Drilling & Workover Rig

POBEDIT – 4000 DS 205
POBEDIT - 4000 DS 205


Drilling & Workover Rig

POBEDIT - 4000 DS 205


88.4000 DS 205 3 .4000 DS 205 HYDRAULIC DRILLING RIG (TIGER) Mobile hydraulic rig type DS 205(Tiger) for drilling & workover operations.3 lbs. The drilling rig is complete of anti collision system in all components movable. Manufactured according to CEE Directive 98/37/EEC Machine Directive. The rig is suitable for API standard zone for oil and gas and composed as follow: POBEDIT . Drilling performance: 12. Workover performance: 20. Equipment mounted on three-axle semitrailer. POBEDIT .5 in/19. 8C Spec.5 lbs.25 mt). where applicable. hook load .205 metric tones. Hydraulically raised .000 ft .000 ft .000 ft .39. Top Drive maximum torque .1/2 in /9.000 Nm(28. 2000/14/EEC Noise Directive with the application of CE mark and the relative labels and API 4F.1 m).Drilling & Workover Rig TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION 205 metric Tons RIG WITH HYDRAULIC TOP DRIVE CHAPTER 1. 73/23/EEC Low Voltage Directive. Automatic driller system(max. pull down .up substructure with height 20 ft (6. 89/336/EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.6 ft (27 m).3. 7.1/2 in/13. Total mast height .5 lbs.210 lbs/ft). driven by two(2) diesel engines Caterpillar C-18 DITA. Well service performance 26.3.

slips or automatic slips according to API Spec. Eight steel sheaves with groove hardened for 13/4" (44. manufactured with high strength steel pipe welded. Rotating system at 90° for transport position. with hydraulic cylinder. and lower mast support for erection operation and mast support for horizontal position during rig moving. Maximum pull up 205 metric Tons (225 Short Tons). complete of lubricating system.00 R20. 1. brake system pneumatic with independent loops with ABS. Maximum pull down 25 metric tons (27. screw type manual. Total top drive stroke 16 meters (52.4000 DS 205 4 .5 Short Tons).2 DRILLING FLOOR Manufactured with electrically welded steel. complete of extensible and folding walkways and handrails. Standard drill floor height . 24V electric circuit. Stabilizers in front position.45 mm) ropes. Frame manufactured with high strength low carbon steel double T electrically welded. suitable to contain all bushing series. 1. total weight with mast 75 mt. connected to mast forming one body. Lower section with the cradle for main hydraulic cylinder and pad eyes to erection system.5 ft). Rotary table removable to have a passage of 40" ( 1016 mm ) on center well. bowls. Pneumatic suspensions. electrically welded. complete of sheaves supports. Main frame complete of plates for hydraulic stabilizers. 1. Arranged for API 27-1/2" (700 m) rotary table installation. twin tires each axle 14. Upper section with top drive applied to mast section. one spare tire.1 SEMITRAILER AND MAIN FRAME with tree axles fixed. with safety run pulley bars. complete of sliding mast guide.3 MAST LATTICE TYPE Sliding type. complete of 27-1/2" (700 m) rotary table. Clearance between rotary table and the ground for installation of BOP stack .20 ft (6100 mm) complete of mechanical jacks with screw adjustable.5500 mm. Top end structure suitable to receive the crown block.4 CROWN BLOCK Frame manufactured with high strength low carbon steel. ladders to achieve drilling floor and rig deck. 3-1/2" pin. POBEDIT . dimensions: 3000 mm wide x 15000 mm length x 4500 mm height.Drilling & Workover Rig 1.

suitable to screw and unscrew the drill pipes. Load capacity 205 metric tons (225 short Tons).10 HYDRAULIC ROTARY TABLE (with 4 hydraulic motors) Manufactured with carbon steel. slips for drill pipes. 3 skid base to support 4 hydraulic stabilizers and 2 mechanical adjustable screw type stabilizers.6 BOP HANDLING SYSTEM Having the capacity of 20 ton is composed of trolley on binaries.Drilling & Workover Rig The lines are sized with a safety factor against breaking of 4 compared to an API rig with a safety factor of 2.0 when pulling on stuck pipe.O. manual.8 HYDRAULIC POWER TONG double body. 1. 1. The power tong is connected to mast structure with pins. mounted on skid base in center well area including hydraulic cylinders group suitable to lift BOP (Blow out preventer) during casing sticking. electrically welded. Automatic driller system or pull down system. positioned on power tong top side. 1. suitable to contain all bushing series. stack.P. Cross member and girder of joining with semitrailer frame complete of locking pins.O. Maximum torque 14400 Nm at 83 RPM. Removable to have a passage of 40" ( 1016 mm ) on center well. 1.7 PULL UP AND DOWN SYSTEM Hydraulic block to action the main cylinder. Maximum make up and break out torque 160000 Nm. adjustable with manipulator positioned on control panel. The two hydraulic cylinders lift the B. Complete of API taper opening 27-1/2" ( 700 mm ).9 CASING MANUAL TONGS Manual tong for casings of diameter 16-3/4"(426 mm) and 20-7/8" actuated by brake-out and make-up cylinder on the rig. 1. Centralizer for drill pipe.5 SUBSTRUCTURE Composed by No.11 TOP DRIVE POBEDIT . 1. complete of binary.P. bowls. Vertical stroke 1016 mm (40" ). drill collars and casing or automatic slips according to API Spec. Manufactured with carbon steel welded and working finished to achieve the drill pipe from 31/2"(89 mm) to 13-3/8"(340 mm) . stack. to move the B. BOP trolleys. 1. drill collars and casing.4000 DS 205 5 .

