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Vol.. #9
Spreading Your Wings 2 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
3 Spreading Your Wings
Greetings From The Galveston Wizard,
A Wizard Is Nothing Without His Staff
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G’Wiz: GalvestonWizard Periodical, Volume #9, Book 1. “Spreading Your Wings”. Cover Design by Isaac Almaguer, back issues online at
A friend recently mentioned again to us the vast amount of hidden
talent on the island. “There is a big difference between “hidden”
and “hiding.” Much time is spent seeking the wizardly wise or
gifted to bring them to you. We also seek businesses and philan-
thopic organizations and people, looking to share information and
resources with their fellow island and visitors.
The realm (area, location) of Galveston Island is vast, changing,
growing and exciting. Take the time to enjoy the latest volume of
the Galveston Wizard Periodical.
“When will the next volume arrive?” many ask. The next volume
is presented to eager readers when the Galveston Wizard’s jour-
ney is complete, making an entire trip through the realm, having
the money, ideas, resources, photography and talent to return to
the tower. and compile for you our travels, adventures, and les-
sons, and upcoming events of interest!
Remember, progress takes time! Keep polishing the stone!
The “ayes” have it. So speak up and let your voice be heard! We
give thanks for every day, and continue to hope that you are giv-
ing of yourself to the world around you.
Now is the season for family, friends, and taking stock of yourself.
With a new year comes an opportunity for a new you. What do
you want for yourself? Think big, aim high. Endless possibilties
surround us on this enchanted island. Some we know are held in
dungeons, away from our realm of assistance, others have passed
from this realm onto others and will be greatly missed.
The new year holds much for us all, but we must desire success
for ourselves AND each other if we are to succeed at finding hap-
piness, success, and peace.
-Galveston Wizard
Spreading Your Wings 4 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Letters to the Wizard
I just wanted to compliment you on
what you are doing with your publica-
I no longer work in Galveston, but I
came across issue #3 laying around
my apartment. I decided to check your
website to see if you were still progress-
ing, and I was happy to see that your ef-
fort continues.
I really appreciate that tone you convey
that tries to steer our culture from some
negative aspects to those of connecting,
thinking, and getting involved.
Best of luck to you and your team.


What a hit!! I’ve spread the word like
crazy,and everyone is loving it.Haha,I
think issue number 8 is the most in-
teresting one yet.(lol)I hope you’ve
heard good reviews about “Should
Have Remained Friends.” because,if
you wouldn’t mind having me in other
issues,I will constantly give you good
material for readers to treasure always.
As an islander I appreciate the upbeat
freshness of your mag, you guys rock!
Keep up the great work!

Hey guys,
I work here in HR where you deliver
your paper. I figured you might be able
to get something on this. I am not BOI,
but have been raised around it since I
was little. Well, I drive the same way
leaving work as I do coming to work. I
have always passed by this little coffee
shop two streets back from Ball. It is
called Ya’Bon Village Coffee House.
A gentleman named Kurt will greet you.
He is a BOI by the way. He has the old
style hospitality and will carry on a con-
versation with you. He wants to keep
his place open. But, I think he needs a
little bit of publicity. I was just think-
ing maybe you can spread the word and
help him out.

-Kari Burton
Hi all,
I ran into one of your guys handing out
copies of G’Wiz at the peak oil confer-
ence in Houston. He noticed we were
filming interviews and said to write in
about what we’re doing. We’re making
a comedic documentary called “How
to Boil a Frog” about the bigger picture
around global warming and what actual
real people can do about it that makes
a difference. We went to Houston to
interview people about peak oil, and I
don’t know what’s more shocking – how
imminent it is, or how few people have
even heard of it. We hope to have a
whole separate page up on our website
( with peak
oil-related interviews in a couple of
Also shocking was that we had invest-
ment bankers, geologist, oil men, jour-
nalists and economists all saying that the
demand for oil is about to outrun supply
– creating worldwide shortages – and
we’re looking at having maybe half as
much oil 25 years from now as we do
today. The mayor of Houston spoke
at lunch, saying yes, it’s real and it’s a
huge problem. T. Boone Pickens came
to say yes, it’s really happening, global
oil production has already peaked. Oil
hit $90/barrel. Houston is absolutely de-
pendent on oil and gas production. And
there wasn’t a word in the Chronicle
about it. Bizarre.
Anyway, great paper, keep up the good
-Jon Cooksey
How to Boil a Frog
Thanks, Wiz, for putting in a page on
sexual healing and including our testing
I wish you luck with your publication!
How much are your ads?
-Susan Rokes
The Galveston Wizard Periodical is open for discussion.What
have you got to say? How would your story go? Want to relate
to others and help them with your expertises? What would the
first sentence of your story or idea sound like? Ah hah! Gotcha!
You’ve got one right there. We’re giving you the opportunity
to tell others what you are interested in, and why, and how, and
whatever else you feel like. What is your world like? How can
others see what you see? By reading your G’Wiz, you can see
the world as others see it. Oh, now we see what you mean!
Submission Guidelines
Word and Tidings
Who reads the g’wiz?
What’s on your mind?
The views expressed are those of the authors and in no way represent the viewpoint of Galveston Wizard Periodical, it’s advertisers, affiliates, friends or relatives.
It is just that, a viewpoint. What do you do with that? Well, properly hearing it out is a start. Driven to rage? Upset? How or why? Feel free to let us know of any
views, ideas, suggestions, or clarifications you have and we’ll relay those as well. Discussions end ignorance and increase tolerance and understanding. Yeah!
“Stations for Rent”
Great StylesHair Salon
Haircut • Perms • Highlights • Color • Styling
Call for appointment at 409.740.3040
Walk-ins welcome, Next To Dragonfly Coffeshop
Now Offering Facials and Waxings
“Stop by their new location today”
to set up an appointment!
Virginia Jovie
Call 409.740-3040 Today!
2724 61st Str. (Across From Quiznos)
Wm. Scott Field, AIA
Restoration Architect and Firm Principal
GALVESTON TX 77550 - 4743 USA
MOBILE 512. 426. 0802 24/7/365
Send your Letters to the Wizard to
letters: <150 words 200 < Stories > 400 words Yay!pdf/jpg pics.
5 Spreading Your Wings
It sounds like a good idea!
You take a small town, in
an idyllic setting, with a struggling
economy, and sell off “pieces of
this paradise”, at very high prices,
for vacation homes! This will raise
the property tax base, and give the
local economy a boost; so every-
one wins.
However, there are always
some unintended consequences. In
the medical field, they call these
side effects! Bringing in a large
influx of people, who often don’t
respect the original character of the
town, can change the entire nature
of the city. There will be a larger
property tax base, but also a need
for new infrastructure, and more
demand on city services.
The economic footprint
of vacation-home owners is not
nearly as large as that of full-time
residents. Their jobs or businesses
do not become part of the local
economy, and they usually spend
less money, when at their vaca-
tion home, than people who live in
town. They pay their share of prop-
erty taxes, but their purchases of
vacation homes usually pushes up
local real estate prices.
This looks good on paper,
to full-time residents, until they get
their new property tax bill. Now it
costs them more to live in their own
house. Local incomes may rise,
but usually not as much as housing
prices, and property taxes.
Some will feel the squeeze,
and see the situation as an oppor-
tunity to sell, and move to a lower-
cost location. Others may do the
same, because they don’t like how
the town is changing.
Realtors and developers
see this as a golden opportunity,
and often make a lot of money,
but the vacation-home business
has brought rampant speculation
to town. When the boom turns to
a bust, it will rock the fragile local
The vacation-home market
is much more speculative than the
market for primary residences sim-
ply because these are homes peo-
ple do not need, so they are the first
thing that has to go when the buyer
gets in a financial squeeze. In re-
cent years, with the lax credit stan-
dards, and abilty to buy with little
or no down payment, the specula-
tion has gotten even worse!
The article, Second-Home
Housing Glut; Real Estate Bubble
Losing Air, written back in June
2006, made the following com-
ments about the state of the vaca-
tion-home market, at that time:
“For starters, many second
homes have been sold not to seri-
ous vacationers but to speculative
investors hoping to cash on the na-
tional real-estate craze. How else
to explain why six out of 10 sec-
ond-home owners surveyed by the
Realtors group own two or more
homes in addition to their main
The danger is that if enough
of those investors decide the mar-
ket has peaked, they could trigger
a selling frenzy throughout the sec-
ond-homes market. That, in turn,
could add to the pressures in the
main housing market.”
“After a long string of dou-
ble-digit annual price increases, a
number of second-home meccas
across the country are suddenly
suffering from plunging sales vol-
ume and burgeoning inventories of
unsold homes.”
“The price runups of the past
several years are reason enough for
concern. A report from Cleveland-
based National City, a top banking
and mortgage concern, points to
serious overvaluation in a number
of second-home hot spots in Flori-
da, California and elsewhere.”
“He rejects a notion ad-
vanced by housing bulls that shore
communities in Florida and Cali-
fornia will be protected because
of the limited supply of coastline.
