Stories, Poems & Words.

Stories, Poems & Words.

Stories, Poems & Words.

Written by Denis Karema, Sling & Faith Publishers.


Stories, Poems & Words.



© 2012 by Denis Karema, Nairobi, Kenya All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.


Stories, Poems & Words.

I write , To the Man who came out of the tree house to the responsibilities of manhood. The Man waiting for an incredible darling, the Romantic man to an incredible wife, He protects those in his circles, leading them to Godliness, an anchor of hope to His family and friends, the courageous one who boldly lives out an abundant life. To the Lady, radiant like the sun, queen like Esther, keeping herself pure , humble, has overflowing compassion and is an example of Godliness and contentment. The passionate wife of the Godly man. She consistently prays for her family and friends and even in the darkest of nights she is bold because He who lives in her has overcome all. For those who aren’t yet , almost , or distantly far away from this description, this book will be like a compass. Let the Journey begin. Denis Karema


Stories, Poems & Words.


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Stories, Poems & Words.


Thank You for Purchasing a digital copy of this book. Stories, Poems and Words. These are inspired writings of what God has been doing in the life of the author , the contributors and in the lives of those around them, coupled with poems of vast topics from passion to dreams of an African child and words of knowledge that’ll lead you to a point of meditation and hope. This book has amazing imagery and profound revelations making it a good read to both poetry lovers and those who want to live a significant life.

“This book is good for your heart!”


Stories, Poems & Words.

For you, feeling the consistent ,tender , involuntary beating of your precious heart.


Stories, Poems & Words.

I’d love to take a journey with you, to a golden horizon at sun rise, Dance with you on an iceberg in the middle of the sea, Compose serenades for you, When am with you, the world’s in my hands.

We’re at our golden years now, I can barely see and you are still the most Bring the glow on your face as the beautiful lady I know, stars bear witness, Make you smile like your all time favorite joke, When am with you, its feels like a dream come true. We build a family together, now we play with our grand children, When the sun took long to rise we prayed together,

When the storm took our rooftops I’d love to take a countryside drive we stuck in, with you, See the curves on the rift valley, a symbol of your beauty, Ride the hills on a bike and see the wind blow your hair, I am head over heels for you my queen, We’ll do a candle lit dinner under the acacia trees in the park, When am with you I’ll fight for love, Until my last heart beat, I’ll use my last breath to say, You are my love, I held you more times than I held my phone, I only yelled at you when the house was on fire, I spent precious moments with you, you are my dream come true,

Pitch a tent on the beach, watch as the ocean engulfs the sun at sunWhen I am with you, I am complete. set,


Stories, Poems & Words.

Once He creates a clean heart in us, its not a magical heart that it stays clean by itself. How does one keep their house clean, isn't it by constantly dusting and scrubbing, washing the dirty things, folding and arranging, throwing out the garbage and so on? Well Keep your heart clean this year. Be careful what you let in, pray constantly, read the word, obey His commands and Love! By His grace alone can we do all the above.

I want you
I want to marry you at the beach, See our singlehood disappear in the waves, Sail with you to an island afar, where it’s just you and i, Serve you juice from the coconut, catch you a colored fish, I want to ride in the humongous waves, floating in the splendor of your beauty, See it's you i waited for all my life, its you i want to love to the end of my days. I want to wake up to your face, to the glowing eyes full of love, Taking a walk in the park, sometimes not even saying a word, Having you by my side is so refreshing, its like a cold drink in scotching sun. I prayed everyday that I'd meet you my love, i want to paint the sky with your name.


Stories, Poems & Words.

Son Bond
Baby am waiting for you, i ain't enrolling for a test drive, Walking ,matching and trampling looking for a golden yolk, They make it the less popular thing, to only open my pants when am changing cloths, To tame lust, be a real man and not an irresponsible boy. Baby i know your past may have been cruel, you want to forget Baby wait for me, we'll go through life together, in the meantime I'll be busy making a difference, busy serving my hood with hope, work. some things you did, I know when you were in the world you may not have been spared, I also know that you met the son born baby And you have held up this far, you Baby i met the son, more glamorous have shun the past ways than the sun, gone, I can't erase the records of my recklessness, jumping from one bed to another. Am coming in your path baby, and my arms will always be stretched to hold you Me and you joined to the heart by the Son. My past life where my body led me is I'll sweep you off your feet soon, But the son made me a new, with him am becoming the man, Gone like yesterday are my vices, Now am waiting even though i ain't a picture perfect painting I want to redeem the image of the man God made, I love God, and I hate sin.

delicate hearts, the excuse being am where virtue dwells i pitch a tent

Putting my beautiful feet into useful too, He made you a new like a new


Stories, Poems & Words.

My Line Of Best Fit
The little you show compassion for, You are my line of best fit, My curve on a smiley face, And your gifts and talents you fully exploit, You are the colored bubble I blow, On my saxophone I make a serenade for you, Your beauty struck me like a cane, How can I resist a dream come true. Like Mist clearing in the morning, Is me getting to know you better,

The effects stuck to me like a tattoo, Seeing more than meets the eye, A deep rooted tree we be, The wind You are wrapped in a rainbow, blows us sideways, This love is so real, I want to draw it But it will not split us. You got pas- on my wall, sion for life you know, I want to take a picture of it and upOur purpose on earth is revealed, load, You live for Christ, make Him Known, You are unashamed you’ll get a crown, Godliness and beauty I can’t resist, You share your life, help others grow, Before the day grows old and the sunset dims, I want to join the dots, finish the graph The line of best fit, Is you girl.

