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BIRLA GOA CAMPUS INSTRUCTION DIVISION SECOND SEMESTER 2011-2012 Course Handout (Part II) 04-01-2012 In addition to Part I (General Handout for all courses appended to the Time Table), this portion gives further specific details regarding the course. Course No.: ES C242 Course Title: STRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES OF MATERIALS Instructor-in-charge: Raghavendra D. Naik INSTRUCTORS: P. Nandakumar, P.N.Deepak, Raghavendra Datta Naik, Ranjit Patil, Rabi Narayan Panda, Vikas Chaudhari, K. P. Jayadevan Course Description: The course gives an introduction to the structure of materials (at the atomic and microscopic level). The relation between structure and properties of materials is also highlighted. The course discusses the structure and properties of Metallic, Ceramic and Polymeric materials. Scope and objective of the course: The objective of the course is to give a basic understanding of the relation between the structure and properties of materials. Structure of metallic, Ceramic and Polymeric materials will be discussed. The main objective of the course is to show how the type of bonding and crystal structure affect the mechanical, electrical and chemical properties of these materials. Text Book: Callisters MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING- adopted by R. BALASUBRAMANIAM., Wiley India (2010) 1. Lecture No. 1. 2. 3-8 9-12 13-15 16-18 Course Plan Topics Introduction Atomic bonding in solids Metallic structures Defects and dislocations Diffusion Deformation mechanism Chapters 1 2.5-2.8 3.1-3.7, 4.1- 4.15 5.1-5.9 6.1-6.6 10.1-10.10

19-21 22-23 24 25-26 27-28 29-30 31-32 33-35 36 37 38 39 40

Phase diagrams Iron-carbon system Kinetics of phase transformation Correlation of properties to microstructure Mechanical behaviour of Fe-C alloys Mechanical test behaviour Structures of Polymers Mechanical test behaviour-Polymers Corrosion Thermal properties Electrical properties Magnetic properties Optical properties

7.1- 7.12, 7.17 7.18-7.20 8.1-8.4 8.5-8.6 8.7-8.9 9.5-9.7 13.1-13.10, 4.18-4.19 14.1-14.9 16.1-16.9 19.1-19.5 17.1-17.9 18.1-18.7, 18.9-18.10 20.11-20.14

2. Evaluation scheme: Component Test-I Test-II Comprehensive Exam

Duration 60 Min 60 Min 3 Hours

Weightage(%) 25 % 25 % 50 %

Date & Time 25/02/12 02/04/12 03/05/12

Remarks Closed Book Open Book Closed Book

1. Make-up Policy: Make Up for any component will be given only in genuine cases. In all cases prior intimation must be given to IC. 2. Chamber Consultation hour: To be announced in class by instructors 3. Notices: Notice, if any, concerning the course will be displayed on the FTP/ Department of Mechanical Engineering Notice Board.

Instructor-in-charge ES C242