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1. When light bends as it enters a different medium the process is known as what? 2. A magnifying glass is what type of lens?

3. Electric resistance is typically measured in what units? 4. A person who studies physics is known as a? 5. Metals expand when heated and do what when cooled? 6. What is the first name of the famous scientist who gave us Newtons three laws of motion? 7. What state of the art computer technology is used to train pilots when wanting to copy the experience of fly an aircraft? 8. Electric power is typically measured in what units? 9. The most recognized model of how the universe begun is known as the? 10. Who is the Hubble Space Telescope named after? 11. The wire inside an electric bulb is known as the what? 12. Theoretical physicist James Maxwell was born in what country? 13. Infrared light has a wavelength that is too long or short to be visible for humans? 14. What kind of eclipse do we have when the moon is between the sun and the earth? 15. True or false? Iron is attracted by magnets. 16. What is the earths primary source of energy? 17. Conductors have a high or low resistance? 18. Electric current is typically measured in what units? 19. What scientist is well known for his theory of relativity? 20. Earth is located in which galaxy?

Physics Quiz Answers

1. Refraction 5. Contract 9. Big bang 13. Long 17. Low

2. Convex 6. Isaac 10. Edwin Hubble 14. A solar eclipse 18. Amperes

3. Ohms 7. A flight simulator 11. Filament 15. True 19. Albert Einstein

4. Physicist 8. Watts 12. Scotland 16. The sun 20. The Milky Way ga

Estimate the maximal distance from which the human eye can see a candlelight (optimal conditions, total darkness provided)
100 m 500 m 2.000 m 10.000 m The maximum distance should be (at least) 10 000 m. The human eye is quite sensitive.

The two cylinders are equal in diameter and weight, also the inclinations ( ) are equal; the green cylinder is made of wood, the red one of metal and is hollow. The cylinders start simultaneously rolling down without gliding. 1. Which cylinder will be faster for a small inclination ? depends on the diameters equal 2. Which cylinder will be faster for large inclination ? A B


depends on the diameters

Question 1 (small inclination): B Question 2 (large inclination): B

1.To push the heavy case you put it upright. The force will be depends on the less greater equal surface 2. Braking a car (wheels blocked) the stopping distance depends on its weight: yes no 3. Braking a car (wheels blocked) the stopping distance depends on the width of the tires yes
problem 1 (upright) EQUAL problem 2 (weight) NO problem 3 (width) NO


A huge stone is moved overboard. The water level rises equal goes down

Your solution is correct: the level goes DOWN

Some bricks or plates, all equal in size and weight, are piled up, the topmost to jut out as far as possible. Die Platten sollen so aufgestapelt werden, dass die oberste mglichst weit ber die unterste hinausragt. Kann die die oberste Platte sogar um mehr als ihre Lnge berstehen ?

Stable ? Stabil ? (1)

no (2)





Question 1: Yes, stable. Question 2: No, not stable. Question 3: Yes, stable !


QUESTION 1: There is always friction when an object is moving on Earth. True False QUESTION 1: Kinetic energy is energy related to movement. True False QUESTION 1: Do you do any work if you hold a 100-pound barbell over your head for three hours? Yes No Not Enough Information QUESTION 1: Potential energy is observed when an object is in motion. True False QUESTION 1: Physics is all about studying the laws and rules of...

Animals Living Things Matter Planets

5. Take this scenario: (The two people will be the same distance from the
middle) A small boy is sitting on one end of a seesaw (teeter-totter). If a really fat man jumps on the other side, what would happen to the child? He would stay in the same place. He would be propelled into space! He would move downwards. He would move upwards.

9. Now, light is very interesting. White light can be split into seven
different colours, pretty much like a rainbow. Which of the following isn't one of those colours? Red Brown Orange Yellow