lower oil pressure control. Pull down max. Rope O. Maximum speed: up low . electrically welded. EPA certified. up high 1. suitable to support and guide the top drive. sliding type pin 6-5/8" Reg lower connection. mechanical stop in working position.15 POWER UNIT Mounted on rig deck composed of : two Diesel engines industrial type. hammer union for rotary hose. Main shaft. Maximum torque . emergency stop.13 SERVICE JIB CRANE Positioned on side of lower mast. complete of shock absorbers on main shaft. Total hydraulic motor capacity is 545 HP(400 Kw).14 RIG STABILIZERS Two(2) front. Caterpillar C18 model. Hook maximum load capacity 5 metric tons . 1. 1. 30 metric Tons. Traveling stroke 16 meters. hours counter. powered by hydraulic motors. muffler.Drilling & Workover Rig Hydraulically powered. two(2) rear ) hydraulic positioned on main frame by plate bolted. Tilting mechanism hydraulically powered to position the drill pipes on rack or vice versa to feed the drilling string. rpm counter.39000 Nm at 100 RPM. high water temperature control. Pull up 205 metric Tons.from 0 to 180. complete of rack for flexible hoses and rotary hose.2 m/s. The crane is complete of 50 meters of wire rope 16 mm diameter and hook with swivel 5 metric Tons capacity Crosby or equivalent model.21000 Nm at 180 RPM.12 DOLLY For top drive manufactured with carbon steel welded.2 m/s.6 m/s.1. full passage 3" . 1. Pull down 25 metric Tons. rotation of 90° with hydraulic cylinder. 1. down . controlled with a control panel positioned on rig frame. Gear coupler directly connected to engine for hydraulic piston and gear pumps driving type Twin Disc Tecnodrive. The service jib crane is controlled by the main panel. complete of pneumatic starter. Tilting system suitable to add and unload the drill pipes from drilling string. complete of heat exchanger type air-oil hydraulically powered. Gooseneck and wash pipe 3" inside diameter. 630 CV at 1800 RPM each. 16 mm. manufactured in carbon steel. Hook running speed up and down 0.0. complete of saver sub.6 m/s. water heat exchanger.D.4000 DS 205 6 . POBEDIT . Maximum torque . RPM . 6 cylinders in line turbocharged /aftercooled.

POBEDIT . filter. hydraulic cylinders and fitting. Each piston pump discharges 5. The hood is complete of opening doors for maintenance operations.Two(2) gear pumps.Drilling & Workover Rig Piston hydraulic pumps Denison trade mark.2 with dual fans. 1.PARKER DENISON or equivalent. complete of suction pipes and oil filter on return.Pressure Hydraulic service indicator.4000 DS 205 Heat exchanger type air-oil radiator Emmegi model or equivalent.4000 DS 205 7 . complete of: .20 CONTROL PANEL mounted into the dog house. .. complete of panels for noise absorbing. mounted directly on gear coupler. . . filters for engine air aspiration and heat exchanger air-oil muffler support. lubricator. complete of air drier.Six (6) piston pumps.Three(3) piston motors .18 PNEUMATIC SYSTEM The air capacity is 800 lt/min at 8 bar. All components mounted and connected to any user. . blocks.PARKER DENISON or equivalent. hydraulically driven.Four(4) orbital motors. pipes.17 HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Composed of pumps and hydraulic motors.16 SOUND PROOF HOOD in Mounted on rig deck.19 DOG HOUSE Located on rig deck on rear position left side near to center well. The AGIP trade mark hydraulic oil is suitable for low temperature. distributors. POBEDIT . Skid base carbon steel suitable to support the engines. valves and air tank 500 liters capacity. thermometer for oil temperature control. Each suction pipe is connected to a ball valve. 1. valves. pipes and hoses. 1. Oil tank capacity 2000 liters approx. double GR.83 l/s at 350 bar. Optical oil level. with the following dimensions: L 4063 mm x W 2438 mm x H 2591mm 1.Four(4) gear motors. The hydraulic power unit is composed of : . 1.Four(4) gear pumps. .

.22 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM EEx-d composed of two(2) lamps of 100 W positioned on mast front toward the center well.Mud Pump SPM (stroke per minute) indicator EExd. The top drive lift rod in vertical position on center well. .Power tong torque indicator (Adjustable).Binary positioned on the ground equipped with proper dolly for support and sliding tubulars of length suitable for running Range 3. 1.Pull down indicator (Adjustable). two(2) lamps on drilling floor.000 lbs(22680 kg). The manipulator handling system is composed by: .Top Drive torque indicator (Adjustable). 1. 1. starter panel for engine with instrumentation. .21 MANIPULATOR HANDLING SYSTEM For lifting tubulars (DP. Rotary torque.Pull up indicator (Adjustable).24 PIPE RACK SYSTEM For racking pipes during drilling and tripping operations. .Mud Pressure Indicator GM6A Series Capacity Range 5.000 PSI Complete of Diaphragm Protector Mounts with 2" NPT sub and Hose 20' Length.Weight Indicator Type D/Series AW for 10 lines. two(2) lamps of 100 W on rear toward rig deck. ROP.Mud Pressure indicator. . Deadline load 50. .Drilling Recorder at 4 Pen to record: Weight. .Top Drive RPM indicator Eexd. Lighting system and closure in front of protection. Manufactured with carbon steel. . electrically welded. emergency stop and remote emergency stop. .Drilling & Workover Rig . DC and Casing max 13-3/8" (340 mm) ) from pipe rack to the drill floor and suitable to connect tubulars to the top drive. The pipe rack system in complete with: eight (8) tubular pipe racks.Power tong closure force indicator (Adjustable). rotary RPM Control levers and manipulators. The elevator system connects tubulars to the Top Drive on drill floor. .Elevator with pliers suitable for lifting tubulars. L 9400 mm x W1000 mm x H1000 mm. pipe dolly with four (4) wheels of machined steel with galvanized surfaces c\w bronze POBEDIT . 1. .4000 DS 205 8 . The locking pliers and lifting arm are hydraulically operated and controlled by control panel from the dog house.23 TOOL BOX positioned on main frame complete of tongs and tools for standard rig maintenance.

packaged. pipe ramp in complete with stairs and handrails L 8150 mm x W 2180 mm.discharge Manifold API 5" .Pulsation Dampener MATTCO 20 Gallon (interchangeable with Hydril) Fully Installed.full electric liner wash system. . powered by 1 H. utilizing PZ interchangeable fluid ends and components. splash collected.P. 1 x 1-1/2 centrifugal pump. crankshaft. .4000 DS 205 8 2. crosshead guides.P.double redundant internal lubrication system. XP AC motor 380 V. with "PZ-9 STYLE" Module Assemblies installed. 2) Folding winterization made of canvas with framing around trailer deck. DISCHARGE ACCESSORIES: .25 WINTERIZATION Rig trailer: 1) Light steel panels around drill floor of 2600 mm height. with filter. and externally mounted electric positive displacement lube pump. . and. 5000 RTJ either side.04:1 herringbone gear set for your application .Drilling & Workover Rig - bushings. L 15000 mm x W1100 mm x H1000 mm. . gravity feed to all locations. .AGMA 424-01 4. crossheads.fully reversible (renewable) gear design.PZ-9 style module assemblies including liners. guide track for pipe dolly c/w binary pad eyes and pins. .fully balanced forged steel eccentric crankshaft failsafe. including discharge and suction manifold. complete with gauging & charging set. 8-1/2" Stroke Continuous Duty all Roller Bearing full size Mud Pumps. with CAT 3412 DITTA Diesel Engine drives. Bladder pressure gauge to be calibrated in MPa or Bar. and all expendables. Type 17 . as follows: . 50 Hz. bladder. complete with sliding doors and windows. CHAPTER 2. Triplex Pumps. MUD PUMPS POBEDIT .4000 DS 205 9 . 1. POBEDIT . guide support to facilitate the rack element positioning and drill pipe rolling movement. 3-phase . complete with doors and windows.1 EWECO E-800 MUD PUMPS Two(2) Eweco 800 H. Remark: Pipe ramp is designed for in case if pipe manipulator fails.

