 1a, ||+a 1|a| +a |a+ ca+ ta|, ||+a 1|a|
1+a tac ca+ c|aa ta|,! l+| s+a c|aa t+ |aaa t+ t|aa +a aat 1|ca a+a 1a, c|aa
t+ 1+ 1aec 1+a t+a t|ca sa |+a c||+ a+a 1a, t|ca cac aa, t|ca c+c |+a| |e| aca
c|aa t+ t+a |+ aa| t|a t|ca c||ca |aea 1a. ||+a c||+, c||+ c+t |+ c+| |+ t+a.
||ca taea |+ aat sa +a +a|, |+ c+| |+a aaac. /aa a+a| c|aa t+ 1+
|+ a|aa a|ca taea, + c|aa t+ +a 1+a t+a |+ a|aa a|ca taea ae| a+ c|aa
t+ aa| |+ a|aa s+a t+a, a|a + t|ac sa ca s+a t+a ! ||| e t|aec a+t a|ca |+a
s+a |+a a|ct 1aec taa |at aaec, ||a| 1+a ca+ aa |+ |! ||| 1a| 1|ca e| aat ||a
|aa, c|aa t+ ca t|c a|+t |+ taa c+ ||aa, 1|ca 1a a+ |+ ||aa c+a t||ct, c|aa
t+ caa ||aa a|+a 1+a 1aec ||a| 1+a ca+ aa a|a t|c a+a. |a c||a| |+ t|a| 1aa
a|+t t|aa ta a||ca.
t|aa t+ ca 1aa a|+t |+ t|| ||ca t|ac ae| ca sa 1aa a|+t. |aa a|+t
||aa |+| |+ t||c| a||, t||ca c|aaa + 1+ aa c+a ||aa |+| |+ 1aa a|+t.
||ca t|ac ca t|c c|| taa t+| e 1+a | ||ca t|a| ||aa! | ||ca ||aa |+| |+ a|ca
taea, | ||ca c|| |+ |aea t|ca 1c |+a t|c. |+t ce a+a t|| a|a a|+a + c+a t|ac
The flexible cover
+ta|c |s +|+s |+|s|, ca|c +|c |||a |a t|asc +|c+s a| st+a|||t +a1
scca||t. l|c |aasc |tsc|| ci|a|cs t|+t |aact|aa. |acc| t|c |||cst|c |s, |ct|c| aa
a| |+tc| || t|c|c |s +a c|+ac, t|c |a||iaat+| ||+t sa||+cc +a1 t|c sa||aaa1|a cac|
c+a acc| ac |caac1. +ta|c |ac|a1cs a+a |+cta|s, |t| sac| |cacsts, +|c||tccta|+|
cac| |s ||ci|a| +1astc1 ta +asa|a cac|. |t aast ac ||ci|a| +1astc1 |a| a+ta|c |s
+|+s c|+a|a, +a1 ca|c c+a aat +1+t sa caat|aaaas|. l||s |s +a +ct|c + a|
|cc|a +cc |t| t|c a+ta|c. l|c cac| a||t aa| |ccc|c + sa|t |||t, +a1 + c|c+a
cac|ct|c +taas|c|c.
l|c aa|+| caaat| |aascs + c| |+|aaa|aas |t| a+ta|c, aa| acc+asc t|c
|+a1 |s aat ||a|tc1 +a1 acc1s a| a+ta|+| |||c. l|c +|t|aasc s|as t|c|| |c|+t|aas||
|t| t|c a+ta|c.
|a a|a+a +|c+s, t|c |+a1 |s sa a+||a |c|c |+s |ats a| |cssa|c a| ccaaaa
+a1 ac|a 1cca1cat ta t|c ac| a| tcc|aa|a +a1 a+c||acs ta sa|c t|c 1|aa|cas
a| |||a ca||aaacat |a t|c aa||1|a, t|csc +cta+|| |c+1 ta sac| caascacaccs. |t |s aat
+aaat ||c| act|a1, t|c|c aast |+c ||ci|a|||t, t|c a|a1|a s|aa|1 ac |caac1.
The unity
W| 1a c +|+s t| ta c|c+tc |caas! W|+t 1acs t||s ac+a! |t |s t||a ta
+ssc|t saact||a sac| +s caa|||a|a aacs ca|ta|c a| ct|a|c |aa ctc...! W| 1a c
+|+s |acas aa aac t||a t|+t c c|c t|+|ac1 |t| t|ca|ct|c+| 1|st||aat|aa a| ast
|a||a|a t|c aa|1c| ta |a1acc cc|t||a +|||c! |a||ci|a|c 1|st||aat|aa +a1 1||s|aa
+|c +||cctc1.
|caa |s + |+aat, + a|a1|a. l|c|c +|c sa a+a |caas +|aaa1, +a1 c +|c
caat|aaaas| c|c+t|a ac |caas ta ac caas|1c|c1 c|c+t||t, |t |s |c+|| c|c+t|c! W|ca
c +|c |a ||aat a| t|c sc+, |a c+a c 1|st|aa|s| c+c| 1|a a| +tc| +a1 1ctc|a|ac
|ts s|+c! | |ca c +|c |a + |a|cst, c+a c |c| aat c+c| t|cc! |t |s aat acccss+|,
c c+a aat |1cat|| |+t s|+c |t |s. l|+t |s t|c aa|t a| a+ta|c.
l|c +|c||tcct ||| |+c |ts aa aa|t +s |aa +s ca|c |+c. |a|t |s aat
+1+t|aa, +||+at| +a1 s+t|s|+ct|aa |s aat caas|1c|c1 + aa|t, c|t|c|. ||c||tccta|c a||t
aa| ci|st +s saaa|s! |a1 saaa|s +|c aat |caas, saaa|s +|c aa| ac+as ta caaaaa|
c+tc. |+s|c+||, t||as +|c s+ac ta c|c+tc t|c |a|c aa|c|sc.
||c||tccta|c 1acs aat aa||1 |caas +a1 |s aat 1|sc||a|a+t|aa a| + 1||s|aa.
aca c+ a t|a a+.
||ca t|ac ||aa i+ 1aa aca a|aa a|ca taea, ||aa |+a a|ct, ||aa
c||+ c+t.
