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Create CV Prior to change of parameters Enable UERC Set RabCombination033 featurestate 1 Set RabCombination034 featurestate 1 Set RabCombination035 featurestate

1 RNC AMOS commands: Set rabhandling amrNbMmUeRelease = 0 Activate feature FAJ 121 1378, TrFO Support for AMR Multi mode (CXC4030057) set RncFeature=TfoTrfoAmrMultiMode featureState 1 The following parameters needs to be configured for multi-rate for the cells tha t shall have support for multi-rate bearers Set utrancell=<cell id> amrNbSelector 1 (multi_rate) Set utrancell=<cell id> aseLoadThresholdUlSpeech amr12200=40,amr7950=60,amr5900= 70 Set utrancell=<cell id> pwrLoadThresholdDlSpeech amr12200=40,amr7950=60,amr5900= 70 Set utrancell=<cell id> codeLoadThresholdDlSf128 100 Test the AMR call in the target cell & check cell level AMR counters for AMR-NB pmDlTrafficVolumeAmrNbMm