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Supreme Buddha Weighs In
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Henry’s Pilgrimage
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Median Income
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“Periodical ‘Til The Rubber Leaves the Runway!”
A Closer Look
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look at ourselves and the island to
see what makes us “tick” as a com-
munity, )with the island being the
Every day the quest con-
tinues to put ourselves out in the
realm, “where it’s at.”
People from all cultures,
religions, races and walks of life
call this place home. Those who
visit often find themselves calling
it their “home away from home.”
Take a walk thru the realm
of Galveston, guided by the Galves-
ton Wizard.
Savy Businesses, Notable
Events, Local Organizations and
Interesting People. All of that and
submissions of artwork, photogra-
phy, poetry, and more made right
here on the island.
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ue to grow, we are able to inspire
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ners to work with us to bring the
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Issue #9-
Nov. 25
A Closer Look
4 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Scoop Article Hits Home With Vocal Readers!
I am responding the your article in the
Galveston Wizard regarding Street
Level Interview by Scoop.

I have met Ricardo Tovar an artist
who is trying to make a living here in
Galveston. He is a very nice young
man and does terrific portrait art and
has a God Given Gift. He comes to
the Library and is a very professional
young man just trying to better him-
self. I’ve seen his work - he is good.

Please Galveston don’t strip them
of the streets where they can earn a
living and may be someday become
a Great Artist well known from this
area. I personally would like to know
WHY is it that he and others are not
allowed to draw on a Public Sidewalk
(Strand area). It upsets me that they
would not give him an answer when
he asked why it was not allowed to
draw on the side walks. There are to
many other areas of public prostitu-
tion, drugs, thieves etc. they should be
worried about instead of taking away
something that could be treasured by
so many. “ART”

Thank You
Pam J.
cc: Galveston Daily News


I read with interest your article about
a fellow Galvestonian.

I know this man who came from an-
other country. He gave me permission
to write you about his situation. I also
know that he is a very talented portrait
artist; and a very kind man.

It makes me so angry that he was
kicked off the Strand. One more
piece of evidence of the greediness
and incompetance of the Park Board -
and maybe the local government - but
mostly the Park Board. I had a tent at
Mardi Gras several years ago across
the street from the Maceo’s business.
Frank Maceo was sponsoring an open
air market at the time. I had paid my
dues; and even gone to the Park Board
about the situation. And damned if
the Park Board didn’t try to shut me

But as I was taking my tent down;
Frank intervened. He had gone to get
some supplies, and came back and
told them that I was “legit”.

I, too, am sickened by the fact that my
wonderful friend will be hanging out
at McDonald’s. I am praying for him
that he finds his niche and is able to
sell his work again. In fact, I might be
the first one to commission a portrait;
and I urge other Galvestonian’s to do
the same.

Wake up and smell the coffee, Galves-
ton; before it’s too late!!


Debbie Stoutamire
(832) 372-2649
What is wrong with making a little
extra with the talent GOD gave you?
I work in a medical library where
Ricardo came by weekly to greet us
and make us feel extremly happy with
smile and conversation. It is becom-
ing a communist country, this AMER-
ICA, of ours. If people want to pay
for portraits, regardless of where they
are drawn, what is wrong with that?
Galveston had something no other
city had , and now we are back to the
OLD WAYS! By the way, in the old
ways, there were corner venders of
all sorts, here! AND GALVESTON
Trial By
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Anonymous Submission
A Closer Look
Global Day of Music for Peace
On September 11
, We were privileged to attend the “Global Day
of Music for Peace” presented by the Galveston Island Sister Cities
Committee. With some very helpful literature, we discovered that
their mission is to “build successful relationships and international
understanding among youth, adults, businesses and organizations of
Galveston Island and its sister cities through educational, cultural and
exchange programs.” Galveston first began its involvement with the
Sister Cities program on May 12
, 1964 and Niagata, Japan became
our first Sister City. Vera Cruz, Mexico; Tamsui City, Republic of
China; Stavanger, Norway; Trivandrum, India; Armavir, Armenia
are our other Sister Cities today. President Dwight D. Eisenhower
initiated the Sister Cities concept in September of 1956. More
information can be found at www.sister-cities.org or by contacting
City Council Member Patricia Bolton-Legg at patriciabolton-legg@
Armed with this knowledge, we arrived at the Kempner Park Pavilion
to find multi-cultural performers singing and dancing. Patricia Grady
greeted us warmly, showing us around the event and making sure we
got our fill of cookies as well. We furiously snapped as many photos
as possible, and before we knew it we were packing up the tripod and
were off to the next event! We left with a greater understanding of the
enlightenment that sharing can bring. Good times!
Music, Dance, Snacks, and
Information on places from
around the world!
Haircut • Perms • Highlights • Color • Styling
to set up an appointment!
Great StylesHair Salon
Virginia Jovie
Call 409.740-3040 Today!
2724 61st Str. (Across From Quiznos)
Call for appointment at 409.7403040
Walk-ins welcome, Next To Dragonfly Coffeshop
Now Offering Facials and Waxings
“Stop by at their new location”
A Closer Look
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Issue #7 Issue #6 Issue #5
“Raising Spirits” gave readers the
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are going, where we have been, and
and how we can get there. Also, disc
golf discussions, business showcas-
es and quality inquisitive editorials!
“End of Ages” was a spellbinding
treat of Edutainment. Discussing
“ageism,” Event-Planning observa-
tions, Walkthru’s of events, “Tak-
ing a Vacation,” the “Ah, Rome”
article, and so much more!
“Start Rocking and Keep Rolling” con-
tained discussion starters like “Killer weed
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A Closer Look
If you build it...
They Will Come
FLAG Man on SeaWall Supports
It’s well after Labor day and
a few scattered islanders and
would-be tourists are under the
impression that things are dif-
ferent around the island when
the summer tourism season
ends. “Where do we go now?”
Calm down, Axel!
But still, “Weather the storm!”
These few cry as they shut
themselves in, turning blind
eyes to year-round entertain-
ment options around them.
Why hybernate and miss all
the potential for big fun and big
business throughout the winter
months on Galveston Island?
Our readers are constantly
on the lookout for the latest
edutainment information, a task
which we do not take upon our-
selves lightly.
As we gain more and more
readers, our responsibility, as
well as our strength for you be-
gins to grow.
We look forward to bringing
you as much edutainment as
we can, as fast as we can!
We will put the word out if you
bring the turnout!
“People will come, Ray. They’ll
hand over the money, Ray,
without even thinking about it.”
Don’t Forget to get your tickets
to see James Earl Jones at the
Grand Opera House on Oct.
Please refer to the events ca-
lander on page 17 for further
details. Island-bound, year-
round! It’s “Island of Dreams!
What do you want to see on
Galveston Island?
We’ve had skating rinks, drive-
in theatres and disc-golf courses
that have been proposed in pre-
vious issues. The more we hear
from you, the reader, the better
and more diverse our edutain-
ment guide becomes. You are
wizards of this realm as well,
help guide the community.
Email ideas, plans, events, con-
ventions, benefits and more to
“You should write
a story on... “this” !”
Let people know your business
hours so they can “bank on it.”
don’t say...
send us your viewpoint.
(or, “Raising Spirits” distributed after Labor day)
Because nobody knows your
story like you do! We’ll tell ‘em!
Where can we get good food on Monday Downtown?
A Closer Look
8 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Henry’s Pilgrimage
by Lingual
One of our light-hearted, fun
seeking friends turned out to be
an illegal immigrant. (gasp!) He
had been here for many years, and
was a hardworking, pleasant human
He often shared interesting sto-
ries, explaining cultural differ-
ences and descriptions of here vs.
“back home.”
Everyone liked Henry. One day
we came to find out that our friend
was in jail. He had, we found
out, a public intoxication ticket
that went unpaid, and when they
saw him again walking home one
night, it was time to bring him in.
Though the exact reason or rea-
sons for Henry’s jailing were un-
confirmed, his friends told me that
he was scheduled to be aboard the
next bus to Mexico.
I tried to imagine going to another
country, working there, then get-
ting uprooted and replaced back
into the world I would have left
Many of our mutual friends were
afraid to go visit him at the jail.
Overcoming my own indescrib-
able uneasiness, I entered the Jail
to see if I could learn more. The
location of his drop in Mexico?
Does he have any money? Does
he have friends or family he can
Jails resemble dungeons, so I
quickly went to a clerk for infor-
mation to get this quest over with
As I awaited the clerk to complete
her phone conversation with a
similarly confused caller in thier
own search for information on
liberations; someone being held in
jail can only have 2 visits a week,
and someone was already in to
visit him on that day....and appar-
ently only one visit a day.
I turned over my shoulder to look
at the groups of people, wonder-
ing which cousin, son, uncle,
daughter, or niece was in here for
which group, and what stories
went with all of these people’s
lives. All of those lives different,
yet the same.
We could write him a letter,
though and he could respond
back if he had money to buy the
supplies to do so. We could also
send him a money order. As to
where in Mexico my friend was
scheduled to go, those questions
would go unanswered for the time
A few days later I had a message
from him in Winosas. He left his
number and said that he was hav-
ing a great time.
Another friend, who actually
spoke with Henry, was less than
thrilled with the news of Henry’s
contentment “south of the border.”
This friend was older and wiser,
having been in the United States
for many years. Leaving his
home, family, and everything he
knew to find opportunity here, my
friend turned to me and said, “He
does not know what it’s like.”
Something tells me one day soon
I’ll be able to ask Henry in person
what all he went through.
Until then, I guess I could buy a
calling card to Mexico. Hmmm.
Passport photo’s are $8, Applica-
tions completed at the Downtown
Post Office (oddly located on Church
Street). Guess I could go find him
there...I could use a vacation.
A Closer Look
3424 Seawall Blvd. Galveston Texas 77550
(409) 763-0655
Island Bowl
Strike up a good time at
Monday* - Friday 11:00 am - Midnite
Saturday and Sunday - Noon - Midnite
Monday - Friday until 5:00 pm
Rent a Lane for an hour $15.00
Monday & Thursday after 6:00 pm
$2.25 per person / per game
Before 6:00 pm - Children - $2.75, Adult - $3.00
After 6:00 pm $3.25 All Prices are Per Person/Per Game
“Best Cheeseburgers in Town!”
Full Service Lounge
Family and Friend Fun
(Off 35th and Seawall)
*Open Late on Mondays!
Shoes - $2.25
We had seen him before around the Strand area. Behind the hair and sunglasses, there
lies a brilliant mind. A mind that with a ton of creativity, sheer force of will, and a
little bit of luck, Dash the Ghostman of Galveston, Texas’ started very first
haunted walk of the Strand. Always intrigued by the mysterious and
history he is the man to see when paranormal Texas comes to mind.
Dash Beardsley relentlessly researched Galveston’s history,
delving deep into its past, uncovering many secrets along the
way. On his tours, Dash shares his love of Galveston and of
course his fascination with the myriad spirits that roam
among the living on this very haunted island.
The ghost tour, which takes it’s
followers through historic downtown Galveston, is entertaining, thought-provoking, and
enduring. Known as “The Best Little Ghost Tour In Texas” After taking it you certainly
know why it is such!
Dash takes his Haunted Paranormal Ghost Tour work seriously, and like any great
Paranormal undertaking, he has not been fought without resistance. That just means
he’s on the path to success. His tour is now
the #3 Most Popular Ghost Tour in America by www.HauntedAmericaTours.com
listing America’s best haunted ghost tours in the United States. This of course was
voted on by the 59 million visitors a year to the website.

