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Pega Training topics 1. Introduction to PRPC 2. Using Process Commander and PRPC Developer Portal Basics 3. Architecture 4.

Common Rule Types 5. Examining Rules Using PRPC (Class, ClassGroup, Rule Sets etc) 6. Understanding work and data class structures 7. Understanding Properties 8. Process Flows (Flow types, Shapes ) 9. User Interface overview (Harness, Section etc) 10. Rule Set and Security Overview 11. Using the Clipboard and tracer 12. Implementing PRPC 13. Building Class Structure 14. Creating Property and Model Rules 15. Creating Flow Rules 16. Building the User Interface 17. Enhancing the User Interface 18. An overview of Declarative rules 19. Validation 20. Using decision rules 21. Using Activities 22. Assigning work 23. Integrating PRPC Applications 24. Connecting to an External Relational Database 25. Documenting and Saving your Work

Pega hands on 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Class Structure And Ruleset Design Environmental Setup Application Profile,Application Accelarators Building Primary Business Flows Designing the Data Classes and Data Class Models Building Secondary Business Flows and Exception Flows Implementing Decisions, Validations etc... Execution of flows and Unit testing and PAL Reports Documenting and Packaging the rules.

Interview and Certification preparation tips.