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EPS541 Winter Term Planning Paper (10 points)

What do I need to think about? The planning paper is an opportunity to integrate your knowledge about students, lesson content and effective instruction with regard to a particular learning segment that you either completed or will complete in the near future. The three knowledge categories of students, content, and instruction form the basis of your professional knowledge for teaching. Writing this planning commentary provides a means to solidify your learning from teaching within a focused area of your practice. This paper should be 5 to 7 pages in length. Prior to writing the paper, think about your content knowledge pertinent to the learning segment. Think about what you know about your students as learners, in particular, what they know and can do related to the learning segment. Finally, think about what you know about effective instruction within the content focus of the learning segment. Make these thoughts explicit in a concept map and include this as the starting point of your paper.

What do I need to write?

Begin your paper with the final version of your content concept map of the big ideas. 1. Knowledge of the Content Focus and Standards. Discuss the central focus of the content in the learning segment. Refer to and unpack the relevant standards. What insights do you have regarding your own content knowledge and its relationship to teaching? What challenges do you anticipate? Success Criteria: Identifies relevant content standards associated with learning segment Unpacks knowledge & skills involved in a meaningful way Identifies own content knowledge strengths & challenges Identifies potential teaching challenges

(4 points) 2. Knowledge of Students relative to the Content. Discuss your students knowledge and skill relative to the content focus. What do they know, what can they do and what are they are learning to do? Also, consider their academic language, experiential/cultural backgrounds, learning strategies, and habits of mind. Success Criteria: Describe students prior knowledge/skills relevant to the learning segment content. Describe students habits of mind in relation to the learning segment. Describe students metacognitive awareness and skills relative to learning segment. Use your knowledge of students and the content to define important learning targets for the learning segment. (4 points) 3. Knowledge of Instruction and Assessment relative to the Content. Discuss effective instructional strategies to support your students learning relative to the content focus of the learning segment and what you know about their knowledge and skills and the learning process. Draw on course readings to provide a research base. How will these strategies engage prior knowledge, facilitate conceptual connections, or address potential misconceptions? How will you monitor students to ensure they are progressing? What evidence will you look for to know that students are making progress? Success Criteria: Identifies 1 or 2 key instructional strategies and why they are important within the content focus (draw on course readings). Identify or develop an assessment to monitor students learning of content and to provide evidence of their progress toward the defined learning targets in the content area. (2 points)