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Latihan Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas SMP kelas 8





Choose A, B, C or D for the correct answer.

  • 1. Rosita : What is your opinion about my stamp collections? Gerry : ________.


I have more stamps collections


Please give me some stamps


I need your help to arrange these stamps


I think you should add more stamps collections from

other countries

  • 2. Teddy : You look very busy arranging the books. May I help you?

Anya : ________.


In my opinion, they are interesting books


No, thanks. I can do it myself


I bought some new books


I agree with you

  • 3. Riana : What do you know about the speech contest in our school? Adinda : ________.


It will be held next month in the school hall


I’ll help you prepare the speech contest


I think it is good to improve students’ speaking skill


Yeah, I’m listening

  • 4. Icha : Do you agree if we make a small garden in the

back yard? Roy : Yeah. I agree with your idea. But, will our father agree with it?

Icha : I’m sure he will.

Who are talking in the dialog?


A mother and a son.


A father and a daughter.


A sister and a brother.


A teacher and a student.

  • 5. Faiz : Why didn’t you buy this beautiful dress? It really suits you.

Kirana : You know, it’s very expensive. I can’t afford it.

Where does the dialog happen?


In a fashion store.


In a shoe store.


In a bookstore.


In a restaurant.

Read the text and answer questions 6 to 8.

Latihan Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas SMP kelas 8 Nama Nilai : : Choose A, B, C or

Jakarta Garden City The Preferred Choice

  • 1. Good accessibility and increased mobility, about 20

minutes to Kelapa Gading, 35 minutes to Jakarta CBD and 45 minutes to airport.

  • 2. A safe and secure haven to raise a family.


Presence of amenities such as shopping mall,

hypermarket, wet and dry markets, international medical

center, resort hotel, international school and communal

facilities such as clubhouse, sports center, etc.


Enhanced infrastructure with wide roads for ease of

traveling, well-lit street, hygienic sanitary system, around

the clock security (24 hour CCTV), well-designed drainage and flood control systems and professional estate management.


A modern lifestyle & integrated township to live, work

and play.



Quality-control workmanship and with 6 months’ defects

liability period.



Good potential increase in property price over the long




The township development is managed by Keppel Land.


Source: October 15, 2009 <>


What is the purpose of the text?



To entertain the readers.


To advertise something.


To convince the readers.


To attract the readers.


How are the roads and streets in the Jakarta Garden






B. Short.


Narrow and well-lit.

D. Wide and well-lit.


Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE

according to the text?



There are many communal facilities in Jakarta

Garden City.



People can reach Jakarta Garden City easily.


There are no flood control systems in Jakarta Garden





Jakarta Garden City has modern lifestyle.

Read the text and answer questions 9 to 12.

Once upon a time, there were two butterflies, Teri and Roni. They were friends. Teri and Roni had the same crown.

One day, Kodi a frog, saw Teri and Roni quarrelling. “You took it!” said Roni. “No, I did not!” said Teri. “Hey, what’s the matter?” asked Kodi. “Teri stole my crown!” said Roni. “No, I didn’t,” said Teri. “Yesterday, I still had my crown when she came to visit me,” said Roni. “Today I cannot find the crown! Look! She is wearing it!” Roni shouted. “My mom gave me this crown,” Teri explained. Kodi suggested they all go to Roni’s house. “Where did you put it?” said Kodi to Roni. “I put it on the table,” Roni answered. They didn’t find the crown. “Maybe it fell down.” Kodi looked under the table. Nothing was there. “It was my favourite crown!” Roni sobbed.

“I didn’t steal yours, but if you like it so much, you can have mine,” Teri gave Roni the crown. “It’s here!” Kodi saw the crown behind the curtain. Roni stopped crying, “Thank God, Kodi found it!” “Sorry, Teri, I accused you. I’m a terrible friend!” “It’s okay,” said Teri. “Let’s say thanks to Kodi!”

  • 9. Where did Kodi find the crown?

    • A. B. On the table.

Under the table.

  • C. D. In the house.

Behind the curtain.

  • 10. “I put it on the table,

. . .

.” (line 13) What does the

  • D. he died because of an illness

  • 16. “. . .

who begged him to write it down.” (Paragraph 4)

What does the bold-typed word refer to?

  • A. B. The story on Alice.

His book.

His adventure.

  • C. D. His invention.

Read the text and answer questions 17 to 19.

Don’t touch the historical things here.

Due to being too old, they are fragile.

  • 17. Where do you possibly find the notice above?

underlined word refer to?

  • A. In a museum.

B. In a park.

  • A. B. The house.

The crown.

  • C. At hospital.

D. At school.

  • C. D. The curtain.

The table.

  • 18. Why are the things fragile?

