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SIMPLIFYING CHAKRA TANTRA an example of mantra, yantra and tantra in service of pleasure and nirvana By Amritananda of Devipuram, via

Ammulapalem, Anakapalle 531001

A brief introduction to Acharas: God/Goddess manifest the world being half male (Dakshina) and half female (Vama). Different traditions of worship have come into vogue. The creator is worshipped as male, female or both. Shaivites prefer to worship the father principle in the linga. Shaktas prefer to worship the mother principle in the yoni. Kula means total. So Kaulas worship both linga and yoni. Worship can take Satvic, Rajasic, or Tamasic forms according to each one’s choice. Satvics use mostly imagination, according to Bhavana Upanishat. Rajasics use substitutes like pnchamritas for pancha makaras in worship. Tamasics offer wine, meat, fish, cereals and sex in worship. The main idea of Tantra is to create a miraculous, wish fulfilling and enjoyable world through pleasure. The need for revising existing Tantras: We believe that Tantra releases traumas coming from suppression, neurotic psycho-somatic disorders, and make for a positive outlook on life. Tantra is universally needed to release floodgates of creativity. But the orthodoxy rigidly imposes that not one word can be changed, not one minute can be saved. The attitude is “take it or leave it. Dire consequences will follow if you violate this rule, incurring wrath of the Guru”. Unfortunately this attitude has done more harm than good in many ways. The Sri Chakra Tantra takes six to 8 hours. Lot of work goes into preparation of specific food offerings. Women who ought to be worshipped are tied up in this work. The real naivedyam of offering pleasure to Goddess is forgotten. Puja just becomes a long, difficult to learn, boring, and sometimes at the end a glorified drinking party. In these modern days, young people are counting seconds, not even minutes: their lives are indeed very short of time. The learning curves are very steep. The genuine teachers are very difficult to even talk to. Our insistence on orthodoxy is thus rejecting 99% of young generation from getting the benefits of tantra. We simply can’t afford to lose the 99% of college going youth if we want to spread the Tantras and to make an impact on society. Otherwise we will forever be condemned as antisocial black magicians instead of genuine beauty and pleasure seekers who we really are. Imagine people in wet clothes rolling on ground doing parikrama, implying that God loves suffering. Now imagine young people sing, dance and have fun in temples as service to Gods. To remind us about this heritage of community fun in service of Goddess, sculptures of loving couples decorate the walls of great temples of yore. If we choose, we can be like that even today. Millions of tourists all over the world are searching for methods

that it does not require many hours of commitment every day. it has been held secret only because it explores the role fear and sex in transformation. One very good way to do it is to touch each point of physical body with a vibrator as we are saying the mantra in all the lotuses. The first part is Sri Kram. We live in three bodies. that it is an exciting way to reach an ocean of bliss. The physical. To achieve these ends. The vessel is called visesha patra. that it appeals to the youthful spirit of fun. I have practiced Sri Chakra Puja/Tantra every day for 33 years in a row. We have given the name Triveni Kalpa for this new version based on Sri Vidya. The soul may still decide to come down by choice as an avatar. and so is enjoyable. . The vibrations should be strong enough to go to the petal and force attention there. Nirvana is the process of moving from physical to lotus body and lotus to Yantra body. The vital fluid in it is the life itself. every minute of it. It is just 8 pages in all. enjoyment and Nirvana. Lalita kram and The ideas behind compacting Sri Chakra Tantra I studied Sri Vidya. and yantra. This document and animation in flash can both be downloaded from our website www. reflecting the need as well as acceptance of tantric way of life. People are getting enormous benefits in less than a month even spending less than an hour a day. I think I understand it enough to dare to simplify its content. To spread the message we have to tell that Tantra accepts all forms of love and pleasure in worship. not compromising its purity of intent. It is much better to use the vibrator than just think about it. that it define goals of life by connecting to Goddess and getting help from Her. To make the gross physical body fit to receive nectar. but not so strong as to cause discomfort. and also the actual procedure as a pdf document in telugu. What follows are the ideas behind accelerating the learning curve.of combining bhoga and moksha. The king of yantras is called Sri yantra.devipuram. that it opens up a soul giving and seeking divine pleasures to all. But the best vessel we can think of is our own body. lotus. where immortality is invoked into a fluid in a holy vessel. As I understand. I built a major Sri Chakra Temple. we need to compact the tantra into a daily practice lasting an hour or less and make it thoroughly enjoyable. in that it is not evil or dark. Nirvana means to cut the causal chain forcing us to get rebirth. Creating and propagating a short form of Sri Chakra Tantra We have done it and are propagating it. Use of vibrator is an innovation to cut the time required to activate all chakras. first we need to remove its grossness by connecting it to the lotus body. the upasana of Sri Chakra has 3 streams called Sri Kram.

