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2 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012

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Four Years at Cornell
The Sun takes you back to some of the most momentous events of the last four years, tracing back headlines from this semester to the fall of freshman year. Re-read coverage of events that both stirred and indeliably changed the Hill, from the student suicides of Spring 2010 to the New York City tech campus victory of December 2011.

Military Commissioning Ceremonies 9 - 11 a.m., Statler Auditorium

College and School Receptions

Begin immediately following Commencement Ceremony College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: Ag Quad in front of Roberts Hall College of Architecture, Art and Planning: Arts Quad in the large white tent near McGraw Hall College of Arts and Sciences: Each department will have a reception for its graduates in different locations College of Engineering: Each department will have a reception for its graduates in different locations Graduate: Contact your Graduate Field Assistant for location School of Hotel Administration: Barton Hall School of Human Ecology: Bartels Hall, Newman Arena School of Industrial and Labor Relations: ILR Conference Center Courtyard Johnson Graduate School of Management: Sage Hall, Dyson Atrium Law School: Myron Taylor Hall, Berger Atrium College of Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary College Atrium, Schurman Hall

Live From Newman

Whether you counted yourself a Lynah Faithful or the friend who had to be dragged to games by Big Red fanatics, relive the biggest headlines in The Suns sports archives from 2008-12. The wins and heartbreaking losses alike await you.

Senior Class Convocation Noon - 1 p.m., Schoellkopf Stadium Presidents Family Gathering 2 - 3:30 p.m., Arts Quad C.U. Wind Ensemble 2:45 - 3:45 p.m., Arts Quad Ph.D. Recognition Ceremony 5 - 6:30 p.m., Barton Hall Chorus and Glee Club Concert 8 - 9:45 p.m., Bailey Hall

Arts and Entertainment

Ithaca, though miles away from the metropolitan music haven of New York City, has nevertheless wrangled quite the lineup of stars to come entertain the masses at Cornell. Reminisce over the Flaming Lips tearing down Barton Hall, Jon Stewart tickling the 2011 Parents Weekend crowd with joke after joke and other crowd-pleasers from the last four years.


Commencement Ceremony The ceremony will be held in Schoellkopf Stadium 9:15 a.m.: Students assemble on Arts Quad 9:30 a.m.: Guests arrive to their stadium seats 10 a.m.: Procession arrives at stadium 11 a.m.: Commencement Ceremony 12:30 - 3:30 p.m.: Diplomas distributed at college or departmental ceremonies

Class of 2012 Arts & Entertainment Four Years in Photos Senior Send-Offs Sports Four Years of Red Sports Highlights in Review 13-22, 33 23 24-25 26-43 46-48 48

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Graduation Issue Staff

Ben Gitlin 12, Michael Linhorst 12, Dani Neuharth-Keusch 12, Lauren Bigalow 12, Jeff Stein 13, Akane Otani 14, Ruby Perlmutter 13, Esther Hoffman 13 Cover Inspiration: Lauren Bigalow 12 Cover Perfection: John Schroeder 74 Cover Photos: Sun Photography Staff

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Racial Attack From Frat Balcony Sparks Protest

stop putting this responsibility on students, to create an anti-racist joint task force and to require all faculty and staff to undergo ongoing anti-oppression and social justice trainings. Meanwhile, several key details surrounding the incident including the identity and number of assailants remain unknown. The fraternity has been fully cooperative with the investigation, said Kathy Zoner, chief of the Cornell University Police Department. Beverly Fonkwo 14 said she was walking home with a friend when, unprovoked, someone on the fraternity roof began throwing objects that landed near a group walking behind them. When the people walking behind Fonkwo asked them to stop, the person or people on top of the fraternity continued to throw objects including a Jack Daniels bottle that landed near the group behind Fonkwo and an unopened beer can that landed near Fonkwo and her friend she said. When they asked them to stop again, the group responded, Come up here, Trayvon, and started making all these other racial comments, Fonkwo said. A black teenager from Florida, Trayvon Martin was shot and

Allegedly taunting them with references to Trayvon Martin, a person or group of people on the roof of the Sigma Pi fraternity house reportedly threw bottles and other objects at black students who were walking by the house during the early morning hours of May 6, according to several accounts. The incident provoked a torrent of criticism from minority organizations, student leaders and Cornell administrators, who all rushed to condemn the reported behavior amid a criminal investigation by the Ithaca Police. Under the glare of national media outlets, the University held no fewer than seven events as part of a series of conversations addressing bias, and announced that Sigma Pi had been placed on interim suspension in the week after the incident. Still, at a rally on May 16, protesters from Cornell, Ithaca College and the Ithaca community blasted the Universitys response to the attack, bringing with them the sound of syncopated drum beats and the fervor of about 100 shouting voices. What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now! protesters shouted as they marched from the fraternity to Day Hall. Among their demands was a call for the administration to take responsibility to end racism and


Up in arms | At a rally outside Day Hall on May 16, protesters criticize the Universitys response to an alleged racial
attack. An estimated 100 people attended the event, demanding that Cornell do more to improve race relations on campus.

killed in February a death that was widely perceived as unprovoked and galvanized AfricanAmerican activists across the country. I feel like it was targeted and racially motivated we felt very threatened, Fonkwo said of the incident. Meanwhile, the assailants were just laughing at the whole situation until we called the police and then they ran inside, she said.

In a statement, Sigma Pi said that there was one attacker and that he was not a member of the Cornell fraternity. Additionally, Zach Smith 13, the fraternitys president, said in an email obtained by The Sun that the individual was a member of Sigma Pi visiting from a chapter at another university. The entire brotherhood of Sigma Pi is shocked and embar-

rassed by this incident and we recognize [that] we are accountable. Behavior like this from anyone and in any form occurring on our premises is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the ... fraternity, the statement said. Though the perpetrator was not a brother of our chapter, this unfortunate event took place on our premises and thus we hold the ultimate responsibility.

8.30.11 THREE DIE IN GORGE ACCIDENTS: Three students died in separate gorge accidents this summer, leading the University to warn the students of the dangers of gorge swimming, a popular past-time for those looking to cool off during the sweltering summer months. 11.9.11 MYRICK 09 ELECTED MAYOR OF ITHACA: Just two years after graduating from Cornell, 24-year-old Svante Myrick 09 was elected Mayor of Ithaca on Nov. 8. The young candidate won wide support across Ithacas five wards, shocking many who thought he was too young to win. 11.21.11 HUMANITIES BLDG. SLATED FOR ARTS QUAD: A new building devoted to the humanities will rise on the Arts Quad, President David Skorton announced at a Board of Trustees meeting in November. The building, which will cost $61 million, will face East Avenue and attach to Goldwin Smith. 4.2.12 DALE CORSON, C.U.s 8TH PRESIDENT, DIES AT 97: Remembered by Cornellians as the leader whose remarkably steady guidance saved the University from the upheaval of the 1970s, Dale Corson, the eighth president of Cornell, died March 31 at the age of 97. 4.20.12 RON PAUL STIRS LYNAH FAITHFUL: The Ron Paul revolution roared through Ithaca on April 19, as the Republican presidential candidate and anti-establishment icon implored a Lynah Rink crowd of over 4,000 to join him and defeat the tyrants and enemies of liberty destroying America. 5.11.12 PROFS APPROVE CALENDAR DESPITE DISSENT: Overriding widespread opposition from students, the Faculty Senate approved contentious changes to the academic calendar on May 10. Among other changes, the plan would add a break in February and shorten both exam week and senior week.

Royal Palm Tavern Closes After 71 Years

The alcohol was flowing for one Much of the Palms charm, it last night at the Royal Palm Tavern, seems, came from its unabashedly but the crowd which filled the shabby appearance. Alumni debar to capacity wasnt just there to scribed it approvingly as a dive. In a take shots. 1978 review, The Sun described it as The Royal Palm, which had been the most run-down place in the in Collegetown for 71 years, closed area. Far from trying to fix it, the its doors for the final time during the owners of the Palms welcomed the early morning of March 1. Its last bars reputation. days were marked by throngs of Its your corner dive bar, and its returning alumni, fond remem- always been that way its not prebrances and, on its final Sunday, a tentious, Lenny Leonardo, who has marriage proposal. The bar, though Every time you come back, you dark, dirty and often go to the Palms. But where do sticky, seemed to unite we go now? its regulars with a special kind of bond. Students, Joe Lando 92 alumni and townies returning for one more visit described how the bar, com- owned the Palms since the early monly known as the Palms, had 1980s with his brother, Joe, said . become their late-night home away Its a beer and shot place. Youre not from home. going to get daiquiris here or frozen Every time you come back, you margaritas. go to the Palms. But where do we go Leonardos father owned the bar now? Joe Lando 92 said outside the which was established in 1941 by bar the night it closed. Leonardos uncle from the 1950s Current undergraduates felt the through the 80s. Even then, connection, too. Leonardo said, his father took pride Where are we going to go? We in the dive bar atmosphere. have no home anymore! a student The only thing we ever change yelled at 1:15 a.m., shortly after the here is the light bulbs once in a music ended for the night. while, Leonardo said.


Out front | Then-President Dale Corson declares his opposition to the Vietnam War at a protest of
2,500 people on Oct. 15, 1969. Corson died March 31 at the age of 97.

4 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012


FALL 2011

After Competition,Cornell Wins NYCTech Campus

After nearly a year of designing, lobbying aire after co-founding the Duty Free and promoting, Cornell won the right to Shoppers Group. build a new engineering and technology camCornell partnered with The Technion pus in New York City, Mayor Michael Israel Institute of Technology in its proposal. Bloomberg announced in December. Cornell The Technion is credited with transforming topped a field of 17 institutions that entered Israel into a technological powerhouse, and it the competition. has an incredible record of breakthroughs The Universitys proposed campus, to be and technology, Bloomberg said. built on Roosevelt Island, includes more While Cornell will own the physical than 2 million square feet of space and will Roosevelt Island campus, a significant part house almost 2,000 graduate students and of that campus will be what were calling The about 250 professors. The project is expect- Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute, ed to take about 30 years to complete and Provost Kent Fuchs told The Sun in October. cost as much as $2 bilTCII will offer dual lion. degrees and will be a I think its fair to say 50-50 collaboration that today will be between the two uniremembered as a definversities. The degrees ing moment, Bloomwill focus on masters berg said when the students who want to announcement was commercialize and start made in December. In new companies, Fuchs a word, this project is said. going to be transformaThe proposal also tive. promised to immediateIn a word, this project is The tech campus ly establish a $150 milcompetition, which had going to be transformative. lion fund for start-up been expected to contechnology companies Mayor Bloomberg tinue until January, was in New York City, the radically altered in midmayor said. That fund December when Stanford University with- is going to pay instant dividends, he said. drew its bid. Stanford was widely considered As the winner of the competition, Cornell Cornells primary rival, and its departure left and the Technion will receive nearly-free land Cornell as the clear front-runner in the con- on Roosevelt Island and up to $100 million test. Hours after Stanford withdrew, Cornell from the city for infrastructure improveannounced it received a $350 million gift ments. Bloomberg said he hopes this campus will the largest donation in the Universitys history to help fund the campus. become a lasting legacy of his third term as The University later revealed the donor to New York City mayor and will help the city be Atlantic Philanthropies, founded by to someday overtake Silicon Valley as the Charles Feeney 56. Feeney became a billion- technology capital of the world.


Winning | President Skorton speaks alongside New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the
press conference announcing Cornells success in the citys tech campus competition.

We think it will redefine our economic future, he said. History will write that this was a game-changing time in New York City. The University proposed an aggressive timetable for opening the new campus. Classes will begin in fall 2012 and will initially be housed in leased space until the permanent campus on Roosevelt Island is constructed. Three hundred students will be enrolled in the school by 2018, Bloomberg said. Cornells proposal calls for a campus composed of research hubs a departure from the departmental structure on the Ithaca campus. The focus of the hubs will be dynamic,

evolving to keep abreast of trends in both technology and markets, an executive summary of Cornells proposal stated. The first three hubs will focus on connective media, built environment and healthier life. These hubs will be flexible. In five years they may be different, the Technions president said. The executive summary of Cornells proposal stated that Cornell and the Technion want to create the worlds leading campus dedicated to technology and enterprise. With demo days, meet-ups, industry mentors and ties with early stage investors and incubators, the campus will be a focal point for the citys technology sector, the document stated.


Extends its congratulations to
Christopher Dobyns
the 2012 recipient of the
The John F. Kennedy Memorial Award is a prize awarded to a graduating senior, or seniors, who have demonstrated the desire to pursue careers in public service at the local, state or national level.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Award

The class of 1964 would like to thank the members of the Selection Committee, Coni Robinson of the Office of Financial Aid, and all of the students who applied for the award. We wish you success in your future endeavors.


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 5


Four Charged After SAE Death


Memorial | Flowers sit on a railing in front of the remnants of the

Cook Street house where Brian Lo '11 died on May 6.

STUDENT ARRESTED FOR HEROIN POSSESSION: Keri Blakinger 11 pleaded guilty in February to third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance after admitting possession of more than four ounces of heroin. Under the plea agreement, Blakinger was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. Blakinger was arrested along the 500 block of Stewart Avenue Dec. 19. The arrest garnered national media attention after the Ithaca Police initially estimated the value of the heroin in her possession at $150,000. 5.01.11 CELEBRATIONS ERUPT AFTER BIN LADENS DEATH: Osama bin Laden, mastermind of the September 11, 2001, attacks that claimed almost 3,000 American lives, was killed by U.S. forces in a firefight in May. After President Barack Obama announced the news in a speech late that night, students gathered in spaces around campus to celebrate. Students stormed College Avenue with American flags, blasting patriotic music out of their windows and setting fireworks off on the Arts Quad and West Campus. 5.06.11 STUDENT DIES IN CTOWN HOUSE FIRE: Brian Lo 11 died in a house fire on Cook Street early on the morning of May 6. The fire, at 107 Cook Street, began around midnight the morning of Slope Day and burned uncontrolled for about three hours, according to then-Deputy Fire Chief Tom Parsons 82. Six or seven other residents evacuated the building, he said. Lo was a senior in the School of Hotel Administration. Firefighters arrived at the scene within two minutes of being dispatched, but the fire was apparently burning for several minutes before the fire department was notified, he said.

George Desdunes 13 died on the morning of Feb. presented by the Tompkins County District Attorney. 25 after he was found unresponsive in the Sigma While Marie Lourdes Andre, Desdunes mother, Alpha Epsilon fraternity house. He was discovered on alleges in her suit that pledges compelled [Desdunes] to a couch in the fraternitys library and subsequently consume alcohol until he lost consciousness, the defense died at Cayuga Medical Center. argues that the consumption of alcohol during the inciDesdunes, who was a brother in SAE, participated dents leading up to his death was wholly voluntary. in a mock kidnapping before his death, according to Andres suit says that after a hazing event in which court documents. He and another SAE brother had Desdunes was tied up and given alcohol by pledge their hands and feet tied with zip ties and duct tape. members, Desdunes became so intoxicated that he The two were asked questions, and when they required immediate medical treatment. Instead, he answered incorrectly, they did exercises or were given was taken by the pledges, still bound at the wrists and drinks, such as flavored syrup or vodka, according to ankles, and dumped on a couch in the SAE house where he was unattended and left to die. the documents. Three former SAE pledges pleaded not guilty on But according to the defendants lawyers, Desdunes May 5 after a grand jury indicted them on voluntarily drank at least 10 to 12 ounces misdemeanor charges of first-degree hazing and perhaps as much as 15 to 20 ounces of and first-degree unlawfully dealing with a alcohol (rum and whiskey) at the SAE frachild. A fourth person under the age of 19 ternity earlier in the night, before the pledge was also charged, but the records were event. For reference, one shot is appoxisealed due to the persons age. mately equivalent to 1.5 ounces. One forThe three defendants whose names mer SAE brother reportedly saw Desdunes were released were Max Haskin 14, Ben with a virtually empty bottle of Captain Mann 14 and Edward Williams 14. Morgan rum and another later observed None of the four co-defendants were curDesdunes in an intoxicated condition, DESDUNES 13 rently enrolled at Cornell, according to a the defendants paper states. Desdunes went to at least one Collegetown bar, press release from Tompkins County District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson. the documents say, before he agreed to be kidIn addition to the two charges, Williams also napped by the pledges. Pledge members took pleaded not guilty to a third charge of second-degree Desdunes and another SAE brother to the townhouse apartments on North Campus, where they engaged in criminal nuisance, a misdemeanor. Authorities said Desdunes blood alcohol level after a time-honored reverse custodial arrangement wherehis death was 0.35. By comparison, the legal limit to by the pledges took custody of a fraternity member, loosely restrained and blindfolded the member and drive in New York State is 0.08. But the defense attorneys for the pledges have engaged in mock questioning about fraternity history argued that Desdunes voluntarily consented to take and related information. part in the fraternity ritual. The University withdrew recognition of SAE in Their lawyers explanation for Desdunes death March 2011, forcing the fraternitys members to diverges from the one outlined in a separate, $25 mil- vacate the house by the end of that month. lion wrongful death lawsuit filed by Desdunes mothAdditionally, the SAE national organization closed er in civil court against SAE. That lawsuits account of the Cornell chapter and suspended all its members the night Desdunes died is different still from the one until they graduate.

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6 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012


FALL 2010

Students Protest Africana Move; University Increases Funding

The University announced in December that the Africana Studies and Research Center previously a unit under the supervision of Provost Kent Fuchs and separate from any of Cornells seven undergraduate colleges would be merged into the College of Arts and Sciences, effective July 1, 2011. Though Fuchs said the Africana Center would enjoy increased efficiency and support as part of the College of Arts and Sciences, the move was met with immediate backlash from Africana students and faculty, who said they were unhappy with the lack of dialogue in advance of the administrative change, as well as other concerns. Prof. Robert L. Harris, Jr. resigned his post as director of the Africana in protest of the reorganization. Two days later, he rescinded the resignation as he led a group of 80 to 100 protestors in a march to Day Hall. In 41 years of service to Cornell, Ive never seen anything like this, said Prof. James Turner, founder of the Africana Center. In March, the University promised to increase the budget of the Africana Center by more than 50 percent over the next five years. The pledge which increased the centers permanent budget from $2.3 million to $3.5 million was the first time the University made a specific fiscal commitment to the center. Additionally, the center received a one-time allocation of $2 million to recruit new faculty, support research and develop a new Ph.D. program, according to a University statement. Some students, however, argued that the administrative relocation of Africana would compromise the 42-year-old centers autonomy a loss they said was not solved by the additional funding. I welcome the increase in resources; I dont welcome the merge. And I dont see this as a mutually exclusive situation, said Zach Murray 11, of Black Students United. [This decision] represents a simple raw use of power in an autocratic, undemocratic manner that is certainly not transparent, Turner said.


Fence information | Signs explaining the purpose of the temporary

bridge fences were posted near bridges before the fall semester began.

C.U.Picks Bridge Barrier Architect

Following months of discussions between Ithaca and the University and the construction of two sets of temporary fencing on the bridges near campus, the University announced in early September the architect who will design permanent suicide barriers for bridges on and near campus. The barriers came as a response to three student suicides from bridges on and near campus during spring 2010. The architect, Nader Tehrani, is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The barrier designs which, in 2011, were revealed to be mostly nets under the bridges are intended to allow for views of the gorges natural beauty. In an academic setting, Tehrani has focused on research surrounding materials, methods of aggregations, geometry and the advancement of digital fabrication, according to a website connected to the architect. The temporary fences and the permanent barriers are intended as means restriction a strategy to stop suicides on bridges by physically preventing people from jumping into the gorges.


Raise your hand | Students and faculty rally in front of Day Hall in
December 2010 to protest the Universitys decision to move Africana.

DONATION ESTABLISHES DYSON SCHOOL: The family of John Dyson, a former chairman of the New York Power Authority, pledged to give $25 million to Cornells Department of Applied Economics and Management. With the gift, AEM became the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences as a result of the gift. 8.27.10 NIKE BENDS TO STUDENT PRESSURE: After Cornell threatened to not renew its licensing contract with Nike, the apparel giant agreed to create a $1.5 million relief fund as well as provide job training programs and a year of healthcare for laid-off employees of Nike sub-contractors Hugger de Honduras and Vision Tex. Nikes decision marked the end of Cornell Students Against Sweatshops Just Pay It campaign the organizations second successful attempt in under a year to pressure a corporation into resolving worker disputes. 8.31.10 STUDENTS BODY FOUND IN GORGE: Rescue workers recovered the body of Khalil King 13 from the Fall Creek Gorge on Aug. 31. Officials ruled Kings death accidental. He went missing after a night of partying that involved alcohol and possibly drugs, according to police documents. 10.27.10 EDUCATION DEPARTMENT TO CLOSE: The Department of Education in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will be phased out over the next two years, the University announced in October. DAIRY BAR CLOSES FOR RENOVATIONS: The renovation of Stocking Hall home to the Department of Food Science and the Cornell Dairy Bar began in November. The Dairy Bar is not expected to reopen until 2013. 11.18.10 JOHNSON DIRECTOR ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT: After serving as the director of the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art through 19 years and an estimated 300 to 400 shows, Frank Robinson announced his plan to retire at the end of the school year. 11.19.10 FOUR LOKO STOPS SHIPMENTS TO NEW YORK STATE: Four Loko producer Phusion Products voluntarily agreed to stop shipping its popular product which combined alcohol and caffeine to New York State starting Nov. 19. A few weeks later, Four Loko emerged again, but without its caffeine. Parties featuring original Loko raged in Collegetown throughout the spring semester.


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 7


After three deaths within one month, University installs bridge fences
The Cornell community was shaken in Spring 2010 after three students jumped from campus bridges between February and March. The highly public suicides attracted national media attention as all eyes turned on Cornell and the stunned campus grappled with what happened. In total, six students committed suicide and five others died from other causes during the 2009-2010 academic year. The University responded immediately after the third death in mid-March by placing 24-hour security guards on all bridges on and near campus. The guards, who remained in place until students left for spring break, were assigned to keep watch over the bridges. By the time spring break ended, the City of Ithaca and Cornell agreed to construct temporary chain-link fences along the sides of seven bridges. University officials maintained that the fences were a short-term solution to prevent further tragedy while longer-term solutions were being devised. The fences, however, stirred a debate that has stayed strong ever since. Some members of the community protested the fences obstruction of the gorges natural beauty, while others emphasized their potential life-saving benefits. The chain-link fences were eventually replaced by non-reflective black fences. Beginning in the summer of 2012, Ithaca and Cornell are planning to install nets under most campus bridges, which will per-

String of Student Suicides Rattles Campus

manently replace the fences. Other immediate responses to the deaths included the expansion of mental health outreach services, personal check-ins on all students living on campus, a Lift Your Spirits event on the Arts Quad, and extended hours for counseling services. After the third suicide, which took place in mid-March, the Universitys messages to the community struck a much more personal and urgent tone than previous announcements of student deaths. Your well being is the foundation on which your success is built. You are not alone, Skorton said in an e-mail to the community on March 12, 2010. If you learn anything at Cornell, please learn to ask for help. It is a sign of wisdom and strength. The suicides brought back discussions of Cornells grim reputation as a suicide school. Though the Universitys suicide rate, despite the events of spring 2010, is slightly below the national average, many began to question whether Cornell takes enough proactive measures to prevent student tragedies. Improving the culture of Cornell became a common initiative among Student Assembly members and other student groups. Others called for the University to adjust the academic calendar to decrease the time period between breaks changes that the Faculty Senate, despite protests from students, approved in spring 2012.


Joining in unity | Students come together for a Lift Your Spirits event after the third
suicide in less than a month.

1.25.10 GREEK SYSTEM UNDER SCRUTINY: Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity had its University recognition suspended temporarily during rush week after a rush week event that sent three students to the hospital. Following a nearly three-month review, the chapter was officially shut down. Kappa Sigma was also shut down for violating rules in its national charter and Alpha Delta Phi was put on probation after its hazing practices were leaked to a gossip website. 2.2.10 CORNELL FEELS EFFECTS OF BUDGET CUTS: With the Universitys strategic planning process moving toward completion, the Department of Theatre, Film and Dance was the first of the semester to feel the effects of the cuts when it was told to prepare for its funding to be slashed by $2 million, about one third of its budget. The Russian department was also threatened, with the Russian major being redistributed to the comparative literature department. 4.20.10 GRAD STUDENT CONVICTED OF WIFES MURDER: A court returned a guilty verdict on each of the three felony charges against former Cornell graduate student Blazej Kot. Kot was convicted of second-degree murder for fatally stabbing his wife Caroline Coffey, a student at Cornells Veterinary School, whose body was found on a wooded trail in Taughannock Falls State Park.

ce Sin59 19

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Cornell responds | The University installed temporary fences on

campus bridges during spring break 2010.

217 Elmira Road


8 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012


FALL 2009

CORNELL LOOKS WITHIN AS DEFICIT LOOMS: With Cornells current budget deficit still totaling more than $135 million, the University was forced to seriously reconsider its future. Reimagining Cornell an effort the University touted as one of the most comprehensive self-examinations in its 144-year history became the Universitys strategic plan that top administrators hoped would set Cornell on stable financial footing. The project had two phases: identifying areas across the University where expenses could be trimmed, and then rebuilding Cornell into a leaner and stronger institution, according to the University. The work was first divided between Bain & Co., a global consulting firm, and task forces composed of people within the University that focused on various aspect of Cornell. The findings of these task forces were released to the public in November, and they contained a wide range of strategies for how Cornells academic programs could be either reorganized, merged, consolidated or eliminated as the University sought to function more efficiently in what Provost Kent Fuchs called an era of reduced resources. REASSIGNMENT OF UJAMAA DIRECTOR CAUSES OUTCRY: Controversy erupted when Ken Glover, residential housing director of Ujamaa Residential College, was abruptly reassigned to another position. The student response highlighted growing unrest surrounding the Universitys review of program houses on campus. In October, the group Students for Ken Glover, staged a march in support of Glover at the Homecoming Parade. Later that month, more than 100 students and community members participated in a silent protest outside the a trustee meeting to share their concerns over suppression of minority voices on campus. CORNELL HIT BY H1N1 PANDEMIC: More than 1,700 Cornell students were diagnosed with probable H1N1 influenza during the academic year, prompting a University-wide response to the global pandemic. Aside from Gannetts efforts to contain the virus, Cornells athletics department eliminated the annual camp out for hockey tickets, and the Interfraternity Council put a temporary moratorium on fraternity parties to limit person-to-person contact. Warren Schors 11 death a result of complications relating to H1N1 was the first H1N1related fatality in Tompkins County. UNIVERSITY LOSES 45,000 SS NUMBERS: In June 2009, Cornell informed more than 45,000 current and former members of the University community that sensitive personal information including their names and Social Security numbers had been exposed when a University-owned laptop was stolen. As a result of the breach, the University provided protective services to those affected, including free credit reporting, credit monitoring and identity theft restoration services. UNIVERSITY AND ITHACA SOUND OFF ON HYDROFRACKING: Technological innovations, including the development of new gas extraction capabilities like horizontal drilling and hydraulic-fracturing, known as hydrofracking, spawned interest in the Marcellus Shale which extends into Tompkins County. With the prospect of a large-scale gas drilling project in Ithaca, Cornellians and Ithacans alike voiced concern about such a projects potential environmental and health impacts.


They used to call me Piggy | As the swine u pandemic reached its peak at the beginning of September, a pigs head was found on a
stake in the Arts Quad alongside a Lord of the Flies quote.

C.U.Ramps Up Response After Student H1N1 Death

Warren Schor 11, of Clinton Corners, N.Y., died on Sept. 11, 2009, at Cayuga Medical Center from complications relating to H1N1 influenza. Schor, 20, was the first H1N1 influenza-related fatality in Tompkins County. By mid-September, the total number of students diagnosed by Gannett Health Services with probable cases of H1N1 flu had risen to approximately 556, according to Sharon Dittman, Gannetts associate director for community relations. In a message to members of the Cornell community after Schors death, President David Skorton urged everyone to be on alert about the risks related to underlying health conditions and severe flu symptoms. As part of the Universitys effort to fight the spread of the flu, hand-sanitizing stations appeared throughout campus, and signs urging the community to wash its hands became ubiquitous. Just days before Schors death, the Interfraternity Council enacted a moratorium on all its social events to help curb the spread of flu on campus. The moratorium prohibited most fraternity events for a span of two weeks in mid-September. We have an obligation as leaders to take this seriously, then-IFC President Eddie Rooker 10 said. I whole-heartedly think that this is a logical and reasonable step to take right now. The IFCs action came as Gannett was reporting an extremely high volume of patients calling and visiting with flu-like symptoms. At one point, Gannett officials were forced to temporarily suspend the scheduling of appointments for routine care due to the influx of flu-related patients. The Faculty Senate passed a resolution encouraging instructors to be flexible when students catch the flu so that students do not feel they need to come to class. Faculty were encouraged to offer make-up exams following scheduled examinations, delayed due dates for other assignments and excusal of classes missed due to illness, the resolution stated. I think well be much more lenient with students who miss class, Prof. William Fry Ph.D. 70, the dean of faculty, told The Sun at the time. There are no absolute rules; anyone can apply to the faculty. In response to the outbreak, administrators relied upon the organizational mechanisms created by a previous plan for a different type of pandemic. Ominously, according to the plan, if the pandemic reached disastrous proportions, Barton Hall was to be used as an infirmary and Lynah Rink was to function as a morgue.


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 9

FALL 2008 & SPRING 2009

8.28.08 SCHEDULIZER SHUTS DOWN: Capping a year of scheduling difficulties with the newly-implemented PeopleSoft course management system, Add/Drop caused frustration for students trying to plan their fall semester courses in August. On the same day, Schedulizer announced that it would disable its services for Cornell students because of a disagreement with the Registrar. Schedulizer was brought back a day later, and the University administration worked to streamline PeopleSoft. 9.2.08 CLUBFEST PROTEST: A protest at Clubfest in August brought attention to racial issues at Cornell as members of various minority groups congregated to speak out against The Cornell Reviews controversial portrayal of minority students in its orientation week issue. The Review refused to apologize for the allegedly racist remarks, prompting students to ask the Student Assembly to remove the word Cornell from The Reviews title. 10.17.08 FUCHS REPLACES MARTIN AS PROVOST: After former Provost Biddy Martin announced in the summer that she would be leaving Cornell to become chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University put together a search team to begin looking for her replacement. In October, President David Skorton announced to the Board of Trustees that Kent Fuchs, former dean of the College of Engineering, would become the next provost. 1.20.09 PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION: Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th president and the first African-American president after his election in November. 2.10.09 GAZA PROTESTS ERUPT ON CAMPUS: In February, more than 1,300 black flags each symbolizing one of the Palestinian or Israeli lives lost in the conflict were arranged on the Arts Quad in protest of the Gaza crisis. More than half of the flags and accompanying signs were later removed from the Arts Quad, vandalized and rearranged to the formation of a Jewish star, igniting a wave of controversy. 2.17.09 HYDRAULICS LAB COLLAPSES: Cor nells Hydraulics Lab a decaying stone building that projected out from Fall Creek Gorge next to the Triphammer Footbridge and across from the Alumni House collapsed in mid-February, ending any speculation as to how long the structurally precarious building would last. 2.20.09 CORNELL SEVERS TIES WITH RUSSELL ATHLETICS: Due to pressure from the Cornell Organization for Labor Action, Cornell severed ties with Russell Athletics. The companys factory, Jerzees de Honduras, was shut down due to the unionization of its workers. 4.23.09 CHI ALPHA PRESIDENT FORCED TO QUIT: The Sun reported that Chris Donohoe 09 was asked to step down from his leadership position in the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship due to his homosexuality, igniting student demands for LGBT rights.

Endowment Plummets Amid Financial Crisis

The financial storm sweeping across the globe took its toll on Cornells finances in Fall 2008. The Universitys endowment, valued at $6.1 million on June 30, 2008, declined by at least 27 percent that fiscal year and the University faced a $200 million budget shortfall. Amid intense pressure from trustees, alumni and the rest of the Cornell community, the administration announced a series of sweeping measures to quell the loss of funds. Five-Percent Univer sityWide Cuts: An across-theboard budget cut of 5 percent was applied to all colleges, while the presidents and provosts offices took a 10-percent cut. Administrators, staff and professors across the campus struggled to make do with their smaller budgets. Construction Pause: The University paused most construction projects to re-evaluate the necessity of each proposed project. Construction that was already underway, including the Physical Sciences Building and Milstein Hall, was allowed to continue. Cornell Increases Class Size by 100 Students: Cornell announced that it would accept 100 more students in the incoming Class of 2013 in an effort to increase income from tuition and raise capital. Bond Sale: In March, Cornell sold its largest offering of taxable bonds, valued at $500 million The bonds sold within 30 minutes. Retirement Incen tives: In February, Cornell initiated two staff retirement incentive plans to reduce the size of its staff. As of April, all 423 employees who applied for the Staff Retirement Incen tive initiative were ac cepted into the program. Cut Courses: Due to budget constraints, the University decided in April that its Swedish, Dutch and ESL writing programs would no longer be offered. The Turkish program was also downsized. Library Closures: Facing a $2 million slash in its budget, the University library system announced in March that the Physical Sciences Library and the Knight Visual Resources Center would shut down, although study spaces would remain.