air compressor(34 m3/min.Supercharging Centrifugal Pump 5 x 6 x 14 Electric driven. POWER UNIT: Caterpillar model 3412E DITTA. . valves. lube system .8 mm) low pressure suction manifold is mounted on the oilfield skid 6.Kevlar POWER BAND Belt Drive.2" Oteco Shear Relief Valve Flange Mount Installed.Full Belt Rattle Proof Belt Guards Installed.Discharge Combination Dampener Mount Block & Disch Strainer . Air Gauge.Easy winch skid ends. .M. fittings fully installed. . . . with indications calibrated in MPa or Bar. at 2100 R.4" Discharge Gate Valve. exhaust system. with suction connection to end of master skid.All steel wide flange oilfield skid construction.P. 2004 CARB tier I and EC stage I non road emissions certified.Belt Adjusting Bolt Provision sliding engine skid. UNITIZATION: . with 4" Gate Valve Installed. . control system.Drilling & Workover Rig . . approved by Dayco. fittings fully installed. Installed. hoses.Pedestal Mounted Control Station consisting of: Air throttle regulator. . complete with 30 HP XP AC Motor. electric starting system ALSO INCLUDED IN PUMP PACKAGE: .WPT Flywheel Mounted Air Clutch Assembly. with filter screen and bypass provision.100 Gal ASME air tank receiver complete with air gauge and all necessary piping. Clutch In and Out. fuel system. CHAPTER 3. complete with set of pins for full pressure range of the mud pump. 5000 PSI weldneck. . charging system.P.8 mm) connective flexible POBEDIT .5 m(W) and includes: two (2) suction line filters. actuation pressure 620 kPa.4000 DS 205 10 . 3-phase. flywheel. 12 " (304. fully installed at the same master skid with mud pump. deactuation pressure 827 kPa.5 m(L) x 2. . SUCTION MANIFOLD 12 " (304.EWECO Suction Pulsation Dampener. . 50 Hz. instrumentation.400 Gallon Diesel Tank (day tank). hoses. complete with fuel level sight glass and all necessary piping. 380V. Emergency shut down. .4" Discharge Long Sweep XXS Ell. .2" Flange Mount Oteco Big Face Pressure Gauge Installed.Diamond Deck Plate around pump and engine. cooling system. direct injection turbocharged and aftercooled industrial diesel rated 800 H. industrials "B" rating with the following standard attachments: air inlet system . .

manifold supports. located on the rig floor. 602 male x female on each end. MUD CIRCULATION SYSTEM Six (6) . HIGH PRESSURE MUD DISCHARGE SYSTEM High pressure mud discharge system. WP 5000 PSI(35 MPa). one (1) 12 " (304. Suction manifold is connected with general suction system.tank mud system with total active volume ~ 1350 bbls (215 m3).6 Two (2) mud pump discharge manifolds 4" (102 mm) discharge manifolds assemblies consist of 4" discharge long sweep XXS ELLs. 4. Wing union. c/w flanges and nipples.0 MPa) WP. shearing tank(#5) and mixing & weighting tank(#6). complete with solid control equipment fully installed. The solid control equipment is equivalent to Derrick(USA) equipment and provides 4-phases of POBEDIT .2 One (1) vibrator hose 3-1/2 "(89 mm) id x 35 ft (11 m).mud. and "Y" type connector on the end of discharge manifolds(beside mud pump #1 master skid edge).000 PSI(35.Drilling & Workover Rig sleeves.5 m) long. maximum work pressure 5. gate valves with control rods and levers on top of the tanks. between standpipe manifold and ground-based rigid high pressure manifold. The suction manifold is designed and built for using with two mud pumps. c/w hammer unions 4" .000 PSI (70 MPa). 4. sealed connectors between tanks. Suction lines are built in the mentioned tanks complete with necessary flanges.1 One (1) stand-pipe manifold 4" ID(102 mm). 602 male x female on each end. inlet connection for mud pump and one inlet for air compressor (2" ID). rotary hose 4" ID 5000 PSI WP approximate length 35 ft (11000 mm). WP 5000 PSI(35 MPa). testing pressure 10. testing pressure 10. 4.000 PSI (35. storage tank(#4).0 MPa). intraconnections.8 mm) gate valve. The manifold is completed of exclusion valve to separate air . wp 5000 psi (35 mpa).8 l/s).4000 DS 205 11 . 4. mounted on the skid. c/w hammer unions.type connector 3-1/2 "(89 mm) ID. between mud pump discharge manifolds and ground-based high pressure manifold.6000 fig.5 One(1) "T". 5. 5000 PSI(35 MPa)WP.6000 fig. intermediate tank (#2).3 One (1) ground-based high pressure rigid manifold 3-1/2 "(89 mm)ID. 5000 PSI(35Mpa) WP .4 Two (2) shock hoses 3-1/2 "(89 mm) ID x 15 ft (4. consist of : 4.000 psi (70 mpa) . that provides possibility for mud pumps to suck the mud from any of the following mud tanks: suction tank(#3). supports. flanges. sectional by rigid pipe sections 5 m long each. 4" (102 mm) gate valves. between rear of rig(well area) to mud pump area. CHAPTER 5. 4. CHAPTER 4. with capacity 280 m3/h(77. c/w hammer unions 4" . to connect two shock hoses with rigid ground-based high pressure manifold.

b) One(1) Mud Cleaner QZS210 : . de-sander.Dimension -1740 mm x 965 mm x 1680mm.Drum length . de-silter(mud cleaner).1800 RPM.Size & number of desander cyclones .45 l/s(viscosity <40s. which is called Mud Cleaner. .Separation size of desilter -15 (im~44(im. . density<1. .Separation size of desander . d) One(1) Centrifuge LW450 x 1000 . De-sander and de-silter are combined in one unit installed on the same frame and above shale shaker. .Drilling & Workover Rig solids-liquid separation: shale shakers.4000 DS 205 12 .700mm x 1050mm x 3(120~250 mesh).Diameter of drum .2g/cm3).Output capacity .Vibration model . .44 Kw. .2g/cm3).Size & number of desilter cyclones .Capacity of main motor .2050 mm x 2945 mm x 2400mm.Capacity -75 l/s(vicosity<40s density<1.6.Air capacity . . . . c) One(1) Vacuum Degasser ZCQ270 : .22Kw.Screen size of deck screen . centrifuge and possibility of mud degassing by vacuum de-gasser. .100mm x 10.Capacity of vibration motors .03MPa.2g/cm3).5 Kw.2 Kw . POBEDIT .7. density<1..2850mmx1800mmx1630mm.Size & number of matched sand pumps : SB55x2.44 (im ~ 74(im.Vibration frequency . .1000 mm.N .3.30 Kw.250mm x 2.830mm x 1080mm x 3(40~ 150 mesh). . .Output capacity 11 l/s(vicosity<40s.0.Vibration force of deck screen . .05 .2g/cm3). density<1.13 l/s. .Vibration frequency of deck screen . .Capacity of auxiliary motor .23 Hz. .Output capacity .450 mm.67 l/s(vicosity<40s.2.Dimension . . . .76 kN.Drum speed .23 Hz.linear. .Dimension .Vibration force .Capacity of vacuum pump motor . .Vacuum degree . . TECHNICAL PARAMETERS OF SOLID CONTROL EQUIPMENT a) Two(2) Shale Shakers QZS830x 1080x3 : .linear.Capacity of main motor . .Screen size . .88 Kw. .76 kN. .Vibration model of deck screen .0.Capacity of vibration motors .