Vn phng Lib.A
Lib.A Office
Lp v mm mi
nh sng du xuyn qua nhiu lp trong cn phng.
The Flexible Shell
The soft light through many layers in the room
Glass house
Mt bit th c bit nm trong khu du lich Bo i.
Ngi nh nm trn sn ni vch . Trong nh th
nh nhng ci ta nhn th tht ln. N bm cht vo
bng h khung b tng, c bao bc bi lp
lam g, chng lai cn bo a nghch, m bo
c kn o ca chn ring t. H lam ny cng
c th m toang, c c tm nhn rng nht,
nh sng lung linh ca bnh minh xuyn qua n mt
cch nh nhng.
Glass house
This is a special Villa in BaoDai Resort. The house is
standing on the cliff. The inside rooms are small but
because of the design, you might feel very comfort-
able and pleasant. They stick to the cliff by a firm
concretion and stones covered by woody cloak fight-
ing against storms. This kind of cloak can be opened
to achieve a wider view; but it still keeps your privacy
even when the sparkle sun streams split into.
D n Cao c vn phng NaviBank
Ta nh mang ly mt lp v lam mm mi bao bc bn
ngoi. Mt b mt ng nht, xuyn qua, v nh nhng.
Project Navibank Office
The building has been covered by the soft louver sell. The
unity surface, throughout, and tinny.
Nhng tm li nh c - the fishing nets
riVer ParK
Din tch khu t
4.911 m
Tng din tch xy dng
S9.970 m
Ch u t
Co ng ty TNHH XD The Minh
a im
Nguye n Va n Hud ng,
P. Tha o ie n, O.2, Tp HCM
Site area
4.911 m
Gross Floor area
39.970 m
the Minh Co. ltd.
nguyen Van huong str.,
Thao Dien Ward, Dist. 2, HCMC
la| 1a+ t||ca a||ca t||ct 1c +a taa c+a |a e 1+. e| t+a c+a ! t+a,
ta| a|+a t|+ c|| a|aa c+a |a ta t+a I1 t|e iaaa t|| 1aea a|a |aa e a+t 1+t
ce a+a + 1aec t+a |aea a|aa | ta a+t 1+t a+ a+a |+|, caa a|aa t+a aca
t|ca t|| a+ c+c| a|ct, ta| 1+ 1c ia+t.
l|a a|+t. |a+ c+ +a c+c aea t|ca, a+a +a ta+ a|+ + |aa s+a +a
t+a t|aa c+a |a, ia+t ||ca ta t+a I1 t|e |ca. Ha| c+a |a 1aec t|c iac t|ac t|c e|
t||ca a||ca ta 1ca J a+t aca aa+|.
l|a |+|. \a 1aa aat |e a aca a+|, 1c |ac t||ca a||ca, ca t|c |+
|e |ae| a|aa, + 1+a s+a |+ |e ||ca saat 1c |+a 1|ca 1| aac i+ a+t t|e|, + t|aa
|a c|a 1aa. |e ||ca a+a 1aa 1|ca c||a| sa |+ t|a t||ca a||ca t|ca a|a c+a
+ t|a| t|+a t|e| t|ct t|aa a+.
|ca t|aa ca+ aa| c+a |a 1aec t||ct |c c+c +c| a+a aca a+|, 1c t|a+a
|a, |ct |e e| |e a aca a+|, |+| a+t ca+ c+a |a a|a 1|a 1|, +a + + |e |aa
|a+ ||aa t|aa, t|ca a||ca iaca a+.
|e a |ae| + c+c aea t|ca a+a a||ca t+a c|a ||a| ||ca t|ac sa 1aa a|+t
+ ||a| 1+a a| ia+ a|a+.
0 l|+a| ||a |a t|| H|a| ||ca t+|, aac 1a a a||ca |+t c+a, a+ a+a a|+t
|+ e a|aa ||a ac +a a+t 1+t ta a||ca, c+a |a t|ca c+a ca sa |e | ca+ aa a|aa
c+a |+| a+a| ac 1a+ t||ca a||ca +a. la| t|a c|+c |e a aca a+|, aea t|ca,
c+c +c| a+a aca a+|, sc |+| act 1aec aat c+a |a, |+ t|a t||ca a||ca e|
| +|+s t| ta |cscat a+ta|c |ata cc| s|a|c ++|tacat |a |c|c. | |c+||ic1 t|+t
+|| a| t|c I1t| ||aa| +a1 ac|a |s |c|+t|c| ac+| t|c |aaa1 +a1 t|as saac|a c+a caa
t|c a+ta|c ||aa t|c |aaa1. |acc|, +aac t|c I1t| ||aa|, t|c ++|tacats +|c |sa|+tc1
||aa t|c a+ta|c. \a | |aasc t|c |a||a|a act|a1s.
|||st, c ||| |a c|ccc| aa t|c aa||1|a +a1 a 1cc |ata t|c ++|tacats
||c| ||aa t|c I1t| ||aa|s +a1 +aac. l|c|c ||| ac ta a| t||cc s|1c a| +a ++|tacat
caat+ct |t| t|c a+ta|c a t||s act|a1!
