Dear Friends and Family, Greetings from Ben & Emily Robinson.

We are writing to share with you the exciting news that we are moving back to Cairo, Egypt. We’ve been in academic hibernation for awhile, so I’ll begin with a quick update on what we have been up to for the last few years. Three years ago Emily and I moved to Princeton, New Jersey so that I could begin a Masters in Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) and Emily could begin her career as a nurse. It has been a wonderful three years, packed with dear friends, long hours in the library, long hours at the hospital, and long lines of little boys at the nurse’s office at Princeton Academy of Sacred Heart. Allow me to explain… While I’ve been holed up in the library studying, Emily has worked as a school nurse in a small, all boys Catholic school, Princeton Academy of Sacred Heart. She has flourished in this setting as a caring counselor, Cross-Country coach, and nurse extraordinaire. Before taking this job, Emily served as a nurse at one of the premier children’s hospitals in the world, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She loved working at C.H.O.P., but the long commute and 12 hour shifts eventually led to her taking her current position. My experience at seminary has been a tremendous blessing. The diversity of individuals and Christian traditions that converge at PTS create an environment where I have been challenged intellectually, spiritually, and personally. The academics and the community of friends have been great. I have also been very fulfilled serving as a chaplain at a Psychiatric hospital. This assignment has rekindled my longing to support those in deep need. We won’t have to go very far to do that in Cairo. As our time in Princeton waned, Emily and I began looking for an opportunity to use our gifts, passions, and experiences. We hoped to return to the Middle East, so we were thrilled to hear that St. John the Baptist Anglican Church in Cairo (where I served before enrolling at Princeton) needed a youth pastor and desired to expand their young adult ministry. Within a few weeks I had accepted the position as Associate Pastor of Youth, Young Adults, and Education. The PCUSA has supported my call, and agreed to continue the ordination process. My role at St. John’s will be varied as I spend my time in Youth Ministry, Young Adult ministry, overseeing the Christian education programs, and performing preaching/liturgical duties in our worship service. I am excited to move into a position for which I have spent the last three years preparing. Equally important in our consideration of a return to Egypt was Emily’s professional future. Emily is passionate about community healthcare and plans to volunteer at a clinic, study Arabic, and fill in as a school nurse at the American School until she finds a permanent position. While we lack a picture of exactly what will fill her days, we do know that the measure of need in Egypt paired with Emily’s longing to improve the physical and spiritual health of those in need, means she will be busy. We will arrive in Cairo in mid-July, so I can start working in early August. I have committed to serve at St. John’s for at least three years. Presently it is very safe for Americans to live in Cairo, but were this to change we could return before the completion of our three-year commitment. We will be living in a wonderful flat in a southern suburb of Cairo near St. John’s church. We are blessed to have friends awaiting us who will surely smooth our transition. This Spring has been exhilarating. Although we are thrilled to return to Cairo, we are sad to leave a place we love. Amidst all of our preparations to move, we want to make sure that we carry the support of the community we love. Each person who receives this letter has shaped us and supported us in different ways, and we want you to be a part of our lives in the future. This letter serves primarily as an update, but we also want to inform you that one part of our preparations is raising financial support (details below). We will be sending out regular updates, and will have blog set up at We would deeply appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and support as we open this exciting chapter of our lives. As-Salāmu`Alaykum (Peace be with you),

Financial Information: When I served at St. John’s from 2004-2006, it was necessary for me to raise 100% of the support that enabled me to live and serve in Cairo. Some of you reading this letter made my ministry there possible, for which we are so grateful. In my new role, St. John’s is providing a package structured similarly to that of the senior pastor; we will be provided with housing and a large portion of my salary. St. John’s has asked that I find support for the remainder of my salary and my moving expenses. Our need is approximately $1650/month and $8,000 of startup expenses (any of the startup expenses that are not used will be reallocated towards our monthly salary). We recognize that this is very difficult economic time for many people, so it is with humility that we inform you of our need for support. (More details of how to support are included on the card that accompanies this letter). Please feel no sense of obligation. Although we are in need of financial support, the primary intent of this letter is to be an update to those we love.