walkways and passages have 1000 mm in height and made of square steel pipe (30x40mm). complete with two(2) electrical motors 55 Kw each.8 mm) water supply line and 3 " (76. connected by flexible hoses with hammer unions between tanks . The normal work like mud mixing.5 Kw.7.Feeding pump flow capacity .sand store is arranged in front of the shaker tank complete with two(2) QZS830x1080x3 shale shakers. AC motors & control circuit. weighing . 0 12"(305 mm) x 33 ft(10 m) long. vacuum degasser store. Tank bodies are made of corrugated steel sheets with thickness of 8 mm and walls are reinforced to carry (withstand) hydrostatic pressure created by mud with weight of 20 ppg (2400 kg/ m3).Feeding pump motor capacity . Ladders with handrails from top of tank to the ground on tanks #1. solids-liquid separation.3m (H) has four compartments: sand store. after adjusting the manifold .2g/cm3) . desander store and desilter store of tank. from wellhead to shale shaker tank is set on the supporting frame. protection degree . The height of foot line is 100 mm. Equipment meets the requirements of SY/T6276. Tanks have 2 " (50. density<1. consisting of: 5. . desander store & desilter store.2580 mm x 1700 mm x 1840mm. Two(2) SB55 6 x 8 x 14 centrifugal sand pumps. . Cleanout gates in each tank compartment. There are overflow gutters separately for vacuum degasser store.IP54. The stair with handrails is installed in the end of tank.desilter store complete with QZS210 cleaner. . Walkways and passages of steel plate mesh (8mm) on top and between tanks.2 mm) mud gun supply line. are provided in the base of end of tank.11 l/s(vicosity<40s. bypassing shaker tank. HSE MS. One sand cleanout gate is installed in bottom of same side POBEDIT .desander store complete with one WNJ15 agitator as well as one(1) mud gun.Separation point . with manholes and wall ladders in each tank compartment. The sand-sliders of shale shakers are provided on side of tank.820.1 FLOWLINE Flowline.Exd.4000 DS 205 13 . circulation & control is ensured by mud system. . #5.Dimension .4 (im . . Two(2) explosion proof lights are installed on the shaker tank. complete with manifold dividing mud flow for two shale shakers and at the same time or separately. BT4.7 (im. .5m(W)><2. Walkways & handrails are installed on two sides and buttends of tanks. ISO/CD14690. .vacuum degasser store complete with one(1) ZCQ270 vacuum degasser & one(1) WNJ15 agitator. 1480 rpm. can direct the mud flow to the waste pit. complete with control rods and levers on the top of tank. 380V / 220V / 50Hz. Handrails on tanks. 5.2 SHALE SHAKER TANK(#1) One(1) Shaker tank with dimensions 12m(L)x2. Tank ceilings are made of steel gratings(25mm). #3.Drilling & Workover Rig .Separation factor . used in this system meet the requirements of explosion proof : mark .

5. Two(2) sand cleanout gates are installed at the bottom of inner side.6 MUD SHEARING TANK(#5) One(1) Shearing tank with dimensions 9 m(L)x2.centrifuge feeding pump store is arranged in the front of tank. provided in the suction tank. 5. The sand-sliders of centrifuge is installed on side of tank.3 INTERMEDIATE TANK(#2) One(1) Intermediate tank with dimensions 9 m(L)x2. Passageways & handrails are installed between 2nd & 4 th tanks.3m (H) has one compartment. The stair with handrails is provided from passageway to the ground. 5. #4. #5. One(1) LNJ 2. .5m(W)><2.centrifuge store consists of one(1) LW 450x1000 centrifuge .5m(W)x2. Walkways & handrails are installed on the tank sides.5 MUD STORAGE TANK(#4) One(1) Storage tank with dimensions 9 m(L)x2. one(1) pill tank & two(2) WNJ15 agitators as well as two(2) mud guns. Three(3) WNJ15 agitators and three(3) mud guns are installed in the suction tank.2 agitator is installed in the pill tank.Drilling & Workover Rig for each store . The suction lines are combined in one general suction system connected with suction lines of other tanks .#2. Two(2) explosion proof lights are provided on the tank. . POBEDIT . Walkways & handrails are installed on the tank sides. Two(2) explosion proof lights are provided on the tank. 5. control rods and levers on the top of tank. Two(2) sand cleanout gates are installed at the bottom of outside of the tank. One(1) liquid meter with scale calibrated in L(liters) is provided on the side of pill tank. Two(2) explosion proof lights are installed on the intermediate tank.3m (H) has two compartments: of centrifuge feeding pump store & centrifuge store.5m(W)x2. Suction lines complete with gate valves. one(1) WNJ15 agitator & one(1) 80YZ(S) 40-10 feeding pump are installed in the face of tank. Passageways & handrails are installed between 3nd & 5 th tanks.5m(W)x2. Handrails are installed on two ends and one side of the tank. Three(3) WNJ15 agitators and three(3) mud guns are installed in the storage tank.3m (H) has one compartment.4 _SUCTION TANK(#3) One(1) Suction tank with dimensions 9 m(L)x2. #6 and suction manifold of mud pumps. one(1) mud gun and overflow gutter are provided in the inner of store . Two(2) sand cleanout gates are installed at the bottom of outside of each store.4000 DS 205 14 .3m (H) has two compartments: pill store & mud store.