Students Celebrate Obamas Election

Obamania erupted in Collegetown just after 11 p.m. on Nov. 4, 2008, as Barack Obama became the President-Elect of the United States. People poured out of bars and crowded the streets as they soaked in the historic moment. Its crazy, oh, my God, Leslie Tseng 10 said. Everyone is running up and down Dryden Road yelling, Barack Obama! and setting off fireworks. Celebrations began across Ithaca following Obamas victory. Students congregated on Ho Plaza and stormed into Olin Library in a euphoric surge. Only about 30 percent of Cornellians are from New York State, so many had already mailed their absentee ballots prior to the Tuesday election. Nonetheless, many students turned up to polling stations across the University on Election Day to vote for the next president of the United States. By 4 p.m., a short line had formed at the polling station in Robert Purcell Community Center. When asked about the turnout, a staff widened her eyes and simply exclaimed, Huge! An overwhelming majority of voters in Ithaca chose Barack Obama over John McCain, with the Illinois senator garnering over 85 percent of the vote.


The Corne Daily Sun

Independent Since 1880
Editor in Chief

Business Manager Associate Editor Web Editor

Managing Editor


Assistant Managing Editor Photography Editor

Advertising Manager

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News Editor News Editor Arts & Entertainment Editor

Arts & Entertainment Editor City Editor


News Editor


Assistant Sports Editor

Assistant Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor Science Editor

e have this habit of fitting things into neat little boxes when we dont know how to make sense of them. Our academic experiences tell us there should be a right and wrong box to fill in for every question. We even fit the Cornell experience to a package of checkboxes: a list of 161 things every Cornellian should do before graduating. We get rubrics for how our stories should be written, whether or not we choose to adhere to them. Four years ago, those lists sparked excitement for all the things we could and would do. But look-

None of the Above

or sleep is within reach whichever happens first. And here it comes: Nostalgia. Nostalgia, for a time and place, for memories and stories, creeps its way into our identities. It unites us, because we know the rest of the Class of 2012 is writing a version of the same story. But it divides us, because what we identify with is and always will be based on our own stories, written in original thoughts and experiences. We need those stories. They help us know that as we leave the Hill and start new chapters, the choices we made here


Assistant Web Editor Online Advertising Manager Assistant Advertising Manager

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Senior Editor Senior Editor Senior Editor Social Media Manager


Dani Neuharth-Keusch
Collapse the Box
ing back from our last days at Cornell, its hard to dodge a pang of nostalgia for what weve checked off and what well miss out on. Theres still time to make the remaining lasts count, because thats what we saved our bests for right? You know, I dont think it really matters if your last days at Cornell are your best or worst. When years or months from now you scramble for a foothold that brings you back to them, you probably wont remember the bad parts. Youll remember how the sky felt on the Arts Quad that Friday, after you completely bombed your final exam in what class was it? It doesnt really matter what we accomplish, or what we dont. It doesnt really matter what were told we should do. And it doesnt really matter if we check everything off our lists. What sticks with us is the experience of trying, and failing. Or succeeding. What matters is how we collapse our little boxes and take control of our own stories. What matters is how we choose to remember. Ive remembered, re-read and re-written a lot of stories. Since March theyve been my own stories for a change, as Ive tried my best to live away from the Ivycovered bricks, scribbled dry-erase boards and comforting smell of newsprint at 139 W. State Street. Now, after eight semesters of skewed priorities in the name of The Sun, friends and family are quick to ask, So why did you do it? Sometimes I laugh and shrug. Sometimes I groan. Often I half-sarcastically quote Kurt Vonnegut, that I was happiest when I was all alone and it was very late at night, and I was walking up the Hill after having helped put The Sun to bed. But really, I think Vonnegut remembered it wrong. If I was happiest then, it was the illogical, giddy kind of happiness that comes with caffeinated sleep deprivation and anticipation of the weeks allnighters. Rarely was I alone and usually it was very early in the morning, and I was driving all the way to North with a car full of night editors. Head full of Quark commands and oxford commas, stomach full of Shortstop, ears still ringing from Schroeders screwball playlist of choice. Or maybe he remembered it right. There was also the fiery, energized kind of happiness that comes with a hard-won scoop and anticipation of tomorrows front-page story. Sometimes I was alone and it was almost always very early in the morning, and maybe I was driving to the plantations to watch the sunrise. Head full of half-thoughts and excitement, stomach still full of Shortstop, ears enjoying the silence until the paper is delivered will somehow matter trite as it sounds, we will all be a part of Cornell, because our Cornell stories will be a part of us. In the end, our choices our words and actions are what matter. They write our stories. They are all we leave, all we have, all weve been and all we will be. And, most of the time, theyre completely within our control. In the past four years, weve accumulated achievements and failures, memberships and leaderships, friends and acquaintances, and academic and nonacademic honors. Which one of these would you choose to define your Cornell experience? My answer is none of the above. Or maybe a little of all of the above. I do know this: My Cornell experience isnt the same as anyone elses, but a few shared pages stand out. I hope you know who you are, but to everyone who contributed anecdotes, inspired plot lines, edited my rough drafts and helped cure my writers block: My story would be dull without you. The moniker for this column, Collapse the Box, comes from the British street artist Banksy opposer of dullness, champion of originality, hater of boxes: Dont just think outside the box. Collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it. Ive strived to think outside the box since sixth grade, when I signed up for Odyssey of the Mind (my first extracurricular activity, and the beginning of my path to overachiever-dom) and someone told me thats what my goal should be. The creative problem-solving program also told me that if the rules dont say you cant do something, it means you can and probably should. More creativity meant more points. That was all fine, until I realized that by trying to think outside of one box at a time, I was falling into a Matryoshka Doll of even bigger boxes. In the decade since I started thinking outside boxes, Ive learned that unless Im moving, or sending a package, I have little use for boxes altogether. I discovered that even if the rules to a problem say you cant do something, theres usually a creative way around them. And somewhere under The Sun between High Rise 5 and Collegetown, I learned how to deconstruct things like rules and boxes. Its pushed me to write a much more original story. So forget the Big Red boxes, and just make your Cornell story a good one.
Dani Neuharth-Keusch is graduating from the College of Arts and Sciences and served as The Suns 129th Associate Editor. She may be reached at

Senior Editor Senior Editor Senior Editor




Something Solid

The following editorial was originally printed on March 2. WHAT IS SOMETHING SOLID? WELL, it doesnt really mean anything. The word solid is not a very descriptive word. Use it in an essay of some kind for class yeah, I thought the reading was ... solid and the professor will probably assume that you didnt read the book. Come home and tell your friends or family that you had a solid day, and they likely wont know how to respond. Recommend a solid restaurant to some, and itll be unclear whether they should go or not. In the world of journalism where every word is supposed to convey a specific meaning, where the difference between two synonyms, like captured and seized, tucked away in the middle of a paragraph can change entire arguments, and where the choice between those words can spark hour-long debates among editors the word solid should have no place. But there is another meaning to the word that is more descriptive and powerful than most others that youve likely read in these pages over the past year. Its about an implicit understanding that stretches far beyond its straightforward definition. It is about somethings quality, its foundation. It happens when something doesnt require a description, its just understood. Nothing more needs to be said. In fact, nothing more can really be said that would describe it any better. You just know. Over the course of this past year, the word solid has taken on a special meaning at our office. It happened when we knew we had picked the perfect word, or strung together a bunch of them, that conveyed exactly what we intended. It happened in our news coverage when we felt that we had meticulously researched a story from every possible angle. It was there in the opinion pieces we felt had airtight arguments that could convince even those who might disagree to concede that we had made a point. We admit that we didnt always get there. But that was always the bar, and when we got there, we all knew. We wanted to close our tenure by thanking you all, our readers. It has been a pleasure serving the campus and Ithaca communities over this past year. We never saw this as our paper, but as a paper for our readers. And we hope that over the course of the coming year, you will find something in every section that might be best summed up in one word: solid.

Class of 2012 Columnists:

Judah Bellin 12 For Whom the Bellin Tolls Samantha Dean 12 Causal WTFery Harry DiFrancesco 12 Stirring the Pot Hazel Gunapala 12 Appropriately Cynical David Murdter 12 Murphys Lawyer Will Spencer 12 Tripping Up Stairs Cristina Stiller 12 Beleive You Me Steven Zhang 12 The Bigger Picture Jonathan Panter 12 The Storyteller



THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 11

Reading the Graf ti And Watching the Sunset

ibrary stacks are my favorite places to study. Theres silence. Theres the smell of old books. Youre literally surrounded by the accumulated knowledge of humanity. But maybe best of all is the desk graffiti the result of generations of Cornellians thinking, procrastinating or goofing off. Those notes written on the metal carrels in the Uris stacks, for instance, are conversations between students of the past, available for you to read right now, and maybe for another student to add to in the future. They might be preserved for years before the desk is freshly cleaned or painted. A typical series of scrawled notes goes like this: When you hear hoofbeats, think horses. Why not zebras? Why not unicorns? Unicorns arent real, dumbass. And at some point, someone draws a picture of a penis. Some of the graffiti is meaningless, or even offensive. Some is philosophical and deep. All of it is the mark of past students, whose thoughts are still seen by the students of today. Im not suggesting you should go out and write all over University property. But the notes have a certain sentimental quality. For better or worse, students are literally leaving their marks on Cornell. Whatever schoolwork they were doing at the time may be long forgotten, but their graffiti still exists and is still read by the people sitting at those same desks. Some students strive to have a tangible effect on Cornell, one that will remain after their short undergraduate years. But some students a few architects, engineers and pre-meds come to mind are too busy with classes and grades to have much time to devote to activities outside the classroom. Thats no matter. Having a tangible effect on the community isnt actually whats important. That cliched goal to make a difference is, I think, just a stand-in for something deeper and more significant: be careful with the little time that you have. Many seniors this time of year bemoan how quickly their college years passed. For me, if it werent for the financial downside, Id stay at Cornell for another four years. But unless you forget to take the swim test, youll have to leave when the time comes. The fact is that college goes by in a flash. None of us had time to do quite everything we wanted, or, at the very least, we didnt take the time to really appreciate the things we did. And thats the lesson of the library carrels. Stop for a second. Look at whats around you. If you want to add to it, do it. Be the person who writes the philosophical message, or draws the penis, or just sits back and takes it all in. So if youre still in Ithaca when you read this, go sit

Michael Linhorst
Peanut Butter Crackers
on the Slope. Watch the sunset. Walk to a street or a restaurant or an academic building youve never seen before. And if youre no longer in Ithaca, do the same: Take some time. Look at the world around you. Think about what you want to be doing, and do it. College goes by fast, but the rest of life does, too.

Michael Linhorst is graduating from the School of Industrial and Labor Relations and served as The Suns 129th managing editor. He may be reached at

Tales From the Best Years

y the time I entered my freshman year I was sick of receiving advice. Every adult in my life was either telling me that the next four years would fly by or that they would be the best four years of my life. Both of these phrases of wisdom were followed up by, Enjoy every second of it! The idea of four years of my life flying by seemed like an exaggeration to me. As an 18-year-old, then future doctor-to-be, I was fairly certain that the next four and narrow path of medicine, I had a revelation when I realized I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I never could have made the leap from pre-med to communication without the advice of my family and friends. Throughout freshman year, I quickly began to comprehend that while I would continue hearing things like, College is the best four years of your life enjoy every second of it!, people were also giving me some useful information. And I decision. Cornell is referred to as a bubble for a reason. While Ithaca may be ten square miles surrounded by reality, its also a safe-zone for you to take risks. As you go through your time at Cornell, youll develop a support network, and those individuals are the ones that you can fall back on and seek advice from when one of the leaps that you take doesnt work out exactly like you expected. The first big risk I ever took was when I switched my major to Communication, and my life path would have been very different if I hadnt taken that leap. But taking a risk doesnt necessarily have to be something as large as switching your major; it can be something smaller, like stepping out of your comfort zone to join an organization that you didnt know anyone in, or running for a position that you didnt necessarily know you would win. While these risks that you take throughout your four years are often the most challenging moments, they are also the most memorable. These risks come with periods of reflection, and it is through the reflection and risk taking that you develop as an individual. When I made the decision to switch my major I took the advice of my family and friends and began getting involved in extracurriculars. I joined Up til Dawn the St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital organization at Cornell because I wanted to stay involved with the medical world, but I also branched out and joined The Sun and Peer Review Board, because I wanted to explore every possible option that I had at Cornell. Each time I took a risk, large or small, I always sought the counsel of my support network. I finally understood how important it was to take advantage of the advice that I was receiving from those who had experienced these things before. Each time Ive taken a risk Ive reminded myself that college is just one chapter, and while it may be one of the only times in my life when I have the opportunity to take risks and make mistakes relatively worry-free, its important to remember that this isnt the end. Just because were going out into the world doesnt mean that our career paths are set and theres no wiggle room. I fully expect my career path to change throughout my life and recognize that what I do right after college may be completely different from what Im doing ten years from now. The ability to be flexible and open to the idea of risk has been one of the most important skills that I have learned throughout my time at Cornell. Congratulations to the Class of 2012! The day that our parents and their friends told us would come too quickly absolutely did. These four years really have flown by, and I hope you all agree that they were four of the best years of your lives but I know there are more best years to come for all of us.

Chloe Gatta
Gatta Read This
years would feel exactly like it sounded four years, which was 20 percent of my life at the time. And I was confused as to how every adult who spoke to me was under the impression that it would be the best four years of my life. Why did they all seem to know what my experience would be like before I actually experienced it? By the time I entered sophomore year, I had gone from a pre-med Spanish major to a communication major with a marketing minor. I quickly realized that going through four years of organic chemistry, physics and the all-encompassing, Slope Day-consuming genetics, wasnt for me. Also like most students who decided to veer off of the straight began realizing that I may have been interpreting the word best incorrectly. Best doesnt necessarily mean challenge-free. While college is an amazing experience, if done correctly, it wont, and shouldnt, be the best four years of your life. College is about reflection, taking risks and making mistakes, and those types of things cant happen without bumps along the way. Of course, some of the decisions that you make will literally be life-altering. Youll be deciding what organizations to join, and what classes to take, and these choices will eventually lead to and influence things like your friend group and future career path. But the fact that these choices are life altering shouldnt scare you into never making a

Chloe Gatta is graduating from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and served as the 129th business manager of The Sun. She may be reached at


12 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012


Big Red Ambition:161Things Every Cornellian Should Do

Compiled from student responses to an e-mail survey in 2005; updated 2011. 1. Make the library into your bedroom and have sex in the stacks 2. Check out the Ithaca Farmers Market and the Farmers Market at Cornell 3. Pet an animal on the Ag Quad 4. Go to the Cornell-Harvard mens hockey game and throw fish on the ice 5. Sing along to We Didnt Go to Harvard with Cayugas Waiters 6. Sled down Libe Slope during a snow storm 7. Eat at Taverna Banfi and charge it to CornellCard 8. Streak across the Arts Quad 9. Take Psych 1101 10. Test out Olin Librarys musically calibrated steps by throwing stones across them 11. Attempt sake bombing at Plum Tree or Miyake in Collegetown 12. Enjoy ice cream and other dairy products made by Cornell Dairy 13. Climb the rock wall in Bartels Hall 14. Listen to a full chimes concert from the clock tower and guess the songs played 15. Take classes outside your major. Way outside your major. 16. Wear flip-flops to class in January 17. Go to the Fuertes Observatory on North Campus and gaze at meteor showers 18. Have a snowball fight in May 19. Go beer tasting at the Ithaca Beer Co. brewery 20. Skip class to play frisbee on the Arts Quad 21. Bury a bottle of liquor on Libe Slope. Dig it up on Slope Day. 22. Pick apples at the Cornell Orchards 23. Attend the Apple Festival on the Commons 24. Flirt with your professor 25. Bomb a prelim 26. Ace the next one to save your grade 27. Get a massage at Gannett and bursar it 28. Meet Happy Dave from Okenshields 29. Turn your face blue from screaming at midnight before the first finals 30. Get heartburn at the Chili Cook-Off on the Commons 31. Spend a summer at Cornell and enjoy Ithacas few months of warm weather 32. Go to a Shabbat dinner at 104 West (CornellCard it) 33. Watch the AAP students parade down East Avenue on Dragon Day 34. Enjoy corn nuggets at The Nines 35. Build a snow penis, then watch as Cornell University Police knock it down 36. Dress up and go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Risley 37. Take a class you think is impossible just for fun (pass/fail) 38. Go on a wine tour 39. Kiss someone on the suspension bridge at midnight 40. Sleep through your alarm for a 1:25 p.m. class 41. Shop at a secondhand store on the Commons 42. Avoid paying a University parking ticket 43. Buy an Ithaca Is Gorges t-shirt, then get sick of wearing it and buy a variation (Ithaca Is Gangsta, Vaginas Are Gorges, Ithaca Is Long Island...) 44. Learn the Alma Mater, Evening Song and Give My Regards to Davy 45. Attend an opening at the Johnson Museum of Art 46. Smuggle food from the dining hall and run for your life as they try to get back your stolen cookies 47. Do the Walk of Shame 48. Have dinner at a professors house 49. Get wasted at a professors house 50. Drink sangria on the patio outside Collegetown Bagels 51. Play a game of tag in Olin librarys stacks 52. See a play in the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts 53. Rush the field at the last home football game of the season 54. Go sailing on Cayuga Lake 55. Gamble at Turning Stone (try not to lose money) 56. Watch dancers fly through the air at a Bhangra show 57. Have a midnight picnic in the Cornell Plantations 58. Wait in line for half an hour for a salad at the Terrace 59. Ignore any and all No Winter Maintenance signs slip and fall on the icy stairs 60. Sit in Libe Caf when you have no work to do and watch the worried studiers down gallons of coffee 61. Write an angry letter to the editor of The Sun 62. Go to Wegmans on a Friday or Saturday night 63. Explore the secret underground tunnel between Uris and Olin libraries 64. See the librarys Rare Book Collection 65. Pretend you are Harry Potter and study in the Law School library 66. See the brain collection in Uris Hall 67. Get credit for drinking in class take Hotel Administration 4330: Introduction to Wines 68. Dont get credit, but drink in another class anyway 69. Blow glass at the Corning Museum of Glass 70. Get paid to take part in a psychology experiment 71. Nap in a library 72. Take over a building 73. According to legend, watch a virgin cross the Arts Quad and then witness A.D. White and Ezra Cornell shaking hands 74. Live through an Ithaca blizzard and tell your friends how you survived frostbite 75. Throw a flaming pumpkin into the gorge 76. Play intramural co-ed innertube water polo 77. Spend all your lectures working on the days Sudoku. While sitting for the final, wish you had taken notes instead. 78. Hook up with your T.A. 79. Order a PMP at the Hot Truck 80. Play trivia at Rulloffs on Sunday nights 81. Go back for karaoke night on Monday 82. Party on a Tuesday night, skip your morning class 83. Hit up Group Therapy at Dunbars and Fishbowls at Level B on the same Wednesday 84. Go bowling at Helen Newman Lanes 85. Hand out quartercards on Ho Plaza 86. Drive your car up and down Libe Slope or Ho Plaza 87. Have a friends parents take you out to eat at John Thomas Steakhouse or Boatyard Grill 88. Eat a chicken parm sandwich from Louies Lunch 89. Eat breakfast at 5 a.m. at the State Diner 90. Males: Get thrown out of Balch Hall. Females: Get bumped to the front of the line at a fraternity party 91. Hook up with a freshman (after your freshman year) 92. Hike in one of Ithacas beautiful parks 93. Walk to the Commons and back 94. Go to an a cappella concert 95. Ice skate at Lynah Rink 96. Write a message on the wall at Collegetown Pizza 97. Sell back your books; use the money to buy alcohol 98. Drink bubble tea 99. Eat a Pinesburger 100. Walk to a fraternity party with your entire freshman floor 101. Go to a fraternity party as a senior; convince yourself you were never one of them 102. Get lost in Collegetown during Orientation Week 103. Question the meaning of life 104. See a foreign film at Cinemapolis or the Cornell Cinema 105. Eat mongo at RPCC 106. See a concert at Barton Hall 107. Gain the freshman 15, pay $300 for a gym membership and never use it 108. Eat Sunday brunch at Carriage House 109. Do your Freshman Reading Project sometime before you graduate 110. Go to Harry Potter night at Risley Hall 111. Tailgate for homecoming 112. Be a model in the Cornell Design Leagues annual fashion show 113. Host a prefrosh 114. Request a song to be played on the clock tower 115. Get guilt-tripped into giving blood 116. Get asked if you are pregnant at Gannett (males and females) 117. Drink with your freshman year R.A. 118. Make a chalking; weep when it rains that night 119. Sing drunk on the TCAT bus. End up passing out on the same bus. 120. Rent a Big Red Bike from Uris Library 121. See how long you can go without doing laundry; buy new underwear to keep the streak alive 122. Take a road trip to Canada 123. Try to order pizza from a Blue Light phone 124. Go to the sex shop next to the Commons 125. Get drunk on Slope Day, run into Vice President Susan Murphy 73 126. Complain about the Slope Day headliners 127. Get tapped for a secret society 128. Go to The Shops at Ithaca Mall, realize it is severely lacking, then drive to Carousel Mall in Syracuse 129. Attend Cross Country Gourmet at a dining hall near you 130. Complain about your freshman writing seminar to no one in particular 131. Walk holding hands around Beebe Lake 132. Visit the Sciencenter 133. Watch a soccer game at Mama Ts, crammed in like a sardine 134. Get J.A.d for urinating on a campus building 135. Hook up with a stranger then awkwardly run into him/her every week for the rest of your time at Cornell 136. Go to a coffee house in JAM 137. See how many people you can cram into your dorm room 138. Watch people play Dance Dance Revolution in Appel 139. Write dirty messages with rocks in the gorge 140. Ride a horse at Oxley Equestrian Center 141. Ring the giant bell in the Plantations 142. Crash a political rally on Ho Plaza 143. Conquer the COE ropes course 144. Attend a show at the State Theatre 145. Prank call the CIT HelpDesk 146. Wake up at 7 a.m. for CoursEnroll; realize that your choice classes are full anyway 147. Ski at Greek Peak 148. Take a night prelim near the vet school, walk back in the dark 149. Trespass on Alumni Fields 150. Ask Uncle Ezra a question 151. Take the BASICS program 152. Walk to class in the snow, uphill both ways 153. Buy a Cornell-grown apple from a vending machine 154. Furnish an apartment entirely with items from the Dump & Run 155. Eat at each dining hall at least once 156. Ask for an extension on a term paper 157. Take part in Holi and get colorful 158. Prepare to pull an all-nighter in the Uris Library Cocktail Lounge by drinking a Caffeine Bomb: drop a 5-Hour Energy Drink into a large coffee and drink as fast as you can 159. Tell a professor what you really think of his/her class 160. Attend a Sun recruitment meeting; e-mail for details 161. Climb all 161 steps to the top of McGraw Tower

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 13

14 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012

The following provisional list of degree candidates for graduation is neither ofcial or nal.

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Domonique Rae Broadus James Douglas Carrington Bo In Choi Miranda Jean Cook Rebecca Ann Cripps Eduard Dogaru Osarieme I. Evbuomwan Vincent Anthony Falkiewicz Adriana Victoria Gata Garcia Matthew D. Guay John Taihoon Ko Hannah Ryan Lee Jay Jae Myung Lee Jinsu Patrick Lee Ting Ting Li George Ahyia Osae Christian Kwasi Owusu Michele Lynn Patterson Yi-Ke Peng Andy Perez Josette Pierre Chelsea Lynn Powell Vanessa M. Rivera Mario Ricardo Rodriguez Robert Dong Min Shin Geoffrey William Squire Alessandra Chesney West Kelly Elizabeth White Elizabeth Woo Aron Noah Zaltz Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Karan Agrawal Wendy Bernadette Allard Rahul Banerji Tara Ashley Bennett Ida Mayahuel Bernstein Hannah Mae Bombelles Keenan Alvarez Borde Carolyn Ann Braza Nicholas Charles Bridgford Mathilda Charlotte Bruce Scott Harrison Caldwell Emma Patricia Carlsson Aileen Yamalis Castillo Joshua Jan Hwa Chang Christopher Samuel Choi Gerard Thomas Cicero Cosmas Sebastian Cieplak-mayr Von Baldegg John Michael Cochrane Ethan Marshall Cohen Nicolas Andrew Cordero Jennifer Anne Dean Chelsea Kathryn Dengel Zhouyuan Duan Chineze Angela Ebo Daniel Joseph Freshman Peter Shipeng Fu Rachel Marie Genova Dominic Edward Greening Kailash Balaram Gupta Zachary Morley Guttendorf Hyeon-Woo Ha Rachel Har Brandon Bing Hartstein Maureen Ann Howley Brett Mager Jacobs Soren Henry Jahan Lawrence Jung Kee Jin Ronen Kaganer Kyu Hyung David Kang Sonia Sanjay Khandekar Hong Seon Kim Jimin Kim Jong Hyun Kim Christopher James Knox Kenneth Krieger Anupama Deepa Kumar Chia-Yi Lee Daniel Joon Ho Lee David Moon Lee Hyunjong Lee Jennifer Chung Lee Min Hyeong Lee Marc Stanton Leh Mengyuan Li Lisa D. Liu Myron Yudee Liu Yayan Liu Iris Elizabeth Malone Colton Jay McEntee Saraya Nyobe McPherson William Freeman Moore Robert Harley Morrissey Michelle Birabwa Mukasa James Mugo Muna Anna Lynn Nickless Grace Oluwakemi Omotunde Sabrina Papazian Ji Ho Park Christopher Matthew Patuwo Pedro Pedroza Raghav Kishor Phadke Jennifer Molly Pinsof Redi Rahmani Ji Won Ri Alexis Rivera Yekaterina Rokhlenko Jacob Benjamin Rosen Alejandro Antonio Ruiz Madhura Sengupta Yuliya Shteynberg Harpreet Singh Joshua David Slocum Jeffrey Young Jae Song Amanda Emmeline Su Wilson Sui Ian Robert Taylor Judith Eileen Ternes Michal K. Tomczyk Shifang Wang Mary Beth Wilhelm Evan Robert Williams

BACHELOR OF ARTS In Arts and Sciences

Connie Olivia Wu Vincent Yeung Jimmy Zhang Mervin Zhao Lucy Ruofan Zheng Tatyana Zubkina Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Chase Taylor Aaronson Diego Antonio Accame David Lee Ackerman Yaa Bozuma Acquaah Michelle Gail Adler Khadija Munira Rabiu Ahmed Shah Nadir Ahmed Ayesha Ahsan Taimur Alamgir Jennifer Sara Albert Cristina Sol Arnedo Aldrich Benjamin David Amodeo Tracy Marie Anastas Joseph Aaron Anderson Stephen Anderson Michael Carlos Andrade Kristen Nancy Angierski Jamal Chizoba Anyalebechi Lillian Rachel Aoki Alexandra Apfel Jane Elizabeth Appert Ryan Danielle Arams Daniela Arias Tolu Ariyo Kassandra Lee Ashford Lindsey Atiyeh Assem Aubakirova Pedro M. Avila Claire Jacqueline Babilonia Jati Mariana Baeza Baran Ilyas Bagcilar Barbara Weiwei Bai Taylor Lynn Baird Lauren A. Bamford Alexander Matthew Bankoff Jonathan Yates Barentine Brian Alexander Barron Kendra Anne Bartell Anne-Marie Awurama Bartels Alexandra Lauren Bartol William Thatcher Barton Annie Rose Bass Eric John Bastine Courtney Claire Beglin Jessica Caroline Beidelman Mohammad Reza Beizaeipour Adam Jordan Belfer Judah Jacob Bellin Joseph Lawrence Benci Brian Bencomo Caitlin Elizabeth Benedetto Anna Nyijur Benjamin Paul Wade Bennetch Gabriella Elizabeth Bensur Haley Elizabeth Bergeron Gregory Harris Berman Amelia C. Bezerra Peter Magdi Bibawi Garrett Matthew Biedermann Lauren C. Bigalow Daniel George Birman Sharmila Bisaria Emily Antoinette Bitar Gregory Joseph Blocki Christine Martins Bonilha Sidra Naomi Bonner Jessie Bonney-Burrill Kuang-Yu James Bor Madeline Beth Bourgeois Shenell Amanda Bourne Hannah Alexis Boyadjis Declan Paul Boyd Olivia Ella Boyd Aleksey Boytsov C. Robert Bradford Kristin A. Brandt Cameron Logan Breen Samuel Aaron Breslin Crystal Joy Brice Jessica Eden Briggs Jessica Steward Brockmeyer Ethan Parker Brodey Angelina Kay Brown Ariel Yasmeen Brown Jenna Marie Bryant Weronika Bukowski Suthinee Buranaphong Justin William Burden Boris Burkov Kristin Mary Burr Faraz N. Butte Anton Buyanovskiy Elisabeth Yu Cai Patrick Eugene Thomas Cambre Christina Lee Campbell Pedro Felipe Cardoso Olivia Ashley Carman Anna Cullen Carroll Meaghan Elizabeth Cassin Matthew Steven Cato Dorothy Ka-Ying Chan Frankie Chan Ka Yi Chan Augustus Chang Austin Tienchun Chang Brittany Nicole Chao Carolyn J. Chao Elisa Sophie Charbonnel Daniel Andrew Charen Michelle Megan Charles Albert Yenpo Chen Elena Chen Luna Chen Marisa Yu Lan Chen Weiyan Chen Jennifer Jinliu Cheng Sandie Hsin-Hsin Cheng Tully Sun Cheng Xi Cheng Zinan Cheng Alvin Chiang Christopher Soohoo Chin Un Seng Chio Faith Chitawo Yeon Sik Cho Christina M. Choi Emily Wilmin Choi Eunsol Choi Eunsung Choi Hanul Choi John Jueun Choi Se Yoon Choi Jamie Hyein Chong Shu Jian Choo Raymond Chau-Chyun Chou Jasmine Clair Chuang Mi Sun Lauren Chun Nicole Soohyun Chun Pierre Li Zhi Chwang Emma C. Clarke

Daniel Patrick Clerk Elissa Miriam Cohen Perri Laura Cohn Jamal Amir Cole Anna Arwen Collins Ian Michael Condon Christina Mika Connolly Brice Brown Cooke Mackenzie A. Cooley Emily Heather Coon Thomas Jared Cooper Claire Elizabeth Cordella Christina Carole Coyle Richard Malone Craib Timothy C. Cramton Alexander T. Cross Italo Brayant Cruz Danielle Nicole Czirmer Anna Mahendra Dadhania Kevin Duc Dam Adam Lee Damon Sohom Datta Thomas Ross Davidson Elizabeth Jaeleigh Davis Zachary Tyler Davis Saira Dayal Kasi A. Dean Charlotte Ying Deng Christopher John Dennis Peter Augustin Devlin Harry Conor Di Francesco Calla Adrianna Di Pietro Cyrus Jeffrey DiCiccio Justin Michael DiGennaro Samuel Jonathan Dillavou Adam Leo Dishaw Ariel M. Dixon Gregory William Dobbels Huntington Andrew Domine Ryan Patrick Donelan Michael Hai Dong Olufunmilayo M. Dosunmu Brendan Curtis Doyle Haomo Du Ethan Scott Dunn Kieran Bernard Jiamin Dunne Alanna Grace Durkin Timothy Gordon Dyster Sabrina Causin Echaluce Jonathan Aaron Eckhaus Brice Randolph Eidson Tracy Elizabeth Eisser Gina Marie Elia Anne-Sophie Evrydike Eliopoulos Sadah Anne Ellison Tillman Elser Amanda Catherine Esposito Edward Paul Esposito Marissa Anne Esthimer Meredith Ann Evancie John Robert Evangelista Erica Leigh Everest Shreya Fadia Abraham Israel Fainchtein Teresa Jane Fardella Jaser Faruq Han Feng Samuel Isaac Ferenc Mariela A. Ferrer Robert Nicholas Fetcho Abigail Sarah Finger Amanda Sharon First Caitlin Marie Fitzgerald Scott Michael Flanz Britney Marie Fletcher Stephanie Brooke Malia Flohr Jessica Sophia Flynn Jennifer Rodell Forbes Claire Elizabeth Forszt Annabel Elizabeth Grasselli Fowler Eli Joseph Fox Jeannette Eileen Fox Shannon Kathryn Frank Brian Christopher Freitas Susanna Rachel Fried Ivan-Guillermo Baquerizo Friedman Spencer William Frost Ken Hui Fu E-Dean Fung Sean Montana Fuoco Thomas Harold Gabay Christopher Daniel Gaffney Gaia Galati William Peter Gamber Victoria Xinhui Gao Yi Gao Mayela Del Socorro Garay Ashley Jennifer Garcia Bryant William Garcia Elinor Esperanza Garcia-Garcia Alexandra Lynne Gardner Philip Robert Gatto Neha Ashvin Gavai David Haiwei Ge Daniel Robert Gentile Garrett William Gerber Shayan Ghose Kyllan Joseph Gilmore Ilana Dashiff Gilovich Marissa Rose Giovino Kevin Stevens Giroux Benjamin David Gitlin Claire Marie Gober Ian Michael Goldin Kate Amelia Goldmann Seth Max Goldwasser Mateo Gomez Songer Berenith Gonzalez Julia Nicole Goorin Sushmita Bharat Gordhandas Brittney Lynn Goscicki Anne Kendall Gottwalt Gokul Vinayak Govindaraju Gabriel Ian Gralla Anthony Benjamin Granados Steven Jeremy Grant Ashley Jordan Green Brittany Ashlynne Green Erik Anders Green Rachel Alana Greenspan Alexandra Gribizis George Edward Griswold Daniel Yucen Gu Steven Shiyao Gu Meredith Jill Gudesblatt Kevin Guerrero Mohit Kamal Gulrajani Hazel Shalini Gunapala Diwakar Gupta Stephen Christopher Gutz David Ara Hackett Robert Helmut Hackett Francis J. Hager, Jr. Shivani Hajela Melissa Ruth Jacobs Halford Cindy Han Jade Han Yining Han