Becoming Number 3 “Haunted Best Most Haunted Ghost Tour” in the nation didn’t
happen overnight. It took determination, persistence, and visualizing of his success.
Pairing historic settings, instances in time, and real-life situations and many a told
tale of ghosts and real hauntings is what makes it so special and entertaining,
Ghost Tours Of Galveston, Texas Voted by Reader submissions as one of “The
Best or Most Haunted Ghost Tour in America” for you to take and to investigate.
Haunted America Tours 2004 - 2008. Americas’ Best Haunted Ghost Tours in the
United States.
Dash.The man behind the sunglasses
Call 409.949.2027 for more information or visit www.ghosttoursofgalvestonisland.com
“We’ll be here if you are.”
What if....?
A Closer Look
10 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Park Board
We were flipping through the
channels one evening, and stopped at our
municipal channel 16. (Who wants to be a
part of our hunt for making an island public
access channel? Island News Hour, Event
Promotions, …Wayne’s World of whatever
clever Galvestonians come up with)
We were wildly excited to see that
channel 16 was playing a recording of a
Park Board Meeting that had happened the
day before! During distribution, we had
actually found ourselves at the Park Board
Offices where we sat in on the last half of a
public meeting. At the end of the meeting
we charged ahead with stacks of issue #7
and put them in the hands of all present,
Park Board members and those members of
the community concerned enough with our
home to go take active part in our governing
Immediately the Tivo was on and we
waited for the end of the meeting where we
would have our distribution practices to be
broadcast to the community. As these things
go, the wind was taken from our sails as the
camera suddenly cut off immediately after
the meeting ended. We learned a lesson in
humility (as opposed to super-stardom!), and
were glad to have been able to catch it live!
Important things are discussed here!
We look forward to learning of how
we may be of more assistance in relaying
information to and from our readers to the
community and it’s prestigious organizations.
Are they the people we talk to about getting
the Disc Golf Course started?
A Distinct Lack of Interest
So as I go through my days I
have a bad habit of “overhearing”
conversations around me. I am
beginning to think this is a major
contributor to my lack of faith in
the human race. The number one
question these conversations pose
is, “Why doesn’t anyone talk about
anything interesting anymore?”

For example, while sitting at a cof-
fee shop I heard two young ladies
discussing, in detail, the affairs of
a couple of celebrities. Of course,
being the soft spoken and well
mannered man I am I intruded,
“Excuse me, but why the (deleted
explitive) do you care?”. Their
response, “Well, we have to have
something to gossip about.” My
soul screamed, my mind pounded
and I stood there dumbfounded,
staring blankly before walking

Why, why must we have some-
thing to gossip about? It was
once said, “Simple minds discuss
people, average minds discuss
events and great minds discuss
ideas.” Are we as a generation,
or more likely a nation, relegating
ourselves simple minded drones?
It spoke volumes a few weeks ago
when Newsweek’s world wide
cover story was “Losing the War
in Iraq” and the U.S. version was
“Britney in Turmoil.”

Do me a favor, nay, do yourselves
a favor, next time you are out and
about with friends and someone
brings up the celebrity of the hour,
challenge them to an honest con-
versation about something that will
actually force them to use their
minds. Politics, religion, eutha-
nasia... sure they may be “taboo”,
heaven forbid you are forced to
defend your beliefs amongst a
group of friends with more than
just, “It said so on E!”. Give it
a go and thank me later. Don’t
forget to write in and let us know
how it goes.

