What deeper meaning has the resurrection of Christ?

besides the shallow popular accepted most obvious interpretations ! When Jesus said I “ am the resurrection and the Life, he that believeth in me though he were dead, yet shall he live! What deeper meaning could it have besides the surface meaning interpreted by most followers? What would Jesus also have meant with I am the way, the Truth and the Life? The Kingdom is within you? Greater things than these(miracles) shall ye do? Through the resurrection Jesus expressed to the world that he was in direct connection with the Source Energy, God the Father, the Creator of all that can be seen, heard, felt or even unseen, unfelt and unheard. The creator of all “evil” and “good”. Simply summarized Christ has direct access to the powers of the Creator of all things, and the Creator of all No-things. What seemed to be impossible, defying the natural laws of life and death, that life in physical form, mortified and lifeless, can be re-formed to life again at will, from and through Jesus' non-physical form, unseen inner body; His soul or spirit. He proofed that life has no opposite, life has always been and life has no end, life is eternal and timeless. The wheel of existence is complete, birth, growth, death, re-birth. “Except a corn of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abideth alone, but if it dies it bringeth forth much fruit.” The downside of this crucifixion and resurrection events is that, according to popular belief , and through the Bible,that these events now serve as a standard of morality but more a norm for guilt and condemnation. God now has the means, the instrument, “the stick behind the door” to control mankind into following the teachings of Christ. The popular accepted idea, that He and the Father is demanding total obeisance in return, because of the so-called sins committed, while permitted to experience the relative world in human form is a total paradox. The interpretation He obeyed God and passed the “grade”, “Father Let this cup pass from me, but nonetheless not my will, but Thy Will be done...This crucifixion then served as a leverage; Jesus didn’t fail! He passed the test! He then is made to be the “Saviour”! Mankind, who is born in sin, because of the failure of one man (Adam), must now give total allegiance to Jesus Christ, be good followers of him in order to enter the Kingdom of heaven. Jesus has given his life for you so you are indebted to him for your life as it is not your life anymore. These interpretations all smack of humanizing the infinite, formless God into a form that can be logically accepted of how God could think this way. Thus man end up worshipping the “signpost” that pointed to the Truth. Worshipping an image, an idol a man made god of the resurrection of Jesus. We were born through the will of Life, God the Father, Source Energy, NoThingness, whatever we can give it a name to..so that our finite mind can grasp the meaning of the Life form of the Father that has always been in existence ; that this Life (God the Father) created a form of that which has a will and an own intelligence; the human being. This human form is given the total free choice and freedom to express itself as it so God- Blessed, well pleased. Through this permitted, automatic built-in self-expression of the intelligence of human beings from birth on, growth and evolution in consciousness is activated and the spring of life for that life form is unwinding. When that spring has unwound, then the rewinding process in another (physical) form is activated again to continue experiencing the evolution of life. The benefit of the Father, Creator, God, Being, Source-Energy is expanding through experiencing the relative world through

the body’s sensory perceptions. The brains decode the input so the mind can understand the inner reality expressed by the outer form and through the connectivity to the collectiveness of all transient life form, God The Father is constantly evolving. This way “I and my Father are One”..takes on a deeper meaning. We are creating God Through His own creation. Through the resurrection Jesus’ message is that through The I...in you...your own life form...the I Am..that this life form in you ...the only Way and the only Truth and the Life; is the I in you, that can only be reached..from within, there is no other way. Multitudes have tried and are still trying to achieve this from the outer to come to the inner, but all must sooner or later come to realization that Jesus’ teachings bear this ultimate Truth; That the Kingdom is within you, and that it is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The resurrection of Christ served as a signpost to the world that through the I Am, through awareness, the awakening from the de-identification of the mortal, time bound false self; the ego, is sentenced to be crucified and is slowly dying an excruciating death. Resulting in a wondrous resurrection into a conscious, eternal,timeless life free from suffering from this time bound present world.