9 TRIP TANK(#8) One(1) Trip tank with dimensions 2 m(L)x2m(W)><1. 1480 rpm. Passageways & handrails are installed between 4th & 6 th tanks. Handrails are installed in the two ends.5 agitator is installed in trip tank.4000 DS 205 15 . 1480 rpm. When water pressure is rising over preset pressure.5m(W)><2.).). The stair & handrails are installed in the end of tank. Two(2) explosion proof lights are provided on the tank.3m (H) has one compartment.Drilling & Workover Rig . are installed in the bottom end of tank base. are installed in the bottom end of tank base. 5.4000 DS 205 15 The trip tank can be filled with mud before and during tripping operations by any one of twin jet mud mixer centrifugal pumps via mud gun line. the pill compartment is arranged in the middle. The jet funnel is installed on the top end of tank. One(1) liquid meter with scale calibrated in 50 L(liters) is provided on the side of trip tank. The pressure bypass valve is provided in outlet of water pumps. One(1) WNJ-7. electrical motor 55 Kw.3m (H) has one compartment. 5. Two sand cleanout gates are installed in bottom of each store. 5..5m(W)><2. Two sand cleanout gates are installed in bottom of tank. Two(2) NJQ-50 mud guns are installed in the inner of tank. Two(2) explosion proof lights are provided on the tank. complete with one(1) JQB6545(5x6x. . Water pipelines are provided for each tank and for drill floor. Two(2) jet funnels are also installed in the bottom end of tank base .one(1) WNJ 15 agitator and two(2) NJQ-50 mud guns are installed in the inner of mud store. #10) POBEDIT .. complete with two(2) centrifugal pumps 2SLH55(6x8x. Two(2) explosion proof lights are provided on the tank. is installed in the bottom end of base of shearing tank. There is one(1) WNJ15 agitator and one(1) NJQ-50 mud gun installed in the pill compartment.8 WATER TANK(#7) One(1) Water tank with dimensions 9 m(L)x2. Passageways & handrails are installed between 7th & 6th tanks. 5.7 MUD MIXING & WEIGHTING TANK(#6) One(1) Mixing & weighting tank with dimensions 9 m(L)x2. Two(2) centrifugal water pumps SB11(3x4x. Handrails are installed in the two ends & outside of tank.5m (H) has one compartment.10 DIESEL FUEL STORAGE TANKS(#9. Two(2) jet mud mixers (twin jet mud mixer). two(2) electrical motors 55 Kw each. Handrails are installed in the two ends. One(1) liquid meter with scale calibrated in 1000 L(liters/m3) is provided on the side of water tank.complete with two(2) electrical motors 11 Kw each. Passageways & handrails are installed between 5th & 7th tanks. the water will flow back into water tank by pressure bypass valve. that to be extend from shaker tank to trip tank in parallel with 12" flowline.) centrifugal pump. POBEDIT .one(1) shearing jet mud mixer. . 2000 rpm... complete with 1 " water valves.

The diesel fuel tanks are equipped with discharging sewage outlets. 13 Vertical Bore.000 SINGLE RAM BLOWOUT PREVENTER. H2S trim rams. Annular blowout preventer.000 PSI WP. . V V 6.2 m. #2.1/16" ID. H2S TRIM.0 MPa) WP. BOP EQUIPMENT 6. When fuel pressure in fuel discharge line is rising over preset pressure. The steam line(direct and condensate lines) circuits are supplied in each mud tank to protect the mud in mud tanks from freezing during could weather. The furniture of winterizing is quick dismountable. With 5" Rams.0 MPa) WP. 5.11 WINTERIZATION The winterizing of mud circulation system consists of the following: Tarpaulins complete with steel framing are supplied for mud tanks #1. platforms & ladders.one of them is refueling tank with capacity of 1 m3 and main fuel storage tank with capacity of ~ 30 m3.4000 DS 205 16 .1 One(1) 13-5/8" x 5. Flanged adapter 135/8" (350 mm) х 5 000 PSI (35. With 1 41/16" x 5000 PSI studded outlet. Each refueling tank has a fuel transferring pump S-125(1 x 1. The pressure bypass valves are provided in outlet of the main fuel pumps. which is capable to transfer fuel from refueling tank to main fuel storage tank and main fuel pump of the same model which supplies fuel from main tank to consumers(diesel engine day tanks) via flow meter. ready-assembled: One(1) set of 135/8" х 5" (127 mm) x 5 000 PSI (35.4 One(1) TOP ADAPTER. fuel tank air breathers. #6.08 l/s. The framing are made of square steel pipes and the tarpaulins are made of high durability material.2 One(1) 13-5/8" x 5.000psi WP single ram BOP.000 PSI WP.0 MPa) WP. #5.) with capacity of 2. H2S trim rams. CHAPTER 6. х 10 000 PSI WP. 6. fuel filter and fuel pipelines laid on into the duct. 135/8" x 5.BOP Rams.135/8"(350 mm) x 5. Flanged drilling spool: 135/8" (350 mm) х 5 000 PSI (35. manholes. #3.3 One(1) DRILLING SPOOL.0 MPa) WP. 6. the fuel will flow back into main fuel storage tank by pressure bypass valve.000 PSI studded top x 135/8" x 5. (35. Bottom connection: Flanged 135/8" x 5.0 MPa) WP.. BX-160. with two (2) outlets at 180 degrees from each other for 3 .000 PSI Flanged bottom. #7. H2S TRIM.Drilling & Workover Rig Two(2) Diesel fuel storage tanks have dimensions 11 m(L)x2.000 ANNULAR BLOWOUT PREVENTER.7m (H). Top connection: studded 13 /8" x 5. Total volume ~ 59 m3. Volume of each tank ~ 30 m3. Manual lock cylinder. #4. H2S TRIM. Diameter of tank body .25x. One(1) set of 135/8" x 4-1/2"(114 mm) x 5 000 PSI (35. 13 x 5.000 PSI. Each diesel fuel tank is composed of two tank bodies . POBEDIT .5m(W)x2. BX-160.. Each fuel storage tank is equipped with a liquid meter fixed on the tank side complete with calibrated dial by 1000L(m ).

