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Bakkhali Unlimited : Part 3 Sourish

Bakkhali Unlimited : Part 3

Bakkhali beach is a bit muddy beach blended with silver sand. Its not like Digha or any other places on Bay Of Bengal that offers a beach of golden sands. The mail attraction of Bakkhali beach is the red, fast-moving Hermit crabs. This beach is basically a great collony of Hermit crabs. I find immense pleasure by chasing them but its really very difficult to catch them. Once a cycle-van driver was kind enough to me and he explored a hole on the beach and drag a crab out of it. He literally gave a small presentation infron of us regarding the crabs holding one of them in his hands. This was the story of my second time visit. I am quite a great traveller in Bakkhali. Some people call me the Pirate Of Bakkhali. We had our morning tea party in the beach after exploring the beach properly. It was around 6.30 AM and the tea shop was the first one to open the doors. We hired three cycle-vans for Henrys Island. These cycle vans are motor vans. They are really very powerful regarding these kind of journeys and a van accommodates around 10 persons enroute. Manual cycle-vans are also available. That person who presented a big whatabout of Hermit crabs in front of me, was a manual cycle-van driver.


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Cycle Vans Henrys Island is a 200 hectare project of West Bengal Fisheries, nick named as Ben-Fish. The same Ben-Fish that runs mobile food vans in Kolkata offering yummy fish fries, fish fingers etc. FYI, they are also into an initiative of having their own guest houses that any one can hire for his or her trip. Wikipedia says that Henrys Island was named after the Italian surveyor who surveyed the land. Precisely, this place is quite similar to the Frazergunj Fishing Harbour. There the fishermen go to the sea to catch fishes, here the entire island is the area where the fishermen culture the fishes. There are plenty of water-bodies for cultivation of fish. The way to the Kiran beach is quite beautiful as its surrounded with mangrove trees like Sundari, Hetal, Goran etc. This time it was such a plight for all of us as the way was covered with dense mud. It was the post rain effect. I told my team to stop exploring the beach but those little, beautiful students simply ignored me and moved forward. It was a knee-deep mud that was being a great bottleneck but they probably decided to seal all the

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5/13/2013 7:57 AM

Bakkhali Unlimited : Part 3 Sourish

problems in a bottle and they made their own way. A lot of people fell in the mud, a lot of people suffered a muddy-changeover but didnt stop. It was a tremendous fun. It was something like a group-mud-pedicure. I also went with them and enjoyed the muddy pack on my legs. Whoever was falling, was starting to laugh and other persons were following him or her.

Way to Kiran Beach

When we stepped on Kiran beach, it was a complete different feeling. It seems that you are in Andaman and you have just discovered a new, virgin beach that had not been explored yet and you are the first person to kiss its belly. Its just awesome and awesome and awesome. Everytime I feel the same. Kiran beach is a strong recommendation for you from my end. Atleast go once and feel the joy of discovery. We took a lot of photographs on the beach. The watch-tower was also a great scope of viewing the entire area like a bird. Henrys Island seems to be the Little Havelock of Andaman from this watch-tower and you can have a great photographic scope. When we returned to the hotel with the muddy legs, it was around 11 AM. We washed ourselves, packed our bags and back-packs and went to the bus-stand for breakfast. It was a very delicate breakfast as the breakfast consisted of Pitai Parota and Ghugni. Ghugni you might know. Its made of peas. You might have heard of Parathas or Paranthas. A round-shaped or a triangle-shaped roti made of flour. This Pitai Parotas are the same parathas but they are being sold as per the weight. You cant order them in pieces. You have to order them in weight such as 100 gms or 200 gms. Its good, its safe as it consumes very low amount of oil, most importantly its fun. These cooks take a big tawa, an Indian utensil that helps make round shaped things such as roti, and wrap the flour all around it. When the paratha gets ready they take the whole thing out and bit the paratha with an instrument to break the paratha and make parts of it. Bitting is Pitai and Parota is paratha in Bengali. Hope you understand. Its been a fantastic breakfast. Our bus started around 12.30 PM for Kolkata. We crossed the river again through the vessel and had lunch again in Kakdwip. It was a beautiful journey towards home and everyone was singing and enjoying the journey. I thought its better to sleep because frankly speaking, those little champs can anytime knock me out in terms of energy. They taught me a big thing, come what may, a person should enjoy his or her present. Problems and tensions would always

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5/13/2013 7:57 AM

Bakkhali Unlimited : Part 3 Sourish

try to make you suffer but its your leadership that you would make yourself able to erase all the bad things of life and eat your life with a great satisfaction. I owe a lot to them for this teaching. I was thinking these things anf slowly Kolkata was coming near to nearer.


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Bakkhali Unlimited : Part 3 Sourish

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