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English Test



1) Read the letter and solve the exercises below:

Dear Mike, Yesterday was the day of the wedding!!! It was horrible. There were lots of people there but most of them were old. There werent many young people. Elaine and I tried to hide in our pink dresses but the photographer was everywhere. There was a lot to eat and to drink after the service in church! I eat when Im bored so I had 24 sandwiches and 6 slices of wedding- cake. I had a few glasses of champagne!! I didnt feel very well. I wasnt the only one. As usual, my aunt Ethel got drunk on two glasses of champagne and my cousin Herbert was very sick. He drank all the half-empty glasses!!! The best part was the end. I threw lots of confettti at Mr Kilroy- Scott and his car made a wonderful noise when they drove away. I dont think Ill get married. Its my birthday next week. Ill be a teenager at last. I hope my mum and dad will let me go out alone after 9 oclock. Its so embarrasing going everywhere with my sister. My mum always thinks of me as a child. Do you have the same problem? I must go. Its time for dinner. Bye, Sandra

2) Answer: 1-Whats the text about? 2-Whos writing the letter? 3-Was there a lot to drink? 4-Why did Sandra eat too much? 5-What happened to her aunt? 6-What does Sandra think of weddings? 7-What will she be next next?

6)Put in all, every, everybody or everything: 1-Not_____________bird can fly. 2-Well start when ________student has arrived. 3-Tell me______________. 4-We stayed in bed ________ day yesterday. 5-Do you know___________here?

3)True or false? 1-There were a lot of old people. 2-The photographer was absent. 3-The lunch was after the service. 4-Sandra ate 24 hamburgers. 5-S he didnt throw confetti at the car. 6-Next week shell become an adolescent. 7-She hates wedding parties.

7)Writing. Write about a wedding youve been. (120 words) Think about: people, cake,food, Presents, family, ceremony, party, etc.

4) Use a lot of , a little or a few to complete these sentences about the wedding. 1-There were ____________people at the wedding. 2-There were ____________older people. 3-There were____________ photographs. 4-Sandra ate____________cake. 5-Sandra ate____________sandwiches. 6-Sandra drank__________glasses of champagne. 7-There was ____________confetti. 8-Ethel drank___________champagne. 9-There were ___________young people. 10-They put____________cans on Kilroy-Scotts car. 5) Circle the correct answer: 1- I need / I dont need some help. 2-There are no letters / any lettters for you. 3-Whats the problem? Any. / Anything. / Nothing. 4-Where shall I sit? Anywhere / Everywhere. 5-Shes got beautiful eyes / some beautiful eyes. 6-She didnt eat many / much breakfast. 7-Were there much / many people at the party. 8-James always has much / lots of money. 9-A lot of my friends think / thinks Im wrong. 10-There is / are lots of time before the shop closes.