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India Reed Bowers International Organization for Self-Determination and Equality (IOSDE) 10 June 2013 IOSDE initial comments

on the Draft Alta Outcome Document1 10 June 2013 Preamble: Para. 2: militarization of [add: AND AGAINST] Indigenous Peoples and their lands Para. 5: without distinction as to race, sex, language, [add: REGION/GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION/ORIGIN/etc], or religion Theme 1: 1. States implement this right (of self-determination). Suggestion: Indigenous Peoples implement and establish the right to self-determination per Tribe/Nation Include: Treaties States must abide by and respect should not only be State treaties but also Indigenous-Indigenous, Tribe-Tribe, Indigenous Nation/internal governing docs, etc. 3. before entering their lands: assumes entering. Suggestion: when seeking permission to enter 4. State uphold and respect the self-determination. Suggestion: States ABIDE BY and respect States with the participation of IP develop. Suggestion: IP develop if so choose and by IP self-determination Note: Inclusion of IP not wanting development and right to option of development Theme 2: Suggestion: Equal UN Membership as States Theme 3: 1. Self-determination includes, inter alia, the right and power of IP to negotiate on equal basis with States the standards and mechanisms should be: right and power of IP to decide

At the Global Indigenous preparatory meeting for the region-based Indigenous delegations/caucuses in preparation for the UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples 2014. For Draft Outcome Document see

In theme in general: recognize IP & Tribal traditional + [xyz/hybrid/new] governing + leadership as well as traditional IP and Tribal legal mechanisms Theme 4: Indigenous Peoples priorities for development (FPIC). Suggestion: focus on FPIC first and only, then development (yes/no, how, etc) can be self-determined per Nation/Tribe 2. before: before suggests and even supports it will happen. Suggestion: acknowledging the right of IP to decide yes/no. 4. States facilitate education health incorporate IP needs. Suggestion: IP facilitate implementing based on the rights to culture and self-determination. 5. States collect, analyze and disaggregate data on the status of Indigenous women. Suggestion: IP have the right to collect, analyze and disaggregate data on the status of Indigenous women and have such results be acknowledged and applied in both the criminal justice systems and human rights-based policy on IP terms Also note: this may also be an INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS issue. Data, control of data, how to analyze. Etc. 6. Suggestion: Acknowledging that IP have always been self-determining, developed peoples. General Self-determination and determination, etc. in State hands as written in document, instead of IP Weakness of Recommend Right to Decolonize as per General Assembly (GA) Resolutions1514, 1541, and General Assembly (GA) Resolution 2625 of 1970 (freely determine political status) Acknowledgement of IP based on IP self-determination, not State-recognition

Note: IP = Indigenous Peoples in comments