3-1/16 " ID х 10 000 PSI WP.two(2) manual gate valves 3-1/16 " х 10 000 PSI. c/w remote control panel. 3 Main Technical Parameters: System nominal pressure: 21MPa(3000PSI).2 Driller's Panel -1 piece.one(1) manual gate valve 2-1/16 " х 10 000 PSI.5 One(1) CHOKE MANIFOLD.one(1) manual choke valve 3-1/16 " х 10 000 PSI. H2S trim. Air supply pressure: 0.one(1) pressure gauge. 6. 2. .7 One(1) BOP CONTROL SYSTEM FKQ640-6. H2S trim.one(1) manual gate valve 2-1/16 " х 10 000 PSI. Pressure-regulating range of pressure controller: 18.4000 DS 205 17 . . 2. 3-1/16 " ID х 10 000 PSI WP.7MPa (1000±100 PSI). . System pressure-regulating range: 0-14MPa( 0-2000PSI). Consists of: .4 Protecting Room -1 room.Drilling & Workover Rig 6. .one(1) pressure gauge.1 Remote Control Panel . Consist of the following: 1 Control system for surface-mounted BOP stacks in accordance with API Spec 16D "Drilling control equipment and control system standard" and SY/T5053.9-21MPa (2700-3000PSI). 2. . Accumulators pressure: 7±0.one(1) hydraulic choke valve 3-1/16 " х 10 000 PSI .one(1) check valve. Pressureregulating range of liquid/air switch: 18.one(1) 2" WECO hammer union.0 FKQ640-6 BOP Control System (Total volumes of accumulators are 640L and numbers of controlled objects are six. Consists of: .2-2001 "Surface-mounted BOP stacks control system".6 One(1) KILL MANIFOLD.3 Air Cable Assembly(23 hoses><50meters) .9-21MPa (2700-3000PSI). 2. . -eleven(11) 3-1/16 " х 10 000 PSI manual gate valves. . 2. 6.1 set.1 piece.65POBEDIT .

. Bottom opening: 9 "(230 мм) x 10. 9 "(230 мм) x 5.000psi. H2S TRIM.9 GATE VALVES. H2S trim.1 Accumulators of FKQ640-6 control system for surface-mounted BOP stacks are side type and each one is controlled by a valve. 4.10 INSIDE PIPING. Annular Blowout Preventer. 4.4000 DS 205 18 . 6. (70. (35.BOP Rams. 4. H2S trim.000/10.Two (2) manual flanged gate valves for 3 . Flanged adapter 13-5/8" (350 mm) х 5 000 PSI (35. Fire-proof and High-Pressure Hose(10 meters/each) .0 MPa) WP x 11 "(280 mm) x 5000PSI WP.1/16" ID. Double Ram Blowout Preventer: 9 "(230 мм) x 10 000 PSI (70. . .1/16" ID. 4. H2S TRIM. Ready-Assembled: POBEDIT . Top opening .0 MPa) WP. 6. Weight: 9500(Kg). 3-1/16"x 10. x 10 000 PSI WP .8 One(1) BOTTOM TRANSFER ADAPTER. H2S TRIM.12 ONE(1) 9 x 10.9" with API studded and ring groove. threaded holes for studs. Others. Included: Nitrile elements (installed). Total 4 sets.0 MPa) with API flange and ring groove. 6.2 The blind operation handles on FKQ640-6 BOP control panel are equipped with maloperation protecting shield. Accumulators' volume: (40Lx16) .8MPa( 93-115PSI).640 Liters. x 10 000 PSI WP . 5. Bottom opening .9" with API flange and ring groove.0 MPa) with API studded and ring groove.000 PSI.Two (2) hydraulic flanged gate valves for 3 . 000 ANNULAR BLOWOUT PREVENTER.3 All circuits and electrical equipment on control system are explosion-proof. 6. Top opening: 9 "(230 мм) x 5.48pcs. 4. 000 DOUBLE RAM BLOWOUT PREVENTER.11 ONE(1) 9 x 5. Connection outlets of FKQ640-6 control system for surface-mounted BOP stacks is 1". 6. Outline Size of Remote Control Panel: 6058mmx2438mmx2700mm (LxWxH).000PSI.000 PSI.Drilling & Workover Rig 0. Power supply: 380V/50HZ. Complete with 5" Rams. eye bolts and safety plate. (35. 4.4 The pressure gauge on Remote Control Panel is an anti-shock pressure gauge. sling ready-assembled.5 The external surface of BOP control system should be painted red corrosion-proof painting.0 MPa) WP. Each set is 4 m long flanged pipe.

H2S TRIM.100 mm . • Digital speed adjustment. Each diesel generator provided with CAT EMCP Control Panel consisting of: • Emergensy stop pushbutton. 6. One(1) set of 9 "(230 мм) х 5"(127 mm) x 10 000 PSI (70. х 10 000 PSI WP. control panel.4000 DS 205 19 .14 One(1) DRILLING SPOOL.0 MPa) WP. heating system.RPM. The container's design provides two diesel generator compartments and one fuel compartment with day fuel tank for 990 liters and including the following: • • • • • working and emergency lighting system. H2S TRIM.1/16" (80 mm) ID. Flanged adapter 9" (230 mm) х 5 000 PSI (35.0 MPa) WP . DIESEL GENERATOR SET One(1) Diesel Generator Module assembled in container with dimensions 12000 mm(L) x 2500 mm(W) x 2400 mm(H) and consists of two (2) self excited CAT generators SR-4 with voltage regulator.0 MPa) WP.15 One(1) BOTTOM TRANSFER ADAPTER. 6.Drilling & Workover Rig One(1) set of 9 "(230 мм) х 4-1/2"(114 mm) x 10 000 PSI (70. 6. • Voltage adjustment. plenum & exhaust ventilating system. 6.0 MPa) WP.13 One(1) TOP ADAPTER. fire alarm installation complete with automatic sprinkler fire control system. The container's walls are provided with internal heat insulation made of combustion resistant material ISOVER. H2S TRIM. H2S TRIM. H2S trim. • Digital AC metering 3-phase. POBEDIT .17 One(1) BOP Transportation Stand.0 MPa) WP. The generators are driven by two(2) diesel engines CAT 3456.16 One(1) BOP Test Stand. Flanged adapter 9" (230 mm) х 10 000 PSI (70. • Digital indication for: . • Panel illumination lights.0 MPa) WP. complete with testing base & HPU.350 Kw each and total capacity up to 700 Kw in lock mode (synchronization). complete with transport base and accessories for clamping the BOP during transportation in vertical position/ CHAPTER 7. Flanged drilling spool: 9" (230 mm) х 10 000 PSI (70. load adjustment module and capacity 320 . H2S TRIM. with thickness of the layer . with two (2) outlets at 180 degrees from each other for 3 . One(1) set of 9 "(230 мм) х Blind x 10 000 PSI (70.0 MPa) WP.11"(280 mm) x 10 000PSI (70. 6.

