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Darling and Insider Confesses to Printing Money! The Profitable World of the Push Factor Option!


Its Much Easier than You Think to Make a Million Dollars!

Although he admits that the massive profits hes been generating for the past 30years for himself and a select group of clients, amounts to nothing more than a license to legally print money - trading insider, media darling, sought after investment guru and creator of the legendary PUSH FACTOR system - Todd BUBBA Horwitz says: Any Average Joe Can Make a Million Bucks and do it by starting with nothing more than a little pocket change! In fact his personal promise to the lucky few, (Theres a huge waiting list of those who want his advice) who manage to acquire him as their personal investment advisor is: If you can read and follow simple instructions...I can guarantee you its much easier than you think to make a million dollars, even in a lousy economy. And better yet I can prove it! The first rule to remember is...You dont need a fortune to make a fortune...period! You can start off with $100-$200. Sometimes a little more sometimes even less. But first let me tell you how and why Todds Push Factor has insiders and profit seekers everywhere dripping with envy - for no other reason then the fact that they are completely blown away by his unmatched and legendary track record, no holds barred strategies, tactics and on-going record setting profits.

Simply put his Push Factor is known and whispered about behind closed doors and inside the highest echelons of American financial power and influence. Its also openly acknowledged by insiders as simply the fastest and easiest way for anyone...Including make a million dollars starting with only a couple of hundred bucks. And do it during good times and bad. You see the stark reality is, someone; somewhere is making money in the markets on an ongoing basis in spite of economic turmoil or political upheaval, every day of the week all year round year in and year out! You know Will Rogerss held a unique perspective on the stock market, and for the majority of folks his views are as true today as they were over 70 years ago. They speak to the type of investing most people are familiar with. Buy and hold. That is, buying a stock and waiting for it to go up in price. What most buy and hold investors dont realize is that this is one of the riskier ways to participate in the growth of a company. So today, were going to take an up close and personal look at the Push Factor approach that has less risk and can deliver bigger and better returns on a smaller investment. The Profitable World of Push Factor Options! Just hearing the word options turns a lot of investors off. The arcane terms used in this market can be off-putting. In the money, out of the money, covered calls, naked puts just to name a few send many running for the exits. To the uninitiated, it sounds downright reckless. Yet its not.

In its simplest form, and just like Todd teaches Push Factor options dramatically limits your downside and can increase your upside. A Comparison When you use options to invest in a company, your reasons should be the same as when buying stock. In other words, you look for a company you have confidence in. It should be selling at a reasonable price. And it should benefit from powerful long-term trends. The only difference is that instead of buying the underlying stock, you buy an options contract. Its really that simple. Lets compare. Buying the Stock Lets say you want to invest in ABC Company. Its selling for $10 a share. You buy 100 shares for a total investment of $1,000. Now lets assume the stock goes up to $12 a share. You sell your 100 shares and realize a profit of $200. Thats a 20 percent return. Go out to dinner and order a good bottle of wine. Buying the Option is Buying Pure Gold With options, instead of buying the stock, you now buy 10 - call option contracts on ABC Company betting that the price of the underlying stock will go up. Each contract controls 100 shares at a cost of $100 per contract. Your total investment is $1,000 ($100 x 10 contracts). The stock rises to $12. Each one of your options contracts increases in value to $300. You sell all 10 contracts. You realize a profit of $2,000. Thats a 200% percent return. Now go out to dinner and buy yourself a new plasma TV.

Because you purchased the options on ABC company and not the stock, you came out ahead to the tune of ($2000 - $200) $1,800 for a 90% Gain! Why Use Options? First, options are much cheaper than the underlying stock. So less capital is required to control a bigger position. Lets say you like Apple stocks. To buy a round lot (100 shares); youll need over $33,506! However if you buy the option, you can control 100 shares of Apple for mere pennies on the dollar. Next, your downside is limited to the price paid for the option. And lastly, with a small investment, you can make big returns. Can This Really Work for You? The answer is yes even if youve never invested in options before. My question to you is...Why Not you? Is your wealth, security and peace of mind dependent upon which way the marketplace winds are blowing? The good news is it doesnt have to be that way because finally...starting today you have another viable Option. Take Dan for instance...Hes a typical Push Factor student being mentored by Todd. Starting off with only a few hundred dollars he has this to say:

In January I netted about $2600, February about $8800, then March about $4000 net until today. I had to take care of my day job last week, but saw opportunities that I would never have recognized nor had an idea of executing without your guidance, insight and direction.

Thats a Cool $15,400 in His First 3-Months!