\ccaa1, as|a t||s ||ci|a|c cac|, c c+a a||| t|c a+ta|c. |a| ci+a|c, c
||| ct ||1 a| t|c |c+t +a1 |+1|+t|aa ||aa t|c saa +a1 cat||+tc t|c +|| +ct|c|. l||s
sa+|t |+sscs c+a +1ast t|c +asa|a|a a| a+ta|c a+sc aa 1cs||c +a1 c+t|c| cc| 1+.
|as|1c t|c ++|tacat, t|c|c ||| ac sa|t +|| ta cat||+tc +||. |t ||| +|sa
caaa|ac |t| ||ci|a|c cac| ta |a|1c t|c c+cc|a| +a1 |cca aaa1.
l|c |cca st|acta|c aa t|c |aaa1 +a1 t|asc c|ccc|s aa t|c +|| ||| |caac
t|c |aaast a| t|c st|acta|c +a1 a+|c |t |aa| |||c + aa|c a+ta|c aacct.
|a t|| H|a| t|t |s + c| a||atc c|t +a1 ++|tacats ac+| t|c |aaa1 ||| |+c
c| ||| |cc| a| a||at|aa. \| sc|+c| ++|tacat c+a +a|1 t|c a||at|aa || c |aa |a
ta |cscat a+ta|c |ata aa| aa||1|a. | ac||cc t|+t ||ci|a|c cac|, ||ci|a|c +|| , +a1
c|ccc| ||| |c| |cscat t|c a+ta|c |ata t|c ++|tacat. l|c c+a +|sa cat||+tc +||, |c1acc
t|c aa|sc +a1 a||at|aas. l|c ++|tacat |s +|aast |||c + |||+ aa t|c |aaa1
||aa ||| tat, |a ||aa a| c+a t|e a+ 1aec 1|ca t|ct, a a||ca t|ca aa, aa| a+a...j
1aec |+a t||ca. t+a |a a+ t|+t sa taea 1aea aat a|ct t|a t|ca a+t 1+t.
Mt bng trt - mt bng in hnh
Ground floor plan - Standard Floor Plan
M hnh - Model
M hnh -Model
Mt ct ngang - Section
unliMiteD arChiteCture
Con dud ng
taa 1aea |+t a+a t|aa, c|a ||aa |+| c+a |aa, aa |aa a|a a|aa
sa a||, ta| aaaa aa| 1ca aat 1aa c|+, ||| aa ca t|a| c|+ a|a aat 1aa saa,
||| a|c a|+a, ||| a+a| ac, ||| t|+c 1a |+ aat 1aa saa 1aa 1aa ||ca
a+a t|aa |+ aa ||aa ta 1aa, ||aa |+a a+a, ca t|a| a+, t|a| a+, ae|, ae|.
||| a| a 1aa sc ca cac aa, ca 1e a+a t|c| ta a|a |+ c|+a 1at s+a t+a, c|| caa
c+| ca.
l|aa 1a +a ||a taea a|ca c+c a+ |aa t|c ||ca |a 1|ca a+, aa c||
caa |+ caa 1aea, 1+a 1+t 1a ||+c| ta ae| a+ 1ca ae| ||+, aa| t|a 1ca 1aec iaca
a+, |a| iaca a+. a sc |+ |a| aaa, |+ aca t+a, |+ c+| | 1a 1c c|a a+a ca t|c
iaca a+. |ca c+a e 1+ |+ i+ 1aa aca aat ae| 1c taea a|ca aa a+ ca+ 1+a
tac, ca aat a+a t|a+a |ea |+a e 1+. l+| s+a c|aa t+ |+| c+a i+ 1aa aat taea
1+| aa 1+ c|a | ac! aa| 1aea aa c|+a! |a |+a, aa| | ac 1ca |+ c+| ca, |+
c+| c|ct. |a c|aa t+ ca i+ 1aa aca aat a|ca taea a+a 1a, t|| a+ |+ tac t|e
aca a| |e| |+a, |+a s+a c|aa t+ ca t|c a|ct aat c+| a |+a +a aca t|aa c+|
|aa |+a. Hat a+a t|a+a!
taa 1aea caa| caa e 1+ |+ ||aa ca |. C|aa a|a |ct t|ac aat caa
saa, | t|| ||aa caa |+ 1aa saa, 1|ca caa |+| |+ caa aae|, caa aae| 1aa 1a, |+|
aca |+ |aa c+, t|aec a+t |+ a+t aaec |ca 1+| + a+a t|e|, aat t|a t|+t |ea,
aat ae| ||aa ca |
The Path
l|c +t| |s c| |aa|t+at, aat t|c |aaa, |ts |||c t|aa|t. | +at ta |c|c|
ta + ||a +s saaat| +s + ||c|, saact|acs ac|a cat|c, saact|acs ac|a sa ac||a|. |t
|s |ca t|c +tc||+|| acs 1aa |||c + st+a1|a a ||c|... |t |s |aa|t+at aat ta ac
sta||, aat ta ac +asc1, ast +ss|a +a1 +ss|a |a|+|1... ta ci+a|ac ac +a1 ac
t||as. W|ca |t |s st+a+at, |t |s + |c+| a+ss a| a||, t|c|c ||| ac |ca+|a1c|s, aa+atc1
1||t... +s c|c+t||t |s tc|a|a+tc1, cicct |a| t|c a|1 aacs.