10 around waist. We also invoke the powers of creating new ideas. The fifth transcendent goddess who is Herself the guru blesses all this. Triveni Kalpam adobe pdf document in telugu. The person gets fully empowered. The last stream is to keep the greatest of yantras. the limbs of Goddess Sri Chakra. Sadsiva are these powers. even if forms differ. Brahma. The second stream is a massage. We use it 16 times round neck. That is our samkalpa and blessing: Soubhagya for all of us. It is our fond hope that people will really enjoy this new Triveni Kalpa. and reach nirvana. one life animates all. But why use different mantras? Guru mantra has all mantras in it. worship and food offerings. Krishna for 12 of Anahata and so on. Rudra. 12 times round chest. Why not use it alone? This is another innovation. 6 around yoni and 4 in womb and 3 in the eyes. she can give life back by a mere look. Vishnu. the person receiving empowerment. bath and a beauty treatment. navel. the creator is in the creation. It is the ultimate honor and fulfillment to receive worship for your divinity. preserving the best ones. chest and neck. do it every day. In preparing nectar. Sri Chakra (Sri Yantra) Pooja . Here we think of the lady as Lalita Herself. We invoke the compassionate look of the mother into her eyes. powers which are concentrated and diffused into the body. Every seeker will be able to commit this much of time.Normally we would use Datta mantra for 16 petals of visuddhi. We tell that all is the creator. And then the panchamrits are given making the person a divine being. Iswara. We use the mantra of trinity in the form “ Om am hrim krom ehyehi dattatreyaya svaha”. In this kalpa. The Sri Chakra is formed when four male priciples unite with five female principles. and receives worship as a living God/Goddess. The offering From beginning to end the process just takes half-hour to an hour. we invoke fire. directly into the charkas of womb. destroying evil. We invoke all these and more powers into the vessel. yoni. sun and moon. the Sri Chakra near the yoni and worship it with Khadgamala. we use pictures saving thousands of words.

After that the eight primordial directions are guarded by the eight Lokapalas. They must be worshipped before starting the Pooja of the Nava-Avaranas.Click for a bigger picture The Nava Avaranas (Nine Corridors) of the Sri Yantra Sri Chakra worship is one of the most guarded secrets of tantra and the Sri Yantra is the most guarder Yantra. at the bottom right hand side corner of the Shreechakra is guarded by Lord 640 million (64 crores). The bottom left hand side corner is guarded by Lord Surya. Agni guards the South East. This is what the verse in Lalita Sahasranama says --"Maha chatu-shshashti-koti yogini ganasevita . Nirriti guards the South West. each of the first eight Avaranas are guarded by eight Bhairavas and eight Bhairavis! What is more these 64 pairs of Bhairavas & Bhairavis are assisted by 10 million yoginis each . Varuna guards the West. Nairutaicha Ganeshanaam Sooryam Vayuvya eevacha Eeshane Vishnu Agneye Shivamchaiva prapoojayet When you sit facing the east and with the tip of the top triangle pointing at you. Reaching Her is a bit difficult! The nine avaranas as per Mantra Mahodadhi The First Avarana . Soma guards the North and Ishana guards the North East. Yama guards the South. Vayu guards the North East. The top left side corner is guarded by Lord Vishnu and the top right corner of the Shreechakra is guarded by Lord Shiva. Indra guards the East." Yes.3 lines . As if this is not enough.

