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Productinfo: Pyrometer
Suction pyrometer For the determination of the temperature in the fire chamber (like demanded for the singularly test at chamber installations according to the emission act) is only interesting the convective part of the heat, and not the radiation-heat. Suction pyrometer can use for such determination. The thermocouple is in the front area of the suction pyrometer and shielded by ceramics-bodys to protect the thermocouple against the IR-radiation from the fire-combustion chamber. The hot exhaust gas will be sucked over the thermocouple. The suction pyrometer can be cooled by cooling water circuit. The sucked gas with the pyrometer can use for the measurement of the oxygen rate by an analyser. Composition of a sampling line: 1. Cooled suction pyrometer with outer 50 mm: For the measurement in high temperature area up to ca. 1600 C. Material: Titanium and Stainless Steel. The cooling water goes at first through a tube along the inner tube and after it at the outside wall. The thermocouple is in a separate liner that it can easy remove and cleaned. One gas tight connection for the thermocouple with 3-4 mm. Water ports with fast connector for 19 mm hose and one closing valve. Gas port with G thread with fast connector for 13 mm hose. The ceramic shields are mounted in a bayonet socket and can changed very fast. Weight and bending:
Weight Ti ( kg) empty / water 4/9 7 / 12 8 / 15 10 / 17 12 / 20 Weight SS (kg) empty / water 6 / 11 10 / 15 pyrometer cooling coil ejector

T1. 2

cooling water

PU plug

Condensate trap


bending Ti (mm) 8 50 75 100 200

bending SS (mm) 100 180 -

2. Ceramic shields For the protection against the heat radiation can mounting with cement according VDI two ceramic shields or according to IFRF three ceramic shields in the bayonet socket and placed in the cooled front section of the pyrometer. The exchange of broken ceramic is now very easy. At the IFRF-Ceramics is the outer ceramic closed at the front, the sampling take place through a hole vertically to the gas flow. The inner ceramic surrounds complete the thermocouple. This caused thereby a slower temperature adjustment. For rough situations we can offer a bayonet socket with protection tube from heat resistance steal (up to 1200C) in which the two VDI ceramics can placed.

2000 3000 4000 5000 6000

IFRF Version


Thermoelement thermocouple

VDI mit Schutzrohr / with protection tube Fhrungsrohr mit Thermoelement liner for thermocouple VDI Version

Bayonet socket Art.-No.: 50.018

Nennlnge / nominal length

Absaugung Khlwasser suction line cooling water ~ 200 mm

Fig.: IFRF-Ceramic (3-parts) Art.-No.: 50.091

Fig.: Bayonet with protection tube Art.-No.: 50.19

Fig.: VDI-Ceramic (2-parts) Art.-No.: 50.09 Wittener Str. 82, 44789 Bochum, Tel: ++49-0234 - 33 51 80, FAX: ++49-0234 - 30 82 17


3. Ceramic cement for ceramic tube To fix the ceramics in the bayonet socket, volume: 250 ml., ready to use mixture. Permanent temperature up to 1600C. Art.-No.: 50.09-C.

4. Cooling Coil: In case of short suction pyrometer the temperature of the sucked gases can be higher as 80C and melt the connected hose. The cooling coil protect at high suction rate the hoses. Art.-Nr.: E-KS-2 16.011-Z Entry tube

5. Condensate trap The condensate from the cooled gas can be kept back with the drying tower to protect the suction parts. The gas flows in and out from the top. One PU-foam inside prevents that water can reach the exit. Art.-No. 16.011, 16.011-Z, PU-160-50. Art.: 16.011 6. Ejector for the suction with pressed air For the correct measurement of the gas temperature must be the gas speed at the thermocouple more as 80 m/s. Ejectors are for this suction rates particularly well suited. The delivery volume depends on the pressure of the compressed air and the reduced pressure at the suction side. The delivery includes a pressure-reducing valve with compressed-air link and pressure indication, a sleeve valve at the suction side for adjusting the suction volume and a sound absorber.


Performance table: P = compr. air [bar], S = suction volume [m/h], L = Air-consumption [l/min] P 5 4 3 2 V 2,1 2,0 1,5 1,0 L 50 40 30 25 Art.-No.: 18.CV10 P 5 4 3 2 V 9,0 8,5 7,5 5,5 L 180 150 120 90 Art.-No.: 18.CV20 P 5 4 3 2 V 23 19 16 11 L 350 340 300 250 Art.-No.: 18.CV30

7. Matching hoses Hose for the water cooling (pressure resistance) 19 mm l.W., unit: meter (0,38 kg/m): Art.-No.: 31.01 Suctionhose (pressure resistance)13 mm l. W., unit: meter (0,35 kg/m): Art.-No.: 31.02 Wittener Str. 82, 44789 Bochum, Tel: ++49-0234 - 33 51 80, FAX: ++49-0234 - 30 82 17