Vesna Karina Harasic Joshua Nathaniel Haratz Paige Alexandra Harland Devin Matthew Harrigan Christina Nicole Harrington Robert Mark Harrington Calvin Jaron Harrison Matthew Robert Harrison William Blakeslee Hartigan Jared Matthew Hartzman David Raymond Harwitt Brooke Lee Harwood Nicholas Todd Heiner Aria Louise Hemphill Brittany Celeste Henderson Kristin Patricia Herbeck Susan Lynn Herrick Alicia Elaine Hetrick Michael Heubusch Melissa Marshalee Hewitt Tia Monique Hicks Alexander Robert Hillbrand Crystal Skye Hines Jillian Elizabeth Hirsch Lea Alyse Hirsch Rebecca Claire Hirschfeld Marina Hoashi Seth Ari Sim-son Hoffman Lydia Johanna Hoffstaetter Ludwig Johannes Holmstrom William Benjamin Holtz Daniel Mark Homuth Brian Yousun Hong Michelle Catherine Honor An Ye Huang Anne Huang Jiaxi Huang Maggie Huang Dennis Hui Diana Hummel Eugene Burnice Hunter III Chorok Hwang Michael Yi-Chen Hwang Yoon Woo Hwang Robert Orlando Iaboni Emma Rae Ignaszewski Noa Ikeda Ryotaro Kenneth Ikenaga Sonnya Keunju Im Kufreobong Enobong Inyang Oliver Jacob Elizabeth Anne Jacobs Haroon Amer Jakher Antonio Amarante James Brittany Desiree James Christina Elizabeth Jaramillo Sonia Yen Jarrett Daniel Alexander Jaw Sarasi Maduhani Jayaratne Steven T. Jenkins Jennifer Lynette Jensen Mary Catherine Jerrard Arthie Jeyakumar Ray Sung-Wook Jhun Jialin Jia Ming Ming Jiang Michael Jiao Maciej Tomasz Jochym Samuel Johnson Stoever Elizabeth Janos Johnson Laura Kym Johnson Molly Dianne Johnson Andrew Damon Johnston Douglas Elliott Jones Edwige Joseph Amit Joshi Daniel Muir Jossman Daniel Jinwoong Jun Christopher Valentine Juneau Sudesh Kalyanswamy Gyung Hoon Kang Hye Min Kang Jae Hwan Kang Tiwonge Johnstone Kanyenda Daniel James Kaplan Joseph Michael Kaplan Emily Lacy Kase Julia Adams Katz Oliver Henry Kaufman Ken Kawamoto Jessica Marie Kelley John Patrick Kelly Stevens Eric Kelly Chandler Ernest Kemp Felicia Bair Kennedy Audrey Han Keranen Kevin Yieh-Hen Kho Hui Xin Khor Rishi Khullar Andrea Jiyoon Kim Andrew Kim Ashley Faith Kim Catherine Jin-Ok Kim Da Yeon Kim Dae-Gyeong Kim Gregory Eunho Kim Jenny Kim Joonhyuk Kim Junho Kim Min Sun Kim Myungsun Kim Sang Hyub Kim Seo Kyong Kim So Young Kim Sun Woo Kim Young-Jo Kim Ramond Lewis King Kayleigh Joyce Kirk Rahul Vijay Kishore Juliana Alessandra Kleist-Mendez Elias David Kraushaar Kathryn Lora Kreicher Govind Mahadevan Krishnan Padma Krishnan Laura Catherine Krull Alexandra Sherel KuczynskiBrown Vidhya Lakshmi Kumar Lauren Shari Kurlander Rebecca Zoe Kurtzman Woojin Kwon Nathan Tin-Yoi Kwong Trevor Siu Kai Kwong Jaya Kala Bashini Lakireddy Wing Wai David Lam Roy Tyler Lang Matthew Michael Langer Christopher Marc Langton Sharon Edith Lau Kathryn O'Neill Laughlin Caiden Ameen-Rogers Leavitt Emily Rachel Lebowitz Amy Haimi Lee Brandon Michael Lee Clara Lee Dennis C. Lee Edward Lee Han Jae Lee Hyesoo Lee

Hyo Jin Lee Isac Jooyoung Lee Joon Lee Joshua Kisoo Lee Jun Seon Lee Kevin Han Lee Melissa Kelly Lee Nicole Lee Rebecca Lilian Lee Shyam Ananda Lenna Tony Leong Beth Hilary Leopold Brynn Casey Leopold Jessica Beth Lerman Lorene Chung Leung Jordan Joseph Levine Patrick John Elliott Lewicki Ashemsa Manifa Lewis Elizabeth Janet Lewis Diya Li Fangxun Li Pingcheng Li Susanna Li Yige Li Zixing Li Christopher Chung Lim Jina Lim Tae Won Lim Amy Fong Lin Bing Xue Lin Alexander William Linden Alexandra Nicole Linder Dongqi Liu Hua Liu Joey Liu Joshua Emmanuel Liu Xinyue Liu Yucheng Liu Allison Marie Livingston Brittany A. Lloyd Nicholas Lo Fredrika Louise Loew Catherine Anne Logue Amanda Francine Lomanov Oscar Hernan Londono, Jr. Julia Porter Loomis Sindy Lopez Derek Michael Lougee Christopher Mark Louney Colin Westrom Lounsberry Michael Christopher Loveland Oscar Anthony Low Bonny Shuting Lu Fuxi Lu Harrison Lu Zhengyang Lu Miles Patrick Ludek Michael Weiyi Luo Clara Worth Lyle Anthony Lucien Lynch Joshua Walter Kraus Lyons Robbie Eric Lyons Chu Jian Ma Iona Kiran Machado Malik Andre Mack Hannah Leah MacLeod Michelle Jeanette MacLeod David Samuel Macmillan Cecelia Guenveur Madsen Emily Irene Magaziner Agrima Mahajan Charles Francis Maher Avantika Mainieri Junki Makita Stephan A. Maldonado Meagan Alexandra Malzberg Elliot Lee Mandel Joseph David Mansky Brittany Anne Marra Alexander Ryan Martin Andrew Martinez Pedro Martini Gomes Pereira Chelsea Lee Mason Mallory Emiko Matsumoto Mark Earle Mattsson Marlyse Ariana Mazzeo Kathleen Anne McCaffrey David John McCarey Katherine Ellen McCulloh Donald McCullough III William Warren McGee Mollie Anne McGrath Frances Margaret McGuire Farrell Lucas McKenna Nathanael Lee McMahon Daniel Quinn McManus Genesis Medina Nikkita Mehta Louise Coachman Mendes Joshua Seth Mervis Benjamin Jason Michaels Sarah Radcliffe Michler Emily Michelle Miller James John Miller Xufeng Min William Francis Minnock Jeffrey Charles Miritello Amrita Mishra Hallie Elizabeth Mitnick Joshua Harris Mitrani Joseph Colin Mizia Helen Yu Mo Yun Qi Mok Gregory Dickson Monte Julie Yoonwon Moon Kristina Armineh Mooradian Elliott James Moreno Josef Pesko Moro Karolyn Kristina Morris Nathaniel Pender Morris Kyle Torrey Morton Nicolas Munera Alexandra Jane Munson Zachary Robert Murdock David N. Murdter Christopher Mohan Murray Zachary Xavier Murray Benjamin Philip Nachman Koyuki Nakamura Lawrence David Nanan Praveen Narayanan Timothy Edward Nebesar Bethany Nicole Neczypor Megan Lindley Nemlich Christina Alicia Neri Danielle Alexandra NeuharthKeusch Zachary James Newkirk John Kirwan Newton Kathryn Ann Newton Phan Nguyen Theodore Ni Bethany Jew Nichols Nathan Nicholson Gustavo Diniz Nogueira Viana Katherine Grace Nordgren Allison Marcela Nunez Adora Chinenye Nwankwo Sean Randall OHara

Alison Mackenzie O'Neil Ijeamaka P. Obodoagha William Lawrence Ogden Justin Moon Uk Oh Eudora L. Okine Henry Olano Dean Darwin Oliver Nicholas Gosine Oliver Matthew Adam Olonoff Erika Jean Olson Allison Qi Ong Emily Lynn Ong Priscilla Ong Andrew Joseph Orapallo Alicia Nicole Ortega Victoria Lynne Otersen Agnes Meave Otieno Daniel Lee Outcalt Elise Victoria Ozbardakci Dilara Ozbek Michael Samuel Packer Jessica Susan Palmer Rima Yogesh Pancholi Mary Elizabeth Panos Jonathan G. Panter Kathryn Marissa Paolucci Anna M. Papush Shivangi Vijay Paranjpe Aaron Park Hyewon Park Joonhee Park Robert Park So Hae Park Arianne Lauren Paroly Simone Frances Ayana Parris Julia Hayes Paskert Rachael Ida Passov Mihir H. Patel Joao Eduardo Paula Machado Jenna Tanya Rachelle Paulson Phoenix Storm Paz Samantha Morgan Pedreiro Alexandar Reinaldo Perez Kathleen Elizabeth Perkins Frank Vincent Perrelli IV Grace Elizabeth Pescatello Dale Felice Pescatore Daniel Scott Petkovsek Randall Gayland Pharr, Jr. Paul Archie Picinich Felisha Pierre-Louis Nadia Douglas Pierrehumbert Lanphie Chi-Wen Ping Sebastian Gaston Placide Noah Jonathan Plaue Samuel Gregory Plunkett Rachel Sarina Polonsky Sophia Ariella Porrino Allison Mille Portenoy Justin Ripley Porter Jason Mitchel Posner Irina Potapova Jennifer Elena Powell William S. Pride Gabrielle Ellisa Pritsker Jennifer Grace Proctor Madeleine Elizabeth Przybyl Anna Marie Psiaki Jonathan Amleto Pucci Arsames Charles Qajar Yi Lei Qian Yuhao Collin Qian Melissa Anne Quartner Melva Quintanilla Rachel Sloan Rabinowitz Martha Plagge Rabkin Mohammed Mushfiqur Rahman Sara Huma Rahman Taskin Rahman Maya Julia Rajamani Walter Thomas Ralston Margaret Alice Ramin Tyler Matthew Ramsden Sinthu Sivarama Ranjan Daniel Josiah Ranweiler Dylan Andrew Rapoport Natalie Rachel Raps Rahil Rather Jonathan David Rau Reina Rau Adam Richard Raveret Julie Hannah Reed Lauren Melissa Regan Nischay Kiran Rege Andrew J. Reilly Kelsey Wray Reimnitz Paulo Alexandre Reis Kylie Lynette Repasy Catherine Ging Reyes Jungyoon Rhee Erica Louise Rhodin Hans Alberto Ribbeck Caio Burger Ribeiro Charles Madison Riley IV Joseph Benedict Rinaldi Quintin Nobuto Robinson Yvonne Paige Robles Gabriel Teixeira Rodrigues Alexis Rodriguez Jose Roberto Rodriguez Carolyn Elizabeth Rogers Samuel Brewer Roland William Pearson Garner Rollow Ruth Anne Rose Elisabeth Zukin Rosen Matthew Ellison Rosenthal Meagan Marie Rossin Emily Ruby Rotbart Matthew Foster Rowland Marina Rozova Thomas William Rudelius Silviana Teresa Winner Russo Kristen Leigh Russomanno Elizabeth Lauren Rust Benjamin Adam Rutkin-Becker Emily Ann Ruzbarsky Marian A. Sackey Abraham Saldivar Justin Salman Michal Salman Gregory Adam Samek Gloria Marthalena Samosir Harianja Ryan J. Santo Steven Santos Joann Saridakis Jorge Luis Sarmiento Shina Satoh Charles Evan Saunders Arielle Rebecca Schaeffer Jonathan James Scheidler Bryan Joseph Scherrer Matthew Strong Scheuritzel Sam Schild Ashley Joy Schlafstein

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 15

Andrew Adams Schoen Eli C. Schoenberg Conant Hammond Schoenly Cory J. Schoonmaker Nathaniel Chaim Schorr Wendy Nicole Schubert Brandon Kyle Schumacher Robert Louis Schur Laura Anne Schwartz Robert Max Schwartz Aleka Nicole Scoco Alyssa Nicole Segal Stephanie R. Selvius Richard William Semenick Joo Young Seo John Nicholas Seregos Emma Lena Shalaway Daniil Shalmiyev Carey Shao Andrea Mae Shapiro Sumeet Sharma Talia C. Shear Sarah Charles Shearer Evan Michael Shelley Christopher Ryan Sheridan Alice Han Shi David Yunbo Shim Yoon Kyung Shim Jae Uk Shin Joo Eun Shin Dennis Eric Shiraev Harrison Tyler Shore Caitlyn A. Short Aditya Shrivastava Leeann Nicole Siegel Jorge A. Silva Adam C. Silverstein Michele Louise Silverstein Cameron Albert Simaz Sarah Elizabeth Simpson Andrew Robert Singer Laura Singerman Matthew Kiichi Slemon Christopher Philip Tomikazu Slijk Carissa Ellen Smith Ian Christopher Smith Michael Lee Smith William Percy Colin Smith William Joseph Smolinski Ashley Janae Snelling Liza Anna Sobel Ariel Rae Sodomsky Elizabeth D. Soltan Jihong Song Kristen Rose Spitaletta Caitlin Pamela Squyres Marc T. Stachowski Hannah Molly Stamler Melanie Ann Standridge Cristina Mary Stiller Jenna Kathleen Stoller Alec Victor Story Bertram M. Strachan Tammy Su Katherine Kopp Summers Phoebe Sun Jaclyn Pipi Sung Taylor Rae Sweazey Omar Mahmudurahman Syed Erin Rachel Szulman Lindsey Catherine Szymczak Jessie Garrett Taft Linda Taimina Charmaine Tan Chor Seng Tan Hee Lien N. Tan Stephanie Yin Si Tan Meagan Catherine Tatum Alexandra Catherine Taylor Zinaida Maria Tazin Jaclyn Alyssa Terran Jessica Wynne Thiesmeyer Ivana Thng Nicole Jacqueline Thompson Whitney Shae Thompson Eric Michael Throop Jeffrey Ryan Tissue Deanne So-Young Tockey Robert Lee Toha Christine Hrissi Tolias David Charles Tomasek Kevin Marion Tomera Jason Ho-Ming Tong Kevin Henry Toomer Andy Jason Tran Tiffany Tsai Carol Kin Yu Tsang Claire S. Tse Boris Tung John Tzeng Joshua Harris Uhr Matthew Todd Ullmann Jean Terebey Van Buren Noah Van Horne Christopher Tavish Vazquez Rebecca Victoria Velez Katherine Jane Verbeck Andrew James Verri Joshua David Vick Ivette Anahi Villalba Nicholas Peter Villano Lauren Frances Villarreal Eric Joseph Vina William Joseph Violette Christine Elizabeth Vlasic Steven Matthew Wald Zachary James Waller Liushuo Wan Christina Pu Wang James Qiyuan Wang James Xiao Wang Zeheng Wang Zhengyan Wang Zoe Amparo Warhaft Jennifer Margaret Warmingham Samantha Marie Warner Harrison Gene Warren Samantha Kate Wechsler David Wei Alicia Roth Weigel Benjamin Michael Weingarten Rachel Elizabeth Weinstock Nathalie Christine Weiss Samuel Ira Weiss Elliot Nathan Wertheimer Thomas Joseph Weyl Alyssa Marie Wheeler Andrew Steven White Cameron Joseph Williams Khrystyne Hillary Wilson Andrew Robert Wisnieff

Carolyn Francesca Witte Kaitlin Kerr Wolcott Andrew K. Wong Jennifer Lauren Wong Liang Ze Wong Kyoungwon Woo Kaitlin Rose Woolley Samuel Worby Julien Nathan Wormser Rebecca Anne Wrench Steven Shifeng Wu Yue Wu Zheshu Xiao Melody Raine Xie Heyu Xiong Feng Xu Meng Xue Jane Yang Jinhong Yang Po-Lin Yang Yueting Yang Jessica Jane Ye Shu Ye Zhihan Ye Eugene Yedvabny Jack Chi Wei Yeh Esther Yeo Vedia Talya Yerlici Jason Maurice Yonover Courtney Suejin Yoo Nicole Yeojin Yoo Han-Seul Yoon Margaret Sunu Yoon Naoki John Yoshida Felicity Morehead Yost Amarilice Convery Young Yasmin L. Young Elsie Yu Eric Yu Muxin Yu Helen Lin Yuan Erika Ashley Zambello Laura Saryan Zarougian Gregory Edward Zecchini Albert Leekuang Zhang Chun Zhang Ke Zhang Myron Zhang Steven Erchi Zhang Weiyang Zhang Jessica Sijia Xu Zhao Michael Jing Zhao Boqing Zheng Shilei Zheng Weiliang Zhong Ermo Zhou Karin Zhu Tess Yiran Zhu Yishan Zhu Irfan Ibne Zia Katherine Anne Zimmerman Stephanie Kay Zimmerman Isabel Irene Zinman Christopher James Zylman

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE In Agriculture and Life Sciences

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Janet Aditya Adisuwono Hannah Kaitlyn Bell Steven Ross Benay Chelsea M Bokman Lauren Miriam Bonayer Briseida Janani Castellanos Marine Geraldine De Marcken De Merken Jeanette Allyse Elliot Joel Wade Harris II Edward Hernandez Amber L. James Tyler Lindsay Kaune George K. Kocher Abram G Koester Alexander Vishvamitra Kumar David Wei Lau Alexander Michael Lebron Becky Hsiao Lee Rafaell Terrell Lockett Carolle Kar Po Mok Zakiur Mohammed Rahaman Robert Arthur Solaski Elizabeth Hart Thomas Kemar Kenchris Trowers Catherine Elizabeth Wilson Katherine Jennifer Wu Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Samuel Alperin Catherine Olga Altobello Kathleen Carolyn Alvey Evelyn Ambriz Seung Hyun An Abigail Kathryn Apistolas Jocelyn Hope Aufseeser Michael Alexander Bacsik Renee Adina Barlev Ryan Joseph Barney Edward James Barton Jacob W. Brandt Samantha Ellen Bresler Alyssa Rogers Browne Jack Joseph Garth Campbell Victoria Leigh Castens Luke Henry Chan Jermayne Chan Stacey Elizabeth Charron David William Chase Samantha Taylor Cheirif Lily Chen Lisa Jing Chen Frances Ler-Yu Chen Chukwuka Chiemelu Melody Shao Chu Laura Ciccone William Van Alan Clark Lindsey Rebecca Cohen Dana Marie Costello Philip Michael Crawford Jonathan Hancock Culver Benjamin James Currens Brittany Ann Dean John Dellaratta Alexandria Tyler DeVries Katie Jean Donnan Mary Claire Eisel Chinedu Dominic Eleanya Ellen Theresa Fagan Steven Eric Feit Arod Shamean Fields Dustin Joe Foote Samantha Lynn Fuller Joseph Lee Gage

Michael T. Garman Sean A Gelbwaks Allison Rae Gertzog Samuel Thomas Glasbergen Erica Cindy Gluck Michael James Goettelman Rachel Leigh Gray Jenna Lauren Greenbaum Kira Lee-lin Gridley Sean Richard Griffin Esther Jihae Gu Tyler Coldwell Hale Guang Han Michael Daniel Handelman Courtney Marie Hayward John Lyman Haywood Henry Jonathan Henrichs Jennifer Lynn Herlihy Rebecca Joy Hume Gahye Jeon Morris Abraham Jerome Xinrui Sheri Jiang Yin Jiang Robert Johnston Carl Adderley Jones George Kang Debra Lynn Keirsey Julia Susan Knight Meredith Elise Kueny Brandon Michael Lainhart Heather Lee Jessica Marie Leonard Carolyn Brown Levande Wei Ye Lin Timothy Lin Linjie Liu Alexander Lo Michael Anthony Lopez Daniel Joseph Luby Kent Stephen Manderville Ashley Erin Marchesi Hogan Daniel Joseph Meagher Samuel Concool Mendelson Stephanie Menke Meagan Elyssa Mnich Mrinalini Modak Leigh Salem Nesheiwat Veronica Rose Palladino Alexander John Pascale Jean-Marc Guy Pelletier Kenlyn Eve Peters Anthony C. Porreca Kimberly Monique Pueblo Sydney Claire Rainey Biler Alison Beth Reichard Charlotte Lauren Richards Jutiliano Rodriguez Chris Roh Darcee Leah Rooney Melissa Lauren Sackler Kathleen H. Sadowski Jennifer Anne Schlesinger Ryan Christopher Schultz Grace Madeline Seymour Ilana Ada Shapiro Michael Ian Shilling Kevin Jae Song Isabella Beatrice Spyrou Guang Rui Su Laura Ann Sullivan Michael Benjamin Syversen Jenna Tauber David Tim Sampson Lovely Townes Michael Anton Tracy Phuong Thuy Tran Alex Reeves Travers Ka Wai Tse Laura Van Winkle Cassie Lauren Walisiak Yanting Wang Robert James Whitehead Hannah Beth Wiles Kamar Anton Williams Jeffrey K Williard Alexander Edgar Wilson Eric Stephen Winsor David Mills Wong Liang Xiang Bo Hyung Yoon William Jacob Zeligson Yanqiu Zheng Elaine Wen Zhong Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Charles Benjamin Abbott Kathryn Lee Abbott Isabel Abreu Allison Nicole Abt Lucas Michael Ackerknecht Kaylie Catherine Ackerley Ashley Regina Acosta Emily Kate Acton Charles Adams Adeolu Adebayo Adeboye Riliwan Adekiigbe David Sian Afable Olufunmilayo Catherine Agunloye Shahjehan Ahmad Kristopher Ahn Storm Bryson Ainsley Ojore Chris Akpala Stephen Patrick Albers Kelsey V. Albright Ryan Nicholas Allen-Parrot Mohammed Sadiq Al-Samrrai Owen Edosa Amadasun Ameneh G. Amini Judith M. Amsalem Laura Theresa Anderson Marissa Ashley Angell Nneamaka Mary Anyanwu Sandra Tuabea Apenteng Yotam Arens Isaac Morris Arginteanu Christopher Gordon Arlinghaus Amanda Lynne Armstrong Swarn Vijay Arya Rekha Mahisa Asokan Claire Alessandra Aucella Anthony William Ayers OreOluwa Oluwabukunmi Badaki Helen Afua Badu Annie Yang Bai Alessandro Andre Bailetti Sez Emily Louise Bailey Mark Andrew Baity Meisha Toyin Baker Christopher Dane Bando Danielle Ra-Chelle Banks Elisha Richard Bannister RajatBansal Maelle Marine Barbancon Paul Tyler Barber Larry Eugene Bardroff II Jeffrey Judd Barlow Eric Andrew Barnum Andrew Ross Barsky

Daniel Wolf Bartholomew Hannah Elizabeth Ruchotzke Baughman Laurie Elizabeth Baumle Hannah Marie Beall Chelsea Allyson Bellmund Rostislav Beltser Adriel Skye Namaste Bercow Clare McCabe Berner Isabelle Solange Betancourt Ileana Amaris Betancourt Samantha Morgan Bieck Alexander David Bielous Brian David Billigen Alexandre Binauld Yike Bing Ryan Gunther Bishop Rakesh Biswas Kathryn Elizabeth Blackley Ryan Elizabeth Blawski Kaitlin Paige Bliss Stella Anna Blum Danna Yvonne Bohman Trinity Marie Boisvert Jocelyn Marie Boiteau Alexandra Bastian Bond Naia Michiko Bonet Joseph Michael Bonica Michael Thomas Bonoffski Rachel Charlotte Boochever Lauren Claire Bookbinder Lauren Debra Borowick Meredith Lisa Bosco Alexandria Marie Botte Hudson Andrew Bova Jenna Lyn Boyle Samuel Richard Bradley Serina Sarah Brady Samantha Anne Brady Carolyn Marie Braun Ryan Michael Bresnahan Kristina Marie Brooks Ashley Elizabeth Brown Colin Justin Brown Meghan Cummings Brown Wazir Morison Browne, Jr. Jessica Lynn Buckingham James Patrick Buckley, Jr. Elizabeth Claire Buerman Magnus Gunther Buerman Karah Christine Burns Elizabeth Anne Burrichter Kirkland Mills Burthey Nicole E. Button Katherine Casey Byrnes Maggie Cai Ali Alper Cakir Casey B. Call Sean Timothy Callahan Emma Lena Cambalik Rashad Isaiah Campbell Brittany Michelle Canaski Megan Elizabeth Cannon Lee Barton Carlaw Kevin Carozza Sarah Elizabeth Carpenter Andrea Yasmeen Carter Katherin Jhoanna Carver-Mera Kevin Ryan Cassidy Eugenia Castillo Michela Rose Catena Morgan Elise Cawley Jacqueline Elizabeth Celi Charles Maximilian Cernuda David Alexander Chan Julian Chan Brook J. Chang Wesley M. Chao Shilpita Chattopadhyay Tiffany S. Chen Yifan Cheng Catherine Jane Cheng Bonnie Shoshanna Cherner Chazman A. Childers Sung-Hwan Choi Theodore Frank Christoph Christine Chung Adam Jinwoo Chung Rachel M. Chung Kevin Richard Cipolli Caroline Jacqueline ClaytonStamm Jeffrey P. Clement Kathryn Lowen Clements Patrick Edward Coates Rosalyn Jane Cohane-Mann Jamie Marcia Cohen Aaron Joseph Cohen Ellen Anne Wahlig Cole Sean B. Collins Thomas Adrian Connor Rachel Floren Conway Alexandra Ellen Cook Jason Alexander Cooper Amanda Michelle Corn Richard Max Corrales Jonathan James Correll Patrick Cosgrove Amy Joy Couch Kristin Court Brittany A. Cox Ethan G. Cramton dipo Netto Cravo Derek Adrian Creadore Devaneke Elenora Crumpler Kevin Csorny Sarah Elizabeth Cudney Sara Kristin Cullen David William Cullinan Charles Stanley Curwen DeAnna Rae D'Attilio Grant Michael Daffin Kyla Noelle Dambach Vincent Dang Charles Ashton Daugherty Ujijji Dasisi Davis Samantha Haley Dean Kayla Lee DeBriyn James Thomas DeCicco IV Lucas Carl DeFiores Alyssa Nicole Della Vecchia Ivi Demi Lin Deng Bryan Richard Denig Susan Marie Denton Audrey Lynn Denvir Peter R. Deyo Benjamin Enrique Diaz-Ordaz Victoria Carmella DiCamillo Robert Samuel Dicker Joseph M. DiGennaro John Robert Dillon Joseph Michael DiSalvo Alexander Joseph Domenick Sean William Donegan Christopher Patrick Donovan Eda Dou Alfonso M. Doucette Thomas Kelsey Doupe

Katie Rose Dreier Caitlin Nicole Dreisbach Naomi Alyse Drucker Nicole Marie Dulaney Daniel Paul Durfee Laura Marya Durgerian Rebecca Anne Earl Laura E. Easton Molly Barbara Edwards Jacqueline Marie Egan Isaiah J. Einzig Cody Robert Ernst Amanda Crystal Esteves Uzoamaka Chisom Ezeanya James Robert Fairbrother William Jacob Falcheck III Angela Leanna Falisi Amanda W. Fan Samantha Marie Fancher Gregory Michael Farber Nicholas Farfan Domenico A. J. Farina Douglas Andrew Feinberg Brian Matthew Feldman Elizabeth Marie Felicio Rebecca Lillian Fellman Sarah Marina Fernandez Andrew Patrick Ferry Ryan Timothy Fessenden Christopher Kehoe Ficken Kathryn Lynn Fideler Daniel Elliot Filous Katherine Hope Fink Jordan Davis Fisher Jennifer Ann Fitzgerald Julie Grace Fitzpatrick Lindsay Noelle Flagg Taylor Elizabeth Fleming Jonathan Adam Flickinger Vincent Timothy Formica Kevin Arthur Forney Harold Emil Fort Alexander E. Fotsch Casey Moore Fox Gretchen Joan Frank Eva Franzova Jessica Angelia Frasure Jeannette Sarah Friedman Daniel Lee Froats Erica Lynne Gaeta Dean Gamache Amber Nicole Garcia Alan Raul Garcia Ryan Patrick Garifine Ariel Joanna Garland Michael Andrew Garvey Michelle Kirsten Garvie Christina Aida Garza Anthony Edward Gatlin Chlo Alexandra Gatta Shelina Gautama Victor Pasko Gazivoda Kristy Marie Gelatt Margaux Christine Genoff Tod Gentry William H. Gentzlinger III Matthew Jared Gewing Katelyn S. Giangregorio Kelly Giesecke Kadeem Jamal Gilbert Alexander Frank Gileta John Benjamin Gillette III Phuc Nhoc Gin Mikel James Giordano Stephanie Linder Glass Adam Elijah Goldberg Shawn Alexander Goldsmith Louis Todd Goldstein Isabel Gonon Kelsey Jean Goode Elizabeth Anne Goodwin Eric Robert Lucien Gordon Michael Joshua Gottlieb Steven R. Gravani John Schumann Greene Maura Elizabeth Greenwood Maximilian Groebe Jessica Lauren Groth Nicole Leigh Grover Nikolay Gudnyy Mariya Gugel Robert Leslie Gurley Fernando Guzmn Gregory Michael Haber Tzlil Hadass Syed H Hadi Alexander Jaejoon Hahn Richard Hiram Hall III Chloe Christina Hall Daniel Avram Halper Leslie Morgan Hamilton Danielle Samantha Hammer Roxanne Jewel Hammond Dan Han Clair Han Joseph Campbell Hand Katie Lynn Hanehan Kelly Michelle Hansen Christine Elizabeth Hansen Kasey Jane Harbes Daniel Denton Harbes Kaitlin Page Hardy Chelsea Anne Hargrave Heather Elizabeth Harris Alex Elizabeth Hawthorn Jacquelyn Michelle Heim Tristan Nathaniel Hemphill Alexander Moctezuma Henkel Shelby Jean Herman Sarah Elizabeth Hermes Michael Antonio Hernandez Raul Francisco Hernandez William Christie Hibbs Amanda Bess Hill Dana Ellen Hills David Hale Hilton III Alessandra Ilona Hirsch Tsz Ching Ho LaiYee Ho Arianna Adele Holmes Jenna Christine Hooper Matthew John Horvath Allison Rose Hrycik Dylan Jonathan Hull Erica Christie Hungerford James George Hunt Yassir A. Hussain Jessica Ann Hwang Nashwan Mohamed Hyder Cristian Marcel Ilut Daniel Zachary Imhoff Shirley Ip Caroline M. Isambert Harrison Masao Ishida, Jr. Katelin C. Jackson Benjamin A. Jacoby Chelsea Mae Jandreau Stephanie Jaw Hee Jin Jeon

Derek Youngseok Jeong Yuchao Jiang Donna Yun Jin Caroline Deborah Jirka Finny T. John Alexander Michael Johnson Eric David Johnson Jesse Andrew Johnson Rebecca Margaret May Johnson Neena M. Johnson Rebecca Anne Johnston Blaze Lightfoot Jones-Yellin Anjali Susan Joseph Gunjan Suresh Joshi Jennifer Jung Tiffany Jyang Risa-Marie Kekaiokalani Kaawa Elina Kagan Jessica Lee Kane Tony Dongki Kang Jillian Rose Kaplita Adam Karmali Chelsea Karpenko Cynthia Vithiya Kathir Johanna Tovah Katz Max Silverman Kayen James Kennedy Keady Emily Edwards Kearney Chelsey L. Keeler Erin Samantha Keene Elizabeth Andrews Kelley Nicole Illyse Kelly Tesfai Kendrick-Kande Kathleen A. Kenealy-Bredice Alyssa Irene Kent Jaimee L. Kerber Julia Kirsten Kerr Zara Vajeeha Khaleeli Rashik Rahman Khan Joseph Killian Alexis Elizabeth Kim Catherine Jung Shim Kim Chong-Hyun Kim Andrew Earl Kinder Katherine Anne Kirk Julie A. Klatzkin Brian Klee Casey David Knapp Lucas Dakota Knewstub Anna Chapman Knight Olivia Suzanne Knotts Garrett Paul Koehler Mary Elizabeth Koethe Margot Genevieve Kopache Vishesh Rahul Kothary Kristen Alora Kraemer Victoria Joyce Kraft Adam Scott Krasner Alexander Willis Kraus-Polk Katrina Marie Krebs Elizabeth Ann Kreitinger Nicholas Andrew Krislov Tiara Kurniani Iwan Kurniawan Anna Elizabeth Kusler Toren Gordon Kutnick Corinne S. Kwan Yong Seuk Kwon Brenna Ann LaBarre Lyssa Michelle LaCount Vinamra Krishna Laddha Megan Lam Kelsea Lynn Lambert Emma Joslin Landau James Joseph Lannon Alexander Stuart Lanpher Ada Ting Lau Evonne Lau Angela Ying Lau Anthony Gibson Lazzari Michelle Han Lee Adam Joseph Lee Jeong Hoo Lee Morgan Tiffany Leibfried Quinton J. Leith Alexandria Rene Lepper Laura Renee Lesch Rebecca Anne Lesser Ryan Stafford Lett Steven Ross LeValley Jared Daniel Leventhal Robert Max Levine Anthony Terrell Lewis Troy B. Lewis Piao Li Kerwell Wei Liao Alexandra Libby Alexander Harris Lieberman Matthew Robert Liebers Bethany E. Liebig Kirstyn Lee Lightcap Jakob Lill Joseph Chae Chan Lim Wei Ming Lin Matthew Webster Linderman Dennis Y Liu Fay Long Emmaline Anne Long Jennifer K. Lopez Daniel James Lopez Jessica Marie Lopez Jessica Lyn Lovesky Yifan Lu Candace Burke Lucke Scott Phillip Holmes Luro Vivian Luu Sarah Bashford Lynagh Mary-Katherine Lynch Patrick Joseph Lyons Charles Xiaodong Ma David Richard Maas Amanda Jean Maass Meredith Haley Mabile Kelsey MacDonald Maria Elizabeth Magaldi Richard Mai James Frederick Maier Trecia Leonie Malcolm Samuel Patrick Malriat Christopher Joseph Manz Valerie C. Marcano Jason Zachary Marder Bruno C. Marques Brittany Eve Marshak Lauren A. Marx Zachary Allen Mason Russell V. Mason Laurie Beth Massaro Nerline Daphnee Mathurin Alyssa Karen Mayo Colleen Joy McAdams

