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for the Palestinian people. We helped out the community there and we provided groceries and certificates to the families in need and to the widows and orphans. They were really happy to see people from the States that care for them, their faith grew stronger to see that they have people love them from across the world and we prayed for them and encouraged them. Some told us some stories about the different things that they had to suffer for their faith. One man told us that he worked at a construction site with Muslims and they all knew that he was Christian and they hated him. They lit him on fire by


Growing to know God and encourage others to get to a place to meet with Him.
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. Psalm 32:8

Israel mission Trip April 2009
Christ has risen! He is alive! Peace and love be with you and may God bless you. I want to start out by thanking you for keeping me in your prayers and for all the support that you have shown. God has been really faithful and He has been teaching me a lot of things while being at school in TX. First of I want to tell you about the Israel Trip that I was blessed and had the privilege to be apart. We started out serving the Palestinian community in Bethlehem. There are quite a lot of Christians Palestinians in Bethlehem and the pastor there Pastor Naim Khoury has an amazing heart for God and

putting primer/paint on him, just because he was Christian. The burns were severe and no one was held accountable for what happened, but God healed him in such a way that there were no scars left on his body, all the burns that he had the old skin fell off and his skin was regenerated without any scars on his body. That was a miracle and those who did this to him saw that and were amazed. It was real eye opener to see all the struggles they have to go through in order to just be able to worship God. Their church was bombed 7 times but they kept going strong and believe that God has a plan with the Palestinian people. Pastor Khoury is a supporter of the Israelis and he got into a lot of criticism for that. The Palestinians love Jesus but some find it hard to get along with their neighbors, the Israelis, there is that Spirit of Esau, the hatred toward Jacob, even today there are many Christian Palestinians that don‟t
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Old City of David

love the Jews, they look at them as the ones who stole their land, that left them without a country and they blame the Jews for it, so you can understand why Pastor Khoury is being attacked for supporting them. I believe God has great plans there with the people in Bethlehem; we met some amazing young adults that love the Lord, and we started developing relations with them. We keep in touch with them and we pray for them and if you could keep them in your prayers also, their names are Elias and Paul. Once we left Bethlehem we went to Nazareth in Galilee and we stayed there for 3 days. A project that we did, we helped out an organization “Bridge of Peace for Jerusalem”. We put together care packages for needy Jewish families also we restored a women center by cleaning up, painting, gardening and just


making the place look better. They were really grateful and appreciated seeing that people love them and serve them through actions, not just words. In Galilee mostly there are Jewish people not so much of Palestinians and while up in Galilee we attended a Passover Meal (Seder) at a Messianic family Richard and Caroline Hyde, and it was a great experience to understand how Jews celebrate the Passover. Their remembrance of how God delivered them from Egypt. The family was telling us how important is for a Jewish family to be presented with the Gospel in a messianic environment, they would be more open to receiving Jesus if they understand the background. Often times I never understood why Jews don‟t accept Jesus as the Messiah, but they are so close to the truth yet so far, the Jews pray and worship to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and us as Christians we worship the same God but they don‟t accept Jesus as the Son of God, there is a veil on their eyes. After Galilee we spent the remaining days in Jerusalem and we attended a Messianic church in the heart of Jerusalem. There are a lot of hungry souls for the truth and Jews from all over the world are coming back to live in Israel. I met a Romanian brother and sister, Robert Frenkel that use to live in Baia Mare, RO but 2 years ago he moved and became a Israeli citizen. It was so good to see a Romanian half way across the world in Jerusalem but just to hear his story it made me realize that God‟s Word is being fulfilled when He is gathering His people from all the corners of the world. In my heart there is a passion for Israel and God‟s chosen people, I believe that God has them in His plan and it is coming to an end soon. In conclusion my heart opened, my mind started to understand and see why there is so much controversy over in Israel, but God is in control of all things and He orchestrated all things for Him and prophecies will be fulfilled in this land, and great miracles are yet to happen but we are called to „pray for the peace of Jerusalem‟ Psalm 122:6. By the grace of God, I hope I can visit and start to help and pray for the people of Israel, and would like to thank you for keeping me in your prayers and for the support and encouragement that you have been for me. This experience has made me understand different things a lot better and it connected the Word of God even closer to my heart to know that I‟ve seen the places that are mentioned in his Word.

Old Jerusalem - Temple

Wailing Wall

Ministry Placement
At Teenmania every undergraduate is placed in a ministry, helping out with whatever is needed to be effective in the ministry. Teenmania is a parent to Acquire the Fire, a youth event that happens every weekend all over United States. The students are given the opportunity to develop life skills that include finance, mobilization, leadership, communication and many different areas. This helps the student to build a good work ethic, serve the Lord with his hands and work in everything as you would work for the Lord.


I was placed in a graphic design environment, so I help the ministry in all the promotional flyers, cards, posters and anything that belongs to communicating the message of God through art. God has been teaching me how to be a good steward of everything that is entrusted to me and how to collaborate with different people in the ministry, developing leadership skills, communication skills, and building great relations on a professional level and spiritual. God has placed different people in my heart that help me grow and help me learn life principles. I know that everything that God started in my He will take to an end (Phil 1:6) but till then I will serve Him with my life in my daily living.
Ministry placement

Growth and Development
The classes that I attend at Teenmania have helped me better understand the Word of God, how I need to apply it to my life and where do I fit in this society. We are attending classes everyday and given different assignments on a daily basis. This takes a lot of my time but it builds my knowledge of things and helps me grow in different areas of my life. The classes for this semester are Worldview (How now shall we live – Chuck Olsen), Character Development – by Ron Luce, New Testament Survey, World Missions, Great Books, and one of my favorite Apologetics(Deliver us from evil by Ravi Zacharias) All these classes have been challenging me to an extent or another. I‟ll just name a couple of them that had the greatest influence. The Worldview class is a class where we are thought of all different views that people live by every single person has a guide that they follow. This class has been teaching me and stirring up in me a passion to advocate the Christian living, because I think Christianity is being attacked daily and the young generation need a basis to stand by and Christianity provides the truth, which is Jesus Christ, the only way. Another class that has been on my heart is Apologetics, knowing how to defend the Christian faith. This has been stirring in my heart to pursue more and more of God, meditate on His Word, day and night and just keep pressing on to God and I thank Him for His faithfulness, because He has been revealing bits and pieces of Himself to me every time. My passion is to reach people and to tell them about the love of God, empower them, encourage them to get to know Him more and live a life completely obedient to Him. I love Him for everything that He is doing in my life; He is such a loving caring God, even when I go through trials He is always there with me, He will never leave me or forsake me. (Psalm 23) I want to encourage you to pursue God with all your heart, soul and with all your strength, get into His Word, get into groups that study the Bible, serve the community, love God, love people and preach the Word every opportunity that arises. Thank you for all your prayers and for your steadfast love, and continual encouragement. May God bless you in all your ways and keep seeking Him. (Isaiah 55:6)


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