“This dude sells fresh fruit out of his truck, just about
every freaking day, on 3005. Notice... the Wizard
in his back pocket. Ha. I got a free piece of fruit this
day. Na na. “ -Linda
Chris takes shelter from the sun and checks out his first
Galveston Wizard. Enjoy your issue! Readers can rent
jet skis across from the Float bar on the Seawall, looks
All of these new people holders remind us that we are go-
ing to want a lot of cool things to do, cool places to go, cool
people to see, and cool things to spend money on. Galves-
ton is destined to be the third point in the New York, LA
triangle of progress, ingenuity, development, and growth!
Get involved today! Let us use wisdom in our growth!
West End SeaWall East End
A Closer Look
We met up with a few friends recently at Pelican Is-
land’s only bar and grill (beer and wine only, menu
looks terrrific!)
Driving up dark 51st to Harborside onto Pelican Is-
land was scary at first, but soon we were on anoth-
er island! (You already know of A&M and Seawolf
Park there, but here’s another place you should know
Dixie Dolphin is located just after the second A&M
campus entrance on your right behind the P.I.G. con-
venience store, we were easily able to find fans of both
fun and the Galveston Wizard there! Good times!
Be the first to have been there! Happening business-
es, organiza-
tions and people
should contact
us at thewiz@
com so that we
may guide our
readers to you!
“Let us show more of a sense
of family,” we were encouraged
by .
As a community, as neighbors,
and as consumers we have
responsibilities to the “ma-and-
pops” dining establishments that
give Galveston it’s incredibly
unique cuisine. Our impact and
responsibilities go far beyond
the cash register for buisnesses
that struggle daily to keep thier
doors open. We need to sing the
praises of the perfect omlets and
hashbrowns late-night spot our
friends had told us about.
Regale tales of the best d*mned
buffalo chicken sandwich ever
crafted by human hands.
Anyone attempting to follow
up on your claims will end up
continuing the legend and a sort
of bond of “We’ve both been
there” generates mutual remi-
niscing and comraderie!
We are constantly on the look-
out for such places in Galves-
ton, and we were happy to have
found another “Galveston Land-
mark” in the form of Ultimate
Subs & Salads, located behind
Walgreens on 4th and SeaWall
(706 Holiday Drive.)
Alert readers noticed and used
the coupon that we ran for Ulti-
mate Subs & Salads in our last
issue. (A free soda for trying a
A conversation with Ultimate
Subs & Salads owner, Frank,
taught us that his recent deci-
sion to close his doors was an
easy one. “We have other op-
This reinforced to us the impor-
tance of helping these business-
es succeed! We must capture
our readers attention and show
them the cool, interesting and
new (to you) places in Galves-
We want to help businesses like
Ultimate Subs and Salads long
before frustration and fatigue
set in and surrender looks vi-
It is also up to you, reader. Or
rather, those non-reader-readers.
Be sure to show your commu-
nity support to local businesses
and places looking to bring you
quality goods, products and ser-
vices, as well as favorites from
back home.
We need your help readers! Let
us guide you to places that we
think you might enjoy!
Show your local businesses
your support!
Have You Been To Dixie Dolphin?
Speaking of supporting local businesses...
Love ‘em or Lose ‘em
A Closer Look
12 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
The Census Bureau web site
has a treasure trove of data on the income
earned by Americans. They have median,
and average incomes for individuals, and
families. There is data
sorted by the region of the
country, city, gender, age,
ethnic group, etcetera.
When the data
series begins, in 1945, the
key benchmark used to
measure how the country
was doing, financially, was
Median Family Income.
In 1967, they started a
new statistic called Median
Household Income. This includes the in-
come for all of the persons living in a hous-
ing unit, no matter what their relationship.
Obviously, as people began living together
in arrangements, other than traditional fam-
ilies, this measurement made more sense.
The Census Bureau calculated
both statistics from 1967 to 1999, when
they dropped Median Family Income in fa-
vor of Median Household Income. In order
to study the history of Median Incomes, I
started my data series with Median Family
Income, in 1945, and switched to Median
Household Income, in 1967.
Like all statistics, of this sort, cal-
culated by the government, there are a lot
of estimations involved, and a strong inter-
nal bias to produce annual numbers that
always go higher, in order to convince the
populace that the government is doing a
good job of creating ever increasing pros-
The following graph (Fig.1) dis-
plays this rosy picture of ever increasing
prosperity, that we are all used to hearing
about, during periodic updates. In fact,
there are only two minor dips over the
entire history! Median Income begins in
1945 at $2,379, and increases all the way
to $48,201, in 2006. In 61 years, we have
increased our Median Income more than
20 to 1!!! This is the story that the govern-
ment, most of the people on Wall Street,
and most in the media have been telling us
for years.
The government even “admits”
that these figures should actually be re-
duced “a little bit” due to the “small amount”
of inflation that they inject into the system,
to grease the wheels of the economy.
When they do this, they utilize the very
deceptive statistic, that they developed,
for this purpose, called the CPI, to reduce
these Median Income
figures about 2-4%
per year. What does
this “small reduction”
actually amount to?
When the an-
nual Median Income
data are divided by the
annual CPI, this “ad-
justed income” peaks
at a level of 236.22,
in 1973. Then it works
sideways for a quarter of a century until it
reaches a new all-time high of 244.99, in
1999. After 26 years, the American people
have seen their Median Income, after it is
adjusted by the CPI, rise
a measly 3.71% higher
than it was in 1973! The
government’s official data
doesn’t look all that good
when you see the whole
picture. (Fig .2) In my
article, Inflation; the Big
Lie, the point was made
that we use Dollars as our
standard unit to measure
economic performance,
but that presents a very serious problem,
because the value of the U.S. Dollar has
declined steadily over time.
Therefore, in order to get a sense
of actual, or “real performance”, we must
find some way to factor out the decline in
the value of the Dollar. There are many
possible ways to do this, but rather than
use an artificially contrived, and perpetual-
ly understated method, such as the CPI, I
use the price of gold. This is not absolutely
accurate, but a market price gives a much
better approximation than a government
Dividing the Median Income, by
the price of gold, at the end of each year,
created the data series called “Real Me-
dian Income”, shown in the next graph.
This data shows the rise in Real
Median Income during the post-war boom
from 1945 throughout the 1960’s. Real
Median Income peaked, at the end of this
era, in 1970, when the Median Income
would buy 240 ounces of gold. From there,
the hyper-inflationary 1970’s pushed Real
Median Income down until it bottomed,
in 1980, when the Median Income would
only buy 29 ounces of gold!!
After that, Real Median Income
rose throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s,
and then peaked, in 2001, when the Medi-
an Income would buy 155 ounces of gold.
At that point, we entered a new hyper-in-
flationary period, and Real Median Income
has declined over 50% since then!
What does this data tell us?
From a long-term perspective, it clearly
shows that the Federal Reserve, and the
Federal Government have a long-standing
policy to devalue the Dollar for their own
political purposes, and financial advan-
tage. This means that even though we
are living in a world that has brought us
untold riches, advan-
tages, and comforts,
through the advances
in technology, since
the 1960’s; when it
comes to paying our
bills, for the necessi-
ties of life, like food,
shelter, and energy;
we have a more dif-
ficult time doing so to-
day, than we did from
1965 to 1971, when our Median Income
would buy about 200 ounces of gold! Even
at the recent peak, in 2001, Median income
would only buy 155 ounces of gold, and in
2006 it was down to 76 ounces!
The policy that
was used to lower our
standard of living, for the
last 36 years, has sepa-
rated Americans into two
dominant groups. One
group has continued to
tighten their belts, and do
with less, just to try to stay
even in this quicksand. By
