Daily Lesson Plan – Day 18 – Goals: ○ Readers’ Theatre Presentation of Research ○ Written Feedback by peers throughout presentation ○ Turn

in written reflection/rationale of research project/person Rationale: ○ After an entire month-long unit, the students will have the opportunity to share their research with their peers. With Reader’s Theatre, the students are approaching their presentations in a low-stakes environment. They have the opportunity to share what they want. The goal is that the students are proud of what they have created and are eager and willing to share. Having the students give each other feedback will add another layer to the performer’s audience and allow the students to showcase their best work. Finally, in a way to check what the students have learned throughout this process, and to add another writing component to the research, I’m having them formally write their rationale for why they chose what they did as their pieces of research. This will also serve as a means of reflection over the entire research process. Assessment: ○ The students will be assessed on this particular day by:  Readers’ Theatre Presentations  Individual feedback/comments for each presenter  Written rationale/reflection Objectives: SWBAT ○ Showcase their research in an appropriate form suitable for their audience and purpose of research ○ Provide feedback and comments for their fellow classmates on their research presentations ○ Reflect on and give a rationale for their research, form, purpose, and audience Tasks: ○ Readers’ Theatre:  “You now have the opportunity to showcase your research for your target audience and your fellow classmates. Please share with us as much of your research as you’d like. Make sure to give a background of the person you researched and how they have impacted your life for the good or the bad. If you are unwilling to share all of your pieces, please give us an explanation of why you chose those individual pieces.” ○ Student Feedback:  “As your peers present the work they have been working on for almost a month, I would like you to write them feedback. Please write about the strengths of their research, providing explicit examples. Talk about how you can see their use of form, audience and purpose. Please offer a suggestion of how they can improve of tweak their project for the future.”

○ Written Reflection:  When you are finished presenting, you need to hand in: your research materials, and your written reflection. Don’t forget that you reflection should also include a rationale for why you chose the different pieces of research that you did, explicitly discussing form, audience and purpose. You should also have an explanation of why you chose the person that you did, and how they have positively negatively impacted your life.” Materials: ○ Computer ○ Chalk board } to be used for individual presentations ○ Overhead projector ○ Paper ○ Pens To-Do List ○ Introduce how Readers’ Theatre works ○ Allow students ten minutes to present their research ○ Guide students through the process of providing feedback/comments ○ Review and collect reflection/rationale essay References ○ Emig, Janet. The Composing Process of Twelfth Graders. Urbana: NCTE, 1971.