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In this fast moving world most of the companies are working with multiple projects at a time. But it is essential to maintain the time duration or the completion time of every project. For every project a particular deadline or time period should be allotted. Within that deadline that project has to be completed. This should be monitored by someone. By automating this the monitoring time can be saved. And also the time taken by each resource for that particular project can also be monitored.

Aim of the Project

The aim of this project is to do the automation of time tracking for each and every project. That is to calculate the total time required to complete a project and the resources required to complete the project in a required time. By doing so the following things can be easily monitored. They are: Total time taken for each project can be monitored, (i) (ii) (iii) Time spent by each resource for that particular project can be monitored, Working time of the resource can be calculated Resources allocated for each project can be analyzed

By doing these things it will be helpful for the organization to calculate the number of resources required for a project and the time duration for a project. In this project the following modules were used. Administrator Module Project Manager Module Developer Module These are the main modules of this project. classified into various sub-modules based upon their functionalities. Each module is further

Administrator Module This module is developed particularly for the administrator of the organization. In an organization the administrator will have all the controls over there. He has to maintain all the data of that organization like the list of projects which the company is handling, the list of clients for that company, the employees list of that company and the time management for each project with their status report. These things are divided into the sub-modules of this module. Here the administrator needs not to enter any data. He can just view the reports and time line provided by his employees. In this way the administrator can have the whole control of the organization. Project Manager Module This module describes the various functionalities about the Project Manager. It describes the roles and responsibilities of the Project Manager. Here each project manager will be assigned with a login name and password. With this only he can enter into this project. So one project manager cannot view the details of other project managers. Administrator. So the data is projected. Here the project manager can maintain the list of clients of his project and the list of employees who were working for his project and he can see which team is working for which project and the team size allotted for each project and the time line created by each employee for the project. And also he can check the starting date and ending date for each project. This can be done only by the

Developer Module This module is developed for the employees who are all working in the company. Each developer will be given one user name and password. With this he can enter into this project and he can update the status of the project every day. And also he can update his daily working hours for each project. This will

be transformed to the Project Manager and Administrator for his appraisal. With this time line the Administrator can review the progress of each and every employee.

Reports The reports are automatically generated and it will be given to the administrator. These reports will be based on the time line given by the employees. Here the total time spent for each and every project and the team size for that project and the project manager who managed this project will be displayed. This will be helpful for the Administrator to do the Time Tracking of the projects.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Processor Memory Hard Disk Mouse Keyboard Printer Server : : : : : : : Pentium 1GB DDR RAM or Greater Free Space 5GB(Min) Logitech 104 keys Laser Printer (for report) Apache Tomcat406

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Front End Middle Ware Back End : : : HTML 4.0, JSP J2EE Ms-Access Windows

Operating System :