When you sweep her off her feat, stretch your hands so you hold her, or you will break her.


Stories, Poems & Words.

One way to avoid heartbreak in the church. Not every man/woman you meet is meant to be your spouse.

you are the ♥ rose, always a a lily.. you inspire hope in me, a lot like the almond blossom, your love is like the amaranth, splendid beauty of the Amaryllis. Ambrosia, my undying love for you,

When someone [of the opposite sex] comes into your life, ask God to show you their purpose in your life, or yours in theirs before the emotions cloud your good judgment.

Once it is complete, learn to move you are my partner, true to you one. *JM like the arbor Vitae flower,
nothing is going to change my love for you, i love you only, like the arbutus flower.


Stories, Poems & Words.

Food and Soul
well i have been doing some think-

but lately i have thought about what Christ says, that what i do to

ing, this is after the last time i actu- the least of then, its unto Him i do, ally helped a beggar in the streets, and i repent for so many times i I wondered why i judge alot, why the first thing in my mind is not helping by questioning why? why are you begging for food, you look all healthy and you can do some work, earn bread like the rest of us and now wait for me to be overhave left Christ hungry, and i am challenged by God's word, Jesus' approach is strange, Just Do It. leave the judging to Him, i do because its Him in that alley, dressed like someone i wouldn't give a second glance, smelly and risky to ap-

whelmed with compassion so i feed proach, yet craving for love in the you, i wondered about all this whys form of a bread and milk, a hug and but i never asked myself , " what if it were me begging" , "what would a warm sweater, a place to sleep, there is something each of us can

Jesus do" how can i reach a hungry do, to those we see and snob, evesoul if not by filling the stomach ryone needs this love, this food, first, what happened to just helping everyone needs this form of obediwithout judging, i am guilty so ence."For I was an hungry and ye many times, so much that i do not often stand and talk to that young man begging in the streets, just to get to know why he does it, well gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye vis-

sometimes i do, I buy food and walk ited me: I was in prison, and ye with it eager to bless anyone.. came unto me. ".May Jesus open These are often the times when i our eyes to see..all these peoalso need God to come through for ple..and truly when we are judged me,..its so hard to do intentional by our fruits, we will emerge victoriacts of kindness. ous.


Stories, Poems & Words.

Today I saw a dirty man in tartars, all smelly, I assumed he was mad. I didn't even think of saying hi, Not even sharing a smile. Then I got a thought so compelling, The prodigal son, having the best of pig life, low life smelly like a carcass. Who can even consider embracing such? Running towards him with passion, tear drenched eyes.. probably holding his breath for life sake but giving him a lifetime embrace.. And the dance on reunion, Round and round like the globe. To a father the son is always a son, Regardless of how lost he is.. The privilege to come back stands. An offer sealed by blood. Not just any blood, but that of the Lamb. his clothes may never be clean even with bleach, but his record was wiped clean.. well I thought of going back to my steps and at least tell him something, or throw a note at him... but am already on something, I've began the long day, like many going somewhere, Covering more distance than a rotating globe.. Seeing pixels instead of the big picture.. I learn two things.. Love can be shown to anyone, the first thought is worth riding on, Jesus has no problem embracing our smelly red as scarlet selves, More to it He offers us life, if we only discover it like the prodigal, Walk back to him, do the illogical. We were created to bring glory to God. We can choose the path of sin and never be seen again or we can choose the path of life and never die again.


Stories, Poems & Words.

Number Lust
Here goes virtual pleasure Vital organs under pressure A dial away and she’s game My flame of lust I bring to ash Me using her and she’s doing the same Can I overcome this body, I feel so much shame I want to delete number lust I need to un-friend her sinful chains No more following her deceitful curves I need to be straight, like wood on a cross Turn around, kill the body For it profits me nothing And costs a hell lot I choose to be unashamed Kick out my habits like polio Delete my portfolio of women Be cleansed by Jesus, my mind renewed My life bold and un-conformed Goodbye number lust Shift, delete and I throw away the bin.

There are numerous things, people, patterns that distract us with a promise to bring us life but really only Jesus can do this.


Stories, Poems & Words.

Bear Fruit
Someone asked me, who is a Christian? I told her its anyone who chooses to be in a relationship with Jesus. So today i wondered why Jesus did not ask His disciples to be Christians..dah! its coz they already knew Him personally and they'd accepted His call. So then it means that it doesn't end with us accepting Him? Nope..He had more instructions to them that yielded to Him, its like a worker bee being groomed for its role, the queen bee says something like this on the worker bee commissioning day, Go and collect all nectar the wild flowers offer, continually bringing it to the hive, making the sweetest honey from it. And behold there'll be enough honey for all rainy days. So then the disciple is proactive, continually multiplying and teaching the converts about Jesus. The disciple takes time with the 'new Christian ' and transfers the concept of making disciples to them. And as the last drop of hot water hit me..i knew..that the answer to who is a Christian, a Christian is a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples of Jesus. And like a worker bee, The Christian's focus is in this..and the master's promise is that He'll be with the person who does this even to the end of time. Ask Jesus to help you bear fruit

we go proclaim Him, We go live like He is in Us, We go light up a world that's used to pitch darkness, salt to people who have had flat food, bring taste to our generation, build an appetite for godliness, am sick of just fighting to recycle, plant trees, pay taxes, basic education and NOTHING to do with Jesus and His free gift of salvation.