Japanese real estate and land prices
went down for 15 years and Japan
is an island.”
“Investors hoping to sell
luxury condos that they bought
over the past couple of years could
be in for some special trouble.”
The article, Hot Market for
Second Homes Hits Slump, writ-
ten back in August 2006, made
the following comments about the
state of the vacation-home market,
at that time:
“The once-bustling deal
making in a wide variety of popu-
lar locations for second homes —
areas like Florida, the Jersey Shore
and Lake Tahoe, as well as the
high-price playground on the East
End of Long Island — has slowed
markedly in recent months.
As the overall housing mar-
ket weakens, the interest in buying
vacation homes, from the most
modest condominiums on up, ap-
pears to be falling faster. Unlike
most metropolitan areas — where
underlying demand and the normal
turnover in primary homes as a re-
sult of job moves, new households
and family changes provide a more
solid floor under prices — the sec-
ond-home market relies on a dif-
ferent set of motivations that tends
to exaggerate booms and busts.
“Second-home buying is
very discretionary,” said Edward
Leamer, an economist at the Uni-
versity of California, Los Angeles.
“There is no force of demographics
that is pushing people into buying
homes as there is in primary home
In second-home markets
around the country, the number of
sales is shrinking even as the prop-
erties on the market increase. Pric-
es at all levels are softening, and in
a few places recently have begun
“In addition to the over-
building factor, rapidly rising insur-
ance premiums tied to the greater
risk of hurricane damage have hurt
home sales in many coastal areas
of Florida.”
“During the boom, prices
in regions with a heavy concen-
tration of second-home sales rose
higher and faster than elsewhere,
an analysis by Moody’s Econo- of national mortgage and
housing data showed. “These have
been the most juiced-up markets,”
said Mark Zandi, chief economist
“Vacation homes, like other
luxury items, are frequently caught
up in booms that appear to defy
gravity. But they depend on a rela-
tively narrow slice of the popula-
tion, mostly affluent baby boomers,
leaving them vulnerable to sudden
“...overall interest in sec-
ond homes tends to closely follow
the ups and downs of the economic
“Plenty of people are will-
ing to pay more for waterfront
property, privacy and pristine vis-
tas, but no region has a monopoly
on those features.”
“When you don’t like the
pricing someplace, you can go
someplace else.”
With home prices increas-
ing much faster than in any other
city in the state of Texas, there is
no question that the recent hous-
ing boom, in Galveston, is driven
by the vacation-home market. The
Median Selling Price in 2006 had
already reached 5.32 times the
Median Household Income, which
is 77% higher than the long-term
national average, and many recent
projects far exceed that number.
Condos in the Palisade
Palms complex, that are selling for
$400,000 to $1,650,000, yield a
Price to Median Household Income
ratio of 13.11 to 43.28. It should be
clear that this project, and many
others, are not priced to be afford-
able by residents of Galveston, so
if the speculative money pulls out,
there is going to be a lot of high-
end vacant inventory on the mar-
It has only been a little over
20 years since the last vacation-
home bubble came to Galveston,
but the after effects have long been
forgotten! This is all that remains,
on East Beach, of J.R. McCon-
nell’s vacation-home bubble in the
1980’s! What will the current bub-
ble leave behind?
Vacation Homes
by David Stanowski
For more information on Real Estate, the Economy, Hot Bands, Venues and more,
check out David Stanowski’s two resource Web sites.
Find them at and

The Power of the Rock!
Jan McGovern
Jan McGovern
Jan McGovern
• Prudential.com__ Yahoo!
The NUMBER 1 visited website in the world.
• Multi-Media Area Wide Campaign.
Driving home buyers to view your home.
• 20 Years Marketing Background.
Hands on agent, working hard to meet your goals.
Why not start your
Just Right?
New Year
by finding that home that’s
Spreading Your Wings 6 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard ppp ggggg ggggg pp gggg ggggg
...”Con”vention, that is! What better way to describe a convention than
as a meeting of people with similar interests and tastes all meet-
ing together to share in their passion for whatever it is people get
excited about.
Mardi Gras patrons wear masks, beads (sometimes just beads),
beards and smiles. Lone Star Rally riders wear leather, black,
chains and of course, sunglasses. Before that- our favorite-Hal-
loween, where your only limitation is your own imagination on
what you “go as.”
In fact, your abilitiy to “Do as the romans do,” or active partici-
pation in the gatherings of the season nearly always reflect how
much you get out of it, and how much fun you have.
We were recently given the opportunity to promote an “Oni Con” Anime
convention to you readers in our previous issue. ( An-
ime is a Japanese animation style, most recogniseable to the first timer
with examples such as Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Ninja Scroll, Ghost in
the Shell, and more. Ask for Anime at the Rosenberg Library. )
Several of us worked all weekend as volunteers at the convention, with
hopes of learning more how the convention organism worked. What we
found out was that a convention is highly-complicated, ultra-organized,
multi-million-variabled work!
Obviously these things make money, because there are hundreds, no,
thousands of people here. We want to be involved with
you should. What can you offer at a convention? There is a wide variety
of opportunities to organize and seek out your fellow man toward a com-
mon cause. If you build it, they will come. Before you “Con” though,
you must “Commit.” You must form a committee of people, decide what
you want to do, and then set about to making it a reality!
Besides integrating ourselves and yourselves into existing events, orga-
nizations, functions and happenings, what more can we create for locals
and visitors that interests you?
Expect Galveston Film Festival Jan ‘09. Disc
Golf Course Organization ‘08. Homegrown/
Mainland East End Music Concert Beach Event
‘09. Public Access Channel. Island Radio. A
Wireless Internet Island.How may we be of ser-
vice in spreading the word, seeking committed
people to help make these real?
Also check out the Halloween Funk fest walk
thru on page 12, along with Epicurean Evening
and Dicken’s on the Strand on page 24.
Can we do it?
Of Course we “Con”!
More at Mardi Gras
January 25 – February 5, 2008
info at
7 Spreading Your Wings
3424 Seawall Blvd. Galveston Texas 77550
(409) 763-0655
Island Bowl
Strike up a good time at
Monday* - Friday 11:00 am - Midnite
Saturday and Sunday - Noon - Midnite
Monday - Friday until 5:00 pm
Rent a Lane for an hour $15.00
Monday & Thursday after 6:00 pm
$2.25 per person / per game
Before 6:00 pm - Children - $2.75, Adult - $3.00
After 6:00 pm $3.25 All Prices are Per Person/Per Game
“Best Cheeseburgers in Town!”
Full Service Lounge
Family and Friend Fun
(Off 35th and Seawall)
*Open Late on Mondays!
Shoes - $2.25
“We’ll be here if you are.”
Serving Galveston Since 1921
3502 Broadway • (409) 762-7551
Holiday Specials on all truck/auto accessories.
Come see us this season for all your truck needs.

Visors/Bug Deflectors
Tonneau Covers
Power Programmers
Ron asked us as we kicked back with an iced coffee...
“Which is more important in a society, Acceptance
or Forebearance? (To be tolerant or patient...we
looked it up.) Acceptance ends in law, no longer il-
legal. Forebearance allows for moral suasion. (Verbal
criticism, back and forth flow of discussion without
He then asked if moral suasion or law was better for
a society. If it is legal it is ok, but laws are enforced
with a heavy cost. Wow. This iced coffee is good!
Only $1.75
Spreading Your Wings 8 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Seizing The Transition…..
by Thomas Graves
Now I know that I said in my
last article that I would talk about my
homelessness in London, but I feel that in
order for it to make sense and flow freely I
must explain a whole mess of other things.
So let me begin……at the
In 1998 I was a
junior at Friendswood High
School. I made friends with
an exchange student from
Brussels, Belgium. Over the
course of that year I got to
be friends with her and when
she went back, I decided
that I would go to Belgium
for a visit. Before this, I
had no intention of traveling
anywhere. So I saved over
the course of a year and after
I graduated in the year 2000 I
had already bought my plane
ticket, my passport, and had
saved approximately $1000. I landed in
Belgium in the morning, and to this day
I can’t describe the excitement I felt to
know that I was on the other side of our
planet. It was a great feeling! Everything
that I looked at felt like I was seeing for the
first time (mind the fact that I was an 18
year old, ignorant, suburban kid). Almost
instantly I was falling in love with Europe.
Over the course of my month in Belgum, I
traveled all over the country, as well as to
Luxembourg, and Holland. I discovered the
joy of fries (frites) and mayonnaise, and the
broad range of beers that the Belgians are
known for. Anyway, back to the storyline.
So a few weeks go by and I’m introduced to
numerous friends of hers, but one stood out.
David was a 20
something Belgian guy
of Moroccan decent.
Immediately we hit it off.
He was interested in where
I was from, and what I was
about, and likewise for
me. Before I left Belgium
David promised me that he
would come to Texas for a
visit, and that he did. He
came to Texas in the winter
of 2001. After his week
and a half visit, I didn’t see
David again for 5 years.
We kept in touch mainly
through email and the
occasional phone call.
