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CMC Engineering Sdn Bhd (CMCE) is one of the integrator companies for technology, telecommunication, transportation and oil and gas and petrochemical industries. CMCE always received tender bidding in all of these fields. Tender bidding requires tender preparation according to CMCE Quality Manual that based on MS ISO 9001 : 2000 as the basis for an effective Quality Management System (QMS). After win the tender bidding, it will involve in project management which always involve in supply, testing and commissioning. For testing stage, the familiar test is Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) which is the important stage before allocate the equipment to the location. In project management, teamwork is important in order to complete the project according to the dateline. Since CMCE is the master integrator, CMCE exposed to all the trainees about new technology during the product presentation from other company which held during the internship period. This gives a valuable knowledge and experiences in real working life. The benefits for product presentation, it can build new circle of contact, improve confidence, and build an entrepreneurship skills.

Table of Contents

Page 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Company Overview 1.2 Mission 3 4

2.0 Overview of the Training 2.1 Project Management 5

3.0 Details of Experience

4.0 Discussion and Conclusion

5.0 References

6.0 Appendix

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Company Overview CMC ENGINEERING Sdn Bhd (387302-W) was incorporated as a private limited company on 15th May 1996 and started its operation as a system integrator company. CMCE is a 100% Bumiputera-owned Company. As a Master System Integrator of engineering means in Computing, Multimedia and Communication consisting field of industries including but not limited to the Public and Private Network, Transportation and Traffic System, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries. CMCE prides itself in providing extremely high quality and consistent services to its clients. This can be attributed towards CMCE business models; Continuously researching convergence of old and new technologies Managing and securing the best technologies available Consistently providing sound and cost effective solutions Enabling and structuring scalable systems

Value added turnkey services provided include engineering design, consultancy, project management and deliverables, procurement, installation, testing & commissioning and after sales support. CMCE Quality Management Systems certified with ISO9001:2000.

CMCE targets 3 key industry areas namely: 1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) CMCE utilizes various technologies together with the state-of-the art project management tools to design, procure and implement public, private and dedicated networks. 2. Transportation and Traffic System By providing the technical know-how related to railway signaling and communication, we are able to offer a wholly integrated total project management service for highway toll systems, traffic control and even surveillance systems. 3. Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Through the combination of internally developed expertise coupled with the vital support from our technology partners, CMCE has always been able to provide effective electrical, telecommunication, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) and instrumentation solutions relating to the Oil and Gas Industries.

1.2 Mission CMC Engineering Sdn Bhd is committed to provide ICT integration services of international standard, meeting the requirements and satisfaction of our customers whilst ensuring a continual improvement to QMS.

2.0 Overview of Training

2.1 Project Management During my internship period for about 4 months, I had been exposed to the real world of industries. I had been educated for years in the mechanical engineering field, dealing with robotics, programming, basic electric circuit, applied mechanic, but here I learned something new and different from what I used to learned in the university. During this period of internship, I learned real business environment, the culture of industries, the advantages of creating new circle of friends, good communication skills, learned how to solve problems and provide the right solution and also learned about the story and techniques behind a successful business company.

3.0 Details of Experience 3.1 SCADA Construction Plan

Introduction Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (the Employer) has been set-up by the Government of Malaysia to facilitate, undertake and expedite public infrastructure projects, approved by the Government. The Employer is the asset owner of several public transport services including the Kelana Jaya (KLJ) line. The Employer intends to enhance light rapid transit (LRT) services and introduce services into new areas. In order to achieve this objective the existing KLJ line is to be extended to serve additional commercial and residential areas. In addition to this, the Employer will be upgrading the existing SCADA System to ensure the entire Kelana Jaya (KLJ) Line Extension SCADA System have the same level of life span, and also to achieve and maintain the consistency of overall system performance, compatibility and safety. Objective The objective of this SCADA construction plan is to explain in brief the SCADA work activities to be performed for the Kelana Jaya line extension project. This applies both for the upgrading of the SCADA system on the existing line, and the SCADA system to be installed on the line extension. Scope of works
The SCADA works in the Kelana Jaya Line Extension project covers the upgrade of the existing SCADA system by replacing the existing SCADA with a new advanced SCADA system, where the same supervisory and control function capabilities will be maintained. This new SCADA system is also to be installed at the TPSSs and stations on the line extension, and integrated with the upgraded SCADA system at Subang Depot.

With this integration, the Master SCADA System will be further extended to monitor and control the systems installed under the Kelana Jaya Line Extension works. All required software changes and upgrades to the database and graphics will be performed. The system design is defined in SCADA FDR (Upgrading), SCADA FDR (Extension) and SCADA Software Documentation. The SCADA system modification will maintain the current alarm prioritization and functionality on the existing line. Installation and upgrading works on the existing line will not be a cause of disruption to revenue service operation.

SCADA Installation The installation of the SCADA equipment will begin with the upgrading works on the existing line, starting at the OCC EER. Works will then move on to the 24 Stations, 15 TPSS and 2 BSS on the existing line. The installation of the SCADA equipment on the New Line will start at the New EER Annex and move to stations Ara Damansara until Putra Heights progressively, totalling 13 Stations and 9 TPSS at New Line. There is a total of 64 RTUs to be installed under the Kelana Jaya Line Extension Project, 42 being for the upgrading works and 22 for the new line. The SCADA Master system is to be installed at Subang Depot this includes servers, workstations and communication equipment (as provided by SCADA). The Local Annunciator Panel is to be installed at each station CSO for both the line upgrade and extension. Installation and upgrading works on the existing line will not cause any disruption to revenue service operation. All pre-installation tests will be executed before the actual start of installation. The schedule for the test can be obtained from the method statement itself.

4.0 Discussion and Conclusion

I found that the experiences that I had gained in CMC engineering are truly priceless. I learnt how things are done beyond the academia. Knowledge combined of theories and skills will enhance the outcome of the work. I understood how to utilize the various technical resources that are available to me and use it in the actual engineering world. My internship had given me a clearer picture on what to expect and which path do I pursue upon graduating. Besides than hard work, good attitude and social behaviour were also the vital elements that would determine the success of a person in a diversified company. Being humble, truthful and honest was always the most important attitude in a work place. Friendliness towards all colleagues and readiness to lend a helping hand to others would ensure better working relationships in the company. This Industrial Training had given me more maturity and confidence in voicing out my opinions on the tasks that had been entrusted to me. I had also learnt to be more independent in completing the various tasks entrusted to me. Most importantly, this training has given me the confidence that I can be an engineer that can contribute to the company and also the country. The responsibilities and faith that has been given to me have made me more confidence in completing any given tasks. The challenges that I had faced have also sharpened my problem solving skills besides showing me the importance of team working in the workplace. After weeks of industrial training program, I found that the objective of this program has been achieved where I am given the opportunity to practice and apply knowledge and skills in various actual working environments.

5.0 References
Company Reports and Manuals [1] CMC Engineering Sdn Bhd., (2004). ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification Quality Manual. [2] CMC Engineering Sdn Bhd., (2009). Corporate Profile. Malaysia.

6.0 Appendix