STATUTORY COMPLIANCE LIST, COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS A) PF, ESI & PT Statutory Acts, Rules, Procedures, Forms, Formats, Filings, Assessment

Procedures, Calculations & Employee Benefits. Payment Challans, Monthly returns, Half yearly returns, Annual returns, Settlement Forms, Transfer forms etc. Due dates & filing all the forms linking to the payroll summary. B) PAYROLL Payroll processing supported by real time exposure to the payroll software. Designing CTC breakup as per the offer letter. Designing break up for gross salary in view of tax exemptions & other related acts. Designing the pay slip with all statutory & other deductions. Preparing payroll summary. Updating employee's database for new joinees & discussion on settlement process/ F & F. Discussion on some formats like offer letter, Appointment letter, Relieving letter, Experience letter & confirmation letter. Discussion on formats used during employee joining & exit Process. C) LEAVE CALCULATIONS Eligibility Criteria for EL, CL & SL, Leave policy, Calculations, deductions & reimbursement. D) LABOUR LAWS Bonus act, Gratuity act, Shops & establishment act, Contract Labour act & Payment of minimum wages act. E) INCOME TAX Tax planning for employees. Tax slab rates. Exemptions and allowances. Deduction on savings & Investments. TDS Deductions, Format & Procedure for TDS Calculations. Form 16 & ITR. TDS on Professional consultancy services & employee working as consultants. You'll have in-depth knowledge on all the areas of PF, ESI, PT, Payroll structure, Calculations Forms, Formats & Due dates, etc. including Income Tax, TDS & Tax Planning for employees up to Form 16 & Form 16A. F) FAQ Frequently asked questions in all statutory, IT, Payroll & Labour Laws. Assignments and projects. CORE HR DOMAIN AND GENERALIST AREAS A) HUMAN RESOURCES PLANNING

Planning Objectives Planning Steps B) RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION Hiring Objectives Steps in the Recruiting Process C) EMPLOYEE MANUAL Objectives of Employee Manual Steps in the Development of the Employee Manual D) INDUCTION AND INTEGRATION Objectives of the Induction and Integration Steps in the Induction and Integration E) COMPENSATION POLICY Objectives of the Compensation Policy General Compensation Strategy Steps in the Development of a Compensation Policy F) PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Objectives of the Performance Evaluation Phases of the Performance Evaluation G) TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Training Objectives Key Definitions Training Cycle H) EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AND RELATION Employee grievance handling Rag analysis Attitude building Case study concepts etc. I) DISCIPLINARY MEASURES Objectives of Disciplinary Measures Key Definitions Steps in the Application of Disciplinary Measures J) OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY Objectives of Occupational Health and Safety Strategies Steps for Eliminating Danger Mental Health Issues Occupational Health and Safety Awareness .

After CV revision if you forward the revised CV to any company. Communication Skills. Auto & Advanced filters vlookup which is used to prepare MIS Reports. Time Management O) PROFESSIONAL BENEFIT (End to End Career Solutions) For all trainees CV revision will be done in a professional approach with placement support. . i.Pivot Table. it will be shortlisted on priority basis. Post training support provided regarding any hr issues during working period. M) MIS REPORTS Advanced Excel reports with shortcut keys & formulas.K) SUPERVISION AND COACHING Supervision Cycle Time and Priority Management Communication Leadership Mobilization Personnel Retention L) ATTRITION AND RETENTION MANAGEMENT Attrition Matrix Attrition Issues Rewards & Recognition Organization culture building Talent Engagement Employee life cycle etc.e. HR Jargons Management games and ice breakers Group Discussions Role play FAQ / FUT / Mock interviews and Team presentations Discussion on Typical / logical interview Questions. . Goal Seek. N) SOFT SKILLS LIST Motivation.

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