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Mu 1.

Sb + started began + to do St doing St + khongthi gian + ago + (in, on, at) + thi im + when S - did + for khongthi gian + since + thi im + since S - did

Sb Note: first met = started to know bought = started to have moved to = started to live in came to = started to be in got married = started to be married Mu 2. Sb have not + never It is + This is Mu 3. Sb hasnt done such a adj N before N is the adj so snh nht (that) Sb has done Mu 4. Sb hasnt done st + for + khong thi gian since + thi im since + S + did the first time Sb has done st done St before has + Been doing St + Done St

It is + Khong thi gian + since Sb (last) did St Sb last The last time Sb Mu 5: Sb didnt It wasnt until. That Sb did St do St until + did St + khongthi gian + ago + (in, at,on) + thi im + when S - did

Mu 6: No sooner had Sb done st that st happened Sb had hardly done St When .. barely hardly had Sb done St When .. barely Mu 7: S1 + S2 + Mu 8: S1 will S2 + Mu 9: S + V + O S + be + PII + (by O) Trong OS SO Mu 10: Sb1 + V + st + for + Sb2 St + be + PII + by Sb1+(for Sb2) Sb2 + have +st + PII+ by Sb1 Mu 11: People say/think/believe that Sb+V It is said/ thought/believed that Sb + V Sb is said/thought/believed + to V Mu12: So + Such (a) adj + N that adj/adv + that wont do2 Until S1 has done1 does1 do1 before S2 does didnt do Until S1 had done1 did1 before S2 + did2

N is So + adj Its

that N that

Such (a) adj

This is Mu 13: S + V+ too Adj/ Adv + (for Sb) + to do st S + V + so Adj/ Adv + that Sb cant do st S + V + very Adj/ Adv, so Sb cant do st Mu 14: Too Adj/Adv1 not Adj/Adv2 enough Not enough N2 Trong 1><2 Mu 15: It takes + Sb + Khong thi gian + to do st Doing st + takes +Sb + Khong thi gian Sb + spends + Khong thi gian + on st Doing st Mu 16: Its adj for Sb to do St Doing St is adj for Sb Sb finds it adj to do St Sb is + Its + St adj of Sb to do Mu 17: Reason, Result If not reason, not Result Mu 18: Cu iu kin Without N, S will/can/may do S would/could/might do S would/ could/might have done (i thnh Nu khng c N) If S does, S Will/can/may do If If S S did/were, S would/could/might do adj to do

had done, S would/could/might have done

Mu 19: S1 + V1, but/however/yet S2 + V2 ->Although/though/ever though S1 + V1, S2 ->Despite/ In Spite of N , S2 + V2 Trng hp S1 = S2 In Spite of V1-ing, S + V2 Trng hp S1 khc S2 Although Sb has got +N -> Despite Sbs N Although N (St) is adj -> Despite the adj N Although (Sb) is adj -> Despite Sbs N p dng cho mu: Because S + V Because of N + V2

Mu 20: A.(1)...N(CHUNG). B.(2)..N(CHUNG) A..(1)...N(CHUNG) who/which/where/B..(2).. Mu 21: A + V + not as + Adj/Adv + as B B + V + Adj/Adv (so snh hn) + than A A + V + less Adj/Adv + than B A + V + Adj/Adv(so snh hn) than B

Adj/Adv ><Adj/Adv

Mu 22: Nobody/ Nothing +V+as + Adj/Adv+ as + A A + V + the Adj/Adv(so snh nht) A + V + Adj/Adv (so snh hn) + than + sb/ st else Mu 23: .. anybody/anything + Adj/Adv (so snh hn) + than A? .. A + the Adj/Adv (so snh nht)? Mu 24 S + V + adv S + be + adj + at + V-ing S + be + (a) + adj + N Mu 25: S +V, he said/ told sb/ thought He said/told sb/thought + (that) + S +V (li mt thi) Ch i i t, tnh t s hu v cc t ch thi gian ph hp.

Mu 26: Who/What/Where/When + tr ng t + S + V?, he asked _______________________ He asked who/ what/where/when + whether/if S +V

Mu 27: Do st, please/ Dont do st, please, he said Can you (not) do st, please? He asked/ told + sb + (not) + to do st You should/ had better (not) do st, he said He advised +sb+ (not) to do st Mu 28: Sb is sorry Its a pity Sb wishes + (that) + (that) + + S S + V not V + not V (li mt thi) V

Mu 29: Sb regrets + doing st/ not doing st Sb wishes + that + he hadnt/ had done st Mu 30: prefer (doing) st + to + (doing) st like (doing) st + more than + (doing) st would prefer + to do st + rather than + do st would rather + do st + than + do st