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Olga Greceanu (1890 1978)

Main facts:
the first woman to be accepted in the Christian-orthodox group Rugul Aprins the first woman that was allowed by the patriarchs Nicodim and Iustinian to predicate on the pulpit in every church in Romania. She painted the frescoes in the patriarchate and Antim church She wrote a lot of important manuscripts that were confiscated by the communists She was the chaperon of Queen Maria ( doamna de companie) She was friends with Cecilia Storck and N. Tonitza and was invited by President Roosvelt in New York She gave up a faboulous fortune when she was 50 and decided to dedicate her life to painting and God She painted and restored frescoes until she was 86

Life She was born in 1890 in Namaesti (Campulung Muscel) and is part of an aristocratic polish family. She studied chemistry and arts in Liege, Belgium . After this, she studied fresco techniques in Paris. There she met Nicolae Greceanu which she married and their marriage lasted 47 years.

Olga The artist Olga Greceanu dedicated all her life to painting, writing and faith. She was a prodigy in her way : a painter searching for the national specific, a writer, a researcher of life, interpreter of the Bible, an artisocrate and bold woman. She founded the society of the painters and sculptors for women. She lived in both periods of time , royal and communist. In the royal period of Romania she lived her life as a painter and as a God lover and during the communist time she didnt gave up religious painting and continued her life believing and understanding life and painting icons and churches. During the communist period most of her work was destroyed and the paintings in the churches were cobered with chalk Olgas paintings can be found in private collections and her ferscoes adorned important buildings like Mogoasoaia station, the Court in Piata Amzei, the town hall in district 1, the History Museum. Her paintings were displayed all around the world : New York, Bruxelles, Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Rome, Warsawa(varsovia).

She painted and restored churches: Blteni (1945 i 1971), Pitar Mo, Darvari (1967), Precupeii Noi, Sapieniei,Sf. Vasile (1968), Izvorul Tmduirii (1969), Hagiului, Bumbcari, Tudor Vladimirescu, Sf. Ion, Floreasca, Precupeii Vechi i Bariera Rahovei( n Bucureti), Sf. Dumitru, la Mnstirea (1970), Pltreti, Triceni,(n Clrai), a realizat mozaicul de la biserica mnstirii Antim. She wrote: Bucarest et ses environs (1928),un ghid complet al capitalei, Compoziia mural: legile itehnica ei (1935), Cula de la Mldreti, Specificul naional n pictur, Pe urma pailor Ti, Iisus,Femmes peintres dautrefois , Ura care ucide, Meditaii la Evanghelii. Her books were reprinted after the communism and her paintings were washed and can be admired. Olga Greceanu was given the title Crucea Patriarhala for her missionary activity. She is a survivor of the Red Holocaust when she was beaten, arrested and humiliated because of her beliefs and her religious characted she exposed.

- Revista FAMILIA ROMANA , Septembrie 2012 , pag 6-7