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You Are the Ruler of Your Realm
Separating Mice From Tin
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Fantastic Voyage!
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High Time For Disc Golf in Galveston
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Raising Spirits 2 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Santa Fe
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Mike Snyder
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DiBella’s Italian Restaurant
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The clouds parted...
...and then there were none.
Raising Spirits 4 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
(On Last Issue)
We touched on many subjects,
and visited many realms in our
6th issue, “End of Ages.”
We hoped to convey certain
truths, or ideals related to the end
of Ageism, organizing events
and people and much more!
The cool Buddha statue panel
that we encouraged readers to
discover has since been moved,
not only that, but it was N 1/2,
not S 1/2, sorry for the mix-up,
but we trust that if you truly
sought the buddha, you would
eventually find him.
Things we hope to improve upon:
Some things we just missed,
while other things were out of of
our control.
A majority of the staff agreed that
Marc Philllips’ “Ah, Rome” was
the most inspired article from the
last issue, harmonized masterfully
with Hoy Polloi’s hillarious “Ro-
mericans” political cartoon.
We apologize that we’ve still yet to
return to Bolivar to see what bus-
nesses we can tell Islanders and
their guests about. Soon though!
We fixed your hours, Captain’s Table!
Stew made it to the clean up day
he organized. (phase 2 this issue)
We meant no harm with the pic,
Elisse. We’re on your side.
Thanks for the Editorial StaffPow-
er Meeting place, Gravity Bar.
Who’s ready to sponsor a News Stand?
Year two, and with it, phase
two begins with this com-
pletely revamped issue num-
ber 7. And we honestly say it’s
our best one yet.
Greetings From the Galveston Wizard,
Tere is a storm on the way! A storm o oportunity, growth and posibility for
all things “Galveton!” What’s even more aweome is that the winds o change that
are blowing will be o your own creation! Helping ohers helps you! A wirlwind
o teamwork, communication, understanding, and tolerance is our bet defense
against the huricane o monoony, mediocrity, greed, self-absorption and misery.
We have to realize that the succee and failure o our fellow Galvetonians are
ultimately our own! Every kind word, helping hand, contribution or open mind
you can lend someone in need surely will no go unnoiced by the powers that be.
Center your focus on wat it is you want to do with your life, wat’s important
to you. When you arive at that (and it will no be eas), then start moving! Where
do you want to be? What legacy, if any, will you leave behind? Will ohers will follow
your eample? We have much to learn fom each oher. As an island community
and beond! We must fnd our spiritual center, that wich keeps us on course and
in line. “To were?” you may ask. Well, my fiend, were are we headed?
-Galveton Wizard
Submission Deadline
Issue #8 - Sept 10!
The Best Subs are at
Cast your spell
Try the
“Ultimate Steak Bomb”
Bring in this ad and get a free can drink with your sub or salad purchase.
Subs & Salads
706 Holiday Dr.
(Behind Walgreens on 4th and Seawall)
Expires Oct 1st 2007
Submission Criteria
and Guidelines
Be legible. (Typed email submissions
only, please! Submissions may be edited
for content or readability.) 200-400 words for
Editorial Article Submissions, Little as one
sentence for letter to wizard.
Be optimistic. If you present a
problem, offer solutions. What’s going
wrong, what’s going right?
Sending artwork? Make copies.
Do not send originals as items will not be
returned. (email as high quality pdf)
Give details. If you do provide a picture,
be sure to include your name, contact,
caption, and other pertinent information.
Email submissions to us at: thewiz@
galvestonwizard.com (preferred)
Sending Something snail mail? P.O.
Box 3467, Galveston, Tx 77552-3467.
Questions, Comments and Ideas
may also be directed to David Torkelson at
409.621.2864 Back issues online at www.galvestonwizard.com
5 www.galvestonwizard.com Raising Spirits
Hey there great Oz -
I recently returned to
Galveston Island after a 7 year
sabbatical. I’ve attached a press
release/story about an adven-
ture of mine, but there is oh so
much more to the story! 7 Years
ago, my aunt, Jenna Ware and I
owned a Deli in Campeche Cove,
called “The Lost Dog Deli”. The
foreshadowing is mind-blowing,
considering here I sit years later,
engaged to a “nearly native” and
having spent my time away help-
ing lost dogs, well, get “un-lost”.
I picked up your paper
my second day back, because
it intrigued me and I like to be
Let me know if you have
any questions, want to chop the
heck out of the release or need
another other fascinating dogs
stories for your very entertaining
Best -
Jennifer Rowan
(See submission, page 30)
I’m sitting in Gatwick Air-
port nestled in the english country
side but they call it “London”. at
this moment it is 9:15 in the eve-
ning and I don’t board my conti-
nental flight until 9:30 tomorrow
morning. So, lots of pictures, lots
of stories.
My two weeks in London,
Holland, and Germany was just
what I needed to shake off that
albatross from around my neck.
Now I can come back with a clear
head, focus, and motivation. I
have some photos that you could
use for the cover if you want or
I’ve got some art as well.
Let’s meet up when I get
back to Galveston and we can do
some brain storming. Looking
forward to getting to work.
Hey, keith from up at mur-
phys (with jumping the shark) My
flickr account is chefkeifus, wills
is willthing. Just go to flickr and
search for them. I’m kind of new
to it so I don’t know the exact ad-
dresses. Enjoy!
-Keith Martin
After reading the article on clean-
ing up 61st street; I would like to
help at the time that the author
had put in the paper. There was
no mention of the place we are to
meet though. Has he said where
we are to meet?
-gregory hadley
(See Phase II page 24!)
Hey Wizard,
Just looked at your site.
Cool! And very much thanks
for putting me at the top...looks
great! Love it that I can now click
to get to the zazzle site. Is it pos-
sible for you to do the same with
my cafepress and printfection
I’m glad you like my new
ad. My son is a genius, if I do
say so myself. Are you going to
put the new ad online too?? Yeah,
yeah! Please do. I know you’re
busy...just my thoughts.
I’ll be looking for the new
Wizard (paper version)...maybe
I’ll go to Dibellas to get one.
Could use a good steak. Yum.
Talk to you later,
Where is the Island Pride? Why
is it that people don’t honor each
I’m a boy from Hawaii. In Hawaii
we have “Kama-Ina” rates for all
local people of the islands. Show
your ID, prove that you are from
the islands and you automatically
get 50% off. This includes res-
taurants, fine dining, clubs, and
many special events.
There, business men and women
of the island and the people of the
island work together in harmony.
They don’t fight each other, and
they don’t take advantage of the
local people.
Here seems to be the complete
opposite! No discounts for local
Especially, in the winter months,
when they really need our love,
they just keep taking, and taking,
and taking.
Where is our island pride?
-Mr. Ed
nt my
ost dogs, well, get “un-lost”.
I picked up

ss from
I can com
, et un-lost .

s from a
can com
ost dog
I picked up
t my
reat Oz -
ently returned to
and after a 7 year
ve attached a press
bout an adven-
ut there is oh so
he story! 7 Years
nna Ware and I
Campeche Cove,
Dog Deli”. The
I sit years later,
arly native” and
time away help-
well, get “un-lost”.
ed u
port ne
side bu
this mo
ning and
nental fli
of stories.
Holland, a
what I ne
Now I c
h d get “un-lost”.
ed up