16 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012

Erin Kylie McCourt Kimberly McErlean Everton Anthony McFarlane Cortni Kayla McGregor Shannon Adele McHugh Mitchell Thomas McMichael Ellie Rose McWhirter Rebecca Medina Cindy Mei Andrew Mark Mellinger, Jr. Cici Glenna Kaiulani Mento Ellen Victoria Meyer Zacharia Mijares-Shafai Zachary Evan Miles Jamie Ann Millard Randall Strickland Miller Bryan Wright Mills Labreshia Teon Mims Daniel Michael Minahan Isaac Minor Eric Scott Misiewicz Sanjay Mohan Albert Nissim Monina Johnston Lewis Moore Joshua Albert Morales Rashidat Oladotun Moreira Megan Elizabeth Moreland Eric Michael Morris John Patrick Mortensen David Stephan Moshkowich Lori Moshman Michael Peter Motley Karim Emmanuel Mourra Lisa C. Mullaney Stephen Chadwick Murdock Amanda Kathleen Murdock Kimberly Joyce Murphy Kelly Corinne Murphy Bryan Douglas Murray Kendra Carhart Murray Anthony Drew Muscente Alexis Marie Mychajliw Hermela Nadew Peter Burns Narby Jessica Ann Natale Jennifer Leigh Nauheim Lauren Marie Nelson Cyrus Gev Nentin Daniel Nethala Rachel A. Neville Maegan Rose Nevins Amy Ng Adam Benjamin Nicoletti Gabriela Cristina Nieves Daniel Charles Novick Farhan Nuruzzaman Janet Nkemdilim Nwaukoni Healy Conor O'Brien Kelsey Iva-Marie O'Shea Jessica Occean Christiana Oduro Kendice Lynn Ogilvie Tomi Olanike Olaniyan Gaelyn Tso-Jun Ong Kate Barr Orlofsky Sophia Catherine Orzechowski Evan M. Palmer Robert James Pannell YongTae Park Isaiah L. Parker Michael David Parker Kate Elise Pascucci Simone Amanda Passarelli Carolyn Denise DiPasquale Payne Claudia Maria Pazlopez Kara Elizabeth Pellowe Jorge Luis Pereda Rachel Martha Katims Perlman Benjamin Adam Perry Kyle Christopher Peters Joshua Matthew Pettit Molly Elizabeth Pfaffenroth Remanu Justin Phillips Kevin Laurence Phipps Colette Lafontaine Picard Pierina K. Picasso Natalia Casandra Piland Ashley Elizabeth Pinkney Maria Helena Pittarelli Anna Katharine Plattner Derek James Plotkowski Julia Young Pogust Joseph Polsky Brianna Joy Pomeroy Michael Ralph Porta Alyssa Nicole Potolsky Sarah J. Povilauskas Stephanie Lynne Pratt Katherine Lynn Princisvalle Olivia Tricia Prout Ellen Forrest Quarmby Shauna-Kay D. Rainford Trey Edward Ramsey Mary Irene Pangan Recinto Justin Mark Recktenwald Jordan Grace Reeder Ruizhe Ren Matthew Pender Restaino Christina Marie Rettig Abigail Marie Reyes Stephanie M. Rhoades Emma Rose Riccardi Bradford Scott Richards Justin Robert Rider Preston B. Rimbey Spencer Alexander Roane Denise Sylvia Robbins Jonathan Keith Roberts Amanda Brooke Robins Rex Aerie Nicholis Rodanas Jamie Lynn Roden Christopher M. Rogers Sunho Roh Corinna Louise Romantic Leonel Rosario Michael Aaron Rosenberg Esti L. Ross Rachel Morgan Ruden Caroline LeRoy Rusk Mallory Elizabeth Ryan Johnny Yu-Git Sa Stephen Michael Sable Sylvia Krivanek Sable Salina Sabri Lauren Dawn Sachvie Ksenia Saenko Ariel Saffer Santiago Salazar

Abigail Salce Nicholas William Saleh Leah Elysia Salgado Danielle Antoinette Samuels Andrea Lynn Sanders Annelisse Santiago Seth Francis Saslo Daniel Satick Sabina Marie Sattler Carrie Anne Sauter Moira Marie Scaperotti Robert Ian Schechner Katherine Elizabeth Scheibel James Martin Scheller Matthew Schepel Ariel Nicole Schlag Erika Amber Schreiber Derek John Schreiner Zachary Michael Schubert Wytse Gosse Schukken Maxim Schuler Ziv Schwartz Karli Berwick Scott Gretchen Seim Won Joon Seol Kevin C. Sergeon Adam Garrett Severance Shaquasha Adell Shannon Marin Shapiro Scott Andrew Shapiro Xiaoxing Shen Laura Allison Shepard Colin Joseph Shevlin David Brandon Shippee Elsie Hulda Shogren Spencer Christian Shonio Adam W. Shuknecht Jason Sifkarovski Marc Laurence Silberman Wade Peterson Simmons Brant William Simmons Jonathan Ray` Simpson Michael Lev Singer Kwame Frempong Siriboe Rebecca Leigh Sisselman Janelle Therese Slutsky Molly Louise Smith Todd Lowell Smith Rebecca Elizabeth Snow Andres Solis Jacob Mark Solomon Hye Yoon Song Nathan Richard Sordillo Michelle Justine Spektor William Timothy Spencer Michael Bernard Spooner Nicole Catharine Sprung Laura Elizabeth Stamp Katie Marie Stayton Hayden Blodgett Stebbins Keith James Stec Ronald Deverall Stenz Amanda Keri Stern Glen Patrick Stewart Carla Louise Stoffel Meredith Laura Stone Rachel Barbara Storey Macy McWilliams Stubstad Gregory Scott Stucker Kun Hye Suk Daniel Benetti Sullivan Cong Sun La'Mont Terrell Sutton Eric Justin Swidler Michael William Szymoniak, Jr. Fumika Dawn Takahashi An Tang Andrew M. Tanger Abdul M. Taylor Lilian Mae Taylor Marissa Katherine Taylor Mariana Tellez Villalobos Emily N. Ten Eyck Nicholas David Terry Milan Deepak Thakkar Mary Katherine Thompson Jacqueline Racquel Tiaga Shannon Feeney Tierney Gregory Tierney Christopher Thomas Tindell Jessica Lee Tingle Kenneth Charles Tkatchuk Daniel Alexander Topler-Garcia Joshua Robert Torcello Jesse Torchetti Alexander Issac Traven Nathaniel Treffeisen Rachele Tess Trentalancia Matthew A. Trzcinski Carolyn Tsai Niki Alexandra Tsamis Stephanie Tsang Andrew James Tschiderer Elisa Palmira Tumino-Van Amburgh Rudolf Uhlemann Terezia Urban Robert Lee Utsey Travis Alan Van Caster Jacob Proctor van Almelo Daniel Jose Vergara Danielle Catherine Vitalo Sean David Volk Lucia Carol von Reusner Abageal B. Vonderweidt Andrew Walter Wade Benjamin Joseph Wadowski Scott Mackenzie Wallace Michelle Jeanine Walters Jenna Mary Waltersdorf Maize Wang Sophie Linyi Wang Jennifer Yi-Hsin Wang Maia Kiera Warner Lauren Elizabeth Webster Joseph Jeffrey Weeks, Jr. Cynthia Xin-Xin Wei Charles Edmond Weill Ariella Bass Weintraub Timothy Michael Weisberg Zi Han Weng John Matthias Wenner Charlotte De Waele Werner Brenton A. White Catherine Elizabeth White Sean Robert Whitney Aubrey Rose Whittaker Ashley Lauren Wilcox Johnathan Nelson Wilkens Kari Lyn Williams Lauren Nichol Williams Marcus Christopher Willis Samantha Mai Willner Julien Alexander Wilson Ethan Andrew Wilson Thomas Carlyle Winans Stephen Ralph Winsor Katherine Laura Wolfsthal Roger Wong

Keren Ruth Wong Katie Nicole Wratten Samantha Ann-Elizabeth Wright Christopher William Wroblewski Amber Lyn Wynkoop Thomas Frank Yaros Joseph Paul Yaros Jeffrey Yeung Andrea V. Yonge Walter Hee-Chul Yoon Gardner Lehrbach Yost Ashley Nicole Young Amanda Irene Young Alison Rose Young Melissa L. Young Wei Ting Yuet David Andrew Zaitz Giulio Zampogna Jessica Zapas Adrian George Zarifis Zhihang Zhang Lisa Zhang Chen Zhao Dennis Wei Zhou Christina Elizabeth Zick Stephanie Marie Zimmerman Justin Adam Zupnick

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE In Architecture, Art, and Planning

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Long Tian Yi Jiao Lauren Elizabeth Raab Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Nathaniel Robinson Cisne Dimitrios Siavelis Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Sidney Talbott Beaty Timothy David Becker Min Bu Yunzhu Chen Taylor Anne Chew Marc Kristopher Dominianni Andrew Nathan Douglass Claire Lynelle Douglass Susanne Clayton Fortunato Cassandra Marie Gallagher Jeffrey John Gilbane Alicia Taisook Hahn Tia Monique Hicks Kayoko Hirata Lindsay Morgan Hoolehan Jackson Favre Hunter Michael Nathan Jacobs Steven T. Jenkins Rachel Kay Jones Peter M. Levins Mathew Joseph Martinez Zachary Xavier Murray Quintana Caitlin O'Neill Kyle Adam Parsons Evan Joshua Preminger Adrienne Solana Rosenblatt Illika Sahu Ryan M. Shedd Angela Jia Sun Dennis Gustavo Tejada Caitlin Packard Vollmer James Daniel Voter Nenha Sadia Young Vera Zorkina

Sohan Jain Christopher Michael Jewison Hyung Mo Kang Ethan Kao Jordan Kent-Bryant Nicole Kim David Andrew Kotfis David Samuel Kumka Jason Kuo Rahul Kuppuraj Anna Lee Fu Shek Rocky Li Dennis Y. Liu Kevin Lu William Jeffrey Maher Nicholas Tsang McDermott Steven M. McGrew Eneida Mingla Kevin James Muich Moran Nachum Ashish Amala Nadan Chanju Ohh Benjamin Bamberger Oswald Jae Hyon Park Jae Won Park Christian Vincent Paunon Pouria Pezeshkian Sarah Jayne Richardson Steven Scott Robertson Daniel Rocio Chris Roh Alexander Emmanuel Rojas Anthony John Savas Stephen Joseph Setzko Seong Leol Sim Noah Daniel Singer Daniel Joseph Somrack Ravi Surdhar Jake George Swamp Steven Wayne Tilley Colleen Marie Trecartin Nicholas John Voerg Shentong Wang Joseph Enrique Wojciechowski Meng Yan Robert Ryan Zimmerman Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Joshua Max Abeshaus Mirabella Guler Agalar Jhalak Agarwal Suryansh Agarwal Kyle Winston Ahlers Dong Won Ahn Jashan Neal Ahuja Mehmet Fatih Akdag Marion Sofia Alberty Nicholas Alexander Alessi Philip James Alley Megan Nichole Altmire Ashir Amer Christopher Barrett Ames Benjamin Harley Anapol Caspar John Anderegg Caitlin Elizabeth Anderson Seth Henry Andrews Eric Teck Chin Ang Darrick Eugene Antell Justin Jeremiah Araway Andrew Louis Arnold Ankit Arora Aparna Ashok Roshan Asrani Nisha Athickal Sean Colin Augustino Houman Azemati Revanth Reddy Baddam Re Na Bae Lu Bai Doo San Baik Emre Deniz Balci Joseph Michael Ballerini Bruno Rafael Bambaren Andrew Jay Bass Alexander Robert Belbin Rebecca Ann Berman Philip Bernard Stephanie Michelle Bernardi Alexandra Hope Bishop J. Alexander Hawley Bishop David Atle Bjnes Matthew Edward Blair Jeremy Evan Blum Katherine Ann Bobroske Jacob Patrick Bogardus Maxim Issac Bogorad Andrew Tristan Bourassa Caroline Marie Brial Erin Rose Briggs Richard Bronzo Daniel James Brooks Stephanie Diane Brown Katharine Anne Browning Timothy Michael Bruhn Samantha Elizabeth Brummell Nicholas John Brunelle David Yujia Bu Emily Nicole Buirkle Daniel Gary Bunis Emily Elizabeth Burke Tucker C. Burns Blane Harrison Butcher Matthew Scheller Byrne Antonio Franscisco Caballero Sarah Kathryn Callanan Alecia Maelle Camillo Camisha Teleta Card Jillian Sarah Cardamone Steven Terry Carlberg Brian Patrick Carroll Laura Anne Castrale David Chader Sun Ho Chae Nicolas A. Champagne Williamson Anna Kathryn Chang Irene Chang Michelle Manshan Chau Vardahn Chaudhry Chaorong Chen Robert Shuo Chen Sixing Chen Jeffrey Leesing Cheng Justin Cheng Ellen Yueh-Ning Cheong Qinyi Chew James Alan Chiang Michael Stephen Chin Carol Jin-Jin Chiu Jin Samuel Cho Kyu Jun Cho You Kyung Choi Bonnie Chi Ying Chong Dhanat Choong Madhur Chopra Matthew Alan Christensen Carolyn Joy-Ling Chu Raymond Chu Timothy Ting-Feng Chu


Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Bora Fadil Aykin Joon Min Baek Jacob Charles Bolewski Lawrence J. Brazin Kevin Joseph Dolan Elizabeth Amanda Duvall Timothy John Carr Freeman Andrew Robert Jacobs Kentaro Miura Alison Beth Nalven Lauren Diane Nielsen Minglian Pan Sun Chang Rhim Robert Arthur Solaski Stephen Wing Chi Wong Adam Joshua Woodward Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Daniel Aguel Jieun Ahn Dominick Joseph Amador Isaac Alexander Armstrong Kimberly Jeanne Beccia Cooper Scott Bills David James Bodin Alan Joseph Calabrese Anthony Youngway Chang Jesseon Solomon Chang Christine Chinya Chen Liuyuan Chen YuFeng Chen Zhihao Chen Yu Cheng Kyoung Won Cho HaeIn Choi Matthew Carson Colley Nabila Nasir Dadabhoy Travis Frederick Dale Kelsey Catherine Dent Michael Alexander Digman Caroline Dougherty Heng Zhe Duan Tian Yu Yolanda Duan Shi David Seth Dunn Najla Nabil Elmachtoub Odohi Ogbang Ettah Nickyta N. Fishman Diana Sharon Foster Alexandros Nikolaos Georgakopoulos Christopher Michael Guerrero Natalie Gloria Hackworth Syed Abbas Haider Catherine Anne Harley Thomas Randolph Hayford Tricia Elizabeth Hevers Joseph Benjamin Hochberg Christopher Anthony Inferrera

Jun Yang Chua Ethan Picus Chumley Hyeseung Chung Young-Jin Chung Justin Edward Churchill Frances Raija Ciolino Calvin Henry Clark Sean Andrew Clark Kaitlyn Marie Clune Daniel Adam Cohen Joseph Paul Colello Daniel Michael Coll Brandon Matthew Cook Emily Katherine Cook Brendan William Corey Amanda C. Costello Amanda Isis Couto Joshua Daniel Crofton-MacDonald John Charles Crowers Xochitl Cruz Christine Mary Curtis Robert George D'Ambra Jason Roger D'Souza Stephen Thomas Dacek III Wei Dai Samuel Jacob Dannemiller Pritika Dasgupta Ankurita Datta Jaron Tyler Davis Mitchell Swigart Huycke Davis Robert Stephens Davis Spencer Everett Davis Carlo Servando De Los Angeles Michael Joseph De Lucia John Rutledge Dean Patrick Reid DeMarle Robert Lawrence Demellier Justin Shee-Jieh Deng Garen Daron Der-Khachadourian Caitlyn Virginia DeWitt Michael Freed Dezube Akshay Nick Dhawan Jordan Christine Dick Peter Kenneth DiMarco David Alan Diner Aaron Beech DiPietro William Paul Dirschka Phillip Raymond Disanto Elyssa Fitzgerald Dixon Eugene Doan KerianneDobosz Kent Anderson Dolby Patrick Andrew Doliber Mark Dong Kyle Edward Dorman Stanislav Dorokhov Jennifer Ashley Doughty Jackson Connor Dowell Aditi Dugar Jordyn Lee Duggan Caroline Rose Parker Dunham Asher Dunn Patryk Marek Dziudziel Seth Montgomery Easter William Bauer Eayre Jordan Pierson Edwards Katherine Ann Edwards Zachary Nicholas Edwards Karl Alexander Eichorn Tahra Lucene Eissa Iriny Ekladious Stefan Christopher Engst Tunc Ertan Trevor James Ertel Elizabeth Escalera Christopher William Fairfax Douglas Ian Famularo Ryan Andrew Fanelli Jiongjia Fang Xinyue Fang Jaser Faruq Jeremy David Fein Guillaume Michel Pierre Fennebresque Andrew Paul Anthony Ferguson Alexia Victoria Fernandez Eduardo Oliveira Pinto Ferreira Anna Fern Ferry Cooper Douglas Findley Adam Louis Fisher Matthew Theodore Fishman Brian Phillip Fleischer Ian Joseph Forsythe Jeran Thomas Fox Daniel John Fredeman Joseph Martin Fridlander Ken Hui Fu Nicholas John Fuga Kevin J. Fuhr Kenneth Tsai Fujita Daniel Robert Gallagher Natasha Gangjee Timothy Kun Gao Meghan Alexandra Gaudet Justin T. Ge Mevlana Celaleddin Gemici James Nathan Gippetti David Harrison Goff Natalie Marie Goldman Jonathan Edward Goldsmith Kevin Bram Golovin Andrea Cristina Gomez Alexandra Lynn Gore Sophia Alexandra Goreczky Rinki Goswami Adam Goudarzi Garrett Thomas Graham David John Greczner Peter Russell Greenberg Douglas Russell Greer Robert Charles Greig Carl Frank Greiner Dominic Carlton Grimberg Dominick S. Grochowina Xiaofeng Gu Devansh Gupta Maneesh Gupta Nicholas Bernhard Guros Aaqib Mohammed Habib Casey Hagg Zachary John Hake Pimkhuan Hannanta-Anan Benjamin Taylor Harris Kellie Marie Haselkamp Christopher Heidelberger Sage Thery Hellerstedt Taylor Elizabeth Helsel Jayme Christine Henderson Mark Gerard Hendrick Christopher Allen Hendrix Melanie Jule Herman Charles David Hernandez Diana Jean Hidalgo Elaine Gina Higashi Natasha Elaine Hjerrild Aaron Daniel Ho Alexander William Hodge Jeffrey Robert Hollands Young Wook Hong

Eric Mitchell Horn Ian Kipling Horton Eva Yi-Hsuan Huang Jasdeep Singh Hundal Oneek Iftikhar Sung-Kyoon Im Michael Gene Ingersoll Bradshaw W. Irish Mohamed Ibrahim Ismail Adam Frank Jackman Stuart Alan Jackson Thomas Christopher Jackson Allison Jagoe Olson Jaimes Carrillo Christopher Matthew Jakobson Dalanda Aliya Jalloh Nipun Jasuja Madhuvanthi Jayakumar Johanna Blair Jezowski Weiyang Jin Jeremiah Kuruppanattu Joseph Eric Matthew Jurgens Natalie Jessica Kacik Gautam Chetan Kamath Weiying Kan Aparajith Kannan Audrey Ganishya Karabayinga Fahad Karim Alexander Edward Karwoski Sehj Kashyap Saummya Kaushal Andrew Paul Keating James Francis Kehoe Melissa Carol Kenny Andrew James Kerns Marissa Kewley Mouleena Khan Kristy Lauren Khoury Jonathan David Kienzle Paul Anthony Kiernan Kimberly Anne Kilroy Euiyun Kim Jaehoon Kim Jenny Kim Jung Ryul Kim Jungha Kim Kyu-Young Kim Woojin Kim Yong Seok Kim Yong Uk Kim Jocelyn Maxine Kluger Kristina Irene Ko Oleg Igorevich Kordunskiy Charles Maxwell Krakauer Nicholas Atkinson Kramer Alyssa Nicole Kranzmann Oleh Krupa Stephanie Zofia Kubala Amanda Elizabeth Kuczun Andrew Bryan Kugler Shreedevi Kumar Melissa Anne Kunkel Jocelyn C. Kuo Justin C. Kuo Tiffany C. Kuo Amanda Kaye Kushner William Carl Kuzara II Adela Kuzmiakova Brian Joseph Kwee Rachel Jun Hui Lam Feng Lang Panpreedee Laohapairoj Matthew Frank Lapa Robert Charles LaRoche Michael Thomas Lathrop Alexander Lavin Lilia Lavrov Joshua Ryan Lazoff Demel Alexander Lee Dae Yeol Lee Frohman Lee Gil Hyung Lee Jae Hong Lee Joonsuk Lee Seonwoo Lee Wenceslaus Wen-Hao Lee Benjamin Emil Lehman Brendan Michael Lepore Corey Daryl Letcher Carolyna Leung Idan Levy Albert Cheng Lian Li Andrew Li Anfei Li George Li Le Li Roxanne Lois Li Sherwin Li Weiyi Li Yuan Li Yuzhou Li Hyun Suk Lim Melinda Katrina Lim Wen Xuan Lim Jessica Phyllis Lin Laurence Zong-Shi Lin Ryan Lin Robert Jeffrey Liptack Michael Liu Ten Loh Stephanie Tracy Lohberg Christopher Patrick Long Francis Miguel Lora Mark Henry Loria II Daniel Bin Lu Gloria Lu Gloria Lu Leonard Hanxu Lu Mark Wayne Lu Shuangjie Lu Thomson Ly Jun Ma Matthew Edward MacFarlane Wing-Yee Man Tracy Lynn Mandel John Kennedy Mannix Robert Louis Mansperger Jeremy Philip Mantell Brian Manzi Stephanie Marie Marble Cynthia Ann Marinaro Spencer Alan Marks Keith Alan Marschner Richard Alex Martino Alexandre Antoine Massonneau Michael Nicholas Mastakas Elizabeth Lynn Mastroianni Brian Robert Mastrull Gen Masuda Kelly Raye McBride Katherine Marie McCance David John McCarey

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 17

Molly Ann McDonough Molly Sexton McElheny Brian Joseph Meehan Adam Ernest Mendrela Yue Meng Richard Arnold Merluzzi Julia Grace Mertz Katie Lee Alholinna Meusling Randall A. Meyer Ella Irene Mihevc Douglas Paul Miller John Benjamin Miller Lena Christine Mitkey Sima S. Mitra Takayuki James Miyamoto Sarah Elizabeth Modi Krista M. Molettieri Robert Russell Moore Patrick Michael Moran Liane Michelle Moreau William J. Moseson Charles William Moyes Anirvan Mukherjee Anondo Dehan Mukherjee Michael Justin Muller William Griffin Myers Sathish Ramanathan Nagappan Ashwin Narayanan Gopal Nataraj Sunanda M. Nath Brittany Lynn Nelson Matthew Ryan Newberg Katarina Hsin-Yueh Ng Yi Wen Ng Peter James Norris Samantha Jean Nowierski Samiul Hussain Nur Christine Ellen O'Brien Davis Bolger O'Connell Bryan Oakes, Jr. Ibukun Temidayo Olubanjo Peijie Ong Taylor Kaitlin Oniskey Chukwuka Christopher Osakwe Thomas John Oswalt Andrew Wilson Otto Andrew Michael Palazzo Ju Khuan Pan Amandeep Singh Pandher Joseph Dean Pantoga Natalie Marie Paquette Emmeline Soomin Park Sooyoun Park Yoon Ho Park Jonathon Stuart Parsons Sanket Pattanaik Raksit Pattanapitoon Joo Eduardo Paula Machado Amy Rachel Paull Michael James Pawlak Jonathan Tyler Pearson Christopher Roy Peratrovich Leah Carmella Perazzo Caleb Tyler Perkins Benjamin Sanders Perlmutter Nicholas Christopher Perrotti Thomas William Petracca Ajay Avinash Phadke Trang Nguyen Phuong Pham Benjamin Henry Phillips Christopher Thomas Piccoli Donald Thomas Pietrowski Elizabeth Ann Pogue Matthew Dunham Polnerow Bethany Leanne Potter Siobhan Brigid Powers Stephen Alan Prizant Jonathan Michael Puder Brittany Irene Puzar Boiar Qin Jirui Qin Sandra Chieh-Yin Quah Justin Max Quartiere Jason Meyer Quint Nicolas Wallace Raasch Archana Rachakonda Pooja Raghavan Ritu Raman Wiratama Hadi Ramanto Dipesh Satish Rana Abhinav Shekhar Rao Rene Michelle Rappisi Katherine E. Reilly Edward John Reynolds Stephanie Rhee Hillary Ann Richard Justin Daniel Richmond-Decker Trevor Scott Ricker Matthew Daniel Riemer Angela Jean Rigden Brandy Lee Risha Salmaan Abbas Rizvi Shannetta Idel Robinson Leah Marie Roldan Jordan Dean Roloson Luis Eliseo Romero Edgar David Roque Jose Miguel Rosello Alexander Christian Ross-Stuart Erin Kathleen Rossi Deven Atul Roy Jesse Luo Ru John Myron Ruppe Stacey A. Saba Theodore Efron Saltz Christine Marie Sandacz Joseph Alfred Savage Brian George Schiffer Jessica Maneesri Schmidt Thomas Stephen Schmidt Travers Luke Schmidt Heather Kristin Schopper Paul John Scilingo Matthew Ryan Scott Brian Francis Searle Louis Charles Segalini Atle Michael Selberg Ryan Scott Serell Daniel Shae Ashwin Jairaj Shahani Kevin Robert Shannon Yuning Shao David Aaron Shapiro Ragini Narain Sharma Nicole Amanda Shea Wangzhong Sheng Jung Hwan Shin Timothy Jong-Hyun Shin Jessica Ann Shipman Megan Alexandra Sichler Stephen David Simms Anna Leigh Sims

Samuel Charles Sinensky Makhlook Manik Singh Ka-Hei Siu David Elliot Skiff Alexander Ian Slover Andrew Brendan Smith Christine Anne Smith Hyeon Soh Alexandra Cheryl Solomon Sarah Jinyoung Song Edan Soroker Kaila Riona Squires Kanchana Uppili Sridhar Nattapol Srinorasret Jessica Carol Stark Justin B. Steimle Emily Anna Stephan Gregor Stocks Maja Stojiljkovic Stephanie Anne Stoughton Lauren Elizabeth Styskal Hyung Jun Suk Alec James Sullivan Anthony Edwards Sullivan Amy Sun Siqi Sun Nathan Andrew Supakul Deanna Marie Surma Ryan Travis Swisher Nikita Taparia Harry Egon Terkelsen Catherine Patricia Theuer Amanda Elizabeth Thomas David Louis Thomason Michael Norton Tomaine Nicholas P. Tombari Christopher Lin Torng Brian David Toth Jordan Alexander Toth Kelly Marie Trepess Kyriakos George Tsahalis Jamie Tsai Pei-Hsuan Tsai Ricky Shing Chi Tse Aylin Tumer Andrew Paul Turgeon Grant Maxwell Ullman David James Vaglia Caspar Leo Hendrik Geert Valk Jennifer Lynn van Benthem Rebecca James Varnhagen Daniel Michael Ventre Michael Joseph Vidal Arjun Ajay Vinze Brendan Michael Viscomi Zachary Taylor Wachtl Misty Aestas Wahl Rahasing M. Malinka Walaliyadde Caitlin Emily Waldron Christopher John Walker Ningchuan Wan Xin Wan Charles Jueilei Wang Chung-Yu Wang Julia Wang Miao Wang Norton Wang Sabrina Frances Wang Si Ping Wang Tianyu Wang Peng Wei Andrew Robert Weirman Benjamin Eli Werner Brian McCulloh White Livingstone Anthony Whyte Daniel Marc Wild Matthew Williams Timothy Douglas Wing Harrison C. Wong Victoria Wong Jason Patrick Wright Chia-Hong Wu Jason Wu Michael Yen-Ting Wu Philip Lingfei Wu Rhonna Wu Stephen Ho Wu Iva Xhangolli Wan Hua Xie Zichuan Anthony Xing Alan Daisuke Yamamoto Qin Yan Alex Jen Shin Yang Anqi Yang Dan Yang Heran Yang Jia Yang Marrisa Yang Victoria H. Yang Yi-Yao Yang Dennis Alberto Yanga Jiaqing Yi Kevin Yi Megan Lynn Yonkaitis Michael Jinsoo Yoo Christine Yoon Naoki John Yoshida James Robert Young Long Cheung Yu Dae Hee Yun Zachary Evan Zanini Xianghai Zeng Ada Winyee Zhang Jesse Zhang Jiecheng Zhang Jingshu Zhang Simon Zhang Xuefan Zhang Yichi Zhang John Zhao Ran Zhao Jiachi Zhou Liankun Zhu Michael Joseph Zhu Tianyu Zhu Zerui Zhu Zhouheng Zhuang Shamila Karim Zindani Michael Edward Zwillenberg

Kelly Amanda Donnelly Lu Du Erik D. Edwardson Emily Rachel Fleishaker Rebecca Jane Foxman Gabrielle Giuliani Gordon Brian Jeffrey Grambow Alisha Alnoor Gulamani Terence Hu Jessica Joo Yun Ser Derrick Kim Solbi Lee Calvin Pei Jun Li Keaton Stewart Marks Karli H. Miller-Hornick Michael Melen Arzu Perwez Molubhoy Abigail Marian Needles Jacob Arbetter Rosenberg Katherine Rothschild Hae Kyung Shim Yuliya Teterina Sarah Ann Wilkerson Joyce Hsing Wu Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Nicole Paige Ackerman Ryan Eliyahou Afari Andrew Youngmin Ahn Nicholas Loren Alexander Thomas Richard Baber Karim Bata Andrew Bruce Bekkevold Ellease Rose Bender Melissa Danielle Benhaim Samuel Robert Benjamin Omer Ben-Zur Brittany Beth Berman Christopher David Bernot Andres Horacio Betancourt Janine Fouad Beydoun Christina Marie Blanco Lindsey Brous Margot Beddall Brown Julian Ernest Bruell Sean P. Callinan Andrew Fu-Ching Chang I-Ru Christine Chang Janith Yih Lin Chang Shannon Sung Chang Andrew Michael Chapman Thomas Gregory Charbonnier Sophie Ping Ling Cheung Junyeon Cho Jee Eun Chung Jess D. Cisco Abigail Kathleen Cunningham Jennifer Marie Davis Katherine Terese DeVantier Caroline Campbell Dickens Joe Matthew Dillon Aria Edith Dorsey Jennie Katherine Drygulski Ilana Judith Edelman George Theodore Elkin Oliver Todd English Celia Ann Erickson Christine Fabara Elyana Falk Emily Stowe Farella Anthony Paul Fragoso Mariko Lori Fujio-White Iannelli Yvette Garza Ivaylo Evgeniev Genchev Justine Margaret Gentilini Julianna Cedonia Gjonaj Michael Ian Goldstein George Michael Gomez Beth Etha Goodwin Matthew C. Green Patrick Daniel Greiner Ana Justina Guiu David Zhang Guo John Gutierrez Siheng Han Taewoo Han Anne Strauss Hawkins Manyi He Lauren Elizabeth Helbig Jordan David Heller Maria Hera Alexandra Grace Hermany Marissa Jean Hillier David E. Ho Teck Hon Brandon Ho Caitlin Nala Alexandra Holmes Collin Michael Hoo Ryan J. Houska Alison Hayden Hoyt Jonathan Yicon Hsieh Courtney Wai-Jing Huynh Joshua Yun Jeng Esther Mi-Ae Jeong Lu Jiang Mengyu Jiang Madeline Louise Jimerson Jennifer Jing Jin Jihee Jun Lara Irene Karabey Egemen Karabulut Daniel William Katz Rebecca Anne Kaufman Daniel Andrew Kendra Megan Kikugawa Harryette Young Kim Samuel Solomon Klein Abby Elizabeth Kohn Jason Phillip Lakow Alexandra Ann Lalos David Aaron Laskin Raymond Kyho Lee Se-Jin Lee Xiao Li Frannie Lin Bryan Scott Lisser Kelley Sophia Lloyd Katrina Brooke Lockwood Michael Adam Long Daniel Carlos Lopez Brittany Sierra Loza Jennifer Doan Trang Luu Gregory Peter Malamut Gabriel Sy Malitzky Adam Ryan Manacher Jake Lawrence Marmulstein Craig Thomas Mason Gerard Michael McCall Kenneth Leroy McClain III John Andrew McGowan Michael Gabriel Millas Grayson Sage Miller Justin Robert Miller Phillip Woojoon Min Michael Johan Mueller Sau Yan Mui Julia Elizabeth Murphy Tahira Myers Sarah Elizabeth Neils

