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Training (4-29-13) 10ish Things to Know About Juvenile Court by Alicia:

1. Searching ProsData: a. For Abuse or Neglect case in juvenile court--Search under Mothers name in the Case mode or the childs name under the Name mode. If you search under the fathers name, use the Name mode. Old cases may not show up even under the mothers name in the Case mode because of the differences between the old system and ProsData. So, doing a name search is the most likely to yield results. b. For delinquency or truancy or ungovernable casesSearch under the childs name in the Case mode 2. Juvenile sealed cases: Gone from JUSTICE. Jolene has paperwork for us to sign to get access to those sealed cases. 3. NCJIS: If you search for kids name in the Criminal mode, you can find out if there are other cases involving that kid, name of caseworker, etc. 4. If something is going to end up going to juvenile court, send it as soon as you can so they have more time to work with them. 5. Dispositions dont include fines, points off licenses, enhancements, etc. 6. Juvenile probation officers are the ones making the decision whether or not to detain. They have a tool they use and a point system. Sometimes cops decide not to arrest if they dont think they will be detained. 7. Our office can still ask to have a kid detained 8. Even if released, probation can have them on a conditional release with monitors, day reporting, night reporting, drug testing, etc. If they violate, they could be detained. 9. OJS evals can help when needing info for a juvenile transfer hearing. Need to get a court order to have the judge look at it. 10. Juvenile transfer hearing who to call. If they are a State ward, call the OJS officer. If there has been an OJS eval, arrangements can be made to let adult court judge see it under seal. 11. What does Kristy Bauer do? Contract attorney. a. Truancy cases. She runs a truancy intervention program and attends truancy court. b. Law Violation casesscreens them to see if they need to go to court. If so, they are then assigned to juvenile attorney. 12. Dont forget that some juvenile court cases are filed by the City Attorney16 and 17 year olds who commit city misdemeanors. Pros Data doesnt have them. Have to look at JUSTICE. 13. Ask the warden in Kearney to write a letter saying the juvenile is not appropriate for their facility. 14. JUSTICE: you can look at a discharge document in JUSTICE. 15. Family Drug Court: its no different than regular court. You can get in family drug court if you have a certain level of need (Heideman). Parent has the drug problem. Juvenile drug court is different Thorson delinquency cases. 16. Including TPR in criminal plea agreement: Cant agree to relinquish parental rights in exchange for a particular plea in a criminal case because HHS doesnt view it as a voluntary relinquishment. You can admit the termination as part of an agreement, but it doesnt happen much. If a parent has an involuntary termination of parental rights, HHS doesnt have to make efforts to reunify a subsequently born child with the parent, but if it is a voluntary termination, HHS still has to attempt to reunify a subsequently born child with the parent. 17. SMART team meetings: Alicia and probation officers meet on a monthly basis with administrators and counselors from all of LPS high schools and most all of LPS middle schools. So, if you need a contact person at those schools, she might know a good person to contact.