I c
h d
s from s from
t m t mmy
my my
ost dogs, w ost dogs, w ,, g
Thoughts from Readers,
We look forward to hearing from our readers from the realm! Take
the time to send us a note! We sure do appreciate all of the continued
support and encouragements! thewiz@galvestonwizard.com
Between Strand and Harborside
Coming Soon:
Nutty’s Crazy Peanut Butter Confections
12 Flavors!
Peanut Butter
10am to 6pm
Business #
102 20th Street
Segway Rentals
Consignment Shop
Vintage Merchandise Dealer
Art Gallery
Totat Fitness
Totat Fitness
Raising Spirits 6 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Who would we be if we did not “practice what we preach?” A professor we admire
called such people “hypocrites.” He went on to say that every single one of us is a
hypocrite on some level or another. A hypocrite (and don’t worry, we’re not talk-
ing about you) is a person that feigns or fakes beliefs, feelings, or virtues that they
don’t hold or possess. They go around saying one thing, and then totally do another!
Whether or not the person can admit to possessing at least some level of hypocrisy
may directly relate to their actual hypocrisy levels!
In our previous issue, we urged readers to “Take A Vacation.” Depart from any rou-
tines, dust cobwebs off of your travel toothbrush and get out there! As brave as we
may sound in our quest for a brief Exodus from the normal routine, our travels came
about in much the same way as most travel these days does.
Obligation. (This is a good thing, in most cases!) People care about you all over
the map, we’ll wager. They hold you in their hearts, and there are times when your
presence is needed more elsewhere, at a higher significance, than your “cause” here.
(Your “Cause” as in what you are doing here, what difference you are making for
yourself and others....you do have one, don’tcha?)
The people you have met or are connected to on your way in life are “hopefully”
doing great things in realms of their own, making lives for themselves, and important
and exciting things are happening for them every day. Their realms are most likely
very different from yours, and there is probably many exciting and unique things to
check out, learn about, see, and do. (Much like our own island!)
Weddings, Family Reunions, Emergency Emotional Support to miracle survivor
loved ones, and more! Whatever takes you out of the realm you are in and drops you
into another place (and time, depending on where you go!) ultimately presents to you
an opportunity to sample or see how other cities, communities, and towns are doing
things! What’s working for them? What are their hang-ups? What cool things can
one learn, observe and take in in another place. Could we learn something about our
own realm? Probably. Will we learn something about ourselves? Most likely. Be sure
to bring back with you, besides the renewed vigor and enthusiasm, some pictures and
ideas. Perhaps we can relate your travels, ideas and experiences to our readers!
Fantastic Voyage!
Our travels brought us to the Great City of Dallas. It’s Like Hous-
ton, but with crazier drivers. (if you can imagine) There was a lot
to see around town. After a solid afternoon of driving we could
navigate the area with relative ease. Downtown was impressive,
and there was definitely signs of growth and progress! (And they
have Taco Bueno’s there...mmmm, “Muchaco’s.”)
It was great hanging out with our friends at night. Catching up,
seeing where everyone is and where they are going! We were sad
to leave this budding city and we learned much in our travels there!
Ate heartily with our Mom’s Sister and her amazing family. The next day we slept in (as one
does on vacation) and spent the remainder of the day driving around and thru downtown and
it’s surrounding areas. Almost lost the map out the window. Got to see where the Minnesota
Vikings reign supreme, along with the University of Minnesota campus....Campuses always
get us itching to learn! Don’t forget about our own Galveston College here! Also A&M
Galveston, University of Texas Medical Branch, or the good old fashioned Galveston Island
School of Hard Knocks. Just don’t skip out on class, if you know what we mean. We drove
across several towering bridges. The Twin Cities, are called so, we believe, because the cit-
ies are split by lakes. It got us thinking about our own Causeway...actually it had us knock-
ing on wood about our Causeway. Oh, and we ate Arby’s and saw a badass waterfall.
We had no idea, but quickly found
out that our cousins are actually
Guitar Hero’s too! It’s like the real
thing, but without the pesky group-
ies, fanbase and wads of cash! Im-
pressive to watch, though!
to your
table and
e v e r y -
Now it’s on you to tell us what where you went and what you saw! Tell us of your travels!
What did you see? What did you learn? What can you teach us? thewiz@galvestonwizard.com
Completely-naked stone women
were laying all around one office
building. They were wise to make
them much larger than life to help
deter childish and immature pos-
ings, we reasoned.
Our friend Lowell is StreetZine
Vendor #Z-401 in Dallas. The
publication is funded by adver-
tisers and the vendors sell hard
copies for a dollar and get to keep
75 cents of the profits. (They buy
them for a quarter apiece! Self
employed!) The publication is
quite good, tackling issues on
homelessness, offering resources
and more! Also, there were con-
tributions such as poetry, artwork
and more, giving the reader
much food for thought. They’re
not asking for change, they’re offering it for only one buck. Maybe
with the help of organizations such as the United Way and Salva-
tion Army, we at the Galveston Wizard could...I mean we pretty
much.... More on that later!
7 www.galvestonwizard.com Raising Spirits 777 www.galves sto tonw nwiz izar a d.com RRRaaiissiinng SSpiirriittss
Thanks for the tip
“Hick’s U-Haul literally makes delivery of the Galveston Wizard possible! Be sure to show them
you support them (and all of our advertisers) for their support of us! And tell them we sent you!”
Belly full of McInstant Soy Combo Meal (phase
1 budget) , we made our way throught the storm.
Torrents of Rain crashing upon our transport, we
pulled in front of the next business we patronize
regularly We grabbed our binders and made for
the refuge the front door offered.
Attempted lunges over puddles give way to the
realization that it is all one enormous puddle.
Gotta keep these issues dry for these decision
makers! Which last quest thru the realm to find
out which trend-setting community leaders we
could find to help us help them get to our read-
As we understand it, everyone is out there trying
to make things work, both for themselves and
for the community in which they thrive.
We want the opportunity to be able to bring our
readers to businesses that we ourselves patron-
ize! Help us do our job!
As we directly distributed a few of the remain-
ing copies to the Olympia Grill, we were greeted
heartily by the staff and management. Turns out
they were in “pre game” mode for a large event
they were putting on that night. We were told we
should come back for a drink later on and check
it out. We thanked them for their time and were
back on the streets. Time to go upstairs and see
how we can help Total Fitness get more people
“thinking fit.” We left the tower again to check
out Greek Night. We were treated to a Greek
Beer Sampling while the evening got underway.
Good times! It was fun to see the culture and cli-
mate of what we assumend to be a pretty authen-
tic shindig. (Elderly man picking up table in his
mouth and all). The belly dancers were amazing,
being showered with money as they performed.
The band had the crowd at it’s mercy, and a sur-
prise latecomer stole the show as the event be-
gan it’s wind-down
(And as the bel-
lies of non-dancers
reached maximum
We hope to be able
to continue bringing
our readers to cool
events and happen-
ings and look for-
ward to seeing you
there, loyal readers!
“Best Cheeseburgers in Town!”
3424 Seawall Blvd. Galveston Texas 77550
(409) 763-0655
Monday - Friday until 5:00 pm
Rent a Lane for an hour $15.00
Monday & Thursday after 6:00 pm
$2.25 per person / per game
Island Bowl
Come Beat the Heat at


Monday - Friday 11:00 am - Midnite
Saturday and Sunday - Noon - Midnite
Shoes - $2.25
Full Service Lounge Family and Friend Fun
Before 6:00 pm - Children - $2.75, Adult - $3.00
After 6:00 pm $3.25 All Prices are Per Person/Per Game
(Off 35th and Seawall)
Automotive Inspections
Available on All Vehicles
Junk Sale
Itch-soothing device,
99 cents at Hick’s.
G’Wiz T-Shirts
Getting your back scratched,
“We Sell Boxes!”
8428 Teichman Rd. Galveston, Texas
Remote-Controlled Cars
($) “Opah!”
First Bite.
Raising Spirits 8 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Before we get started, take a deep
breath. Inhale thru your nose, us-
ing your diaphram to draw in a large
amount of air. Exhale slowly until all
of the air is out. Relax. Now do it again,
and this time, try to clear your mind of
all thoughts. Close your eyes and do it
one more time. Pretty relaxing, huh?
It’s called “Breathing!”
Meditate and reflect with
us on your own quality of
life. Are you at peace?
Are you fully focused,
aware, and active in the
world that surrounds
Certian people, like our
friend Edward, always
seems to see the sunny
side of things. Someone
could make a huge mess
at his job and he’d be
there in a second with
a smile on his face, saying “At least
now I have a reason to mop.” he’d
say with crippling joy as he sprang
into action. We envy him that spir-
it...that positivity.
Oftentimes, we get so caught up in
our “gripes,” “aches,” and “pains,”
that we begin to lose sight of the
joys of being. Enjoy Being!
Waking up and grumbling thru your
day is no way to live. (We’re work-
ing on it too!) Whatever situations
or circumstances that weigh on
you, be they social, individual,
work, or family related, can only
control you if you let them.
These “distractions” can often take
root in us we begin to let little things
start to get to us that at one time had no
such negative effect.
The child-like joy that we once knew
has faded in some of us. But
what is keeping our attention?
What is wrestling our focus from
us and driving us apart from one
another, individually and on a
community and business level?
Have we forgotten why we are do-
ing what we are doing? Why are
we doing what we do?
Self-government, brotherly love, mutu-
al respect for one another, and an over-
all desire to what
is right for one and
all are cornerstones
for a full and happy
existence for your-
self and everyone
around you!
Worn, jaded and
callous-many of us
need to reach from
that pit of despair
we’ve found our-
selves in and grab
onto something...
anything...while we still can.
Where do you find your motivation?
What inspires you?
Perhaps an inquisitive look into the phi-
losophies, religions and cultures of your
world might generate some insights?
There are many sound instructions,
meditations, prayers, poems, para-
bles, and advice throughout most of
the worlds religions. An open mind
and heart while investigating a re-
ligion outside one’s own “known”
may know may yield surprising
results and similarities! Try on dif-
ferent philosophies, ideals, and ob-
servations of the great thinkers of
humanity for an added layer of un-
derstanding to what it is to be hu-
man, who we are, and how we inter-
act with the world around us.
Ultimately, happiness can only
come from within. You are the
ruler of your realm. Your levels of
effort and involvement in bring-
ing yourself to a more peaceful
and harmonious place, will have a
huge effect on your world around
you. If we can manage to bring
such things forth from ourselves,
exhuding love and compassion for
one another, we can help raise the
overall spirit, quality, and gratifi-
cation of both ourselves and our
fellow man and woman.
As tensions lift, and spirits rise,
we can continue to encourage,
support and grow.
Spiritually, we can become more at
one with ourselves.
At this point you become a living ex-
ample. Others will take note of your
demeanor, vigor, and love for life.
This is not the time to start forcing
your particular path to nirvana onto
others. Rather, let them consider the
working progress of such a spiritual
journey. Offer others a shoulder to
lean or cry on, and a helping hand
as often as you can. It could be you
needing it someday. Be eager to help
those who stumble, however it is ul-
timately up to them to find their own
balance. Keep your spirits up!
Raising Spirits
Haircut • Perms • Highlights • Color • Styling
Call for appt. or walk-ins welcome
(Coupon Valid with Virginia and Jovie only)
Call today to set up an appointment!
Great StylesHair Salon
Virginia Jovie
9 www.galvestonwizard.com Raising Spirits
More information online from Disc Golf Houston at
Jack Brooks Park in Hitchcock.
Contact: Jake Walsdorf Home: (281) 648-1870
Work: (979) 273-4990
999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 www ww wwwwwww ww ww ww wwwww wwwww wwwwwwwwwww ww wwwwwwwwwwwww. w. w. w. wwwwwwww.. ww..ga ggggga aaa ga ga a ggga a ga gga a ga ggga ga a ggga aa gg lllv lllv lv lv lv v llv v lv lv ll es eeees sss es ss ees es s es s ees es s eees sssttttto to ttttto oo to tttto o ttttto to to ttoo ttoo to to o tooooonnnnnnnnw wwwwwww nnw nw nw w nnw nww nnwww nnnnw wwww nnnnnnw wwiiz iz iz iiiz izz iiz izzzzz iiiizzzzz izzzzzz iiiz izzzzz iiizzzzzaaaar ar rrr aaar ar rrr aaaar ar r ar r ar aaar aaaar ar ar r aar rdddd. d. d. dd co co cco cooo coo ccco co co cooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Galveston, I really think we
need a disc golf course. “What
is disc golf?“ You might ask. It
is a sport that is nearly identical
to golf (except clubs, balls,
and green fees). The object is
simple; throw a frisbee from
the tee box to the basket that’s
anywhere from 80 to 800 feet
away. Scoring is the same as
golf and all variations of golf can
be played in disc golf as well.
There are now around 150
courses in Texas and not a single
one is on the island. I believe
that our location would make
our course unique and thereby
an attractive place to hold many
events throughout the year. We
have the advantage when it comes
to lodging and entertainment for
participants and spectators alike.
If the course met
some simple
standards on
course design,
eventually we
could hold
some really
big national