being frugal, some have
been able to save and in-
vest a little of their earnings.
By investing in inflating assets, their net
worth has grown. T h e
other group only sees the futility of saving
a depreciating Dollar, so they have spent
all that they earned, borrowed more and
more to maintain the standard of living that
they desire, and started speculating, to try
to get ahead. Their final step was to specu-
late using credit, i.e. leverage, which found
its ultimate expression in the recent real es-
tate bubble, when homes were purchased
with no money down, i.e. 100% leverage.
Some deals even gave the buyer cash
back, which could be thought of as infinite
leverage. Members of this group usually
have some assets, but just as much debt.
Over this period of time, there
have been a few big winners in the finan-
cial class, but millions of losers among the
working and middle classes, who have
been crushed in this process. We are now
in a very precarious financial and political
situation where the losers will demand
more programs, like socialized medicine,
to redistribute the wealth. These policies
have created a situation that will not end
In the short term, the graph of
Real Median Income shows that the ex-
pansion of the 1980’s and 1990’s did in-
deed end near the stock market top, in
2000, and, regardless of the inflationary
illusions created by the real estate bubble,
or new highs on the DJIA; a recession
(negative growth) began in 2000! As the
financial crises, and job losses continue,
more and more people should begin to
see this!
Does the change in the price of gold, be-
tween 31 December 2001, and 31 De-
cember 2006 overstate the amount of in-
flation and damage to Median Income in
this country? During
that period the price
of gold increased
128.67%, the price
of oil increased
207.71%, and the
CRB Index (a bas-
ket of commodities)
increased 106.49%.
Therefore, the Real
Median Income
data series created
using the price of gold
should be a whole lot closer to the truth
than adjusting Median Income using the
government’s CPI.
Which graph more closely re-
flects your own experience?
Median Incomeby David Stanowski
For more information on The Economy, or to view other work by
editorial writer David Stanowski, check out his two resource Web
sites. Find them at http://www.thefinancialhelpcenter.com/ and
Another “Moment” made in Galveston.
View from Woody’s Bar Patio.
What do you see?
What insights and observations do you make of
your world? How can you help us set up our
fellow humans for success? We need to encour-
age and support one another in all that we do!
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
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(Bermuda Beach to Terra Mar)
Source: CensusBureau.gov
Source: CensusBureau.gov
Source: Measuringworth.com
Source: CensusBureau.gov
Email us at
A Closer Look
WIN7£R 2007-2008
Editors Peter Geiger and Sandi Duncan con-
sult the newest issue of the Farmers’Almanac
Farmers’ Almanac 2007-2008 Winter Forecast
October 2007
1st-3rd Fair weather 4th-7th Stormy, with some wet
snow/flurries over higher terrains 8th-11th Mostly
fair, cold 12th-15th Turning unsettled, then clearing
16th-19th Heavy rains spread from southern Great
Plains into Mississippi River Valley 20th-23rd Rain,
thunderstorms Texas, points east, then clearing skies,
colder weather 24th-27th Fair skies rapidly change to
unsettled conditions. Light rains for Texas east 28th-
31st Tranquil, then increasing cloudiness, with very
unsettled conditions spreading in from New Mexico.
Farmers’ Almanac® calls for a wet, wild autumn: Soggy season could hamper leaf peeking.
LEWISTON, Maine – With fall right around the corner, the Farmers’ Almanac is releasing its prediction of a wet autumn that could make this year’s foliage less
than spectacular for the eyes and a bit soggy for the feet. According to the 2008 edition of the Farmers’ Almanac, published in August, Americans should prepare
for wet, stormy, and unsettled conditions for much of the fall. Long periods of persistent cold drizzle, punctuated by thundershowers, are expected to dominate
late September and much of October.“Grab your umbrellas as you head out leaf viewing,” warns Peter Geiger, Philom., Editor of the Farmers’ Almanac, “this
fall should be a wet, cool one. The wet, wild weather predicted for the coming months is likely to have a negative impact this year’s foliage viewing season, as
bright, sunny autumn days, with moderately cool nights, contribute to the most spectacular color displays, Geiger said. This year’s autumnal equinox, will occur
at 5:51 a.m. EDT, on Sunday, Sept. 23. This year’s edition of Farmers’ Almanac, released in August, explains how climate conditions affect the color and vibran-
cy of autumn leaves. Because more sugars are produced on sunny days, then trapped in the leaves during cool nights, a string of such days often results in more
of the vivid crimson hues that so thrill leaf peepers. Overcast skies, on the other hand, hamper the production of sugars. “That’s not to say there won’t be some
spectacular leaves, it’s just that there may be less of them,” Geiger added. Farmers’ Almanac forecaster Caleb Weatherbee bases his long-range weather forecasts
on a top-secret mathematical and astronomical formula that figures in sunspot activity, tidal action, the position of the planet in relation to the Sun, as well as a
number of other factors. Faithful readers of the Farmers’ Almanac estimate that its annual weather forecast is accurate between 80 and 85 percent of the time.
According the Farmers’ Almanac’s outlook, tropical storms are likely to threaten the East Coast over the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the first week of October
holds the possibility of flurries for the Great Plains. Early snowfall is also expected visit New England and the Great Lakes region during the opening weeks of
November, with cold, damp, unsettled conditions looming over the Thanksgiving holiday in most areas.
SOURCE: The Farmers’ Almanac is available online for free at Farmers’ Almanac’s newly designed, multi-media web site, www.farmersalmanac.com.
All information in this article was taken from a press release from that site.
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14 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
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The Krewe du Vroom was
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You may visit their website
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For additional information,
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16 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
A Closer Look
Your Complete Resource for Visitor Information, Where to Stay, What To Do, or Getting Around
October 1-31, 2007
Daily Noon - 4pm
Are We Haunted? Tours
1859 Ashton Villa, 2328
Broadway: From October
1 through 31, 2007, 12 p.m.
to 4 p.m., special “Are We
Haunted?” tours begin at the
top of each hour. The last tour
enters the house at 4 p.m.
Admission is $6 for adults,
$5 for students (half-price
for students in Halloween
costume). Galveston Histori-
cal Foundation members are
admitted free. The 1859 Ash-
ton Villa house museum and
Heritage Visitors’ Center is
located at 2328 Broadway. For
more information, call Jami
Durham at 409-762-3933.
Weekends in October
10am - 6pm
Trick or Treat Weekends
Trick or Treat Weekends,
Downtown Galveston: Every
Saturday and Sunday this
October, costumed visitors
to downtown Galveston are
invited to participate in Trick
or Treat Weekends, part of the
month-long Ghosts of Galves-
ton Festival. Each weekend
from 10am to 6pm, participat-
ing Strand District businesses
featuring special “Trick or
Treat” signs in their windows
will offer kids in costume spe-
cial treats. Admission is free.
For additional information,
call toll-free (888)GAL-ISLE.
Call Ghost Line for Schedule,
or by Appointment
Ghost Tour of Galveston
Ghost Tours of Galveston,
Throughout The Strand
Historic District: Founded
in 1999 by Ghost Tours Of
Galveston Creator Dash
Beardsley, Ghost Tours of
Galveston IS Galveston
Island’s first, foremost, and
original haunted historical
walking tour.
Thru October 31, 2007
Tues thru Fri 5:30pm; Sat &
Sun 11am, 1pm, 3pm, & 5pm;
Closed Monday
Haunted Harbor Experience
Onboard GHF’s Seagull II
Galveston Harbor Tours,
Texas Seaport Museum: Join
Galveston Historical Founda-
tion for a journey into the
mysterious waters of Galves-
ton Harbor and learn the
ghostly legends of Pirate Jean
Lafitte, the native Karanka-
was, and unlucky souls from
many walks of life who met
their end on or around this
legendary Gulf city’s waters.
The Galveston Haunted Har-
bor Experience lasts one hour.

