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A,B,C,D,E, teach different subjects. A teaches philosophy & doesn’t stay at Bara or Lart. B teaches Maths and doesn’t stay at Hyd. Or Lart. D stays at Jaipur and doesn’t teach Eco. E doesn’t stay at Bara or Delhi & teaches geography. C doesn’t teach History and stays at Delhi. Where do they live & what do they teach (each)?

Bara Hyd Eco Phil Maths Geo Hist c

Delhi Lart O

Jaipur a

O O O O d

b e

Answers continued:..
• Thus we know that A is at Hyd, B is at Bara and E is at Lart., C teaches economics, D teaches History. Ans.

A,B,C,D,E,F have following likings: ACF • like reading; D doesn’t like badminton, but likes music, B & E like painting and music, A & D don’t like painting but like cricket.5 person like badminton. 2 like tennis, F doesn’t like Cricket, music & tennis. Each person has 3 hobbies. Who likes what?

a music tennis cricket reading painting badminton X X O O X O B O X X X O O C X O X O X O D O O O X X X E O X X X O O F X X X O O O

Answers :
• From the table it is clear that A doesn’t like music, tennis, and painting and so. On.

A monkey distributed mangoes (total number of mangoes = 30)to two boys – ram and shyam (also eating some mangoes in the process). If at the end, Shyam gives some mangoes to Ram, then Ram will have 5 times as much as Shyam. If Ram gives same no. of mangoes to Shyam, then Ram will have 3 times as much as Shyam. What was the number of mangoes eaten by Monkey. Options are: 19,5,6,9

• We know that after distribution the mangoes have to have a ratio somewhere close to 3 or 5 times (let us take approx 4 times). By hit and trial, we come to know of two numbers that are in this ratio – these are : 20 :4 & 18:6. thus the amounts that Ram and Shyam gets are 19 & 5 – the total is 24 thus monkey gets 6 mangoes – in other options, it is not possible.

I am Ki chi Chun, one of the oldest persons in the world. One of my great grand son is 95.5 years younger to me. My two great grandsons have same date of birth as mine. The product of our ages is 1001. What is my age – options are: 143, 148, 150? Today is my birth day.

• 143 ans.

We went on excursion. We coulndt enjoy it completely due to incessent rains. But when it was rain in morning, we had comfortable noon. When it rained in noon, we enjoyed the next morning. We had enjoyed 11 mornings and 12 noons. There were 13 rainy days in all. For how many days we were on excursion? Options: 18,20,24,15

• = 23+13 / 2 = 18 • Thus were there for 18 days.

Which conclusion can be drawn from the following: all dogs are rats. Most rats are cats.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Some dogs are rats Most dogs are cats Some dogs are cats No dog is cat

• Only 1st statement can be concluded.

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