T h r o u g h
some loose
i nvest i gat i on
on my part, I
estimate that
the cost to build
a course would
be $10,000 to
$20,000. (That
doesn’t include
the cost of the
real estate,
mind you.)
I based those costs on PDGA
Tour standard tee boxes, signs
and baskets.
I can see it now…first a
new course…then everyone
checks it out…local business’s
start carrying discs, and other
accessories…Someone gets
motivated to start a local disc
golf club…Thursday afternoons
and Saturday mornings become
disc-golf days for many
Galvestionians…PDGA events
come through our course, bringing
in more money to the community,
more reasons to bring the whole
family…Who knows, in 10 years,
we could all be planning on going
to the United States Disc Golf
Championships right here on the
island. I love it.
In the meantime, the
closest course I could find was in
Hitchcock. It is located in Jack
Brooks Park. For a really good
online resources, I recommend
http://www.discgolf.com or http://
www.pdga.com . You can find
maps, vendors, rules, forums
or anything you need to start
playing before everyone else
High Time for Disc Golf In Galveston
photo credit: Tianna Coykendall
21st and Strand
Galveston, Texas
Daya and Laura look forward
to meeting you! Stop by and
check it out! Limitless Flavor
10am - 4pm
Closed Mon, Sun
“life affirming
Try one of our delicious
Flavor of the Month
by Rick Bacon
Raising Spirits 10 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
We’ll Get You Next Time, Bicycle Day!
We saw the flier. (Susanah with
T.F. Hippie’s on 24th and Me-
chanic actually gave us a flier).
“Galveston Island Bicycle Day?”
We were excited! Why would
we not be excited to attend to an
informal showcase and gathering
of bikers in Galveston from near
or far?
These “Masters of the Two Wheel
Motion” declared to hit downtown
at Sangerfest Park for a day of
bikedness in the sun. It happened
Saturday July 21, in case you
missed it. And it was the first of
it’s kind!
Organization! We Effin Love it.
Meet other people that like bikes!
See cool customizations by cutting
edge bicycle sculptors like Brett
with BRF Bikes! (281.381.3388).
Word has it he has ties with a
thrillseeking bicycle group called
“The Black Widows.”
Cutting edge coordination by local
businesses actually generated
community wide interest in their
“business,” wrapped it around a
day of fun, sprinkled on generous
donations to the Galveston County
Health Department EMS Bike
Team to provide bike helmets for
kids in need, then they served it up
to you! Enjoy.
I admit. I couldn’t make it. My
bike wasn’t ready. I need a new
seat, handlebars, and an out of the
attic cleaning from Island Cycle
Repar. (See ad below)
You’ll see me at the next one in
full force. We hope to see you
there too!
by Young Rodney II
Island Cycle Repair is a full service bicycle shop. We fix all makes, models & types and carry a
full line of new parts, accessories and Bikes. We also sell a few used bikes. We are dedicated
to the local cyclist from commuter to elite racer. Don’t give the big oil companies your hard
earned money. RIDE YOUR BIKE!! Come by and say hello. We have FREE AIR!! Mention
the Wizard for 15% off repairs.
The Original Island Bicycle
Shop in Downtown Galveston
2505 Market St.
Galveston TX 7755o
Next to Maceo’s
409 766 7878
New group called the E Street EZ
riders. We have about seven active
members and we are looking for
more! We ride every Tues night start-
ing off at the MOD around 7:30
Go downtown to UTMB and cruise
ship docks, seawall just all over town
only requirement is for night riding
is lights, front and rear and a helmet.
contact Robert Taylor at rtaylor@
gc.edu for more information.
11 www.galvestonwizard.com Raising Spirits
The Noshers recently tried Saxton’s
Cafe, located at 611 37th, on the north
side of Broadway. Saxton’s is an infor-
mal place, which offers good ole, down-
home cookin’: burgers, chicken wings,
sandwiches, a hearty country-style
breakfast, and dinner plates, including
fish, chicken fried steak, pork chops and
fried chicken. Vegetarians won’t find
much to interest them here!
One of us had a cheeseburger and fries,
both of which were quite good, the oth-
er had his favorite, fried chicken wings,
which he swears are some of the best in
town. But their specialty is what they
call the “junkburger”, and it’s a mon-
ster: two beef patties, a fried egg, ham,
bacon, cheese, and of course the usual
lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. That
song by the Black Eyed Peas comes to
mind: “What you gon’ do with all that
junk? All that junk inside that trunk?”
Not for the faint at heart, it even says on
the menu “Is your cholesterol low? Let
us perk you up!”
The folks that run it are quite friendly.
The owner, Percy Saxton, has been
cooking on the island for over 45 years.
Listening to him talk about where he
has cooked is like taking a stroll down
memory lane: the Schooner, Angelo’s,
Wayne’s Drive-in, etc.
Check it out!
The Noshers . . . who ARE these
“But you can’t
have mine! Go
get your own!”
is all about boards. Surf, Skate or Skim, they have what you are
looking for. With a wide variety of surfboards and skateboards made
“in house”, you won’t find another shop like it anywhere. As people
walk through the door, they are greeted with a feeling of nostalgia.
The walls are decorated with surfboards and skateboards from
the 60’s and 70’s. People come from all over Texas to check out
the “skate history“ display. With over fifteen years of skating and
surfing experience, they can help you with whatever you need .
So swing by to get yourself a new stick, be it your first one or just
another addition to your collection. Don’t forget to check out the
core surf and skate apparel only Riptide has to offer. Stop by today.
And tell them that the Galveston Wizard sent ya!
To reserve surf lessons, call 832-236-5484
The Noshers Review:
by Robert Taylor and Tim Thompson
is all about boards. Surf, Skate or Skim, they have what you are
27th and Broadway
Raising Spirits 12 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
How Can We Make Our Bus
System More Efficient?
First of all, thank you so much for the new bus-
es, Island Transit! Now I can actually look down
the street and think to myself with pride, “Now
that’s a Bus.” These sweet new ones less remind
us of a resort shuttle bus. They make me think
of Galveston in the bigger picture. Wow, a City
Bus. Great name, by the way.
Also, thanks for the covered waiting areas.
Great for beating the heat!
We could add a few of them to the Seawall as
well. “Seawall” you ask?
Where can we be more efficient with our routes?
How about taking a route from the Arlan’s on
6th, straight down the Seawall, all the way to
the movies, with specific stops along the Sea-
Wall. This is one optional route we could offer
you. It would also be a nice ride. Allowing us
to get tourists on them as opposed
to shuttles, thereby beefing up the
coffers allowing a big budget to
help maintain and modernize our
transit system.
In addition, how about more
CLEARLY defined stops so an in-
dividual that has waited up to an
hour just to get onboard won’t get passed right
by. A few bright signs or something might help
a lot.
A route map should be posted at all times at cer-
tain bus stops as well. Why not, when it would
save the city on map costs from handing them
Check next issue for more solutions in much
greater detail.
The Slippery Slope
Not ready to quit the whole thing?
See if you have the resolve to quit one “serving”
The Morning Smoke
The After-Breakfast Smoke
The Morning Commute Smoke
The Cigarette Break Smoke
The After-Lunch Smoke
The 2pm Cigarette Smoke
The Gossip Circle Smoke
The Evening Commute Smoke
The “Saw Someone Else Smoking” Smoke
The Post-Dinner Smoke
The Quiet, Reflective Smoke
The Before-Bed Smoke
The Post-Coitus Smoke (If you’re lucky)
The “I’m bored” smoke
The Smoking Diet
Cigarettes jumped up a dollar after January 1st of this
year. Smokers might look back fondly on this era as
it was the injustice of this act that had many of us
ready to quit...if only to prove that we could quit and
redirect all of that money to other things.
Instead of a pack of cigarettes, we could “Load up
on Gums, bring your tall beverage with chewable ice
and toothpicks, friend.” But hell low, how low never
happened. Quitting wasn’t that hard. It was staying
quiting that seems to be the problem.
Whatever the stresses, trigger, needs or cravings that drove us
back to our tobacco pacifiers, we are back. We tried quitting
smoking, but we enjoy/need/want them too much right now.
Let’s face it, smokers are a dying breed. But what if we could
slip our way back out of smoking the same way we slipped
back in. When “Can I bum one?” became “Only when I
drink.” became “Let me buy you a pack!” finally came full
circle to where you now “Need to buy another pack.”
We suggest, and hope to encourage a cigarette diet. Treat them
like an event, not a necessity. You only have ten phalanges,
why waste two of them holding a cigarette.
by Chance Weatherly
In the shadow of the American National Building lies the bus terminal at 20th and Ave D. Ask a driver for your schedule!
The Social Smoke
13 www.galvestonwizard.com Raising Spirits
Victory Ave.
Public Service Announcement:
Don’t drink if you are underage.
Never drink and drive.
Paid for by G’Wiz Enterprises
Raising Spirits 14 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Hotties Tanning Salon
To view all island properties
Log on to...
16602 San Luis Pass Road, Galveston, Texas 77554
Scoop here and im sitting in here
with a fellow galvestonian. This
man came
from another country for god
sakes to pursue the american
dream only to brought
down the deathstar we call the
galveston city offical. ricardo
tovar is a artist as many
people in galveston are and he
has been strip of his right as that
pursuit. What kind
of message are we sending when
a man is not allowed to pursue
a dream, and lets face it we all
Question 1 how long have you
been doing art in galveston. His
reply 2 years in galveston and
same amount of time on the
Question 2 what kind of art do
you do. His reply protrait artist.
Well all you tourist no more pro-
traits for you!
What a shame.
Question 3 how did they ap-
praoch you. His reply a city of-
fical came and told he was no
longer allowed to do art on the
strand. He asked why it wasnt
allowedto draw on the side walk.
That was it ! One word comes to
mind. Communist democracy!
First its no one is allowed to draw,
a god-given gift, on a PUBLIC
affected your income? He re-
plied that it has indeed, and his
next quote sickened and aston-
ished me. “WELCOME TO
MCDONALDS! Another great
artist lost to the beaurocratic BS
of our fair city!
So the next question is “Who’s
next?”! It could be any one of
us! Welcome to the rock!
This is Scoop saying Wake up
Galveston. It’s real and it’s hap-
pening! If we don’t band togeth-
er now, we are in for a world of
Street-Level Interview
by Scoop
Give the Galveston Wizard the opportunity to
Promote your Events!
We want to make sure that our readers
know exactly “Where it’s At!”
Help us help you. What are you doing? How much room do you need?
Email us at thewiz@galvestonwizard.com or call us at (409) 621-2864
(See prime example page 31!)
Located in the shopping center behind Academy
15 www.galvestonwizard.com Raising Spirits RRRRRRRRRRRRRai
Dragonfly Gallery
Giny Hogan Collection
T-Shirts Magnets Stickers Coffee Mugs Home Decor & More
“Original Watercolor Designs by Island Arist ”
a Regular or Large Combo at
with this coupon.
Valid only at 2221 Market St. Galveston
One coupon per customer per visit.
Hrs: Mon-Fri 11:00 to 8:00 pm,
Sat and Sun 11-3:00pm.
$2 OFF
“Ya’ Mon!” These drummers were beating out cool
rhythms for SeaWall Passers-by...or was it for them-
selves? Expression, in all of it’s forms add immensely to
our island’s unique character. Let us continue to encour-
age gifted people to do what they love unobstructed by
“the man”! We’re serious!
We don’t
know what
we think
is cooler...
Rob him-
self, or the
sign hanging
from the wall
behind him
offering a
trade out of a
computer for
tattoos. Pay
a t t e nt i on.
s ur r ounds
c. 1920 Yellow Wicker Couch and Chair
701 14th Street
Galveston, TX 77550
Vintage Jewelry
Galveston Artwork Showcased
Collectibles from Countries Worldwide
Candles, Conversation Pieces, and More!
Raising Spirits 16 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
“Through Second Life, Galveston.com & Com-
pany is educating thousands of potential visitors
and tourists about Galveston Island. In the same
way Galveston.com broke through the clutter of
conformity with its first-of-its-kind audio and
video podcasts, its proprietary DestinationNext
reservation module, tourism-related RSS feeds,
continuously-updated AccuWeather, and island-
wide webcams, it will raise the bar once again
in Second Life, offering rentable penthouses and
seaside homes, a full-range of online shopping,
energetic social centers and beach volleyball,
and more. Quite simply, if one can’t visit real life
Galveston Island, then Second Life Galveston Is-
land will be the next best thing.”
“May 14, 2007 – Galveston.com &
Company was named a Finalist in three
interactive multimedia categories - Con-
sumer Entertainment/Information, Public
Information, and Marketing - in The 2007
American Business Awards for its entry,
“Second Life Galveston Island.” The com-
pany was a winner in the Best Website De-
sign category in the 2006 awards.”
Galveston.com Finalist 2007
Consumer Entertainment/Information
Galveston.com Finalist 2007
Public Information
Galveston.com Finalist 2007
Second Life
Discover Digital Galveston with
(and of course, Galveston.com & Company)
Incredible Hi-Def Photo Gallery
Thousands of Images Shot by Vadim Troshkin
17 www.galvestonwizard.com Raising Spirits
Galveston Island 2007 Fall Preview
School is back in session, and that means fall is just around the corner. Whether you’re planning on only visiting Galveston Island for the day or you plan to make this your weekend getaway, there’s a list of fun and exciting things to do.
Aug. 31 - Sept. 2
8pm Icons of Rock
Tour @ Moody Gar-
dens. For tickets, call
Sept. 8
8am - Noon Down-
town Farmers’ Market
@ Saengerfest Park
(23rd & Strand). For
more information, call
Sept. 7-30
Fri & Sat 8pm
Sun. 2:30pm Buford
@ Strand Theatre.
For information, call
Sept. 8
10am - 3pm Fam-
ily Day @ Ocean Star
Drilling Rig & Muse-
um. For information,
call (409)76-STAR.
Sept. 13
Dusk to 10pm Star
Party@ Moody Gar-
dens. For information,
call (800)582-4673.
Sept. 22
10am - 6pm Art in the
Park @ Saengerfest
Park. For information,
call (888)GAL-ISLE.
Sept. 21 - Oct. 13
Thurs - Sat 8pm
Sun 2:30pm The Pil-
lowman @ island
etc. For tickets, call
Sept. 22
8pm Jazz at Lincoln
Center Orchestra with
Wynton Marsalis @
The Grand 1894 Op-
era House. For tickets,
call (800)821-1894.
Sept. 28-29
8pm Clint Black
@ The Grand 1894
Opera House. For
tickets, call (800)821-
Sept. 30
7pm Galveston Sym-
phony Orchestra @
The Grand 1894 Op-
era House. For tickets,
call (800)821-1894.
Oct. 1-31
Noon to 4pm Are
We Haunted? Tours
@Ashton Villa. For
information, call