l|c |1c+ |||ast|+tc1 c|c+|| |a t|c |acct a| acaa||+| +|+cc |a| |aa ||as.
|t |s ast +s +a1 |a+1 |c+1 t|c |s|ta| ||aa t||s |+cc ta +aat|c|, cc|t||a |s t||aa|
+a1 t||aa|. |t ||| ac + +t|, + a+s|c, saact||a t|+t c+a ac t||aa|. l|c |ca||c
acat |c|c |s t|+t c c+a aa||1 + |+cc ta |aaa| t|c ||a a| aa| caaat|. l|c|c |s +
a| caa|||ct |c|c. W| 1a c |+c ta aa||1 + st+tas |a| t|c +st! \a t|+t |t c+a |a!
t|c+||, acaa| |s a|1, +a1 1|c1. |ca || c t| ta aa||1 + saaa|, |aac1|+tc| |t |||
accaac ||a|t. |a caa|1 c |+cc +a |a||a|tc |ata + ||a|t! |aass|a|c!
l|c |+st +t| |c|c |s aat||a. |t |s |||c t|c ca1 a| t|c ||c|, |t |s aat + ||c|
+aaa|c. l|c |ca+|a|a |s |aa+a, st+a1|a ac| t|c|c. l|c |a|cst |s +s|1c, |a ||aat a|
||a |s +tc| +a1 |t 1|+ aat|| t|c |a||iaat+| ||ac, t|c ||ac |c|c t|c s| +a1 ||c| act...
+ |ac t||a... + |+cc |c|c t|c|c |s aat||a...
n d thi Khu tng nim cc vua Hng vi
m hnh phng n d thi.
Competition of King Hungs Memorial Park with
the plan models.
|+ |+ +a |aa a+a | iaea aac ||, |ca c+a| |+ a|aa a|+ iaea
e| ||a 1+t |aa. ||+a | i+ 1aa 1aec a+a t|ca taca 1+|, a+a t|ca t|ac 1aea.
a ||+a| aaaa aa t|aa a|a c+| a|+ s+a 1+a |+a, ta| c|+ a|+a ca ta a|c
a|+a t|+a| t|a+t ca+ aa t|ca a+t 1+t.
e| c+a |aa 1a, aa 1aec ||a| t|+a| a|a ta+ t+a |a+, t|+a| t|a+t a|c
a|+a t|ca a+t 1+t a+ ca t|c |ca 1+| a+a a||ca caa 1aec. |ca ta a t+a ia+t
||ca e 1+ |+ aea 1+| t|ca c||ca a+a + a+a +a a+t 1+t a|a 1a+a t+a, 1+
caa |+ aat c+a t|ac 1aa.
||aa |+a aca t|aa +a |aa t|aa e| ||aa |+a aca aa+| a+ c+c
|e 1ca,|e ||ca, a+| ||ca, + |e a+a a a|c a|+a. l|aa ||a+a t|e| |+a a+a
1a t|aa a+, aa| a|+ |a+a ta+a ca t|c t|aa t|a+a ta a||ca.
l||s |s t|c a+a+cacat a|||cc a| || c+|cat| a||s|a, ac+|a +|c
|+cta||cs |t| |+|c |+a1 +|c+. l|c 1aa+|a a| caast|act|aa st|c|s ta + |aa ||ac +a1
t|c a+|a |a+1s +i|s. H|. ||+a| +ats |t ta |aa| |||c + |a|| ||aa|, | +ccct t|+t cat|c
+a1 ||a|a c|cacats aa t|c |aaa1.
W|t| t|+t |as||+t|aa, |t |s |a|ac1 +s + t|+|as c+|||+c |||t| ci|ts aa t|c
|aaa1, +s c+s|| ta ac +1astc1. l||s caat|aaaas |+cta| +c+|s ta |c+c| +|aa t|c
|a||iaat+| +a1 ta st|c| aa t|c |aaa1 |||c t|c c+|||+cs 1a, ||c| |s +|sa + 1a+a|c
l|c s+cc |as|1c t|c a|||cc |s caaacctc1 |t| t|c aats|1c t||aa| t|c aa||c|
|+c|, t|c ca|||1a|, t|c a|c| |aa| +a1 t|c cat|c aa1ca sc|cca. |a||a t|c 1+, t|c
|aasc c+a ac caa|ctc| a+ta|+| cat||+t|aa.
Din tch khu t
1.500 m
Tng din tch xy dng
1.276 m
Ch u t
Co ng ty AA
a im
u c Ho a Long An
Site area
1.500 m
Gross Floor area
1.276 m
aa Company
Duc hoa long an
Mt bng, mt ct v mt ng
Floor plans, sections, elevations.
Cu ni v li vo
Image of the bridge and the entrance
Gid i ha n:
t+| |e| |+a aa |ct c|ct t|a| ca.
Hat a|aa +t c|+t, sa taea t+c |a+ c|aa + taea t+c e| aca aa+|,
a+ aa ||aa t|a+t |+ 1aec c+| a 1+a 1+ a| 1aa ||aa, ||aa 1aec c+a a+a. |a
|+ aat |e| |+a.
la| 1+a ac c+| ||aa |e| |+a, aa| 1+a ac a+a| ||ct aac |+t. a c|a
1a t|ca aat a| 1+a c+a a+a, caac |+a t|a| 1+ |aa t|a s+ aca t|a| ca, |ac 1a
t|+t c+a |ct sa |ct t|ac.
|ct t|ac |+ |e| |+a.
