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After a Heart Attack
A study involved 209 people, most in their middle 50s, who had a recent heart attack.They were randomly assigned to participate in four hours a week of moderate aerobic exercise moderate resistance training(with weight & stretch bands) or a combination of a two; a fourth group was instructed to avoid regular physical exercise. After a month exersicing was stopped,with participants doing no regular exercise for the next month. Endothelial funtioning(blood flow) was measured the start of the study,after one month and again a month later. After a month of exercising blood flow funtioning reached normal levels in the three exercise groups, with virtually no variation among the type of exercise after a month of no exercise however the improvement disapeared Who may be affected? People who’ve had a heart attack.Afterwards,cardiac rehabilitation programmes often include exercise,diet,stress managements and other lifestyle components.Each year,about 1.3 million people in the US have a heart attack.

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Sense of Smell
Our nose not only helps us with our breathing but it is also a sensory of smell.The two holes in our nose,called the nostrils,open into a hollow space called the nasal cavity.The mucous lining in the nasal cavity warms and moistens the air before it enters the lung .The roof of the nasal cavity has many sensory cells or receptors to detect smells.

Smells are actully chemicals present in the air.Food,perfume and flowers release chemicals into the air.When we breathe in , the air passes through the nasal cavity.The chemicals present in the air dissolve in the sensory cells send out nerve impulses to the brain which interprets them as a smell. We can get used to a smell. After smelling something for a long time,the sensory cells stop sending messages to the brain.Then we can no longer smell it. The sensitivity to smell varies with individuals.

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Tun D.r Mahathir Muhammad
Tun D.r Mahathir Muhammad was the fouth Prime Minister of Malaysia.He served the country well and brought about a lot of changes.He is a man of great determination and achievement. Tun D.r Mahathir was a small town boy from the northen part of the country.After finishing school,he went to England to study medicine and become a doctor.He worked as a doctor for a while before his interest in polytics led him into this field.

Upon Tun Hussein Onn’s retirement in the 1980s,Tun Mahathir took over the Prime Minister of Malaysia.He retired in 2004 and handed over country into the capable hands of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Tun D.r Mahathir Muhammad brought about a lot progress to the country.The nation appreciates all that Tun Mahathir Muhammad did for the country.Not many leaders can hold a candle to him.Thank you,Tun Mahathir,for doing such a wonderful job.

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