Oct. 5-7
Fri. 5 - 7:30pm
Sat. 10am - 5pm
Sun. Noon - 3pm
@Rosenberg Li-
brary Used Book
Sale 2310 Sealy.
For more in-
formation, call
Oct. 6-7
10am - 5pm Lofts
Downtown. For tick-
ets, call (888)939-
Oct. 7
3pm & 8pm Evita
The Grand 1894 Op-
era House. For tick-
ets, call (800)821-
Oct. 8-14
365 Days/365 Plays
@ Strand Theatre.
For information, call
Oct. 12-14
Fri. 5pm - 10pm
Sat. 11am - 10pm
Sun. Noon - 7pm
Greek Festival @
19th & Ball. For
information, call
Oct. 12-13
8pm The Spinners
@ The Grand 1894
Opera House.
For tickets, call
Oct. 13
8am - Noon Down-
town Farmers’ Mar-
ket @ Saengerfest
Park (23rd & Strand).
For more informa-
tion, call (409)763-
Oct. 13
10am - 3pm Family
Day @ Ocean Star
Drilling Rig & Mu-
seum. For informa-
tion, call (409)766-
Oct. 13
6pm - 9pm Art-
Galleries through-
out the city. For
information, call
As we head deeper into fall, and into October,
Galveston welcomes everyone to enjoy the
beach, the ambiance of Downtown Galveston,
the many attractions here on the island, and a
chance to rediscover several popular events that
take every year.
Daily through the month of October, Ashton Vil-
la will host “Are We Haunted? Tours” at the top
of the hour from noon to 4pm. Is Ashton Villa
haunted by the spirit of Miss Bettie, the daugh-
ter of the house’s first owner, James Moreau
Brown? Maybe. Maybe not. See for yourself
during these hauntingly-enjoyable tours.
The Rosenberg Library Used Book Sale returns
October 5th thru 7th, classic and contemporary
fiction, current best sellers, cooking, gardening,
wildlife, medicine, reference, science, art, reli-
gion, travel, mystery, and romance - with special
rooms dedicated to children’s selections, Texana,
rare books, and much more.
Once a year, Galveston opens its doors to some
of the finest lofts imaginable for the public
to see. On October 6th & 7th, the Galveston
Historic Downtown Partnership will present the
10th Annual Downtown Lofts Tour. Take a peek
at 19th century commercial buildings that have
been restored and renovated into private resi-
dences. These lofts can only be viewed by the
public once a year, and this is your chance.
That same weekend on October 7th, The Grand
1894 Opera House presents a chronicle of the
life of Eva Peron - Argentina’s most complex
and powerful figure - in the award winning pro-
duction of Evita. Performances will be at 3pm
and 8pm.
Next, beginning October 8th and continuing
the the 14th, Strand Theatre will participate in
the largest theater collaboration in U.S. History,
Suzan-Lori Parks’ 365 Days/365 Plays. In No-
vember 2002, Pulitzer prize-winner Suzan-Lori
Parks sat down and committed to writing a play
a day for the next 365 days. You can see seven of
them during this exciting week of performances
at The Strand Theatre.
Next, immerse yourself into the Island’s expan-
sive Greek culture during Galveston Island’s
Annual Greek Festival, October 12th thru 14th.
Presented by the Galveston Greek Community
this festival includes everything from traditional
Greek dancing; to gyros and souvlakia; to arts
and crafts not usually found in the U.S.
A musical change of pace is in store when the
world-renown, timeless quartet The Spinners
- of “Working My Way Back to You” fame
- appears for the first time ever at The Grand the
weekend of October 12th and 13th. Showtimes
are 8pm.
Next, head over to The Strand and Saengerfest
Park for the monthly Historic Downtown
Galveston Farmers’ Market, coming Saturday,
October 13th. The event is free, and is held from
8am to noon.
Also October 13th, kids won’t wanna miss
Family Day at The Offshore Drilling Rig & Mu-
seum. Come learn about the 10 different energy
sources and how each source is important to ev-
eryday life. Create your own “energy wheel” as
you discover why renewable and non-renewable
energy affects your life, and where petroleum
fits in. The Ocean Star is located just off Harbor-
side Drive at Pier 20.
Next, take a stroll along Postoffice Street and
catch a glimpse of some of the finest art created
by Galveston’s very own. On the evening of
Saturday, October 13th druing ArtWalk, com-
mercial galleries, non-profit spaces, retail stores,
and restaurants will stay open late and open their
doors to viewers. This is your chance to view
art unique to island and enjoy complimentary
refreshments along the way. ArtWalk takes
place throughout the year, but each time, you’ll
have a different experience. For more details, a
list of dates, and a complete list of participants,
visit the Galveston Art Center’s website at www.
To help smooth the transition between summer and fall, Sep-
tember begins with the Icons of Rock Tour during Labor Day
Weekend. What would if have been like to have the Beatles and
Stones live on stage at the same venue the same night? Over
Labor Day weekend, Moody Gardens is paying tribute to the
two British Invasion Icon Bands that set to tone for popular
music for generations to come with performances by Revolu-
tion (The Beatles) and Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones).
David Buford, Jr. is an emotional wreck after the recent death
of his father until a ghost informs him of the evil plans be-
ing carried out by his no-good Uncle Dick. Now Junior must
avenge his father||s death -- but is he crazy enough to do it?
Find out during Strand Theatre’s production of Buford, Sep-
tember 7th thru 30th.
Next, head over to The Strand and Saengerfest Park for the
monthly Historic Downtown Galveston Farmers’ Market,
coming Saturday, September 8th. The event is free, and is
held from 8am to noon.
Also September 8th, kids won’t wanna miss Family Day at
The Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum. Step aboard the Ocean
Star and find out about the different kinds of offshore struc-
tures, what they do, and who works on them. Learn what you
would look like as an offshore oil worker. Try on safety gear,
explore the control room and participate in a scavenger hunt
during your visit. The Ocean Star is located just off Harbor-
side Drive at Pier 20.
Thursday, September 13th, Moody Gardens will host a Star
Party. Led by the Johnson Space Center Astronomical Soci-
ety, the event will feature a variety of large, powerful tele-
scopes perfect for gazing at the heavens from the Oleander
Bowl. Admission to the Star Party is free. The event starts at
dusk and ends at approximately 10pm. For more information,
call Moody Gardens at (800)582-4673 or visit www.moody-
A new season of theatrical fun kicks off at island e.t.c. Sep-
tember 21st with Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman. This
black comedy/drama continues thru October 13th, with per-
formances Thursday thru Saturday at 8pm, and Sunday at
Saturday, September 22nd, don’t miss Art in the Park, when
dozens of artists will set their masterpieces out for all to see
at Sangerfest Park (23rd and Strand). This event is free to the
public and whether you’re an art enthusiast or not, it is a great
chance to see some unique artwork by local Galvestonians.
Saturday, September 22nd at 8pm, kick off the new season at
The Grand 1894 Opera House with the Jazz at Lincoln Cen-
ter Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis. Ticket prices range from
$39 to $98. The next weekend, don’t miss world-class coun-
try music singer, songwriter, and producer Clint Black as he
takes center stage on September 28th and 29th. Recognized
world-wide as one of the most popular and influential artists
in the history of country music, Black is currently said to be
“at his country best!” And finally, September closes with a
very special performance by The Galveston Symphony Or-
chestra on September 30th. For information about this and
other performances scheduled, contact The Grand’s box office
at (800)821-1894, or visit The Grand’s website at thegrand.
Your Complete Resource for Visitor Information, Where to Stay, What To Do, or Getting Around
September 8
Birding 101
Presented by Moody Gardens(r) and
Galveston Island Nature Tourism
Council, Birding 101 is a series of
free classes designed to educate and
excite people about the tremendous
variety of bird life routinely seen
around Galveston Island. Classes are
from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and meet
at the Aquarium Pyramid lobby.
September 15
Star Party
Astronomers of the past set the foun-
dation for today’s astronomy and we
have come along way since Galileo’s
first telescope. Stargazers of all ages
are invited on a journey through outer
space as Moody Gardens hosts its
Star Party from dusk until 10:00 pm.
This event is free.
September 15
Birding 201
Birding 201 classes will allow par-
ticipants, led by an instructor, to visit
areas on the island and spy some of
the tremendous variety of birds here.
Classes are held from 9:00 am to
11:00 am. Participants should meet
in the aquarium lobby. The cost for
the class is $5.00. Moody Gardens(r)
will provide the transportation and
soft drinks. Birding 201 classes will
be offered the third Saturday of each
month. To reserve a spot, please call
683-4105 no later than the Wednes-
day prior to the Saturday class.
October 28
Ghostly Gardens
Children will enjoy free trick-or-
treating at various locations through-
out the complex, “Creepy Crafts” and
a costume contest.
Mary Beth Bassett
Moody Gardens
Public Relations Coordinator
Galveston.com & Company presents:
Raising Spirits 18 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Owned & Operated Since 1938 By The Milan Family
5105 BROADWAY, Galveston, TX
(409)762.9652 Toll Free 1-888-6-ARAMCO
Hurricane Season is underway...
...are you prepared?
“Enhance Your Tan With A Brighter Smile!”
Poco Loco Brings Down House
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by David Torkelson
Several Bleaching Options Available
Call Today to Schedule a Consultation!
Kenneth S. Gluski, D.D.S., P.C
(409)765-9190 1025 Rosenberg (25th anmd K)
“Hey thanks for coming to the show friday night. We at
Poco Loco Comedy hope that you enjoyed yourself. Also
thanks for fill out our form. Your name and birthday has
been added to our list, and you will be notified of up com-
ing comedy shows and you will be call for your gifts on your
birthday month.”
One Love
Pokey Simmons
Eddie Cruz
19 www.galvestonwizard.com Raising Spirits 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111119999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 ww ww ww ww wwwwwwwwww. w. wwwww. ww.ga gga ga ga ga ga ga ggga ga aa ga g lv llv lv lv lv lv lv lv lv lv v lv vves es es e to tonw nwiz izar ard. d.co comm RRRRRRRRRRRRRRaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttsssssssssssss
Don’t let your newspapers pile up if
you’re going on vacation! Donate it
to a classroom for the time you are
away with their Newspapers in Edu-
cation program! Call 409-683-5260
for more information!
Little potential hang-ups in life, like locking your keys
in the car, are best taken in stride. It’s ok to ask for
help! Be sure to lend a helping hand if someone does!
Thanks for the help, officer.
Separating Mice From Tin
Ok, so it’s a corny title, but our intentions are good. Guess what? Most people try to do
the right thing. However, it’s been estimated that only about 15% of Galveston Residents
are Recycling! Hasn’t anyone ever thought where all of that stuff goes? “If everybody
would do the right thing...their part, we could do twice as much with the same staff.”
reported Allan.
Sure, it could always be easier (Tie it in with Garbage Day?), but until then, we urge our
fellow Galvestonian to do thier part in the reducing, reusing, and recycling of all of the
garbage we seem to generate!
They have read all of our back issues as well. Some readers
accidentally filed their
collector’s item with
the newspaper recy-
cling pile! (Oops!)That
means there are less
copies of that issue,
your collectible issue’s
stock just went up!
Keep it up, Team!
Allan Poe and Juan Sanchez are two friend-
ly and fun guys. How’s about making their
jobs easier by separating out your stuff!
No food or containers please!
This stuff puts money in your
city’s pocket! Help them help
you help the planet! We’re
such hippies!
Nice and easy drive-thru
“Is the person that designed
this wall a stoner?”
“Up against the wall? Ask Arlessa!”
Working Titles for Pic:
Got a pic worth 1,000 words? Email us at
“All in all your just another...no, wait.”
“Smash yo’ head against the punk rawk!”
Raising Spirits 20 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Do you remember your first venture into entreprenuership and
self-employment? Helping out your mom with a saturday morn-
ing rumage sale or setting up a lemonade stand on the corner are
both excellent examples of the young, budding business men and
women of the future. These simple and nostalgic experiments
in capitalism gave you a first taste of the difficulties that any
vendor, salesman or businessman experience. You might have
noticed that some kids could sell a cup of lemonade to anyone;
That kid who had to send his/her sister into the house every
hour for refills or more cups. You might have had the better
lemonade, or the better prices, or bigger cups, but did you have
the same kind of drive that your competition possessed? As
you grew older, did you attain or strengthen any of those tena-
tious traits? There is one true constant in the business world...
“Thanks for the photo Jennifer! And thanks for the lemonade, guys!”
21 www.galvestonwizard.com Raising Spirits
Buckle up. We’re
talking total dating fiasco. Go
ahead and grab it, load it, point
and shoot.
Sex and Non-dating. My life in
a nutshell.
One thing I’ve always found
amazing is the guy or the gal
who can successfully and with-
out guilt pull off dating two,
three, even more people at the
same time. Apparently, this is
perfectly acceptable behavior.
The word ‘dating’ in and of
itself implies an open-ended
relationship of sorts, a test-
drive, if you will. I’ve known
people who have major hang-
ups about cheating who see
nothing wrong going out with
Ted on Thursday night, Fred on
Friday night and experimenting
with Sally on Saturday night...
as long as it’s only dating.
And, typically, as long as these
people live in different zip
codes or area codes. I’m sure
you’ve all heard a variation of
that bit. Rule of law says if you
are in the midst of test-driv-
ing more than one person, it’s
best for reasons of sanity and
simplicity, that those people
live in a different area code.
Hard thing to accomplish back
in Arizona, a breeze here in the
Houston area. Not so oddly, the
fact that people do this seems to
suggest that even the folks who
are okay with dating around
realize there’s something not
quite kosher about dating
Me? I can’t do it. Try as I
might, I can’t do it. Don’t get
me wrong. If I’m catting about,
if I’m in one of my “running-
ass” cycles, I’ve got no problem
with sleeping around with dif-
ferent people. But as with most
of life, sleeping around and
dating around are two entirely
different things.
And dating around is really
difficult for me. On second
thought, dating in general is
really difficult for me for two
The first is that typically,
I’m a romantic sort of fool
who puts all of his little dating
eggs in one little dating basket.
When I crush, I crush hard and
I’ve got little interest in some
other girl. By the end of the
first date, I’m planning both the
wedding and the divorce, but
until then, I’ve got very little
interest in other chikadees.
The second is, simply, the fear
of getting busted. Sure, maybe I
can have an understanding with
the other person, and maybe
I can sit there and say “We’re
free to date other people.” But
let’s be real, there is no chance
I would feel comfortable in
any such conversation and one
party assumes he or she still
has a grace period, that since
it’s dating it’s not an exclusive
relationship. From my own per-
sonal experience, I have tried
the ‘open dating’ gig. I ended
up thinking it’s all fine and
dandy that I could cat around,
but honestly the thought of the
other person possibly find-
ing pleasure in someone else’s
company, while a completely
rational thought, bugs the shit
out of me. And, because that
bugs the shit out of me, I as-
sume it would bug the shit out
of her as well.
Call it my nice guy rhetoric,
but I’d rather err on the side
of caution and play it straight.
In today’s world of dating that
means flying solo instead of
sleeping with problems.
A little bit of dirt, a little water
and you get mud. It’s all sticky,
gets everywhere and is a pain
in the ass to get off. Here’s to
buying a hose.

