Celebrating the historic legacy of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site to create a welcoming place that promotes health

, sustainability and job opportunities through an elegant mix of large open spaces, homes, shops, offices, and restaurants

Redeveloping the 100-year-old McMillan property in Northwest Washington into a model 25-acre 21st-century community is a special opportunity. This important site in the heart of the city can once again become a neighborhood asset that is integrated with the surrounding area. More Open Space than Buildings
• Two-thirds of the total site area is open space; only one-third is occupied by buildings • 12 acres of large public open spaces (nearly half of total site area) • 8-acre Park, Community Center, and South Service Court will be one of the largest and best-designed public park spaces in the District

The District Government and Vision McMillan Partners are working with the community to create a new destination for both area residents and new arrivals.

Preserving the Historic Sense of Place
• All historic buildings on site to be preserved and adapted – 24 of 24 • Many landscape resources to be preserved or restored – 18 of 28 elements plus Olmsted Walk • Two underground cells preserved – almost 2 acres or 80,000 SF

Neighborhood-Serving Retail
• 50,000 SF full-service Grocery Store • Locally-owned small businesses to provide neighborhood-serving retail

New Tax Revenue & Over 6,000 New Jobs
• 3,200 permanent jobs • 3,000 new construction jobs • Immediate opportunities for job training programs and partnerships • $1.2 billion in new tax revenue over 30 years

Housing for All
• Variety of housing types including townhouses and multifamily • More than 50 affordable homes for families making 50-80% of AMI • More than 400 workforce homes


Children’s Hospital

Preserving History – Creating Place

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

an Ave

nue NW

Cell 14 (1 acre underground filter bed) fully preserved for future reuse

(3) Historic corner stairs recreated

Cell 14

North Service Court

irard North ServiceGCourt preserved, including: • All (10) Sand Bins • All (2) Regulator Houses • Partial (2) Filter Bed Portals • Partial Service Court Walls E Street N

Street N




Half Street NW


MULTIFAMILY First Street NW Evarts Street NW

Evarts Street NE


Glenwood Cemetery

South Service Court

Olmsted, Jr.-designed perimeter walkway recreated along site edges


South Service Court preserved, including: • All (10) Sand Bins • All (2) Regulator Houses • All (10) Filter Bed Portals • Partial Service Court Walls

Cell 28

Large elevated “plinth” area preserved, with views to reservoir and city landmarks

Channing Street NW

Portion of Cell 28 (underground filter bed) preserved or reconstructed, pending feasibility study



A Master Plan Built on Community Consensus
Starting in the fall of 2007, the Vision McMillan Partners team met frequently with community leaders and held numerous workshops, salons, and site tours, which helped to shape our vision. As we work toward breaking ground in 2014, our commitment to meaningful community engagement continues.

Development Program
• 160 Townhouses (10% affordable to 50/80% AMI) • 425 Apartments (10% affordable to 50/80% AMI) • 1,054,000 SF Healthcare Facilities • 50,000 SF Grocery • 30,000 SF Neighborhood-Serving Retail • 8 Acre “Park South” • 12 Acres of Open Space in total including Cell 14, Healing Gardens, North & South Service Courts • 17,000 SF Community Center with pool, fitness center, multi-purpose rooms, gallery space, and connection to Preserved Underground Cell



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