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Bikaner municipality starts fare system as under: 1st KM = Rs. 8; every every subsequent KM = 3.5 Rs. Distance & price meters gets triggered every 100 meters. Price meter shows upper bounds and distance meter shows lower bounds. What does the distance meter show when price meter is 89.9?

• 89.9-8 = 81.9 /3.5 = 23.4+1 =24.4 KM Maximum • The distance meter will show 24.3 Km. ans.

In the previous question, what will be the actual distance, when price reads as Rs. 15?
• 15-8 = 7 • 7/3.5 = 2 +1 = 3 • Maximum distance could be 3 Km. But the distance meter will show 2.9 km. the actual distance may be anything between 2.9 to 3 Km. we cannot find the actual distance so the answer cannot be determined. Ans.

I paid Rs. 148.7 and speed of auto is to be ascertained. The auto took 20 minutes in journey.

• 148.7-8 = 140.7/3.5 = 40.2+1 =41.2 • The auto may have travelled between 41.1 to 41.2 km. thus the speed is approx. 41.1*3 = 123.3 km per hous.

Night charges are 20% extra. A person travelled during night and paid Rs. 500 (little bit higher in round figure), what is the distance travelled by him?

• 500*100/120 = 416.6 Rs. • 416.6-8 = 408.8 / 3.5= 116.8 +1 • The person must travelled 117.7 Km or nearby.

I am preparing 2 gift boxes. Each box will contain toffee & biscuits. Toffee can be of brand A,B,C and Biscuit can be brand D,E,F,G,H.. E cannot be with H. D cannot be with G, B cannot be with H. each box will have 2 types of toffees and 3 types of biscuits. If H is included in a box, which other items will definitely be there in the box : (1) C,A (2)B,A (3) F,D (4) B,C • We will have to pack A&C in any case so (1)

There are 6 houses in a row. A has B &C has neighbours. D has E & F as neighbours. E’s house is not next to B or C. F is not next to C. Who is B’s neighbour? • | | | | | | • CABFD E • B’s neighbours are A & F ans.

5 persons are sitting in a row. A Sikh and a Japanese occupy the corner seats. A chinese is sitting to the right of Arab. A Nepalese is sitting to the left of Chinese. What is the sitting order?
• • • • • Options: SANCJ JANCS SACNJ Cannot be determined.

• | | | | | • S CNAJ • Answer : cannot be determined – as we are not sure about the correct order of Sikh and Japanese

Which is the odd one out: 1, 3, 7, 15, 27, 63, 127
• We can find their difference are in increasing order 2,4,8,16,32,64 and so on. Thus the first number 1 +2 = 3, 3+4 =7, 7+8 =15, 15+16 = 31 and so on. • Therefore 27 is odd one – it should have been 31 ans.

Find the odd one out
• • • • • Fugue Paranoia Panacea Schizophrenia Amnesia

All the numbers from 1 to 20 are put in a sequence, which digit will be in the centre?

• 1234567891011121314151617181920 • Answer is 1 .

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