For the past six months you have provided voluntarily help at local school for 5-7 years olds

. Unfortunately you can no longer do this work. Write a letter to the Principal of the School. In your letter: -- Explain what you have been doing at school. -- Give reasons why you can no longer do the work. -- Apologize for any problems this may cause. --------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Dear Mr. Principal; Greetings, I have been coaching Spoken English to the age group of five to seven years pupils at your school. I used to take evening classes voluntarily on all the working days. I have enjoyed working and I am very happy and so are my students. I am writing to you to tender my sincere apologizes, because I shall be no longer able to volunteer my services to your school as I had been rendering during past six months. The reason is I am a fulltime employee of a government organization and I have been transferred to Mathura office. I have to report at Mathura at the earliest. I am confident you shall appreciate this. You may kindly make some alternate arrangement for an English teacher in my place. I know it involves difficulties. Kindly pardon me for the same. I shall always cherish memories of working with such an excellent school, Staff & most lovely students. Thanking you in anticipations, With kindest regards, Yours truly, Sign: (Words 169)