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This Week on the School Calendar: Week 4 June 3 - 7 June 3 • After

This Week on the School Calendar:

Week 4 June 3 - 7

June 3

• After - School Classes Begin

June 3 - 5 • Student Council Election Campaign for Prathom

June 6

• Wai Kru for Matthayom and Alumni

June 7

Ceremony for Long-serving teachers • Student Council Elections for Prathom

This Week on the School Calendar: Week 4 June 3 - 7 June 3 • After

All Teachers:

Banking and Payroll:

This months’ pay has been deposited into your SCB account. Teachers who have a SCB account are encouraged to keep it for at least 6 months before closing it. If anyone has questions or problems regarding pay, please let James know so he can arrange for you to speak with Mr. Prateep. Although James is not equipped to answer every question regarding payroll, he wants to express his affection and concern for us, and he wants us to know he is willing to assist us in any way possible.

Student Activities:

Council Election Campaign activities for Prathom will take place June 3 rd 5 th during the time scheduled for clubs. Prathom English classes will run as normally scheduled.

Wai Kru for Matthayom will be held June 6 th . Teachers must stay with their students in the Chapel during times they are normally scheduled to teach. Please check the schedule you received from your coordinator. The schedule is also posted on the doors

of the IEP Teachers’ Office.

After the Wai Kru service for Matthayom, There will be a ceremony to honor teachers who have served for many years at BCC. Please attend this event to show your support for Alex Paton and others who have spent a significant part of their lives teaching new generations of students.

P 4-6 Student Council Elections will be held June

  • 7 th . Remain in your classroom in case students arrive

late. If only a few students show up, get to know them better by playing a game. If all the students show up, teach them a short lesson, or assign some homework to make up for the time lost from class. An important part of being a teacher at IEP is being flexible, so relax and try to go with the flow.

A Message from Teacher Montira:

Dear IEP Staff,

After School classes will begin June 3 rd . After school classes are a great opportunity to have EVEN MORE FUN WITH English. There is a syllabus that outlines the lessons students need to learn, but the curriculum itself is open-ended. This makes teaching the after- school classes a good opportunity to experiment with new ideas, activities and games. Teaching these classes has the potential to be a great creative outlet, as well as a good way to earn a little extra cash.

Also, Alex Paton will be one of the teachers honored June 6 th for his 10 years of service to BCC. Over the years, Alex has shown his care and concern for both students and teachers, and is greatly deserving of this honor.

This Week on the School Calendar: Week 4 June 3 - 7 June 3 • After


Teacher Montira