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Electronically send your bookings and BL instructions

INTTRA - MSC September 2009

Processing your bookings and BL instructions manually

Sending your in data through e-mail or fax Making bookings and BL instructions manually Correcties on BL

Processing your bookings and BL instructions electronically

Boekingen BL BL instructies Input booking / and instruction Correcties on BL

Decreased BL fee Time saving Your data will be automatically transferred to BL and manifest =no manual typing errors Reuse your bookings and BL instructions when you want to make changes Work with drafts and templates

INTTRA - MSC September 2009

INTTRA is an E-Commerce platform that gives the ability to each client to exchange information electronically. Registration on the website from INTTRA is for free (

Shipping instructions Possibility to choose from 3 different systems to send your shipments towards the carrier Bookings Booking version 1 Possibility to choose from 3 different systems to send Booking version 2 Latest version from INTTRA. This new bookings module gives you the ability to send multiple commodities, add dangerous goods, Book reefers,. Advantages when working via INTTRA to send your shipments Generate your shipping instruction from your booked shipment With reoccurring traffics you have the possibility to work with drafts and templates Search and reuse bookings and BL instructions INTTRA also provides a wide range off other products, these are summarised here below

COPY BL (WEBBL) With this product you can request and print Express & Seaway Bills, and copies from negotiable BLs Reports Request reports depending on your own searching criteria Schedules Web based portal where you can check out all the schedules from all carriers registered with INTTRA. This option has a direct link to make a booking through the I-ACT system Track and trace Status events, example: ETD, ETA, vessel loaded.searching criteria through carrier booking number, container number, carrier, Idle container management Track your shipments Activate alerts (ETA, date.) Search vessel, bookings,

INTTRA - MSC September 2009


Simple, Secure Web-Based Management of a Wide Range of Shipment Processes After registration at the E-Commerce platform, you will receive a password en logging from INTTRA. From that moment you can send bookings and BL instructions when going this web application from Inttra

Booking screen

BL instruction screen

Latest updates User friendly Ability to use templates and drafts Auto fill fields
INTTRA - MSC September 2009

Download up to 198 ctrs through Excel


The Fast, Simple Way to Make a Booking or Shipping Instruction The I-DESKTOP system is an application that you can download from the INTTRA website and install onto your computer. No internet connection is needed as you work offline

Booking screen (only version 1)

Advantages Work offline User friendly templates en drafts Clear status off your bookings and BL instructions
BL instruction screen)

BL instructies

INTTRA - MSC September 2009 Boekingen (enkel versie 1


The Channel Solution for High Volume Shippers The I-LINK system is the solution when your system is able to send bookings and BL instructions. Together with INTTRAs Alliance partners your EDI will be mapped in the correct lay out so your message can correctly processed by all carriers.

System client

Alliance partner



Input bookings and BL instructions in your own or through an Alliance partner system

The Alliance partner will map your data into an EDIFACT (IFTMIN / IFTMBF) message from INTTRA

When your booking / BL instructions have been mapped it will be send from INTTRA towards MSC. Your EDI will automatically be processed in our system. Your BL will only show the info that you have send

INTTRA Allicane Partners INTTRA - MSC September 2009

How to start sending shipment towards MSC Send your company details to Awa Jobe - INTTRA will contact you within 48hours. Together with them your preferences will be checked, so the most interesting system can be advised With the systems I-ACT and I-DESKTOP an online training is available. After this training you can start sending your shipments When choosing the I-LINK system a few tests need to be done between client, INTTRA and the carrier. This is to assure that all data will be mapped and processed correctly Registration to the INTTRA website is free

Contact information Registration Inttra support +45.7025.2910 (Europe) Sales Serter Ceylan Tel: +45 3266 9327 Inside sales Cecilie Hoeltzer or Gyde Wawretzko Tel: +45 7025 4000 E-Commerce Sales Awa Jobe Tel: +32 3 543 25 18

INTTRA biedt volgende on-line trainingen aan Booking and Track & Trace: Set up booking templates, place bookings, use schedules, track your shipments, customize your views and all in all learn how to get the most visibility through INTTRA. Duration: 60 minutes Shipping Instructions: Learn how to create and submit shipping instructions using templates, in addition to how to re-use and edit booking data to create new shipping instructions. Duration: 40 minutes Reports: Be an expert on how to run reports and obtain an overview of the various supply-chain visibility reports, and how to pull different reports based on preferred parameters (carrier, date etc) and reusing reports. Duration: 30 minutes Bills of Lading: Learn how to view all your B/Ls for INTTRA carriers from one Inbox . . . how to print B/Ls in PDF format . . . how to track B/L event history from initial draft . . . how to change requests, approval and receipt of final . . . how to share copies with 3rd parties and batch print and archive. Duration: 45 minutes THE INTTRA DESKTOP SOLUTION Desktop Shipping Instructions and Bookings Learn how to quickly install the INTTRA Desktop Solution using multiple carriers . . . how to easily create shipping documents and bookings offline and then send them to your carrier via email or web services

INTTRA - MSC September 2009