It had been three days, since we had seen are heard from Leah.

We know that wherever she was, she was in human form. On the third night, I sat out side of Billy’s house. I had not seen my dad for awhile, and I felt horrible that I was visiting with my mind so distracted. Sue eventually came over and I could not bear to be in the house with her. I did not know if she knew why her daughter was missing. But I did not want to stay around to be yelled at in case. I walked to La Push beach, and subconsciously walked to the tree I use to consider as mine and Bella’s. I sat down and sighed. I remembered back to the day when Bella had first came to my house, after Edward had left her. I remembered the time when she was the only girl I could see. I laughed at the thought, that at one point I actually believed I had a chance with Bella. I remember wondering why she always felt guilty for her not loving me. It never really bothered me, because I always had it in my head that she loved me back. But now I understood where she was coming from. I felt so horrible about the whole Leah thing. Event though I knew it was not my fault, I could not help but to think that it was. I thought back to the time where I would have bet my life that I would always love Bella, and I think about what I saw in Leah’s head, her love for me. How do friends get off track? How can you even know when it’s happening? “Ugh!” I threw a rock as far as I could. This situation was starting to frustrate me, I hated how it only took a matter of minutes to turn my life upside down. I knew I had to stop thinking before I went crazy, so I ran to the Cullen’s, I ran to Nessie. When I approached the house Nessie was already outside. I had not seen Nessie since the night I found out how Leah felt for me. Nessie also did not know what to make of this, and she had asked for some time to think. I took a deep breath and approached her. “I said I needed time to think Jacob.” I stopped dead in my tracks, her voice worried me. She was never upset to see me. “Three days is plenty of time don’t ya think?” I answered. Praying that she agreed. Nothing had changed I still needed to be around Nessie just as much. “I don’t know you tell me. What have you decided?” oh crap! She got me there I have also been thinking for three days. And I had not come up with a conclusion on what I am going to do about the certain situation. I decided not to answer. After a minute or so she spoke harshly. “So I’m guessing three days is not enough time. So leave now Jacob” her tone angered me. “What are you so upset about?” “I’m upset that you don’t know what you are going to do. This whole time you have claimed I am your whole life, but it takes you more than three days for you to decide who you want to choose? “No that’s no what I’m thinking about. My heart remains yours Nessie no one has taken that. I just don’t know what to do about Leah. I’m trying to figure out how I could still be her friend.” I replied soothingly. She was quiet for awhile, and so I figured she had understood. I figured everything was alright between us again. “No Jacob, what you need to be thinking about is who you want in your life. Because you cannot have both.” I stared at her shocked. How was she going to expect me to choose someone? “Nessie be reasonable. I cannot drop either one of you. You are my heart, and Leah is my “beta”

“Then change that Jacob, your are the Alpha you can change anything you want. But I’m sorry I can not stand the thought of us together, but Leah being there in my house fantasizing that she was in my place.” “But Leah….” I stopped midway when Nessie put her hand up. “I have made my decision Jacob, now you make yours. I would appreciate if you stayed away from my family and I until you have made your choice.” Before I could answer she was already shutting the front door in my face. I don’t know how long I stood there but it must have been awhile, because eventually Bella came out. “Jacob? Are you okay?” I did not answer even if I wanted to I could not find my voice. She walked down the stairs and tried to give me a hug. Her little body was too small to wrap successfully around me. I flinched from the coldness of her skin. She felt the hesitation in my body, and quickly pulled away. “I’m sorry, I was trying to help.” She whispered looking down. Ugh I immediately felt guilty. She was just trying to help and I should be thankful that no matter what I was Bella’s best man. I pulled her to the steps and sat down next to her. We sat there in silence for awhile not saying anything. “I finally understood how you felt.” She looked at me puzzled. “What do you mean?” I could feel her stare at me but I didn’t meet her gaze. “When I was in love with you, and you only wanted to be my friend. Even though you knew I knew you didn’t feel the same you still felt guilty. This is how I feel now, and to top that, I’m also making Nessie upset.” She laughed, which surprised me. “You see it isn’t that easy is it? I must say I don’t feel quite as guilty as all about that now that you know how it feels.” I started seeing red. Her laughter was making me upset. How dare she laugh at my misery. She noticed my hands trembling, and quickly went quiet. “Look Jake I know it’s hard. But believe me you will make everything the way it was suppose to be. I have faith in you Jacob Black. And don’t worry about Nessie her temper is like mine. She will quickly forget about her anger. I know she showed it the wrong way, but she’s scared. She doesn’t want to lose you Jake, but she’s too scared to ask you to stay. She’s scared that you might pick Leah.” I sat there letting my mind wander; Bella gently rested her head on my shoulder. “Do what you think is right. And I will back you up a hundred percent. Just be happy.” I smiled at her words. She always had loved me in family type of way. All Bella has ever wanted for me was for me to be happy. I sat there thankful that I had a friend like Bella; she truly was an amazing person. Sitting there with Bella reminded me of when I finally stopped fighting for her. That was when I was laying in bed, mending. Earlier that day, the right side of my back had been broken by a crazed new born vampire. She came in and sat next to me, trying to comfort me, but too scared to touch me. That was where she told me she loved me, but it was not enough. It was when I had wished the new born had finished the job. I didn’t want to face the horrible pain her words caused. I could tell she was about to break down, and knowing Bella like I do I knew she would leave so I would not see her tears. And so I declared my love for her before I never got a chance. I told her how I would stop fighting because I loved her most. And I told her that I could fight everything for her, but Edward. I think my exact words were that “I could not fight an eclipse.” Thinking of these memories made me feel guilty. I remember the pain that I felt when I realized I could not have Bella. I lay in my room and cried for quite a long time,

something I have never admitted before. And when I was healed I let the wolf take completely over me. And so I felt guilty because this was the pain I was going to eventually cause Leah. I sighed in defeat. I saw no easy way of doing this. And I could not help but wonder what would become of Leah. Once a wolf imprinted that was it, they saw no one else in the world. Would she let the wolf form take over? I remember a conversation we had, when I first became the Alpha of our pack. She was pleading for me to let her stay with her, after us guarding the Cullen’s was done. “I love Sam enough that I want him to be happy, I just don’t want to stick around to watch.” She told me. Those were the very words that convinced me to let her stay. And now where would she run. Even if she was ok with me being happy with someone else, would she want to be around? But where would she go? It was either my pack or Sam’s pack. Which one would she choose? “Hey Jake” I looked up quickly. My sharp eyes immediately found Leah in the dark. She started walking towards me. I took a deep breath. You can do this. You can do this. I chanted to myself. And so it has seemed that I have made my choice.

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