I graduated from Texas A&M
University-Commerce in May of 2006. The
whole time that I was in college I didn’t do
much traveling. Sure, I traveled around the
states and dipped into Mexico once. But I
was left feeling unfulfilled. I missed my
friends that I had made in Belgium terribly,
and I wanted to feel that feeling of being
in a new place again. So I had made up
my mind that since I was graduating and
was about to move, there was a perfect
opportunity to do whatever I wanted in
between this transition period. First, I
decided that I had to get out of this country
for a while. Six months sounded good to
me. Just long enough to get my fill, and
just short enough to return if things weren’t
working out. First I bought the plane ticket
to avoid backing out of my decision. Then
I tried to find a job. I must have emailed
eighty three businesses. Eighty three of
those including schools, bars, libraries,
and couriers. No one responded. One
day I got an email from some mysterious
agency called Protocol Teachers (look it up).
They told me that I could teach in London
(employed by them) as a substitute teacher.
I filled out many forms and submitted a
lot of information (including references,
transcripts, blah, blah, blah). Then I learned
that each one of us is entitled to a six month
work visa abroad. Did you know that? You
just have to either be a student, or a recent
graduate. Well I got it, booked my hostel,
and set the day for my interview with the
teaching agency.
I had worked at a restaurant between
leaving for London and graduation. After
buying a new iPod and Apple laptop, I had
around $2000……to last me until I started
work with the agency. That was my first
I hate to do it, but that’s it until next
month. Next month the story continues and
I’ll walk you through the ups and downs..
and yes, my ultimate down, homelessness
in London.
9 Spreading Your Wings
Calendar of Events 2008
1/13/08 A Lesson Before Dying. Scene from the play and dialogue. Presented
by Ensemble Theatre of Houston. Strand Theatre, 2317 Ships Mechanics Row,
Galveston. 2 pm
1/22/08 A Lesson Before Dying. Film. Rosenberg Library, Randall Rm.,
2310 Sealy, Galveston. 6 pm
1/29/08 A Lesson Before Dying. Three Professors Panel Discussion: Not
Your Typical English Class! Presented by Michael Berberich, Stephen
Curley, and John Gorman. Rosenberg Library, Wortham Auditorium, 2310
Sealy, Galveston. 7 pm
2/7/08 Family Dynamics of Black Male Incarceration. Panel discussion
with Yoni Benson, Linda Ferguson, Leah Fanuiel, Robert Caraway, Charlie
Baldwin, and James Dennis. Facilitated by Jason Glenn. Central Cultural Cen-
ter Library, 2627 Ave. M, Galveston. Sponsorship and refreshments provided by
the UTMB Office of Diversity and International Affairs. 6 – 8 pm
3/11/08 A Lesson Before Dying: An interactive videoconference with
Ernest Gaines. Facilitated by John Gorman. Galveston College, Auditorium
FA-207, 4015 Ave. Q, Galveston. Sponsorship and refreshments provided by
Galveston College. 7 pm
1/02/08 Mosquito Cafe, 628 14
, Galveston. 7 pm
1/08/08 St. Patrick Catholic Church, 1010 35
St., Galveston. 7 pm
1/10/08 Starbucks, 2808 61
St., Galveston, 5:30 pm
1/12/08 Moody Memorial First United Methodist Church, 2803 53
St. Galveston. 10 am
1/19/08 LaMarque Public Library, 1011 Bayou Rd., LaMarque. 9 am
1/23/08 Moore Memorial Public Library. 1701 Ninth Ave. North, Texas City. 7 pm
1/24/08 Mod Coffee House, 2126 Postoffice St., Galveston. 7 pm
1/30/08 Helen Hall Library, 100 West Walker, League City. 2pm
2/05/08 St. Patrick Catholic Church, 1010 35
St., Galveston. 7 pm
2/11/08 Westminster Presbyterian, 5127 Ave. U, Galveston. 7 pm
2/12/08 Moody Memorial First United Methodist Church, 2803 53
St. Galveston. Noon
2/13/08 Rosenberg Library– McCullough Rm., 2310 Sealy, Galveston. Noon.
2/13/08 Midsummer Books, 2309 Ships Mechanics Row, Galveston. 5:30 pm
2/19/08 Friendswood Public Library, 416 South Friendswood Dr., Friendswood. 7 pm
2/27/08 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 502 Church St., Galveston. 7 pm
3/01/08 Y’a Bon Village Coffeehouse, 2828 Church St., Galveston. 2 pm
3/04/08 St. Patrick Catholic Church, 1010 35
St., Galveston. 7 pm
3/06/08 Tiki Book Club, Public Safety Bldg, 747 Tiki Dr., Tiki Island. 7 pm
SPONSORS: Kempner Fund,, Rosenberg Library, Dorris Stechmann Johnson Foundation for Community Theatre, Galveston
College, University of Texas Medical Branch Office of Diversity and International Affairs, Friends of Rosenberg Library.
XXX Open!
We know your favorite businesses and organizations are remembering the Galveston Wizard Periodical
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even more in the new year!
Be thousands of places at once.
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com, or call us at 409.621.2864. We look forward to hearding from you.
here’s a rainbow...
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Only $35 an hour.
See Ad rates on our Web site.
Zestival 2008
www. ZKREWE. net
Info: 409-766-7684
“Be On the Trumpets Balcony”
With Zkrewe
Zestival I Sat. 1/26/08 $75 ea
Phil Johnson (4pm-Midnight)
Zestival II Fri. 2/1/08 $75 ea
The Slags (6pm-Midnight)
Zestival III Sat. 2/2/08 $125 ea
Slags + Philadelphia Mummers (Noon-Midnight)
Price includes food, drink tickets, balcony, band, security, full bar,
storage for beads. Restrooms. Beads available for purchase.
Must be 21 yrs old to attend.


Zkrewe 2008 theme: Pirates
New in 2008:
Buy tickets online!!
email us your cool pics !
for more information.
Spreading Your Wings 10 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Undoing Exclusionism
The problem is, we’re all dealing in different currencies. No plans for
peace leaves room for blueprints for Secret Wars. Although scabs
heal over time. There is no room on an island for burning bridges. We
should all look for ways to encourage and support one another.
Set yourself/business on the right path and get things out of your
inbox. make an honest effort to return calls and answer your Emails.
Yes’ and No’s will speed up and clarify business opportunities for all
parties involved. Don’t Let your word be like a house of Cards. Keep
your promises and reap the benefits that trust brings. (that’s all pro’s
and no cons - what a deal!)
Everyone on this island is a piece to the greater puzzle that makes a
beautiful place to live. there’s nothing more joyful than when new
pieces to the puzzle fit together. (Expecially when no one else can
make the right fit happen.) It takes every piece to finish our puzzle and
working together as a community, nieghbors, family and friends is the
only way we can ever put all the pieces right.
Introduce yourself to a stranger (common sense rules withstanding)
and be wizened by the unique knowledge that they inevitably possess.
Better yet most are more than curteous to oblige you with thier story.
If you say your hands are tied... may be right.
11 Spreading Your Wings
It is the policy of Galveston College to provide equal opportunities without regard to age, race, religion, national origin, sex, disability or veteran status.
JANUARY 7 - 11
Bobby Enriquez
Director of Operations
Gulf Coast
Texas Gas Services
“I graduated from Galveston
College in 1988 then got my
Bachelors from UH Clear Lake
in 1992. I’ve been with Gas
Services for 25 years and my
wife became a Registered
Nurse after graduating from
Galveston College’s Associate
Degree Nursing program.”
A Beacon of Light Guiding Lifelong Learning
The Whole World Needs Some Change
As I wiped my eyes this morning,
I told myself, “Today, I’ll change”.
Change is not a problem for me. I
am one of those ones that believe
people change every second. That
everything happens for ridiculous
reasons and stuff like that. Right ?
I have made a decision to change
my face. For years, I have battled
with acne and Rosacea . Sun
damage, marriage/divorce scaring,
genetic cigarette smoking, alcohol
consumption and raising kids have
not helped my over all, either. I
developed elevens in between my
eyes for goodness sakes. Bottom
line is I have not liked my face for
sometime. Candy Lockhart with
West Isle Wellness (6019 Avenue
S ½ & 911 22
Street - (409) 996-
3166) is the angel of my mercy.
Candy is going to assist me with
liking my face. And I am so ready,
after years and years of Pro this
and cycline that.
After informing my loved ones
of my face transformation, I
received what I thought to be mind
boggling feedback. I’ve heard:
Why do you want to change mama
I like the way you look.
Do you think it’s going to hurt ?
How much does it cost ?
Will she do me, too ?
I have had two chemical peels,
thus far, and I can really see a
difference. I have been without
face cake (make-up) for several
days without anyone asking what
happened. Liberation is kicking
in. My dream of having a glowing
healthy face is becoming a reality.
And I keep going to “why do you
want to change mama ?”
Change ?
Anyone with child knows what I
must do. Those without, you may
like this too.
Like looking in your bathroom
mirror and seeing ripples of
cirrus clouds and knowing that if
you don’t move soon, you could
end up in a heap. Changing
your outsides must coexist with
tweaking the insides, too.
