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ters; situational irony results when a rascal. Both of the Spanish novels
events prove contradictory to what addressed by Garcia Marquez, Laz-
. had been expected. anllo de Tonnes and Don Quixote, are
picaresque novels.,
Magic Realism: fiction in which no dis-
tinction is made between realistic Plot: the sequence of events in a story,
and nonrealistic events; Cuban nov- linked, usually but not always,
elist Alejo Carpentier is usually con- through causal connections. The
sidered the first to apply the term to action of a novel, or, what happens,
literature, believing that a type of sto-
rytelling in which the distinction Realism: the major tradition in the novel
between fantasy and reality is blurred of
that began as 'a form entertainment
was typical of Carribean authors. for the middle classes. It demands
Garcia Marquez argues that the ratio~ verisimilitude of the action, a resem-
nalism of European readers tends to blance to everyday life as the reader
prevent them from accepting that knows it~ the behavior of the charac-
magic realism is inspired by everyday ters in a realist work is causally con-
life in Latin America in which reality nected, and action in the present can
is full of extraordinary things., be traced to causes in the past., Real-
ism minimizes the use of coincidence
Mestizo: a person of mixed Spanish and
or accidenc
Indian blood"
Narrator: a novel or story may be told Setting: the background of the story or
either by a first-person narrator, usu- novel, not only the room or the
ally a character in the story, or by a weather or the streets, but the histor-
third-person narrator, who is most ical and cultural context of the work
often omniscient, or all-knowing, of fiction.. The setting of Garcia
and sees into the motives of all the Marquez's novels figures importantly
characters. An omniscient narrator in both plot and characterization,
may intrude into the narrative to and even becomes a character in its
comment on the action or the charac- own right, particularly in Chronicle oj
ters. Garda Marquez uses a quasi~omni­ a Death Foretold and Love in the Time
scient narrator, who surprises the of Cholera, where by the end the river
reader by using the first person, tll" takes over the foreground of the nar-
or UWe" or "OUf," and so defining rative. Most often Garcia Marquez
himself as a member of the commu- sets his stories on the Caribbean
nity about which he is writing. coast of Colombia, the region of his
Naturalism: a fonn of realism, but with
particular attention to the raw physi- Verisimilitude: the credibility of a story,
cal details of life, It views its charac- its similarity to life as we know it..
ters as creatures of nature, animal in
their needs and desires. La Violencia: literall)\ "the violence"; the
period of political violence that
Picaresque: an episodic novel that chron- wracked Colombia from the early
icles a series of adventures and daring 1940s to the middle of the 19605,
escapades of a roguish character
known as a picaro, or knave, who is Zambos: people of mixed African and
generally mischievous, sly, crafty, and Indian descent..
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