The 3 lines of the 1st Avarana & the position of the various deities The outermost 3 lines known as Bhupura form the first Avarana of the Sri Yantra. The gem is topaz. Their luster is like that of molten gold. The time is 24 minutes (360 breaths). They are bedecked in all ornaments. This is known as the Trilokya Mohana Chakra and the worshiper knowing its inner secrets can mesmerise the 3 worlds. Thunderbolt. Baton & Lotus. They are: O1-Anima Sidhyamba O2-Laghima Sidhyamba O3-Mahima Sidhyamba O4-Ishvita Sidhyamba O5-Vasitva Sidhyamba O6-Prakamya Sidhyamba O7-Bhukti Sidhyamba O8-Ichha Sidhyamba O9Prapti Sidhyamba 10-Sarvakama Sidhyamba The 2nd line: The 2nd or Middle line has eight Matruka Devis. The beeja of this Avarana is Am Aam Sauh. Shakti. M1-Shree Brahmi Matruka M2-Shree Maheswari Matruka . They bestow to the worshiper everything desired. they hold the goad in their right hands and the noose in their left hands. They hold in their hands Vidya (book). They are very auspicious and bestow heaps of gems and jewels to the worshiper. Chakra (Discus). Club. They are placed as shown in the above picture. It is ruled by a Yogini Devi called Prakata Yogini. Trident. The Deity of this is Tripura. The 1st line: The Outer line (of the 3 lines) has 10 Devis known as Siddhi Devis.The mudra to be shown is Kshobha Mudra.

She is ornamented with all gems. The presiding form of Lalita in this Avarana is Tripureshi. They are of red hue and each holds a noose. The 16 Devis of this Avarana are called the Nitya Kalas. pot of nectar and make the sign of giving boons. They are of red hue and rule the various mudras and bestow spiritual boons to the worshiper. The Yogini residing here is called Gupta Yogini. also Nitya Devis. 1-Sarvasankshobhini Devi 2-Sarvavidravini Devi 3-Sarvakarshini Devi 4-Sarvavashankari Devi 5-Sarvonmadini Devi 6-Sarvamahankusha Devi 7-Sarvakhechari Devi 8-Sarvabeeja Devi 9-Sarvayoni Devi 10-Sarvatrikhanda Devi. a goad.M3-Shree Koumari Matruka M4-Shree Vishnavi Matruka M5-Shree Varahi Matruka M6-Shree Mahendri Matruka M7-Shree Chamunda Matruka M8-Shree Mahalakshmi Matruka The 3rd line: The innermost third line has 10 Mudra Shaktis. carries a book and a rosary. They rule the 16 Sanskrit vowels from a to ah. By . Sri Chakra (Sri Yantra) Pooja The Nava Avaranas (Nine Corridors) of the Sri Yantra The 2nd Avarana: is the 16 petals circle known as Sarvaash Paripooraka Chakra meaning the fulfiller of all desires. also Akarshana Devis and also Gupta Yoginis.

ego. goad. The dhatu is chyle (the first product of the disintegration of food by the biological fires). The gem of this Avarana is sapphire. Budhyakarshini shakti 3. Sparshakarshini shakti 6. rejuvenation. The Yogini is Guptatara Yogini. blue lotus and are dispelling fear. The time is three hours (2700 breaths). Ahankarakarshini shakti 4. memory. Beejakarshini shakti 14. The preciding form of Lalita in this Avarana is Tripura Sundari. Abandoning. and are worshipped with the 16 vowels as their beeja mantras. Sharirakarshini shakti The 3rd Avarana: is the 8 petal circle known as Sarva Sankshobhana Chakra. Namakarshini shakti 13. smell. etheric body. . The 16 Devis in sequence are: # Devi's name 1.worshiping them one gets power over mind. steadiness. Smrutyakarshini shakti 12. and physical body. They have the eight Ka class letters as their beejas. The Mudra of this Avarana is the Dravini Mudra. Walking. Holding. The 16 Yoginis represent the 16 vowels of Sanskrit language. name. Rupakarshini shakti 7. with her eyes full of bliss. They are holding noose. growth. Gandhakarshini shakti 9. Excreting. sound. sight. Pleasure. Shabdakarshini shakti 5. She is swaying in a love intoxicated state. taste. Amrutakarshini shakti 16. touch. The beeja mantra is Aim Klim Sauh. Kamakarshini shakti 2. She smiles with passion and shows the mudras dispelling fears and granting boons. The eight Devis in each of the eight petals have the colour of Bandhuka flowers. Concentration and Detachment. Chittakarshini shakti 10. Atmakarshini shakti 15. They represent Speech. intellect. Rasakarshini shakti 8. Dhyryakarshini shakti 11.

