Truth That can Save the World

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[By John Paily]

Two powerful faculties science and religion splintered into many sub faculties rule our mind. They are powerful and work within a frame work. They resist any attempt break the frame work to evolve it further. Scientific approach strives to know the Truth of Nature and Life by squeezing it into some mathematical formula. This limitation put by science possibly hinders us to perceive nature and her working in simplicity. So is the religions, they seek Truth within the frame work laid by humans. For a person who has escaped the Plato's chair of science and religion, Nature and Life becomes simple and he sees Truth everywhere. But the communication gap between such person and the intellectuals ruling the world becomes very wide. But there could be a moment in history of time when this the distance breaks down. This probably happens when earth is stressed to critical limits and she reacts violently shaking the foundation of nations leading the world and the whole world that is blindly fallowing it. Earth is in predictable direction. It is edging to huge destruction from the four forces of nature. We do not need science to speak this. Simple observation of nature revels this. Observation of energy cycle of Earth in which we live shows that it has a Parallel and multiple world design, which helps it sustain energy to matter ratio and thus the heat of its external and internal environment. This design is expressed in simultaneous dual cycles of day and night which gives way to one another smoothly. When sun heats up [unwinds] one cycle slowly, earth works to balance by cooling [winding] the opposite cycle and they give way to one another. There are several layers of grid points through which this change occurs slowly. When we humans by our material activity release heat exponentially into the

environment and intervene into the night cycle of earth, we are invariably disturbing the design and functioning of earth to sustain her balance. Earth as a last resort is forced to unwind dissolving the grid points. This leads to "accelerated change" that leads to sudden peak and fall of forces of nature. This results in increased fire/wind bound destructions, accompanied by flash floods/snows on earth. The winding reaction of earth to increased environmental heat invariably means there will be increase in earth quakes and eventually, in time, the winding stress would lead to huge volcanic eruptions that can virtually shake the world. This tendency is becoming increasingly evident. The material centered people who govern us and who have much of their investment in coal, oil and other industry tends to snub it as natural and fail to take responsibility. But there will a time the world will cry out to the Lord to Save. This possible is the moment when the Intelligence of humanity or the "Lord in humans" awakens and breaks the chains that is bound them to Plato's chair and liberate them in simple Truth. What the law could not achieve [order and peace] then naturally comes to the world. The evil minded people ruling various realm now take the back the seat. Scientist at this point will invent the A new and parallel space-time in living system, understand the universe as living being and reinvents big bang from the inner space of single soul, cell, or life. It will invent universal time cycle as knowledge cycle unfolding and enfolding. Religious people will then see God not only as Love but as Truth and Justice Truth and Knowledge now will help humanity abate the violent forces of earth. For example the realization of "parallel design" of earth's energy cycle can lead to global energy management of earth, pacifying enraged forces and providing space-time for human growth. Life can give ample clues to develop new nature compatible energy resources and its use in most efficient way releasing less heat into the environment. Every field

of human interest, health/medicine, food/agriculture, social/administration would be revamped to develop nature compatible technique and technologies. - further reading

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