Stories, Poems & Words.

The next chapter, like knowing what God intends you to learn..I wonder, have you felt you are at war in yourself, You want to hide what God says in your life, i flip to a page written by Paul, a man who was determined to always move forward, its all Romans 6, not all talk, he offers insights on how to be dead to sin, how to be ruthless with the sin, Because Christ died to kill it, death to sin. Verse 13 is interesting, no to using your body to serve sin. Sin is a jealous master..given a chance it entangles and intertwines worse than a spider, kills slowly like poison, and gives a swift ticket to life on the other side away from heaven, oh should i sin and repent instantly? sounds very convincing, verse 14 reminds me, let not sin be my master, that foils my brilliant idea, to gamble with Christ. A good way to overcome this self made king is constant talk with Jesus. A ruthless attitude with sin goes along way in containing it. At least for a day, and sin reminds us of where we are weak, Our slippery tongue, our lustful eyes, our greedy hearts, our hidden acts, verse twenty gives us a great conclusion in the sin story, in the past i was a slave to sin, and goodness did not control you are free from sin and slaves to God. its a radical and less popular choose life..even literally because sometimes our bodies are pushed to the threshold..DannNumber8 says it in 'Flush it ' work on eliminating sin enzymes, and it‘ll not consume you. Pray for each other, encourage one another, rebuke one another, share truths you learn. This is Love. Flip!

Compared to eternity our lives on earth are just a moment, make it vibrant like a photo moment.


Stories, Poems & Words.

Take Chances
Stepping into the ocean away from the sandy beach was not easy for me, day one i thought i was going to drown and the shallow water harbored sea urchins which really prick another reason to stay at the beach looking fly in them sun glasses and spf. And this gave me many fond memories of times in my life i stayed away from taking chances because of fear. I sat and watched others like me overcome their fear and swim, though with random involuntary intake of salty water in their mouth, I knew that maybe if i try i may, That there was great victory in taking chances. Finally day two i decided to go see how the water would treat me, i had the same amount of fear but i was ready to take a chance. We’ll needless to say float, that is unless an anchor is tied to our necks. From this i learnt a lesson to win requires a step of faith, a choice to be. Its amazing how timely this lesson is based on the fact that a new year is here, The year where fear takes a back seat and i conquer the world. Doing my best with what i have to give glory to the only one who made the ocean, the hermit crabs, the sea archins, the Huge tides, everything. Take a chance! Feel safe in His Hands, they are the same one's that have been holding the universe for millions of days.

Yes you're His child and He loves you but God also loves HIS GLORY! Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: Acts 10:34 KJV


Stories, Poems & Words.

You are my source of faith, You can do all Even what I can’t think of you can What I want to face, Giants that eclipse me, I can do all things, Through you Jesus, you give me strength, To move mountains, leveling hills.. You do everything well , 365 * my age you can, Sustain a beat on a weary heart, Make feeble feet stand up, Make me stand before kings of the world, I be favored before men like you were, In the eyes of God am Justified, By you Jesus who does all,
My enemies they get to know You all to well, And they fall to my side I am a majority with you Even the wind calms at your voice And you reveal to me, I cannot forget

What I can and cannot think I can ever do You bring to fulfillment ages of prophesy I shall not fear Anything, anyone You alone You are God supreme.

100,000,000,000 birds are not worried about what to eat this morning, why should you?


Stories, Poems & Words.

Dream of an African Child
The leader I be, The dream of an AfriI wonder how he forgot about us, can Child our plight isn’t even in his dreams. To have a leader passionate about The leader I want to be sees potenhis family, with details like an African tial and looks out for opportunities mother, for us, She is like a mother to the community, every child is his own, Who has tamed his greed , is not My leader will protect our interconcerned about class, ests, he will not feast on stolen Long shot to have virtue and leader funds, ship in one person? No We children of Africa want a brand As a son of Africa values I can learn, new land, if only someone with them comes my Graft will be in history books, way, No child will miss medications, The ones I see stole my books, miss class since funds were misapfeasted on public funds, propriated I cry for healing. They contracted their children to provide crucial services, but their chilPeace not running from bullets dren are as greedy as them, Preventable diseases become hisI am a son of Africa, yet to see tory tapped water, They belong to books like our coloMy elected leader lives in a palace, nial stories the greatest satisfaction in my life is in investing in the lives of others.


Stories, Poems & Words.

Forgiveness As much as He forgives us when we repent and turn away from the dark big things (sin) we've done, we're meant to repent of the little things (equally sin) and turn away from them as well. Yes! i.e. If u have a habit of lying to your boss thinking it means nothing just because he's your boss, you better think again and refrain from doing so! Sin is sin. That lie leaves you accountable to God, so speak the truth today! You can do it and it surely sets you free!