Little Lucy needs an explanation
without getting sucked into
the vortex of vanity by her own
mother. Why do I want to change?
Because. Change is good. Change
is healthy. Change makes a
difference. Change comes from
within. Change makes the world go
round. Change is defined. And this
time honey, change is affordable.
I am going to share with our
wonderful readers my before and
after shots of my transformation. I
welcome you to ask me anything
about the process. You can contact
me at
I invite you to ask me to show you
some change. I’ll be happy to
reach in my pocket and show you
a handful of the type of change
I carry. It’s normally the shiny
kind. My kids love it like there is
no tomorrow.

by Linda Sivy
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): changed; chang·ing
to give a different position, course, or
direction to 2. to replace with another <let’s
change the subject>
Spreading Your Wings 12 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
We Got Some Funk
~Linda Sivy
Saturday, Oct. 27
, East Beach.
ajic 102.1 and Strategic
Enterprises brought us
the 1
Annual Halloween Funk
Fest at East Beach. Gates
opened at 1:00. Comedian and
host J. Anthony Brown took
the stage promptly at 3:00,
and stayed there for over an
hour; which, in itself, doesn’t
constitute funk. Evidently,
there was some funkin problem
with the equipment. While a
passel of roadies swung from
the rigging, Mr. Brown did
what he does; he entertained.
In fact, he did his job so
well that among hundreds of
funk hungry freaks in costume,
funky families and all manner
of friendly funkers, nobody
was grumbling about the $30-
$45 ticket price. Simply put,
J. Anthony Brown was worth
the money.
When the music did
start, it felt to many they
were getting something free.
Coop Deville opened with
their national debut, and it
seems those kids truly have
something; a new generation’s
perspective on old school
funk. Recognizing the
talent stacked behind them,
however, they didn’t hold
the stage for long. The SOS
Band, Ohio Players, Morris
Day and The Time, then the
headliner – Cameo. It was a
full ticket, to say the least, and
a musical dream come true for
this mother funker.
Okay, the segues
weren’t as smooth as they
could’ve been, but it can’t
be easy to achieve your best
sound in all that funkin sand,
waves rolling in behind
you. Besides, The Wizard
is in no position to complain
about punctuality. Had it
not been for the marvelous
work of Krystal Williams
with Strategic Enterprises,
arranging our VIP passes at the
last minute while overseeing
this monumental undertaking
(with aplomb – nice job,
Krystal) The Wiz wouldn’t
have even been backstage.
With the free BBQ.
At each lull in the funk,
amid “check, check, check”
from the stage, J. Anthony
Brown stepped in and did his
thing, often walking among
the crowd with his wireless
mic. He had us hurting with
laughter. Given another
ten or fifteen minutes, he
would’ve stolen the show.
So, it didn’t go off without a
hitch. But thanks to a group of
consummate professionals, a
lineup of seasoned performers,
and a most affable crowd, The
Wizard is gonna call the 1
Annual Halloween Funk Fest
a huge success. Let us all hope
we see it again next year.
Strategic Enterprises’ Stage on East Beach
J. Anthony Brown, in repose
The SOS Band on stage Photos courtesy of M. Phillips
SOS Funks it up - Seriously
He’s a kidding
Krystal Williams, Strategic Ent.
Allen Flores, E. Beach Organizer
Ohio Players lay it down
13 Spreading Your Wings
buy it at
a Regular or Large Combo at
Valid only at 2221 Market St. Galveston
One coupon per customer per visit.
Hrs: Mon-Fri 11:00 to 8:00 pm,
Sat and Sun 11-3:00pm.
$2 OFF
Got Conspiracy?
hunt it down at
Get tripped out by the film
Theories analyzed? ok, Ready to learn “The Secret”?
conspiracy theorist-ing on a budget?
Put “I.C.E.” as a contact name in your phone, also
the contacts’ number and relation. That way a Good
Samaritan will know who to call In Case of Emer-
gency if you need help and can’t call for yourself!
(they’re somebody’s “baby.”) buy it at
*see how the cube was made at
Spreading Your Wings 14 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Kite Flights by Kathy Nixie
Kites! Can you get it up?
This new column will give you some
information, especially if you have someone
in your life telling you to GO FLY A KITE.
I plan to educate you, as well as
entertain you, so be prepared to
listen to some interesting facts
as well as a tall tale from time to
A few words about my-
self, I really am a grownup. I
have been building and flying
kites as an adult for over 20
years. I have taught people of all
ages to build and fly kites. I live
in Galveston, where the wind and
weather give me year round kite
flying time.
There is an unseen wondrous ele-
ment, the wind, involved in kite flying that
appeals to me. I find relaxation at the end of
a kite string and I think you can too. I hope
that you can find or build a successful kite
and enjoy the mystery of the wind. Come let
me show you how.
Kites have been around for a while. We
really do not know how long because they were
around before there was paper to write down
the story on. We really do not know where they
started for the same reason. The historians are
reasonably certain that kites were developed in
what today is China. Kites were made of the
same materials then as they are today, bamboo
and silk. This tradition has been carried on for
at least 2000 years. The oldest written record
of a kite was written on a bamboo stick. These
sticks, flattened quarter pieces of a large bam-
boo were strung together like a fan and could
tell many stories on their 2-3 foot
lengths. The crafting of kites used
the lightweight but strong and flex-
ible bamboo and light fabric, silk.
Beautiful and artistic kites are still
made like this in China. The sea-
going traders spread the kite flying
tradition all over the world.
I have listened to stories from
people I meet about their success-
ful and unsuccessful kite flying
experiences. I usually ask new
people I meet how long it has
been since they have flown a kite.
Usually it has been way too long. I want you
to think about your experiences. They color
your outlook about trying this again. I try to let
people who are out with a kite that won’t fly
know that it is not a personal reflection on you.
Usually a kite that won’t fly is not suited to the
wind that day, or is not put together correctly. I
know I would have been a much better kite fly-
er as a kid if I had had some instruction. This
is where the sharing comes in. I have the best
time when I can share the fun, which is one
of the reasons why I am writing this. I hope
you learn to fly a kite and then show someone
else how to do it too.
A few more hints: Visit your local
library and ask them about kites. Go to and explore the world of
kites online.
If you are a teacher or parent go to
my web site and get
a kit for your classroom. Till I see you on
the kite field, keep your chin up, fly a kite.
I can teach classes in building and flying
for all ages birthday parties, etc. for those
Legacy of Kane
One evening, our man-beast
chihuahau friend Kane decided he
wanted to go for a walk.
Unfortunately he left no note or
made no mention of his departure
to his roommates or anyone else.
Where was he? !
A heavy rainstorm that night had
us all worried as to his where-
We set out looking for him, comb-
ing the neighborhood. Nobody had
seen him, but we got to meet many
of our neighbor friends, who also
pledged their eyes to the cause.
Finally we set out on a small-scale
advertising campaign and 2 days
later we were reunitied with our
once-lost friend, who was found 5
blocks from home. Good to have
you back, friend!
15 Spreading Your Wings
Spreading Your Wings 16 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
The historic Balinese Room nightclub, located 600 hundred feet
into the Gulf on the legendary former gambling pier, is hosting
the best New Year’s celebration you can have!
The evening starts with a long walk down the pier over the crash-
ing waves, until you reach the romantic, tropical Balinese Show-
room, home to all the movie stars of the 1940’s and 50’s and the
south’s best casino in that era. You will be greeted with an appetizer buffet. Dinner service begins at 8:00 p.m. and
ends at 10:00 p.m.,
The live band is the fabulous Fondue Monks, playing their unique style of danceable funky rock.
Price is $125 per couple or $65 per person and includes New Eve’s party favors, noise makers, a free bottle of
champagne per couple, the appetizer table, a fabulous dinner of ham with a orange apricot cognac glaze and all the
trimmings, dessert and the famous ambiance of the incredible Balinese Room. Cash bar.
Reservations can be made at or by calling the reservation service at (888) 939-8680. & Company wishes you a Happy Holidays. Below are a few of the special events happening on the island this holiday season.
November 17, 2007 - January 5, 2008
Festive sights and sounds will fill Moody
Gardens at the sixth annual Festival of
Lights November 17 through January 5.
Drawing more than 60,000 people each
year, Moody Gardens Festival of Lights
has become a holiday favorite for fami-
Transforming its lush garden setting into a winter menagerie of lights,
Moody Gardens will be adorned with more than a million twinkling
lights and dozens of light displays.
For a complete list, visit our Calendar of Events at
The traditions
continue as Jerry
Jeff Walker returns
to kick off the New
Year. Share an eve-
ning of toe-tappin’
songs with “Mister
Bojangles!” This
year’s show is all
Jerry Jeff - all eve-
ning long!
New Year’s Eve at The Historic Balinese Room
Monday, December 31, 2007
Moody Gardens Festival of Lights
Jerry Jeff Walker at The Grand 1894 Opera House
Saturday January 5, 2008. 8pm
Moody Gardens’ renowned New Year’s Eve black tie celebration
returns Dec. 31st. We’ve got your ticket to paradise and invite you to
ring in the New Year in grand style at the hottest party of the season!