Christos Nicholoudis Vladislav P. Nikulin Blair Trevor Nixon Brian Joseph ODonnell Molly Markham Morgan OHara Anna Cassedy ONeill Hyunah Oh Richard Pak Parul Ambalal Patel Jacqueline Monique Perkins Alexander John Philo Lindsay Marie Pletch Jennifer Rene Post Kelsey Marie Price Andrew John Quinn Eric J. Rabinowitz Daphne Lydia Rayappu Tess Anna Rex Carly Reynolds Kolton V. Reynolds Ariel Adele Robinson Javier Eduardo Rodriguez Reyes Mark Rosencwaig Isaac Zacharia Ross Steven Shiho Rowe Corey Blake Saft Ann K. Samuelson Eric Joshua Scheiner Skylar Dayne Scher Jeffrey Michael Schreier Adam Racer Schuit Bronwyn Paige Scrivens Mark Anthony Seals II Hayley Rose Sharfin Kelly Ann Sheehan Martin Laurence Sheinbein Kelsey Paige Shultz Daria Sikorski Hannah Elizabeth Simmons Diana Marie Simpson Rebecca Sophia Singelenberg Philip Robert Smith Kamuran Hyde Sokmensuer Chiara Faye Spinazzola Monica Renee Srinivasa Kristen Elisabeth Strang Stephen G. Strenk Samantha Jane Suter Michael Stephen Szapor Krystyna Joanne Taheri Vanessa F. Tam Ling Wei Tan Yinghui Tan Jessica Mariel Tapfar Paola Gabriela Tavella Daniel Eduardo Thomas Chelsea Kiff Thompson Samuel Trevor Thorpe Elaine Tseng Kaitlin Marie Uebele Karen Chia-Lin Ueng Nicole D. Valentino Katty Patricia Villapando Madeline Noto Wachtel Darren Wang Jing Jing Wang Graham Raymond Webster Eduard Wedel Xiao Wei Adam Laurence Weiss Spencer James Wellborn Lindsey Alyssa Whang Whitney Savon Wilson Barnett Wu Tracy J. Wu Laura Terumi Yamasaki Marshall Loel Yanzick Melissa Soon-Ling Yap Ann Lauren Young Joanna Yujing Zhang Xin Yi Zheng


Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Joseph B. Agyei Zachary R. Biegun Zein Bisher Jardaneh Gary Ryan Jones Evan Chong-Long Lee Irene Puiying Leung Leigh Rose Morehouse Nicole Anne Romano Krista M. Speicher Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Hayley Danielle Assael Joseph John Bailey Melany Rose Bradshaw Arielle Rene Cain Carly Brooke Citak David Spenser DyTang Michael Alexander Fotinatos Maxwell Morris Gengos Joshua Michael Glover Michelle Gluck Gila Rachel Hoffman Amber Samantha Hultgren Gurjot Kaur Rachael Kermis Yuk Ming Isaac Lee Bo Li Christine Wenyu Liaw Kristen Elizabeth Lysenko Elana Susan Marber Jill Wendi Markowitz Scott Malcolm Monsky Jillian Grace Morgan Neema Premdas Nathan Matthew Aaron Negrin Albert Matthew Parisi-Esteves Esther C. Park Mary Patricia Powers Nadira Raras Purdayinta Melissa Anne Rieger Alexis Brooke Ritter Caitlin Marie Royster Russell Joseph Schneider Lara Kaye Seiden Evan Andrew Shreck Emily Anne Spitzer Ryan Michael Stack Drew Jonathan Stadlen Lauren Elizabeth Thomas Ashley Brooke Weiner Shuyang Yao Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Fred A. Abban Samrawit Senay Abraha Carolina Acevedo Pardo Luz Isela Aceves Rebecca Marian Alper

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE In Hotel Administration

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Christina Alario Jeremy Felice Trude Epstein Grace S. Oplinger Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Christy Margaret Ai Kayla Christina Arsenie Lindsay A. Colbert Rachel De Leon

Amanda Christine Anger Sarah Anjuwon Kaitlin Atlas Haider Attarwala Hannah Lee Baer Michelle Meryl Baer Jonathan Robert Douglas Barclay William Robert Barclay Jennifer Lee Barsky Whitney Lauren Bartell Graham Leigh Baum Alexandra Lia Beauchamp Robert Mackenzie Belden Noella Bigirimana Clare Frances Boals Bryony Paige Bonavita Christine Mary Nicole Boyd Rosemarie Anne Boyle Timothy Michael Bromm Amelia Huidekoper Brown Courtney Eleanor Brown Michelle Panyin Buckman William Ivan Buniak Meredith Leigh Burcyk Briana June Burris Carrie Beth Califano Mairead Callahan Evan Phillip Cassity Matthew Daniel Chang Andrew John Chatham Christopher Chen Joanna Chen Jessy Frances Chiorino-Epstein Kathryn Michelle Chu Kara Ilene Cicero Catherine Elizabeth Cioffi Brittany Rachel Cohen Margaret Anna Cook Natalie Ebony Cook Nicole Delores Corey Devon G. Cota Colleen Anne Cozzens Chloe Rose Curtis Taylor Lauren Daugherty Michele R. Daukas Manuel Alejandro Davila-Molina Chandeerah Shermane Davis Nancy Altagracia De Leon Emily Patricia Dean Margaret Hummel Dennin Rachel Ann DeSantis Ricardo Antonio Daz Margaret Ethel Dimmick Abbie Loren Dinowitz Rebecca E. Dittrich Nicholas Jarrod Dodge Timothy James Dooley Ian Andrew Downs Sharon Rose Driscoll Ashley Ann Duffy Katherine Ashley Elks Lianne Newman Epstein Anne Marie Escobedo Joanie Latidoye Evans Charlotte Regine Fabiani Rhea Marie Fernandes David Andrew Frankel Bonnie Anne Frazier Talia Janelle Fuhrman Madison Marie Galasso Victoria Faye Garland Margaret Waruguru Gichane Molly Elizabeth Glantz Elaine M. Glenny Taylor Irene Goetzinger Jamila Olivia-Amadi Grampus Lauren M. Granat Whitney Morgan Gray Caroline Joanna Gross Genesis Grullon Elizabeth Anna Halayko Steven Jae Won Han Candace Y. Hatten Olivia Jill Healy Christine Marie Heib Caroline Sheehan Helmer Jonathan S. Z. Hermann Maria Christina Hessenauer Kristen Louise Hojnowski Laurel Anne Hollenbaugh Nina Hong Lucy Townsend Howat Chu Jane Hsiao Laura Huacuja Henry Hanhua Huang Victoria Mwuese Ifan Kimberly Joanne Jackson Brittany Yasemin Jarrett Katie Marie Jean Rachel Glenn Johnson David Lawrence Kaiser Kathryn Elizabeth Kaminski Brian Hoyoun Kang Rebecca Lee Kaplan Susanne Robin Katz Do Hee Kim Joshua Youngjae Kim Julia Kim Rebecca Jee-Yeon Kim Nicole Elizabeth Klein Alexandrea Margarita Klimoski Stephanie Eunha Ko Alyssa Hayley Korenstein Jordan Michael Kravitz Kelly Ann Kubas Shivani Kumar Esther Kwon John Kenneth LaBarre Shane Halper Lampert Flor de Maria Larios Lauren Elizabeth Latella Diana Suwen Lee Hin Bong Lee Joanna Si Hyeon Lee Kristin Hae Eun Lee Siobhan Meghan Lee Tae Seung Lee Sara Rhea Lesage Najah Ayana Levers Jia Jun Li Shuang Li Shu Min Liang Jordan Cathleen Licero Elizabeth Clarice Limpert Ping-Chun Liu Zachary Spencer Lorsch Brittany Carman Lutz Tracey Ruth Lynk Jack Gowan MacGillivray Nelson Antonio Maldonado Cerise Marcela Mallory Gabrielle Marder Kristin Emily Marrese Amanda Victoria Mazzotta Joshua Mbanusi Clare Jane McKenna Logan Margaret McKinstrie Molly Eileen McMahon Whitney Ann McMullin

Elise Danielle McVeigh Gilad Zev Meron Sarah Phoebe Meyer Heather Elizabeth Miller Jean Hee Min Suyoung Min Kelton Ray Minor Nicole Molinari Elizabeth Mary Monohan Laura Alyse Morrison Janine Louise Muccio Anna Mariela Mumford Ashima Muttreja Alexander T. Nastos Ada Ng Ariel Andrew Noonan Adwoa Boatemaah Nyantakyi Michelle Nancy OBrien Yeh In Oh Nancy Olowo Zachary Cosmo Osinski Emine Ozelkan Haerin Paik Esther Inkyung Park Janel Lynn Parker Emily Kathryn Parkinson Jesse Arthur Pearce Nicole Kathleen Perry Kimberly Ann Phoenix Vanessa Kristina Pizutelli Daniel John Polla Alexandra Post Ashley Marie Provenzano Priya Darshini Purushothaman David Anthony Quinzi Evan Daniel Reap Brianna Marie Reid John Yohan Rhee Christina Kim Rho Joo Young Ro Marion Robine Keir A. Ross Emily Michelle Sanders Michael Orlando Santandreu Karen Lynne Schillinger Jasmine Rose Schultz Ricki M. Segal Victoria Maria-Claire Sergent Stephanie Marie Shea Kelsey Schanche Shields Tal Ben Shoer, Jr. Danielle Taylor Silas Jennifer Anne Silverstein Mollie Belin Simon Alexander Michael Simson Joel Aubrey Thomas Smylie Kenneth Aaron Softness Katerina Evangelia Souliopoulos Elizabeth Combs Stainton Jessi Ariel Steinberg Morielle Aleen Strauss Katherine Rose Strausser Andrew Won Suh Jung Soo Suh Mary Quan Sun Gajan Anandhan Sureshkumar Audrey Rachel Sutton Kerdeane Natoya Sylvester Gabrielle Mai Tan Margaret Elizabeth Taylor Audrey F. Thompson-Amarteifio Andrea Marie Tufano Thomas Robert Valentine Jarvis C. Veira Benjamin Perry Veit Griselda Miranda Velado Victoria Paige Veneziano Veronique Diez Vicera Peter Leon Wang Xin Xin Wang Catherine Elizabeth Wassef Isabel Christine Weber Katherine Anne Weidlein Hannah Elizabeth Westfall Elizabeth Mary Wheeler Katherine Elizabeth Wheeler Jonathan David White Leslie Chiao Yun Wu Michael Yang Melanie Antonio Yee Sisi Yin Samrawit Fikru Yisahak Monica S. Youssef Hana Yu Stella Jiang Yu Andy Jun Zhou Sophia Zigouras

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE In Industrial and Labor Relations

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Patricia De La Torre Cristian Anthony Espinal Scott Devin Weiss Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Kelly Lynn Blair Faith Amour Burton Leigh Frances Cushing Winston Feng Michael David Greenspan Varun Balaji Gupta Christopher Michael Henty Adam Michael Khan Andrew Chan Lew Jesse Brett Malin Joshua Markovic Robert Joseph Merola Chi Kyu Sim Lacey Caroline Steinel Ben Isaac Wegener Xin Wen Kayla Joy Wilcox Jungsuk You Michael Nathan Youngworth Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Tarik Nashat Abdelqader Kelechi Bryant Aharanwa

18 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012

Justin Edward Altman Eric Richard Anderson Melissa Tania Arguinzoni Scott Merrill Austin Christina Clymer Bailey Neerja Rajagopalan Balaji Maria Patricia Guillermo Baquiran Thomas C. Barnes Megan Kay Bartlett Christopher Peter Bassano Rachel Ida-Ann Bensinger Nathan Robert Benson Melanie Berdecia Jan C. Bialostok Evelyn Claire Bing Chelsea Madison Blake Nancy Lynn Blanks Jamie Alison Boderck Michael Lee Bohs Peter Michael Bonelli Daniel J. Bordeleau Peter Robert Bouris Dylan James Brannon Michael Scott Braverman Alexandria S. Bray Madeline Hillary Briker Colleen Elizabeth Brill Daniel Joseph Cahalane Conor Callahan Brian Patrick Caulfield Tanya Chanda Olivia Shen Chang Umer Mustanser Chaudhry Silvio Yojiro Chiba Amy Chin Deborah Boram Cho Jae Il Cho Soolean Choy Caroline Brannack Skakel Closkey Brandon John Cohen Anna Maria Connors Noelle Marie Cornelio Shannon Marie Crane Patrick John Cronin Madeline Victoria Cumings Michael John Cunningham Edwin Adam Currie Emily Grace Cusick Joshua Taylor Cusick Matthew Brandon Danzer Adina Zara Davis Bethany Jeannette de Gant Karl Oscar de la Roche Katherine Eleanor Calvert Dean Craig Samuel DeFrancisco Matthew Scott Delello Kalisha Dessources Myra Fatima Din My Trinh Do William Patrick Donnelly Jenna B'nai Dorfman-Tandlich Eva B. Drago Thomas Marshall Dragon Gleb Vladislavovich Drobkov Ella Sydney Duncan Matthew Ryan Eckes Eden David Ellis Ethan Charles Erickson Oluwaseun Oluwatosin Familoni Anna Catherine Favrot Edith Rose Feinstein Brian Waterman Fetterolf Mary Anne Finn Mary Elizabeth Forman Folajimi Emmanuel Fowose Ariel Frank Jenna Camille Frazee Eric Raphael Freeman Julianne Catherine Freeman Sheela George Anya Marie Gibian Brian David Giles Katherine Julianne Ginsbern Philip A. Goldstein Yana Gontcharova John Michael Grant Steven Thomas Greene Alice Chiemi Grgas Maya Shelotte Gunaseharan Galina Gurevich Robert David Habig Daniel Mark Hagberg Christina Elaine Halpin David J. Hanover Megan Lenoir Hare Chelsea Eng Hart Lyman Edward Hawbaker III Peter Walter Hlawitschka Jong Taek Hong Sierra Hooshiari Ryan David Hosfelt Andrew Jonathan Hu Nicholas James Huber Christopher Joseph Humez Andrew G. Imber Diana Ivanov Kate M. Jackson Grace Hayoung Jang Amanda Marie Jensen Locke M. Jillson Amanda Kristen Joe William Benjamin Jones Laura Benson Joseph Emily Kay Minal Khan Michael C. Kim Sungsoo Kim Yena Kim Aaron Matthew Klein Jesse Wagner Klinger Stephanie Won Koo Matthew Edward Koren Paul Kovalski III Steven Michael Kwartler Wesley Jin Bong Lai Eva Lam David Lavian Thomas Claybon Laymon Narcisa Margarita Ledesma Brice K. Lee Nathaniel Addam Lee Charles Lempert Matthew David Lerner Alexander Marc LeRoy Jonathan Matthew Lesser Melissa J. Lin Michael M. Linhorst Patrick Liu Andrew Philip Livingstone

Bridget Barbara Lopatinsky Kimberly Lopez Erda Luo Stephanie Marie Madarasz Melba Elizabeth Madrigal Robert Virgil Maher Michele Louise Malski Lauren Rachel Manchester Richard Joseph Marks Guillermina Emilia Martino Gabriela Mauch Roger Thompson Mayer Alyssa Dorothy McAnney Kristen Michele McClellan Kathleen Annie McDonough Kelsey Cameron McNamara Courtney Ann McQueeney John Carlos Metidieri Hannah Elizabeth Milliken Austin McKinley Moag Darya Moldavskaya Olivia Alexandra Moore Matthew Keegan Morgante Nicole Marie Mormilo Jason Marcus Morrison Christopher Michael Morse Samuel E. Moss Sofya Muftishvili Matthew Alexander Gordon Mullery Lauren Nicole Nadler Arielle Beth Nagel Brian Adam Nathanson Danielle Cara Newman Christopher Peter Nigro Rashel Noginsky Harris Reed Nord Jason Nordlicht Alyssa Thrse OConnor Michael ODonnell, Jr. Nicole Marie Offerdahl Ariella Ohabi Samantha Rose Padilla Byung-Kwan Park Chung Hey Park David Jeen Chul Park Amy Suhyun Park John Davis Parker Cassandra Ann Pedicelli Alexandra Perepelova John Anthony Peters Martha Clare Peterson Gabriel Phillips Deanna Danielle Ping Anna Predleus Jessica Seiler Pultz Kathryn Jane Ranieri Emily Marie Ranson Roxanne Corpuz Ravago Alana Jestina Reid Yelena Reznikova Brendan N. Rogan Amanda Zoe Rosen Marc P. Rosenberg Thomas C. Rossidis David Samuel Rostowsky Zachary Levy Rubin Chad T. Ryal Jonathan Philip Saltman Nathan Schwartzberg Samantha Rose Marie Scott Bryan Robert Seelig Chirag Shah Robin Jay Shapiro Nicholas Harold Shayler Hilah Malka Shenhav Sahar Andrea Shirazi Philip E. Shulman Yelena Shur Rohan Ashok Siddhanti Jordan David Simon Timothy Patrick Snapp Robert Matthew Solomon Kathleen Marie Soo Hoo Alyssa Marta Spina Alphonse J. Squillante James Benjamin Stokley Raquel Loren Sylvie Katherine Talabacu Zachary Fred Tally Marina Tatarskaya Jefferson John Taylor Andrea Mary Thomas Medalis Rayza Trelles Olivia Louise Trozze Quip Reese Turner Orfeh Vahabzadeh Peter Forest Valhouli-Farb Caroline Brittany Veltri John Henry Veraja Jake Oliver Walter-Warner Katherine Elizabeth Watts Steven Patrick Wexler Jacob John Witkop Connie Wong Alexandra Nadia Woodhouse James Y. Xi Jordan Cody Yadoo Sharon Yeung Mary Seungmin Yoo Mina Yoon Phoebe Xiaoxi Yu Amy Young Bin Yu Howard Haoyang Zhang Daniel Daisuke Zielinski

Anjelica D. Christon Caroline Glidden Corbett Robert MacGonigle Nels Crosby Deinte Dan-Princewill Ryland Thomas Dandreta Anton Krisitian Dekom Rebecca Cote Dion Anthony Joseph DiValerio Patricia Yolanda Echeverria Liras Michael Joseph Esposito Daniel Ethan Fabrick Kimberly Christine Faul Lauren Beth Gluck Taek Ho Han Sebastian Valentine Hernandez Andrew David Heumann Ian Russell Janicki Lauren R. Jordan Christine Kim Han Joon Kim Margaret Anne Knight David Christian Koch Varvara Dmitriyevna Larionova Jae Hee Lee Joshua J. Lekwa Hugo S. Lemes Peter M. Levins Vincent C. Lim Che Wei Lin Tansy Pui Ki Mak Natalya Valeriy Maliew Daniel J. Marino Nicolas M. Martin Carla Martinez Hoang Viet Nguyen Denise Cebim Pereira Jorge Luis Puentes Yazma Rajbhandary Victor Benet Ramos Christopher James Ryan Isaac Benjamin Sharkan Yeung Shin Edith Walker Smith-Williams David Opeyemi Temidara Jessica Linda Tranquada Alicia Marie Trujillo Karl K. Tsui Julianna Marell Valle Velez

BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS In Architecture, Art, and Planning

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Gregory Alexander Funk Seung-Yeon Lee Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Evelyn Sarang An Frederick Howard Greis Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Madeline Rhea Burton Christina J. Chaplin Monica Cho Lauren L. Cruvellier Sava Shields Demanski Nicholas Donald Faust Clayton Dale Henry Jung Sun Kim Nu-Ni Lee Zhili Li Kachine Alina Moore Kwame Ahuma Nana-Atoo Seung Bum Paik Dylan Pancer Nellie Ann Prestine-Lowery Sarah Alyssa Sanders William Percy Colin Smith Erica Sue Sutton Hannah Elisabeth Toering Benjamin James Weber Chase Alexander Wilson Jennifer Lauren Wong Roxanne Alexandra Yamins

EmilyKahoe Chen Courtney Anne Cheng Stephen Michael Ciccarella Katie Destiny Compton William Joseph Cordeiro Juliana Richer Daily Shooshan Danagoulian Sonali Sanghita Das Ryan Dabriel Dreher Juliana Duque Mahecha Maria Elvira Dyangani Ose Victoria Heidy Ehrlich Jessica Anne Ekblaw Lorenzo Fabbri Oscar Omar Figueredo Edith Lynn Fikes Ziyang Geng Adi Grabiner Keinan Sinja Ursula Graf Weishi Gu Christopher Michael Handy Miyako Elizabeth Hayakawa Jason Drew Hecht Soo Kyeong Hong Ahmed Jaber Andrew Jefferson Donald David Johnson Julianna M. Koch Tae-hoon Lim Shusheng Lin Hamza Mahmood Aleksandar Matovski Ika Nurhayani Samanta Ordonezrobles John Christopher Owsley Mahmut Kemal Ozbek Joel Salvatore Pastor Alexander Robert Phillips Wei Quan Mate Rigo Jennifer Eun-Jung Row Anuk Serechetapongse Ermita Soenarto Misun Song Yang Song Danielle Thomsen Brant Michael Torres Simon Esteban Lara Velasquez Andrea Viggiano Alexis Nicole Walker Xinli Wang Ying Wang Seung Won Woo Anna Isabel Young William Auther Youngman Shuang Zhang Chen Zhao Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Christopher C. Ahn Adam Collins Bursi Zhong Chen Katherine Victoria Coffield Hanmo Cong Reginald Dwayne Covington Brian Joseph Cuddy Noor Desai Emre Ekinci Pablo Garcia Pinar Kyle Wade Grove Mahyar Hadighi Matthew D. Hoffberg Junmei Hu Amy Elizabeth Jordan Min-Wook Kang Andrew Neal Lazar Katherine Elizabeth Mooney Aaron David Pelttari Jimena Roses-Sierra Jonathon Rusch Claudia Schmidt Wenteng Shao Peter T. Van Do Martha Anne Wilfahrt Ryann Elizabeth Wolf Kankan Xie Taomo Zhou

Christopher Joseph Pollock Jin Seok Pyone Anne Donovan Rocheleau Carlos Samuel Ruiz-Vargas Hiroaki Sai Ishan Sharma Derek Philip Stenclik Henri Raphael Sternfels Robyn Banerji Stewart Hariharaputhiran Subramanian Tsun-Hsiao Teng Hung Thanh Tran Helen Valentine Nicholas Ruben Alexander Valles Gretta Marie Vandell Benjamin Louis Wagner Mitchell L. Walters Yiwo Wang Yue Wang Thomas Bernard Wild Valerie Anne Williams Amelia Marie Willits-Smith Russell Stevens Winans Shuo Wu Ziqi Wu Arnold Jeremiah Godfrey Xavier Yidi Xia Zhen Xu Yingchao Yu Chao-Chen Yuan Shanshan Zhang Yan Zhao Anita Y. Zhu

Weiwei Wang Sarah Elizabeth Wharton Danielle Glasgow Wolf Russell Benson Womer Yang Xie Bo Xu Liheng Xu Lin Xue Jiajie Yu

Conferred at the Cornell University Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences in New York City
Laura Breda Matthew Hathorn Zeinul-Gabiden Kazhkenov Ai Ping Lee-lim Ann Tilley Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Michael James Adelman Gloria Aguirre Irma Amelia John Richard Amend, Jr. Kwame Amponsah Omar Farooq Anjum Kyle W. Arvin Steven Lawrence Beckman Cristina Maria Benea Benjamin Edward Brown-Steiner Christopher G. Bozza Elizabeth Sheryl Byrd Eric A. Carr Xiaoya Cheng Pannarai Chingchitr Celine Therese Marie Coquard Lenerz Kathryn Lynn Corwith Jesse Elizabeth Delia Kyle Delwiche Jeremy Aaron Dietrich Ryan Cean Dougherty Xiaonan Duan Evan Fay Earle Thomas Krik Ellingham, Jr. Matthew Evans Michael David French Ian Michael Fuller Robert George Gallasch Casey Garland Julian Palacios Goerger Yadav Krishna Gopalan Anna Rusch Greenswag David Tonatiuh Guerena Adithya Sagar Gurram Mark Richard Hartman Ekaterina Harvard Meagan Elizabeth Hinze Matthew Harrison Holden Qiushi Huang Ruirui Huang Peter John Ireland Masumi Rosana Izawa Byungki Jung Yan Kang Ceren Karaca Romi Kher Casey Marie Kraning-Rush Devin Lachowsky Meng-Chiao Lee Yash Lodha Philip Nee Katherine Nelson Jonas Neubert Gala Nehameh Nicolas Kaufman John Mark Orlowski Ipek Ozil Jonathan Sheewon Park Junbo Park Sun Young Park Cheryl Perich Kevin Michael Posman Vahnood Pourahmad Christian Adlai Pulver Remus Andrei Radu Lindsay Lee Reynolds Katie Diane Ricketts Rachel Lise Ruttan Fisal Ali Sayed Peter Clark Schrafel Elaina Nicole Shope George Raymond Stutz Sasikrishnan Kalyana Rama Subramanian Vikas Taliwal Maarika Teose Anthony Frederick Tierno Restituto Tajora Tocmo Thuy D. Tranviet Uchita Vaid Keenan Fu Valentine Nicole Joy Wilson Xiaolan Xu Leyla Linda Yousef Fan Yu Xiaolu Zeng Yefei Zhang Yushi Zhao Shuo Zhou

Conferred at the Cornell University Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences in New York City
Kenneth Ng Ora Singer-Gewurz Muhammad Waseem Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Michael Corey Adams Mahmut Aksit Yasin Alan Yucel Altug Margarita Amchislavska Thomas Greig Archibald Henrique Carlotto Aveiro Hyungryul Baik Natalie Alexandra Becerra Ilias Bilionis Elijah Lane Bogart Samuel Frank Bosco Ashon Bradford Timothy Joseph Brown David Nelson Bunck Robert J. Burgess Sebastian Andres Castro Fernandez Wonhee Cha Stephanie Chan Jonathan Marc Charest Chen Chen Maurice Yuk Leung Cheung Eric Choudhary Matthew Donal Connelly Nathan Raj Cornelius David De Angelis Gabriel Jose De Frias Garcia Jonathan C. DeCoste Huimei Delgado Douglas Y. DeSario Stefano Ermon Luis Estevez Lujia Feng Nikhil Jayathirtha Fernandes Ryan Michael Finseth Elliot Sam Friedman Lucas Heitzmann Gabrielli Russell Allen Gould Simon Thompson Gunner Anjie Guo Lena Susan Halabi Gregory Lewis Hallenbeck Katherine Michelle Hammes Kristofer Thomas Henriksson Thomas Hirtzig Laura Ann Hockaday James Inman Yevgeniy Izrayelit Ruchika Jaitli Blair Anne Johnson Joshua Judkins Paul Kim Rintaro Kinoshita Frank Changburm Ko Megan Christine Kopp David Tetteh Korda Brian David Lawrence Sang Hyeon Lee Jeerapond Leelawattanachai Swapna Lekkala Hao Li Ming Li Wan Li Daniel Le Ly Ashley Marie Macner Kin Teng Mak Lauren Elizabeth MatlockColangelo Mark Jonathon McClelland Stephen Paul Meisburger Clay Thomas Mitchell Christine Suzanne Moskell Curran Daniel Muhlberger Minh Thai Nguyen Jing Ning Brady Whitson OHanlon Vidia Paramita Natasha Lee Pettifor Costanza B. Phillips Andrew Charles Poshadel Shantanu Rajaram Rajwade Vasumathi Raman Charles Andrew Richter Nicole Lynn Ritzert David Rudy Rivera Andrew Walker Roe Anna Alisa Royem Rocio Esmeralda Ruelas Anthony Joseph Sabelli Kasturi Saha Daniel Edward Shai Bibhushan Shakya Yi Shen Adam Straub Cassandra Lois Streeter Siddharth Gurunath Tallur Daniel Tamayo Raluca Elena Tanase Johan Holke Olof Ugander Eric Edward Van Fleet Rolf Waeber Pu Wang

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Kaelin Brian Christopher Alexander Nadav Antebi Jennifer Lynn Ayres Roman David Bailey Catherine Marie Biba Angie Marlene Boyce Tessa E. Brenna Priscila Goergen Brust Matthew Dominic Bucemi Ying Cheng Stephen Robert Crook Kristen Leigh DOnofrio Michael Anthony Dichio Sean Arthur Fear Janice Kreinick Gallagher Roland Emil Heinze II Mary Kathryn Horning Kamila Angelika Janiszewska Anna Kharmats Amy Lee Kohout Carmen Violetta Krol Yoo Mee Lee Justine Lindsey Lewis Yi-Hsin Lo Kristin Marie Malyak William Neil Marzella Bryan David McCracken Joerg Ohmstedt Gregory W. Prichard Mario Ramirez Basora John Edward Robbins Susana Romero Sanchez Nicholas Tobin Roth Maria Isabel Santana Perez Simona Adriana Shuboni Avery Kristin Slater Liliana Do Couto Sousa Joseph Lamont Stevens Joo Yeon Sun Silvania Toska Jonathan Russell Vance Jin Xu Jingxian Zheng Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Minhwa Ahn Kyle William Albert Kiel Haynes Albrecht Thomas John Balcerski Nathaniel Edwin Bulthuis Wanda Daniella Casillas

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Hussam Abu-Libdeh Sarah Ellen Ajaeb Amit Anshumali Hasan Arslan Antony Berzack Roseline Bilina Falafala Kevin Kelly Booth Brian Andrew Bryce David R. Calabrese Casandra Marie Carter Joycelyn Faith Chan Stephen JosefChapman Anne-Sophie Caroline Chaxel Scott Clark John William Colson Xiaolin Cui Michael Paul Ehrlichman Mary Katherine Futey Michael Henry Gadsden Xian Gao Sheena Ramos Gayomba Garrett Hayes Good Robin Havener Varun Hiremath Bryce T. Hoffman Charles Colin Hollister Siyu Huang Kahyun Hur Aziana Ismail Srikant Kannan Iyer Eunjung Jung Saba Khan Rachna Khurana Chung Koo Kim Raymond Jungwoo Kim Tipaluck Krityakierne Peter Fu-Jhy Kung Dongwoo Lee Joshua Paul Lequieu Jie Li Juan Li Yun Li Jun Liang Matthew Mangan Low Andrew Williams Mackowski Michael Mak Kevin Patrick McNelis Alexander Melville William George Miner Sean Davis Moore Wesley Daniel Morris Stefan Surhash Natu Dennis Oransky Maksim Orlovich

BACHELOR OF ARCHITECTURE In Architecture, Art, and Planning

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Dan Choi Margarita M. Urquiza Ife S. Vanable Eric Thomas Vollmer Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Teraj Lemar Allen Kumar Sebastian Coors Atre Woon Hyun Bae Manuel Antonio Colon-Amador Imani L. Day Justin M. Hui Jasmine Jiahong Li Jennifer Susan Rector Daniel Joseph Salomon Troy Alexander Urman Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Jarman Acevedo Alexandra M. Bair Austin S. Beierle Naiwen Yvonne Chang

Conferred at the Cornell University Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences in New York City
Jonathan Bourne Schaillee Butler Laura C. Caplan Michelle Colletti Davi Costa Lauren B. Crew Debra A. DeFelice Brandon L. Del Bosque Ying Dong Jason T. Douglas Javier F. Festa Molly A. Friel Jeanette Gerould Courtney E. Harris Regina Jacob Natalia Jimienez Colleen Kennedy Benson Kidenya Michael Macikowski Kelsey A. Maloy Jyoti Mathad Lisa Moreno Skender Murtezani Kristine Olson Meera Pahuja Daniel J. Parchen Eden A. Reis Nicki RenoWelt

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 19

Michael Satlin Vanessa A. Scialom Linda Severe Patrice Severe Vrundaben C. Shah Jessica E. Spiegel Yehudis R. Tawil Lane A. Tiers Nilam Wadhvania Breck J. Wheelock Stephen Williams Xing Xu Julie A. Zuckerman

Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Angela Afandi Bennett Michael Bossert Ying Yi Cai Yuet Chan Mi Jin Cho Jae In Choi Melissa Ann Constantine Frances Georgina Gain Javier Galindo Yu Ying Goh Michael Nicholas Jefferson Kyle David Jenkins Benjamin James Johnson Paul Michael Joran Hyun Seok Kang Chien-Yu Lai Zongye Lee Suzanne Theresa Lettieri Cristina Jeanne Marais Leslie Bristow Mignin Victor Paul Schelechow Craig Adam Sobeski Ryan William Trinidade Ka Cheung Wong Pak Kiu Wong Kelly Lynn Zona Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Katsuya Arai Burcu Bicer Michael Robert Cabrera David Roger Chessrown Jeffrey Michael Dunn Aditya Ghosh Cory Andre Henry Owen Huang Eric Ashford Johnson Richard Val Jolta Yihua Li Jin Tack Lim Vinit Jaywant Nikumbh Christine Mae Pearson Aiheidan Rouzi Ishita Biren Sitwala Alexander Logan Smith Reinaldo Antonio Soto Akiko Suzuki Natalie Blythe Woodward Sacho Liangjie Wu Hua Ye