Kho ng gid i ha n:
l|ca a|aa c+| |e| |+a ||ca ca, ta| 1a+ +a a|aa 1+ a|aa c+| ||aa
|e| |+a.
t+a| a+a c+|c |+ caa |ca l+a |+a 1aec a+a c+c| ae| c+| |+a |+a a+
e| aat sac a+a| ||ca t+| ||aa |+ e 1aec. )a+a sc ||aa a| |e| |+a ae| c+|
|+a |+a 1a, 1c c|a t|+ aa 1aec |+a ta+ + |ca 1+| ||aa 1|ca 1aa.
|ae| t+a c+ |e aaa a+t, e 1+ t+ ||aa se aac i+ a+t t|e| + caa
c|+a a|ct a+t t|e| ta 1+a s+a 1+a, a|aa |+| ca aat c|a t|a aa+ t|aa ||aa
|+a ca+ aa saa t+a ca+ |e| 1|ca +a|.
t+| aa c+ ta a||ca taea |+a e| c+a t|ac a+|.
Gid i ha n:
l|c ||a|t+t|aa, |t ||||s t|c |ac
l|c |aa a| a+tc||+|s, t|c |atc|+ct|aa |as|1c +a1 aats|1c t|ca, |t 1acs aat a
aat t|c a|a|t t|+t +s aaaa1c1.
| |+c + +ss|aa |t| t|c aa||a|tc1acss, t|c +ss|aa a|c+|s aat ||c|cc|. |t
t|+c|s |a t|c a+|+acc a|a|t a| a+||a |ac ac|cic|tc1. |t t||s t|ac, | +a|a| |t| t|c
l|c ca1|a |s t|c ||a|t+t|aa.
No limitation
|+sc1 aa t|c ca||cat ||a|t+t|aa, | |asc|t t|c aa||a|tc1acss.
|cs|1c t|c ca||cc a+| |s t|c l+a |+a |+||, t|c +|c sc+|+tc1 a + |cacc
||c| |s aat 1cst|ac1 a t|c ca||cat ac|. l|c a+| |s aat ||a|tc1 a t||s |cacc, sa
t|+t |t caa|1 ac c|+s|c +a1 caat|aac1 |t|aat t|c ca1 a|at.
|a1c| t|c s|+1c a| t|cc, |c|c c +|c aat +||+|1 a| saa |+1|+t|aa a| |ts aa
|a, aat c |+c ta |+c + |+cc ta s|c|tc| ||aa t|c |+|a |a t|c s+cc a| t|c c|aca+
l|c +a|t a| |cca |c+cs, |t caat|+sts |t| t|c |aa| st|acta|c
Din tch khu t
4S5 m
Tng din tch xy dng
405 m
Ch u t
Co ng ty CP phim Thie n Nga n
a im
116 Nguye n Du, O.1, Tp. HCM
Site area
435 m
Gross Floor area
405 m
thien ngan Company
116 nguyen Du str., Dist. 1, hCMC.
Mt bng trt
The ground floor Plan
Mt bng mi - The Roof plan.
Phc tho mt bng v phi cnh tng th.
Sketch of master plan and general perspective.
Ca i che t tro n ve n
||+ t|+a ae| a|ca ||ca +a 1c ca+ aae| saa c|a ||aa |+| ca+
aae| c|ct, aae| c|ct t|| t|+a i+c 1+ c|ct 1| c+a t|ac t|c |, +t c|+t, 1+ |+ 1|ca
||ca a||ca + |a |+a. t+a t|ac +t c|+t s|a| |+ + c|ct 1| t|| a|a| t|aea, e 1+
1+a ||ca |a +a 1c t+a | ca+ a|aa aae| caa 1+a saa, |a aaaa aae| c|ct
+a saa a+|, a+a a||ca ||a| t|ac. ae i+c, t+a t|aac, |+a aa ||ca ca, t||ca +
|aa t|a, t|e |aea ae| c|ct t|| ||aa aaaa | a|aa aae| saa t|| |+a 1a
c|aca, i+ 1aa |ca taea 1+|, i+ 1aa | ac aca |+a, aat +a |+c, aa ||aa t|+t!
t+| c|ct t|aa ca, |+ 1c a|aa +a |+c 1a |+ 1| caa c+| c|ct ca+
aae| 1+ c|ct. ||ca 1a ca 1aec ||aa! |+ c|ct 1| a|aa +a +a|, c|ct 1| a|aa a|ca
taea, c|ct 1| a|aa | ac. | ac c|ct, a|ca taea c|ct, ||+c || c|ct,||aa ||+c
||a+|, ||aa a+t a+t c+| c|ct t|+t t|aa ca! t|ct t|aa ca 1c saa t|aa ca. taa
aae| t|| a|a a|+a + 1aa a|+t, aa| aat aae| a+a iaaa |+ aat 1aa a a
1+a| c|a ||a |aa, ||aa a+a a+a 1+a +a, ||aa a+a a+a +a +a|, c|| caa |+|
|aa c+, + taea |+| |+ aat ||a |aa |a| taa, aat ae| c|a aae| saa.