“Midnight in the Gardens - Party in Paradise” will feature non-stop
live entertainment headlined by legendary rock icon Eddie Money,
known for such hits as “Shakin”, “Two Tickets to Paradise”, “Take
Me Home Tonight”, and more. The fabulous show band Eclipse, a
crowd favorite in years past, also will take the stage with their electric
sound and high energy show.
Cafe Madrid presents a special New Year’s Eve Celebration, Monday, December 31st. The evening will
feature two scrumptious dinner sittings, one at 7pm; the second at 9pm .
Guests are invited to ring in the New Year with live jazz by Sparky’s Jazz Express, party favors, a midnight
balloon drop, and champagne. Reservations are required, and can be made by phone at (409)765-TAPA.
Monday, December 31, 2007. Dinner at 7pm & 9pm
Monday, December 31, 2007. 7:30pm - 1am
New Year’s Eve at Moody Gardens featuring Eddie Money
New Year’s Eve at Cafe Madrid
17 Spreading Your Wings
Unique home decor and gifts
Dragonfly Gallery
Rediscover the
Festive Santas and unique ornaments from around the world.
alveston, T
Since 1938
5105 BROADWAY, Galveston, TX
(409)762.9652 Toll Free 1-888-6-ARAMCO
Hurricane Season.
Prepare early for
Since 1938
5105 BROADWAY, Galveston, TX
(409)762.9652 Toll Free 1-888-6-ARAMCO
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttt anic Stre 2413 Mecha
on 77550 Galvesto
.6370 409.763
Art & Custom Framing is Our Business. Art & Custom Framing is Our Business.
Customer Service is Our Pleasure! Customer SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSServiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice is Our Pleas
Located At
Hardi Plank & Painting By
American Eagle
Men, ignore the tendency to wait til last minute on your framing needs!
Women, use this as ad as an opportunity to suggest framing that special memory.
Reprint Business Cards
Spreading Your Wings 18 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Island BrainWorks L.L.C.
Your Well-Being is our business
2220 Postoffice Street Suite A ~ Galveston Island ~ TX 77550
A Brain State Conditioning affiliate
3606 89th Street, Galveston, Texas 77554
“We look forward to your service!”
Whether working or relaxing,
Comfort Suites gives you the room you need.
Restful. Roomy. Organized.
89th & Seawall. Next to Premiere Cinema
For Reservations call
100% Guarantee
Free High Speed Wireless
Outdoor Pool and HotTub
Free Fitness and Business Center
Free High Speed Wireless
100% Smoke Free
Free Services and Amenities:
19 Spreading Your Wings
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of a
new account setup!
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Introduction to Gmail!
Composing an email is a click away. See an email address
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Already email, internet and Web savvy? Be sure to visit our Web site at to browse previous issues, and more.
Also visit for up to the minute listing of events, places, bookings, reservations and more.
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Okay, Congressman.
Let's get one thing
straight right off the
bat. No matter
what you say, |'m
right. So keep that
in mind before you
start spilling your
why is it after so
many mis-leadings,
so much PPOvLN
corruption, and
complete lack of
accountability, do
you still support
this current

| twuefuhwy tink duuuuh
pwesidunt caweez duh......
.....face of us awell.
2007 ª
With all of the times we’ve asked our readers to email us, it never occurred to us that a few readers out there still might not have email accounts to
email us with! Not just us, but family members, business contacts, friends and much more are a few clicks away once one sets up and utilizes an email
account of their own! There are many to choose from. Hotmail, Yahoo! and GMail are just a few of your options for free email usage. Start today!
Go to
Spreading Your Wings 20 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
The Art of Happines (Part 1)
Every morning seems
totally normal. You wake up,
drag yourself to the shower,
get dressed, get in your car,
and go to work.
Does the whole thing
seem a little, dreary? You
might go as far as to say that
you might be a little depressed.
If you find yourself
ever feeling like this, chances
are you’re not. Chances are
you aren’t appreciating your
day, as you should. Ok, ill use
comparison to get my point
Scenario 1: You wake
up; lay there for a minute,
already annoyed. You roll out
of bed, take a shower, skip
breakfast, and proceed to
trample anyone and anything
that gets in the way of you
making it out the door. You
open your car door; move stuff
off of the seats, floors, and
dash so you and your carpool
can sit. Then drive mercilessly
while tying your tie, putting on
makeup, or whatever it is that
you are into. Thus your day
Scenario 2: You wake
up, stand up, open up your
blinds or drapes and let some
sun in. You then walk out to
the back or front yard and bask
in the warmth and serenity
of it all for a minute. Take a
shower, get out and walk to
your room to find all your work
stuff already laid out, shirts
and pants pressed, you walk
by the mirror and you catch
a glimpse of you admiring
yourself. Then you walk to the
kitchen have eggs, waffles with
pure maple syrup, bagels with
or without cream cheese, or
your favorite cereal with sliced
fruit, get into your piney fresh
smelling car, adjust your rear
view. And take in your scene.
You may not think
that the little things you do
everyday are as important
as the big things, but picture
this, life is like art. Imagine
your everyday thoughts,
decisions, and actions as
millions of little colored tiles
of different shapes and sizes.
Like a mosaic, you place these
colored tiles onto life’s canvas,
one by one, a red one here, a
blue one there, maybe even
throw an indigo piece in there
every now and again. You
have your big pieces which
symbolize your big things in
life such as going to Jamaica
for a week, buying a new car,
paying and raising rent, taking
care of your family, doing
well in school, getting that
promotion, selling that house,
You also have your
smaller pieces which
symbolize the smaller things
in life like, eating right,
enjoying the sunset while
you make your way down the
seawall, going to your favorite
restaurant and ordering your
all time favorite meal, and so
on. Now as you set your pieces
into place, you might come
across some problems along
the way.
Your pieces might not fit
the way you originally thought
they might. You have a choice,
you may take a totally different
piece and incorporate it in a
totally new way than originally
intended, or you can take the
original piece and reshape it to
fit just right. The point is to fit
all your pieces into the grand
scheme of things. You may
think you do that all ready, but
if you think about it, an act as
simple as waking up late is a
missing piece in your creation,
you are constantly throughout
your day trying to make up for
the missing pieces by taking an
energy drink or having a cup of
coffee, but the tiles are set, or
missing, so there will always
be that little gap.
Tomorrow morning,
when you first wake up, think
to yourself what you want
your day to be. You’ve got a
blank canvas. Look at all of the
pieces to choose from to start
this new day’s mosaic of life.
Snooze button piece? Up and
at them piece? Choose your
pieces wisely. Find mosaic
by Rigo
Who Needs Mistletoe?
“You Get More”
Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 -5:30
Saturday 10:00 - 1:00
Mention ad for 10% off Purchase*
*Good until Feb 14, 2008
2114 61st Street Galveston (409)740-1463
Celebrates Mardi Gras 2008
For ticket and contact information:
or call
(409) 771-8529
“Celebrating Mardi Gras since 1985”
Galveston Island Convention Center “Grand Ballroom”
Saturday, January 12, 2008
and Avenue N1/2 – (7pm – 11pm)
January 25, 2008
Seawall Blvd. (Noon)
Saturday, January 26, 2008
Historical Downtown and the Strand District (6:30pm)
February 5, 2008
21 Spreading Your Wings
Every one of us grows
older. Eventually, for one
reason or another, we be-
come are no longer for this
What happens with our con-
science, spirit, or mind is
debatable, with individual’s
answer to that question
usually as unique as the
individual themselves.
As we go through life,
through it’s many stages,
our amazing bodies go with
us. When our time here is
up, we leave behind our
posessions, our loved one’s,
our legacy, and our bodies.
Several Medical Body Do-
nation Programs help make
provisions for future doctors
and pave the way for more
understanding of the body
with the donation of one’s
body to science after death.
Medical body donations
help to protect, preserve,
and prevent and understand
how the body works, and
the effects of such donations
leave a lasting impact on
the medical community for
many generations to come.
When considering medical
body donation as an alterna-
tive option to funeral and cre-
mation costs, call the Medi-
cal Body Donation Experts
at Carnes Funeral Home in
Texas City. 409-986-9900
Should you donate your body?
Ray Schaper, the last dairy
farmer in Galveston, en-
joys a cold beverage and
good conversation at the
Wizzard bar on 24th and
Here he is with his first
Galveston Wizard intro-
Wizardly wise Galvesto-
nians are all around you.
Take the time to learn
from them!
Do you know a Galveston
Wizard? Tell us who they
are an why they are so
wise! Share the wisdom!
Resources for further information on
Medical Body Donation
Questions or Concerns?
Spreading Your Wings 22 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Don’t Get Distracted.
Dont fade away from that goal.
Do what you need to be doing.
You can’t stop doing it.
Keep going, keep going, keep going.
Put up a poster of your ideas.
What are you working for?
Keep after your Goals!



