-matty e
This one is going to be rough.
11126 FM 3005
(On theWest End, 1/2 A Mile From Where The SeaWall Ends)
Enjoy Outdoor
Dining under the
Indoor Dining, Both
with Full-Service
Open Daily From 4 to 10pm
Check out www.galvestonwizard.com/captainstable for more information
Check it out!
Enjoy Outdoor Enjoy Outdoor
Dining under the Dining under the
Raising Spirits 22 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard Raising Spirits 222 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Protecting Yourself During a Real Estate Decline
So, what can you do now if you
didn’t sell your residential real
estate near the top in 2005-2006,
and it’s too late to get the price
you wanted? In California, many
neighborhoods have already seen
prices drop over 20%, and it’s a
long way from the bottom. What
if you believe in the buy-and-hold
strategy, or just don’t want to sell a
certain property? If you don’t want
to suffer through a white knuckle
flight, for the next few years; you
Hedging is the process of transfer-
ring some, or all, of your risk to
another party. It is a form of insur-
The futures markets were devel-
oped hundreds of years ago to al-
low farmers to hedge the risk on
their crops. Over the years, futures
contracts have been developed in
many other markets. Thanks to the
efforts of Professor Robert Schiller,
the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
now has futures and options con-
tracts on residential real estate!
Short Hedge - Producers
If a farmer is growing 50,000 bush-
els of wheat, and the current price
is $4.00/bushel, how can he make
sure that he gets $4.00 at harvest?
He sells (goes short) 10, 5,000-
bushel wheat contracts. He only
needs to put up a small deposit
(margin) to do so.
At harvest time, if wheat is sell-
ing for $2.00/bushel, he receives
$100,000 less than he wanted, but
his futures contracts show a profit
of $100,000; so by hedging, he
has locked in his price! If the price
was above $4.00, he would make
more on his crop, and lose on his
futures contracts, but the result is
the same.
Long Hedge - Consumers
If a bread company needs to buy
50,000 bushels of wheat, in two
months, and the current price is
$4.00/bushel, how can they make
sure that they don’t have to pay
more than $4.00? They buy (go
long) 10, 5,000-bushel wheat con-
tracts. They only need to put up a
small deposit (margin) to do so.
When they need to buy the wheat,
if wheat is selling for $6.00/bushel,
they pay $100,000 more than they
wanted, but their futures contracts
show a profit of $100,000; so by
hedging, they have locked in their
price! If the price was below $4.00,
they would pay less for the wheat,
and lose on their futures contracts,
but the result is the same.
Perfect Hedges
Both of these hedges were “perfect
hedges” (50,000 bushels of wheat
hedging 50,000 bushels of wheat),
because once they are put on, the
outcome is guaranteed no matter
what prices do. All risk has been
eliminated by forfeiting the option
to speculate that prices MIGHT
move in your favor. However, most
hedges can not be this exact.
Imperfect Hedges
Many airlines have finally learned
that they need to hedge their jet
fuel costs against rising prices.
However, since there are no jet fuel
futures contracts, they have to use
heating oil contracts as a proxy.
Heating oil does track jet fuel pret-
ty closely, but this is an imperfect
hedge. There is still some risk that
the difference between heating oil
and jet fuel prices might deviate
more than expected.
Real Estate Hedges
Currently, the CME trades futures
and options contracts on residen-
tial real estate price indexes in 10
major cities, and for the U.S. as
a whole. This means that none of
these contracts can precisely track
any one property. Using these prod-
ucts will be an imperfect hedge. In
addition, since they are new, they
are still thinly traded. However,
they certainly have the potential to
be very useful in lowering the risk
of holding real estate!!
CME: Info on Real Estate Futures
CME: Real Estate Contract Specs
For example: Let’s consider the
case of someone who bought a con-
do, last year, for $400,000, in Bro-
ward County Florida. This flipper
hoped to sell it this year for a big
profit, but just learned that there is
an 84 month supply of inventory in
Broward, and prices are dropping
fast. He sees the high probability
of selling at a very big loss, or even
losing the condo in a foreclosure.
Our flipper decides that prices in
Miami should correlate fairly well
with Broward, so the Miami con-
tract should be the best one for him
to use as a hedge. He calls his bro-
ker, and finds out that Miami resi-
dential real estate futures are trad-
ing at 270, or $67,500 per contract.
He sells short 6 contracts $67,500 x
6 = $405,000. The required margin
per contract is about $1,000-2,000;
so he needs $6,000-$12,000 in
capital to put on the hedge. Margin
is just a performance bond, and it
is returned when the positions are
closed, after the P/L of the position
is settled.
In late 2007, our lucky flipper sells
his condo, for $225,000, and takes
a $175,000 loss. However, he also
covers his short Miami futures
contracts, which have gone down
almost as much. The profit on
his futures contracts is $160,000!
Now, his total hit is only $15,000;
not $175,000!
This is why the big guys are al-
ways hedging their investments in
a whole range of markets!!
See New Way to Bet on Real Estate
by CNN Money (http://money.cnn.
Other techniques
There are also techniques where
options on these real estate futures
can be used to achieve protection
from price declines. Another im-
perfect hedging method would be
to sell short funds holding home-
building stocks, such as XHB and
ITB. These can only be margined
up to 50%, so more money is re-
quired, and the correlation is going
to be more imprecise, than with fu-
tures, and options.
The XHB topped in March 2006
and has declined 35%, so far, dur-
ing a rising stock market; so it ap-
pears to be working as a general
hedge against a declining real es-
tate market. The ITB only began
trading in May 2006, but it has de-
clined 40%, so far!
Know How
Unlike the simple buy-and-hold
strategy, of investing in real es-
tate, used by many people, hedg-
ing properly does require an actual
market forecast, and a rigorous
analysis of all the options.
1. The investor needs to search out
and analyze all the current market
data to decide whether a 20-50%
decline in the price of his property
is likely during the current cycle.
2. If the need for a hedge seems
likely, the investor should find a
knowledgeable futures broker to
help him examine his hedging op-
tions; including all the risks of an
imperfect hedge.
3. The investor needs to make sure
that he has sufficient capital to ride
out a rise in the market while he is
holding a short hedge.
The creation of futures and options,
on residential real estate indexes,
has created a golden opportunity
for Realtors to form partnerships
with futures brokers who can help
them create hedging solutions for
their clients. A Realtor who can
help their clients hedge, until a
property is sold, is going to have a
very unique and valuable service,
that few others can offer. Can you
imagine what it would mean if you
are the only Realtor, in your area,
who can do this?
by David Stanowski
DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE! As a matter of law, INVESTMENT ADVICE may only emanate from members of the
government-created monopoly of federally-registered brokers and investment advisers. In contrast, what you just read is simply INFORMATION,
that was obtained from what are believed to be reliable sources, which is being offered to those few brave souls who are self-reliant and indepen-
dent enough to make their own decisions, regarding their finances and investments, after considering ALL of the INFORMATION available to
them. Everyone should do their own DUE DILIGENCE regarding ANYTHING that may affect their financial well being.
DISCLOSURE: The author is the Managing Partner in a Limited Partnership that currently holds short positions in the stocks of home-build-
ing companies. He may be reached via email at dstanowski@comcast.net.
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“Anything you can dream up, we can help make a reality.”
Custom Silkscreened
The GBE Team is here to help!
(Bring this page in for a special discount!)
Open: M-F 8:00-5:30 Sat 8:00-1:00 Closed Sunday
3502 Broadway • (409) 762-7551
Looking for a cool way to
Your one-stop shop for every car or truck out there. Looking to customize
your pickup or S.U.V? No problem. offering A.C. Repair, Tune-Ups, Brake
Problems, Diesel High-Performance work. Truck Accessories, Parts, More!
Galveston Island Graphics
Your business?
(people gotta see you!)
Posters * Banners * Signs
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4502 Ave S * 409.770.9996
Do you need...?
Raising Spirits 24 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
I set my alarm to wake me up at
5:40 a.m. and strangely I woke
up naturally at 5:48. I laid there
in shock at how early and dark it
was and watched my alarm flip to
5:49 then to 5:50. No alarm. It’s
a strange chance that I woke up,
but I did. I made some coffee and
made it to the store for some trash
bags, then to the street in need:
61st .
The sun was just rising, there was
no traffic and my I-pod was spit-
ting at me the perfect selection of
songs on the shuffle mode. It re-
ally was a beautiful moment. As I
filled the trashbags I made a few
observations. For example:
-Yes, a person would throw a gas
can full of gas into the ocean.
-What is the choice of beer for the
average polluter? Miller High Life.
-Even when motorists can see that
you are picking up trash they do
not slow down and in fact speed
up and hug the lane tightly as if to
remind you that grandpa’s truck is
bigger than you.

