Title: Bunker-ific!

A Bunker Lesson
PE / Golf

Fast Facts
Golf Form- Bunker Fundamentals (see Resource Sheet 2 for photo illustrations)
• Grip: For the right handed golfer, start with the left hand on the target side of the shaft, close fingers and point thumb down the grip. Make sure the two left handed knuckles are prominently visible. Place the right hand directly below the left hand. The right hand will cover the top of the left thumb. For left handed golfers, reverse the directions. Set-up Stance: Place feet shoulder width apart with body 45° left of the target line. Ball position needs to be in the front of stance (feet) aligned with centerline of body (navel/chin). Set clubface open 45° right of the target line behind the ball (clubface facing sky) not touching the sand. For left handed golfers, reverse the directions. L to L: For a right handed golfer, while in a proper Grip and Set-up Stance slowly take the club away from the ball with the left arm until the left arm is parallel to the ground and club shaft creating the letter “L”. Then swing down through the sand until the right arm is parallel to the ground, and the club shaft forms a backwards “L” on the other side of the swing which is called the follow-through. Have the clubhead strike the sand two inches behind the ball trying to “splash” the ball out*. Hold follow-through position of the backwards “L” until the ball lands and stops moving. Balance: Holding the finish position promotes accuracy and consistency. There must be coordination in footwork when performing L to L. Swinging needs to be a pace where balance is retained. Balance must be evident in the backswing and downswing.

GRADE LEVEL :   5th – 12th grade   STANDARDS :
NASPE • Demonstrate understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities. Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity setting.

Students will develop and understand the basic fundamentals of hitting a bunker shot.

2 hours

Sand wedges (20) Golf balls (100 - 500) Stations Dividers-range buckets or 2x4 wood 3’ long (5) Beverage Tubs or Trash cans (3 - 5) Safety line (50’ rope) Circle rope 15’ in diameter (1) Flag stick (1) Bunker (1) Student Sheet 1: Safety Precautions / Code of Conduct Resource Sheets 1-3

No te to Teacher: Knowledge of basic golf terminology/vocabulary and golf equipment is recommended to facilitate this lesson. Before beginning the bunker lesson, have each student read and sign the Safety Precautions / Code of Conduct Student Sheet. Before class begins, use resource Sheet 1 to set up for the lesson.  


1. Have students line up shoulder to shoulder on the safety line, behind the stations (see Resource Sheet 1). Review aloud Student Sheet 1: Safety Precautions / Code of Conduct. 2. Using information in Fast Facts and on Resource Sheet 2, explain and demonstrate the proper form and technique of the Grip, Set-up Stance and L to L for a bunker shot. 3. Distribute sand wedges to students by the clubhead according to their dominant hand. 4. Have students assume proper Grip and Set-up Stance facing you with their toes on the safety line. Check the form of each student before going any further; Grip and Set-up Stance are very important fundamentals in any golf shot especially the bunker shot. 5. Demonstrate the L to L swing emphasizing Balance (see Resource Sheet 2). Perform L to L bunker shot by striking three to five golf shots. Using information in Fast Facts, explain the importance of striking the sand two inches behind the ball. 6. Divide students into pairs and direct them to their station to share. Have one student in the hitting station while their partner waits behind the safety line. 7. Have students in the station make one or two practice L to L swings without striking the ball just the sand. Check for proper Grip, Set-up Stance, L to L and Balance. 8. Have each student strike three golf balls and then switch with their partner. Have students make one practice L to L swing prior to striking a golf ball. Reinforce proper bunker fundamentals (see Fast Facts). 9. Repeat step 8 until each student strikes 30-40 golf balls. Work with students who need reinforcement of proper bunker fundamentals. 10. Regroup students together and introduce them to Closest to the Pin, Can-it and/or In the Circle drills (see Resource Sheet 3). 11. Repeat step 8 playing Closest to the Pin, Can-it or practicing the In the Circle drill. 12. Wrap up the sand play lesson with revisiting the bunker fundamentals-Grip, Set-up Stance, L to L and Balance.

1. What are the two key fundamental things to consider before making a bunker shot? 2. What letter of the alphabet is used to remember this bunker shot?

1. Closest to the Pin: Place a flagstick 20 yards from a bunker. Have students take turns hitting one golf ball to the selected target. Whomever strikes their golf ball the closest to the flag receives a point. Whomever gets to five total points first wins that game. Students can also play in smaller groups. Select students of the same skill level to play together. 2. Can It: Place a container/plastic tub/trash can 15 yards away. Have students take turns hitting their golf ball into the container. Students develop aim and feel through this target-oriented drill that is challenging and fun. Golf balls that end up around the container are great shots. Relate that information to students as if they were playing golf on a real golf hole. 3. In the Circle: Place a rope 15 feet in diameter around the cup. Have students take turns hitting three golf balls toward the circle. The goal is to have as many balls come to rest inside the circle. This game can be played one on one against their partner or as a whole class.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Hold the club at the club head end when the instructor is demonstrating or organizing the class. Never swing a club in a group setting. Swing the club only in designated areas. Do not approach a golfer who has the club down in the address position. Never stand in the target line of any golfer swinging a club. Yell “FORE” if you hit a ball that might hit someone. On the practice area with stations, only one person is allowed in a station at a time. When sharing a station, please wait your turn behind the safety line. When walking around the practice area, always walk behind the safety line.

1. 2. 3. Golfers value honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. Use appropriate language. Golfers must follow dress code: shirts tucked in (boys) and hats off in the building (boys).

I have read these rules and understand them. They are for my safety and the safety of others. I promise to conduct myself in an appropriate manner associated with the game of golf.

Student’s Name (Print Please)

Student Signature


Materials: • Golf range or grass field 30 x 30 yards • Golf clubs- sand wedges • Golf balls • Golf tees • Flagstick • Rake • Beverage Tubs or Trash Cans • Station dividers-range buckets or 2x4 wood 3’ long • Safety line- yellow rope 50’ long • Bunker • Circle rope 15’ in diameter Set up: 1. Place the flagstick in the ground or in a golf hole. 2. Place containers/trash cans/beverage tubs in a half circle between the flag and the practice stations to be set. Set these items approximately in a 20’ radius half circle from the flag. 3. Pace off about 15-30 yards from these containers and begin to place the station dividers in the bunker facing the targets. Set stations approximately 9’ apart. 4. In each station make a box five foot by five foot with a rake handle creating an area for which students are to hit from. 5. Pace off five yards back from these stations to set the safety line. The safety line separates students who are waiting their turn which is a safe distance away of a student’s backswing in the station. Secure the safety line down into the ground with golf tees. Make sure to account for the length of the backswing in the stations relative to the distance of the safety line. 6. Place 50-100 golf balls to the left of each station divider (range bucket). This area is to be considered a station. 7. Place extra golf balls and golf clubs behind the safety line. If students run out of golf balls during the session, call timeout and have students retrieve them using range buckets.    



Grip- Notice the two knuckles visible in the left hand.

Set-up Stance (down the line) *notice body and feet aimed left of flag

Set-up Stance (face-on view)
*notice clubface open facing the sky

L to L (face-on view)

L to L (down the line)

Splash sand two inches behind ball

Try and splash the top layer of sand out of the bunker


Closest to the Pin Drill

Can-it Drill

In the Circle Drill


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