Khu Ru ng Vnh Cu u
|+a a||ca aa 1+t 1+ a| s+ a+c |a+ ae| a||+ t|+a! l+| s+a c||a|
c|aa t+ 1+ a|ca a|aa aa 1+t ta a||ca aa ca t|e t|+a| aat ae| ||a c+a, |a+a
A fulfill death
l|c ccactc|, + |+cc 1caaast|+tcs t|c |||a ca|cs |aa|ca |+t|c| t|+a
t|c 1c+t|. |+ss|a ++ ca|c, |asc |s|c+| aa1 |s 1c|+1c1. l||s |s caa|ctc|
aa|a+|. ||a|a st|acta|c aa|a +a1 1|c1 |s a+ta|+|. l|c aa| |aa|ca |s ||aa t|c
|||a ca|c. l|c +at t|c 1c+t| ||c |a|cc| |t| t|ca, a 1|||c|cat +. Haaa,
ciasc ta c|ca|c+| +cat, aa||1|a taaa, aa|a +a1 sta|+c, a1 s||t|c 1c+t| 1a
aat +at +at||a aat t|c |||a 1a cc|t||a, aa||1 acaa||+| st+tas, |a t|c |ac ta
aa||1 + |a|cc| acaa|. l||s |s +a |||as|aa, +a1 |t |s aat |c+|.
| |a||||| 1c+t|. |ct t|c |||as|aa a |t| t|c +ss ++ ca|c. t+a c 1a
t|+t! |cts t|c |+aat|a, t|c saaa|, t|c acaa| 1|c1. Hcaa| 1|c, saaa| 1|c
aa aa|c 1c|css|aa, aa aa|c |ast t||s |s + |a||||| 1c+t|! la 1|c |a|| |||| |a a|1c|
ta ||c cat||c|! |c|aa1 |s t|c s+ac +a1 aa|tc1. ||aa cc| s|a|c c|saa |a
|+ 1aa |s + a+ac|css caat||aat|aa ta t|c |a|cst, t|c|c |s aa ca|+s|i|a aa t|c
|a1||1a+|, t|as aa ca|+s|i|a |a |+aat|a. a| t|c aa1 ||| ac |c|t +a1 + |ata|c
c|a+acat aa1, + |+cc |a| |||a ca|c
o a n du thi
Cu Chi
Din tch khu t
10S Ha
a im
Xa Phu Ho a o ng
Huye n Cu Chi
Site area
103 ha
Phu hoa Dong Commune
Cu Chi District
a+c + a |aa a|a c+| c|ct! |ac a+, c|aa t+ 1+a c|aa ||ca a+ |a |+a
c sa a+t c+a a+a ca+ t|+| 1+t, ae| a+ c|aa t+ |+| saa + |a t|aac +a aa.
|aa c|aca a|ca 1a a|a ca+ aa caa |+a c|a c|aa t+ a|+a t|+ 1aec a|aa +a|
|aea |a |ct. |aa aa 1+t 1+a| c|a aae| caa 1+a saa t|| a+ |a |+a + ca
a|aa +a| |aea ta c||a| sa a+t c+a a+a ca+ aa, ca t|c |+a a|aa | t|+t sa c+a
t||ct ||aa! ||ca | t|+t sa c+a t|| |+| |+a, 1|ca 1a ia+t |+t ta t|+t ta, ta ||aa
aa+a + ta c+a a+a. taa aae| c+a t|+ t|+t t|+t ta + c+a a+a t|| +a +t caa
sc a|a +, aa| t|a ||aa |+| c|| 1+a| c|a c||a| c|aa t+.
+a 1c e 1+ |+ |! ta |+| c|aa t+ 1+a ca |+a 1c aat c+| | 1a
||aa! )a+ a||ca |+| 1a+a ||c| sa, c|aa t+ 1+ ca |+a 1c aa a+a a||ca c+c|,
c|aa t+ 1+ |+ a|aa |a+| 1+ t|+t tat e aa 1+t 1c a+a 1a 1c a |ca ae| a+
c|a aa 1c |ea t|aec,ca t|c a||a ta+a aa +a 1c 1+ 1a ||aa!
||+ t+a, aat c+c| t|aa t|aea, c|aa t+ 1+ aac 1| aaca |e 1+t 1+
||a+a I,! a + t|+ +a 1a |+ |e ac taa +a s+a +a |aa 1+t, e| a+t 1a aa
1+ 1+c t|| |a |+a ta+a aa |c t|ac +t ||ca |aa t+| ae| 1a sc a|ca a+t, aat aa
1+t |ea t+t ca sc t|e aca s+ a+c. ta t|c, c|aa t+ t|aa +| c+ i+a| a|aa 1|ca
1a |a+a ta+a ||aa ta a||ca, aa +a |+ s+ a+c. + |a| c||a| c|aa t+ |+| 1+a ca
t|a aat |aea a+a 1a 1c |+a 1c c+| s+ a+c a+! Hat s+ a+c, aat +a +a|
t|aa |aa ||a 1+a ca! + |a| ||a 1+a ca a+ sc |+ s+a! t||a| a+a t|+a ||a+a s+
a+c a+ c|+t c|a+ a||ca a+a t|a+a + |a |a+|. |a| e| ||a 1+a ca t|| aa t|+t
||aa |||c, aa t+a |+, 1|ca a+ ||+ ae| 1+ c|aa ||ca. Hat ae| 1+a| c|a aae|
c|ct |aaa |+a +a| |aea a+a ac 1ca ||a 1+a ca, ae| ca+ a|aa aae| 1+a saa,
a+a t|a+a |ea |+a!
ta t|c a+a aat c+| ae| 1aec s|a| |+ t|aa |aa aat c+| ||ca |aa, ||a
|aa sc +a |+ ||a |aa, ||aa t+a |+. Ha| aae| a+a iaaa t+| 1+ sc t|e t|+a|
aat 1aa a, ||aa |+ c||+ c+t a+ |a+ a|+, caa saa e| aa.
||ca t|+a ae| 1+ |+ aat |aa c+a sa saa a+a, |+t 1c, a+a |a+ aat
||a 1+a ca, 1+ |+ ae| a |+, c |+a 1+| ||a 1+a ca |+t t||ca 1+ 1+c |ea, t||
||a |aa a+ t|e aca t|+t a |+. ||+ t|+a ca t|c |+ aat ||a |aa caa |ca
1aa a||+ ||aa! la| a| 1a |+ ||a |aa |a| taa.
