Assignment-1: Identify the issues in the execution process of “Kamal Vihar TDS-4”

Date- 06/05/2013 Solanki Submitted ByMohit


Local Planning Schemes are the principal statutory tool for implementing the local planning strategy and achieving the local government's aims and objectives with respect to the development of its local area. Town Planning Schemes principally deal with land use, development control etc. Town Planning Schemes also incorporate broad environmental, social and economic goals.

The general aims of the Scheme are to maintain and improve the quality of life and services for the residents while assisting the effective implementation of the State and Local Planning Strategies and relevant regional plans. To achieve this and having regard to available options for development and conservation, the Scheme is the primary statutory instrument for coordinating and controlling land use, as well as implementing the socio-economic and environmental policies of the Council.

Reconstitution of land is a perfectly legal method of land development that avoids land acquisition. Land holders in any given land development scheme are made partners in the scheme, development of infrastructure carried out and owners returned a developed plot which is a certain percentage of their original land.

1. KAMAL VIHAR YOJANA 2. INDRAPRASTHA 3. GANJ MANDI AREA DEVELOPMENT SCHEME ISSUES IDENTIFIED IN EXACUTION OF TOWN DEVELOPMENT SCHEME  Lack of land records. No updated information of new land owners and new land parcels. Due to this, plan is reviewed and modified several times.

 R.D.A. redistributing only 35% of original land, so land owners, those already have a small size of land will get a very small size of developed land parcel. Due to this land owners are not satisfied either with land parcel or compensation. Ex. If a person have a land of 12 x 18 meter (216 sq.m.) He will get 35% of that is = 75.6 sq.m. developed plot and can make residence in only 60% of their plot which is = 45.36 sq.m. which is = 7.5 x 6.0 meter

Ex. From kamal vihar TDS-4 (sector 3B) Name of the owner – Chunni lal Prajapati Khasara no. – 191/15 Area in sq.m. – 83.64 Area of developed plot in sq.m. – 83.64*35% = 29.27 sq.m. which is very small size of land parcel.  F.A.R. is not fully achieved due to the no provision for the high rise and redistribution of commercial land parcels to land owners. Suggestions that will help to solve the issues  Make it compulsory to land owners to have a B1 and land parcel boundary within a certain time limit.  To provide large area to land owners who have small size of land parcels, multi-story is an option where we can provide larger area on multi-stories and can also sell the upper floors.  In place of giving commercial plots to the land owners, provide shops to them in high rise commercial complex. That will allow to get more land parcels to save for sell or to use them for other uses. Multi-stories will allow us to achieve F.A.R. entirely.

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