) are all controlled by explosion proof switch cubicle. . The lower story is used to lay in water pipelines and fuel pipelines and fixed by pawl. All electrical cables. The upper story is used to put cables from MCC to all the consumers. coolant temperature. Warning / shutdown with indicating lights for: .others.4000 DS 205 20 . PIPELINE & CABLE DUCT The Pipeline & Cable Duct consists of 14 boxes / sections 5000 mm(L) x 800 mm(W) x 350 mm(H) each. others. lighting system. .low oil pressure. kPa.5kw etc.overspeed. operating hours. when is assembled. in working position on well site. Electric control system(MCC) consists of power accepting cubicle.failure to start (overcrank). boxes / sections are connected by bolts and fixed by stopping plate. The other equipment (including centrifuge. oil pressure. . PAINTIG OF DRILLING RIG Main components of the rig are painted with the following cycle : POBEDIT . Weight of the diesel generator set module . The boxes are separated in two stories. that should be closed by cover plate side by side. soft start cubicle (reduced-current start) and explosion proof switch cubicle of supplying power for all equipment. with total length . . When is assembled. CHAPTER 9. CHAPTER 10. MASTER CONTROL CONSOLE (MCC) The MCC housing has dimensions 4000 mm(L) x 2500 mm(W) x 2200mm(H). Head slab structure is adopted in each box for convenient operation & inspection.5 m.67. CHAPTER 8. . the Pipeline & Cable Ducts serves as walkways for drilling rig personnel. Between each other. The soft start cubicle is controlling two(2) AC motors of 22 Kw each and five(5) AC motors of 55 Kw each. in working position on well site.Drilling & Workover Rig • DC volts.emergensy stop. degasser. water and fuel pipelines are laid in and fixed in the cable & pipeline ducts.7000 kg.high coolant temperature. the motors of 7.

POBEDIT .IEU. Electrical cable. q = 33 kg/m. Handrails .Generator Module.18° -115 Mt. rotary table.Caterpillar Yellow.2 DP 5"(127 mm) x 0.red color (RAL 3002). crown block. 7.IEU. pipe rack system. second paint .19mm).5 m). Range III(12. Range III(12. drill floor.3 DP 5"(127 mm) x 0. dog house.75 micron. handling equipment.red color (RAL 3002). Total paint thickness 110 .1 DP 5"(127 mm) x 0. handrails . Note: Drill pipes of OD 5"(127 mm) are supplied with threading protectors for Pin & Box and produced with BoTn 3000 hardbanding & TC 2000 internal coating and with Cooperized Thread POBEDIT . folding steel panels around drill floor .red color (RAL 3002).blue ultramarine color (RAL 5002). Grade E 75. 11.5 m). 2.7-1/4". 7. Grade S 135. final hand polyuretanic 50 . connection . 11. 5D: 11.75 micron.IEU. Mud tanks & tank bases. connection . power tongue. box taper .NC50. MCC House.5"(12. q = 42 kg/m.18° 12 Mt. Rig trailer and basement beams. 3. q = 42 kg/m. Grade S 135.4000 DS 205 21 .7 mm). mast lower section. tool joint type . TONALITY OF MAIN RIG COMPONENTS: 1. Top drive. toll joint type . 8.7 mm). Range III(12. walkways . 9. Diesel engines .5"(12.aluminum (RAL 9006).5-1/2FH. water & fuel pipeline cabinets are blue ultramarine (RAL 5002). CHAPTER 11.up to 200 micron.4000 DS 205 21 8.5 m). box taper . 4. BOP equipment . 5. Mast top section. toll joint type . 6.EWECO Gold. Solid control equipment & bases .5-1/2FH. Master skids . DRILL PIPES & DRILL COLLARS Drill Pipes in accordance with Production Standard API Spec. first hand epoxy 60 .361"(9.Black. OD of TJ . connection .8 Mt.18° .7". OD of TJ . pipe ramp blue ultramarine color (RAL 5002). Mud pumps . OD of TJ .6-5/8". box taper .Drilling & Workover Rig - sandblasting.green color (RAL 6002). Diesel.350 micron.

11. 4145H.2 x 71.35 mm).368"(9.3 . .technical specification: rotor/stator .3 9LZ105C x 7.100 kN. work torque -11. 7-5/8" REG. Length 31 Ft(9450m) .4-3/4".18° .p. 7: 11. toll joint type .6 Mt.19. 4145H.4. box taper . .0 LL . stages-5.p. 11.7x8. RPM -130 POBEDIT . RPM -70 .technical specification: rotor/stator .Drilling & Workover Rig Finishing. fluid output . connection . Grade E 75.3 jts. 11. box taper .6 x 71. NC 44 LH(Left-Hand Threaded).16.2 sets.10 DC 120.8 . with spiral grooves and slip and elevator recesses with hard banding. 4145H.5 DP 3-1/2"(89 mm) x 0. 6-5/8" REG.5x6.16.4000 DS 205 22 .0 LL .4.0 LL . 11. OD of TJ . Range III(12. 12. max. 4145H. Length 31 Ft(9450m) .140.6 DC 228. NC 50. work pressure .2 7ZL172C x 7.2 sets. RPM -70 140.5 jts.10 jts.330 kN.65 x 50.7 .88 kg/m.HLDS38.).35 mm). capacity .393 kNm. axial load -170 kN.3 sets. fluid output . axial load .8.7 DC 203. . Drill Collars in accordance with Production Standard API Spec. Length 31 Ft(9450m) . q = 20. with spiral grooves and slip and elevator recesses with hard banding.65 MPa. q = 20.39.9 DC 146. with spiral grooves and slip and elevator recesses with hard banding.30. fluid output .05 x 57.8 x 71.220 kN.5 m).6 l/s.).4. capacity .10137 Nm. Length 31Ft(9450m) .HLDS38.65 MPa.EU. stages-5. axial load .55 l/s.8 DC 177.5 m). Range III(12.4 DP 3-1/2"(89 mm) x 0.15.EU.16 jts. torque .technical specification: rotor/stator . NC 35 .73 Mt.4 l/s. Grade G 105. Length 31Ft(9450m) . maximum pressure . Note: Drill pipes of OD 3-1/2"(89 mm) are supplied with threading protectors for Pin & Box and produced with TC 2000 internal coating and with Cooperized Thread Finishing.4.368"(9. work pressure . max. toll joint type . maximum pressure .0 MPa. 11. max. max. 12.0 MPa. stages-5. OD of TJ . 11. torque .149 Kw(203 h. 4145H.8.18° .4-3/4". CHAPTER 12. axial load . connection . DOWN HOLE MOTORS 12.5.88 kg/m. with spiral grooves and slip and elevator recesses with hard banding.9x10.4. with spiral grooves and slip and elevator recesses with hard banding.5.2 jts.219 Kw(300 h. work torque -7176 Nm.1 5LZ 244 C x 7.092 kNm.