Ngha Trang Cu Chi
l|aec |ct |+ |cc |a |+| ||a |aa c+a sa aa ca, aat |c s|a| t|+| ca+
aa 1+t a+.
||+ t+a l|aa ||a ac 1|+ t+a, ta| |a |+| aaca t|+a a+t 1+t ta
a||ca, e| c+ i+a| 1aec |a |+|, + ta| |a |+| |c |ae| ta i ta. |ca 1ae| |aa c+
|+ c+c aa| aa, a|aa aa| aa aa| t|ca a+t 1+t, 1aec |c ||ca tac. |c a+t ||ca
tac t+a aca aat a+t |+a, ta| a| 1a |+ a+t 1+t t|a |+|. +, ae| 1+, t|aa ||a
|aa a+, ca |+| a+t 1+t saa saa a|+a, aat a+t 1+t aaca t|a, aat a+t 1+t
t|a |+|. taa aae| ||| a+a iaaa, t|+a i+c 1+ t|e t|+a| c+t aa| +a ||ca tac t|c
aa| 1aa c|+ ca+ a t|a, caa a|+a 1+ |ca t|ca a+t a+ 1+t a+ a|a aat t+a
1|+ c|+t, aat |e ||c| sa, a+ +a |a |c s|a| t|+| aaca t|a, c+ i+a| + a+t 1+t,
a+t 1+t aaca t|a. H+t 1+t t|a |+| sc |+ t|+a |a+, a|aa aa1a|c 1aa a|+t,
Permanent forest
|a a+a aa1 +a1 |a|cst |+c acca 1csc|tc1 a t|c ccactc|! W| 1|1
c a+|c t|asc a+ta|+| |+a1s |ata + 1|, 1csc|t +a1 saa||css |||c 1c+t|! a, c +|c
aasc||a t|c aaa a+|+acc a| t|c c+|t| ||c| c +|c |||a aa +a1 1cca1 aaa. |ca
+ sa+|| c|+ac a| |t c+a +||cct as c|c+||. l|asc |+a1s |a| |||a ca|c +|c c|c+||
+||cctc1 a t|c aaa+|+acc a| a+ta|c. |s |t acccss+| ta 1a sa! W|+t acc1 ta ac 1aac
s|aa|1 ac 1aac! |a1 |t caacs ||aa a|1c|c1, |s1aa, +a1 a+|+acc. || |aa+a acc1 ta
ac a|1c|c1 +a1 a+|+acc, t|ca cc|t||a |+s ta ac t|c s+ac. Hat|c| c+|t| |s aat |a|
as |aa+a aa|!
W|+t |s t|c |aa|ca |c|c! ||c c t||a ta a+|c |t |aa| ac+at||a|!
l||aa|aat ||sta|, c t| ta ca|+acc |t a a+a act|a1s. sac| +s c asc scc|+|
|+a|tc ta |+cc |t aa t|c taaa ta a+|c |t |aa| a|cc| +|c c |aa||a +t t|c
|aa|ca |a + caa|ctc c|scct|c!
C|aaa1 ccactc|, +s asa+| +, c |caac +aaat I.! actc| |+c| a| |aaa1
+a1 |c|+cc |t |t| + |+c| a| taac|ctc 1cc 1aa |ata |aaa1, |t| + ||| caacca
t|+t|aa t|ca +|| t|c |||a sstca +t t|+t |+cc ||| ac 1cst|ac1, +a1 + |ac |+cc
||| accaac 1csc|tc1. Wc c+a |+atc1 saac |+ats ac| t|c|c aat |t |s aat a+ta|+|,
+a1 |t |s st||| 1csc|t. |a1 c +|c t||a ta a+|c t|c 1csc|t |aa| ac+at||a|. | 1csc|t,
+ |+aat|a |+cc! |a t|c a|11|c a| t|c c|t! W|+t ||| t|c c|t accaac! l||s 1csc|t
|tsc|| |ac|a1c1 caa|||ctc1 +a1 1c|+1|a. la t|c c|t, |t |s tc|||a|c, |t c+a 1cst|a +a1
1c|+1c t|c c|t. H+a ca|c aasc|c t||s. | |+cc |a| 1c+t| c+a |+aat t|c |||a, +
|c+t caa|||ct.
t+a |t ac! | ac t||a ||| ac aa|a |a t|c a|11|c a| |cscat! |a|csts |||
|a|cc| + |a|cst, aa aa|c 1cst|a|a. |c|aa1 |+|a |c|c |s + caat||aat|aa, aa aa|c
1||s|aa aat caac|+t|aa, +a1 ||cs |t| |t.
l||s |cscat |+cc |s + |cca| |aaac| |a|cst, c| ac+at||a|. |t |s |a t|c
a|11|c a| c|t, +a1 |t |s c| +|a+a|c. |a| + |aa tc|a, |ca t|c c|t |s |a|a, t||s
|a|cst accaacs aa|c +|a+a|c. l|c ccactc| c+a accaac + |c+| +||. |a1 | c+|| |t
|c|a+acat |a|cst.