23 Spreading Your Wings

Step into the Lunchbox on 21st and
Strand and you will be greeted by two of
the nicest ladies in the restraunt business,
Laura and Dayatra.
If the food was just so-so (and
it’s not) I would still go there for the good
coversation and to listen to the swing music
playing on the stereo.
Their deli type menu consists of
reasonably priced healthy breakfast foods
and sandwiches along with
items available for a quick snack. With
such a nice array of items, The Lunch-
box is sure to be big hit with the locals
and tourists as well.
On our recent visit we sampled
the chicken salad sandwich (a house spe-
cialty) and and a rather tasty ruben.
The chicken salad comes from a
old family recipe which is really good and
and its served on a moist, tender and dark
honey wheat bread. If you get a chance try
some of Dad’s Pimento Cheese, its some
of the best I ever had.
The Ruben was equally as tastey.
Its offers a new twist on an old favorite.
Served on honey wheat bread, a gener-
ous portion of corned beef is topped
with homemade shredded cabbage and
nice leafy garden greens. Its a wonderful
sandwhich that leaves you satisfied but not
weighed down and wanting an afternoon
Last but not least, lets not forget
the sweets, fresh lemonades, sodas, and
iced coffees. With a variety of flavors, you
can have your drink made any way you
like it.
With a variety of foods on the
menu, and such pleasant conversation, I
know we’re going to go back and try to
sample everything.

Galveston has a new coffee shop.
Saxbys located 500 Seawall in
the new Piazza Blanca Shopping
Center, a new and upcoming area
on the Seawall. Saxbys features a
great cup of coffee also with all the
mochas, teas, ciders, lattes, espresso
and much more. Baked goods are
plentiful and good. The cookies are
my favorite! The shop itself is very
conducive to relaxing, studying and
just hanging out and talking with
friends. Great outside seating with
music playing in a shaded area.
The bike group I ride with,
E-Street Riders, always makes
Saxbys one of our stopping points
because of the great coffee, nice
staff, and outside seating.
Saxbys has a lot of
Pluses such as Free WiFi, Clean
Restrooms, Great beach view, and
much more. Try Saxbys, you’ll
like it.
Restaurant Spotlights
With so many new eateries popping
up around the Island, we can’t afford to
forget the one of Galveston’s mainstays in
traditional Italian food, DiBella’s.
On the corner of 31st and Avenue
P, DiBella’s has been serving up old-fash-
ioned meat lasagna, eggplant parmigiana,
spaghetti with meatballs and other fine
homemade Italian dishes since 1989. Being
hidden away in a quiet residential neighbor-
hood, DiBella’s manages to make you feel
like you are the guest of honor in an Italian
grandmother’s kitchen, surrounded by walls
covered with old photos from Kirwin High
School, now O’Connell.
The recipes for their Sicilian red
sauce and homemade Italian sausage are
closely guarded secrets, which many
Galvestonians would love to know. On
our most recent visit, though, we opted to
try something new and partake in the very
reasonably priced veal piccata. Our slices
of veal were lightly breaded and covered
in a light sauce of white wine, lemon juice,
olive oil, mushrooms, capers and artichoke
The tanginess of the lemon juice
and capers helped to accent and bring out
the delicate flavor of the veal perfectly.
Not one to let a good thing go to waste, we
ordered a side of flavorful toasted garlic
bread to help mop up any sauce that was
left on our plates.
With so many new families mov-
ing to the Island, its important not just to
try our all of the new eateries, but also help
them discover the small family-run restau-
rants that we have been enjoying for years.
DiBella’s is open for lunch and
dinner Tuesday through Friday, and for
dinner only on Saturday and Sunday. As
a family run establishment, they take only
cash and cheques.
by Robert & Nick

2310 Market Street
To book an event or for more information(409) 621-JACK (5225)
Hideaway Lounge
Open Fri, Sat
in the back...
Pub and Gameroom Open Every Day
Under New Ownership
Completely Remodeled
4pm - 2am
Galveston, Texas
Spreading Your Wings 24 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
5 M’s of Success
1. Money - Good Ideas Will Travel
2. Market - Will They Accept it?
3. Materials - What will you need?
4. Man - Who will you use for the job?
5. Management - Who will run it?
for your idea, as told to us by Debo*
Dickens on the Strand
Epicurean Evening
If you missed it...we don’t know
how else to put missed
Whether you knew more people
on one side of the table or the
other, rest assured that every at-
tendee was guaranteed a great
evening of fun.
All of Galveston’s top food ven-
dors, beer vendors, wine vendors,
liquor vendors, products-for-ven-
dors, and more were on hand at
this ever-growing “who’s who” in
all things Epicurean.
Armed with a series of cameras,
camcorders, issues, stickers and
pens (page 2), we made our way
through the crowd. This is what
we are talking about!
Those who were lucky enough to
catch the event (and smart enough
to pay attention to the full page
ad on our last issue’s back cover
promoting it) in all likelihood
enjoyed themselves as much as
we did.
It was refreshing to see, in this
bustling Moody Garden’s conven-
tion center, such a strong demon-
stration of the wide assortment of
quality restaurants, distributors,
vendors, and people that make the
Galveston Epicurean Experience
such a quality one.
We look forward to seeing you all
out there next year. Until then, be
aware of the events, opportunities,
and organizations making such
extraordinary events available to
Whether or not you are “where
it’s at” is entirely up to you!
We found ourselves just a few press passes away
from being transported to another time and place.
Quick acting event organizers, dispite making this
year’s Dickens on the Strand the best one yet, were
able to make it happen! Yesss! (That’s Charles
Dickens to those of you who’ve never read any of
the author’s era being represented, you should look
into it.)
We kept our cameras clicking at all the variety of
offerings: bands, choirs, performers, reenactors, and
more available to patrons.
Though vendor snack munching (so THAT’s a
Scotch egg!), and authentic to the era Newcastle (?)
sipping, along with cool vendor offerings had us
looking for a pocket to pick (please sir, may I have
sum’oooh?) , this stroll down memory lane was
definitely worth the trip! We look forward to enjoy-
ing a visit from “the Ghost of Dickens Future.”*
For Sale
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In the Crystal Ball:View Video Interviews of vendors and
extra pics at our Web site at
Best Prices on the Island
4613 Ft. Crockett Blvd
(Behind Academy)
*G’Wiz Enterprises accepts** no responsibility for corny “A Christmas Carol” tie-ins
**yet we apologize if they do indeed appear.
*manager of Cricket on Broadway, one of the top grossing stores in all of the Hous-
ton area. He was outside thinking of an idea when we met him. Did you know that
Egypt’s climate is much like that of Galvestons? Tours of Egypt coming soon!
“Stock Up And Save!”
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25 Spreading Your Wings
Heart of a Poet
Right now
I am feeling the urge to put this pen and pad down for good,
If poetry is in my heart then my vital signs aren’t responding as they
I’ve noticed that the raw emotions I portray inside my poetry are being
What purpose serves me to tread the ink over and over again,
I’m lagging behind a race,I can’t seem to win,
The ignorance in me refuses to grasp the comprehension of being well
respected for this Art Craft,
Thus certain poetic transgressions turn into nothing more than amusement
for a cheap laugh,
Poets walk a very thin line, A path that dissolves over time,
Poetry is a spiritual reflection of ones interpretation out of body and mind,
The heartstrings of a poet plays at a slow and steady pace,
It survives brutality without knowing the hostility of its own rate,so the
more criticism it takes a heart attack awaits,
The pressure of trying to reach minds in the public eye is very hard to do,
If a poet is as only good as his last poem,than this time I might be through,
My heart is witnessing massive damage at hand,
I want to quit but have no back up plan,
The only thing that seperated me from the rest of my peers,was the creative
way I was capable of portraying my blood,sweat,and tears,
Pain and Glory for all that want to hear,
Can I over come the heartache even if my vital signs are not what they ap-
ViX Presents:
Isle Style
Welcome to the new
‘take another look’
column, featuring un-
sung, and maybe taken-
for-granted, buildings
that we pass by every
day here on the Island.
Everyone knows The
Bishop’s Palace, the
Sealy Mansion, and
Ashton Villa, but, it’s
time to look at the aver-
age buildings that make
the East End so different than anywhere else on the planet.
The Second Empire Style in America is epitomized by the man-
sard roof…..the concave roof on the top floor punctuated with
dormer windows. It was considered very modern during the
1870’s. We have only a sprinking of these left standing, and
they’re cool!
Second Empire on Broadway
by Scott Field
Here’s another second-
looker. This style usu-
ally had towers and was
all about the roof. The
two examples given
here appear to have lost
their towers over time,
plus the cast iron crest-
ing (short fence-like
decoration) that danced
around the top edge of
the mansard roof.
No doubt that KFC
and major hamburger chains have taken the mansard roof into
our time…same roof type, sans dormer windows! The Adamms
Family and the Munsters lived in Second Empire houses. By the
1960’s, many of these throughout America had been torn down
because this style was out of favor, suffered from lack of mainte-
nance, and looked haunted!