  • A. They are expensive.

B. They are big.

  • C. They are valuable.

D. They are too old.


From the story, we can learn that ________.

  • 19. “. . .

they are fragile.”

  • A. trusting each other is very important

What does the word ‘fragile’ mean?

  • B. the goodness is always the winner

  • A. Unbreakable.

  • C. a wise friend can be trusted

  • B. Untouchable.

  • D. we shouldn’t accuse of others without proof

  • C. Easily broken or damaged.


From the story above we can conclude that Kodi is a

  • D. Easily created.


Read the text and answer questions 20 to 24.

  • A. B. good


Once upon a time, there was a potter and his wife

  • C. D. happy


who had one child, a little boy. As he grew older, they were

Read the text and answer questions 13 to 16.

grieved to see that he was different from all other children.

Almost every child knows the story of Alice in Wonderland. The author of this story is Lewis Caroll. However, this is not the author’s real name. His real name is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. He was born in 1832 in England.

He never played with them, or laughed, or sang. He just sat alone by himself, he hardly ever spoke to his parents, and he never learned the nice polite manners of the other children in the village. He sat and thought all day, and no one knew what he thought about, and his parents

He was a bright boy and he was educated at home. When he was twelve years old, he went to study at a nearby school. He then went on to study at the university. He was a very good mathematician and became a teacher at the university. He was six foot tall and handsome. He sometimes stammered when he spoke and this embarrassed him a great deal. However, this did not stop him from mixing around and he was quite popular because he was a good entertainer. He invented the story on Alice in 1862. He told the

were very sad. The other women tried to comfort the potter’s wife. They said, “Perhaps you will have another baby, and it will be like other children.” But she said, “I don’t want another baby. I want this one to be nice.” And the men of the villagetried to cheer the potter. “Queer boys often become great men,” they said. And one old man said, “Leave the boy alone. We shall see whether he is a wise man or a fool.” The potter went home and told his wife what the men had said. The boy heard him, and it seemed to wake

story to a daughter of a friend, Alice, who begged him to write it down. He took the story to a publisher who liked it and published it as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in

him up. He thought it over for a few days. At last one morning at dawn he took his stick in his hand and went into the forest to think there.


All day he wandered about, and at last he came to a little

He died in 1898 after falling ill due to pneumonia. Before he died, he published many books and writings, one of which was Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There.

clearing on the side of a hill from which he could look down over the country. The Sun was setting over the distant blue hills. Everything was touched with a pink and golden light, and deep shadows lay on the banana gardens and

Source: Primary English Cloze Passages

forests in the distance. However, the boy saw none of these

  • 13. What is the text about?

things. He was footsore and weary and miserable. He sat

  • A. The story of Alice in Wonderland.

down on a fallen log, tired out with his long day. Suddenly a

  • B. The characters in Alice in Wonderland.

lion came out on to the clearing.

  • C. The biography of Lewis Caroll.

“What are you doing here all alone?” he said

  • D. Lewis Caroll’s literary work.


  • 14. Lewis Caroll died when he was ________



“I am very miserable,” said the boy, “and I have

  • A. B. sixty-four



  • C. D. sixty-six

  • 15. The following statements are TRUE about Lewis Caroll, except ________.

    • A. Alice was his daughter’s name

    • B. he was an author and a good entertainer

    • C. he was smart and very good at math

come into the forest to think, for I do not know whether I

am a wise man or a fool.” “Is that all you think about?” said the lion. “Yes,” answered the boy, “I think about it night and day.”

“Then you are a fool,” said the lion decidedly. “Wise men think about things that benefit the country.”

  • 26. What kind of souvenir did the writer buy?

    • A. Postcards and snails.

And he walked away. An antelope came bounding out on the clearing and stopped to stare
And he walked away.
An antelope came bounding out on the clearing
and stopped to stare at the boy.
Seafood and squid.
Money and scarves.
Silk scarves and key chains.
“What are you doing here?” he asked.
“I am very miserable,” answered the boy,
“I don’t know whether I am a wise man or a fool.”
“I shall never forget the spectacular sight of the city
.” (Paragraph 2)
What does the underlined word mean?
“Do you ever eat anything?” said the antelope.
“Yes,” said the boy, “my mother cooks twice a day, and I
“Do you ever thank her?” said the antelope.
“No, I have never thought of that,” answered the boy.
“Then you are a fool,” said the antelope.
“Wise men are always grateful.” And he bounded off into
the forest again.
B. Usual.
D. Ordinary.
The text mainly tells us about the writer’s ________.
memorable experience in Singapore
activities in Singapore
shopping trips
holidays in Sentosa Island

Source: November 16, 2009

  • 20. What was the little boy thinking of?