The day did bring a little disap-
pointment though. Sadly, no dead
babies were found in the clean up
process. <sigh> Maybe next time.
One more realization: There is a
lot more trash there than I realized.
I filled up ten bags easily over the
course of an hour. They didn’t and
later when I did a drive-by to see
how much cleaner it looked came
the biggest disappointment I could
have expected. After ten huge
black trash bags were full, the av-
erage motorist can’t tell that I did
anything out there at all. There is
so much trash there, and still is!
So we must do it again! This time
better planning and better organiz-
Which starts with this sentence: I
Anyone interested in participating
in Phase II? Please email me at
S2Dotoo@yahoo.com To discuss
times and dates.
That’s What You Get For
Running With Scissors
by toniwo $ 11.95 (Fiction)
My beloved friend and collaborator, Taj
Wood, drew near me in my tower and
endowed me with this book. He beckoned
I should “check it out, my lady”. I flipped
the book over and felt it. Then, it magically
happened as though a spell was cast. I read
“driven by lust and control,”… on its back. I
We, at The Galveston Wizard, have decided to share
with our readers some of our most memorable reads.
We, (me) had the pleasure of reading That’s What
You Get For Running With Scissors, Volume I, A
collection of short stories written by toniwo . My
mother, the queen, has often told me to never run
with scissors. I knew of jousts and such, but, not of
what one would get with scissors.
Not only did I have the pleasure of reading
this lovely medially of relationship
farewells, I found myself dreaming in
her nightmares of familiar under goings.
toniwo takes you through her “truly
fabricated distortions of choices women
can make in relationships with other
people” with a mouthful of soulfulness
and colors of flavor.
toniwo boldly fonts, on her back cover,
enticed me to read what causes the
illusion of love. toniwo has succeeded
with facilitating me to feel what she was
feeling. Each short story was written with
clarity, humor and heartache for both,
men and women. The cover artwork is
masterful. After this read, I truly felt I
could possibly kiss a minority of laconic
frogs, if given the wish.
You can find toniwo at www.toniwo.com
and www.amazon.com
Book review by the lady in the tower @
Want more
Capt Chinbeard?
He would love to hear from ye!
Send your ettiquette advice requests to the captain himself at
(Rare Captain self-portrait)
Cleaning For Company Cleaning For Company*
*implying that all the Labor Day tourists are the company and Galveston is a house and we are a family
Would it be better to clean
up before or after our
guests visit?
We trust that our fellow is-
landers and visitors are do-
ing their part to reduce litter
on our beloved beaches!
25 www.galvestonwizard.com Raising Spirits
In the early stages of creating the Galveston
Wizard, we paid a visit to the office of the
Work Source, located in the Community
Center at 4700 Broadway. The Work Source
is an organization that offers a wide assort-
ment of services free to the public. These
services include help locating employment,
financial assistance for training in fields that
are in demand in today’s labor market, as
well as child care and other services.
During one of our many visits to the
Work Source, we interviewed a man there
named Charles McVey. He shared a detailed
description of what the Work Source was
and how he had also benefited from this
great program. His story, we thought, inspi-
He told us that he was BOI. (That
is local speak for “Born On Island.” Well!
Maybe someone didn’t know!)
He spoke of his family and how
he was taught the values of life including
learning that through hard work he would
achieve great results. He mentioned that at
15 he found his mother dead in her bed. He
said he turned to the streets instead of turn-
ing to the family that loved him so dearly.
Six months after his mother’s death,
he was introduced to a substance that took
away all of his pain and loneliness-heroin.
He spoke of how he went from being the
boy next door, to becoming a hard-core
heroin addict and alcoholic for the next 35
years. His addictions led him to a life of
crime and he became a habitual criminal,
spending 25 years locked up in the Texas
prison system in Huntsville, Texas.
The next part of his story consisted
of what he was doing with his life today.
Charles said he was released from prison in
November 1998. He returned to work in the
paint and body business for a friend, Arthur
(Tudy) Lozano. He said after being home
for nine months he made the decision to go
back to school. He said, “David, I walked
right into this very room where we are now
standing and asked to see someone about
He said he was directed to the Fi-
nancial Aid department, and after receiving
orientation and testing, started taking classes
at Galveston Community College as a work
force development student (which was a
non-credit course plan.) What this did, he
said, was inspire him to further his educa-
tion and enroll in a degree plan.
Charles said he earned office assis-
tant and administrative professional certifi-
cates, and an Associate of Applied Science
in office administration. He said he is final-
izing the last semester needed to graduate
with an Associate of Arts in business admin-
He was inducted into the Phi Theta
Kappa International Honor Society at
Galveston College in October 2004, and that
after three months, was sworn in as the vice
president of Fellowship, which he held for
eight months, and then stepped up to as-
sume the president seat.
In 2005 he was elected the ambassa-
dor for the Environmental Awareness Club
at Galveston College and drew and designed
a coloring book addressing conservation
and recycling. The book was a project for
the Clean Galveston organization and was
entitled “Galveston Gives Trash the Boot.”
The coloring books were distributed to local
elementary schools. This opened up a door
for him to be invited to join
the Board of Directors for the
Clean Galveston organiza-
tion, though his membership
was short lived due to school
In closing, Charles
spoke of a program being of-
fered through the Galveston
Housing Authority entitled
“Creating Pathways to Suc-
cess.” The Work Source is
assisting with the testing, ori-
entation and placement for the
people who are interested. The
program is designed to help
people upgrade their skills and
Before finishing our
conversation he said, “I just shared a real
story of a person who was once so lost that
he was given up for dead, and then one day,
this person stepped out of a hell that he cre-
ated for himself, and became the president
of an International Honor Society called Phi
Theta Kappa.”
Departing with a smile, Charles
looked at us and said, “Just think how many
success stories can come out of programs
such as this if a person is willing to change
his or her situation and to make a commit-
ment to make it work.”
Pathways to Success
(Hujenko): Something’s out
of the ordinary here!
(Ninja): HALT! My master
seeks a word with you.
( Mast er ) : Gr eet i ngs
brave warriors. You
have come far...
(Master:) But you must
work together if you are
to get thru the Arctic
DGE The fun never ends when you use your imagination! Forget how? Stop by T.F. Hippies
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make the
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Aug. 25 Baytown Lee (Scimmage) Home 10:00A.M
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Sept. 14 Houston BTW Home 7:00 p.m.
Sept. 21 Channelview Away 7:00 p.m.
Hey kids! School for children and adults of all ages is about to begin! Let’s treat everyone with respect and let unity and harmony reign this year!
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2007 Ball High Tornado
Football Schedule
“get with the”
by Linda Sivy
Pure elation is the two words I’d choose to describe my monthly adventures in obtaining ads for The Galveston Wizard. Pure - it reminds me of
maple syrup. Elation – because I’ve experimented with elations in the 80’s. That, itself, is interesting.
After realizing I was in need of an on-line refresher course on Marketing 101, I located some valuable Google’s information.
Advertising is consistently bombarded by criticism. Accusations of encouraging materialism and consumption, of stereotyping, of causing us
to purchase items for which we have no need, of manipulating our behavior, of taking advantage of children, using sex to sell, and generally
contributing to the downfall of our social system. Critics of advertising abound. Barely a week goes by without some advertisement or campaign,
or the ad industry, being the focal point of some controversy.
This was all I needed to set forth. The negativity and something about ‘controversy’ made my curiosity peak and motivated me. But, I had to be
sure where I was going with this. I had to go find Rachel. Rachel Vallejo works at The Golden Mermaid on the corner of 21
and Strand. While
loving Rachel as a family member, I knew she would not lie to me. After I parked my car, fed the mounted machine change eater and displayed my
validity, I located my secret source of knowledge filled with the unanswered. I asked her if she thought advertisement is consistently bombarded
by criticism ? If sex sells ? If our advertisers would be contributing to the downfall of our social system ? And do they cause us to purchase items
for which we have no need ? Do they actually manipulate our behavior ? Do accusations of encouraging materialism and consumption cause focal
controversy ? Well ? Well ?
Her answer was this. YES, Linda. Duh. She then asked me if I’d been surfing the internet again. I thanked her and left with an idea.
I surveyed the questions by calling 6 potential advertisers. My conversations were intriguing. My questions were rehearsed and luring. They were
as follows:
Q) If your establishment could profit more by selling sex, would you allow it to assist you in paying your monthly mortgage ? Result: Sold.
Q) If advertising your product bombarded your store with criticism, could you expect to see a profit ? Result: Sold
Q) Would you like to contribute to the downfall of our social system for a few extra bucks to take your family on vacation ? Result: Not sold.
Q) Do you feel accusations of encouraging materialism and consumption is a bad thing ?
Result: Sold.
Q) If you could manipulate ones behavior to purchase your product, would you do it to pay for the braces your child needs ?
Result : Sold.
Q) How would you like to have a week of focal controversy circling your establishment regarding something you’ve advertised ? Result: Pending.
(Wants more information.)
Again, I’ll mention The Galveston Wizard eagerly pursues ongoing relationships with potential advertisers and sponsors to help educate and inform
its readership of the products and services available in Galveston, as well as the island itself. I’m bound and determined to find those relationships
and I thank those who have made the decision to make a commitment to their business and families by advertising with all spectrums of readers.
We want to get your business to the next level.
On line rate sheets available at:
www.galvestonwizard.com or call (409) 621-2864
27 www.galvestonwizard.com Raising Spirits
Limited time
Order online or call
Because a Cab Fare
Is Cheaper than a
Tropical Taxi
Clean, Full-Sized Cars and 7 Passenger Vans!
24-hour service on or off the Island!
“What are you working towards?”
Check out their Web site at www.tfhippies.com