Recipient of Degree August 2011 Sabrina Emilyann Guarino Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Kathleen Li-yuen Chang Allyson Ruth Jones-Brimmer Nicole Lyn Santangelo Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Kelli Lyn Bailey Sheri Hope Boardman Carlie Ann Brown Joshua Mark Davendonis Jonathan D. Fuller Mary Gooding Mackenzie Elise Grambor Jonathan Mark Ivers Si Ning Li Rachel Lynn Mayer Kerri Anne McKenna Christopher Robert Smith Kathryn Stone Katherine Emily White Marita Ann Wilson


Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Hannah Choi Michelle Josephine Drevet Patrick Carey Hulsy Recipients of Degrees January 2012 David William Carhart Kate Ellen Chevarley Jonathan Eric DeGraff TaNisha Greene Matthew Thomas Houle Nicole Renee Johnson LaTranda Martin Joseph Benjamin Nadler Robert Edward Picone Sujit Ravindranath Shabbar Yusuf Tambawala Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Arjhang Abedin Frank Cerasoli Aburto Brian E. Acampora Danielle Therese Adams Manu Agarwal Abhishek Aggarwal Scott O'Brien Akers Syed Augmoal Ali Aleeya N. Alimuddin Daniel M. Amatulli Rakesh Amin

Luisa Velasquez Aminsharifi Moruf Olalekan Aminu Mahesh Anantharaman David Torba Andros Selina Chow Ang Alessandro Alfonso Ezio Anzani Mohan Aravamudhan Michael Sujeevan Arulgnanendran Pundi S. Ashok Shiu-Yik Au Leticia Prado Ayala John P. Babcock Freddie Bacong Sudeep Badjatia Jennifer S. Baker Giselle Ann Balagat Carole-Eden Ball Shahram Banaie Yazdi Nitin Chandra Bandugula Reut Bar Hama Elie Barakat Payam Bavafa Sudheer Bayanker Michael Ryan Beideck MadhuriBelgaumkar Natalya Berdzenishvili Matthew Todd Berkowitz Gopal Bethmangalkar Rohit Bhagwat Sahil Bhatia Samir Haren Bhatt Nizar Bhojani Vikas Bhoot Eric Birch Schuyler Dean Blackman Jeremy Barrett Bohne Venu Madhav Bolisetty Bianca Borghetti Philip Vine Boyd Fernando Bringas Matthew Brobak Bartok I. Bromberger Susan M. Buckwalter Yerbol Buranbayev Trevor James Burgess Adam S. Burke Brendan Harris Burns Sergey Bushuev Juan Camilo Cabrera Andres Campos Christopher Carvajal Carolina Carvalho Zachary Thomas Casavant Carlos Manuel Castro Rahul Chadha Alex A. Chang Andrew Tae Soo Chang Chinpei Benson Chang Han-yu Chang Hye Won Chang Ya-Han Chang Grant Thomas Kealoha Chapin Daniel Chavez Fregoso June Yan Lin Chen Shan Chen Anthony H. Cheng Jason Chin Krishna S. Chintalapalli Michael Y. Cho Yi-Ting Chu Gautham Sarath Chundi Paul Jeangul Chung Matthew B. Clifford Jeffrey Scott Cloetingh Elvin Colon Guillermo Corea Charles Wilfred Coristine Oscar G. Corpancho Brendan Timothy Costello Nahshon Lynel Craig William S. Crane Ashley Nicole Crayton David H. Croudace James E. Crowell Dian Zhang Cui William Charles Culley Vincent Anthony Curtin Roberto Antonio Cusato Stephen Howard Cypes Suman Kumar Dasgupta Omar Daudi Anthony Daulerio Ryan Christopher Davis Marco Pedro de la Rosa Erin Elizabeth Decker Michael E. DeCoste Nina Deka Andrew Bernard Des Rault Frank Seredynski Desloge Brandon Major-Le'Onzo DeYampert Parsram Dhanraj Shreyas Dharap Antoine Diab Milan Diebel Kira Ruth Dietrich Elaina Christine Dionisopoulos Danielle C. DiPietra Elisa Lynn Dobbins Sabrina N. Dobbs William Edward Dolan Kyle William Doppelt Justin Edward Driscoll Matthew William Duffley Adam B. Edwards Eric Nowell Einhorn Daniel M. Einwag Michel El Khoury Josie Sara Elias Sanabel El-Rayes Peter C. Emigh Michael A. Endres David Escuderos Lpez Landy Estrada-Reyes Christopher Murray Evans Lisa J. Evanson Bruce Field Failing Dana E. Falgout Hayley Jean Farr Chad Christopher Fath Richard J. Fay Robert Joseph Federici Marissa A. Ferrao Kay Fok Gifford Thomas Foley, Jr. Dylan F. Fonseca Mariana Foukleva Jessica L. Fracassini Justin N. Freiberg Rafael Cruz e Freire Elisabeth Frele Gen William Furukawa Edsel Raymond Gacasan Alexandre Galarneau-Micone Thomas E. Galeazzi Megan E. Galvin Sriram Ganapathy Oyungerel Ganbat Hui Li Gao

Jinghong Gao Rahul Garg Gregory Gerard Gatta Valeswara Rao Gazula Lilai Gebremedhin Nela Gedarevich Kristina M. Geier Raymond B. Germin Jared T. Gilbert Niti Goel Dynan Gomes Thomas J. Gormley Rajendra Rayalu Gorrepati Vladimir Kalman Gotlieb Benjamin David Gottlieb John Farouk Gouda Abhinav Goyal Daniel Anthony Grabauskas Dhanur Grandhi Imani Grant Alexander R. Green Natalie F. Grillon Lori Simone Grimes Morgan E. Gruye Philippe Henri Guibert Armine Hakobyan Mohamad A. Hamade Ryan M. Harbick David Charles Harold Karyn Noelle Dest Harrington DuWayne Darren Harrison Scott Hayne Ze He Michael W. Healey Chauncey G. Herman Elliot Hickey Bryan Hicks Donald G. Hicks Jenna Marie Hobocan Deirdre Mary Hochman Aaron Holiday Michael D. Hollman Thomas J. Hope Li Hou Yuxiang Eugene Huang Anthony O. Humphrey Mark Anthony Hunter Valentina Isakina Amin Issa Michael John Jacka Brandon Thomas Jacobsen Simmy Jain Utpal Jain Prem Anand Jayaram Ingrid M. Jensen Mathew R. Jensen Yong Jiang Eunice Eun-Bee Jin Terrence Adrian Joaquin Robert John Johannesson Hideyoshi Choi Johnson Sigmund Anthony Jordan Achraf Joumaa Kisung Jung Anita Kacholia Star S. Kalatzan Yu-Ting Kang Suvansh Krishan Kapur Yasuhiro Karakawa Vasundhra Kashyap Lauren Rachael Kasiarz Miguel Ignacio Katigbak Daniel J. Keeley Rahul Kejriwal Michael James Kellner Megan Patricia Kerr Rajive Om Prakash Keshup Varun Khurana Dami Kim DongChul Kim Eui Soo Kim Hyun Kyung Kim Keun Jong Kim Men Sok Kim Tae Ah Kim Joel Martin Kliksberg Jonathan Franklin Kline Kyoungboum Ko Adriana Margarita Koeneke Shankar Dheeraj Konidena Nelly Korsun KapeeleshwarKrishana Kavya Krishna Manian Krishnamoorthy Uma Krishnamurthy Karthik S. Krishnan Christopher W. Kuehnle Arun Kumar Christopher Hall Kurdziel Srikumar Gopinath Kuttuva Justin Michael Kvasnicka Tristan A. Last Iain M. Lawn Christopher Glynn Lazzari Julien Leclair-Dionne Dong Hwan Lee Linda H.Y. Lee Michael Lee Min Ha Lee Lance Williams Legree Jason Wing Pang Leung Stefanie E. Levner Yingning Lin Daniel Lawrence Linker Juraj George Lisiak Wenwen Liu Xu Yu Liu Bozdar Ljiljanic David Nicholas Lombardi Thomas L. Long Mauricio Lopez Tanner Moss Lund Huaqing Luo Patrick Michael Lynch Venkat Machaneni Harita Machiraju Munisekaran Madhdhipatla Michael Maggio Baljot Mahal Michael B. Majestic Tarun Anand Malik Paul J. Margarites Anthony Roger Marinzoli Andreas Mar Eugenio Machado Marschner William J. Martin Michael Gerard Maselli Robert Matelski III Satish Mathew Christopher M. Matsko Rachel Ilana Mattes Matthew D. McCabe Ryan McCamy Aaron McCullough Lisa Margaret McEnery Kevin C. McGovern Bryan Patrick McGowan Morgan Snead McGowan Viraj Jayesh Mehta

Douglas Jesus Melendez Pinango Andrea Lee Menotti Jonathan A. Metelus Richard Thomas Miller Adrian Samuel Mitchell Sanjay Mohan Mittal Landon Montirae Modien Namas P. Monahan Hostos Amaury Monegro Franco Mora de Regil Gerson Leonardo Morelli Abhijith Mukunda Jack M. Mulvaney Sivakanth Mundru Shawn G. Mussulman Rahmila Nadi Shibu Nair Harish Nanda Kavita Prema Nehemiah Jeffrey H. Nguyen Frank E. Nicklaus III Ilvin David Nieves Jason Lawrence Nyrop Michael John O'Connell Christopher C. O'Connor Conor James O'Keiff Erin Oliver Chinedu Isaac Onwuama Colin ORegan Irene Ou Vikram Pant Edmond R. Parhami Jeongwon Park Joon Suk Park Ki Duk Park Saam Parsa Alok K. Patel Amar H. Patel Ankit Patel Angela M. Patton Abey Paul Juan Felipe Peralta Nikolai Philip Pereira Alastair Grant Perry Petru H. Petrina Sara Petrov Evan M. Pettyjohn Bianca Amorita Piluso Izabela Anna Podgorska Zebulin R. Porianda Saurabh Prasad Erin M. Priddy Michael Pu Paul Rudy Pugliese Maen M. Qadan Xiaotang Qin Carlos Questell Gokul Rajagopalan Surendranath Ramlochun Jamil Shakir Ramsey Vishnu Das V. Ranga Arun Rao Courtney M. Rape Shetil Rastogi Tathiana De Oliveira Reis Michael Richard Stuart Patrick Rigby Nathan Dupont Ritsko Jerome Patrick Rizzo Matthew D. Robison Elizabeth Munoz Rodriguez Iain James Rogers Jonathan Rosemberg Kort Yiwei Wang Rusling Cara Marie Salci Nadim Moussa Samara Srividya Sankaran Bari T. Sanni ShivakeshavSanti Daljeet Saran Vivek Sarthi Gregory Howard Schmidt Kara S. Schnoes Scott Robb Schoenfeld Max Schomaecker Andrew Jacob Schwartz Joseph Edward Scott Aaron C. Seabron Anthony Pankaj Seraphim Mihir Praful Shah Mihir Rajesh Shah Pratik Shah Ushir N. Shah Baqar A. Shameem Kushagra Sharma Sarah F. Sherman Ming Shi Zuwen D. Shi Jacob Ben Shirmer Andrea Lani Shufelt Arshi Siddiqi Karine Simard Kuldip Singh Vishwas Kumar Sinha Andreas Skiadopoulos Mark James Skwarski Kevin A. Smith Ralph Yves Solages Pranay R. Sonalkar Richa Sood Rishi Sood Arthur Joachim Soroken Phillip Michael Sowada Abraham J. Spence Thomas Stanford, Jr. Johann Stephen-Hunter Michael Andrew Stewart Renat N. Stewart George Andrew Strife Ven Weichun Su Nikhil Anthony Suares Joby Swankutty Lena Tai Bradley Yusuke Tanaka Ming Tang Neely J. Tang John Richard Tauzel Kathryn L. Taylor Shakir Taylor Ankur Arun Thacker Megan Michelle Tharp Amy Frances Tillotson Tyler Whitney Tollefson Janet Torres Stephen Damian Torres Adam Perry Tow Mark Treshock Juan Felipe Tupac Yupanqui Sagastegui Frank Bryan John Turner Ilker Vedat Ulugtekin Sean Michael Urquhart Sevcan Uzun Eduardo E. Valdivieso Fayet Rybai Valles Arellano Shobhit Varshney Sachin Vasudeva Jenna Bari Velella Kenneth R. Vincent

Curtistine Evelyn Waldon-Hoes Cayzar A. Walford Chao Wang Cong Wang Laura Xiaoxiao Wang Randy J. Warnke Tiffany Marie Washington Steven J. Weber Edward Slater Webster Jeffrey Daniel West Cameron S. White Anne Marie Wickstrom Gregory Charles Williams Jeffrey Wimmer Jason C. Wong Yee N. Wong Yin Wong Jungeun Woo Brandon Thomas Wright Ray H. Wu Hu Xu Dong Yang Jeffrey Chih-Yi Yang Allan Yeung John Chang-Sik Yi Sami Zeinoun John Francis Zelenka Dicui Zhang Xun Zhang Yue Zhang Wenxia Zhao Hardwin Zhanhong Zhen Shenwei Zhu Yan Hong Zhu Ezekiel Zimmerman

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Aerospace Engineering)

Recipients of Degrees January 2012 John Henry Harris Timothy Jun Kim Jeffrey Lee Christopher K. Mui Mark David Siegel Michael Christian Simms Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Douglas R. Blackmer Erin Boschert Samuel Tucker Browne Micah Murray Foster Michael A. Goetz Thomas Randolph Hayford Tricia Elizabeth Hevers Richard William Huggett Kenny Guanhua Li James Alexander McMullen Melanie Anne Naman James Brian Rajsky Daniel Rodrigues David Christopher Self Srinisha Shankar Ravi Surdhar

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Biological and Environmental Engineering)

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Mariel Bryn Eisenberg Flora Min Dina Poteau Eva Joelisa Romero Luna Recipient of Degree January 2012 Ja Eun Lee Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Diego Benjamin Cassina Sarah Monroe Clement Christopher Michael Guerrero Francine Alicia Mitto Khadeejah Imani Sani Zi Wang

Teja Pratap Bollu Stephanie Bost Mario Edward Botros Morgan Brophy Brittany Kontout Cable Jaclyn Ashley Carlson Derek Alan Carroll Ying Ru Chen Mohammed Hussain Cherkaoui Rbati Anirban Chowdhury Ryan Chowdhury Patricia Kane Cunnard Shannon Frone Abby Elizabeth George Alexander Gorovits Nathaniel Greenstein Christopher Hall Michael Dylan Houle Yu Ling Huang Stefanie Hurowitz Hanjun Hwang Michael Xing Jiang Mei Jin Jason Scott Jones Kelly Elaine Karmann Manhar Raj Karyampudi Nadeem A. Khan Daniel Young Kim Yoon Soo Kim Ajay Vallab Krishnan Prabhakaran Ryan LaFevre Whitney Morgan Land Daniel Jonghyeun Lee Jason Lee Rachel Marie Lellis Ting Li Hsin-I Lin Xinwei Lu Andrew Benjamin Madans Kathleen Patricia Mehary Sahil Mehta Jennifer Lynn Molinda Alex Adrien Morency Hai-Nam Nguyen Trusha Jayant Parekh Sunjoo Park Princess Kara Lynn Parker-Smith Radhika Patel Siddharth Patel Prerana Pradhan Satadru Pramanik Siddharth Rengasamy Ramshankar Amy Scarlett Rayo Won Seok Ryu Ruba Youssef Saad Hadidi Christopher Naipaul Singh Josiah D. Sliz Yuk Heng Tang Gregori A. Temnykh Corinne Jennifer Thomas Harvey Chen Tian Ritvik Prakash Tonsekar Jeremiah William Van Doren Abhiram Janardhan Varadarajan Hao Wang David Ernest Wechter Kuo-Wei Weng Qichen Zha

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Chemical Engineering)

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Eugin Choi Raghunath Venkatachalam Iyer Tiong Soon Lee Taniya Elizabathe Thomas Lewis Yung Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Matthew Yoon Oh Andrew James Proudman Michael Phillip Ramos David Ws Shin Dan Ye Ta-Yi Yu Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Arian Aghajanzadeh Ahrabi Michael Tyler Brancato Michel Andre Chabaneix Elbert Chang Changho Chun Andrew Paul Curthoys Michael Alfonso DiFeo Lizeta Gkogka Grigoriy Kishko Jonathan Alexander Lee Yipeng Li Samuel Lightfoot Chuan Hock Teddy Low Jaime Jorge Martinez Soto Elizabeth Julie Marianne Michaud Hsiao-Chi Peng Devyesh Rana Alexander Emmanuel Rojas Sarim Rizwan Shah Siddhant Singhal Fred TwumAcheampong Robert Andrew Vavra Jeffrey Wang William Wu Yixin Ying

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Biomedical Engineering)

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Thong Cao Sruthi Chandran Adelaide Marie Edith de Guillebon Thomas Louis Frederic Derrien Hao-Yuan Hsiao Bryce Randal James John Paul Lindsey II Rohith Maniyedath Kaitlyn Murphy Abitha Murugeshu Thomas David Peter Japneet Singh John Sunwoo Dongye Zhang Shuting Zhao Chunqing Zhu Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Jinwoo Choi Christopher Mate Frendl Jung Kim Mark G. Levatich Elijah Mekalin Karr Li Francesca K. Minale Bakhshinder Singh Nijjar Nadee Erica Nissanka Ryan Michael Nolan Reshma Patolia Christine Lynne Pitner Jean-Marie P. Sam Scott Thomas Surrette Martin Truyen Ton Timothy I-sean Wang Sherry Siyi Zhou Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Patrick Adam Armstrong Oluwaseun Samuel Awotunde

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Recipient of Degree August 2011 Randa Mary Chiang Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Patrick Tyler Farnham Amandeep Gupta Andrew B. Hart Joseph Reshon Jackson Rachel Beth Philipson

20 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012

Ren Shan Avirut Thongsuriyapong Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Muhammed Saleem Abdul-Shakoor Sahana Balaji Joseph Leonard Beaudette Connor Joseph Bruns Joseph Anthony Caccio Nicholas Chack Katherine Mcentee Coumes Matthew David Dalrymple Jonathan Evan Dobrin Yizhao Du Miree Eun Ran Gao Li Hui Goh Cong Gu Shion Guan Cathy Elizabeth Henderson Alexander Ledily Herzog Jordanna Kendrot Saied Ahmed Khan Taisuk Kim Susie Lai Lysandra Davis Lincoln Jeffrey Liu Yan Liu Danhong Luo Douglas Brian Miller Joseph David Muench Catherine Tracy Mulhern Siwei Oon Frank Nana Owusu-Adarkwa Min Pang Stephanie Jane Richmond Kristy Lynn Scales Julianne Schwartz Brian M Scott Thomas Matthew Shouler Xiaocan Sun Neelang Tiwari Alexander David Vandenbergh Huifei Wu Ziyao Xu Ruonan Zhang Wanjing Zhang Muzi Zhu

Michael William Oleske Siddharth Pal Anshul Pandey Kaushik Parasam Nataraj Jae Won Park Alejandro Perez Brian Mark Phlipot Scott Quoc-Nguyen Phung Jonathan Pullano Pranav Rajgopal Ashik Nurali Ratnani Jordan Robinson Jean Edouard Louis Rouge Hee Jung Ryu Aditi Saxena Michael Allen Sherron Shivendra Pratap Singh Debraj Sinha John Sivak Julia Maria Tazin Bennett M. Wineholt Yilok Lucas Wong Norris Xu Sunling Selena Yang Tsung-Lin Yang Haruki Yukawa Jungmin Yun Yang Yang Zheng

Xu Han Seokwoo Jeong Pouyan Khajavi Taekyun Kim Dennis Y. Liu Alejandro Jose Martinez Machado Lisa Ngo Chanwook Park Graham Tyler Peck Ptah Ra Plummer Thomas Michael Ruggieri Devin J. Rutkowski Brad Anthony Sandahl Andrew Lawrence Sargent Taylor Harrison Schulz Prakhar Shrivastava Jia Yang Xi Yu

Shangyuan Li Viral Jayesh Malnika Suryady Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Armando Manuel Acosta Kartik Arora Jong Mok Baek Christine Lee Barnett Belin Beyoglu Yasar Eren Biri Thomas Byuen Yinji Cao Tianran Chen Binlu Cheng Franklin Cho Wing-Ho Choi Jason James Foster Haitao Fu Xiang Fu Ruobing Han Ruokun Huang Gal Hulli Yibing Ji Haotian Jia James Oskar Kirch Xiaochang Li Dongning Luo Justin Ariel Martina Haowen Meng Katherine B. Seabaugh Charles Chen Song Stephanos Stephani Shriram Subramanian Yiwei Tang Liao Wang Yiran Wang Zhen Wang Di Wu Tianhao Wu Victor Wang Wu Yufei Xia Liang Xu Xuan Xuan Xue Yang Weimeng Yang Xun Yin Yuanning Zhang Zhenyong Zhu Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Tal Max Akabas Isaac Alexander Armstrong Suttipong Boonthong Shannon Gabrielle Bulloch Shiyi Chen Zhihao Chen Andrew Carl Constantino Samuel R. Davis Huilun Dong Xiaochen Fan Kun Fang Akansha Ashok Gawade Umer Gul Joseph Benjamin Hochberg James Hongyu Hu Hai Huang Sanjeev Jagannatha Rao Nuttavut Jarutikorn Li Jiang Kai Kang Charles Ko Jae Yong Lee Martin Nicolas Lheritier Isaiah H. Liao Nan Qian Lin Chia Yu Liu Steven Liu Zhipeng Liu Edmund Chungho Lo Yuchen Lu Brendan Edward McCauley Ryan Thomas Mitchell Xiaotian Qi Kawin Rattanakorn Thomas J. Roy Karishma Ashvin Sanghvi Scott Michael Schechter Adam Cory Schultz Tian Shen Chong Wang Tianxiang Xu

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Engineering Physics)

Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Jesper Toft Kristensen Patrick John Logue Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Neil James Butler Alexandros Nikolaos Georgakopoulos Jin-Sung Kim Rachel Ann Pauplis Velthur Fl Pendell Neil Nima Sexton Sean Lee Seyler Andrew Francis Siliciano Paul C. Soldate QiangQiang Tai

Shangyuan Li Mengfei Liu Sara Marissa Lohmann Selina Lok Kelly Jo Loving Theodore Luke Lui Brandon Emery MacWhinnie Thomas James Mittan Benjamin J. Mullen Nikhila Nyayapathi Taiwo Osinowo Nirav Yogeshkumar Patel Shiwen Quan Lauren Elizabeth Reichenbacher Haoran Shi Natasha Krishan Singh Sourabh Hery Chandra Tjong Adolfo Torres Mark Abraham Torres Konstantinos Vilaetis John Wah Thomas Andrew Washenko Ran Wei Xianda Yao

Thomas Jeffrey Breiten Declan Patrick Keane Feng Lin Clark Russell Taylor Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Matthew James Gonser Chuijing Kong Elizabeth Carol Prugh Lin Xue Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Jenna Noelle Antonino DiMare Ran Bi Daniel Hill Bursuck Nicole Stephanie Deister Eric Crandell Drop Gwendolyn Ellman Kevin C. Gill Bryan David Harrison Benjamin Charles Hedstrom Benjamin David Helmes Allison Anne James Erik Scott Jones Rita Kwong Timothy John Lynch Xinglu Ma John Louis Mascharka Amy Lee McLean Rebecca Elizabeth Mikulay Andrew Michael Miller Chelsea Marta Miller Rebecca Jane Montross James George Nassar, Jr. David Thomas Torrey de Frescheville Christina A. Twomey Kimberly Marie Wilczak

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Rajesh Atluri Doyoung Kim Michael C. Ostrander Mohammad Ali Uppal Tao Zhang Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Christopher James Halabi Darbin Emmanuel Reyes Zelan Xiao Boyang Zhang Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Lucas Bardwell Ackerman Sumbo Ayisatu Akinfolarin Yan Cao Liuyuan Chen Jinda Cui Ze Cui Sandeep Gangundi Shuying Ge Alexander Yale Gorenstein Xiaochen He Shao-You Hsu Xinjia Huan Qingdi Huang Ying Huang Jo Eun Kim Jung Yong Ko Yu-Yuan Kuo U Chun Lao Meng-Chiao Lee Yi Heng Lee Shuyan Lei Menghan Li Weiqing Li Wenliang Li Joao Diogo Lisboa De Menezes Falcao Chang Liu Haochen Liu Raphael Louca Michael Peter Lyons Boyi Ma Yihua Ma Varsha Madhuranath Hariharan Mani Chad David Meis Aaron Giberson Milbury Joseph Michael Montanino David Charles Morse Tal Rove Nagourney Yao Nie Glen Kiyoshi Nogami Siyao Pan Pratik Kumar Rajeshbhai Panchal Ananthanarayanan Parthasarathy Sukhada Shashank Pendse Evan Michael Respaut Yifan Shen Ninoshka Krishan Singh Madhur Srivastava Benjamin Alex Talbert-Goldstein Ruenn-Haw Tang Xi Tang Yu Tang Geng Tian Pavel Petrov Vasilev Kedar Narayan Vidvans Brian Shuo-Yi Wang Jinbo Wang Ruoxi Wang Zhao Wei Yiran Yan Jiawei Yang Yang Yang Yifang Yang Junichi Yokoyama Shuai Yuan Jie Zhang


Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Peter David Chizinski, Jr. Amie Kana Cunat Daren Kendall Baseera Kauser Khan Bernard Joseph Yenelouis

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Geological Sciences)

Candidate for Degree May 2012 Timothy Southard Kozen


Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Danielle Bangs Sandra Marie Benoit Daisy Caroline Bird Terrell Roosevelt Bostic Grandon Bart Brimley Todd Robert Bruin Sabrina Choudhry Carolyn Michelle Cohen Meghan Alexandria Corcoran Kevin Michael Cullinan Shari Damon Nicholas Michael Del Vecchio Alix Hideko Hayashida Stephen Hinson Warren Daniel Hutchison Yoori Kim Chinomnso Amarachukwu Nnodum Rita M. Pattarini Erin Santerre ThunyapornSindhuseka Katheryne Adonna Small Emil Charles Smith Alex Tallarida Deirdre Marie Torto Shawn Mathew Varughese Li Wang Leanne Hayes Westfall Joseph Wenlong Wu Susan Y. Yang Daniel Jacob Zenilman

Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Nadine Abi Chakra Samuel Boadi Adarkwah Shah Alam Ahmed Kabir Ahmed Sami Ben Dechiche Silvia Bernardino De Gouveia Rhossoune Zohra-El-Ghalia Bouselsal Liwei Cao Ximena Castrillon Ayerbe Athanasia Charmani Aijing Chen Bingfu Chen Fangzhou Chen Mo Chen Shanshan Chen Edern Coent Fengyuan Cui Luxin Cui Priscila Delanesi Guedes Xi Ding Yun Dong Shujing Fan Cynthia Farid Bo Feng Maria Abreu De Moura Guido Jang Hyun Hahm Golnoosh Hakimdavar Anirudh Ameet Hariani Jun Kee Hong Biwen Jiang Qing Jing Godwin Kakande Khiyara Fatima Krige Ritwik Ravindra Kulkarni Joy Lahoud Feisi Lan Yi-ling Lee Jiajun Li Ye Li Shuxin Liao Xiaojing Liu Yixin Liu Li Lou Cheng Cheng Lu Kosuke Maetani Akira Matsushita Katherine Marie Christine Mercier Mwape Michael Moono Mahaporn Mungkala Aditi Patanjali Florian Plagemann Robert Pohlus Serge Rosenzweig Parima Ruengvirayudh Jie Sheng Laurent Henri Arnaud Sidier Holden Natter Slutsky Thamiga Smarnavanich Shengdong Tang Tanata Tantasathien Marisa Tejavanija Chloe Laure Caroline Terraube Apoorv Parag Tripathi Shigeya Tsunokawa Jerome J. Verdier Xueqing Wan Fanyue Wang Ximeng Wang Yiliu Wang Cheeng Wong Man Shan Wong Ya Ye


Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Jeremy Brian Crockett Roopashree Holalakere Sreenivasa Rao Nabeel us Samad Klimenty Vainstein Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Ansu Ann Abraham Yunfeng Bai Daniela Balmus Anusree Banerjee Deepak Ashok Bapat Akshay Uday Bhat Hamish Tushar Chandola Jaimin Mukesh Dave Patrick Kenneth Dowell Shailja Gupta Neetika Jain Han-Wei Kung Samarth Lad Eunchang Lee Tianyou Li Nykolas John Lotocky Yunchi Luo Kamran Ashfaq Munshi Poornima Madhusoodan Prabhu Abhishek Raut Prabhjeet Singh Sally Tao Wei Xin Yuan Fangzhou Zhu Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Bharath Satish Acharya Sahaj Agarwal Khushboo Aggarwal Jeffrey Manson Ames Rahul Arora Shreesh Ayachit William Price Best Anand Bheemarajaiah Alexander Xerxes Botkin Sarah Teresa Bouwman Mark Brandon Broomfield Jesseon Solomon Chang Chen-Yi Chen Zhitu Chen Jin Hyuk Cho Job Mathew Davis Stuart Taylor Davis John Husseini Dogonyaro Jiteshri Nishikant Ektare Timothy Brian English Shruti Gautam Chitrita Ghosh Anish Sunil Ghulati Ali Muhammad Goheer Ajay Gundlupet Narayanaprasad Hugo Remi Hache Tayyaba Hayat Andrew Owens Hoelscher Daniel Joerimann Abdelrahman Kamel Saranya Karuppusamy Joshua Won Lee Junghun Lee Shao-Yu Liang Marcus Kheng Leng Lim Jie Lin Tao Liu Shreyas Kumari Vinay Kumar Maloo Chester Anthony Mancini Swinburn Silverous Miranda Sneha Nagendra Nihar Narendra Naigaonkar Sean Patrick Ogden

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Materials Science and Engineering)

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Jae Yup Chung Tzung-Ju Robert Tsai Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Lu Han Tianmin Lan Dawei Liu

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Mechanical Engineering)

Recipient of Degree August 2011 Yu-Chao Chen Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Sean F. Bruno HyungGeun Cho Kyung Hwa Choi Polina Sergeyevna Danilyuk Danielle Juliana Feldman Joshua Terence Frankel Ji Sun Lee Jason P. Moran Andrew Nathan Nassau Calvin Gregory Phelps Raman Deep Singh Ingmar Zanger Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Neal D. Applebee Anthony Baw Sergio Alejandro Biagioni Bianca Jordan Cha-Camp Katarina Lynn Chang Neyvin Jesus De Leon Daniel Whitney Field Andrew Ward Gauthier David Alan Hartino Jude Ikechukwu Igboanugo Isidora Ikpemosi Iluonakhamhe Nile Blue Koebler Bo Li John Paul Mackintosh Glenn Melendez Gregory Richard Meloni Alexander Edward Miner Shikhar Mohan Robert James Nahas Graham Andrew Schatz Nekut David Nguyen Seungkuk Park Bryan Robert Regis Russell Edward Reinhart Ethan Aaron Richenberg Megan Sonja Rotondo Kibeum Ryoo Cameron Wayne Salzberger Kevin William Schmidt Jeremiah Solomom Shiff Aaron Thomas Smead Yaoshun Darren Ting Jesada Ungnapatanin Elizabeth Frances Vanderhoef Alexander Jateh Wei Julia Lynne Westbom Kevin Yam


Recipients of Degrees January 2012 William David Carhart Kate Ellen Chevarley Britt Elizabeth Christian Jonathan Eric DeGraff Victoria Errante MacKenzie Clark Gowdey-Backus TaNisha Greene Nicole Renee Johnson Natalie Kernisant Rachel Kay Kurtzleben Yen-Fan Lin LaTranda Martin Hee Man Park Robert Edward Picone Joshua David Rosenberg Daneri Li Tao Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Jamie Lee Abbott Alia Alrashed Alexia Emmanuelle Marie Andre Wesley Au-Yeung Shira Leah Bernstein Adrienne Marie Butler Kaity Cheng Hye Young Cheong Whitney L.P. Cushing Lisa Chen Duron Kevin R. Erikson Gwenal Sparfel Fay Emily Sarah Feldman Matthew P.M. Gordon Erica Daniela Grego lan Jade Jones Alexander David Just Elizabeth D. Kissick Jeffrey A. Kraby Winnie Kwan Fouzia Ishaque Lashari Christopher G. Lee Haekyung Lee Ken Lin Sabrina Alam Moheet Ashley E. Myers Jenna Lynn Nash Kyoungjo Oh Alessandra J. Payne Florent Pierre Guy Saliou Zachary Wilson Seeber Mark L. Su Emily J. Tuuk Bhadrinath Vaidhyanathan Yeong Joon Yoon Tinting Zhu

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Systems Engineering)

Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Nicholas Allen Bird Abigail Elizabeth Carnali Alex Wei-Chin Chen David Andrew Haller Thomas Kyle Heim Ranjeev Lalu Mahtani Christopher Joseph Montesione Sean Christopher Nagle Pratik Raj Pandey Brian Peters Shea Michael Quinn Jordan Marietta Sarruda Mark Robert Sieklucki Alfred James Smith III Salonee Suhag Ethan Laurence Suttner Karl Bowen Wajcs Ryan Lyal Whitson Adam Walter Yozwiak Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Nicholas James Aldine Mustafa Ali Michael E. Baker Frederick Paul Ballyns Somsubhro Banerjee Michael Edward Berberich Adam Joseph Bergeron Diego Enrique Bermudez Bermejo William Paul Francis Bruey Sundja Z. Buruschkin John Richard Ciecholewski Russell Hunter Clem Brennan William Dutta Randy L. Fatula Jeffrey Bryan Gilmour Andrew Everet Hobson Givantha Kavindha Iddawela Joshua Jahani Parul Kalra Mishal Kishor Kanabar William Byungjoo Kang Rachael Marie Karl Kiran Karunakaran Adrian Jonathan Kochan Christine Eunkyu Lee

