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Course Title Course Length

Solaris Basics 3 days (TRP2) Dates : 28th April to 2nd May 2012.

Course Approach


Objective of this course is to:   Provide introduction to the Solaris operating system Execute the basic commands in Solaris, automate the jobs using Shell Scripting and handle the system administration tasks.

Display information for a package 3. List the devices in a system (format. Starting and Terminating Processes 3. Killing 4 Managing Local Disk Devices and Device Configuration 1. Add a package to the system 4. Use a spool directory to add packages to a system 5. 2. Check the status of current patches 7. Manage a disk 2.Day 1 Topic Installing the Solaris OS and Boot Process Description 1. Describe the Solaris Management Facility (SMF) structures and service identifiers and states 2 Package and Patch Administration 1. Control the boot process 6. Identify the phases in the boot process 5. devfsadm. Explain hardware requirements for Solaris installation 3. Identify the packages installed on a system 2. reconfiguration boot) . Install & remove a patch Process Management 3 1. State different installation methods available 2. Access patches from the web using Sun Solve 8. Foreground processes. Monitoring System Process 4. Demonstrate how to install Solaris OS using CDROM and DVD 4. Process status. Background processes. Discussion about pipes and sockets. Command priority. Remove a package from the system 6.

ifconfig etc 2. Describe state database replicas (SVM) 2.e. iostat/ sar/ vmstat 2. 28 th to 2nd May 2012. Managing SAR daily data 1. Create a file system 6. Regards. Configuring and working with IP 3. Introduction to DNS. Mudassar Bharde Business Manager (Corporate Training) Universal Corporate Training Mobile: +91 9820446211 . Use commands Ping . Mount a file system 5. Logical Volume Management 1. Managing access permissions to CRON/AT utilities 9 System Monitoring 1. Locate and view the volume table of contents (VTOC) 5.FTP. without which the proposal cannot be forwarded to the requestor:    Your profile Expected per day commercials Availability to deliver above training on the proposed dates i. Various log files 2. Warning and errors Request you to send the below details while mailing the proposal. NIS services 7 8 Native Performance Tools Job Scheduling 1. Build a mirror of the root (/) file system 3. Scheduling jobs thru cron/at 2.3.telnet . Remove a mirror of the root (/) file system 4. netstat .NFS . Modify the size of a disk slice 4. Introduction to VVM 6 UNIX Networking 1.

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