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Crme Chiboust with Stone Fruits

Preparation time: 1 hr 15 min Cooking time: 20 min Serves: 10

Crme chiboust

10 gold gelatine leaves 300ml sauternes 300ml white wine 12 egg yolks 500gcaster sugar 250ml thickened cream 1 vanilla bean, split, seeds scraped 7 egg whites Blood peach sorbet

60g caster sugar 25ml water 500g blood peach puree To assemble

2 large apricots 2 large plums 2 large nectarines 2 large peaches Baby mint leaves Biscuit crumb

2. Mini

pavlova lemon posset balsamic strawberries and basil sherbet

Preparation time: 1 hr Cooking time: 1 hr Serves: 4


2egg whites, at room temp teaspoon cornflour teaspoon vinegar 1 pinch cream tartar 225g caster sugar 40mlboiling water Lemon posset

400mlthickened cream Zest and juice of 2 lemons 125gcaster sugar Pistachio crumble

2digestive biscuits 20g Pariya pistachio kernels, toasted and chopped 20g unsalted butter, melted Strawberry jelly

1 punnet strawberries

100gcaster sugar 1 leaf gelatin sheet, soaked in cold water Basil sherbet

10g basil leaves 5gcitric acid 5g caster sugar Strawberry vanilla sauce

punnet strawberries, finely chopped vanilla bean, scraped 30g caster sugar Chantilly cream

100mlcream vanilla bean, scraped 20g sugar Balsamic Strawberry

punnet strawberries, finely diced 30mlreduced balsamic glaze 10gicing sugar Garnish

Baby basil leaves 3. Eton

Mess, passionfruit, and crispy meringue

Preparation time: 30 min Cooking time: 1 hr 30 min Serves: 6-8

Passionfruit sauce

100g passionfruit pure 75g caster sugar 3 passionfruit, halved Biscotti

3egg whites 100g caster sugar 100g plain flour Meringue

3 egg whites 100g caster sugar 100g icing sugar Garnish

600ml thickened cream 25g caster sugar Edible flowers 4. Black

forest mousse, red wine jelly, dark chocolate dentelle

Serves: 10 as a dessert

Poached cherries

60 cherries 500g sugar 500g red wine 50ml amaretto vanilla bean Chocolate mousse

150g sugar 200g reserved poaching liquor from the cherries 80g brandy 1200g thickened cream 60g Valrhona cocoa powder 50g cream 14ggelatin Cherry jelly

6g gelatine 150g sparkling water 150g cherry poaching liquor Dentelle

280gflaked almonds 2 tablespoons Valrhona cocoa powder 60g milk 60gliquid glucose 235g caster sugar 300g butter To garnish

70% Valrhona GUANAJA dark chocolate, finely grated Valrhona IVOIR white chocolate, finely grated 250gsour cream

5. Caramelised

white peach tart with ginger verbena sorbet diplomat cream

and mango

10 as a dessert

Poached peaches

10medium white peaches, ripe 1.5kgwater 750gwhite sugar 2vanilla beans Zest and juice of 1 orange 1tbsp ginger, freshly minced 3verbena stalks Ginger verbena sorbet

11 teaspoon chopped ginger 5poached peaches from above, finely chopped 1Lpoaching liquor from peaches, above Italian meringue

550gcaster sugar 275gwater 320gegg whites Seeds of 1 vanilla bean Meringues

100gpeach poaching liquor

15gmandarin juice plus zest 10gegg white powder Puff pastry

2rolls butter puff pastry Icing sugar for dusting Diplomat cream

500mlmilk tablespoon vanilla essence 150gcaster sugar 6egg yolks 45gcustard powder 1vanilla bean 300gthickened cream Saffron and rum vinaigrette

200mlchampagne 100mlChivas Lochan Ora 60mlspiced rum 1pinch saffron vanilla bean, scraped 100gcaster sugar 100mlolive oil To garnish

2mangoes 2punnets baby coriander, snipped and washed to remove any dirt and grit

7. Coffee

cake with Vincotto Poached Pear Salted Almond Crumble and Kahlua Mascarpone Ice Cream

Serves: 6

Coffee cake

150g white chocolate, chopped 50g butter, chopped 4egg yolks cup caster sugar cupplain flour, sifted cup almond meal (ground almonds) 50ml brewed espresso coffee 2 egg whites Vincotto poached pears

3beurre bosc pears cupcaster sugar 375mlwater 125ml vincotto Ice-Cream

1/3 cup Kahlua 300ml full cream milk 100ml thickened cream 4 egg yolks cup caster sugar 250g mascarpone