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Engineering Management)

Recipient of Degree August 2011 Umer Gul Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Richard Christopher Culver Omer Yigit Gursoy Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Daniel Aguel Itotoh Akhigbe Rajlaxmi Bajpai Atul Bawari Corey Lee Belaief Brian Minho Choi Margaret Kwan Ding Manuel Oswald Garcia Vilches


Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Seamus Michael Brennan Thao Ly Bui Tran Vanessa Wing Ki Choy Lucy Hendrickson Clark Teresa Zofia Emigh Christopher Edward Flagg Szelee Fung Alberto Ghitis Ramit Kumar Gupta Joseph Alois Jelinek Seon Young Cathy Kang Jee Hoon Kim Michael Ravinder Kingra Rose Carn Komesar Andrei Kosturakis Prakash Krishnamurthy Aiwei Li Ling-Feng Li Jessica P. Lin

MASTER OF ENGINEERING (Operations Research and Information Engineering)

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Rami Jawhar


Recipients of Degrees August 2011

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 21

Andrew James Ogden Jinhyung Oh Keith Wilson Seeber Jinhan Lee Sinskey Derek Schlenker Suarez Jonathan Hoichi Taylor David Scott Thorek Lyssa Michelle Treibitz Rebecca Elise Vredeveld Blake Thomas Whealy Michael Andrew White Malcolm Boyd Wiseheart Hong Yin Sueah Lee Yoon Yin Zhang


Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Tianye Cai Qiuye Dong Chenyu Gao Kun Hu Anhai Jin Qiao Li Weihua Li Yani Li Yajing Rao Meichen Sha Xiaohuan Tang Dongye Wang Yanbing Wang Ning Xie Xiaochen Xing Lu Yin Shu Yuan Chen Zhang Yuan Zhang Yi Zhao Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Leslie Pei-Lynn Gee Eui Jin Kim Jong Yeol Kim Juan Li Jing Yu Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Mingjing Cao Can Cui Xuemeng Du Ying Li Sam Liu Yang Liu Mireille Anita Ngo Bakal Lindsay Paige O'Hara Seong Seon Park Ryan Glenn Prestwood Hao Tong Samuel Carlos Weiss Jiajing Wu Hong Yu Xiao WenYang Xue Shanwei Yan Xintong Yang TianYu Lingfei Zhao Zhong Zheng Bin Zhu

Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Meseret Belachew Addisie Zemenu Awoke Alemeyehu Melisew Misker Belay Habtamu Addis Beyene Dessalegn Chanie Dagnew Birara Chekol Tarekegn Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Dessalew Worku Aynalem Tigist Alemu Tilahun

Conferred in conjunction with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Candidates for Degrees Summer 2012 Maria Ariizumi Colette Chen Donn Sira Chongsiriwatana AtakaweeChoosang Tze Ling Jasmine Chua Miyoung Chung Francisco Javier Diaz Ibanez Yu-Yun Fan Laura McKenzie Hooton Yu-Ting Huang Seung Jae Jin Ashish Sadanand Kanitkar YeJi Kim Lalinthorn Kitimahakun Luke Pang Kwok Feng Chi-Chang Brian Lee Jin Hee Lee Chih-Chun Lin Keiko Maezawa Anika Malhotra Suneet Arvind Nigale William Patton Deepshikha Sinha Swati Srivastava I-Ning Su Drew Randall Wallace

MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES (International Development)

Recipient of Degree January 2012 Sofia Borodulina Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Nora Larhouasli Marrakchi Christine Michele Potter Charles Joseph Roosa Halil Serdar Tasyurek


Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Justin Boon Ketan Chordia Frank Seredynski Desloge Leonard Gerard DeStefano Jermaine Shantrail Gause Chevone Catrina Hall Yue Hu Brandon Thomas Jacobsen Disheng Lin Connor Cameron MacLennan Brian T. McKinley Hugo Alberto Medina Frank Patrick Nessenthaler Takashi Ohashi Aderonke Oluwabukunola Opoola Sasima Pongfuengfu Daniel Eric Sax Tim Clark Shaughnessy David Shlomi Vijay Sundar RandolphZhao

MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES (African and African-American Studies)

Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Amna Ali Tanzania Anderson Adrian Montrell Deese Nicholas Joseph Lalla Derica Alexandra Rosemary Shields


Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Sneha Kanneganti Charles Koon-Ming Lai


Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Misbah Khatana Aamir Muzaffer Acikgoz Samar Alam Yusuf Altintas Xiayun Chen Muharrem Demirci Hadi M. Fathallah Dawn Dakota Hopkins Michelle Hsu Mustafa Isik Syed Muhammad Ammar Naqvi Augustine A. Otchere Maryam Pakneshan Oti Boateng Kwesi Peprah Diego Fernando Rios Zertuche Rios Zertuche Dongming Shen Marc A. Utberg Kimberly Jean Vallejo Xiangge Wang Jipei Zhang Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Suzanne Adel Ammari Zhi Chen Ziying Cheng Santiago Gabriel Delgado Calderon William Richard Elwood Sonia Javed Willio Jeudy Resya Kania Juliana Almeida Araujo Lima Elizabeth Bachofen McKenna Amanda Sitko Quemore Haiyue Song Ardak Serikvaevna Tukenova Memduh Unal Xueying Wang Nantogma Abdulai Yakubu Lu Zhang Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Iyioluwa Teleola Akinlawon Pratima Arapakota Timurlan Baiserkeev Dao Bian Dubary A. Brea Shane Robert Bryan Stephanie Lee Carver Bryant Theresa Burridge Debbie Tai-I Chang Meaghan Charkowick Robert Chase Nicolas Chavez Aili Chen Rong Chen Weining Chen Yanfei Chen Ju-Yun Cheng Brandon Paul Chiazza Byron Kang-Yi Chiu Susie Choi Eric Thomas Christensen Lindsey Rae Cunneen Rebecca Marie Darling Xiaohan Dong Michael Burke Donovan Corinne Adeline Dorfman Miriam Goldie Edelman Nancy M. Ferguson Alyssa Funk Glenn Francis Garcia Nira Gautam Hunter Carey Adams Gradie Edward A. Grodin Bobby Lee Hall

Elizabeth Callie Ham Naoko Hamashima Marquis LeVon Hawkins Toniqua Belinda Hay Le He Shifei He Xiao Hu Benjamin Hubner Machal Karim Eugene Alan Kettler Jinkook Kim Jaesun Lee Xiaochun Li Xuelai Li Chang Liu Shanshan Liu Lincoln Bent Llerena Boshi Lu Haiyue Luo Margaret Kathryn Lynch Linda Robi Majani Nicole Majestic Valerie B. Malzer Matthew Earl Metzgar Eliza Goodman Mohlie Nancy Morales Amanda Kay Mullan Yusuke Naruse Joanne Awuor Oport Kyoung Hong Brian Park Abigail Petry Kun Qiang Devin Lamont Randolph Jillian Rae Reynolds Rodrigo Rodriguez Christina L. Ruotolo Keiko Sakamoto Geoffrey D. Seiler Sarmad Ahmed Shaikh Hiromi Shimizu Aditya Shrinivas Jun Si Yin Song Carolyn Elizabeth Strauss Tamara Jean Struk Atsuki DrakeTakahashi Melissa Sze-Kay Tong Bruno J. Vander Velde Gang Wang Mengyuan Wang Jing Wen Yicai Wen Fei Wu Shuyang Xie Xi Xu Dongwei Yang Hae Seung Yi Huseyin Yilmaz Bo Yu Rong Yu Ran Zhang Qian Qian Zhang Yixiao Zhang Tianxiang Zheng Yucheng Zheng Robyn Heather Ziperstein Austin Zwick

Tracy Wax Megan Lynne Witwer Chuyuan Zhong

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Gwendoline M. Alphonso Valerie Louise Anderson Rosa Angelova Angelova Douglas Ross Appler Cagla Aydin Zevi Azzaino Owen Thomas Baker Katherine Anne Ballantine Stefan Klaus Baur Fatma Baytar Karl Stephen Berg Henry Samuel Berlin Jennifer Valeria Biermann Elizabeth A. Bihn Jaimie Bleck Robert F. Bode Joshua Albert Braun Marin Talbot Brewer Joseph Meinard Broder Mingzhong Cai Rebecca Ann Cantrell Dianne Wheaton Cappiello Daniel Kevin Capps Angela Valerie Carter David Cerasale I-Chi Chan Shirshendu Chatterjee Ri-Xiang Chen Young Jun Cho Chiachen Chou Aram Chung John Thomas Connelly Esther Dantas Costa Maureen Costura Brenton lee Cox Edgar Adrian Cuji David Richard Curtin Zarko Cvejic Denise Karin Dawson Osvaldo de la Torre Diane M. DellaValle Nadezda Lvovna Dich Michael Anthony Dichio Brian Michael Dillon Michael James Dixon Duncan Oliver Duke Garcia Kirsten Elise Eilertson David Alan Finkelstein Andrea Flesken-Nikitin Brian Michael Forster Francois Vincent Odvar Foucart Jason Raymond Gallant Melissa Myra Gniadek Michael Grabchak Jennifer Leigh Hadden Asif-ul Haque Patricia Rochford Har Sarah Michelle Haughey Rebecca Anne Heidkamp Erin Sue Hendrick Magdalena Hipp Chi Hai Ho Francine Henderson Hollis Pyeton How Stefanie Hufnagl-Eichiner Kevin James Hughes Karin Charlotte Jander Li Jiang Yookyung Jo Andrew David Jones Yoav Kallus Vongai Kandiwa Uche Brian Kanu Jin Young Kim Sharon Hyoun Kyoung Kim Dickson Kiprono Kirui Jessica Zoe Klemfuss Patrick Francis Knapp Henry Aloysisu Kostalik IV Mekala Krishnan Brent Granville Kyle Corey Lang Henry Wing Hung Lau Kurt Jacob Lavetti Corinna King Lee David Yokdiong Lee Doo Hyung Lee Hyun Ok Lee Seung Youl Lee Jacob Samuel Levy Bo Li Li Li Wenyu Liu Zhaoping Liu Stephanie Ellen Lockhart Luis Lopez-Oliveros Adam Joseph Lowe Catherine Rose Lowe Justin Louis Luria Amanda I. Lynch Damien Gerard Mahiet Joyce Bautista Main Jonathan Martin Thomas Joseph McSweeney Santiago Xavier Mideros Mora Maxmillian Alexander Mihm Omeed Momeni David RamsayMoody Stephen Savinar Moseley Philip Steven Muirhead Sudha Narayanan Eric William Neuscamman John Nguyen Jimmy A. Noriega Michael Christopher Norman Sarah Christine Norman Daniel Joseph OConnell Jonathan Emery Oliver Ben Safety Ost Seth T. Pardo Sarah Jean Pearce Sarah Perdue Nathan C. Pettit Norman Adrian Porticella Vladimir Aleksandrovich Pozdin Kyle Jonathan Preston Ashley Nicole Puig-Herz John Walker Recha Yi Ren Carlos Rodriguez Castelan Nathanael Lois Rosidi Annette Ruth Rowe Andrew Joseph Rumbach Eric Daniel Rus Felipe H. Santiago-Tirado Christopher Jon Scheper Anna Chunying Schwartz Paul Emery Shafer Lian Shao

Ching-Ping Janet Shen Nicholas Ramsey Sherwood Xin Shi Juan David Sierra Deborah Lynne Sills Passaportn Siricururatana Elton Skendaj David Michael Slater Rebecca L. Smith Yeejiun Song Zhaogang Song Yuemeng Sun Matthew Joseph Sweeney Supriya Syal Susan Margaret Taffe Reed Michele Evelyn Tague Yusuke Tateno Judit Temesvary Russ Michael Thompson Rafael Omar Tinoco Lopez Onur Tokel Mark Kenneth Transtrum Wei-Lung Dustin Tseng Andrea Gruber Veilleux Theresa Anne Barbara Velden Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam Catherine Elise Wagner Thomas Frederick Walker Hao-Chuan Wang Xing Wang Xu Wang Yankun Wang Rick Daniel Watters Sarah Nike Weiger Gwyneth Whieldon Peter Carsten Bailey Widger Dan Funch Wohns Bernard Wong Andrea Roufs Woodward Margaret K. Wray Corey Lyn Wronski-Mayersak Zhiguo Xie Huolin Xin Jonathan A. Young Alan Andrew Young-Bryant Maria N. Zaitseva John Christopher Zepeda Zhiyang Zhai Yang Zhang Zachary Allen Zimmer Andrea Paola Zuluaga

Conferred at the C.U. Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences in NYC

Stephanie Backovic Ethan Cerami Vikram Kanda Amanda Katz Eric Salazar Sohini Sanyal Yuan Shi Na Xu Ciyu Yang Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Matthew Dean Abbinanti Delbert Sami Abi Abdallah Matthew Thomas Agler Nisar Razzi Ahmed Andrew Holcomb Alwood Donald Dean Anderson II Ryan Bradley Anderson Haim Yehuda Bar Alexander Charles Beatty Zane Joseph Bergman David Wesley Bernat Lisa K. Blum Michael T. Booth Marisa Ferrara Boston Kimberly Lynn Bothi Richard Antony Bownas Niels Buch Leander Edson Roy Gregorio Cabalfin Luis Alonso Caballero Rachel-Maryam Campbell Michael Campolongo Christopher Daniel Cantwell Krista Arminty Capps Eduardo Carrillo-Rubio Cian Seamus Carroll Madeleine Imogene Casad Christopher James Casillas Anirikh Chakrabarti Haixin Chang Kelken Chang Huimin Chen Yi-fan Chen Jaesung Cho Chen-hua Chuang Hun Chung Flor Alicia Cianchetti Mark James Cianchetti Ainsworth Clarke Johanna Congleton Adam Cooper Frederick D. Cowett Yongtao Cui Elizabeth S. Davis Octav Eugen DeLazero Tushar Vrushank Desai Bistra Nikolaeva Dilkina Venkata Subrahmanya Ravikant Dintyala Jason Richard Dorvee Ram Sewak Dubey Rachel Arlone Dunn Luis Orlando Duque Muhammed Zeki Durak Lauren Louise Emberson Dmitry Epstein Bridget Victoria Essley Caroline Ferrarisbesso Ana Lidia Flores Mireles Tova Esther Friedman Deepti Gadi Natalie Katrina Galley Lakshmi Ganesh Jennifer Blesh Gardner Anna Geltzer Efthymia Georgala Benjamin Glaser Christine Gouveia Ranjini Govender Geoffrey Howard Groocock Michael Joseph Guertin Nitin Gupta

MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES (Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Shruti Anand II Christopher Robert Beyers Thomas Conrad Carman Bezawit Adane Demisse Xiaofan Gao Shashank Gaur Flavien T. Glidja Zakki Pratama Hakim Charles Patrick Hyland Jeremy Jungels Rosalane Kithan Jou Lee Antonio Glaudio Gusmao Lellis Vieira Kathryn Doria May-Price Anitha Nirmala Rajendran Dhyaneswaran Palanichamy Krishnadasan Palaniswamy Brinda Rajendran Arun Viswanathan Samakulam Kottiswaran Manika Singh Sandeep Singh Tomar Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Meseret Belachew Addisie Zemenu Awoke Alemayehu Getaneh Kebede Ayele Melisew Belay Habtamu Addis Beyene Dessalegn Chanie Dagnew Parker Mckay Filer Adam David Garnica Matthew Bogan Gates James Dominic Lagioia Birara Chekol Tarekegn Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Tara Ellen-Weaver Bubble Nai Chong Chen Jason Michael Childers Shaowei Cui Alexandra Rachel Dauz Nicole Marie Fisk Jeannette Ann Ho Ann M. LaFave Houchun Liu Xiao Liu Erin Ashley McKeon Alin Nirvana Moncada Brito Karen Penders St. Clair Pratyush Ranjan Singh Stephanie Meghan Stuber Devika Subash Mengzhen Sun Susmoko Supriyadi Trisha Marie Tschopp Scott W. Whitham Jing Yang


Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Lena Pervez Afridi Celia Rose Benton Andrew Michael Bielak Joseph Kenneth Bonk Anna Brenton Brawley Karla Paola DeLeon Kevin Michael Dowd Bernard Amath Gomis Matthew F. Johnston Anisa Diane Mendizabal Andrew Brenden O'Neil Elizabeth Naing Oo Carrie Julia Randall Aditi Sen Courtney Ann Cho Shum Jennifer Lynne Swartz Gregory T. Waldman Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Christina Ann Davis Victoria Mihwa Demchak Matthew James Gonser Rita Kwong Zachary Michael Patton Adriana Maria Vega Sanchez Jeremy Ronald Zaborowski Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Allison Anne Arnold Ronell Auld Rebecca Elizabeth Baran-Rees Cymone Deborah Bedford Karim William Beers Reanna Corinne Blackford Adam Paul Blair Lindsay Grace Carter Cristen Blair Chinea Dhanya Elizabeth Elias Alyson Rae Fletcher Anne Marie Flusche Rebecca Kari Gershon Kristofer Ryan Goddard Erica Gutierrez William Price Gutshall Benjamin William Hale Christopher Glenn Hayes Ryan Thomas Hicks Emily Frances Hunter Gregory Bernard Kelly Johannes Kettler Benjamin Joseph Koffel SeHee Lee Shi Fei Li Amy Bo Liu Thane Gavin Maxwell Ian Devoe McLaren Dasha Draginia Mikic Ariel Beau Morales Lydia Jane Morken Juliet P. Mugabi Sean Michael Murphy Melanie Alysia Narine Bonnie Angela ONeill Sam Nestele Scoppettone Su aee Shin Jordan Auerbach Smith Adrienne Renee Smith-Reiman Matthew Franklin Styer Boris V. Suchkov Yuanxin Sun Joseph Frank Tamburello Rafia Usmani

MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES (Industrial and Labor Relations)

Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Rima Dagia Edwin Lopez Charles T. Willett Recipients of Degrees January 2012 John Christopher Chapman Jiyoung Kim Andrea Lane Marsden Faride Precil Eleanor Margaret Shephard Candidates for Degrees May 2012 James Carlson Christopher Crooker Scott William Dimmick Roseanne Hilary Forde Joshua Arieh Manne Souad Moussawi Yuyan Sun Sophia Sutphen Andrea Michele Sweeney William G. Wilkins


Recipient of Degree August 2011 Sijie Liu Recipients of Degrees January 2012 Sneha Kanneganti Charles Koon-Ming Lai Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Alistair Ballantine Tina Chou Eun Joo Kwon Matthew Conor Lepage Ruokun Ren Michael L. Triche Jin Zhao

MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES (Intl Ag. and Rural Dev. From Ethiopia)
Recipients of Degrees August 2011 Getaneh Kebede Ayele Bezawit Andane Demmise

22 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012

Richard John Guy Nathaniel Scott Hansen Suzanne Arlene Hartford Mahmoud Hussein Hassan Dean Lewis Hawthorne Yonghua He Kristine Marie Hope Jonathan Anthony Howell Chien-che Hung Paul Hurtado Juliana Mae Huzzey Chang-il Hwang Eugene Oh Hwang Krishna Ananth Iyengar John Nicholas Jackowetz Margaret Alice Johnson Phoebe Ames Judge Sungkwon Kang George A. Khachatryan Sunny Sunghee Kim Victor Kostyuk Martin Kuester Rodrigo Alejandro Labatut Mukti Lakhi Yelena Larkin Jinmin Lee Natalie Marie Leger Zaoping Li Samson W. Lim Hui Jia Lin Hugo de Leonardo Rocha Lira Jessica Randi Litman Angela H. Lu Erik Thomas Lundberg Arundhati Shamoni Maheshwari Thomas Joseph Mansell Hajimu Masuda Kristin Alisa McKie Alison Elizabeth Jennifer McQueen April Marin Melvin David Alan Miller Jung Youn Mo Eric William Moore Robert Waller Murdoch Maria Fernanda Negrete Martinez Leela Elise Noronha Lisa Aiko Onaga Erik Raj Patel Maya R. Patel Erin Kay Penner Ryan S. Peterson Paula Petrica John P. Pollak Darren Michael Puigh Sumiran Pujari Venkata Siva Prasad Pulla Jiawei Qian Stefan RagnarssonTorbergsen Md Saifur Rahman Daphna Ram Brian John Reardon Holly Turner Reardon Melissa S. Rice Amy Joy Risen Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez Hannah Star Rogers Peter J. Rusello Imelda Ryona Cloelle Grace SausvilleGiddings Anna Evangeline Savage Jonathan Robert Schoenberg Danelle Christine Shah Jonathan Tsu Shaw Hiba Sheheitli Basit Riaz Sheikh Ching-Ping Janet Shen Chao Shi Sufei Shi Gaganpreet Kaur Sidhu Joanna Eliza Sikora Gregory Thomas Smaldone Norah Lesley Smith Fernando Soberon Melanie Amanda Soberon Liliana Do Couto Sousa Gerardo Joaquin Suazo Jimenez Meghan Kathleen Suchorsky Elizabeth Mary Takacs Ryan Anastas Tasseff Steven Xiaoqiang Tin Hong-hong Tinn Russell Dean Toth Sivalai Vararuth Arvind Venkataraman Kevin A. Walsh Bin Wang Kang Wang Judson Arthur Ward Dehui Wei Sara Sepanski Whipple Bryan Whiting Daniel Edward Wilson Paitoon Wongsasutthikul Dong-Jin Woo Noble Clark-Fu Woo Xiaoqing Kristine Xie Lin Xu Trevor Howard Yeats Xuan Zhang Mingbo Zhao Fan Zhu Haolin Zhu Pangshun Zhu Joshua Mark Rubin Peter Curtis Samuelson Karishma Sanghvi Thom Santisakultarm Daniel Sax Scott Michael Schechter Jens Stephen Schellhammer Anne Abigail Schneider Peter Clark Schrafel Adam Cory Schultz Seth Avram Schweitzer Jonathon William Senchyne Yu Mi Seo Masanori Seto Lucia Antalova Seybert Nur Ain Shahrier Tim Shaughnessy Tian Shen Haoran Shi David Shlomi Kyle Sean Siler Samuel Milton Simkin Natasha Krishan Singh Ivan Victor Small John Hugh Snyder FNU Sourabh Gwen Morgan Spencer Paula Spina Suresh Sridaran Gregory Russell Stiesberg Edward Remco Strong Chinmayee Venkata Subban Vijay Sundar Charlotte Dorothy Sweeney Megan Gremelspacher Swindal Jamie Rubenstein Taber Rebecca Anne Tally Ming-Chee Tan Keith G. Tidball Hery Chandra Tjong Kimberly Ronda Todt Adolfo Torres Thua Nguyen Nhi Tran Lesley Rose Turnbull Anand Teertha Vaidya Juan Daniel Valderrama Rincon Roger Hale Varney Kathryn Dushane Vignone Konstantinos Vilaetis Raghuvir Viswanatha John Wah Katharyn Denise Waidler Michael Jay Walsh Marygold B. Walsh-Dilley Wan Lutfi Bin Wan Johari Albert Wang Chong Wang Chun-Yen Wang Xiao Yu Wang Thomas Andrew Washenko Ashlee E. Watts Ran Wei Jennifer Rose Weiser Ann Wilde Richard Wong Bo Xiang Gang Xu Tianxiang Xu Paloma Yannakakis Xianda Yao Eric Chun-Ngam Yip Sungsoo Michael Yoo Fan Yu Hsiu-Yu Yu Hsiu-Yu Yu Andrew Zak Yu Zhang Randolph Zhao Jing Zhou Yeyun Zhou Yiou Zuo

Conferred at the C.U. Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences in NYC

Eleanor Allen Renato Bauer Eric Chea Jennifer Chien Villa Taya Feldman Rachel Gottschalk Kurtis Haro Qin Hu Rebecca Jones Eric (William) Joseph Ruchi Kapoor Sandeep Kishore Mallika Mallavarapu Karl Merrick Thomas Metzger Jonathan Moreno Siobhan Pattwell Byron Roberts Chao Shi Jacqueline Wurst Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Zachary Jacob Abrahams Seth Ackerman Fenaba Rena Addo Praveen Agarwal Umang Agarwal Syud Momtaz Ahmed Christopher C. Ahn Tal Max Akabas Nicholas James Aldine

Mustafa Ali Bryan Charles Alkemeyer Anthony Leonard Altieri Roberto Alvarez Claudine Tsu Lyn Ang Isaac Alexander Armstrong Gizem Arslan-Delete Amanda Marie Baker Michael E. Baker Frederick Paul Ballyns Mallika Banerjee Somsubhro Banerjee Paola Leonor Barba Michael Edward Berberich Adam Josehp Bergeron Diego Enrique Bermudez Bermejo Ariel Bianca Beverly Christopher A. Blackwood Isaac Curtis Blesener Kate Suzanne Blesener Michael Stephen Bobick Justin Boon Suttipong Boonthong Ashley Demeaus Brandenburg Noelle Kateri Brigden Alexis Clark Briley James Christopher Brooks Benjamin Edward BrownSteiner William Paul Francis Bruey Peter William Brummond Matthew James Bryant Shannon Gabrielle Bulloch Jayme Carolynn Burket Stephen Edwards Burkhardt Sundja Buruschkin Joseph Peter Califano Christopher John Cameron Jose Guillermo Cano Ying Cao Cayelan Christine Carey Amanda Noel Cass Derek John Cavatorta Collin Sik Kin Chan Kuming Chang Anne-sophie Caroline Chaxel Shiyi Chen Xi Chen Zhihao Chen Ji Cheng Maurice Yuk Leung Cheung Woo Song Choi Ketan Chordia Lawrence Chua John Ciecholewski Christopher Ernest Clarke Russell Hunter Clem Andrew Constantino Susan Christine Cook-Patton Nathan Raj Cornelius Christina D. Cota Mariana Mercedes Cruz Sonali Sanghita Das Kristen Ross Davis Samuel R. Davis Sara Deleon Frank Seredynski Desloge

Leonard DeStefano Sanjay Dharmavaram Muralidharan Christy M. Dodge-Delete Huilun Dong Milad Doueihi Jeffrey Clayton DuBois Brennan Dutta Emre Ekinci Kyle Jeremy Emich John-Paul Timothy Erdel Matthew S. Erie Jorge Alberto EscobarVargas Juan Manuel Espinosa Restrepo Kun Fang Mark Christopher Ferraguto William Warren Fetzer Brigitte Nicole Fielder Joshua James Filter Amanda Leigh Flaim Susan S. Fleming Heather Ann Flores Wen Fu Nathaniel Monroe Gabor John Christian Gaby Madeline Rose Galac Frances Gallart-Marques Teresa R. Galloway Sohang Gandhi Chuan Gao-Delete Damien Garbett Meg P. Gardinier Jermaine Shantrail Gause Akansha Ashok Gawade Grace Yvette Gemmell Michael David George Kristin S. Gill Reighan Alexandra Gillam Jeffrey Bryan Gilmour Amanda Kay Gilvin Michaela Goetz Praveen G. Gowtham Umer Gul Gokce Gunel Charles Henry Haitjema Chevone Catrina Hall Buck Timothy Hanson Gretchen Lee Watson Heavner Ryan Henderson Elaine Lawren Hill Joanna Christine Hinks Andrew Hobson Joseph Benjamin Hochberg Lesli M. Hoey Matthew D. Hoffberg James Hongyu Hu Yue Hu Hai Huang Lu Huang Heather Anne Wieczorek Hudenko Marisa Joann Hughes Sung Hur Givantha Kavindha Iddawela Terri Naoko Iwata Brandon Jacobsen Julie Ann Jacoby

Jeffrey Bryan Jacquet Joshua Jahani Nuttavut Jarutikorn Woo Young Jeon Li Jiang Xue Jiang Christopher Huw Jones Margaret Robbins Jones Danielle Nicole Kalkofen Parul Kalra Gaurav Kampani Mishal Kanabar Kai Kang William Kang Rachael Marie Karl FNU Kiran Karunakaran Candace Lani Katungi Keigo Kawaji Aaron Michael Keller Erik Kenyon Hannah Kyungjoo Kim Felice Beth Klein Charles Ko Seong Yeon Ko Adrian Kochan Bee Kim Koh Yayoi Koizumi Matthew D. Kozlowski Anne J. Kurtz Ada Maria Kuskowski Alberto J. Lamadrid Amine Laourine Istvan Laszlo Brian David Lawrence Lucian Leahu Joseph Robert LeCates III Chang Hoon Lee Christine Eunkyu Lee Jae Yong Lee Jung Soo Lee Ouk Jae Lee Song Eun Lee Martin Nicolas Lheritier Congcong Li Shangyuan Li Xiaoxiao Li Isaiah Liao Disheng Lin Miao-chong Joy Lin Nan Qian Lin Chia Yu Liu Mengfei Liu Steven Liu Zhipeng Liu Edmund Lo Sara Marissa Lohmann Selina Lok Danica Leigh Lombardozzi Kelly Loving Yuchen Lu Theodore Luke Lui Peter Knut Lundquist Yun Luo Peter M. Luthy Johanna Catherine Maclean Connor MacLennan Brandon Emery MacWhinnie Surin Maneevitjit

Miguella P. Mark-Carew Madeline Martinez Scott Harold Mcart Brendan Edward McCauley Tyi Lindsey Mccray Brian McKinley Hugo Medina Catherine A. Meola Jennifer Blair Misyak Ryan Thomas Mitchell Vernon Calvin Mitchell Thomas James Mittan Daniel Jacob Moebius-Clune Benjamin J. Mullen Nini L. Munoz Christin Lee Munsch Sanjay Dharmavaram Muralidharan Marie Anna Muschalek Alyson Spealman Nadworny Rajendran Narayanan Ernest James Neafsey Frank Nessenthaler Linh Duc Nguyen Nicholas Blankenbaker Noyes Nikhila Nyayapathi Takashi Ohashi Joerg Ohmstedt Rodrigo Agduyeng Olarte John C. Olthoff Suzanne Michelle Opalka Taiwo Osinowo Paula Andrea Ospina Vinay Vijay Pagay In Young Paik Thomas Nathan Patton Alex Martin Paya Aaron David Pelttari Scott Perez Robert Frank Petruzielo, Jr. Robin Smith Petruzielo John Duong Phan Alice Shira Phillips Sasima Pongfuengfu Stephen Thomas Poprocki Trent Leon Preszler Xiaotian Qi Shiwen Quan Raghuram Ramanujan Chad Garrett Randl Sanjeev Jagannatha Rao Kawin Rattanakorn Anne C. Rea Lauren Reichenbacher Kristina Marie Rennekamp Margaret Elspeth Lambert Renwick Jennifer Marie Richards Frank D. Rinkevich Cesar Rojos Rivadeneyra Gizem Rizki-Delete Samantha Pamela Roberts Daniel Mauricio Romero Natalia Romero Marcela Romero Rivera Deondra Eunique Rose Arina Codruta Rotaru Thomas J. Roy

Conferred at the C.U. Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences in NYC

Aaron Arvey Keith Brown Yan Ki Noel Chan Jonathan Chang Yu-Kang Cheng Moses Donkor Jessica Falco Jaclyn Gareau Kelly George (Yule) Ying-Ju Hou Edo Israely Aly Khan Jee-Hyun Kim Naomi Lewin Inna Lipchina Mark Lundquist Nathan OConnor Ifije Ohiorhenuan Samantha Palmer Sung-ho Park Stephanie Pyonteck (Harris) Zhicheng Qiu Poulami Samai Mariko Sasaki Courtney St. Amour Saskia Stein Drew Thacker Yuan Tian Manuel Viotti Breset Walker

Recipient of Degree January 2012 Mark J. Carter Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Randa Adra Erin Beth Bright Angel Agee Diana Arlen Aguilar Heena A. Ali Aaron E. Allard Lossom Allen Cristina Ann Almodovar Raquel Olivia Alvarenga Luisanne Alvarez Anna Angel Vanja Antonijevic Ruth Aubourg Christopher John Austin Haijing Bai Negisa Balluku Kristen Ann Barnes Jean Anne Marie Beisler Jacqueline Adele Bendert Natasha Anna Bhushan Michael James Crankshaw Bierce James Gambell Bishop Patrick Wyatt Blakemore Austin William Blum Matthew Thomas Bohenek

Continued on Page 33

The Cornell Daily Sun congratulates all its graduating staff members and thanks them for their years of service to The Sun.