Phc tho li vo ngha trang cho ngi i b
Sketch of the entrance for walker
caa e| |a| 1| t+a t|+a| aat taa t|c ca+ aat ||a aea ac caa
|aa t|a cat l+| s+a c|aa t+ |+| aa |+ aat sa t|ca 1c i+ 1aa aat ta+
a|+ t|+t |ea 1c c|a+ cat |a+ t||ca + a+ c+a a||ca t|ca 1ca a |c, t|aa |||
ta+ a|+ t|| |e| |+a. Hat aae| c|ct 1aec |a+ t|+a a+ ||a| t|ac |a+ t||ca, 1aec
1aa ||a +a |a actaa c||a 1aa 1aec a+a aa+, t|e t|+a| aat |ca +c|, |ca
+c| 1aa a c|a ||a |aa. e| a|aa |ca +c| 1aa a|+t, s+ ic t|+a| a|aa
||a| 1+a ||+c a|+a t|aa ||a |aa, t|aa ||a c+ i+a| c+c| | 1ac t|ca c|a |
||a 1+t. e| ||a| t|ac |aa cat a|a t|c, c|aa t+ ca t|c |aa 1aec a sa |+| cat. Ha|
caa |aa cat e| ||a| 1+a a+a 1a, aca c+a| aac taea |+a ac taa t|+a, + |+a|
|+a ca a+| c|c, a+a |c, aat ae| a|| c|+a + taea a|e aae| t|+a, aat aac
taea t+ |e a|aa ||+c || ||a| +a| aae| 1+ |+ 1|. e| a|aa caa |aa cat +
|+a| |+a 1| t|aa 1a, 1+t |+| |+c t|aa ||a |aa, 1aec |ct aa| ||ca tac |+ aat |+a
ca+ 1aa c|+ t|ca, ||ca tac, ||ca tac,. t|+a t|c|. Hat 1aa c|+ t|ca c|a |,
aat caa 1aea |a+| a|ca.
e| c+c| a+, a||+ t|+a 1aec saa, 1aec taa t|aa, |a+ |e e| |c
s|a| t|+| ca+ ta a||ca, sa ||a| t|+a| + caac saa ca+ aa ta ta |ea |ca, e| sa 1aa
a ca+ aat aae| a+a iaaa, a|a t|ac +t 1aec saa, 1aec aaa| 1aea t|aa ||a
|aa, |+t t||ca, |ea |ca, ||a |aa |a| taa t|aa taea |+| |+ caa |ca c|a caa
1+a ca iaa a+a|.
Cu Chi cemetery
|||st a| +||, t|c |csc||a a| |aaac| |a|cst, + |||a sstca a| t||s |+a1.
|+a1 ccactc|. |a t||s |+a1, | ||| |cc t|c sa||+cc a| t|c |+a1 |t |t
|+ats. | +|sa |ct t|c t actc| t actc| act. |c|a t|c |a|cst ||| ac t|c taaas,
||a+t|a aa t|c |aaa1 +a1 caaacct |t| c+c| at|c|. | c+|| t||s + sccaa1 |aaa1.
\a, |a t||s |a|cst, t|c|c ||| ac ta +|+||c| |aaa1, +a a|||a+| |aaa1 +a1 + sccaa1
|aaa1. W|ca + a+a |+ 1aa, ||s aa1 ||| 1c|+1c +a1 accaac s+a1 +a1 tact|c|
t|c c|c+tc + |+c| a| ||sta|, +a1 t|c |||a sstca |s st||| a+|at+|ac1. |cca |+at,
|aaa1, +a1 a|||a+| |aaa1. l|c sccaa1 |aaa1 ||| accaac + |+c| a| ||ac|, +
aa|tc1 aa1a|c, +a1 |t| t|c catc| +s, ||| accaac + |ast |a|cst
|s| sta|+c. | c |+c ta sca1 + |ac +aaaat a| aaac ta aa||1 + a|
|aasc sa t|+t c c+a sta|c +s| ||aa aa|a|a aaac +a1 |t |ccs |ac|c+s|a, |||c t|c
aa||1|a |s ||a|tc1. | 1c+t| c|saa c+a t|+as|a|a ta t|c +s| a aa|a|a, sc+|c1 |a +
aai ||c| c+a st+a1 saa +a1 |+|a, accaacs a||c|, +a1 caat||aatcs ta t|c |a|cst. W|t|
aa|tc1 a||c|s, +||+ac1 |a 1|||c|cat s|+c |a t|c |a|cst, sa||aaa1 t|c |+ats. W|t| t||s
+ a| sta||a t|c aaac +s|, c c+a sta|c |at a| +s|cs. |c| |aaa1 a| a||c|, acit
ta c| +|| +a1 +|| +s |t| |aa| ||| ac + |cst +a1 acaa| |+cc. l|c|c ||| ac +
+|| aa ||c| ||ttca a+acs +a1 |cta|c a| +ss|a ++ ca|c. |t| t|asc |aa a|
a||c| +a1 +|| + |as|1c +a1 1|st||aatc + |aa t|c |a|cst, caat|aac t|c ||c| a| |||c,
|a|cc|+ a+a1 a| acaa|.
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Khu vn m cung - Nhng ngi m v khu rng hin hu
Maize Garden - Tombs and Existing Forest
Khong trng gia khu rng v ngn thp im sng
Mt khong sng trong bng ti v nhng im sng
linh hn bay vt ln
Phc tho cc hp lu ct c sp xp trong khu rng.
Central void of the Forest, and Dot light tower - a light
inside dark forest and the soul raise up
Sketch of Ash storage, which are arranged in the forest
Kin Trc T Do
Li ber t y Archi tect ure
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