Choices! Everything is a choice. You choose what to do (study/work), you choose where to stay, you even choose whom to love or marry.

We make choices everyday and we have to believe that God has given us the wisdom to choose right and His grace to live with the choices made!


Stories, Poems & Words.

Green about Green
Dominion we took The bosses on the wide world we be Opinions of the wise we disregarded When there was plenty to conserve, I wasted Used up and fossils in my field, the smoke, the waste I gave the atmosphere, Until it rose and got to the polar bears, And my seasons became unpredictable, Insane I think I must have been, seeing all the methane I deliberately released In the name of industrialization, anything will pass, Factories turning rivers to chemicals, Fish dead and inedible, Our children have no fresh water to drink, No clean stream to swim, The birds flying on polluted air We let out so much toxic gas, you can spot it from space, We come from open fresh atmosphere to a man-made oven, We need to act before we toast, Recycle water, manage waste, Harvest when it rains, use well when it doesn’t Plant a bush, use some solar, We were given authority, and we forgot responsibility, Our children will not have to go to the mountain peaks for fresh air, This is a mega crossword, We need everybody to fill their part.

And don't forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God.


Stories, Poems & Words.

What do you do, When on following God's command you land at a point of lack, you are in dire need, God is letting you be in that point for a while, You almost wonder if this journey of obedience is worth it, At that point ,somehow you forget the greatness of God in your life previously, You forget how He has remained faithful.. All you care is you are stuck, Well, you are not the first. Exodus 17 is all about this, Guys who'd seen the red sea split and swallow their enemies, Guys who had eaten manna, Now they are seeing Moses as a co conspirator to kill them and all they have in this world. Well the good news is that, When God says He has good plans He's not bluffing, Some rock has been sitting there since creation, Waiting for Moses to hit it so that his guys can have fresh water, Do not lose hope, In the land of lack, There is provision, It only takes God + Faith + Stick + Obedience.. Just trust God and Obey Him.. He speaks..even now..

If you are impatient you will end up with the bee and not the honey.


Stories, Poems & Words.

Waiting on You
waiting on you Lord, Hopeful, That what i can't do, Is so easy for You, I wait for some light, A word to guide me to what's right, Its taking so long, Sometime i slept, other times i left, Its getting steeper, Won't You whisper, I pray till i sleep, Till today, You have not come through yet, But i want to be busy doing Your will, i choose to Praise you, Hearts courageous, Even as my heart bleeds, Lord, all these people i see, walk past me, Won't you use one.. The itch on my back is too much, And am still waiting for you to stop it, Or for you to give me hands, I wait, On this street corner i live, I beg, i sing to them as they walk by, None of them wants to come near , Am used to my smell but they aren't.. Lord will you not come through for me. Won’t you use one of them today. However dark the clouds the sun finds a way to penetrate and shine.


Stories, Poems & Words.

imagine you are in a space shuttle, Somewhere in space, As you enjoy the view of the galaxies you begin to zoom in.. To a small dot, Its size is like a dust particle, Its Earth, An insignificant part in size compared to the galaxies, So you try zoom in further, Sky scrappers are not in sight, Your range rover cannot be seen, Your cat 'melody' is nowhere in your view.. Sadly you discover how insignificant 'things' are, As you zoom out in frustration some truths dawn on you, Written truths you read before, That God holds the earth in His hands, He knows everyone in that small dot, imagine you are in a space shuttle, Somewhere in space, As you enjoy the view of the galaxies you begin to zoom in.. To a small dot,

Their hair count, Their names are engraved.. You slowly discover that significance is only found in the mighty creator of the universe, Jesus Christ.. That God saw it fit to send His only son to die for the dwellers of the dot.. So as you zoom out completely and set course to come back to earth, You come with a renewed mind.. Of what significance is all about.. And you decide to have success in becoming significant.

I have not seen anyone throw a stone at a fruitless mango tree.


Stories, Poems & Words.

Facing Giants
God invested enormous talent in all of be the best there can ever be.. ~long ago people feared giants, they wore heavy armor while preparing to face them but still the giants were done with them in a second.. one shepherd however decided he could take out a giant.

He found me a Captive to sin..a touch from Him and am no more Captive, am forever Captivated by Him.. Sinning against Him instead of singing for Him..How Unlike the rest he decided to consult could it be, that a man so God so he could do this extra ordinary full of himself would figure act..God had ages ago created small out how to born again, sharp stones that could kill giants.. How would You say, It is finnobody before had bothered to ask Him ished, Yet my struggles i still how to kill a giant..David did and a gihave, my pain is far from ants death became only a 'stone throw' gone, How could you bear what giant is standing in the the sight of sick, the hungry, way of you achieving your full potenthe oppressed..from the tial..? Cross..and yet declare it is finished? You just need to ask the 'sharp stones' creator... Until you set me free, until I Nothing is a giant to Him. was no more a captive.. I thought it was unfinished.. Psalms 33: 6-7 But the new life you gave The sky was made at the Lord's comme, filled me with your Holy mand. Ghost, gave me power over By the breath from his mouth, He made my past, and i also deall the stars. clared..It is Finished.. He gathered the water of the sea into a heap. He made great oceans stay in place.