    • A. Whether he was a grateful or ungrateful son.

    • B. Whether he was a wise or fool man.

    • C. Whether he was useful for others.

    • D. Whether he was smart or dull.

  • 21. What is the main idea of paragraph five?

    • A. The little boy’s attitudes.

    • B. Other people’s opinions about the little boy.

    • C. The little boy’s decision to wander.

    • D. The little boy’s wanderings.

  • 22. What can we learn from the story?

    • A. A wise man is someone who is useful for others.

    • B. We don’t know whether someone is wise or fool.

    • C. A wise man is someone who is grateful and thinks

  • about useful activities for his/her country.

    • D. We should think about something deeper and tries


    to solve our problems.

    “. . .

    and it will be like other children

    . .

    .” (Paragraph 3)

    What does the bold-typed word refer to?

    • A. B. The little boy.

    Another baby.

    • C. D. The antelope.

    The lion.

    • 24. “He was footsore and weary and miserable.” (Paragraph 5) The bold-typed word has similar meaning to ________.

    • A. disappointed

    B. weak

    • C. happy

    D. tired

    Read the text and answer questions 25 to 28.

    • I want to tell you about my memorable time in

    Singapore. It was one of the best holidays I ever had.

    • I shall never forget the spectacular sight of the city

    I saw from Mount Fable that night. The roller-coaster ride, the stunts performed by the dolphins and the killer whale at the Sea World were also exciting. I shall remember the

    thrill of having been on one of the longest rides in the monorail in Sentosa Island for many years to come.

    • I also enjoyed various varieties of seafood at the

    makeshift roadside stalls at the Chinatown night market. I

    also enjoyed the shopping trips. My family and friends

    agreed that the souvenirs were value for money, especially the silk scarves with pretty prints and the attractive key chains.

    • 25. What did the writer do at the Chinatown?

      • A. He had a roller-coaster experience.

      • B. He had various varieties of seafood.

      • C. He enjoyed the snails.

      • D. He enjoyed the souvenirs.

    Read the text and answer questions 29 to 31.

    Jalan Kartika number 78 Bandung Dear Cousin Freda, How are you getting on? The week break has arrived. It has been rainy weather here for quite some time now. But yesterday the weather was fine. So, mother decided to bring us to a circus that was in town. It seemed the circus was from India. I must tell you what happened over there yesterday. I think you will enjoy reading this. When we reached the circus grounds, we saw that the place was already very crowded. Children were running about everywhere gripping balloons and pink fairy floss in great big clouds. Giant-sized Mickey and Minnie swayed about the place nodding at everyone in their paths. Then, mother decided to watch the animal show. This

    • 29. What does Amanda tell in her letter?

      • A. Her experience while seeing a circus.

      • B. The information about a circus.

      • C. The incident in the circus.

      • D. The animal show in the circus.

  • 30. Who is Freda?

    • A. Amanda’s pen pal.

    • B. Amanda’s old friend.

    • C. Amanda’s cousin.

    • D. Amanda’s close friend.

  • 31. What did the giant-sized Mickey and Minnie do on the circus ground?

    • A. They gripped balloons.

    • B. They shook their heads.

    • C. They nodded at everyone.

    • D. They sang and danced.

  • Read the text and answer questions 32 to 35.

    An eagle was chasing after a hare for her dinner. The poor little hare did not know what to do. So, when he came across a beetle, the only other animal he saw, he begged him for help.

    The beetle stood between the hare and the eagle and asked for the eagle to spare this hare’s life. The eagle

    • 36. The text tells us about the Mavis and Joe’s experience when they ________.

    brushed off the beetle. In her opinion the beetle had


    camped on a hill

    nothing important to say because he was so small. Then,


    climbed up a mountain

    the eagle ate the hare right in front of the beetle.


    reached the top of a mountain

    From that point on the beetle hunted out the


    reached the top of a hill

    eagle’s nests, climbed into them and pushed her eggs out

    • 37. What was Mavis afraid of?


    to the ground so that they would break. The eagle went to


    Being trapped in the forest.

    Zeus for help. Zeus allowed the eagle to make a nest on his


    Being sick after the long ascent.

    lap so that he could protect the eggs himself.


    Being hungry and thirsty.

    The wily beetle made a gross dung pellet, flew


    Being killed by wild animals.

    over Zeus’ head and dropped it on him. Without thinking Zeus stood up to brush the pellet off and let the nest fall to

    • 38. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?

    the ground, breaking all of the eggs. Since that day, the


    Mavis and Joe did not enjoyed sandwiches and hot

    eagle does not nest during the beetle season.



    Mavis and Joe reached the peak of the hill when the


    sun set.