What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?

Did you hear about the Pirate that ate a light bulb?

How did the beans affect Johnny’s intestines?

What game do zombies play in the school yard?

Why does Tigger smell so bad?

What do you call a pig that can climb the side of a building?

What do you do if you find a snake in your toilet?
Y o u w a i t u n t i l i t ’ s fi n i s h e d .
S p i d e r h a m .
B e c a u s e h e p l a y s w i t h P o o h .
S w a l l o w t h e l e a d e r .
T h e y r e c t u m .
H e t h r e w i t u p a n d n o w h e ’ s d e l i g h t e d .
A n e r v o u s w r e c k
(with this coupon!)
T.F. Hippie’s Puts The
Raising Spirits 28 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Imagine working hard at
a job for several years. Not only
do you do an outstanding job
objectively, (i.e. numbers, sales
etc.), but also the customers
who you serve frequently leave
positive feedback with your
boss. One day, a completely
unreasonable customer is
dissatisfied with the service
of your establishment. This
customer enters the store five
minutes after it closes and is
dismayed that employees are
preparing to leave. Instead of
politely informing this person
that your establishment is closed,
your manager decides to make an
exception and allow this guest to
enter anyway. You clean around
this guest, careful not to disturb
them, and largely do your utmost
to provide them with exceptional
service. Unfortunately, other
members of the business are
not as generous and neglect the
guest. Rational contemplation
of the situation would lead
level-headed individuals to the
conclusion that management
mishandled the event and that
blame should be leveled squarely
at the store. Instead of accepting
responsibility, the manager
makes a deal with the unhappy
customer. In exchange for the
customer’s word that he or she
will not bad mouth the business,
your manager offers to fire
you to make amends. Imagine,
you have never been officially
reprimanded, never been written
up, have always showed up on
time, and have trained the vast
majority of the current staff,
but in this one instant, you
become completely, absolutely,
irreversibly expendable; simply
a tool that has outlived its
Most people don’t
realize what it means to work
in at At Will state. It means that
you have no job security; no
legitimate, safe, legal route to
express dissatisfaction; and no
way to fight back against the
major employers. Depending on
your job, this may not be much
of an issue. It can be hard to find
competent researchers, good
managers, or strong real estate
salespeople. However, servers
are not looked at the same way.
Despite the fact that some local
communities currently have
many fewer trained servers than
needed, local businesses continue
to treat their loyal employees
poorly. The example provided
above is not merely an abstract
possibility, it happened to one of
my closest friends. It’s time we as
servers bring to bear our political
influence to rectify the injustices
heaped upon us. It is extremely
important that we recognize we
have a voice, that, with effort,
we can effect change. It’s time to
shout at the top of our lungs.
Got an article idea? Powerful insights or observations for your fellow Server. Pst. Send it to us at thewiz@galvestonwizard.com
with Dracorth Firewrath
Q: I’ve been hanging out with this girl who happens to be
a really good friend of mine and also my best friend’s Ex-
girlfriend. We all hang out in the same group and they’ve
been over for over a year now.
I’ve become close to her and really want to take it
further than friends. Remember, she is my best friend’s
Ex-girlfriend. How should I go about this without hurting
anyone or stepping on toes!?

A: This is a tough one! When you are dealing with the opposite
sex, it can get very confusing. Especially when your friends
with the person and they also happen to be your best friend’s
If you really are positive that you do want something more
than friends, I would definitely go to your best friend and talk to him if you
really respect the friendship. Make sure you make your friend feel like
you are putting your friendship with him a priority. Then, if you handle it
that way, when you go to the girl, you will be respecting your friend and
the situation as well as going after what you want.Good Luck!!

Q: I met this guy right when I moved to Galveston Island and
after a few months of “keeping each other company”, things haven’t
gone anywhere with us, just stagnant.
I finally told him that I didn’t want to continue
the friendship (to be honest this is the third time, but
three times a charm, right?). Needless to say, I’m
sticking to my guns this time.
The problem is that I hang out with mutual
friends and we’re both in the bar scene. I see him more
now than when we were involved. I still have feelings
for him but still made my choice and sticking to it.
He continues to make references and it’s very
tempting. How do I stay strong?

A: Jeez! If anyone knows where you are coming from, it’s
me Girl! So here is my two cents…. Sure, it’s tempting and your going
to go back and forth asking yourself if you should or shouldn’t. Look, its
fun at the time, but the aftermath will just become more and more difficult
to deal with because whether we like to admit it or not, women eventually
always get their emotions involved. If the other person isn’t on the same
level, then nothing is going to change. Be strong for yourself. If you’re
not happy with the way things are or aren’t going, then what makes you
think giving in at any point for any moment will change anything?
Good Luck!
Want to send Arlessa a question? Show your support and send her a question! She’s here to help! Email her at
Hey there My fellow Galvestonians here on the Island! Trough this advice column,I hope to provide an opinion worth something to someone who might need it. Tanks for your support and keep reading and sending in those
questions.few who just can’t resist the tempting act of sending in quite random and crazy questions. With those people already in thought, I am looking forward to the real questions from you. It’s nice to meet yall and always
remember, if all else fails...
Ask Arlessa!
Also, check her out at www.myspace.com/askarrr
29 www.galvestonwizard.com Raising Spirits
Buying time.
There never seems to be enough of it, does
there? And we’ve got so many obligations!
So many people count on us every day to
help themselves (and you) get thru the day.
Ultimately, investments of time, in the right
direction and capacity, yield fantastic results!
But the sands of time contunue to fall.
What are you investing your time in? We
don’t remember exactly who said “Time is
money, and you can’t get a second back.”
but isn’t that what we all want money for...to
buy more time?
What if you were to analyze your average
day? What do you spend your time on? Is it
a worthwile investment? Are you learning,
evolving, growing, sharing, caring, loving....
then just what you are spending your time
on? We humans are amazing, we get bet-
ter at everything with time. Make sure you
aren’t wasting it. On “Time,” Will Rogers
(US humorist & showman) once said ”Half
our life is spent trying to find something to
do with the time we have rushed through
life trying to save. “
(got a sec?)
2120 Strand
Galvatraz, Texas
Gravity makes the world go ‘round.
Hello Galveston Wizard,
...we briefly spoke last night at Gravity’s and I
said I would send you some pics of the show....
it was hard to pick the best ones so I am send-
ing a series of emails for you to decide...
Hey James and Kevin...we really enjoyed the
show...the energy was great...have a safe and
fruitful trip.....
Warmest regards,
From the hip.
We saw a woman taking pictures of the band “Fiel” kicking
off a tour from the Gravity Bar recently.(See Below for info)
“Send us some of those pictures!” ...and guess what?...
Live Bands At 6 PM! (see above)
Open Mic
One-Man Band
Marc Twyman
@ 2 PM
@ 8 PM
Followed by Live Latin Bands!
Free Salsa Lessons from 8:30 til 10
M-TH 4 to 8
FRI 4 to 10
Sept. 8 - Shark Attack
Sept. 29 - Fiel (see above pics!)
Oct. 13 - Shark Attack
Oct. 27 - Fiel
Marc Twyman every Sunday
Upcoming Shows
Raising Spirits 30 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard

During this season of family reunions, don’t forget your four-
legged friends!
July 30, 2007, Galveston Island, Texas. With family reunions
on her mind and concerned about complacency, , an animal
welfare consultant, has begun a nationwide campaign to
remind people to include their pets when it comes to any type of
disaster planning.
“Though hurricane season last year was not
as severe as experts predicted, that does not
mean this year’s will not be and other natural
disasters occur every day across the United
States causing people to be separated from
their beloved animals.” Rowan states, “It is my
hope that as the nation gathers hosting family
reunions of their own, that some consideration
will go into how important pets are to the basic
fabric of the American family.”
She tells the following story:
“It was 5 in the morning my very first day in Alabama in October
2005, as I slowly toured the main shelter building. I wanted to
see the animals firsthand; I had toured many shelters in Florida
after the storms struck in 2004 and still recall the dazed look
upon the animals’ faces. It was painful to see and feel; it was
as though their souls had been emptied out by the winds of the
storms. I was hoping not to see the same emptiness.
As I rounded the corner to the next row, I spotted one dog, one
very regal dog, just sitting, looking at me.
He was presenting himself so elegantly in
the midst of chaos; I immediately fell in love
with his sleek good looks and endearing
personality. A pit bull mix with long legs and
light crème and beige coloring, and while his
look attracted me it was his spirit that stole
my heart. I could sense he was waiting for
his family to return and it was as though
he was reassuring me that he would do his best to remain
unstressed until that time, no matter what.
When I went and found the shelter manager later that morning
to ask her about the animals in the middle room, she shared
that most were local area strays and surrenders. When I asked
about him, already smitten, it turned out he was one of the first
hurricane animals they had brought to the shelter. He had
been placed inside for safety sake as there had been a pit bull
stolen from the outside tent. This meant he had already been at
the shelter for over a month. He was calmer, cooler and more
collected than I was. Often, in the days that followed, I would
go visit him and take him for walks to re-collect my
strength when I was experiencing my own version of
kennel stress. He became my proof of calm during
the aftermath of the storm.
Three weeks later, I received a phone call from
a young woman named Blanca, a
student at Mississippi State, who had
been extensively searching for her dog
since Katrina had struck in August. After detailed
research, we ascertained that indeed, we had her
dog. And, it was my very own Mr. Calm.
Exactly one month after my arrival, and my fated
meeting of Max – we finally learned his name
was, his two-legged grandmother, aunt and cousin
departed their temporary home in Mississippi to
make the 7-hour trek to Alabama to pick him up. We moved
Max into a more accessible location and I
agreed to meet them at the shelter at 7pm.
When I pulled up, Blanca’s family was waiting
and we went into the shelter. Max’s crate had a
blanket covering the top so he wouldn’t endure
any further stress from human, canine or feline
traffic. I lifted the blanket and opened the crate.
He stepped out rather tentatively after being curled up napping
in peace, blinked his eyes several times and looked at me as if
to say “is this REALLY them? Am I dreaming
or is this really, truly my family?” His two-
legged grandmother was on the phone with
his human soul mate Blanca and the tears
began to flow all around, the only dry eyes in
the room being Max’s. He wandered around
between all of us trying to comfort us, thinking
we were sad.
We were as far from sad as we could be.
Max had lost a great deal of weight since they’d seen him last,
so we discussed the stress levels the animal survivors had
endured since the storms, but also that are common in a shelter
environment. Ever the soother, he kept nudging me to pet him,
so they were assured he had been well loved during his stay in
Alabama. They were so grateful to all for caring for him and all
the other lost animals. I tried to explain to them how he helped
me keep my focus so many times; to find the appropriate words
to thank them for allowing us the privilege of caring for him.
As they drove off, in a full sized pick-up truck with Max on his
Aunt’s lap (no easy feat with him weighing in
at 70 pounds), I sat on the curb and cried. I
was beyond thrilled for Max, yet I was sad
for all the other animals still waiting for their
families. It was an overwhelming moment
of half peace and half despair that was life
changing for me; my determination to reunite
other families with their pets was renewed
with Max having left me in the wake of a
profound lesson as his parting gift of love to me.”
While that story had a happy ending, thousands did not. Rowan
recommends contacting your Veterinarian to have your animals
micro-chipped and registering the chips. The registration goes
into a national database and if you and your pet are separated,
most animal care organizations and veterinary clinics in the
nation have scanners that would allow them to re-connect
you with your missing pet. But she stresses, preparing a
comprehensive plan in case of disaster is the
best idea.
About Jennifer Rowan:
Jennifer Rowan has been active in animal
disaster relief since 2004 when she resided in
Florida. A few of Jennifer’s accomplishments include: managing
a temporary staging area in Dothan, Alabama that took in 923
hurricane voiceless victims, handling every aspect of media
relations garnering international coverage, and coordinating the
airlift transport of nearly 3,000 animals, even assuming the ever
glamorous role of “canine/feline flight attendant”. For more on
Jennifer’s animal adventures please visit: http://www.naiaonline.
org/library/Season_of_Angels.htm.Having just relocated to
Galveston Island, Texas, she is documenting her animal
adventures while providing consulting services to various animal
care organizations across the nation including; public relations,
marketing, standard operating procedures, resource networking,
air & ground transport coordination, management of volunteers
and outreach programs.
For more information, please contact Jennifer at jennljr@gmail.
com or 409-762-5348.
The “Tail” of Max’s Family Reunion
Got something to sell, say, surprise, thank, chastise, or shout out?
Donate $20 to the cause and we’ll put it in print. Contact Rick Bacon
at the Tower at 409.621.2864 or email him at gwizbacon@yahoo.com.
Good luck at college Lauren
and Josh. We already miss you!
Your friends at the Wild Wing
Dear Jamie Steichen,
May your sails be full in all that
you do, We all wish you well in
every endevor. From the entire
G’wiz Staff.
Matt Argo
Professional Carpet Clean-
FOR SALE:Winter and
Company Piano. Needs inte-
rior work. Near mint shape.
Keys good. Possible 1900
flood survivor? Serious
inquiries only. 409.621.2864
Mervyn Edward “Merv”
Griffin, Jr. King of TV pass-
es at the age of 82. Thanks
for all the Edutainment.
C & J Construction -
Handyman Services
Chuck (409) 939-4010 or
Jason (409) 996-3176.
EMAIL: gwizbacon@yahoo.com
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(We’re paying attention to how you read!)
It’s fun for us to watch how people
read their Galveston Wizards. A
person’s first introduction to an is-
sue is often the most intriguing to
As they timidly take the periodical
into their hands, they instinctively
mutter things like “What’s in it?”
or “What’s this about?” They undo
the fold and look at the cover. The
Galveston Wizard, huh? And no,
we’re not at all attempting to relate
ourselves to organizations that ruin
sheets by cutting eye holes in them,
looking to draw lines of distinction.
Quite the opposite, we are model-
ing ourselves after the Climate of
Galveston. We offer our humble
wizard guide thru the realm as a
wizard would in times of old. A
wizard is defined as a sorcerer or
magician, or as we like to call it, a
brilliantly skillful person.
And Guess What? The Galveston
Wizard is you! You have been
through much, and seen many
things. You have many tales, quests
and adventures that you have been
Wizards are everywhere, and are
called so because of their profi-
ciency, knowledge, and wisdom.
A wizard has many faces, and we
want your involvement. You must
help us guide our readers through
your realm. Relay your experiences,
feelings, advice, and suggestions
to your fellow man and all of our
understanding, tolerance, wisdom,
and awareness will increase!
We trust you will enjoy your issue,
and we look forward to hearing
from you.
Whatever your quests may be, may
this Edutainment Periodical prove
as a worthy guide to the people,
places, things, and ideas that make
Galveston an island unto itself.
Pay attention as you read!
People put on events and organize gatherings for your
benefit! That’s right! They take absurd amounts of time
planning and organizing to make sure that you can have
a good time. But you still have to actually go to the
event to get the maximum enjoyment! (Which is way
more fun than just reading or hearing about how much
fun it was later... trust us.) So mark your calendars and
make an effort.
...you can plug in bams myspace its
www.myspace.com/bamm99 or the
arsonist page at www.myspace.com/
arsonistproductions409 you can let
readers know that we do beats and
graphics as well. If they are look-
ing for beats they can go to www.
The 27th of August is a day the Whole World is waiting for.
Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August.
It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye.
This will culminate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles of earth. Be sure
to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. It will look like the earth has 2 moons. The next
time Mars may come this close is in 2287.
Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again.
“How Else May We
Be Of Service?”
This broadcasting guide is subject to change from time to time due to changes in programming schedules. Community News and announcements
will complete each 4-hour scheduling block. Questions? Please contact the Office of Public Information by calling (409) 797-3546.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
2:00 AM
City Council &
Special Meetings
Community News
& Announcements
Wharves Board
Meetings alternating
with City Talk
Park Board
6:00 AM
City Council &
Special Meetings
Community News
& Announcements
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with City Talk
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10:00 AM
City Council &
Special Meetings
Community News
& Announcements
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with City Talk
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2:00 PM
City Council &
Special Meetings
Community News
& Announcements
Wharves Board
Meetings alternating
with City Talk
Park Board
6:00 PM
Community News
& Announcements
Wharves Board
Meetings alternating
with City Talk
Park Board
City Council &
Special Meetings
10:00 PM
Community News
& Announcements
Wharves Board
Meetings alternating
with City Talk
Park Board
City Council &
Special Meetings
City Council &
Special Meetings
City Council &
Special Meetings
City Council &
Special Meetings
City Council &
Special Meetings
City Council &
Special Meetings
City Council &
Special Meetings
5:00 PM Live City
Council Meeting Begins
We know you like
Channel 16 for it’s
informative qualities,
but now you can take
the guesswork out of
when your favorites
will be on!
The Galveston Wiz-
ard is currently work-
ing with Tech Wizards
towards developing
an island public ac-
cess channel. We look
forward to delivering
content to you through
that avenue in the near
future. Are you ready?
Get back to nature...
Get back with your friends...
Table of Contents for This Issue
Get back to living life fully!
Raising Spirits 32 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard

The Power of the Rock!
Jan McGovern
Jan McGovern
Jan McGovern
• Prudential.com__ Yahoo!
The NUMBER 1 visited website in the world.
• Multi-Media Area Wide Campaign.
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The Mayor’s Citizens Response Team is register-
ing any island resident in the event a mandatory
evacuation is called. Citizens can call (409) 797-
3723 or the City’s EOC (409) 765-3710 to register.
The city encourages people to call in now and
register in advance of a storm approaching the
Additional hurricane preparedness information is available on the city’s Web site at
www.cityofgalveston.org, or by contacting Alicia Cahill, Public Information Officer at
409.797.3546, or at her new email address at cahillali@cityofgalveston.org