Stories, Poems & Words.

Turn Tables
In He comes, hardly any space to pass, I turned into a landlord of this temple, Anything goes, anything trades, No space, no time..just busyness From afar i can't notice, the master is furious, seeing what businesses in the temple am doing Have walls full of pride, shelves with un forgiveness, Tables full of idols and lust I can see how disgusted He is When tables start flying, When my stock is thrown away, What i hold so dear it’s a loss now I can't believe he doesn't support this venture, of business in His temple.

As i reflect and clear the mess I discover, its for my sake He turned them tables That i seek Him with all purity, Because my body is His temple. No more tables, just me on my knees The air so fresh, His presence fill the temple Father forgive me for being a landlord Of a Temple that isn't actually mine. If you cant make the effort to work out the little things God has trusted you with, be it a job, how then can you expect that you'll be able to make the effort in the bigger things like a commitment. Lord prepare me through the little things, before you grant me the bigger ones.


Stories, Poems & Words.

Welcome to the Kingdom
As i sat talking to her, i remembered the day i gave my life to Christ, memories of God's favor in my life came alive.. And i shared some with her, 16 years ago is when i began this walk, a journey of faith, A Loving, powerful, Omnipresent Daddy, who through the years has stood with me, been there as i took steps, as i fell, as i rose, as i went steady and as i discovered my most strategic position is on my knees. I gave up rights, all of them for Jesus, now am on privileges, As i shared the unrehearsed story i saw i still have alot pending. And as she knelt in tears, And asked Jesus into her life.. I just thanked Jesus, for my friend is on day one of the rest of her life. A life where she has a personal relationship with Jesus, The very one who died on the cross for me, And rose on the third day.. He who makes me a better man, He who i live for, The center of my life. Jesus. Welcome to the Kingdom my friend.

The love of God is like the sun’s rays, nothing can separate you from it.


Stories, Poems & Words.

I was listening to a speaker one night, talked about Jesus’ words, greater works than these you will do, I got thinking, Is it just miracles, Healing lepers, raising the dead, Coz if it is then i have not been able to heal any leper, But think of it, Even after Lazarus was raised from the dead, he died years later, The lepers also died of may be another disease.. Greater works, I think it was more about expressing love and not doing miracles, Because acts of love last lifelong, No wonder the conclusion is, And the greatest of these is love.. Being kind, Being selfless, And every single day I see opportunities to show love, Coz its not rocket science, If u don't see any, Just buy a meal ,pop into a public hospital, meet a stranger and bless them. Help an old man cross the highway, Passionately love people, What ever you do to the least of them, That you do unto Me. Most of the times the things God asks you to do are extremely hard or uncomfortable, especially when it involves another person. But then again "OBEDIENCE" is submissive compliance, not "submissive compliance depending on how you feel."


Stories, Poems & Words.

Amazing how bolt can run faster that everyone else but soon another faster athlete will emerge. Amazing how we tag our livelihood on an employer, until the company goes under, In life so many of the things that seem like strong pillars that we can hold on to eventually bend and break, And we wonder still, what will remain constant. All this while our worries, our past hurt, our human nature, our carnal minds, all these and more prevents us from the discovery of the constant. Our friends forsake us, our family betrays us, until all we have, all we are, are desperate, thirsty people. Wondering all the while, yet having the answer all along. The Only One whose love is awesome, The one who in my life makes all the difference, My only constant. The only constant, Jesus Christ. Won't You invite Him over?

I look at the great scenery and I know there is God. Spontaneous big bangs can’t do, its too lame an excuse! Merged hills, the sunset, the tides on the beach, the tender breeze; Could not have evolved from a pile of soil, a drop of water or a gentle movement of air.


You/yours she is the lady, the one who paints me in all her futures the one who passionately loves me, everyday i think of her, and i can't stop loving her, like she stole my heart away, and i want her and also what's really best for her, i used to be selfish, relating with her made me love for her best interests, almost like the Holy bible saying we love like Christ, that's how i see it lady, but love does not mean the absence of life's battles some which are fought together, some which are personal because the desire to be better, to be more like Christ is not one our lifestyles embrace, and some bring us to the edge, then back again to safe harbor, every day i learn something new, sometimes its exciting, mind blowing, other times its the struggles i try hide, that are pointed out,

Stories, Poems & Words.

and we both say, i need you Jesus to come to my rescue, I need to talk to someone, a wise man seeks mentors, not really to be like them but to learn from them, a wise lady does the same too, because relationships are about exposed hearts, possibility of hurt, vulnerabilities beyond understanding, and when trust is kept, they blossom, and the lady's face is always glowing, her smile is a constant like sunshine, the flip side of trust is chaos, so how do i remain trust worthy? i find knowledge to be a key pillar, knowing what to do when a trigger happens, never comparing your girl/dude is also important, not wishing she/he would be as good in abc like xyz, communication is key, when people create a free environment to share, i discover once more that i am still a without fear of being judged the rework in progress, sult is a stream and she too is clay in a potter's that fills the tank of intimacy. house,


Stories, Poems & Words.

i have many thoughts today, the constant being.. there are no regrets, when you give your best. and even the darkest cloud, comes to pass. and a great girl like you/yours is hard to find.. like a comet, appearing just once in my lifetime.. the best is here!

