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pisces: career & finance
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2013: pisces career

2/19 - 3/20

Success in your career endeavors is contingent upon the amount of energy you're willing to put into expanding your current sphere of expertise. You can sense that it's time to widen your professional horizons, Pisces. When you're fully able to access the power of your imagination, there's no limit to what you can do. 2013 brings plenty of potential for enhancing your current skill set. The eclipse patterns impact both your higher and lower mind, giving you a profound opportunity to tap into your deep well of wisdom. Your work is important to the world, and you're finally starting to realize that you have knowledge to share. No more playing invisible, Pisces. It's selfish not to share your gifts. During the second half of the year, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune are Subscribe to RSS Feed

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forming a grand water trine. This will unite your sense of self with your creative sector and house of higher consciousness to create one very magical matrix of manifestation. By harnessing the power of your higher mind and combining it with your natural allure and limitless creativity, you can make anything happen. Can't you just feel all of that untapped power you're sitting on? Starting this June, get ready for things to flow heavily toward the good. Neptune continues to shower your world with glamour. If you're not in high art, fashion, dance, spirituality, healing or anything that involves your imagination, you're probably not feeling fulfilled or even close to living up to your true potential. This is the year to pull everything into alignment. The beauty of being born under the constellation of Pisces is that you're endowed with infinite gifts all seeded in the depths of your imagination. All you have to do is create enough structure and discipline not to float into a dream world that never takes form in the physical universe. Once you start to materialize your vision, you're golden. This is what 2013 is all about for you, Pisces.

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