Salted almond crumb

125g butter 110g caster sugar 1egg 1 cup plain flour, sifted cup almond meal (ground almonds) 100g slivered almonds, toasted, chopped teaspoon sea salt flakes Sugar tuille

125g white sugar 1 tablespoon water

8. Salted Praline Parfait with crystallised violet and rhubarb velvet

Salted praline parfait

300g thickened cream 6 egg yolks 1 (3g) sheets gold strength gelatine leaves 25gcaster sugar 25g honey 30ml Frangelico 110ghazelnut praline paste (see note) 6 pinches or more salt flakes 30 pieces crystallised violet (chopped) 3 5 pieces freeze dried rhubarb, cut into 1cm pieces

Red coarse sugar Melted red cocoa butter and electric spray gun (see note) Rhubarb velvet

125grhubarb puree 3g cornflour Modelling chocolate

15g caster sugar 15g water 45g glucose syrup 125g dark chocolate, melted 5 drops violet essence Gold powder, for dusting Cocoa powder, for dusting Chocolate transfer

300g dark chocolate, finely chopped Zebra print transfer sheet (22cm x 13cm) Bubble sugar

300g isomalt granules 30mlVodka Food colouring, 2 drops yellow and 2 drops green To assemble

Edible flowers, to serve

9. Swiss Roll with Cointreau Mascarpone, Pistachio Praline, Chocolate Ganache, Creme Anglise and Raspberry Coulis


5 egg yolks 110g caster sugar 3 egg whites Pinch of salt 40g plain flour 20g cornflour 40g butter, melted and cooled Vegetable oil spray Creme Anglaise

1 cup milk cup castor sugar 1 vanilla pod, halved and scraped 1 teaspoon vanilla paste 5yolks Vegetable oil spray 2 tablespoons cointreau Pistachio Praline

1 cup castor sugar 4 tablespoons water 1 cup pistachio nuts, toasted Chocolate Ganache

cup thickened cream 1 cup 70% Dark chocolate, roughly chopped Raspberry Coulis

1 punnet fresh raspberries cup water 2 tablespoons sugar Mascarpone cream

250g Mascarpone Juice of half a lemon 1 tablespoon lemon zest 1 tablespoon orange zest 1 cup thickened cream, whipped to firm peak 3 strawberries, calyx removed and flesh quartered To serve

1 punnet strawberries, halved 1 punnet raspberries

10. Nutter Butter-Banana Pudding Trifle


3 cups milk 3 large eggs 3/4 cup sugar 1/3 cup all-purpose flour

2 tablespoons butter 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 5 medium-size ripe bananas 1 (1-lb.) package peanut butter sandwich cookies 2 cups sweetened whipped cream Garnishes: peanut butter sandwich cookies, dried banana chips, fresh mint sprigs

11. Exotic

fruit and spice cake

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 75g each soft dried apricots, figs, pitted Agen prunes, pitted dates, mixed candied peel 425g can pineapple in natural juice, drained and the juice reserved 75g each raisins, currants, natural-coloured glac cherries Finely grated zest of 1 small orange Finely grated zest of 1 lemon 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon 1/4 tsp grated fresh nutmeg 1 tsp vanilla extract 125g brazil nuts, coarsely chopped 100g Billingtons Dark Muscovado Sugar 185ml dark rum 175g softened butter 75g Billingtons Molasses Sugar 3 medium eggs 175g each plain and self-raising flour For the marzipan 225g Billingtons Golden Caster Sugar 225g Billingtons Golden Icing Sugar, sifted 450g ground almonds 2 medium eggs 2 tsp dark rum

22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28.

6 tbsp marmalade, warmed and sieved To decorate 2 large egg whites 500g Billingtons Golden Icing Sugar, sifted, plus extra for dusting 2 tsp liquid glucose Whole glac fruits, cut into pieces Fresh bay leaves

12. Blackberry-Raspberry Truffle Cake


2 (18.25-ounce) packages devil's food cake mix 6 large eggs 1 cup vegetable oil 1 1/3 cups water 1 1/4 cups light sour cream 1 (12-ounce) package semisweet chocolate morsels 1 1/2 cups whipping cream 1/2 cup seedless blackberry jam 1/2 cup seedless raspberry jam 1/4 cup water

1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened 1/3 cup powdered sugar 1 (16-ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 to 3 1/2 cups chopped pecans, toasted Garnish: 1/4 cup blackberry and raspberry candies