Be gentle with a rose or it’ll hurt you with its thorns.

He found me a Captive to sin..a touch from Him and am no more Captive, am forever Captivated by Him. Sinning against Him instead of singing for Him..How could it be, that a man so full of himself would figure out how to born again, How would You say, It is finished, Yet my struggles i still have, my pain is far from gone, How could you bear the sight of sick, the hungry, the oppressed..from the Cross..and yet declare it is finished? Until you set me free, until I was no more a captive.. I thought it was unfinished.. But the new life you gave me, filled me with your Holy Ghost, gave me power over my past, and i also declared..It is Finished..


Am Blinded Am blinded, By the fear I have that is not from you, The waves tossing the ship left and right I got a clue, It's going to be a rough ride all night, The pitch darkness, the contrary wind, The master away, talking to His father for hours.

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Memories still fresh of yesterdays feast, Five thousand plus men all hunger stricken , Well the master made food they all ate till we had left over, Collected all of them because my master doesn't waste Even overflowing blessings are to be carefully used Nothing is waste, Just like the Eco system. And so when He's done praying, The waves tossing ,the ship is giving in to the ship slowly He calls out my name He's walking on water he calls me out From the wobbling ship to the liquid floor I start my walk on water Till am blinded by fear that is not of him And I begin to sink Coz my eyes are on the waves not the master Jesus I want to be consumed by you You hold me before I drown You walk me back to the ship When my faith fails Lord hold my hand When am in so much fear and doubt Remind me you are here with me Should I drown you will Jonah me Or keep me dry like the Israelites You work in awesome ways Lord Work in my life, I want to see ,free me from this blindness


Perfume You are my perfume label They ask where I get this joy I say your name Making me great company a wanted fragrance I be gentle in spirit Dwell in virtue I See them from your view, I shower love like long rains Telling them of Your glorious reign How you endured great pain So that life we'd gain Slain king, light of the world Each of us you have duly called To be salt, white and tasty Being the light more than a ray Till the trumpet blows, And every knee bows, The king is back, eternal life Don't miss your chance, give Him your life.

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You are so beautiful girl, to paint you with clarity I’d have to use the rainbow as my paint, You are effortlessly irresistible, a glance into your eyes and I see the glow of love, I put your photo as my wallpaper, now even my phone won’t go off, A dream come true, you are the cream, I’ll keep my hands off you, you are no touch screen, You are full of sweetness, like a savanna sugarcane.


It’s You I need you like Oxygen, Its you am into, In your word you show me where to go to, Its reviving helping me to come to, It can transform all even bantu. You shepherd us as we go to, Every aspect of life we get into, You are the hero we bow to, You are amazing and so true, Your word will help us get through, Our past we outgrow, To idols we no longer bow, To love You show us how, What an honor for you to call me. Your blood You used as a ransom for me. Sin had entangled me, such an ugly scene to behold, gods couldn't clean me up, only God could cleanse me, Was spotted like a wild cat, red like scarlet, Now am spotless , whiter than sheep, He can do it to you too, the ultimate bleach .

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When you are set out to be a king, you may want to practice your speech and skills with sheep, learn how to defend sheep and sling stone your way to the thrown in due time. Humble beginnings , Majestic endings, of course with a couple of downfalls because we are only human.


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Standing tall, made a little greater than the angels Molded by the potter, to beauty standards that can't be brushed off, The beautiful smile opens to a golden heart, And as soon as she opens her mouth, You can feel God's breath in her, She is yielded to Jesus like water, She goes beyond her limits, putting faith to action like an athlete, You don't need to push her, she's totally sold out, Well a tower of light, to direct others to her master. I longed just to stand next to her and know her name, To have a long glance at her eyes without her noticing, But she's alert, she'll pick a signal like a satellite, She is like the auctioneers favorite painting, The dancer’s best move, The athlete’s final stride, The best mix of incredible beauty, awesome passion , selfless compassion and ground breaking intellect.

When i say i love you, Its from my deepest point, Its because i believe whole heartedly in what we have together, Its because you are a priority in my life, Its because you are my dream girl, Its because i have no second thoughts, Its because you are my lifetime partner, Its because you are my God given mate, Its because you are a dream come true.


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My Savior Love, Numerous times He spares my life Countless times He answers My prayers He gives Me good health, to die for me, that overwhelms me, with love He leads me in the narrow path He is in me, For me and always with me, He chose me before i was tagged purpose to my existence if i was the only one in this world, He still would die for me i on the other hand would deny Him, persecute Him and finally Hang Him, in return He still loves me what can i give Him but my everything obey Him, Trust Him, Share Him, His love never fades,

Baby you rock my world, not like in a movie or video more in real life, your solid affection your words, your doings, you make it so easy to love you, and every moment of happiness, every opportunity of bliss, i want share with only you, numbers are many, like fish in the ocean, but you are my significant number, you are as close to me..even miles away, i share my dreams with you, you share your life with me, its a partnership we both blossom in, everyday i spend with you, is a new best day of my life, i call you incredible, i call you love, I would give anything For us to be together. For you are irreplaceable; Our love should last forever.