    • 32. Who tried to help the hare?



    There was another group of hikers who climbed up


    The beetle.

    B. The eagle.

    the hill.



    D. The bird.


    Patches of the leaves and twigs on the hill are dry.

    • 33. What is the main idea of paragraph 4?

    • 39. It was part of the Nature Reserve.”(Paragraph 1)


    An eagle that chased after a hare.

    The bold-typed word refers to ________.


    The eagle that asked for Zeus’ help to protect her


    the top of the mountain



    the top of the hill


    The beetle’s effort to break the eagle’s eggs from


    the mountain

    Zeus’ protection.



    the hill


    The beetle’s effort to protect the hare.

    • 40. were very tired after the long ascent.”(Paragraph

    • 34. What can you learn from the story?



    We must not disturb others.

    What is the synonym of the word ‘ascent’?


    We must not take revenge.



    B. Hiking.


    We should help others.



    D. Trip.


    We must not insult others.

    Read the text and answer questions 41 to 43.

    • 35. “The wily beetle made a gross dung pellet,


    (Paragraph 4)

    41. When was the concert of Ariel’s school band?
    • 41. When was the concert of Ariel’s school band?

    The word in bold type has opposite meaning to _____.



    B. stupid




    D. small

    Read the text and answer questions 36 to 40.

    Mavis and Joe finally reached the top of the hill. It was part of the Nature Reserve. Both of them were very tired after the long ascent. The two, feeling excited that they had reached the top, jumped with joy. They could now rest in the cool, morning mist; perhaps, even help themselves to a sandwich and a cup of hot coffee. The forest around them was quiet too quiet. The waters of the reservoir below were blue and calm. The sun was not up yet, but there was the faint light of dawn. Joe stepped carefully over patches of fallen leaves and twigs which were wet and, therefore, slippery. Suddenly, he halted. He was staring at something

    and Mavis became frightened. It was easy to know when


    On Sunday.

    B. On Monday.

    Mavis was scared because her eyes would open large and


    On Friday.

    D. On Saturday.

    round and her jaw would drop. Her fear of their being trapped in the forest had got the better of her.

    • 42. What did Ariel and his friends do after seeing the concert?

    She was about to scream when Joe looked back


    They went to a coffee shop.

    and smiled. His wide grin had a pleasant effect of instantly


    They went to a restaurant.

    dissolving the fear in Mavis, who moved cautiously down


    They went to the movie.

    the path to where Joe was. There was a group of hikers


    They went home.

    about thirty meters down the slope making their way to

    • 43. Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the

    where they were to reach the summit too, obviously. In



    the faint light, Mavis spotted a cousin of hers in that group


    The school band had a concert at night.

    of young people. She let out a shrill “Hi!” and sat on the


    The band concert is satisfying.

    patch of wet leaves and twigs, feeling relieved.


    Ariel does not like his school band.



    The vocalist of the band performed his songs

    The correct arrangement of the sentences



    above to make a good text is ________.

    For questions 44 to 46, choose the correct words to

    • A. 361452

    complete the text.

    • B. 362514

    In the early times, there was only darkness; there was no

    • C. 362415

    light at all. At the edge of the sea, a woman (44) ________ with her father. One time she went out to get some water.

    • D. 364251

    As she (45)

    the snow, she saw a feather floating

    toward her. She opened her mouth and the feather floated in and she swallowed it. Actually she (46) ________ swallow the feather. From that time she was pregnant.




    B. lives



    D. is living




    B. scrapped


    is scrapping

    D. was scrapping




    B. should not



    D. could not

    For questions 47 and 48, rearrange the following words


    into a good sentence.



    down grabbed the yard the eagle







    the chicken swooped in and







    The acceptable arrangement of the jumbled words above is ________.











    happened on when was the veranda








    sitting the accident I






    The acceptable arrangement of the jumbled words above is ________.











    For questions 49 and 50, rearrange the following


    sentences into a good text.



    • 1 In his delight he lifted up his voice and brayed, so that every one knew him.

    • 2 And shortly afterwards a fox came up to him and

    said, “Ah, I knew you by your voice.”

    • 3 He put it on and went towards his native village.

    • 4 Then, his owner came up and gave him a sound cudgeling for the fright he had caused.

    • 5 An ass once found a lion’s skin which the hunters had left out in the sun to dry.

    • 6 All fled at his approach, both men and animals, and he was a proud ass that day.

    Which one is the best arrangement to make a good text?

    • A. B. 532641


    • C. D. 536142



    • 1 I wanted to cheer her up.

    • 2 The florist told me that she could arrange beautiful bouquets of flowers.

    • 3 Last week, I went to a flower shop to buy some flowers.