Speaking Korean: Money, Money, Money 

Learning some basic money vocabulary and phrases will be extremely helpful as you transition to your life in Korea. From  opening a bank account and making currency exchanges to buying your first Korean groceries, you are going to need to  communicate about money in a number of ways.  

Useful Vocabulary 
Numbers System 1 (Sino-Korean) (Check out this great video to understand the two Korean number systems: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Plc5kSHcF6I) 일 [il] - one 이 [i] - two 삼 [sam] - three 사 [sa] - four 오 [o] - five 육 [(r)yuk] - six 칠 [chil] - seven 팔 [pal] - eight 구 [gu] - nine 십 [sip] - ten 백 [baek] - one hundred 천 [cheon] - one thousand 만 [man] - ten thousand 십만 [simman] - one hundred thousand 백만 [baengman] - one million 천만 [cheonman] - ten million 억 [eok] - one hundred million Number System 2 (Native Korean) 하나 [hana] - one 둘 [dul] - two 셋 [set] - three 넷 [net] - four 다섯 [daseot] - five 여섯 [yeoseot] - six 일곱 [ilgop] - seven 여덟 [yeodeol] - eight 아홉 [ahop] - nine 열 [yeol] - ten 열하나 [yeol hana] - eleven 열둘 [yeol dul] - twelve

돈 [don] - money 바꾸다 [bakkuda] - to change 얼마 [eolma] - how much 달러 [dalleo] - dollar 원 [won] - won 얼마죠? [Eolmajyo?] - How much is it?

  Conversation 1: Currency Exchange 
YOU: 돈 좀 바꿔 주세요. [Don jom bakkwo juseyo.]

I’d like to exchange some money.
BANKER: 얼마를 바꿔 드릴까요? [Eolmareul bakkwo deurilkkayo?]

How much money would you like to exchange?
YOU: 천 달러만 바꿔 주세요. [Cheon dalleoman bakkwo juseyo.]

One thousand dollars, please.
오늘 일 달러에 얼마예요? [Oneul il dalleo-e eolmayeyo?]

How much is the dollar today?
BANKER: 일 달러에 1300 원이에요. [Il dalleo-e cheon-sam-baek-wonieyo.]

One thousand, three hundred won.
자,130만 원입니다. 확인해 보세요. Ja, baek-sam-simman-wonimnida. Hwaginhe boseyo.]

Here is one million three hundred thousand won. Make sure you check that it’s right.
YOU: 맞습니다. 감사합니다. [Masseumnida. Gamsahamnida.]

Yes, it’s right. Thank you.
BANKER: 즐거운 여행되세요. [Jeulgeo-un yeohaeng doeseyo.]

Have a nice trip.
Click here for an audio version of this conversation: http://rki.kbs.co.kr/learn_korean/text_htm/e_text/4e.htm 


Conversation 2: At the Clothing Store 
CLERK : 어서 오세요. 무얼 도와 드릴까요? [Eseo oseyo. Mueol dowa deurilkkayo?]

Hi there. May I help you with anything?
YOU : 이 셔츠는 얼마죠? [I syeocheuneun eolmajyo?]

How much is this shirt?
CLERK : 만 원이에요. 사이즈가 어떻게 되시죠? [Manwonieyo. Ssaizeuga eotteoke doesijyo?]

It costs 10,000 won. What size do you wear?
YOU : 제일 큰 사이즈로 주세요. [Jeil keun ssaizeuro juseyo.]

Could I have the largest size you have?
CLERK : 네. 여기 있습니다. [Ne. Yeogi isseumnida.]

Here you go.
YOU : 입어봐도 되나요? [Ibeobwado doenayo?]

May I try it on?
CLERK : 네. 저쪽에 탈의실이 있어요. [Ne. Jeojjoge taruisiri isseoyo.]

Sure. The changing room is over there.
YOU : 다른 색깔은 없습니까? [Dareun saekkareun eopseumnikka?]

Do you have this in other colors?
CLERK : 파란색과 자주색이 있어요. [Paransaekkwa jajusaegi isseoyo.]

It also comes in blue and burgundy.
YOU : 파란색으로 주세요. [Paransaegeuro juseyo.]

I’ll try on the blue one.
Click here for an audio version of this conversation: http://rki.kbs.co.kr/learn_korean/text_htm/e_text/14e.htm       

Video Resources 
Numbers and counting: http://koreannumbers.blogspot.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gMz-GkF05E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNRUjeQwzWA&feature=PlayList&p=7C90A2FA98BF79B0&playnext=1&playn ext_from=PL&index=5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO8rTf-uZk0 Paying your bills in Korea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSkMzGpVkHg Using the ATM to withdraw money: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUOKnFIbp1Y A better look at the banknotes and coins (with dramatic music!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_2fqZFK-QE