For He is LOVE


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I find words difficult to express, my love for you. For my feelings overwhelm my every senses Only you can break my defenses You mean so much to me that only you can understand my unspoken words. Only you can fathom the love in my heart. Only you can stop how time flies. Only you can make me reach the skies. You are the blessing that I thought was too distant like the sun, You are the best part of my life, you made me soar high. I love you, this i know to be true. I won’t ever take you for granted… I won’t ever forget what it was like before you or how I would feel without you I won’t ever forget your warm embrace I won’t ever let a day go by without telling you how very much you mean to me how very deeply I love you You should never doubt the way I feel about you How much happier I am with you in my life! I love you now and always!


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I walked right past you, you were dying of hunger, I was on phone so I did not even notice you, I drove past the bridge, you were just about to jump off because life's too hard on you. I was speeding for a meeting, I did not notice you, I sat next to you in class, you started a conversation, you were losing all hope, I wore my head phones and all I could see were weary lips moving, i didn't hear a word you said, You called me, you wanted a friend to pray with, but I was busy watching music favorite uefa team..I never picked the phone, Am faced with a very simple question, What are you living for? I begin playing with an imaginary pimple that's on my face.. Really .. some of those around have this to say.. 'well, am studying business, i plan to go on and get an MBA, and I want to have a successful business one day, Another 'am looking for the girl of my dreams. When I find her am going to marry her and live for my family' Yet another says, 'I want a big house with a pool where I can have pool side parties' we seldom get to think about what we are here for. Today am answering this question... Because its more than books, pools and beauties.. Until I find what I was meant to do in this revolving world, and just on a rotation in a rat race, Weary but moving nowhere, my time passing but I got to know, Jesus will you lead me, to know my purpose in this world.


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Even When
yes just when i was about to strike that deal, the client pulls off when my friend had agreed to loan me some money, they suddenly go quiet even when my soul is tired, even when am too tired to lift my hands when everyone else but me is having sunshine their mouths are aching from prolonged laughter while my body is dehydrated from the tears i cry somehow my path is a dark one, with more darkness at the end of the tunnel. when i feel so empty want to give up and you say you still love me? am not sure i can feel it! what i feel is hunger, fear, frustration and for over 30 years i lay on this carpet waiting for someone to dip me into the pool when the water is stirred until today. when you came just for me i thought you were the one to dip me into the pool but your words is all it took rise up and walk is all i had to do shall i ever doubt you again Lord? NO i do not know why you never came earlier but am happy you came now i do not know why some unfortunate events seem to occur in my life but am comforted by the fact that you are there and you are never late and you are always able so what will i say when am weak? what will i say when my friends depart from me? what will i say when the pain is too much?


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...even when
what will i say when am broke? what will i say when fear grips me? when my friends got it all...and am still in step 1? i will look up to the heavens, from where my help comes from i will not question, i will trust you Lord i will not fear, i will fear you Lord because you are for real and i will live like you, touch other people's lives be there for those who want to enter the pool when the water is disturbed feed those who hunger comfort those who cry be to each one, who YOU are to me. even when... Am nostalgic, memories of the good old days when outdoor games meant dirt, sweat, wounds and fatigue the mango season meant broken hands as we tried, though we knew we were not good at it, to climb them trees to reach out to that ripe mango at the tip of the tree when my pet dog really understood every word i told it when we were still learning how to wink to a girl and quickly shy away after the wink memories of great days, wonderful friends evidence of God's love, His consistency His goodness i can only but thank Him


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First Sign
in 1995 a young boy listened to a lawyer preach the details of the sermon were mostly vague apart from the one word that transformed his life 'Jesus makes the best daddy' to a boy who was almost entering teenage hood these were great words. Firstly because his earthly daddy had left home (separated) a few years earlier leaving just the mom to be both mom and daddy Secondly because being the 'man' required that the boy learn some skills from a daddy, so this words made alot of sense to this young mind. and so the young boy decided to accept Jesus into his life that Sunday afternoon, and the story of the first sign begins here. Finally now i had a daddy did not see Him with my eyes but i was convinced of His presence and the following week i had a pressing need one that needed a father, it was the first test, i needed to catch a bird like the boys, for some of the boys it was easier coz their fathers had taught them how to build traps and weapons that guaranteed the capture of birds what was the use of catching a bird? we were each to go with one bird, then tie a name tag on its leg ,then let the bird free to fly, this meant that a dead bird couldn't do, a severely wounded one was also useless, the bird needed to be in good health or injured but still able to fly away i did not know how to trap a bird, i only knew that throwing a swam of stones on one bird meant i at least had a chance of catching it...dead.


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...first Sign
so tagging my faith on the 'best daddy' award of the savior i went outside our home and knelt i looked up to daddy and said 'daddy i need to catch a bird today i do not know how, that's why am asking u amen' no bird appeared on my hands after the prayer i just felt at least i did my part then later that afternoon as i was taking a walk i saw a weaver bird on a guava tree 'there it is, i felt daddy say' so i walked to the tree and started climbing it, i had climbed that tree many times before, and just the sight of someone made the birds dash away at lightening speed, but this day as a climbed the bird stayed still, and i climbed even faster before my faith could dry out, when i was near i stretched my hand and held it, the joy,i almost jumped from the tree so when i met the other boys later that day i had the most ,alive bird compared to the others, i wrote my name on the tag, and i let the bird free, it flew, i never saw it again and that was the first sign that my God is the best daddy in the world today seventeen years later i still believe because i have seen the greatness of the lord and His faithfulness my story, my walk with 'the BEST daddy Award winner‘.