Joey Anderson 12 Judah Bellin 12 Brian Bencomo 12 Lauren Bigalow 12 Amelia Brown 12 Emily Burke 12* Patrick Cambre 12 Raymond Chou 13 Sam Dean 12 Harry DiFrancesco 12 Cody Ernst 12 Chloe Gatta 12 Victoria Gao 12* Hazel Gunapala 12 Robert Hackett 12 Brandon Ho 12 Michelle Honor 12 Andrew Hu 12 Alexandra KuczynskiBrown 12 Caiden Leavitt 12

Joonsuk Lee 12 Rebecca Lee 12 Melinda Lim 12 Michael Linhorst 12 Nikkita Mehta 12 Rob Moore 12* David Murdter 12 Dani NeuharthKeusch 12 Jonathan Panter 12 Evan Preminger 12 Daina Ringus 12 Laura Shepard 12 Liza Sobel 12 Will Spencer 12 Cristina Stiller 12 Hannah Stamler 12 Erin Szulman 12 Alyssa Tsuchiya 12 Zach Waller 12 Steven Zhang 12

The Corne Daily Sun

Cassandra Gallagher 12 Rachel Rabinowitz 12


Graduation Issue 2012 | The Corne Daily Sun | 23



art Jon Stew s the in a rt te En nts 2011 Pare Crowd d n e Week





Flaming Lips Light Up Barton

Tata Motors Nano at the Johnson




Cornell Design League

Rem Koolhaus and Milstein Hall

Cornell Fashion Collective


The Sun

B.o.B at Homecoming

: Barton ion at sion Pit s s a P f s Pa ight o One N






24 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012

<<< March 2010 Four sequential images show portions of the campus response to the string of suicides. After the University erected fences along the bridges, students decorated them with flowers and poems, and held several community gatherings. 9.28.09 >>> A line of people seeking a seasonal flu vaccine forms outside of Willard Straight Hall. Over 2,000 doses were administered that day. In early 2009, the campus was reeling from an outbreak of H1N1 influenza.


<<< 3.16.12 The spring 2012 specimen of the yearly Dragon Day serpent, complete with smoke wafting from its snout, slithers along Ho Plaza amid a surrounding crowd of admirers. New York State laws now prohibit burning the dragon on the Arts Quad.

12.01.10 >>> Students protest outside Day Hall the Universitys decision to relocate the Africana Center into the College of Arts and Sciences. The Center was further outraged by the manner in which the move was announced. <<< 4.18.10 Known for their theatrical concerts, The Flaming Lips perform at Barton Hall. Concert-goers raged in a sea of balloons and confetti; and Wayne Coyne, the bands lead singer, opened the show by rolling over the crowd in a plastic bubble.


Design: Rob Lieberfarb Photos: Tina Chou / Sun Staff Photographer: Mens basketball Matt Hintsa / Sun File Photo: Lift Your Spirits on Arts Quad and swine flu line Esther Hoffman / Sun Photography Editor: Dragon Day Oliver Kliewe: Sun Senior Photographer: Fareed Zakaria Lindsay Myron / Sun File Photo: bottom bridge fencing photo, Africana rally, Flaming Lips and snowball fight Shailee Shah: Sun Staff Photographer: flower arrangement in fencing Alex Silver / Sun File Photo: viewing Obama inauguration in Bailey Jade Tabony /Sun File Photo: blue flower in fencing Kelly Wang / Sun Staff Photographer: corpse plant.

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 25

<<< 2.03. 11 A giant snowball fight erupts on the Arts Quad. Cornell Police shut down the snowball fight, apprehending a student, confiscating tin shields, and knocking over a six-foot snow penis.

1.20.09 Members of the community gathered in Bailey Hall to watch President Barack Obamas inauguration. On election night, students poured out into the streets to celebrate Obamas victory, setting off fireworks and storming Olin Library. > > >

3.13.12 Students observe a blooming corpse plant in Cornells Greenhouse shortly before its flower opened and released its famous scent, which is often compared to the smell of rotting meat. Amorphophallus titanum flowers only rarely in indoor settings. > > >

3.19.10 Aaron Osgood 11 celebrates after the Big Red defeats Temple University in the first round of the NCAA tournament, making Cornell the first Ivy League team to proceed past the first round since 1998.

> > >

> > >

4.25.11 Fareed Zakaria, an acclaimed political commentator, addresses a packed Statler Auditorium, talking about interviews with Mummar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, and phone calls with Prof. Peter Katzenstein, government.

26 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012


Scott Flanz,
Founder of Cornell Swim Club Swim Club finished 2nd in IVY Club Swimming Championships Gymnastics Club Brother of Delta Phi Fraternity and Phi Alpha Delta Phi Beta Kappa NSCS Majors in both Physics and Mathematics Accepted to Stanford Law School

So much to be proud of and for Parents to brag about.

words cannot express how proud we are of you. You have been a blessing and will continue to be. You dreamt, you believed, you strived and you achieved! You are not only graduating from a great University, but you are also leaving a mark with your devotion to SWAG (Scholars Working Ambitiously to Graduate). By Gods wonderful grace, your hard work and dedication has enabled you to achieve what some may have deemed unachievable. We are so privileged and blessed that you are a brother and son to our family. You have achieved so much in life thanks to the help and guidance of the Lord. From this, we assure that anything you set out to do in the future will be accomplished. We love you and pray that God blesses every one of your future endeavors with success! To happy endings and new beginnings! Well done and congratulations Joshua. What an accomplishment! "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." (Proverbs 3:5-6) Mbanusi Family



THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 27

Congratulations to our dear Elizabeth. May all your hopes and dreams come true. You done good kid! God bless you always. Much Love, Mommy and Daddy

Robert Stephens Davis

Wecouldn't be more proud of all you've accomplished!
Mom and Dad
With much love,


Who Knew You Would Grow Up So Fast?

Chelsea Karpenko
2012 Graduate
(CALS) College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (AEM) Applied Economics & Management Cornell Tradition Fellow Women's Hockey Team Cascadeli Employee

Congratulations Sammy on earning your Bachelor of Arts degree with the Class of 2012, and on all of your accomplishments in your life!

Where did you find the time? Congratulations To say we're proud of you is an understatement! Love Mom, Dad, Michael, & Gramps xoxo

We are so proud of you!

Love, Mom, Dad, and Dusty

28 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012


Ashley, You did it!! From sky ride, hammock, patrol in 5th grade, to limo and Asheville NC. A great future awaits you, to love & be loved, to bless & be blessed! In all you set out to be! Love Forever and Always, MOM

Robert R. Moore Class 2012

We have not wings we cannot soar; but, we have feet to scale and climb, by slow degrees, by more and more, the cloudy summits of our time. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Dear Rob ~ Congratulations on a stunning climb to the achievement of your BS in Engineering Physics! We are so proud of you. We love you. Mom, Dad and Mike

Dear Ashima,

To our little Go-go Girl

You are an angel on Earth. We are so proud of all your accomplishments! Be who you are and say what you feel. Shoot for the moon because even if you miss, youll land among the stars and no matter what weather Ithaca brought, you always brought your own sunshine.

Congratulations on your graduation!

Love, Mommy, Papa, Astha and Alisha

TO Katerina Souliopoulos Congratulations on your accomplishments at Cornell.

We are verry proud and want to wish you, great success on your future endeavors. Remember Tennis!! Be persistent, condent, loyal, and kind to your family and friends. Love, mom, dad, Eleni+Adam, eo+Ryan, Chris ...

We are so proud of all your amazing achievements you have accomplished at both Cornell University and The Cornell Daily Sun. We wish you all the best with your future endeavors and remember we will always be there for you! Congratulations and lots of love, Mom, Dad and Phoebe


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 29

Riliwan Adekiigbe

from Danjuma, Muibaat, Jibreel, Mommy and Daddy

Up you goes like a sky-rocket!!!

Clara Worth Lyle
Arts and Sciences Class of 2012

Lewis Carroll

With Great Pride and Huge Love, Mom, Dad and Lucy

30 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012


Congratulations, Alex,

on a job well-done. Four years of hard work -- you did it! You might think now it's all over, but it's really its just beginning. Graduation is only the end of the beginning of a lifetime of learning, but with your impressive academic career, no doubt youre ready for the next phase of your life. Youve worked so hard keep up that ethic and you will do great things in the years to come. I remember your first step, your first day of Grade School, your first day of High School, and your first day at Cornell. Youve accomplished so much! The footprints youve laid, each step has been a building block for what comes next. Today you are being recognized as a great student, but you are so much more than that to me. Your diploma will open doors, and with your dedication and determination you will certainly make a name for yourself. The world will see by-lines: Alex Kuczynski-Brown. But I will always see my daughter, of whom I am so very proud.


Congratulations Eric Rabinowitz

We wish you both Success and Happiness in all your future Endeavors! May all your dreams come true. Dont let the world change your smile, Let your smile change the world! All Our Love, Mom, Dad and Scott

Happy Graduation, Patricia!

Were so proud of you.
Much love always, Dad & Mom


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 31

Congratulations! Good luck in all your future adventures, and may you always nd the kind of friendship, fun and support you shared at 210 Williams! Love and best wishes from Erikas family

Congratulations to Christina Neri

College of Arts and Sciences Class of 2012 We are so proud of you! Mom, Dad, Matthew & Boomer
Congratulations Adam Ryan Manacher

on your graduation from the Cornell School of Hotel Administration!

Ever since you were a little boy, you set your goals high and went after them with a dogged determination. Your persistency has served you well. Just as you were taught when you were younger on the basketball court to go after a loose ball like a mad dog after raw meat this is how you have pursued your professional career goals. We have always had a deep admiration for your selfrespect and awareness of who Adam is and what Adam is all about. We are proud of your self-assuredness. You have never let anything stand in your way to achieving your goals. Always set your goals high, your dreams even higher, and never stop fighting for what you truly want in your life. We wish you much success and happiness as you start the new chapter in your life at Eataly in NYC. Love, Mom, Dad, Matthew10, and Alex


We are very proud of you. Love, Mom & Dad

32 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012


To our son Pedro: We are so proud of you!

We cannot forget when you made your decision to apply to Cornell. You created a wonderful movie-clip playing soccer...playing soccer for you was like a dance!! Full of passion and emotion!! en, on a very cold day in January 2008, you went and visited the University all by yourself! In August, your father took you there as a freshman. It was so hard to let you go, but your determination gave us the comfort that you were making the right decision. Many trips were made to watch you play and cheer for the Cornell soccer team! Each time the same renewed feeling that the right choice had been made! Four years did not pass quickly for us, but sure did for you!

CONGRATULATIONS, PEDRO!!! You deserve lots of success and happiness!!

Love, Mom and Dad


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 33

Continued from Page 22

Kathryn Theresa Boolukos Anne Marie Bossart Donald G. Boyajian Bret Keith Brintzenhofe Eric Midthun Brooks Stephan Andrew Brown Brendan Harris Burns Lance Ying Cai Carlos Andres Villejo Calderon Thomas William Cantore James Michael Carlson Luis Gabriel Carrasco Michael Edward Casas Jeffrey P. Catalano Mark Yun Allen Chen Soo-Jung Choi So Jung Choo Lloyd Sheldon Clark Vanessa Nicole Clarke Lucy Scott Clippinger Justin David Correa Alali Dagogo-Jack Gabriel Alejandro de Corral Maegan Elizabeth Deare Andrew Bernard Des Rault Daniel Denzel DeVougas Natanya Elia DeWeese Gabrielle Nicole DiBernardi Julia Dobtsis Kyle William Doppelt Randall Brett Dorf Elisa Lenne Durrette Ria Dutta Megan OHara Easley Aya Eguchi Ann Marie Eisenberg LaShawnda E. Elliott Elizabeth Sheila Engel Priscilla A. Fasoro Gary David Finley Danielle Rebecca Frank Ki'Jhana RaShane Friday Melissa Maria Gallo Adam David Garnica Jacob Henry Gartman Antony Philip Falconer Gemmell Pierre Goyat Emily Kinigstein Green Tamaron Dawn Greene Danielle Alexandra Grunwald Louis H. Guard Caitlin Therese Gunther Charles Michael Guzak Sarah Ruth Hack Jocelyn Judith Hackett Justin Scott Haddock Kelly Elizabeth Halford Kerry Anne Harnett Monica S. Harris Antonio Mortez Haynes Vivian Hernandez James Byron Hicks Angela L. Hoffman Kyle Pat Hogan Brian Raymond Hogue Jennifer Frances Holsey Barbie Paiyin Hsu Samantha Hsu Michael Yung-Huan Hsueh Jian Hu Adam Alvin Hubbard Alyson Gayle Hubbard Ava Caroline Jacobi Andrew S. Jacobson Susan Jahangiri Nicole Elizabeth Jerry Robert Andrew Jerry Elizabeth Jun Hiba Kazim Laena Keyashian Omair Muzaffar Khan Elizabeth Sungkyung Kim Eli Joshua Kirschner Joel Martin Kliksberg Cleo Sher Ying Koh Todd Bennett Kornreich Melissa Ellen Koven Matthew Charles Kuipers Jing-Lan Lee Sang Il Lee Colin Angus Leslie Teresa T. Lewi Matthew Evan Linder Angela Diane Loc Charles Michael Lopresto Matthew Francis Lukacs Alexander Tymon Malahoff James Martin Charles McHale Jonathan Paul Mehta Jessica Janette Meneses Nicholas Frank Menillo Joelle Ashley Mervin Susan Elizabeth Millor Catherine Elizabeth Milne Felix Alberto Montanez Resto Rebecca Morrow Sara Ashley Myers Marissa Christina Nardi Christopher Francis Nenno Carolyn L. Nguyen Juliana Ochoa Castro Gyuil Oh Margaret K. OLeary Colin ORegan Andrew Courtney Orr Christine Soohyun Ou James Christopher Paci Jessica Jenning Pai Edmond R. Parhami Emily B. Pickering Jason Matthew Pierce Joseph Sebastian Pohlkamp Angel Prado Sarah Elizabeth Pruett Shrutih Vindhyashwari Ramlochan-Tewarie Benjamin Michael Rhode Amanda Rios Drew Godfrey Rolle Benjamin James Ross Stephen Shaun Rustvold Boris Ryvkin Eric Charles Schulman Polina Schwartzman Kahina Camille Selmouni Andrew E. Shaughnessy Michael Murray Shaw Edan Shertzer Da Yoon Shin Bevlynn Joann Sledge Jackeline K. Solivan Rachel Serenity Sparks Bradley Phillip A. Spinella Josiah Lee Staples Kate H. Stein Sara Elizabeth Stinson Rodman W. Streicher John Sun Alexander Bruce Sutherland Paul D. Swanson Tsz Ting Tam Tiffany Yuk-Leung Tang Meghan Ann Tente Benjamin William Tettlebaum

Sepedeh Tofigh Natalie Elizabeth Wallace Lauren Patricia Wambold Benjamin J.M.A. Warach Naz Erdeniz Wehrli Wei Wei Chloe Wiatrowski Mary Beth Anne Williams Yaozhi Ye Alexander Ian Ziccardi

Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Julia Helen Copping Matthew Edward Danforth Kira Alexandria Devin William Raymond Garthwaite

DOCTOR OF LAW & MASTER OF LAWS In Intl and Comparative Law


Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Yumi Ando Daniel Aaron Belkin Mollie Alexandra Biewald Andrew Charles Birkeland Gregory Aaron Bonci Katharine Elizabeth Boyle Ethan G. Brown Timothy D. Brown Carlo Andre Canepa Xueying Chen Rosalyn Chi Michael Chiorazzi Dorothy Chyung Milne Kennedy Crispin Daniel Esteban Cruz Richard W. Cruz Briar Lea Dent Leah Inez Elizondo Freddy Enrique Escorcia Shelli Farinaz Farhadian Aalya Habib Fatoo Robert Jonathan Fenster Katherine Fichtel Elizabeth Marie Foley Lindsay Tara Fourman Joseph B. Fraiman Benjamin Steven Frank Elizabeth M. Franzek Marta Anna Galecki Elizabeth Bishop Gausden Jared Gilbert Kristin E. Gilbert Brandon Greene Eleni Anne Greenwood Joshua W. Hagen Deborah Annelle Haisch Joshua Alexander Halpern Sarah Jane Haseltine Eric Victor Heintz Michael Allen Hershey Horatio Edward Rashleigh Holzer Jad Sami Husseini Ugonna N. Ihekweazu Stephanie Brown Ihnow Natalia Jimnez Jeffrey Earl Johnson Nasim R. Khadem Kyung-Wha Kim Nakesha Denise King Nii O. Koney Robert R. Korom Hal Kronsberg Daniel Do Hoon Lee Alison E. Lenet Ximena A. Levander Jay Patrick Fleischmann Lopez Dan Pham Ly Sabrina Mahil Lena Kate Makaroun Nathaniel Wilde Martinez Matthew Joseph McConnell Thomas Hatton McCoy, Jr. Son McLaren Brandon David Mennear Marilyn Diane Michelow Elizabeth Helen Milbank Shlomo Minkowitz David Asher Nissan Ifije Eragbai Ohiorhenuan Elaine C. Oliveira Nathan Christopher Osbun Joseph Rudolph Pale Steve Park Ashwin Rasiklal Patel Monica Eden Payne David James Phillips Michael Alexander Pitts-Kiefer Monica M. Prieto Stephanie Erin Purisch Brad Randall Rosenberg Jonathan Ross John Thomas Ruffino Eric Salazar Stephanie Lynn Samuels Sara Najafi Sani Jonathan Edward Schmitz Kira Lauren Segal Andre D. Shaffer Benjamin John Shin Owolabi Adebayo Shonuga Tanaya Shree David Francis Slottje, Jr. David Allan Smith Mariel Hope Smith Marina Stasenko Leeanne Kim Stratton April S. Timberlake Ben-Paul N. Umunna Marissa C. Velez Mary Vernov Carlos Hipolito Villa Anh-Thu Ngo Vu Cora Maj Walsh Kara Elise Walter Chonghua Wang Richard Jin-yuan Wang Nora Marie Ward Mahalia L. Way Tanya Joelle Williams Daniel Howard Wiznia Ray H. Wu Jessica Kayan Yee

Conferred at Weill Cornell Medical College in NYC

Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Salman Al Jerdi Sanabel Al-Akras Babar Ali Awab Ali Ibrahim Mohamed Al-Kazaz Muhammed Al-Nufal Ali Al-Saadoon Shidin Balakrishnan Basma Basha Venkata Srihari Buddhavarapu Sara Buhmaid Suleiman El Jamal Rama El Yafawi Amr Elharaki Khaled Elkady Hussein Joseph Gabriel Dhritiman Gurkha Amer Homsi Petro Kostandy Mujtaba Mohammed Shady Nakhla Utsav Nandi Sarah Salameh Eshanjit Sapra Mohammed Ameer Shah Hiba Sheikh Farah Siam Wasseem Skef Pankit Vachhani Mohamed Warfa Farhan Zakri Mouayyad Zaza

Congratulations! Today is your day. Youre off to Great Places! Youre off and away! You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. Youre on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the gal wholl decide where to go. Dr. Seuss


Recipient of Degree August 2011 Aslihan Sezi Seskir Recipient of Degree January 2012 Zachary Robert Wadsworth Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Eric Timothy Nathan Spencer Stuart Topel


Recipient of Degrees August 2011 Buhm Suk Baek Dunia Prince Zongwe

Dear Marissa

We are so very proud of all your accomplishments!

Lots of love from Mom, Dad, Arielle and Chava


Candidates for Degrees May 2012 Rachel Shan Albert Aya Kristen Alt Amanda Stockwell Andrijevic Patrick Robert Ayscue Jennifer Lynn Biasillo Joshua Raymond Boyden Heather Emily Burrowes Kristina Nicole Casper Gabriele Sarah Chase Matthew G. Chuff Marissa Nicole Clifford James Ronald Colwill Tania H. Dejoie Priyangani Ann DeSoyza Kathleen Mary Donovan Sarah Elise Dumas Laura Katherine Dunbar Robyn Elliene Ellerbrock Erin Aisling Fagan Lindsay Elizabeth Fennessy Jennifer Jean Fitscher Stephen John Furst Christine A. Garvey Christopher Ryan Gaylord Desiree Gentile Jena Lee Gerlinger Lindsay Frances Goodale Amy Gail Greenbaum Cheri Terenia Grigg Jessica Lee Grodio David Michael Gurbacki Mark Edward Gustavson Elena Cecelia Helmerick Kristi Joy Hulme Mollie Ray Hurley Mason Cameron Jager Karen Lee James Timothy Glyn Jones Sarrah Williams Kaye Natalie Koons Jayne Antonie Kubat Wendy Elizabeth LaBella Sandra Lynn LaBuda Vanessa Marie Lanzetti Erin Wright Lashnits Shalini Latchman Sonya Morse Lawlis Maris Stella Lee John Patrick Loftus John Michael Lucy Michael Louis Mastromauro Heidi Christina Miller Julia Ellen Miller Neil Scott Mittelman Elizabeth Susanne Moore Dana Frances Muir Blake Thomas Nguyen Eva M. Oxford Ravee Padte Michelle Kathryn Pesce Sarah Benson Petraitis Rene Louise Porfido Matthew Ladd Raleigh Taryn G. Rathbone Anna Smith Reading Jessica Martha Reed Abby Leigh Regner Shileyn Angela Rego Kerry Kaman Ryan Emily Anne Salvatore Kaitlin Grace Stanmyer Joyce Elizabeth Stuckey Emily Ann Sundman Kerry Marie Thode Selena Tinga Karaline Elise Tripp Shannon Marie Vicario Molly Elizabeth Whitlow Kylius M. Wilkins Stefanie Mee Ai Wong Molly Yazwinski Devon Alexandra Young

Conferred at the Weill Cornell Medical College in Doha, Qatar

34 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012


a Cornell Presidential Research Scholar and Amgen Scholar, major of Biological and Environmental Engineering of 2012, and TeachForAmerica Los Angeles Corps Member of 2012

We are absolutely proud of you!!!

Your Dad: Michael Guiming Yi, your Mom: Lijia Zhou, and your Grandpa: Zhixiong Zhou

To our dearest Jordan Heller (#80)

Congratulations on your tremendous accomplishments. You have worked so hard to achieve your goals and we couldn't be prouder. Your passion and enthusiasm for everything you do in your life is an inspiration to all who know you. The friendships you have made and the lessons you have learned at Cornell will last a lifetime. Our heartfelt appreciation to Dean Michael Johnson and your Professors at the School of Hotel Administration. Our best wishes to your Big Red Football teammates and their families!

Go Big Red!!
With all our love, Mom, Dad, Ben ('11), Talia and Aaron


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 35

Whitney Shae Thompson

Class of 2012
To Our Dearest Whitney, We are so proud of all of your accomplishments. We love you and wish you all the very best as you turn the page to a new chapter in your life!
With immense love and pride, Your Family Mom, Dad, Jonathan, Scott and Jenny Buddy and Simcha too!
Red, White and Boom Marathon
Minneapolis, MN July 4, 2010

With first dog Jake

With Buddy and Simmy!

HALLOWEEN 2011 Helen, Kristen, Michelle, Mary, Kate, Helen, Whitney, Alyssa







Kolton has received his Bachelors of Science in Hospitality Administration

You are my heart and soul. I am so proud of you. All your hard work and perseverence has There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to served you well.
Hodding Carter

give our children. One is roots; the other, wings.

Reach for the stars, you are unstoppable. Love, Mom.

36 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012


Ill never reach my destination if I never try, so I will sail my vessel til the river runs dry. Too many times we stand aside and let the water slip away. To what we put off til tomorrow has now become today. So dont sit upon the shore and say youre satisfied. Choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tides.
Garth Brooks

Congratulations! We are so proud of you!

With all our love always, Nancy, David, Debra and Emily

Cornell University Class of 2012

B.J. Michaels

Dani Neuharth-Keusch
Biology and Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences Class of 2012 Dani, We could not be more proud of all that you have accomplished at Cornell. Your independence and determination have defined you as a scholar, but more importantly as a person. You have approached every challenge with the passion to succeed. For the past four years, you have been on deadline at The Cornell Daily Sun, pouring your heart and soul into being a Sunnie. As Associate Editor, you gave a voice to the many faces of Cornell. No matter the hour, you never slept until The Sun was put to bed. We know that you will carry those memories in your heart as you graduate and begin your next journey. The future is yours to write! With love and admiration, Mom, Dad and AJ


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 37

This student is CLASS OF 2012 Way to go Ari !! CONGRATULATIONS You did it. We are so proud of your hard work and determination. Always remember, it is He who guides and strengthens us. God Bless You.


We've got another Cornellian in the family. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Much love forever, Mom 74 & Dad 72 and the entire family.

38 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012




like we do in you!

Have faith in yourself

Love, Hugs, xoxoxox Mom, Dad, Fred, Bernadette, Nams, Tessa, Isabella, Les, Andrew, Mitch, Kristin and the rest of the family!

and your life will unfold in a beautiful way.


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 39

and the entire Daily Sun staff.


It was a very sunny year!

The Gitlin Family

40 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012



THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 41


We are very proud of you and all that you have accomplished!
Love, Mom, Dad, Shawna, Charlie, Mike and Nira

42 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012



THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 43


Graduation Reservations Available in our Patio

Call for Reservations Now!
The Heights Caf & Grill
Community Corners 903 Hanshaw Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 257-4144 Cocktails, Lunch, Dinner Private dining room available Reservations suggested


We can help connect you with Jewish Cornell Alumni wherever you are through the Cornell Jewish Connection. To find out more, contact Julia Levy at


Phone: 607-255-4227 Email:


44 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012

when classes end

The Sun continues

Keep up with The Sun all summer long. For breaking news, blogs, and more, visit

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 45

Tradition continues...

when classes end... the Sun continues

www. cornellsun. com



A proud squirrel senior poses with the traditional Cornell rodent graduation collar while enjoying an acorn on the Arts Quad recently. Squirrel Ph.D.s march onto Schoellkopf Field wearing medieval armor (inset). 607-869-5601

Finger Lakes Skydivers

East Hill Car Wash

Fast, Friendly, Professional.

Every Celebration Starts With
Free Air


W W W . C O R N E L L S U N . C O M

46 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012

Wrestler, Slugger,QB Break C.U.Records

Continued from page 47



the mens basketball team to backto-back wins for the first time all season, hitting 6-of-8 from downtown in the Reds overtime win against Penn. March 13: After struggling through the first part of the season, the mens hockey team came back down the stretch to earn the No. 4 seed in the ECAC playoffs. Joe Devin 11 sent the Red into the semifinals with an overtime gamewinner against Quinnipiac. March 19: Kyle Dake 13 earned his second consecutive individual NCAA championship, leading Cornell wrestling to the No. 2 spot in the competition. March 19: Cornell gymnastics won its first ECAC title in program history, posting a top score of 191.675. April 23: In the final match of the season, the mens tennis team won its first Ivy League title in program history with a victory over Columbia, 6-1. The Red finished the season with an undefeated

conference record. May 8: The mens lacrosse team won the Ivy League postseason tournament at Schoellkopf Field in a blowout win over rival Harvard, 15-6, earning the No. 2 seed for the NCAAs. Sept. 15: Mens tennis head coach Tony Bresky informed his team on Sept. 14 that he will be resigning in order to accept the same job at Wake Forest, multiple sources told The Sun. The unexpected announcement hit the team just two days before its first match of the 2011-12 season, which takes place on Sept. 16 at the Princeton Invitational. Nov. 14: Six thousand one hundred and twenty-eight fans poured into sunny Schoellkopf field on Nov. 12 to send off the senior class in its final home game, but it was sophomore quarterback Jeff Mathews who stole the show. Mathews rewrote the Cornell record books, completing 40-of46 passes for five touchdowns on 521 yards, leading the Red to victory, 62-41, over Columbia.
Senior Year

March 10: The No. 3 Cornell womens hockey team has had many statement victories this season, but none compare in excitement or importance to the Reds thrilling victory over No. 5 Boston University on March 10. The Red scored the winning goal with just 10 seconds left in the third sudden death overtime. March 23: Mens wrestler junior Kyle Dake captured his third national title of his career. The Ithaca native earned his win, as Dakes head shots drew blood from St. Johns contender. March 26: No. 4 Cornell womens hockey downed No. 1ranked Michigan in the Midwest regional of the NCAA tournament, giving Cornell its first trip to the regional final since 2009. The team, however, lost to Ferris State in the following round. May 11: Chris Cruz 14 powered the Cornell baseball team to victory in the longest-ever Ivy Championship series Game 3. Cruz broke the Cornell record for most home runs in a season with the bomb.

The Corne Daily Sun

Wake up with The Sun every morning.


Four Years Feature Shocking Upsets,Unprecedented Wins

Continued from page 48

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2012 47


Bulldogs to help Cornell start the season 2-0. The football team would not win another game all season. Nov. 3: The womens hockey team started off an historic season with its first-ever sweep of ECAC Hockey foes Dartmouth and Harvard. Dec. 23: Jim Knowles 87 resigned his position as the head football coach to become the defensive coordinator at Duke. Knowles tenure ended on an eight-game losing streak, and he was 26-34 in six years on the Hill. Jan. 6, 2010: The Red sent shockwaves through the sports world when it led then-undefeated No. 1 Kansas, 41-38, at the half. With less than a minute to play in regulation, Cornell found itself up, 64-63; however, some solid free-throw shooting by Sherron Collins down the stretch extended the nations longest home winning streak to 51. Jan. 27: Kent Austin, formerly the offensive coordinator at Ole Miss, was announced as the football teams next head coach. Feb. 23: The womens hockey team clinched its first-ever ECAC Hockey crown after downing Rensselaer and Union at home. Feb. 23: Cornell wrestling kept its streak of consecutive Ivy titles alive, winning the crown for the eighth straight year. March 2: The gymnastics team won its third straight Ivy League championship. March 9: The womens hockey team downed Clarkson in overtime, 4-3, to win the ECAC Hockey championship game and earn an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. March 19: The mens basketball team defeated Temple, 7865, in Jacksonville, Fla., to notch its first-ever March Madness win. March 20: The mens hockey team won its 12th ECAC Hockey championship in school history with a shutout win over Union, 30. The team earned an automatic berth to the NCAA tournament and a re-match with the University of New Hampshire. March 21: The Red continued its legendary NCAA tournament run, defeating fourth-seeded Wisconsin, 87-69, to secure a berth in the Sweet 16. In doing so, Cornell broke the Ivy League record for most wins in a season with 29. March 21: The womens hockey team dropped a marathon 119:26 national championship game to MinnesotaDuluth in triple-overtime to close out the most successful season in school history. March 25: Cornell fell to No. 1-seeded Kentucky, 62-45, at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, N.Y. Undoubtedly energized by the largely pro-Cornell crowd, the 12th-seeded Red jumped out to an early 10-2 lead, but ultimately proved no match for the size and athleticism of Kentuckys NBAbound freshman class. March 26: The mens hockey team was bounced from the NCAA playoffs by New Hampshire, 6-2.

March 29: Cornells wrestlers earned second place overall, as four members of the Red were crowned All-Americans. Kyle Dake 13 took home the national title at 141 pounds and Mack Lewnes 11 earned second place at 174 pounds. April 23: Cornell hosts a press conference to announce Bill Courtney, former Virginia Tech assistant, as the new head coach of the mens basketball team after the departure of former skipper Steve Donahue for Boston College. May 23: The mens lacrosse team took down Army, 14-5, at Stony Brook in the NCAA quaterfinals. May 29: The Red suffered another disappointing loss late in the NCAA tournament as the mens lacrosse team fell to Notre Dame in the opening round of the Final Four. Oct. 30, 2010: Cornell football earned its first and only Ivy League win of the season in a narrow victory over rival
Junior Year


Princeton, 21-19. Emani Fenton 11 sealed the deal when he picked off a pass in the end zone with 23 seconds left on the clock. Jan. 29, 2011: The womens

hockey team won its 18th consecutive game in a shutout over Rensselaer, 6-0. Cornell finished the year with three players earning All-American selections and

reached the Frozen Four for the second consecutive season. Feb. 11: Max Groebe 11 led
See FOUR YEARS page 46

The Corne Daily Sun





A Retrospective of the Last Four Years in Cornell Sports

Sept. 27, 2008: The football team beat preseason Ivy League favorite Yale, 17-14, on Homecoming. The win was the teams second straight to start the season, but after a 3-0 start, the Red dropped six of its last seven on the season. Nov. 7: The mens hockey team opened the season with a 1-0 win over preseason ECAC Hockey favorite Princeton. Cornell went on to finish the season second in conference play, just ahead of Princeton. March 6, 2009: The mens basketball team won its second straight Ivy League title with a win over Penn and a Princeton loss on the same night. It was the teams fourth Ivy League title. Cornell became the only school other than Penn or Princeton to win consecutive Ivy League titles since the conferences inception in 1954. March 20: A double-overtime victory over Princeton sent the mens hockey team to the ECAC Hockey tournament finals against Yale. The Red had tied the game with
Freshman Year

24.1 seconds remaining before Colin Greening 10 netted the game-winner in the second overtime. Cornell went on to lose, 5-0, to the Bulldogs in the finals. March 21: The wrestling teams Troy Nickerson won the NCAA championship at 125 pounds after placing third and second in his weight class the previous two years, respectively. March 29: The mens hockey team failed in its bid to go to the Frozen Four, losing 4-1 to Bemidji State. The Red had earned a shot at the Frozen Four by beating Northeastern, 3-2, in come-from-behind fashion the day before. Against Bemidji, the Red took a 1-0 lead, but ultimately fell. April 10: The gymnastics team won the USAG Collegiate National team championship for the first time in program history. April 11: The womens polo team fell in the National title game to Virginia, 19-17. The loss was the Reds first of the season, after the squad ran the table during the reg-

ular season. April 18: The mens lacrosse team upset then-No. 1 Princeton, guaranteeing at least a share of its seventh consecutive Ivy League title, the longest current streak by any team in the country. April 29: The baseball team dominated Princeton, 9-0, in a one-game playoff to win the Gehrig Division for the first time since 2005. May 3: The softball team beat Dartmouth in a best-ofthree playoff to win the Ivy League title. May 25: The mens lacrosse teams dream season came to a heartbreaking end as Syracuse rallied for four goals in the fourth quarter. Sept. 28, 2009: The football team upset Yale in New Haven, Conn., to notch its first Ivy road win since 2005. A shutdown defensive effort lifted the Red over the
See FOUR YEARS page 47

Sophomore Year