Context: 10th grade, suburban English class, students will have just finished a unit on the ACT. b. Unit: Multigenre Embedded Research Unit. c. Themes/Concepts: i. Essential Questions:  How do I form an argument?  How do I support and argument?  How do I conduct research?  How do I find credible sources?  What are effective ways of taking notes?  What different types of modes can I use to present my research?  What different genres can inform my research?  How can I use research to persuade an audience?  How is this research applicable to my future? d. Rationale: We approached this unit with the thought of us being required to write this paper as part of the 10th grade curriculum. With the increasing, bulging standards for all curriculums, it is very realistic to put ourselves in the aforementioned position. Because we are saying that a paper is being required, we will seek to make this unit multi-modal, multi-genre, and multiple-perspective by allowing students to take their research and use a form (or mode) that can persuade their audience of choice. Although the research unit is undoubtedly important to build writing and researching skills for students, it also helps students to learn to build and back up an argument. Because this unit is focused on having students write on topics they feel passionately about, students will feel a connection with their research. This lesson teaches students rhetoric used in persuasive writing as well as introduces them to formal writing. This lesson also aims to familiarize students with different modes of expression. Through this experience, students will be able to think about how to match genre with audience. Most importantly however, this lesson teaches students to question ideas, culture, and societal norms and form opinions about them. By going through the process of informing students’ opinions and producing their opinions through different modes of presentation, students can hopefully take pride and seek to present their project to audiences outside of school. e. Goals (Objectives/SWBATS will go in daily plans):  Students will successively complete research which they will turn into an argument and present in a persuasive manner.  Students will experiment with multiple modes to make relevant their research experience. f. Standards: Strand 1 (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5), 2.2, 3.4, 4.1 g. Summative Assessment (This should be in the format you would give to your students.): i. Students will complete a multigenre, embedded, research project.  Thesis  Argument  Posting sources  Research paper outline  Formal research paper  A persuasive mode of presentation

h. References: Please see the bibliography. i. Calendar: Calendar Attached