DP 3-1/2"(89 mm). inserts for 2-3/8" DP. 13. complete with inserts for DP 4-1/2"(114 mm).6 Master bushing type MSP. 13.65 MPa. complete with jaws 3-1/2" 17" . max. .one(1) set.1 Special drill pipe elevator (overshot type) for DP 5"(127 mm). 5-1/2"(140 mm) 1set. inserts for 2-7/8" DP .Drilling & Workover Rig 260.9-1/2" . 4-1/2" .one(1) set. DP 2-7/8"(76 mm) with box tapered 18° and with wire rope links. axial load . complete with bowl for API rotary table 271/2" .Casing insert for casing OD 16-3/4" . 13. 7-5/8"(194 mm).4.1set. c/w inserts for 5" DP. 13.one(1) set.two(2) sets. DP 2-7/8"(76 mm) with box tapered 18° . work pressure . maximum pressure . 13. for casing elevators diameter over 13-3/8"(340 mm).Casing solid body bushing 20" . 51/2" . 13. CHAPTER 13. 13.60 kN.9 Drill Collar Slips . axial load . 9-5/8"(245 mm). 6-5/8"(168 mm). 65000 ft.one(1) set.4000 DS 205 8" . POBEDIT .5 Manual tongs Varco type(HT65). controled by hydraulic cylinders and complete with inserts for DP 4-1/2"(114 mm).7 5" Drill Pipe rotary slips.8 3-1/2" Drill Pipe rotary slips. 13. work torque -2040 Nm.6" . 250 t.1 pc. torque .). 13.p. capacity . 5-3/4"(146 mm). . 63/4" . HANDLING TOOLS 13. with elevator links.0 MPa.Drill Collar slips DCS-R. . max. pin drive split.7" .2700 Nm.one(1) set.85 Kw(116 h. 23 . inserts for 4-1/2" DP one(1) set.one(1) set.10 Casing Slips .5. for DP 5"(127 mm) with box tapered 18°.lbs(88 158 Nm).4 Casing handling complete with swivel double hook 2-1/4" x 60".Drill Collar slips DCS-R.one(1) set. .2 Special casing elevator (overshot type) for casing 13-3/8"(340 mm).65 kN. controled by hydraulic cylinders and complete with inserts for casings 12-3/4"(324 mm).Drill Collar slips DCS-L.3 Single joint elevator. c/w inserts for 3-1/2" DP.Drill Collar slips DCS-L.8-3/4 . DP 3-1/2"(89 mm).

Casing slips CMS-XL 6-5/8" .Pin 38 NC API . 13.Casing insert for casing OD 12-3/4" .Pin 7-5/8" API Reg. . .1 pc. .1 pc.DC elevator for DC.Drilling & Workover Rig .1 pc.1 pc.Pin 6-5/8" API Reg.Multi-purpose safety clamp MP-S 4" .1 pc.Box 50 NC x Pin 35 NC API . 13. . . .178 x 71 .12 Drill Collar subs for DC 30" long: .one(1) set.one(1) set.17".17".Casing slips CMS-XL 16" .one(1) set.8-1/4". .Multi-purpose safety clamp MP-L 15-7/8" .one(1) set. x Pin 38 NC API .Casing slips CMS-XL 7-5/8" .121 x 51 . .Multi-purpose safety clamp MP-L 15-7/8" . 13.one(1) set.Casing slips CMS-XL 13-3/8" .Multi-purpose safety clamp MP-R 8" .Box 50 NC x Pin 6-5/8" API Reg.1 pc.14 Drill Collar Elevators: .one(1) set. .Multi-purpose safety clamp MP-R 6-3/4" .1 pc. .one(1) set.Box 50 NC x Pin 38 NC API .5".Casing slips CMS-XL 20". .1 pc.11 Multi-Purpose Safety Slamps .1 pc.Pin 44 NC LH API .one(1) set. .DC elevator for DC .146 x 57 .4000 DS 205 24 .one(1) set. .1 pc. . .13 Drill Collar Bail Subs for DC: .DC elevator for DC. . .1 pc.1 pc.15 Saver Subs : . POBEDIT . . .1 pc. . . . . . .1 pc.Pin 50 NC API .DC elevator for DC. .Box 50 NC x Pin 7-5/8" API Reg.Box 50 NC x Pin 44 NC LH API . .DC elevator for DC.203 x 71 .1 pc. .229 x 71 . .1 pc.one(1) set.1 pc. . . 13.Casing slips CMS-XL 9-5/8" .one(1) set.1 pc.9-1/4". .Pin 35 NC API .1 pc.1 pc.Casing insert for casing OD 9-5/8" .Box 6-5/8" API Reg. 13.Box 50 NC x Pin 50 NC API . . .

6 t. automatic transmission. POBEDIT .Box 6-5/8" API Reg.tow truck with 3-1/2" "king pin" and with height of "king pin" . capacity 5000 kg. .One (1) fork-lift truck FD50T9. 14.1 Mobile Skid Living Accommodation «CREW TRAILER» IZK-230. tires 12. with maximum load on the saddle . for transportation the mast separately from the rig trailer and for transportation the pipe manipulator. 14.TOW TRUCK.P.. . with diesel engine Perkins 404 C-22G.One (1) welding machine MOSA TS 400 PS/EL. Euro-3.One (1) special type .1 SADDLE . for transportation of the rig trailer complete with mast and without the mast. CHAPTER 14. with diesel engine Mitsubishi S6S. 88 h. 14.1720 mm(L) x 980 mm(W) x 1110(H) mm.4 WELDING MACHINE .Box 50 NC x Pin 50 NC .780 kg.4000 DS 205 25 . . size 8000(L) x 2500(W) х 2200(H) . .tow truck model MAZ 6422A8 -330.p. three axles (6x4). fuel tank 500 l.P. CAMP 15.16 Lifting Subs : . reinforced frame and suspension. for loading.One (1) Saddle .Drilling & Workover Rig .Semi-Trailer.1450 mm. 16. AUXILIARY EAQUIPMENT 14.12 sets. modified for saddle .2 SPECIAL SEMI-TRAILER. 400 H.1 pc. c/w diesel engine YMZ-6581. with electric starter.3 H..24. 13. with frame suitable to support mast DS 205 R. dimensions . standard height of lift . 400 A DC. . x Pin 31 NC API .10.three axles .3000 mm.1 pc. CHAPTER 15.3 FORK-LIFT.1 pc. and auxiliary operations at the drilling rig site. unloading. weight ..Box 38 NC x Pin 50 NC .1 pc.00R20.Box 31 NC x Pin 50 NC .

size 8000(L) x 2500(W) х 2200(H) .Drilling & Workover Rig 15. size 8000(L) x 2500(W) х 2200(H) .2 sets.2 Mobile Skid Living Accommodation «TOOLPUSHER TRAILER» IZK230. size 8000(L) x 2500(W) х 2200(H) . IZK-230. 15.4000 DS 205 26 . IZK-230.5 Mobile Skid «LAUNDRY/DRYING TRAILER».1 set.3 Mobile Skid Living Accommodation TECHNOLOGIST TRAILER» IZK-230. 15. 15.1 set.1 set. POBEDIT .4 Mobile Skid «CANTEEN». size 8000(L) x 2500(W) х 2200(H) .

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