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Rahul Tiwari has to choose between these schemes: which is the best plan for him? (his monthly talk time is 100 minutes)

free charge monthly minute per rent s minute Plan 1 Plan 1 200 350

0 100

2 0.8

Answer :
 The

total cost per month is Rs. 400 in first plan and Rs. 350 in 2nd plan – thus 2nd plan is better.

Balmukund is organising a party among BBA classmates and he is willing to buy 20 inch pizzas for that. The rates of other pizzas are as under. What may be the price per 20 inch pizza?

size 10 12 14

price 50 72 98

Answer :
 Look

at the increase in price:  10 o 12 = 2 inch increase is followed by increase of 22.  Next 12 to 14 inch (2 inch increase) is having increase of 26 Rs. Thus there is increase of 4 here. Thus at 16, the price should be 128 and at 18 price should be 162 and at 20 inch the price should be 200. answer

What is the number of rectangles in the following figure?



The size of smaller angle between the hands of the clock at half past 6 expressed in  15 degrees degrees?

Bitthal took part in elections. 356 students come to cast their votes. Bitthal has 4 competitors. What is the mininum number of votes that he can have and still win?
 Let

us assume that all candidates get 71 votes and Bitthal gets 72 and still he can win – so minimum votes that he can have and still win is 72. ans.

We had a cube of side 7. We made smaller cubes of side 1 from this. How many cubes do we have now?
 7*7*7

= 343

We have put 8 cubes of side 1 each in the form of a rectangular block of sides 4*2*1. Now we paint blue colour on this block on all sides. What is the ratio of blue coloured in the total suface area of 8 cubes?
 Surface

area of rectangular cuboid:  (4*2 ) + (4*2) +(2*1)+ (2*1)+ (1*4) +(1*4) = 28  Surface area of one face = side * side  1*1 ; one cube has 6 faces. Total surface area = 1*6*8 = 48

A,B,C,D,E,F are students of a class. They topped in six subjects U,V,W,X,Y,Z. Find out who has topped in which subjects :
     

F has topped in Y. F in order of rank is lower that E who has topped in W and is higher than C. A and E have topped in neither Z nor Y. The lowest ranker among them has topped in U. D who is higher in rank than E but lower than A has topped in X. The highest rank holder has topped in Z.

 With

the given information,we are able to find the order of overall rank. First rank is with B. followed by ADEFC  A has topped in V, B has toped in Z, C has topped in U, D has topped in X, E has topped in W. and F has topped in Y.

Solution table








Afterschoolian Keshav gets angry when he sees MOTA written in a mirror. Bitthal tries to explain him that it is not MOTA. What is it?
 This

is ATOM. Ans.

A lady buys WIM detergent cake. However, she thinks she got something different – because she saw water image of the Cake. What did she see in the water?

 She

saw MIW in water.

Afterschoool conducts three year integrated PGPSE (after class 12th along with IAS / CA / CS) and 18 month PGPSE (Post Graduate Programme in Social Entrepreneurship) along with preparation for CS / CFP / CFA /CMA / FRM. This course is also available online also. It also conducts workshops on social entrepreneurship in schools and colleges all over India – start social entrepreneurship club in your institution today with the help from afterschoool and help us in developing society.

Why such a programme?

 

To promote people to take up entrepreneurship and help develop the society To enable people to take up franchising and other such options to start a business / social development project To enable people to take up social development as their mission To enable people to promote spirituality and positive thinking in the world

Who are our supporters?
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our past beneficiaries, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs are supporting us.  You can also support us – not necessarily by money – but by being promotor of our concept and our ideas.

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Flexible Specialisations:
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Spiritualising business and society Rural development and transformation HRD and Education, Social Development NGO and voluntary work Investment analysis,microfinance and inclusion Retail sector, BPO, KPO Accounting & Information system (with CA / CS /CMA) Hospital management and Health care Hospitality sector and culture and heritage Other sectors of high growth, high technology and social relevance

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            

Pedagogy curriculum and approach based on IIM Ahmedabad and ISB Hyderabad (the founder is alumnus from IIMA & ISB Hyderabad) Meditation, spiritualisation, and self development Essential softwares for business Business plan, Research projects Participation in conferences / seminars Workshops on leadership, team building etc. Written submissions of research projects/articles / papers Interview of entrepreneurs, writing biographies of entrepreneurs Editing of journals / newsletters Consultancy / research projects Assignments, communication skill workshops Participation in conferences and seminars Group discussions, mock interviews, self development diary

         

Case analysis, Articles from Harvard Business Review Quiz, seminars, workshops, games, Visits to entrepreneurs and industrial visits Presentations, Latest audio-visuals Group discussions and group projects Periodic self assessment Mentoring and counselling Study exchange programme (with institutions out of India) Rural development / Social welfare projects


will shortly open its branches in important cities in India including Delhi, Kota, Mumbai, Gurgaon and other important cities. Afterschooolians will be responsible for managing and developing these branches – and for promoting social entrepreneurs.

Case Studies
 We

want to write case studies on social entrepreneurs, first generation entrepreneurs, ethical entrepreneurs. Please help us in this process. Help us to be in touch with entrepreneurs, so that we may develop entrepreneurs.

Basic values at afterschoool
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Share to learn more Interact to develop yourself Fear is your worst enemy Make mistakes to learn Study & discuss in a group Criticism is the healthy route to mutual support and help Ask fundamental questions : why, when, how & where? Embrace change – and compete with yourself only social entrepreneurship for better society