The presiding form of the devi is Tripura Vasini. colour of cochineal. She is red and very beautiful. It is called Sarva Soubhagya Dayak Chakra. holding noose. Ananga Rekha shakti 6. The gem is coral. Sri Chakra (Sri Yantra) Pooja Picture showing the position of the Devis of 4th to 8th avarana The 4th Avarana: This Avarana of 14 triangles (Outer blue triangles in picture) represents the 14 worlds and the 14 main Nadis in the human body. Anangankusha shakti 8. ornamented with gems. Ananga Vegini shakti 7. The time is weekday. The dhatu is blood. The dhatu is Flesh. Fourteen Devis of the triangles are described as being proud. goad. mirror. young. The time is day and night (21600 breaths). wine cup full of nectar. Ananga Malini shakti. Ananga Madana shakti 4. They are called Sampradaya Yoginis. The mudra of this Avarana is Aakarshana Mudra. The 8 Devis in sequence are: # Devi's name 1. wanton. Ananga Kusuma shakti 2. The beeja mantra of this Avarana is Haim Hklim Hsauh. The gem is cat's eye. Ananga Mekhala shakti 3. Ananga Madanatura shakti 5. .The beeja mantra of this Avarana is Hrim Klim Sauh.

The Yoginis are called Kulotteerna Yoginis and also Kula Yoginis. They have the lusture of Japakusuma flowers and are adorned with shining gems and jwels.Sarvaranjani devi 10. The gem is pearl.Sarva Siddhiprada devi 2. The presiding aspect of Lalita is Tripurasri.Sarvajrumbhini devi 8.Sarvavidravini devi 3. The dhatu is Ova/Semen. They are holding noose and goads and showing the gestures of knowledge.Sarvasampattipurani devi 13.Sarvasmkshobhini devi 2.Sarvaahladini devi 5. a skull and dispels fear. Hleesskhloum. She is of vermilion brightness. The 14 Devis are # Devi's Name 1. The time is Lunar Day (tithi).Sarvasampatprada devi 3.Sarvadwandwakshayankari devi The 5th Avarana: This Avarana of 10 triangles ( red triangles in the picture) is called Sarvarth Sadhaka Chakra.The mudra of this Avarana is Vasya Mudra.Sarvasthambhini devi 7. The 10 Devis are: # Devi's Name 1. The Mudra of this Avarana is Unmada Mudra.Sarvapriyankari devi 4. They represent the dasavataras and the 10 Vital Fires. It is own as Bahirdasaram.Sarvamangalakarini devi . and giving boons.Sarvarthasadhika devi 12.Sarvasammohini devi 6.Sarvakarshini devi 4.Sarvavashankari devi 9. The beeja of this Avarana is Hsshoum. She holds noose goad. Hssouh.Sarvonmadini devi 11.Sarvamantramayi devi 14.