The (Second) Empire Strikes Back On 23rd Street!
Wm. Scott Field, AIA, is a restoration architect with over 25 years of experience with Victorian building restoration. Inquiries may be sent to the editor or to
Til’ the dust settles from my bones,God can not
welcome me home,Unto the Gates of Pearl, that
glimmers and swirls,Before all the rewards from
heartache can be received,I would think back,and
ask would have became of me, Did my life on
earth reach the pinnacle it could,How did it if our
relationship ended for good,With that I take full
responsibility,for the steps I took,In return I hope
that you give our friendship a second look.
Long-Lost Friendship
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Spreading Your Wings 26 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
In a town virtually bereft
of any musical talent, steel
drum playing pseudo reggae
bands aside, we are blessed
to have a true gem. Not
a diamond in the rough,
mind you, but a raw, tight,
melodic, in-your-face five
piece powerhouse. Three
local boys and two Kentucky
transplants who have done
this burg proud.
I defy someone to show me
anyone, collectively, who has
their sh*t balled up as tight
as this band
that’s right
,they’re the poop, but they
don’t stink.
MELOVINE hit the scene
nearly four years ago.
Former skaters who turned
their energy from the
pavement to their passion
for creating a sound far
removed from the bubblegum
Rap/Rock ever droning from
every teenyboppers Ipod.
I got a chance to sit down
with the boys from the band
recently and they’re not
your typical up and comers.
Nor are they the pretentious
pukes most “next big thing”
bands tend all too often to
be. They are, though, laid
back, cool and driven, in
direct contrast to their youth.
Look, I’ve got undies older
than these guys. So I was
pleasantly surprised at their
lack of ego. That being said,
once greetings and intros had
been achieved, we cracked
some Shiners and got
down to what they’re up to
presently, where they’ve been
and what’s next for the guy’s
from the MELOVINE.
The specs, for the record,
are as follows Jonathan and
Justin sharing guitar detail,
Matt lead warbling, Mike
providing the bottom and
Dexas {from Texas, get it?}
doling out drum duties…
The full interview with
melovine verbatum to
drop in our next issue
with new pics and ad-
ditional new material and
tour dates.
They’re your neighbors.
They want you.
And if you like the eclectic...
...You’ll love them. want them.
The best f*cking rock band you’ve never f*cking heard of
by Anthony
Join us and the E-street Riders for the first annual Christmas
Lights Ride Dec. 15th 2008. Call us for start time and route.
10am to 6pm Mon-Sat
We want to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Thank you for your business. We know you have a choice!
When you realize you’ve
biked waaay too far AND
you’re lost at the same time.
2505 Market St
Galveston TX 7755o
Next to Maceo’s
Hours From
Located At
409 766 7878
27 Spreading Your Wings
Hear from Anthony on
I’m not from around here.
I’m not B.O.I., I’m actually more
B.Y.O.B. And frankly, having
been here a relatively short time
and in all fairness, I prefer it that
I’m a Washington State
Transplant. I’ve been here for a
few months, and upon arriving on
the island I returned to a former
vocation, one in which I have
myriad experience. I’m a waiter,
or as it is called here, a “server”.
I enjoy serving. I like
waiting on you. I enjoy the
contact with my fellow man,
hearing your stories, sharing
laughs, recommending entrees,
treating you like your presence
is vital and important to me.
Frankly, it is, and I take much
pride in my ability to help you
enjoy your evening out, assuring
future visits from you and yours.
These are key qualities to any
sales position. Let’s face it, we
as servers are sales people. We’re
selling you food, we’re selling
you an atmosphere, and we’re
selling you a good time.
The quandary in which I
find myself is this, not all of my
sales associates feel likewise. I
can live with that. Waiters are in
a lot of cases a jaded and bitter
lot. That fact is compounded
by tenfold here in the island by
several factors. The first of which
amazed me upon my return to
the fray…$2.13 an hour. That’s
what we make to serve you.
Frustrating? You bet it is. I don’t
know how it happened. I’m told
that it’s been that way for quite
some time. I do challenge anyone
to pay their bills on that wage at
80 hours a week, let alone 40.
Next …how can I put this
delicately? Islanders, Texans or
whatever…listen! Upon going
to dine, please realize that, I or
we as servers, have other tables.
Only here it seems diners are not
cognizant of that fact. Only here
are the patrons utterly entitled
and unrealistic as far as quality
care and attention to their party.
I will, at a later date,
elaborate further on these two
tacks, but for now my chief
shock has been, hands down, the
management, or more pointedly
the lack thereof. It’s the way of
the island. Let me just get this
out in the open now. Most of the
managers I’ve worked with here
on the island couldn’t manage
a good turd, let alone a strong
staff. Allow me to qualify that
statement with this statement,
I’ve managed. Restaurants,
Retail Stores, Grocery Stores,
Etc. The prevailing mindset, the
management philosophy here is,
sadly, the less you know about
management well all the better!
So where does that leave
us, we that serve? Well, screwed,
usually. We are over-staffed,
under-stationed and grossly
under-appreciated. Jaded and
bitter are, in that state of mind,
not far from the station.
So where does that leave
you, as ‘managers?’ Well, from
all that I’ve seen constantly while
training, explaining to islanders
that dine at your restaurant on a
regular basis (called “regulars”)
where “Tommy” or “Heather”
or whomever their favorite
server is, and why he or she no
longer works at their favorite
God only knows what
lame excuses spew from their
mouths upon being questioned
about former employee
whereabouts. I know I’ve heard
some doozies, all of them cop-
outs. (i.e.… “We can’t find good
help,” or “People don’t want to
work.” Etc, etc, etc.)
Look, dear managers/
restaurateurs, you first of all get
what you pay for. If you have
a good server (and I’ve seen
plenty come and go), take care of
them. Pay them better than other
servers; treat them like people,
not cattle. Also, and this may be
hard to wrap your feeble minds
around, manage. Do projection,…
quarterly, monthly, yearly,
whatever. If you don’t know what
that is, please step down now.
You’re not a manager or you are
a foolish, shortsighted business
owner, period. Get into another
line of business soon.
I’ve worked as a server
in several states and in all
honesty there is nowhere near
the amount of no-calls, no-shows
that are found here, not even
remotely close. Servers stay,
typically for years, at the same
restaurants…everywhere but
here. Coincidence? Not hardly.
Provide an environment
that is positive, friendly, and
lucrative for all and you too, dear
manager, could experience the
same success seen nationwide by
others, rather than “the way of
the island.”
The Way of the Island
Spreading Your Wings 28 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
Sammies Family Meal
Death’s Dance
In “The Masque of the
Red Death,” Poe uses symbols
to link death to the living world.
Through the use of setting, man-
made objects, and the metaphors
associated with the objects, he
creates a parallel reality to explain
that death is an inevitable “outside
antagonist, to be feared and walled
out as Prince Prospero attempts to
do, but instead it is a part of each
[and everyone of] us” (Womack).
The story takes place
during a horrific plague. The name
of the plague is derived from the
characteristics it possesses; the
victims are marked by the scarlet
stains from blood bursting from
the pores in their face, followed
by convulsions, and within half an
hour of contact, the victim dies.
The Red Death consumes half the
population of Prince Prospero’s
people. In direct response to this,
“he summoned to his presence a
thousand… friends from among
the knights and dames of his
court, and with these [friends,
he] retired to the deep seclusion
of one of his castellated abbeys”
(Poe). The prince ordered for the
hinges and bolts of the gates to be
welded together, allowing “neither
means of ingress nor egress to
the sudden impulses of despair or
frenzy from within” (Poe). “’The
abbey was amply provisioned…
the prince had provided all
the appliances of pleasure, …
buffoons, ...improvisatori, …ballet
dancers, …musicians, …Beauty,
…wine. All of these and security
were within. Without was the
‘Red Death’’” (Womack). By
doing this, he thinks he has made
it impossible for the “Red Death”
to destroy the happiness that his
wealth brings to him. However,
the case is quite the opposite. By
securing the gates to the abbey,
Prince Prospero makes himself
and his followers the prisoners of
“It was toward the end
of the fifth or sixth month of his
seclusion, …while the pestilence
raged most furiously abroad, that
the Prince Prospero entertained his
thousand friends at a masked ball
of the most unusual magnificence”
(Poe). He insists that the attire
be beautifully bizarre and is
not to provoke the thoughts of
disgust. “The masque was held
in an imperial suite consisting of
seven rooms” (Womack). Each
room is connected but separated
in a way that only one room is
visible at a time. Every room
is decorated with strange and
beautiful objects, while each
room has one color dominating
it. The colors progress from vivid
blue to purple, green, orange,
white, violet and finally black.
