This person specification describes the skills, abilities and experience that we think are needed to do the job successfully. You should think about these carefully when writing the supporting statement part of your application form. We use the person specification as a benchmark against which we assess all candidates. We will shortlist only those applicants who demonstrate in their application that they meet the criteria set out in the person specification. You should therefore make sure that your supporting statement demonstrates how your previous experience, skills, qualifications and abilities match all those on the person specification. You may find it helpful to list each of the person specification criteria as a separate heading and explain how you meet that criterion. When outlining your skills and abilities, try to give examples of your successes and achievements. Simply saying 'I have an understanding of…' is not enough. Applicants should be able to demonstrate that they have:

• Have suitable educational achievement and relevant experience across key stages 3-5.

• Have experience of working with students with a range of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. • Experience demonstrating the ability to motivate and support the attainment of students whose main barrier to learning is their behaviour which seriously affects their academic progress. • An up-to-date knowledge of Special Educational Needs and of current practices including experience and knowledge of the Code of Practice and other relevant legislation would be an advantage. • The ability to liaise positively with a wide range of professionals, support agencies, in school teams, subject teachers and parents.

• Excellent management and leadership skills and the ability to deploy staff effectively. • The ability to initiate a wide variety of programmes and initiatives to promote student inclusion, reduce exclusions and improve punctuality and attendance. • • Be highly motivated and willing to use their initiative to support school policies. The ability to work effectively, both within a team and independently.

• •

Good administrative skills. Have very good written, verbal communication and organisational skills.

• Possess appropriate organisational skills in order to oversee the keeping of student records and the monitoring of student progress. • Possess a high level of ICT skills including knowledge and/or experience of software to support students with a range of social emotional behaviourial difficulties. • Exhibit flexibility and the ability to work under pressure • Be committed to the continuing professional development of themselves and others and be able to contribute to in- service training within the department. • Have a general awareness of curricular and cross curricular developments • Be able to liaise with others in order to contribute to and implement whole school policies • Have a good understanding of the Health and Safety issues within the department

April 2009