. The time is Lunar Fortnight. She holds noose and goad. wearing red clothes. The gem is emerald. and holds a skull. They also represent the Astha Vasus. The presiding aspect of Lalita is Tripura Malini. The dhatu is Marrow. Tamas. She is of vermilion brightness. They are the colour of 1000 rising suns. smeared with red scent. Heat. dispels fear. Rajas.Sarvagya devi 2. The Yoginis are the colour of pomegranate flowers.Sarvakamaprada devi 6. Happiness. They are the saktis of the 10 Vital Fires. and the three gunas Sattvas. Sorrow. The Yogini is called Ati Rahasya Yogini. The beeja of this Avarana is Hrim Klim Blem. The preciding Devi is Tripura Siddhamba.Sarvaswaryapradayini devi 4. She is described as the Destroyer of Poison. chisel.Sarvapapahara devi 8. The Mudra of the Avarana is Mahankusha Mudra.Sarvashakti devi 3. and giving boons.Sarvasoubhagyadayini devi The 6th Avarana: This inner 10 triangle chakra (shown in red in the picture) is called Sarva Rakshakara Chakra and also as Antardasardam. The Yoginis are called Nigarbha Yoginis.Sarvamrityuprasamani devi 8. The 10 Devis are: # Devi's Name 1.Sarvepsitaphalaprada devi The 7th Avarana: This inner 8 triangle chakra (shown in Green in the picture) is called Sarva Rogahara Chakra.Sarvanandamayi devi 9. and showing the gestures of knowledge.Sarvadharaswarupa devi 7.Sarvadukhavimochini devi 7.Sarvangasundari devi 10.Sarvavyadhinivarini devi 6. holding noose. Desire. They are also called the eight Vasinis and rule the eight Sanskrit letter groups.5. each carrying five arrows and a bow.Sarvagyanamayi devi 5. These Devis are the rulers of Cold.Sarvarakshaswarupini devi 10. adorned with pearls and gems.Sarvavighnanivarini devi 9.

adorned with flowers and gems. Bhagamalini is the Brahma Shakti . .Saraswati. intoxicated. holding book. The beeja is Hsraim Hsrklim Hsrsauh. proud. she holds sugarcane how. adorned with white gems. goad. The gem is diamond. The presiding Devi is Tripuramba.Modini Vagdevi 4. Vajreshi is the Vishnu Shakti .Kameshvari 2. bestows boons. adorned with priceless gems. flowery arrows. The time is season (two months). and shows the gestures of knowledge and bestowing boons.Bhagamalini. young.The beeja is Hreem.Vajreshi 3. She has coppery effulgent. and various other gems. Souh. The 8 Devis are: # Devi's Name 1. with a beautiful figure.Vasini Vagdevi 2. bestowing boons and dispelling fear. Her eyelids are smeared with sapphire dust. rising swelling breasts.Koushini Vagdevi The 8th Avarana: This inner 8 triangle chakra (shown in green in the picture) is called Sarva Siddhiprada Chakra. wanton.Aruna Vagdevi 6. like a 1000 suns. The 3 Devis here are: 1. She is effulgent as molten gold. Kameshvari is the Rudra Shakti . Shreem.Jayini Vagdevi 7. The gem of the mandala is Gomaya. Her Beejamantra is Hsraim Hsrklim Hsrsauh. She is white in colour. dispelling fear. She is also known as Sampatprada Bhairavi.Sarveswari Vagdevi 8. The Mudra is the Bija Mudra. The time is month.Kameswari Vagdevi 3.Parvati.Kamala Vagdevi 5. with three eyes. The Mudra is Khecari Mudra. adorned with pearls and crystal. She is bright as red kumkuma.Lakshmi. like the dawn sun. holding a rosary and granting boons. holds noose. dispels fear. a face like the moon. holding book. The Yogini here is AtiRahasya Yogini. besmeared with camphor. rosary. The dhatu is Fat.

The Yogini is the Queen of Queens. The Sri Chakra Pooja Karanyasa Aim Angushtabhyam namah Hreem Tarjaneebhyam namah Shreem Madhyamabhyam namah Aim Anamikabhyam namah Kleem Kanishtikabhyam namah Souh Karatalakara prushtabhyam namah Anganyasam Aim Hrudayaya namah Hreem Siraseswaha Shreem Shikhayaivashat Aim Kavachayahum Kleem Netratrayayaoushat Souh Astrayaphat Three Salutations to Devi Om aim hreem shreem aim kleem souh Kriyashakti pithayai Shripadukam poojayami namah Om aim hreem shreem aim kleem souh Gyanashakti kundalinyai Shripadukam poojayami namah Om aim hreem shreem aim kleem souh Ichhashakti shri mahatripurasundaryai Shripadukam poojayami namah Nityayajanam (pooja of nitya devies) Om aim hreem shreem aim kleem souh . It is called Sarvanandamaya Chakra. Her Transcendent Majesty Lalita Maheshvari Mahatripurasundari. The dhatu is hair. The mudra of this Avarana is Yoni Mudra. The gem is ruby.these bijas must be added before each of the names from now onwards. After the name add the beejas Shripadukam poojayami namah Kameswari nityamba .the Cosmic Union of Shiva & Shakti as Kameswari & Kameswara.The 9th Avarana: This Avarana is the Bindu .Shripadukampoojayaminamah Bhagamalini nityamba Nityaklinna nityamba . Rajarajeshvari. The beeja is ka e i la hrim. The time is year.