October 1-31, 2007
9am - 5pm
Is There a Phantom in The
Opera House? Tour
The Grand 1894 Opera House,
2020 Postoffice St.: In honor
of Galveston’s Ghosts of
Galveston Festival, don’t
miss these self-guided tours
through the historic Grand
1894 Opera House where
it’s been told that there are
“cold spots” and “feelings” of
paranormal importance. Will
you get a sense of the super-

Saturday, October 27, 2007
7:30pm - 8:30pm
Witches Brew and Ghost Tales
The San Luis Resort, Spa, &
Conference Center, 5222 Sea-
wall Blvd.: As a guest of The
San Luis Hotel, you’re invited
to join The San Luis for our
Witches Brew and Ghost Tales
event. The evening is sure
to get you in the Halloween
spirit! Guests are welcome to
The San Luis Hotel Lobby to
savor The San Luis’ signature
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Saturday, October 27, 2007
Gates Open Noon; Showtime
East Beach, 1923 Boddeker
Drive : Don’t miss all the
ghoulish fun as East Beach
presents HALLOWEEN-
FUNKFEST, Saturday, Octo-
ber 27th, at 3pm. Gates open
at noon. The event will be
hosted by J. Anthony Brown,
opened by Coop Deville, and
will feature The S.O.S. Band,
The Ohio Players, Morris Day
& The Time, and Cameo.
October 13 - November 24
Second Nature, Disparate
Housewife & Other Concerns,
and Joy Christiansen: Domestic
Galveston Arts Center, 2127
Strand: Beginning Saturday, Octo-
ber 13th, the Galveston Arts Center
presents three exciting new exhibi-
tions. The exhibition continues
through November 24th.
Saturday, October 20
James Earl Jones
The Grand 1894 Opera House,
2020 Postoffice St.: On October
20, the distinguished and versatile
actor, James Earl Jones, will
perform at The Grand 1894 Opera
House. Possessing one of the most
instantly-recognizable voices in
entertainment history, enriching ev-
erything from ‘Darth Vadar’ to “the
voice of CNN,” Jones will present
“Poems I Love to Read.”
Saturday, October 20
10am - 6pm
Art in the Park
Art in the Park, Saengerfest Park:
Don’t miss Art in the Park, an
open-air market event held Satur-
day, October 20th at Saengerfest
Park, 23rd & Strand. Dozens of
artists will set their masterpieces
out for all to see. This event is free
to the public and whether you’re
an art enthusiast or not, it is a great
chance to see some unique artwork
by local Galvestonians.
Friday & Saturday, October
Friday 7pm-11pm; Saturday 11am-
Island Oktoberfest
Island Oktoberfest, 25th & Winnie:
The 26th annual Island Oktoberfest
will be held Saturday, October
27, from 11am-7pm at the corner
of 25th and Winnie in historic
downtown Galveston. This year,
for the first time ever, Oktoberfest
will kick-off on Friday evening,
October 26th, and will feature live
Country/Western music, great food,
beer, and more.
Saturday & Sunday, October
20-21, 2007
Saturday 10am - 6pm; Sunday
10am - 5pm
ARToberFEST, Postoffice Street:
ARToberFEST, Galveston’s pre-
mier art event, returns to downtown
Galveston Saturday & Sunday,
October 20th and 21st. Surround
yourself in the relaxed atmosphere
and historic charm of Postoffice
Street while enjoying the work of
over 100 artists and artisans. Held
in the heart of the Downtown Arts
and Entertainment District, this
weekend-long celebration of fine
art is guaranteed to be fun for the
entire family
Saturday, October 20, 2007
9am - 11am
Birding 201
Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyra-
mid, One Hope Boulevard: Galves-
ton is home to hundreds of species
of birds. Egrets, herons, ducks,
hawks and gulls are a few who
spend time on the Island. Those in-
terested in learning more about area
birds are invited to Moody Gardens
for Birding 201.
October 20 - December 16, 2007
Open Weekends and Select Holi-
Schlitterbahn Home School Days
Schlitterbahn’s Wasserfest Heated
Indoor Season, 2026 Lockheed
Dr.: Schlitterbahn Galveston Island
Waterpark is the perfect place for
Homeschoolers to kick back from
their studies and learn a bit about
having fun. Homeschoolers can
order special discount tickets for
these days. A minimum order of
5 tickets and proof of member-
ship are required for this special
offer. Orders must be prepaid and
postmarked at least 5 days prior to
your visit.
Visit us online for Complete and Up-To-The-Minute Information,
Listings of Events, Bookings, Reservations, and much more.
Friday & Saturday, Octo-
ber 12-13, 8pm
The Spinners
The Grand 1894 Opera
House, 2020 Postoffice St.

Friday thru Sunday, Octo-
ber 12-14, Fri. 5pm-10pm;
Sat. 11am-10pm; Sun.
Greek Festival
Greek Festival, 19th & Ball

Friday & Saturday, October
12-13, 2007 9:30pm
The Line Up
21, 2102 Postoffice St.

Friday, October 12, 2007 8pm
Sparky’s Jazz Express
Cafe’ Madrid, 2111 Postof-
fice St.

Friday & Saturday, Octo-
ber 12-13, 2007 9:30pm
Mambo Jazz Kings
B. Jiggers Lounge, 50th &
Seawall Blvd.

Friday, October 12, 2007
Fidelity Maxx
Wild Wing Cafe, 2301

Saturday, October 13, 2007
Galveston Island Jazz Trio
Cafe’ Madrid, 2111 Postof-
fice St.
Saturday, October 13,
3pm - 7pm
Josh Ward Band
Woody’s Bar, 11149 FM

Saturday, October 13,
7pm - 11pm
Shark Attack
Gravity Restaurant & Bar,
2120 Strand

Sunday, October 14, 2007
3pm - 7pm
Bo Cox
Woody’s Bar, 11149 FM

Sunday, October 14, 2007
2pm - 7pm
Marc Twyman
Gravity Restaurant & Bar,
2120 Strand