The rooms are consistent with the
stages of life. At first life is vivid
like the blue of the first room
and then gradually fades away
until there is nothing left but
darkness. Also like the rooms,
life’s stages can only be seen in
their entirety one at a time. In
the center on each wall is a tall,
narrow Gothic window displaying
panes of glass corresponding with
the color of the room. Every
room except for the last one
has matching windows. In the
black room the windowpanes are
scarlet. Poe frequently uses red
and black to symbolize blood and
death. “Blood, the very substance
of life, becomes the mark of
death as it bursts through the
pores” (Womack). Moving like
the sun through the sky, the path
through the rooms follows east to
west. On the western wall, of the
western room, a huge ebony clock
down the
and his
have left to
live. The
chimes of
the clock
to stop
Fear and
fill the
of the
dancers but,
as soon as the
chiming ends,
the laughter
resumes. At the sounding of
midnight, “’there was an uneasy
cessation of all things as before
…[as] the last echoes of the last
chime …sunk into silence, there
were many individuals in the
crowd who had became aware of
a masked figure [that no one had
detected before]’” (Womack). To
everyone’s disgust, the previously
unknown figure stands like the
corpse of a “Red Death” victim,
his mask bearing the scarlet mark.
Prince Prospero orders the arrest
of the masked stranger for “his
blasphemous mockery” (Poe).
However, no one has the courage
to seize him and the unsightly
being is off to room of darkness.
Momentarily, the prince is stunned
with fear but, quickly it turns to
rage. He decides to follow the
monster and after approaching
within a yard of the beast, the
prince cries out and falls to his
death. “Summoning the wild
courage of despair, a throng of
revelers at once threw themselves
into the black apartment …
finding the grave-cerements and
corpse-like mask …untenanted
by any tangible form” (Poe).
Unfortunately, they realize too
late that the masked stranger is
no stranger and they all die one
by one with no chance of escape.
“Prince Prospero’s masked ball
…[is a reminder] of the ‘dance of
death’ portrayed in old paintings
as a skeleton leading a throng of
people to the grave, just as the
prince leads his guests to the ‘Red
Death’” (Womack).
Ultimately, the fatal
lesson learned is that death is
unavoidable. Poe’s visions of
time, color, and quality of life
dramatically instill this theme in
the minds of this story’s readers.
by Krystal Miles
Illustration for “The Masque of the Red Death” by Harry Clarke, 1919.
Originally Published in Graham’s Magazine May 1842
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Once hidden and unknown needs or wants are finally being
brought out into the open! Review these entries careful-
ly, as the material contained herein may apply to you.
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Tropical - Norteno - Duranguense
Happy Holidays From your
friends at G’Wiz Enterprises!
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PCI Solution Corporation
Thursday, November 16th is a
day I will never forget.
Ever since they became popular in the late
90’s, I have been a huge fan of Stomp!, a per-
cussion based stage show that uses pots, pans,
trashcan lids, lighters, anything that can be
induced to make noise to well... make noise.
It’s like iif you were 5, messing around in
your mom’s kitchen, but with incredible skill.
Maybe mom wouldn’t have been so annoyed,
Anyways, on that that thursday, some of the
cast members wanted a place to hang out and
just happened to wander into my favorite cof-
feeshop, Java’s 213. They asked if they could
host an impromptu open mic night... as Shola,
one of the cast put it, to create a space for free
expression. We made some calls, grabbed
some people, and by the time the evening
rolled around, a decent crown of about 25
people had gathered and the music began. I
opened up the evening with a few songs about
things like toasters, Pi, and hallucinogenic
frogs. Matty and Justino each brought their
personal touch to the evening, and Shola, Ste-
phen, Justin, and the rest of the Stomp! cast
amazed us with their own music.
And then, after everyone had had their turn,
after the noise complaint had been filed and
the cops had been called, when we only had
15 minutes left to play, the magic happened.
Shola, justin and tambourine guy (sorry TG,
can’t remember the name) got up for one last
song.... nothing planned, just sweet jazzy
improv. I decided that i was never going to
get a chance like this in my life again, so I
went up and grabbed a drum. Sarah began to
sing along from her chair and was quickly
brought up on stage. Stephen came up and
played the most amazing handclapping
rhythms i have ever heard. Someone else
joined in on vocals. It was absolutely amaz-
ing... anywhere from 5 to 9 people singing
and playing in perfect sync, no score, no
plans, just pure improvisational heaven. We
jammed for about 10 minutes, making some
of the most beautiful music I have ever been
privileged to be a part of, and then it was
My high school choir director used to
tell us that there are Moments in life... points
in time where everything is right, the planets
are aligned, you chi is balanced, God is
smiling, however you want to put it. He said
that the Moments are what life is all about.
Everything else, the day to day struggles,
paying bills, paying rent, working, sleeping,
tying your shoes, are just what we do so we
can kick around this earth long enough to get
to the Moments.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this was one of
those Moments.
-Keith Martin
Island Boy Metals
Henry Vasquez
Custom Designs In Various Metals
cell #
Galveston, TX
“Your Complete IT Outsource Resource.”
phone (409) 770.0046
2102 Mechanic St. Suite 318
Galveston, TX 77551
Desktop Support
System/Software Sales Network Engineering
Computer Repair
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My dream...
I had a dream today. It was a
real peculiar dream. I was in
California, and I was started
on a journey. I don’t know
how it started, but it was like
it was real. I was floating in
the room, and I went through
the wall as if nothing were
there. It was the sickest thing
in my entire life. As I was
floating, I had no idea where
I was. I thought I was going
east, but it turned out later
on that I was in Alaska. I
met my brother there, and
I also got to see my friend
Captain’s dad. Then all of
a sudden I started to float
and fly again to another
This time it was in
Indiana, and there was a
high school football game
going on. There was this girl
there. It seemed like I was
at a food parlor on bar seats.
There was one girl on the
right side of me, and there
was another girl (a blond-
headed girl) next to her.
When she said, “Hi,” I then
said “Hi” back. Then she
reached out here hand and
when I shook her hand, it
felt like we there for a good
long ten seconds. She had
such gentleness about her. It
felt like we were connected
to each other. It was purely
amazing. So on with the
story. We were on this pillar
with a lot of youthful people.
The pillar was about fiftly
or sixtyh feet high, and we
were all on it watching the
football game from above.
Then it was time for me to
go, so the Sipirit told me to
jump off of the pillar. So I
jumped off, and before I hit
the bottom, I began to float
once again. So I flew off to
the next destination.
Next, I found myself
in Galveston, where I grew
up at. I went to Luke’s
Supermarket, but it was
no longer Luke’s. It was a
pizza joint, and there was
this old man there. I was a
little hungry, so I went up to
him, but he told me that it
was closed. So I flew around
and came across my old
apartment complex. I didn’t
want to go in it, but I did go
around it to the Seawall. So
off I went in the air, by the
Seawall, and, as I was flying,
I looked to the left and there
were big tall skyscrapers.
And that was it.
by Marc Prusmack
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31 Spreading Your Wings
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Holiday Blues Rare In Spite Of Media
“Contrary to popular belief, depression and suicide rates do not rise around holidays. The media often inaccu-
rately reports such a link, and also tends to blame suicides during the holiday season on depression or anxiety
directly related to the holidays. However, studies have shown that people tend to be less likely to commit sui-
cide during the holiday season, perhaps because of an increase in available emotional support.”*
Don’t forget that there is always someone that cares about you!
* Great Medical Resource at
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Coast at http://
gov/tgc for local
health resources
in the Texas gulf
coast area.
We hope you
have a happy and
healthy holidays.
And to a happy and
healthy New Year!
Dear Arrr,
I’ve been sort of seeing a man that
is in a relationship. They’ve been
in thier relationship for over 2
years and currently live together.
He and I have so much fun to-
gether and have an unbelievably
steamy attraction to one another. I
know it’s rocky between them but
I don’t want to be that stepping
stone in his “dealing with it.” I
have feeling for him and can only
see them getting stronger. What
do I do?!
-Stressed Out
Dear Stressed Out,
Ok, either you are seeing
him or not. When these situations
occur, there isn’t a “sort of” gray
shade area. It’s black or white.
Unfortunately being the “other
woman” means sacrificing the
most. Of course you have your
own reasons for being involved.
Just remember two things. #1- Be-
ing a confident woman, you dnn’t
need to play the juvenile games.
Be happy with yourself and it will
fall into place. #2.- Never lose
grip of your self worth. He needs
to make up his mind and you need
to decide if you’re willing to deal
with the extra girl until he does.
Good Luck! I know you’ll do the
right thing for you.
Dear Arrr,
All of my friends are in relationj-
ships, marriages, or have children.
I unfortunately am the only one
“single with no ties” in our group.
I feel like I need to be looking for
someone but the more I look, the
more it all goes wrong. What am I
doing wrong?
Dear Lonely,
This is the classic case of pushing
for something at the wrong time.
You know the saying...”When you’re
looking, you never find, but when
you’re just happens?” Well
apply that in the sense of taking it as
a sign that you should be focusing on
you and getting into a happy level on
your won. It’s not always bad luck
but good luck b/c something is stop-
ping you from possibly getting into
something you’re not ready for-no
matter ho much you believe you are.
There is alwyas a positive out of a
negatie. Always keep that in mind.
Spreading Your Wings 32 G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard
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