Bherunda nytyamba Vahnivasini nityamba Mahavajreswari nityamba Shivaduti nityamba Twarita nityamba Kulasundari nityamba Nitya nityamba Neelapataka nityamba Sarvamangala nityamba Jwalamalini nityamba Chitra nityamba Mahanitya nityamba Parameswara parameswari devi Mitreshamayi devi Shastisamayi devi Uddisamayi devi Charyanathamayi devi Lopamudramayi devi Agastyamayi devi Kalatapanamayi devi Dharmacharyamayi devi Muktakeliswaramayi devi Deepakalanathamayi devi Vishnudevamayi devi Prabhakaradevamayi devi Tejodevamayi devi Kalyanadevamayi devi Vasudevamayi devi Ratnadevamayi devi Shriramanandamayi devi Prathama Avarana pooja (The 3 outer lines) The position of the Devis on the 3 lines is indicated by numbers The First line O1-Anima Sidhyamba O2-Laghima Sidhyamba .

O3-Mahima Sidhyamba O4-Ishvita Sidhyamba O5-Vasitva Sidhyamba O6-Prakamya Sidhyamba O7-Bhukti Sidhyamba O8-Ichha Sidhyamba O9Prapti Sidhyamba 10-Sarvakama Sidhyamba The second line M1-Shree Brahmi Matruka M2-Shree Maheswari Matruka M3-Shree Koumari Matruka M4-Shree Vishnavi Matruka M5-Shree Varahi Matruka M6-Shree Mahendri Matruka M7-Shree Chamunda Matruka M8-Shree Mahalakshmi Matruka The third line 1-Sarvasankshobhini Devi 2-Sarvavidravini Devi 3-Sarvakarshini Devi 4-Sarvavashankari Devi 5-Sarvonmadini Devi 6-Sarvamahankusha Devi 7-Sarvakhechari Devi 8-Sarvabeeja Devi 9-Sarvayoni Devi 10-Sarvatrikhanda Devi Trilokyamohanachakraswamini Devi Prakatayogini Devi Dwiteeyaavarana pooja 1. Kamakarshini shakti 2. Ahankarakarshini shakti 4. Shabdakarshini shakti 5. Sparshakarshini shakti 6. Rupakarshini shakti . Budhyakarshini shakti 3.

Ananga Malini shakti Sarvasamkshobhini chakraswamini Guptatarayogini Chaturthaavarana Pooja 1.Sarvajrumbhini devi 8. Anangankusha shakti 8. Namakarshini shakti 13. Beejakarshini shakti 14. Ananga Rekha shakti 6. Dhyryakarshini shakti 11. Gandhakarshini shakti 9. Ananga Mekhala shakti 3. Rasakarshini shakti 8.Sarvavashankari devi 9. Sharirakarshini shakti Sarvasha paripuraka chakraswamini Guptayogini Truteeyaavarana Pooja 1.Sarvaranjani devi 10.Sarvasthambhini devi 7.Sarvarthasadhika devi 12. Ananga Kusuma shakti 2. Ananga Vegini shakti 7. Ananga Madanatura shakti 5.Sarvasmkshobhini devi 2. Atmakarshini shakti 15. Amrutakarshini shakti 16.Sarvakarshini devi 4.Sarvonmadini devi 11.Sarvaahladini devi 5.7. Smrutyakarshini shakti 12.Sarvasammohini devi 6. Chittakarshini shakti 10.Sarvavidravini devi 3. Ananga Madana shakti 4.Sarvasampattipurani devi .