Sunday, October 14, 2007
3pm - 7pm
Skip Devlin Band
The Spot Restaurant and
Tiki Bar, 3204 Seawall
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A Closer Look
Oh, The Things I’ve Learned…..
By: Thomas Graves
When I say I am a world traveler, I
say it with the utmost humbleness. I know
for a fact that there are plenty of people
that have traveled many more places than
I have even begun to consider. People are
going to Africa, Asia, and Australia, while
I’m still just trying to conquer Europe. I’m
just writing this article to share my memoirs
and thoughts with you. So in no way am I
talking down to anyone. This is just what
I feel. With that said, I feel that people
travel for different reasons. Some travel to
get away from the normal flow of life, and
experience a change in routine. Some travel
to relax in an atmosphere that they find
aesthetically pleasing. Others may travel
to learn, and gain a different perspective on
life in general. I for one, travel for all the
above reasons. Every time I leave this soil,
I come back refreshed with a
more complete sense of being.
With every country I go to, the
first thing I pay attention to is
the similarities and differences
between here and there. One
similarity is the youth. The
youth play such an important
role in shaping societies all
across the world. Popular
culture, which is fueled by
young people (and their money
(their parents money), becomes
the flavor of a decade in some
One thing I have noticed is that the internet,
and television, has given the youth all over
the world a unified style. I pods and rap are
popular EVERYWHERE, and
so are those FAKE mohawks
that you see people with (that
are too scared to actually shave
their head on the sides).
It’s the differences that
I saw while I lived overseas,
that made me look at my home
and its surroundings in a whole
new light. In England, the
English dress MUCH better
than Americans. They are on
the cutting edge of fashion.
Much of their fashion directly
influences the direction that
our popular culture will be
taking years after they have
had time to get over it. Punk rock/rock and
roll, convenience, public transportation, and
let’s not forget linguistics are just some of
the things that the English own us on. Most
European countries (France and Belgium)
will laugh at our mid-shin
white tube socks, and our
big logos on our t-shirts.
Why laugh at logos on your
t-shirt? Why not? What is
the point of providing free
advertising for a company
that YOU paid? It’s a status
symbol. While you will see
some signs of status in many
European countries, you
won’t see it to the degree
that you see it here. Most
European citizens utilize
their efficient public transportation and
find no need for cars. In The Netherlands,
you will find people who have never even
driven a car. There, the main mode of
transportation is bicycle. If it’s raining,
you take the train or bus. There is always
a choice. If all else fails, there is that other
thing called “walking”. Here, we only have
one choice, To drive. Driving is everything to
us! Who would we be without our cars? Oil
businesses and rap “artists” know this! We
love our things, and not only THINGS, but
NICE THINGS. Over there, most people are
much more practical.
My point is, is that we are NOT the
best country in the world. While we do have
it better than a lot of countries, there are
many things left for us to learn. We still have
to overcome our greed and hegemony. We
have to open our minds to different ways of
living. We need to start looking to others for
help instead of keeping with the philosophy
of “Our way, or the highway”. Next time, I
want to discuss my homelessness in London,
and how I climbed my way out of a bad
situation on peanuts and water. The world
is there for all of us to enjoy, and it begins
when you step foot off the island.
We’re Taking Orders From You!
I want to be the coolest person ever.
I suck.
Choose ONE!
$15 donation to the Galveston Wizard per shirt
Galveston Wizard T-Shirt Offer
P.O. Box 3467
Galveston, TX 77552
Check or Money Order Only Payable to G’Wiz Enterprises
(on white) (in black)
(add $2)
“Be the coolest
kid on the block.”
Order yours today!
A Closer Look
20 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Island Cycle Repair
The Original Island Bicycle Shop in Downtown Galveston
Prices may vary depending on condition of bike and difficulty of repair. Parts are not included. General shop rate is $30 an hour.
A Closer Look
Island Cycle Repair Price List Island Cycle Repair Price List
Doug Storey!
“thanks for the help!”
A Closer Look
22 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
This is what my brilliant 10 year old offspring
specifically shocked me with one day after
school. I paused and pondered for a second,
then busted out laughing. I love duct tape.
This month’s adventure has been very
entertaining. We, at The Galveston Wizard
thank all who have committed themselves to
the Wizards vision, in addition to deciding to
take their businesses to other levels of success
by advertising with this fantastic publication.
I’m thrilled to share my wonderful tales of
hitting the streets, again. While digesting
the telephone conversations I shared last
month, I decided to tinker with my offspring
humorous threat and ventured out with an
imaginary roll of silver.
Needing people to play nicely with
and sell ads to, I found myself sitting in
front of the video poker machine at Buck’s
West finding the differences or something.
Melanie Quiroga fed my thirst as though she
felt my pain even though I was not hurting.
And mercy, she can tend bar, too. The place
quickly filled with soon to be bridesmaids
for her up and coming wedding. How was
I to know it was Karaoke night? Had I had
read it somewhere? It was time to get busy.
I tore off a piece of imaginary silver and
held fast. “Hey, would anyone be interested
in advertising in The Galveston Wizard”?,
started my outburst. We have the best
rates and most wonderful readership. Our
feedback has been phenomenal. We have
so many different ways one can advertise
with affordable flexibility. We have panel,
1/4 page, half page and full page spaces
available to provide you with another way
to inform Galveston residents and visitors of
where you are located, what is new within
your establishment, new business hours, etc.
We have created a new DeClassified section
in which you can advertise, announce, and
shout out just about anything for $20 bucks.
Three lines run for a month, only 20 dollars.
We have newsstands that we are offering at a
great price, to be place at your establishment
with your business logo on it. We can supply
you with all the Wizards it can hold on a
consistent basis. We have an outstanding
web site (www.galvestonwizard.com)
in which internet readers can view the
publication and spot your ad and The Wizard
wants to be your friend on MySpace (www.
myspace/galvestonwizard). One person
admired my determination and spoke up. I
got the ‘come see me later speech’ and felt
accomplished. As I cautiously watched the
Karaoke microphone get closer to me, I
decided I’d better get before the urge to out
sing the whole place took over. Still holding
that shiny piece in my head, I knew I had
to get rid of it before I left. It found its new
home on the mouth of the girl that I’d hope
never received that microphone.
The next day, I pulled up to John
Dundee with Splish Splash - Laundry,
Linens & More and complimented him on
how professional he looked. He was so....
pressed. After he handed me his business
card, I thought, oh. I told him I didn’t know
that he and his wife owned a Quality Linen
Laundromat for the Resort Market on 52nd
& R. Offering my spill, mentioned above, I
festooned him with a shiny little mental piece
on his lapel just for being so very polite and
interested in advertising with The Galveston
Wizard; I did not tape him.
Bill Hummel knew I was coming.
His contract was expiring and it was time
to renew. And WHAT a renewal it is, Pizza
delivery on the west end? Yes. Galveston
west Enders can now order from Hummel’s
- General Store & Deli, 3 - 12” pizza’s, any
toppings for 20 dollars. To be delivered from
Bermuda Beach to Terramar Beach. (See ad
for more details). Still armed with my roll of
imaginary duct silver, I could not help but to
wrap the head of an on looking commentator
who protested advertising expenses. He
stated that he felt paying for advertising
was pointless when you have no business. I
wrapped his head good and tight.
This mental playfulness of mine
continued on stop after stop. Do you know of
all the endless possibilities one can do with
a roll of imaginary duct tape to people who
say stupid things? I have, however, passed
on my roll by ending with an encounter with
Corro Dominguez at the Valero Corner
Store (Jamaica Beach). I shared with Corro
my offspring’s threat and asked her what she
thought of it. Once she stopped laughing,
she told me she sure could have used some
of that silver duct tape on her precious
offspring’s from time to time. I gave it to
The Galveston Wizard eagerly
pursues establishing relationships with
potential advertisers and sponsors to help
educate and inform readership of the products
or services of the advertiser, Galveston, and
much more.
We want to get your business to the next
On line rate sheets available at:
Or call (409) 621-2864
“Silence Is Golden,
But Duct Tape Is Silver”
~Linda Sivy
A Closer Look
We were invited to a Chamber of Commerce
Mixer at DLJ Studios
Darrel John, long-time friend of the Galveston Wizard Periodical, in-
formed us of a Chamber of Commerce event to be held at his studios.
Pretty much anything to do with the Audio/Visual World is under their
masterful control! (Contact 409.762.6400 for questions or visit their Web
site at www.dljstudios.com) For Chamber of Commerce info, check out
The evening was at it’s zenith when we ar-
rived. So many people talking about so many
interesting things related to Galveston’s busi-
nesses and the community. Networking is key.
How can we help one other? The Chamber
Mixer was a huge success in our opinion. Be
sure to catch the next one! We look forward to
bringing you updates on cool happenings like
this, and countless others.
Tell the Galveston Wizard of Your Events or Functions. Let us help spread the word. We love watching people work together.
Sand Dollar
Carnes Funeral Home specializes in NO COST cremation services
3100 Gulf Freeway (exit 15)
Texas City, TX 77591
409.986.9900, 1.888.822.7637,
fax 409.986.9903
What options do I have for a FUNERAL SERVICE?
Carnes Funeral Home owns and operates a
crematory. Carnes is the leading funeral home in
Galveston County in cremations, allowing them
to have the lowest-priced cremations in Texas.
Can I PRE-ARRANGE my Service?
Our new, state-of-the-art facility can
accommodate large 500-person gatherings.
Can I Donate My Body to Science?
Carnes Funeral Home is the contract agency for
Medical Schools and Research Body Donation
Programs. Contact our staff for information on
how you can receive a NO COST cremation while
furthering the advancement of medical research and
assist to educate future physicians.
*All programs have criteria and eligibility requirements
Your options are unlimited. You can choose to
have a service in the Funeral Home. We have
three beautiful chapels that can accommodate up
to 500 visitors. You may opt to have a service at a
church or other location. You may have a graveside
service. Our Funeral Directors will assist you in
making decisions.
How much do CREMATIONS cost?
Carnes Funeral Home offers the lowest-priced funeral services in Galveston County.
Yes, you may call or stop by to discuss pre-
arranging your funeral services. Pre-arranging
your service allows you to lock into today’s prices
and it relieves your family from having to make
emotional decisions at the time of need.
A Closer Look
24 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
“Save Money. Live
Better” is the newly released
slogan for Wal-Mart. The
new slogan comes as Wal-
Mart is incorporating more
of an emotional tone into