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Be Salt
i wondered if, If making abortion illegal would stop it, If it would stop that college girl from doing it after realizing she was pregnant, If it'd make that young man to take responsibility for the pregnancy, If it'd stop the use of morning after pills, Which terminate a pregnancy upto 3 days after conception, I wondered what became of the church as a moral authority, Surely if morals are left for the constitution we are doomed, I thought about me, my mandate to be the light in a dark world, And instead of teaching them what my father says, I make them make their laws to do my work, Instead of loving them unconditionally i set out to accumulate worldly riches, Instead of being salt, i set out to help them live a salt less life, a mandate of making them know He who sent me slowly fades in my heart, i was mandated to teach them the words of Jesus, Who is unchanging, Unlike the constitution His has no amendments, It was there in the beginning, For those who know Him, Live out your lives in a way that will bring in the harvest.. It is plenty.

Others may see your zeal, but only God sees your heart. God knows total surrender [you cant fool Him there], us humans, we can never tell. [by looking at others] When it all comes down to the audience of ONE.



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Well I don’t know if you have ever considered writing down fifty pleasures of your life, these are deeds, sights, tastes , just things that your five senses picks up and you are all smiles. It’s a list of fifty things that those around you will know and fill your life with bliss. As you compile yours, here’s mine. 1. listening to nice music. 2. diving into waves. 3. eating a sweet pancake slowly. 4. catching up with a friend on phone. 5. reading a good magazine article. 6. talking to a total stranger in a new location. 7. speeding past the car in front of me. 8. letting a child swing on my arms. 9. giving a tip. 10. enjoying a great cup of African tea. 11. walking bare foot on small rocks 12. taking a road trip to anywhere. 13. cooking a nice stew. 14. watching a nice old movie. 15. taking yogurt with a teaspoon. 16. watching the sunset 17. taking photos of anything 18. watching the sunrise. 19. holding hands with her while walking. 20. telling out of the box jokes..abit tiring at times for others 21. offering a hand when there are things that need to be done. 22. showering in the evening after spending the whole day at home. 23. chocolate milkshake. 24. a well made whole fish.


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...50 bliss
25. writing a love poem. 26. hearing a new song, and instantly loving it. 27. being in water and not drowning. 28. getting my girlfriend something she hinted. 29. hearing a friend say i am God-sent. 30. taking an afternoon nap. 31. making guacamole sauce. 32. getting an honest opinion from a friend. 33. a kiss. 34. not being in debt. 35. a gentle breeze. 36. having the house cleaned. 37. having laundry done. 38. helping someone in need. 39. learning how to show love to someone. 40. a nice haircut. 41. wearing a comfy pair of shoes. 42. getting an innovative idea. 43. the feeling that my deeds are making a difference in this world. 44. hanging out with a relative. 45. sharing childhood stories. 46. being in good health. 47. enjoying a great conversation with my girl. 48. seeing the effect that flowers and chocolates have on her. 49. smelling great. 50. feeling inspired. By the time you get to the 50th you’ll be all smiles. You’ll realize you are actually predictable.


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On her birthday

That great morning when she was born, The melody of birds fills the atmosphere, They too know well that its not am ordinary day, The most beautiful girl is about to see the light of day, There's activity at the home, A great welcome is being done in honor of the new born, They name the bouncing baby girl.. After the routine crying she gives a majestic smile, One so beautiful and infectious that all who experience it involuntarily smile. She's answered prayers, She's going to make the world a better place.. She's no ordinary girl.. She's very intelligent and as beautiful as Sunshine. Today i celebrate her birth. A handful of years later and she's as radiant is the first day she came into the world. I celebrate the love of my life, With long life God will satisfy her.

His ways are surely not our/my ways! If I count how many times I play it out in my head how my way would work out better and then He purposely does it HIS WAY [just cause He can] Then checks in the "WILL YOU EVER LEARN?"


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Acknowledgements I received tremendous amount of support during the writing and compilation of this book. My contributor, Jasmine Mungai you are amazing, I look forward to your upcoming book. My brother Kariuki Waweru and my Mother Eunice Wambui encouraged me to share my stories. My friends at B4C family / Love God Hate Sin Records, Julius Psalms Mwangi, Titus Slim Kamau, Matthews Chopps Gichuhi, Kirklin Cross Jr. were faithful in offering all the help I needed in making the book a reality. My editorial team who have worked tirelessly, Pauline Njeri, Waruguru Ituu, Patricia Wangui, Ann Njambi you are priceless. Mr. Mbarathi Karuga, My publisher of the print version, you have made it a smooth sail to have the book out. Friends at MadLove Lounge, Uncle Fro and Family you have helped me to grow in my gift. A team of thousands of Facebook friends who took time to go through some of my works and offer invaluable comments. Hats off to you. I am grateful to all others who through their contribution have made this dream a reality.


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