Sarvasampatprada devi 3.Sarvarakshaswarupini devi 10.Sarvamangalakarini devi 5.Modini Vagdevi 4.13.Sarvagyanamayi devi 5.Vasini Vagdevi 2.Sarvashakti devi 3.Sarvavighnanivarini devi 9.Sarvadharaswarupa devi 7.Sarvamantramayi devi 14.Sarvakamaprada devi 6.Sarvapriyankari devi 4.Sarvangasundari devi 10.Sarvanandamayi devi 9.Sarvamrityuprasamani devi 8.Kameswari Vagdevi 3.Sarvadwandwakshayankari devi Sarsoubhagyadayaka chakraswamini Sampradayayogini The Panchama Avarana 1.Sarvasoubhagyadayini devi Sarvartha Sadhaka Chakraswamini Kulotteerna Yogini The Shastha Avarana 1.Sarva Siddhiprada devi 2.Sarvadukhavimochini devi 7.Kamala Vagdevi .Sarvagya devi 2.Sarvaswaryapradayini devi 4.Sarvapapahara devi 8.Sarvavyadhinivarini devi 6.Sarvepsitaphalaprada devi Sarvarakshakara chakraswamini Nigarbhayogini Saptmavarana Pooja 1.

Sarveswari Vagdevi 8. Vastram samarpayami Mahatripurasundari devi namah .... Dhyayami Tripureshi devi namah .5....... Abharanam samarpayami Mahamaheswari devi namah .Koushini Vagdevi Sarvarogahara chakraswamini Rahasya yogini Banini Chapini Pashini Ankushini Ashtamavarana Pooja Mahakameswari devi Mahavajreswari devi Mahabhagamalini devi Sarvasidhiprada chakraswamini Atirahasyayogini Navamavarana Pooja Shri Shri Mahabhattarika Sarvanandamaya Chakraswamini Paraapararahasyayogini Concluding Pooja Tripura devi namah . Januni poojayami Chapinyai namah ... Janghou poojayami Paramkushayai namah . Snanam samarpayami Tripuramba devi namah .... Katim poojayami Maha Tripura Sundaryai namah . Avahayami Tripurasundari devi namah . Gandham dharayami Mahamaharagyi devi namah . Pushpani pujayami Shrimatsimhasanaiswaryai namah .................. Padou poojayami Lalitayai namah . Nabhim poojayami ...... Asanam samarpayami Tripurasidha devi namah ...............Jayini Vagdevi 7...... Gulphou poojayami Maharagyi namah .Aruna Vagdevi 6.. Urum poojayami Tripurayai namah ......

Oshtam poojayami Mahadevyai namah .... Deepam Darshayami Mahagyapta devi namah . Nasikadwayam poojayami Kamakotikayai namah . Bhroomadhyam poojayami Chakravartinyai namah .... Udaram poojayami Samragyai namah .. Sarvangani poojayami Mamahashakti devi namah . Netradwayam poojayami Mahavidyayai namah . Parswam poojayami Amnayanathayai namah . Nivedyam samarpayami Mahamahananda devi namah ...... Neerajanam samarpayami Mahamahashaya devi namah . Pradikshana namaskaram samarpayami . Tambulam samarpayami Mahamahaskanda devi namah . Phalam poojayami Sarvapatalayai namah . Shrotradwayam poojayami Shivanganavallabhayai namah .. Hrudayam poojayami Chakrinyai namah .. Dantapanktim poojayami Parameswaryai namah ... Vasitrayam poojayami Chakranathaya namah . Kapolam poojayami Kameswaryai namah .... Padukam poojayami Mahashrungaranayikayai namah ... Mantrapushpam samarpayami Mahamaha shreechakra nagara samragyidevi namah . Shiram poojayami Sarvamnayanivasinyai namah . Dhoopam aghrapayami Mahamahagupta devi namah .. Chubukam poojayami Kamarajapriyayai namah .. Mukham poojayami Kulanathayai namah ..Sundaryai namah . Kantham poojayami Chakreswaryai namah ..