its advertising as it tries to
boost sales at its U.S. stores.
Emotional tone ?
Sal Aguilar, our local
Wal-Mart store manager, kindly
gave me the inside scoops
on what is happening at our
local Wal-Mart. If you have
not yet noticed, our store is a-
changin’. And no, it is not to
make you angry or lost, not at
all. Sal was excited to inform
me of the reasons for the store
“The store has not been
upgraded since 1995 and it has
been in need of a modern look
to be consistent with other Wal-
Mart stores within our region.”
Therefore, we get new stuff.
Wood flooring will be placed
throughout all clothing areas,
as well as the shoe department.
The sporting goods department
will be enlarged and will not host
a variety of Offshore and salt
water tackle while eliminating
fresh water gear.
The updated electronics
departments will now carry
brand name electronics such
as Sony and Samsung. LCD,
televisions, computers and
iPods will be plentiful. House
wares will now provide new
products that are trendy and
modern. The isles are to
be widened to provide more
friendly shopping space.
The store will no longer
sell fabric, or live fish. They
have also decided to cancel
their Layaway program. No
more ‘wrap around the store
line’, like, you’re in a conga line
at holiday time. Hurray!
For those of you who may
be in need of assistance locating
things, there are two store maps
(poster boards) located at both
main entrances identifying the
new locations of what you may
have come in to get (or just ask
someone who works there).
The remodel completion
date is scheduled for October
, 2007.
Local Gets Lost In Wal-Mart
- Linda Sivy
Th d d l i
A Closer Look
Supreme Buddha Weighs In
~M. Phillips
Interviewer’s note: Siddhārtha Gautama (Supreme Buddha) requested there be
no introduction to this piece; saying, “Either you’re here to talk to me, or you’re
running a commentary on my digs. I can’t stand those articles in Rolling Stone
where the so-called journalist goes on and on about what Fergie is wearing or
how Jerry Lee’s house looks. Just ask me questions and I’ll give you answers.”
Alright, big man, here goes.
The Wizard: What do you think about how Fergie dresses?
Siddhārtha Gautama: Hell with this. I’m leaving.
Wiz: Kidding! Just kidding. Please don’t leave.
SG: Not funny. Fergie’s had a hard rise. She’s luscious and everybody knows
it. That’s why they want to bring her down.
Wiz: A lot of men think she’s a sleazy, untalented rogue.
SG: They’re gay.
Wiz: Then again, many think you’re fat with big earlobes.
SG: They’re gay, too.
Wiz: Good enough. Tell me, what do you think of China’s recent legislative
move banning Buddhist reincarnation without a government permit?
SG: We all know that most Chinese men are gay. [laughs] But really? That’s
a stroke against The Dalai Lama. He’s Tibetan, you know. Anyway, I
don’t even believe in reincarnation.
Wiz: I thought you were from Nepal.
SG: It was Lumbini back then, and it was in friggin India. Look it up.
Wiz: No, I trust you. So, you don’t approve of The Dalai Lama?
SG: Don’t know the man. Any of them. Seems to me they’ve got themselves
a bald demigod who won’t go away. Like, ever. I don’t approve of that.
Wiz: Ah, organized religion.
SG: Hey, I told my followers in 450 BC, I said, ‘Write this stuff down, dude.
You’ll forget it.’ It was some enlightened shit, too. What did they do?
Waited until the Christians started a book, then just wrote whatever
came to mind. I’m thinking, ‘I never said that.’ I mean, those robes are
ridiculous. And I always had great hair.
Wiz: Indeed. And good sense, it seems. What’s your take on the recent decline
in the real estate market? Are we looking at a recession?
SG: What you’re looking at is a market correction. Most people will witness
one, maybe two of those in their lifetimes. So, there’s a tendency to focus
on the short-term blips. Real estate is a finite commodity and demand is
self evident. As such, long-term growth, relative to inflation, is inevitable.
Risk, then, is a function of location and expressed in time.
Wiz: Do what?
SG: Lookit. You buy a patch of desert in Arizona. Worth a bucket of spit, but
hopefully you didn’t give much more than that for it. Now you’re sitting
on it until demand rises. The way you people breed, you might not be
waiting long before somebody wants to put in a trailer park out there.
But coastal property? What everybody is secretly bitching about is how
much it costs to begin with, compared to that patch of desert. Which,
ironically, is what should give them confidence. Take this Tofigh Sherazi
fella. I hope I pronounced that right. You think a man like that is gonna
drop $1 billion dollars into a receding market? Get real.
Wiz: I don’t know who that is.
SG: Beachtown? It’s only a 260 acre master planned community covering the
whole east end of Galveston. Two hotels?
Wiz: Right. Beachtown. So, you think our Gulf property is on par with the
east and west coasts.
SG: In terms of scenic quality, maybe not. But they’re running out of beach
in California, man. And try to find cattle grazing anywhere on the
Chesapeake shore. Your land is still undervalued. If I’m not a dot com
millionaire and I want salt wind blowing up my pajama bottoms in the
morning, I’m retiring to Texas.
Wiz: Point taken. On that subject, then, what do you think of tech stocks and
the like?
SG: You baffle me. I think, if you’re still upset over missing the Yahoo boat,
you should take your savings and bet a trifecta at Churchill Downs next
May. It’ll be more fun, and you stand just as good a chance of turning a
Wiz: Are you a fan of the ponies?
SG: Oh, yes. Always. Mint Juleps too, but only when the mint is fresh and
the bourbon is past adolescence.
Wiz: Is there a significant other? A future Mrs. Buddha, or just somebody you
like taking to the races?
SG: I’m dead.
Wiz: I know. But, I mean, I’m not sure how things work in…wherever you are.
Heaven? Nirvana? Our readers would surely appreciate some insight.
SG: Is that recorder still on?
Wiz: Yeah.
SG: Edit the rest of this crap however you want. But please print this verbatim
or don’t print it at all. Your readers – the guy glancing at this while he’s
waiting on a pizza at The Patty Shack – you need to stop worrying so
much about what comes next and concentrate on living. Are you trying
to win something when you die, or just trying not to lose? What does it
matter? You have this life. It’s more than you deserve. Live it.
Wiz: Last words?
SG: That’s it. I died two millennia ago and yall are evidently still wondering
‘what would Buddha do here?’ or ‘how would Christ handle this?’
Answer: we don’t have to handle it. You do.
A Closer Look
26 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Sexual Healing!
by matte e
There are very few
things I don’t approve of
anymore. I support gay
marriage, birth control, tax
reform and plastic surgery. With
that in mind I have to say that
I cannot endorse mustaches
without beards, reality shows or
(more than anything) older guys
dating younger women.
Nothing makes less
sense to me that modern
culture has created this monster
of habit that grooms women to
fast forward their internal love-
clocks to ‘geezer’. You know
the type…the freshman who
went to prom with a senior, the
undergrad who dated graduate
students and in her early
twenties, started becoming the
recent divorcee’s midlife crisis.
What’s worse, many of my
friends are stuck in this craze.
At 23 I hardly see the purpose
in denying anyone with a born-
after date, circa 1970.
In an effort to make
sense of this fallacy, I quickly
chatted up my wheelchair-
pushing, socialite friends. Par
the norm, words like ‘love’ and
‘understanding’ bounced off
their parched lipstick clad lips.
Believing I couldn’t
handle much more of this
meaningless bantering, I finally
met someone who made sense
of it all. Ironically, ‘Lauren’ was
the youngest of the beneficiary
bound contingent.
What she explained to
me made little sense to me
at first, but after dissecting all
the facts and feelings of her
relationship, I started to feel
like I had been in one of these
dating, love-triangles myself.
There was a time when I
was the ‘home wrecking’ tease.
That man women leave security
and reason for, in an attempt
to relive their single prowess.
Experience has taught me
that regardless of how happy
women seem to be, there is
always something missing in
their relationship. Some women
attempt to solve this low point
with shopping sprees or new
cars, it seems others just hook-
up the bartender at their favorite
Last month as I was
browsing through my regular
blog favorites and I happened
to read an insert by R. Don
Steele. He explained that
‘women who date older men
are primarily interested in
getting a husband-to-be on
the hook. On average, it takes
women about a year of going
steady to feel she has her
target under control. Then the
games begin!’ Here’s my spin
on things:
Soon after we hit the
one-year mark, ‘Lauren’ thought
she had a handle on things,
but soon she began to involve
herself with her similarly aged
friends and frequenting the local
single hot spots. While partying
with ‘the girls’, she naturally
found herself interacting with
new and younger men and thus
longing for her single ways. Her
experimentation began with
another boy, her naïve version
of an affair. It’s the excitement
in getting away with something
that she finds so attractive
about Randy RedPorsche, her
new single’s bar professional.
They have their way on
Thursday nights when she’s
‘out with the girls’ and before
too long, on Monday nights as
well when Jimmy is ‘out with the
In due course, Mr. Jimmy
unravels the whole scheme and
rid himself of his younger lover.
The powers that be bring them
back together again after a four
week hiatus. They exchange
wedding vowels, move in
together and carry on their ‘love’
for one another.
Lauren’s reason for getting
back together with her older
suitor: “I didn’t want to be just
another plastic in a pick-up bar.”
The reality is, the women I see
attracted to older men, aren’t all
that much of my type anyway.
My envy and frustrations have
been for no practical reason as
the beauty of this whole cycle
is that it only moves in one
direction. You see younger men
don’t seem to feel the same
way about older women.
“The Single Life”
Free HIV andtesting at St. Vincent’s on 2817 Post
Office on Mondays from 10am to 2pm (Except the
second Monday of each month)
For more information, call 409.763.8521
Dickinson Planned Parenthood
3315 Gulf Freeway (Gulf Freeway and FM 517)
Open 8am-8pm Monday, Tuesday thru Thursday
(8am - 4pm), Friday (8am - 3pm), and Saturday
(8am to Noon)
Office Number 409.945.5572
HIV Counselors available on Wednesdays (9am to
4pm) for a small donation, or free.
AIDS Coalition of Coastal Texas
Your sexual health is very important to us.
Can I talk to a live person about my concerns or questions about HIV and other STDs?
To find out where to get tested or receive services for HIV and other sexually transmitted
diseases in Texas, dial 2-1-1. For all other questions about HIV and other sexually transmit-
ted diseases, dial 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).
The most common method of infection for HIV and other STDs is through sexual contact
(vaginal, anal, or oral sex). Many infections can also be passed through sharing needles,
contact with infected blood, or from mother to baby during pregnancy or at birth. HIV
and other STDs are not passed casually by such activities as hugging or shaking hands.
Each infection is different. See the fact sheets at http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/hivstd/info/
default.shtme for information on each type of STD.
For More Information
How are HIV and other STDs passed?
What are HIV and STDs?
HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, the virus that causes
AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). STDs are Sexually
Transmitted Diseases, which include HIV and other infections such as
chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, and HPV.
Source for Info at left:
A Closer Look