But wait! It gets even better...incredibly better because starting today Todd has agreed to train a small new group of investors on a first come first serve basis, and that hasnt happened in a very long time. What this means to you is, now you have a chance to jump to the beginning of the line, tap into the incredible depth of Todds record setting investment knowledge and learn first hand how to cash in to the tune of 50% -75% 100% - even 200% + gains consistently all year long just like clockwork. Dont you think that since someone somewhere is always making money in the markets regardless of negative economic circumstances or downturns, that you deserve an opportunity to tap into this profit pool too? Well now for a limited time you do have a chance to cash in and belong to this select group! This is the same door opener Dan and other chosen investors just like him seized upon. And as you can clearly see its been an enormous life changing, wealth building experience that is allowing them to achieve every financial goal and dream theyve ever had.

The Push Factor places you on a genuine fast track to greater wealth and security and does it safer and faster than anything you could ever imagine. Today You have a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Secure Your Future, Independent of Stock Market Woes and Other External Profit Robbing Trends. So if youd like to generate rock solid gains and operate at the same level as the insiders do with bigger and better returns along with less risk - I recommend that you grab one of the few spots that have become available today inside Todd Horwitzs PUSH FACTOR stock training program thats only available through Average Joe Options (insert link). Once onboard youll immediately be taken by the hand and shown slowly - step by step how investing in options is super easy and profitable beyond your wildest dreams. And did I mention that making money can also be fun? By jumping on this rare opportunity, you are grabbing hold of a strategically targeted game changing program that is in Todds and my opinion - a baby boomers best and in most cases, final chance for generating lasting wealth. Not to mention a secure future free of lack, worry and stress due to uncertainty and despair. When you step through the door today...Options guru Todd Horwitz will guide you every step of the way. Just like these investors below - you will know what to buy, when to buy and of course when to sell.

Hello Adam, Slowly but surely since I have worked with Todd we have rebuilt my portfolio, one (1) trade at a time. All of these successes culminated in my best day trading ever. I made $5800 and that was on positions that were already profitable. On the month I'm up $13,000! By using the rule of 5, the forum and Todd's options strategy I was able to capture these profits without taking excessive risk and with established entry and exit points. This month I recouped all the money I lost back in August prior to my enrollment, and this illustrated to me just how far I had come, thanks to your program and Todd's personal attention. He may treat all his students this well, but I felt like I received special attention and Im a much better trader for it. If you have a potential student who wishes to speak with a current student, please feel free to pass my information on to them. Chess Scott Houston, TX

Hi Todd, I normally do not like to tell people about my trading success but I will tell you that in a little more than 4 weeks that I have been working with you I have made almost $100,000.00! I know this is small compared to what you do but I am very happy. Thanks again! Larry Deavers

Keep in mind that Todds been teaching his trainees how to acquire these types of gains in a market that has been going up slowly. Even bigger winners are expected as the markets become more volatile. How is 2011 shaping up? Todd sees a lot of opportunity for triple-digit winners in the next few months. Healthcare and agriculture are two sectors he is excited about. At the end of the day Todd has been successfully guiding investors for over 30 years, and hes a self-made millionaire many times over. The good news is, hes agreed for a very limited time to give you access to an eye-opening, jaw dropping report that explains in detail his very own cash producing strategy that has made him - and me many millions of dollars. If youd like to discover for yourself how to put Todd Horwitzs Push Factor options strategy to work for you using the same secrets he employs to generate ongoing record profits for his inner circle of investors starting with as little as $200, and generate the type of life changing earnings you have always craved and dreamed about - click here (insert link) now and grab a copy of our free report Turn Mere Pocket Change into Enough Money to BecomeSet For LIFE! Hurry though - because in addition to extending this invitation to only a few select individuals like you...Due to the highly confidential nature of the information contained in this report, we cannot promise it will be available after today. Once this door closes, so too will this extraordinary once in a lifetime opportunity. By the way, in case you didnt know - my name is Adam Mesh and Im the CEO of the Adam Mesh Trading Group.

You may have seen me on CNBC, Fox Business News and CNN as well as other network news outlets. Ive Made Millions in the Market and Im happy to tell you, I am using the Todd Horwitz Push Factor system to Make Millions More. In fact, I was so impressed with Todds record producing profit tactics, that I made him my chief strategist. With Todds careful guidance and help, I can personally guarantee you that it is easier then you think to make a million dollars. To Your Lasting Wealth and Prosperity! Adam Mesh CEO, the Adam Mesh Trading Group P.S. As soon as you get your complimentary copy of Turn Mere Pocket Change into Enough Money to BecomeSet For LIFE...Be sure you closely examine the story of how 23 Amateur Investors Earned A Whopping $175 Million! in profits using the Push Factor system after only two weeks of training! Get it here. (Insert link)