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Darnell Logan EPS 513 February 15, 2013 Assessing Student Learning Paper Looking at the data, it appears

as though the students, as a whole, understand screws as a simple machine and how it is used in certain situations. There are two people who did not perform as well. The two students in my classroom who have I.E.P.s did not perform to the level of the students who do not have I.E.P.s. My student who received a 0 is severely cognitively challenged and it is stated on her I.E.P. My other student who has an I.E.P. has an issue reading, and I should have taken the time out to read the questions to him, to provide him with the same accommodation he would received on a standardized test. I should have provided this opportunity to both students, and I will make preparations to take the time out to give them the necessary accommodations they need to succeed in the classroom environment.

In this particular multiple choice assessment, there is no real ability to be able to distinguish how my students of different intelligences performed. It was 2 standard science questions pulled from Study Island, giving no real ability to work out problems; but the ability to apply knowledge learned throughout the class was necessary to choose the correct answers. Unfortunately, I cannot tell how valid this assessment truly is; in regards to if my students are able to transfer this material to another assessment or to a situation asking students to solve a real world problem. I did however assess my students through an open picture sort and with adding 1 criteria change. All of my groups were able to properly sort the photos they received and were able to explain why they placed pictures in the necessary categories. Unfortunately, I had to give this assessment, but to insure my students were able to transfer what they learned this particular

day. Next time, I can create a different assessment to where students can identify the parts of a screw from a picture and write a response to how it can be used as a tool/simple machine.

For my class, I can move on to the next standard. 83% of my entire class and 100% of my class without an I.E.P. has displayed a complete understanding of the objective for the day in multiple ways. What I can and will do is refresh my students knowledge of the material before ISAT. For my students who have an I.E.P. I will have to discuss next steps with our elementary special education teacher. I think I can gain valuable information on strategies I can use for a reteach or small group to differentiate instruction for them. I have to find another way to accommodate my students to make sure everyone succeeds.

As an entire class, I believe instruction was explicit and differentiated enough to meet the needs of my students. I still need more work/help with being able to differentiate instruction for my students with an I.E.P. This is a step I must take before my students are assessed in the future. I have to discuss modifications and accommodations with the special education teacher before instruction is delivered, even if I have to have them in a small group of their own and give them extra time to complete tasks. I did take assessment a step further than I have done in the past through checks for understanding. My last check for understanding was an open picture sort with objects that have screws, levers, and wheel and axles. I first had my students group the objects into categories (I did not specify a single category). My students were able to separate their objects into 3 groups (levers, wheel and axles, and screws). After I have seen my students can identify the different between the 3 kinds of simple machines, I wanted them to separate their screws into its different uses (lift objects or put objects together). The groups my students

were in were able to do so, and I cold called to ask for explanations and used gestures to poll my students. Overall, the data shows my class understands the objective, but I still wonder about its validity, because it did not give them a complete chance to transfer or apply the skills they learned in the actual written assessment. I will be more intentional about my assessment the next go round. Unfortunately, I wanted to give my students the style of question they would see on ISAT to help prepare them with the kinds of questions they will be seeing in another 2 weeks. I will have to continue to battle with this issue when choosing the proper assessment for my students.

Student Name Aaliyah B. Lavell B. Demauric H.

I.E.P. # Correct No No No 2 2 2 0 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2

# Total 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

% Correc t 100% 100% 100% 0% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 50% 100% 100%

Proble ms Missed

Next Steps Next Standard Next Standard Next Standard Re-teach Next Standard Next Standard Next Standard Next Standard Next Standard Small Group Next Standard Next Standard Highest Score 2 (10) Lowes Media t Score n Score 0 (1) 2

Tenesha J. Yes Benjamin M. No DeNajia N. Alyissa R. Antonio R. Jenniel R. Avion T. Dandre V. Raul Z. No No No No Yes No No

1, 2

203 Post Test Data

2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0

# Correct

# Total

Data by Standard Standard 12.4.27: Identify simple machines (lever, inclined plane, pulley, screw, and wheel and axle) and understand how they function. Know how they apply forces with advantage, and identify which machine is suited for accomplishing a simple task. Related Problems 1 2 # Correct 11 10 # Total 12 12 % Correct 92% 83%

12.5 12 11.5 11

Data by Standard

# Correct 10.5 10 9.5 9 1 2 # Total