As I sit here, on a pier
Looking out into Galveston Bay,

It is simply amazing how the Moon reflect off of the
Gulf in such a spectacular way,

And as the scenery may seem priceless to view,
The way my heart is achin’ my life feels through,

The way she left,I’ll never understand,
The way she left with a piece of my heart in her hand,

I’ve always been the one to fall head over heels for
a pretty face,but now...
my pride is filled with so much disgrace, I just want
to leave this place,

I now understand that to Fall in Love,
Is to also be Vunerable for Sadness in the end,

The way she played my heart,
We should have remained friends from the start,
It would do me justice to curse out her name,
When I know my spirit couldn’t bear to see her dish
out the same,

And yet I can’t help at a time like this,to reminise
Back when there was a point we could co-exist,

No one wants to live a life alone,
No one wants to go to an empty Home,

I’m scared to leave this pier,
Because there are somethings inside of me that are

I wonder if I could ever Love again,
I should have just remained her friend,

Because it was my Heart that got Broken in the
-Victor King
ViX Presents-
Here’s The Scoop
Should Have Remained Friends
Imagine An Island
Dear readers, I’m back. It’s time
for another installment of the Rock!
There are times when traveling in
this fair city when you might come
across what I like to call “High
School Dayz”.
These “Dayz” affect your work
place, your home, your friendships
and (in the end) your very own exis-
tence. Do you remember when you
were in school and a friend of yours
would confront you and tell a …
(wait for it)… “rumor?” A simple
rumor could potentially end up set-
ting loose a blaze of horror.
Well wake up Galveston because it
happens here and it happens daily.
It might by the water cooler or in
the employee lounge or in the bars
that people frequent. These rumors,
at very best, call into question one’s
friendships or relationships in some
way, or on some level. Yet we, not
having enough to do, feed into these
packs of monstrously horrifying,
sometimes even funny rumors (to
some) and no one-not a soul-tries
to find the source. In a more re-
ality- based world these rumors
would be ignored, overlooked and
laughed upon, yet we don’t live in
that world. No, my friends, we live
in a world where TV and media and
“hearsay” rules the roost, and yet
we as people don’t cry “STOP!”
We cry like the little boy, Oliver
Twist, with his famous “Thank you,
sir. May I have some more?”
How as a city, state, or people are
we supposed to grow when our
lives are based on and controlled by
rumors and speculations?
Here is my advice: the next time
you hear “guess what?”, before they
(whoever they may be) can finish,
you say ,”Man, leave them ‘High
School Dayz’ alone!” and ,”How old
are you?” or finally, “Is it possible
for you to think for yourself?”
Either lead or get off the pot. Maybe
some of you should get on the pot
because you might slow down be-
fore potentially ruining someone’s
(anyone’s) life!
This is Scoop saying peace, love,
and Wake Up!
Hello again from the outside.
Last we talked, it was about an
island roller rink. As promised,
this time...Island Drive-In.
Looking back as a child I can
remember loading up the station
wagon, mom and dad stopping
by the local KFC for bucket and
2 liter. Then we were off to the
drive-in, sitting on the hood of
the car, eating chicken, drinking
soda and then the Double Feature
started. It was a great time.
Growing up we didn’t have a lot
of money so the drive-in was our
#1 treat (#2 a cone at the DQ on
laundry day).
As a teen my friends and I would
load up the car a little different but
the goal was the same, have fun,
see some movies, and if we talk
up some girls at the snack bar….
yahooooo!!!! It’s hard to do much
fooling around with four other
guys in the car so a phone number
and some kissing was the limit but
if that happened you were the man.
Now as an adult I would love
to relax in my own car and enjoy
a couple movies through my
intensely loud system. I would
bet it sounds like bombs were
going off in my car. That would be
sweeeeeet!!!!! But I’ll never know
because we don’t have a drive-in.
The island needs more to do for
locals and tourists. The beach is
great. The Strand is great. What
is there for someone who has
been there and done that? The
city or some other entity with
deep pockets needs to step up
and make some changes. Its O.K.
don’t panic, change is good. There
are plenty of large areas that are
perfect for this. The sound can
be transmitted to your car radio.
The screens can be inflatable for
easy set up and tare down if the
weather gets bad. Security can be
hired to keep the peace. Some of
the local food establishments can
set up concessions stands, maybe
a different food every week? You
could have sampling of the islands
food. That’s just one example.
If I had the money I would do it
myself, but I don’t so I put it out
there for free to you and yours. I
hope this sparks your interest. If
you’re lucky and smart enough to
have the means, look into it for
me. If you don’t talk, to someone
who does. Change is not only good
but also necessary to live, thrive,
and survive. Thank you for your
-The outsider
A Closer Look
28 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
is all about boards. Surf, Skate or Skim, they have what you are looking for.
With a wide variety of surfboards and skateboards made “in house”, you won’t
find another shop like it anywhere. As people walk through the door, they are
greeted with a feeling of nostalgia. The walls are decorated with surfboards
and skateboards from the 60’s and 70’s. People come from all over Texas
to check out the “skate history“ display. With over fifteen years of skating
and surfing experience, they can help you with whatever
you need . So swing by to get yourself a new stick, be it
your first one or just another addition to your collection.
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Many of you may have
noticed that Menard Park is
getting a long overdue multi-
million dollar face lift, but what
you may have missed is the
proposed 18000sq ft public skate
Although the new
park appears to be a recent
development, it has actualy been
in the works for quite some time.
With a little help from the Tony
Hawk Foundation, the Yagas
Children Fund and the support
of some friends (you know who
you are), the skate park will be
underway soon and from the
proposed plans it seems as if
Galveston will finally become a
prime spot for skateboarding in
Since word gotten out that the
skatepark was going to be under
construction soon, all local
skaters have been frothing at the
mouth to be the first to try it out.
When asked what he
thought of the new park coming
in, Conner Smith, a local skater
replied “ I’m stoked that we are
finally going to be able to have
competetions and demos in a
world class park right here in
Galveston”. With all of the new
development going in be sure to
check back for more updates in
future issues!
Skate Park Anticipated/Recreation Center Exposed!
“a rider goes over vert on a ramp similar to what will be built at menard park”
We caught the groundbreaking for the brand new McGuire-Dent
Recreation Center at Menard Park on Seawall!
Talk about exciting!
The plans for the recreation center include full service basketball
courts, racquetball courts, computer room (so you can check out
www.galvestonwizard.com on the go), and a full-service fitness
center! The City wished to thank the Mayor, members of Counci,
the City Manager, and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
for their unwavering support of the project.
It will be good to see the progress of this exciting new facility as a
progressing reminder of our island’s growth and bright future!
“local skater Conner Smith”
by Kevin
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They Might Be Giants...
It was a perfect night for an event.
(and what night isn’t?)
Organizers using word-of-mouth,
flyers, and a team-up with local bar
The Wizzard (24th and Church)
yielded a very nice-sized crowd on
this glorious Saturday Night.
It was “Rock Show at the Wiz,”
with bands Darwin’s Finches, Per-
manent Eclipse and other surprise
jam sessioners (Trinity!) plac-
ing the lawn audience under their
Horny for the Revolution? Galves-
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Top 10 Reasons 2 live in Galveston
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